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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.24.14 Hr2

Jul 24, 2014|

The guys preview the Dallas Cowboys, Dirt rants about a recent Tom Verducci article and they all do their best impressions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody -- -- you're listening to our number two with a -- for -- Sprague podcast presented by century late what's fast Internet at a low rice get it all was century link. Go to centrally dot com to get up to forty makes Internet at a low -- monthly rate that won't change for a full year visit century link dot com today. Some of the limerick is down from a fundamental standpoint Dan towards third and -- just served up like Buffalo Wild Wings what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard Dan -- -- at no point. In the rambling incoherent response dirt -- even close to anything. They could be considered a rational -- -- you everyone in this room is now dumber for having. -- -- Third and sprayed on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Yeah. Yeah. But I gotta start this other we're doing -- fantasy football draft party. When each unit to be involved in this were trying to set a world record that it -- try gimme a break we are going to sending your grandparents for sure you know this claim has the record doesn't exist right now but we're gonna set that world record. Exactly right we are. And here's how we're gonna do it. We're getting -- you and your fancy football team and the leak. To draft with -- is gonna be great party out of Buffalo Wild Wings -- August 27. We're gonna start kind of milling around around 6 o'clock the draft is gonna take place officially at 7 o'clock to restart all of our drafts. In that we decided to look where he needs and capacity here. -- you need some help getting all of our laptops hooked up to the wireless. And so we don't crack -- a lot of people drafting a one time resulted in a whole restaurant to that is going to be powered by century lake high speed Internet fast Internet and low prices you can get it all at century link dot com if you're interested in this and party with us. Having a good time participating in -- football in Buffalo Wild Wings got their draft kits that are incredible makes it's so easy we did it last year EU text. Draft 255305. We'll get you some more information come party that's hang out thus enjoyed a nice night of beer weighing sports little fancy football. Mean that is drafts to 5530. And by you texting draft a 55305. That you pretty much saying you and -- league are going to join us -- -- guns and it's a great time we RD got a couple. PM asking if we're gonna do it again. We absolutely are we had about what 1415. Guys out there -- -- might have been yelling apparently get their -- 18 last year it was just a small little get together and it was a ton of fun to draft it's I mean we talked about it before but we're really. I'm telling you these are some of the coolest things they've put together in a long time it's a great atmosphere for fantasy football come BS with a us have a couple Beers and some -- Yeah I it's gonna be a lot of -- and we did like -- said we both you guys have we had a great time last in the way that they set this up and you get the kids it's it's it's cool because I'd never been apart you know we've obviously been playing fantasy football. Prolonged job that was the first time I'd ever gotten together and got a draft with people you know you're hanging out we had a couple of Beers was before a show last night -- last year. We -- great time it's easily get together with your league and also one room to get some ways to get some Beers. Yes TV's going on at that point it may be in these pre season games and I want to check the schedule. I begin hang out watch -- if you would be a part of RP -- -- got a set that up again too so it would be a part of our people on the Uga just Texan let us know take on information Rihanna. We got put to get a league as well but look -- -- you the tools to break the world record with us it would be awesome you the tools can be -- great and I have to phenomenon I a lot of perks involved it's going to be fun text drafted by five. 305 for more information -- -- Smart horse sports topics starting college football worst either miles has been suspended. For the University of Washington opener is against Hawaii for his role in a fight last winter the involvement when an altercation after the Super Bowl led to that suspension. He's sidelined him for all of spring practice has been reinstated by Peterson. That was about a couple months ago but he says that he's -- gone for the first game. And that can take up for what it's worth he's a redshirt sophomore and he's going to be the one that replaces keep prices here as a starter for. You know we got a little bit of a glimpse of them last year he seems like a phenomenal talent prospect in terms of what he's able to not only with his legs but he had a cannon of an arm. Is does have an organ state came when they destroyed in that. But it's one game you're facing Hawaii I couldn't tell -- -- things about Hawaii on the fact of the football team Sox. I can I ask how you'll actually without Sacramento Elliot -- US seats -- -- a couple of years ago and yell out there they only beat any answer for you I love their little tradition mightily before they start they just get to the fifteen they spread out on the whole field. And loses do their tongue in danced their alliance hands together it's a lot of little cynical place to play but I'm not really worried about this one for the -- and to be okay without sun now. Dolly and leg -- even came out to dates and that is so little open competition and they're still put Oakland quarterback battle going on I mean I think we all expected to be SATA miles an internal -- safe and you know what he's capable of because he ran all over you last year. Will it was a pretty impressive performances still gonna be -- -- you -- -- offense -- -- -- -- Chris -- usually tend to -- more -- -- -- -- -- and during SARS tenure there he is starter David to recruit some more spread offense kind of guys in Washington. Had a pretty darn good offense last couple years was our key you know with the way he was able to spread guys out and he you know he compiled a lot of athletes and on -- -- look. You your rights for -- and I gonna hurt this at all that they're not gonna miss -- amounts against Hawaii they'll find a way to beat him. But this -- you know look it's good that he's coming in right away serving a punishment for a guy that that screwed up in the offseason. Our smorgasbord of sports topics are gonna continue their NFC east preview we've done the giants and we've done the Eagles are intact but the cowboys today but. Some news at a Redskins camp as Robert Griffin the third says the stress is now offered him. And he says quote it's a good thing to have two coaches who believe in you in quote I just I do not like Robert Griffin the third all that much but he's overrated quarterback he had a great rookie year. But just the whole thing I am I saying -- and easy guide you along with. But that -- he backed you and he puts you put your position that was tough for an injury. But that -- what's your biggest supporter I don't know where I don't understand where governor and the third is coming from here saying Shanahan wasn't supported. Yeah a lot of times in sports we like to equate things to relationships and breakups to me that's what this is this is a messy break of Anne and Mike Shanahan in. Heck even Kyle Shanahan when he was there it didn't seem like a good fit especially at the end when he wanted to play. He was coming off the ACL injury all -- Etsy -- game easily -- breaking in half every single time he drops back you it just it there was a weird vibe tuning that was part of the reason that team collapse so hard was. It's gotta be tough as a defense of player or another offensive player to watch your lead superstar quarterback in your coach really just disagree on everything. You remember the press conferences they being completely different directions in terms of where they thought he should be in terms of playing time I didn't hard rock the -- or Robert Griffin the third ear especially his dad's dad I am playing yeah and that created a lot of tension situation that. She and was supportive and he what he was supporting he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- -- -- good good football mind me I'm sure he's glad I'm not having Andy Dalton is is quarterback anymore but he added Cincinnati's offense coordinators so. That's an upgrade for -- -- I'm a big gruden fan a bulls got -- gruden is as an analyst silent as Brothers and -- coordinator. That a BS EC Audi -- -- big -- this year in the NFC east but there's no need to go back and take digs at your former. -- smorgasbord of sports topics were gonna preview of the cowboys' season for the NFL. And we'll do cynnex resin and have fun with audio is Frank Caliendo red LeBron James letter that was published in Sports Illustrated in the voice of Morgan Freeman. We have a little fun competition with your best impersonation. And you your go to person nation not a -- at 145. Previous cowboys -- who -- it can't afford dirty spread we are served up by Buffalo Wild Wings. 1980 the fan. Then for the third and -- -- served up by buffalo -- ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. Some fun with the audio at 145 to -- your -- to impersonation. Her thing -- people calling in -- their go to prison if -- BD org TV apprised. I have a doubt who's the best first nation on the show who's got the best one has my vote it's kind of a surprise -- volume well. -- jukebox is stuff to beat. The I was able to stand and see hold on a -- what's our criteria for impersonate that should be getting to be in only noises good continue to talk to me he doesn't talk he actually does. Go watch the movies -- -- back pocket this conversation. I think I know we -- going with it and force let's pulled out this is fantastic isn't it is -- gotta -- is young and until two minutes -- go to put it in the front pocket he's -- he's perfected it over the years. A senate America's team now ready. Now greatly tonight to make a statement real quick. And you are free to do so this is your -- -- is really buying beef jerky lately during breaks and today it really smelled. It smells every -- it's also the -- -- it doesn't smell is all good I'm not the only person that smells up the studio or are bacteria with food. I am probably the least. Smell the of the three of us in terms of food -- my prime -- is number one and yet read the book everybody proves does that does not apply to -- Danforth. He -- -- taken cheap shots now my point is you know you say you don't smell like we are more foreigners is all it's not about you making its -- finally a food and Brett the afterwards and it's just that jerk he's kind of yet smells like bad breath the -- does night EU. I don't know what you wanted to -- the not by -- don't know how is that possible. It is stick with a Snickers man. What about tell investigator has been getting -- -- -- -- -- got a lot of spaghetti stuff got the studio and I apologize and good stink thank you as. The optimistic keep Jerry Jones about this season. It really is not about next year. We've gone from possibly being one of the older games will be among younger teams but I think we've got the fundamentals to them. Compete in compete right now he goes on the decisions we've made our our bad as you well know. We've made adjustments that are involved cap considerations involved with the available dollars that we have on the cap. That have to take into consideration this year and next. Well -- out. She's man. I am a guy who doesn't get it not enough ground not at all he does not for a guy that's on that team for that as long as he has. Seem very out of touch with his Jerry Jones he's very had a touch. With the cowboys fan base not only in Dallas but nationwide as he does every single season meetings this team is a Super Bowl contending team. And the media was buying naturally the last 945 years last year kind of guy kind of died down a little bit you still heard a couple people say I think the tablet can be as sleeper wild -- team and god knows -- you can do once you become that wildcard team yeah I'm glad we're finally a point. Where we've realized what we've seen the last Al I don't know sixteen years. Maybe longer than that the cowboys have sucked need any terrible organization. He is running an entire operation by himself he doesn't want help Bill Parcells reached a boiling point -- in working with them. He's got Jason Garrett now and I don't wanna bash Jason Garrett went. That hasn't panned out exactly like that does not -- you as one of the most prized potential coaches in the N -- members somebody offered him was three million to be an assist I believe -- Jerry Jones is paid in three million to be an assistant. And he's kept around even though they haven't won anything. The cowboys are proclaimed America's team by a lot of people look stats and dollar revenue that might show that. But in terms of success there are nowhere near that they're terrible they're not going to be good at all this year adding they're gonna be a bottom feeder and if Tony Romo gets hurt. How fun tabloid -- guess he would come in rain in Sweden they don't show. Yet have a -- Cleveland -- the other -- cowboys -- funny to me because I I loved I loved to hate the people have for the cowboys -- cracks -- -- just get everybody got to -- those couple teams educate and -- -- big market media coverage -- exactly you know we always talk about the media coverage of certain teams and you look at the lakers -- the cowboys -- the Yankees you know there's certain things that they just -- that you just get exhausted with a -- in -- -- -- -- -- Tex -- you know please stop talking -- football. Right at the start of the segment because that's the way a lot of people feel about the same way I feel about this team they. Exaggerating you're out there are the most over hi team in the NFL they seem to finish a -- -- seem to finish 88 every single season Jason Garrett is just not got it down as head coach. Tony Romo does get thrown under the bus a little too much GI's you know -- you always see those stats pop up about you know the game winning drives and he has over the last couple years. And we got to do a pretty heated debate on the show when they signed into that long term extension. But it's not fair appointed Tony Romo and say he's the reason he's the reason. Because you look at a game like to Denver one last and it was up 5148. -- doesn't take on the last drive there by looks Tony Romans is what he -- -- The 48 points on the board you hold on a 47 when the football game and nobody pointing fingers at Tony Romo. But this this is once again a team. That I don't know how anybody could look at and say they're gonna make the playoffs I expect a huge step backwards especially when you consider. The division that they have to go against CA also in the NF -- FC west he got received Francisco Spencer opened her home we got to go to Seattle on Sunday got to play Arizona. Who was -- east of Saint Louis you know could be accessing this season depending on how Sam Bradford pans out. The NFC east is a weak division and that might be the only thing that keeps them afloat if Washington finds a way to go 313 again -- the giants have another 79 season and and and Eli Manning is given way interceptions like a Christmas presents. That's the only reason they're gonna find a way to compete and this team is over 500 I would honestly be shocked at the embassies. What this is our -- -- particular order so the way we're gonna do this is we're going to we talked about the Eagles the giants -- you talk about the cowboys they obviously and then. The Redskins tomorrow and we've got all NFC west preview with. Guys' radio guys from every single city -- going to be that next week. The -- and it just in case study because. They're they're just OK with. Not the end but like their organization seems to be accepting of the fact that their mediocre. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With Tony Romo but there are times where you do have to be a big believer regardless of the situation and everybody's been in this. Situation at one point in their life where you could be great had a job but for whatever reason fatigue sets -- Or for whatever reason it is just on the situation -- does not affect -- -- change of -- you need to change of -- -- job whatever. Whatever it is -- changes -- once you get that change of -- you're completely different person we see it all the time and or tablet you. And so if I -- Tony Romo -- tablets are great spot. There are times where you couldn't go to a new situation and go OK I've got eighty cents to work was finally I've got to run game. Let me be more of the game manager let me see if I can potentially do this you might Adidas make up -- -- personality is the same thing with Jason -- that. What they have done has clearly not work for them -- why would you continue to do the same thing over and over there's. There is trusting guy and believing that a guy is the right guy for the job. And then there is being naive and that's what the cowboys have fallen into was there and -- -- Some people can't change their ways and I think Jerry Jones is one of those guys that falls under that category this is the guy bought the team what was 89 he's on the -- that you buy it right before they. In Texas and obviously Barry Switzer got the one marine. And then he did because he couldn't do Jack with that team because that was essentially Jimmie Johnson's team. That he took overtook his Super Bowl they have done nothing aside from Jimmy Johnson having success he has done nothing as an owner but take that organization down. And when you talk about making a change or replacing a coach when you need to -- saying. Tony Romo is a good quarterback but he's probably not the right mix for what we have in Dallas tonight yeah I would -- -- that notion. Some guys just can't get that out of there had because he's a wanna put -- there yeah the one that love -- facing Gary. How would that look on himself that he went there and said exactly am pulling the plug on my -- he's admitting failure on his -- market yeah he's the GM he's the leader of that organization and he's the face of it this is what you get. When you don't step back and allow people -- In her more than qualified to run your organization. In this league if you wanna do by yourself this is the results of a billionaire having fun with his own -- as -- as great as all the organizations are Jerry Jones doesn't make itself but the Dallas Cowboys are still. One of the premier not the premiere destination. We talk about a loyal fan base and a fan base any team that's got a ton of money and it's got a lot of flexibility in terms of what could provide. A potential coach -- potential GM yeah if he simply said. Though it's yours do what you want with it that's that's. -- to -- -- barrels in Seattle to guess right Reggie do that a pro hired guys and what they're doing you'll get so many people the whole lineup that's as long as you don't metal in this. Yeah absolute who wouldn't wanna take -- -- you give me a lot of financial resources I need to go -- build a Super Bowl winner and and I guarantee of what you'll get the best GM and almost -- you can polish -- probably out of Seattle if you -- in the right amount of money in the Dallas has that kind of impact and I think both you guys are writing when you look at Jason Garrett you know. He's not a terrible coaching just has those moments in its need to say. They even Tony Romo or exactly the same you know remember the moment when Jason Garrett iced his -- kicker he calls a timeout tiger takes a game winning field goal packet goes back -- thirty misses -- next when you lose a game putting. To me you know Jason -- he appointed the guy and say you know he doesn't know what he's -- -- -- the worst coach in the NFL he's just absolutely dreadful. They just seem to always have moments -- I'm not sure if that's just send an indication that they're playing in Dallas. Therefore we pay attention of those moments because the microscope we all understand the cowboys is huge I mean you're you're living in a fishbowl everybody's gonna watch every movement. I mean when Tony Romo got like yet started dating Carrie Underwood it was breaking news or Jessica Simpson. Whoever the -- there's rollodexes need to -- is fantastic it like you're the quarterback and the cowboys it should be if that is it then you're doing some -- -- -- -- -- she is she's phenomenal as well so you know it did their under a constant microscope in Dallas but you guys are ready if Jerry Jones was able to take his eagle out of the equation and look it's hard to admit failure because like you're mentioning -- If you go out -- you say look Jason Garrett didn't work Tony romo's aren't gonna trade you away or were not -- needed this extension. You're looking your fan base in the face -- you're looking to -- the NFL on the face and saying I failed my bad trust me again and that's hard to get a fan -- his entire life. Before you on the cowboys was built on ego in the position he put himself in. He's not gonna get to this point now -- continued billionaire and owner of this franchise after seeing super bulls and seeing himself get -- say you know what I'm not -- making these decisions we've -- the Eagles and the giants in that division -- guys think the cowboys finished fifth. I'll say third. -- giants are going to be above them I would say there -- third -- again I can't -- he had second -- third I think that giants in the cavaliers to -- -- out of the playoffs right they're both outlets are only 81 and -- either they're interchangeable -- dallas' -- -- the giants -- seven and I and I see the same records just not sure which order which -- -- that's some good audio for you coming up at 145 -- -- Italian though impersonate Morgan Freeman -- LeBron James -- letter. That'll be 145 rescues him in person nations of our own. Dirty it's fired up there. I think I'm ready sound -- -- -- -- about -- break. We're gonna poke and prod and about the giants and how they're gonna finish in second place in the division and -- record in the National League and he's gonna go up next segment it's a -- topic to have and will explain a little bit more about that next don't go anywhere. Then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's sports radio and eighty so -- Like it's night. Why go out and that's okay. Just how I feel I am. Drama that. It's just can't seem. The big stories day in sports include Ray Rice getting suspended for -- Richard and I don't set a date McLaren a lot of people up and we've got a conversation going on our FaceBook page right now at FaceBook dot com site to anything and use despite their bags. Doesn't Texas -- 530 viable thing that conversation back up to start our number two or else and it's it did jet's data pac twelve media days that has slowed dame. Not a lot coming out of packed a meeting in much more yesterday Bloomberg Jackson comments from Mike Riley inside median. I think he's it will have involved on their show today we shoot the three of us have kind of our own little. The column they. Yeah that's what that -- -- -- and apparently -- we all have -- -- mayors and some of them come up organically and we know a lot of them off the year -- and you idiots like to -- -- there -- -- what about as expected the giants are inferior to the Dodgers -- it was not true but there's there is no place in the -- west and Nokia five in -- since the all star break in public audio coming up in ten minutes from now the -- gets fired up when people talk about the decline and the death of baseball -- baseball -- -- -- given -- what baseball is struggling right now been struggling for a long time -- is not a new trend and it's just it's not as popular as it wants -- to this level -- behind. He tells people so people also it was a highest rate policy and they've had last five years but is -- happening while he's eager to cost and try to -- so I had to. I try I -- outbreak. I tell you I get a -- accepted. So what is that happening though with baseball is that need get problem -- and you get people to point out and go what are we need -- -- what are we need to fix and the latest one from Tom pretty cheap. Is is a little ridiculous. In his solution for baseball yeah look -- pretty -- I have respect -- -- -- -- I love his work for Sports Illustrated I think he does a great job on -- that he's on the fox called now the Bakken and Harold Reynolds. -- it's it's a huge improvement over last year but he basically wrote a piece a couple of days ago. -- -- pointed this out to me I didn't seated first but is basically similar baseball die hard yeah you -- yet you fall -- upon that. He basically -- the argument that if you take defense of -- out of the game that's -- say it's now and that's putting some of his stuff out of context and I am putting some words in his mouth but that was CE interviewed some hitting coaches it's said that you know the defense of ships that we started to see more and more as years go on and on. That that is ruining the game of baseball because left handed hitters are averages are down you can go up and down look at guys like Chris Davis with three sunk them last series down in the one hundreds David Ortiz all the big left in haters you know baseball. Other averages are down now because of the shifts to the right side of the infield and whenever somebody in first then baseball needs to be saved it it's just utterly ridiculous to me it is now I I am a baseball -- our love it's my favorite sport. I always open to have conversations about ways to improve the game I like to be a progressive baseball fan -- there's things of people want to bring up and say hey. Why don't we take -- the timing between pictures are are put a pitch clock -- it's not -- that look I'm all for listening I'm offer ways to improve the game. But as soon as you -- for something that you are suggesting is going to save the game of baseball that's three eludes me you know I don't know where these this random doctor somewhere. Gave baseball -- terminal illness and say he got three to five years to live let's go out and find it here and now everybody's coming up first at first it was. Steroids are gonna kill baseball chewing tobacco is gonna kill baseball that the strikes are gonna kill baseball. Not adding we in the All Star Games that kill baseball in its thing after thing after thing that people are looking at it saying. This is what's gonna kill baseball at some point. We need to take a step back and just realize what baseball it is and I don't understand why more fans have not been able to do this. Because I did a long time ago baseball is not America's pastime anymore it's simply not football is number one basketball's number two. It would take a lot to knock one of those sports -- it would whether your hockey whether your soccer -- golf. The those sports are gonna be the top tier sports in this country and that's not gonna change for a long time. We cannot refer back to the 1950s Pat White picket fences and -- have Willie Mays and Mickey mail out there in an hundred billion people watching the World Series it just never gonna get to that point. It's a -- this is the same argument that we got in during a rogue -- idea for you kept bringing up. Let's take away over time artistic we ties and -- or give me a winner music give me a -- because it doesn't fundamentally changed their name it it doesn't -- -- -- game but that the argument that I'm it is look at you wanna make it taste like that. MMI gonna be more inclined to watch soccer because there's no more -- and the answers no -- it's is it is not the case and that's what I look at people in baseball of property and she wants to point out and say hey. Some of these defense he shifts are a little unfair okay all right let's have a conversation should there be legal defense okay I'll listen but as soon as you wouldn't for an article. That this is going to save the game of baseball that this is what's gonna recover the ratings they continue to drop in the game of baseball that's what's gonna save it. Gimme a break that's just simply not the case I'm sorry I don't feel bad for hitters in Major League Baseball especially lefty heavy hitters if the defense gives you an entire side of the field hit a baseball on. He did the other day away nobody's forcing you -- boils down the right field line I'm sorry is hitting coaches come -- say -- what do I care supposed to do. Lay up or down the third base line there's no third baseman got a half a field work with. Work with an address -- January and get -- gets set to get that that would been stored for about 48 hours in the had to get so you don't have a problem with changing baseball. Like having a legal defense and I'm not completely taking the -- away but saying you can't have three infielders past second base look. If people -- if people like one logistically look at reasons is basketballs and made a -- change they have made it -- in the -- the one -- product is -- legal defense you can have a big man and -- in front -- three seconds -- -- -- -- that you can't make that analogy because if you have -- seven foot center standing underneath who -- literally block every jump shot that is taken that's why you have to have a -- like that what's happening here is you have hitters that are refusing -- -- just this is almost more of adjustments. -- what I -- -- -- -- is if there's a basketball player out there is say I'm playing in the NBA you're guarding meaning a 100% of the time when I go to my right side I score run on everybody you cannot stop it. What are you gonna do you gonna forced me to collect if you have a guy that -- bass after bass after -- it 90% of the time Donna right field line. We gonna do you lead your second baseman normal position. Joseph Maddon was the first one that started his defense just down in Tampa Bay and it it has revolutionized the game but now we're looking at this is like a nuisance because guys can't get through -- -- And part of the reason I. In other baseball purist. Who haven't accepted the fact that baseball's probably going to be a third or fourth punished excepted but downing they have an ending that's what they mean is what's a way. That they can help create more scoring because we're America -- that's what we like now look at the games that we watched. The highest rating games it's about scoring we don't care about anything I ask her that I during the wanna see runs his wanna see home runs. And they're not getting that as much this season saying that's what people or referring to is. Once a way to bring the game back to where it's rivaling basketball and not rivaling the NFL has nothing will rival that. But maybe flirting with college football once in awhile on we have and that's the tough part is. In that way. If you're never going to get to that level -- because of the nice apologists is entirely too long for a lot of people now let's societal change is since its cultural -- but I think there are changes you can make defense -- -- I don't know how drastic but the NBA not only did the the illegal defense with the three in the key. They -- going and checking 94 they stop the eliminating the forearm to the body of a defender in 97. And if you look at the MBA in terms and you go back although earlier than 1990. They'd been making changes to defense for awhile now to where. They want people to score and defensively there's a lot of coaches the Tom Thibodeau the Gregg Popovich is there a lot of great minds in the league the year earning your outlook new changes. They have to adapt their defense of philosophies because of it. And -- -- -- that's the way that I look at hitters right now though -- I'd say EL ET at the change defense of philosophy is somebody's gonna change their defense of philosophy on you hit a ground ball in the third base and there's nobody there you -- get a double every single time. There are ways for these hitters to adjusted are giving you half of the field. And that you -- -- people always talk about how much there's too much parity now baseball there's no dominance right now inverted -- leads his article off with this not this is what the article should be about. There's about sixty or so games left in the regular season. There are sixteen teams in baseball right now there with three games in the playoffs but that's over. Half of your lead exciting that is involved in the playoff chase trying to you're not gonna see that in any other sport and to me that's something that. It should be highlighted that we're focusing on these things it. That purity is now to we have too much parity is focusing on low batting averages and runs scored and xenophobia sing on how teams are competing exactly exactly there's a lot of good stories that surround the sport we just never we just never focus on and -- into me. The ultimate reason why look at this and why get frustrated because OK you could bring up OK let let even if we have a common sense argument should we take away shifts in baseball. It is they -- it doesn't watch baseball -- start watching again because you take away shifts now to say that the people said about replay Google watchers for because there's no replay. Okay there's three point out that ratings skyrocketed. And still waiting for that's ironic take steroids -- you give NASA don't they took steroids -- the ratings skyrocketing no people just don't watch baseball as much more to cultural chipped it in so the baseball -- realize it's just gonna drive me nuts. Fun with audio it now next on the and it -- So. All. And for a third and spray just served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Ray Rice stuff straight day in sports as well as pat. Pac twelve media day we'll revisit those stories here coming at the top of the hour. That's a good idea for UNICEF which we'll play -- the story. The trailer for the upcoming film fifty shades of gray was just released today 2000 on The Today Show who have low that is hot. As a hot steamy and handcuffs and whips them Christian drained a little Christian anesthesia. Steel anesthesia just about the name and a station who -- on that parents are asking ally like and I -- -- I always enjoy it thinks this is basically porn for women. It could be porn for guys to address yes I think -- innings if women are behind it. This guy is using her -- what you're saying it would work essence it's ridiculous. It's a good plot line in fourth have you read those books no pleasure -- for those my wife finish the first one how did she feel about teen. ETD -- -- take anything away should in Chinese the actions -- She already did that before a grand -- -- to start this rising started this trailer has her blindfolded. In this with a belt insists. It's a whole thing on nine years enemy down as formal summit on the Afghan -- this sag the go ahead and know we can see only here. Fareed you fifty -- that pre break Italian -- on the Mike -- Mike programmer earlier today Italian has made a nice name for himself with his impressions he does a great Morgan Freeman here he is reading the LeBron James. Letter before anyone ever care -- -- -- I basketball. I was a kid from northeast Ohio. Where a -- That's where our. Here's where our crack. It's where -- been there. Hold a special place in my heart. People there are seen me grow. Sometimes feel like on the -- A passion can be overwhelmed. But it drives. I want to give them hope when that can. I want to inspire them when -- care. My relationship with northeast -- house bigger than basketball. I didn't realize -- four years ago. I do not. Remember when are sure to spare the Boys and Girls Club in 2010. I almost think. This is reluctant. -- cooked -- -- and even sometimes I spent a long time creating. I had to do all over again. I'm obviously do things different. But I still have left. Italian -- early on the Mike -- -- program spit out he did to that lack the ability to impersonate people not only is like because people got -- go to impersonation but nothing they can make it -- -- level and that's what makes his career -- -- yeah I mean think about the -- he got today and I think viral and I watched this probably three or four times is -- obviously -- -- I still not convinced that they didn't just play Morgan Freeman. While he was talking I can't believe how spot on he's -- -- these seeming to go to. And Morgan Freeman knocked up and three years and it is a little creepy yeah I mean it's talent he didn't find videos today and he is well cannon air raiding area in my refrigerator yes -- your mortgage for -- when I was an average. On the that. -- is probably the best out on the group here in just in terms of like you have a macro keys did it. Different ethnicity is to get a different people following area has thrown me out there -- -- -- but dirt and I may have the best to go to you. Impersonating out here I'm not knocking. Cooper who year guises imitations but I need to see a little more to give you the title best. -- dirt is really good dirt. Integrated -- you -- -- but can you talk to the end time -- is makes -- -- -- -- -- there's nothing wrong with having an -- thing and Alex -- -- makes those -- it's always says hello and that's always has and I like the -- out of you -- drop in the northeast is exactly. -- -- If you got a good impersonation or giving away tickets here and call in at 50325. Though. In eighty if you feel comfortable if you got to go to -- regain what. I can nail this particular person. Did you call in a final three to five -- and Avery TVs and instructions of what to say we're gonna -- and its -- easier to go you're listening to -- torture and spread. On the fan but if you do this could fall flat world war we're hoping there's one of you out there's got to be somebody out there right. A pair of one day tickets to the -- -- parts fourth annual night of fire it's happening July 25 when he -- the would -- drag -- you can see this collagen -- double -- funny cars a FX cards Ed Jones -- standing coach and all the fire breathing 300 mile Broward jet dragster -- For more information or to purchase tickets you can visit would burn. Drag strip dot com here is mine. And I'm a little nervous yeah it was biodiesel times is he better do it now GA do you financially. It's. That's the only one that's really. -- That is Ewing Casey case and it's easy case as a met with the boys. That was -- his regulars for as a bunch of -- you view. There's a there's a bunch of different ones in your arsenal Z am one of those guys and telling VMware and when you put me on the spot I don't think it sounds as good I got a Mike Riley. All all right because every day after practice. Don't come meet with the media and you -- say hi do you see that collective group he'll be hot to be swell idea be handing Nobel. Home. I -- and they're just blocked Donald ross' shocks. Okay Mike. -- Graham is trying to upstage Rihanna on my own radio show handling uneasy -- not. Grammy RNC native -- go ahead -- -- so you try and say it possible. You're listening to Danforth this is who every year person nation is you're listening to -- in fourth dirt in spring if possible. To give it your best shot. -- -- Liked. It at work -- break. -- -- Good -- brand marketing -- -- tickets thank you so much for calling me I was a stage I'll -- you just happy -- -- it was pretty regularly as a sentence man that was pretty -- like that yeah -- was -- today was able to -- a little -- not just the normal sounds that was fantastic -- who tried that -- and what have you tried to speak -- sentences that the -- now that's the tough -- hearing the voice and different inflections and -- different -- not -- -- happen. Let's give let's listen Wal-Mart. Before anyone ever care. Our play basketball. I was a kid from northeast Ohio. Where are locked. It's where our. Here's where our -- -- -- -- -- Hold a special place in my heart. People where are seen me grow -- Sometimes feel like -- beside. The passion can be overwhelming. But a draft. I want to give them hope when -- -- I want to inspire them when -- My relationship with northeast -- house bigger than basketball. I didn't realize that four years ago. I do not. Remember Muster enough spare the Boys and Girls Club in 2010. I was thinking. This is released. Are cooked for. Hours live and sometimes I spent a long time creating. I have to do all over again. I'm obviously and do things different. But I still have left. For Italian on the Mike and Mike show this morning impersonating. A lot of Reading LeBron James letter as Morgan Freeman a phenomenal job. Done by French Italian -- Ray Rice has officially been suspended by the NFL we'll tell you what his punishment is laws that give you some audio. From pac twelve media day today including from Mike Reilly and Sean and me and that is next you're listening to dance for turns -- served up by about the bombings on -- either man.

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