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Jul 24, 2014|

Kevin Gemmell joins the show live from PAC12 Media Days sharing his thoughts on the Ducks and Beavers. He also shares who is his least favorite PAC12 coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- you pac twelve media day -- in -- to be -- about a half hour from now they got plenty of interviews including one with Mike Reilly and John -- of the war against David joining us now here. On the stand is Kevin gamble easy tackle reporter for ESPN outside of the blog there. -- Kevin thank you for joining the program yesterday to media handicapped. The pac twelve had organ number one UCLA number -- you who do you will light out of the pac twelve. That's how I voted. You know you look at what organs are coming back -- what you should expect on the back I think right now. As of July those that you achieved that one iPod so I like that. Kevin when you're looking at the storyline throughout this conference is such a deep one but what's the most interesting one going into this season what team most interest you. -- a couple different story lines and terms that Q is that interest me. I think -- don't particularly interest in -- you've got a real high powered offense they're the defending Al champions. But that it's incumbent losing non defense starters I think they can get that you -- one and they're gonna push UCLA they're gonna Porsche -- epic that can make -- -- electors and if you look at the pictures or one in the conference. It's got to be kept returning quarterback I can't remember a year when a conference at ten starters coming back. And these aren't just you know middle of the -- -- are all really good. Football player and obviously market has won an act of but then -- -- husband killed Celtic. Who second Q mock opera -- people don't you remember that -- -- -- -- -- copper last year -- -- -- the captain held a capsule trap that's -- and how they shot advantage there you go down let Eric. Good good quarterbacks in the pac twelve this year and they are heat and a lot of fun while it gets quiet on the defensive what year. -- -- -- -- -- -- half the weight when you look at the ducks' offense this year obviously losing president Madison in the spring was a huge blow for them especially the receiving -- you lose the Anthony Thomas Josh -- obviously to the NFL last year. Are there are areas are ready concerning your opinion or should there be any concerning your community in Eugene about that receiver corps being a little too young and a little too experience to to maybe make -- -- football playoff run. Well I think the fact that they have such strong running game and strong philosophy in their offense I think they'll compensate for. They're not going to be achievement gonna go out. Throw in the united I'm thinking of -- Washington State to there are still going to be a run first football game that the used to run sent out so I think it's long. You've got to create separation one on one coverage it's long into our games are against the package in particular plot. Kevin gamble is our guest is it runs the pac twelve blog along with Ted Miller on ESPN on Twitter at ESPN underscore. Pac twelve blog Larry Scott spoke a lot of drop half hour forty bad minutes yesterday. To open up pac twelve media day and discuss some of the TV deals and discuss the NCAA model that exist right now. Did you ever see a time where the the DirecTV deal gets done and it is how do you feel about how the pac twelve has marketed itself of the last couple of years. You know I think tackle does a pretty good job marketing itself stated -- They put themselves out there to culprit plays when the topic on culprits on the importance decent southern plains and shoots it it's here in retail which is going to be most phenomenal hot topic in the in cultural -- this is not going to be. -- -- Turkey putting themselves in position to -- -- the native essence in terms of reputation that you think you need to get achievement play. That's gonna help more than anything and the big problem with a -- while watching here is that nine game conference schedule. And they just trying to -- consult a lot whether it. Organ losing to Arizona or two years ago camp for people again or the year before that org be tampered and yet CP board in all we need to cannibalize itself. And in that it bought -- a fantasy in nineteen conference schedule. I think in the big picture and actually that kind of hurt the culprit because accurately could gamble that the only question yes I think getting him into the college football playoff. It can be critical not gonna help national perception more than anything. The terms that DirecTV deal you know. We're gonna let the we got figured that out on -- like I just don't know enough about the negotiations to China -- A lot of people paying attention to Brett -- in Marcus -- and go on in the season for obvious reasons but. You know kind of picking up some steam a lot of attention especially once media day got underway. Wish on minions and organ state where does he rank for you. Amongst the other pac twelve quarterbacks -- a very traditional pocket passer. Those other guys have that dual threat capability. Does he rank up pretty high up there for you. Yeah I think edit right there he is a traditional quarterback and I talked which on last week about that -- sort its place in the pecking order. He's a different quarterback on himself by you know the time word -- -- held the cops and she's going to -- all -- -- culture and the pact while. And that in itself to get all the quarterbacks who have come through the sweep over the years. That's really impressive. But you're right he's not a dual threat guy he doesn't have. You know the read option done run that marks Mario did not McNabb scrambling -- we're on the dark but he would prototypical. NFL quarterback and I'll talk with a few different coaches opposite yesterday. And they all like him put it. To push out there he is going to make it GM could very Smart. So exports expire at 225230. Pounds he's in the pocket he delivered to you all know that the postal -- -- he becoming a bit of an -- how the pro style offense in general it's sort of becoming how to say. Compared to some of these you know spread all small. -- -- to help them because now it used to be you'd have to prepare for one or two inspections here now Evelyn prepare spread. -- apparently wanted to put a few years our report that -- -- Great point get an Gortat and Kevin gamble at Kevin underscore Gamal GE MM ELL onto -- a actual reporter. For ESPN ghetto we saw a bit of a coaching change in this season this offseason and the factual but obviously -- -- -- going -- to USC Chris Peterson coming in to Washington from Boise states -- any -- we will we suckers because have a ton of success in a smaller conference. But if you're just looking forward into a glass globe who would you say has the better situation as a head coach was is that USC was -- or is that Washington -- Peterson. Well -- a niche in question Nike air church different ways I think in terms of winning right now. I think you have to go with sharks got -- season. A product by solid ball to a party they'll comply. You -- returning quarterback -- wouldn't call wide receiver. Political watch list god you know I'd like it's a good running back. All that and turn them on their land. They have the Cubans still to me now. So in that regard he's probably gonna have more to touch is now the flip side of the we know how he's going to be under the microscope a lot quicker than Peterson would be to actually thought the quarterback he's using. Don't walker award finalist running back bishops think he. On the other MacKey award winners -- security Jenkins I think people understand that Chris Peterson. It can be given a little more time to start implementing he can be built in his -- so long term Peterson might be a better situation if you're looking at the first record years. Start go out and then tackle out and went to -- championship gets to be kept an opportunity to count on -- roster to make -- run -- -- but in dire situation just short. Who do you least look forward to seeing when you go to pac twelve media day. Honestly and I know Republican going to be important encryption -- they're not a single coach. I don't like -- And the coach in the -- all of really personable. They're all fairly honest -- I did a radio yesterday -- -- in radio in salt like city I'm talking about Sorkin. He lived up there and he -- -- very contrite and and very honest about when he left Washington good US and -- like you -- to breaking up with a girlfriend. And I thought it was a very sweet moment and it was a very honest moment and I do immediate future -- QQ years you don't see you back on the he. I immediately secured disable stop it started out we. We had a great. Spring session of the late in the weight room. And it is the pack -- coaches are buried very forthcoming and -- he -- And they're not -- beyond and that's what makes this topic so odd couple. Kevin gamble is our guest -- SPN Sports Radio 1080 the fan who's your favorite. Coach. Are. -- just like your -- yeah. You know I don't know appear to not walk I I had some good chat with -- but today I'd look toward getting to know him. I don't get shot a long time even when you would covering. Universe cutesy and Diego not scholarship football with Jim Harbaugh and covering them beyond guaranteeing the dollar and quietly got covered chargers late -- -- I've got history with a few of those guys that you know programme is great. Which Rodriguez is where all of these guys -- so personable. Open to get Mike Riley is your favorite is that I. Sure about our RSS get. Having your locked in a room nights on the line who's walking out the blog TNT were Ted. Obviously I'm the captain I kind of -- And I'm waiting out that this is getting giveaways on that are at Kevin underscored Gamal GGM and you know LA's attack to a reporter for espn.com he's been down a pac twelve media day. And I covering that I can't take you so much for the time we look forward to the follow on Twitter. Except that it's the.

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