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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.24.14. Hr1

Jul 24, 2014|

The guys talk the suspension of Raven's RB, Ray Rice. They hear from Oregon State Head Football Coach, Mike Riley and QB Sean Mannion at PAC12 Media Days.

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It's did it and fourth hearing you're listening to our one of the day and for dirt in -- podcast brought to you by century late. You want fast Internet and a low price. Get it always century -- is -- century link dot com. Teed up to forty megs of Internet at a low bundled monthly rate that won't change free full year visit century -- dot com today. A partner. OK okay. Then towards -- and -- his served up like Buffalo Wild Wings and a partner and I got to relax don't -- -- didn't -- -- opening -- a lot. We've Taylor Danforth. Not let you. -- all right but he's shown that terrorist plot and indeed Peter Johnson back hey it is almost dominant fighter and yeah -- We're -- -- this and Brendan -- Out pretty Nazi -- for Michael and then towards Dugard and sprayed on ESPN Sports Radio -- maybe few days of. Nobody on the top. Think. Otis Joseph it is date -- pac twelve media -- and we're going to have a lot of audio from the media. I think -- it down there interviewing a lot of -- pitchers get interviews we'll have more today on the air show an increase my email from Mike Reilly and Sean -- as -- -- a couple of announcements here in the first we're setting a world record that we are -- and win major hell yes we -- -- this is -- -- odds are going to be in the Guinness book of world records which is just fantastic how many people I gotta put down the Twitter -- as soon as that happens Guinness world record world record holder I mean we're in the same conversation is -- you -- bolts for the old lady with the fingernails -- exchanging -- Yes that guy for sure in the same conversation is ever record holders I'm excited about this this is like I cherish this book is a child. I remember reading about continually the most obstacles in a row and I was jealous. -- -- my life. I'm glad to put my name alongside you guys in this book to me just say why can't Americans run his system by the -- and -- as a whole other side conversation the -- -- don't right now. And I don't feel about the Guinness book of world records like our kids today. In touch with the -- mill road record you buy Guinness world record book it's a valid point now -- I guess is they're like one book. They're supposed to be one -- you because there's a lot of different records out I did the judge the world record like YouTube views are light says yeah that's new thing that's the new Guinness book of world record yet however we're going to try and set one. And we're going to try and -- you order to have a re right here in just a second. Have a mortgage right it was -- the largest gathering of fantasy football drafts yes in one city. And I think the reason we're gonna be able to settle our record and we don't know there is -- but were going do know is that there isn't one we're going to set the mark and -- we're gonna do this every single year and we're gonna -- break our regular additionally our cellular like nobody's going to be able to compete with us we got a bunch of cool people -- ordered to be holed that out of Buffalo Wild Wings and great people it's -- -- thought he'd be a part of this you can also be a world record -- if you'd like to participate I don't know if your name won't get in the -- -- But I guess they see those names I was a countless hours and that was an accurate I was there on those numbers that. So here's some details about our fantasy football draft party is going to be August 27 that is powered by century league high speed Internet. Fast Internet and low prices you can get it all its entry link dot com are really excited century link has got some fun stuff course stuff. On the horizon here's we're gonna be partnering with -- to help us. Basically be able to handle all of the Internet. And in laptops that we're going to use physiological drafted in one jobs are gonna need some good in and so we're gonna be out of Buffalo Wild Wings a Lloyd historical occasion this is August 27 we're gonna get it started -- -- people showed up at six we're gonna start at seven have you. Are looking -- placed a hold your fantasy football draft. Text draft. Of 55305. That's draft DR AST. -- 55305. -- a lot of he's -- you put that into the -- draft kit which is spectacular and we got as he does last -- lot of cool stuff that some -- great perks in the -- we're gonna be out there drinking eating having a good time doing -- football so that is something you are interested in again text draft of 55305. That's gonna be out of buffalo -- and is powered by century -- high speed Internet. Or setting a world record we need your -- We -- doing the job they did that draft gets a really cool we we get our own kind of personal. It was a lot of fun and they set it up you get the boards get names with a with a stickers on so even got to follow along with your drafting geek gift cards I think it's a bit it's gonna be a hundred dollars. If they got how many teams are nearly but it you got ten teams -- -- -- -- -- hundred dollars and be God's gift cards for your league needed to use. We should have some cool prizes and stuff for the fastest -- Rick -- a -- out later but it's going to be a lot of fun 7 o'clock coming out. One how many people out there when you do a -- -- you do a draft you're -- your house in your on your computer in your buddies there's sin in their house the year kind of -- -- You obvious you've done your research you know names you wanna go laughter. This kind of gives you that interaction part of and I know a lot of people take Dan is the ball very seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is coming up again in August 27. But dead spots are gonna go fast so make sure if you are interested in that text draft. At 55305. Speaking of fantasy football there's no way I can make this work I'm gonna try now and NIC may make this -- -- go ahead Ray Rice made it a little. -- -- or ice up the middle Ray Rice has been suspended two games by the NFL it is the first two games of the season for his domestic. Abuse there's a lot of things are going on in in this case the what you need to know about as -- he's going to be able to participate. In pre season camp is going to be able to participate in pre season games but he will be suspended for the first two he was fine. A total of 529000. Dollars after you lose some of his deemed checks. Yeah a lot to navigate on this story but it kind of the main crux of this issue -- Ray Rice are people talking about the inconsistencies. In the punishment with the NFL and the case is that we've seen that have. I'm basically come before Ray Rice where you've got marijuana and you got other drug policies that are getting a much higher suspension. There Ray Rice and that's kind of the crux of the issue today a lot of people upset. At the lack of consistency. In the NFL you don't. Punishment policy and look I am I'm not gonna sit up here on the microphone and sit here and tell you what's worse in life to do. Do a lot of -- drugs are hit somebody a lot of people have their opinions on and that's -- -- I keep my own myself because my opinion on this has nothing to do with that. My biggest issue with this whole ordeal. The two games look I'll agree with everybody two games doesn't seem like enough when you wanna a year striking your spouse. But to me -- -- this and say this is an NFL problem this isn't a what you do need and how does that compare to other people. In terms of prize winning games you missed -- this is NFL problem in. In the fact of they don't know. How to set a standard for their league right now you look at all these guys the they tend to be all in the same range there's not one over the other now people wanna point to Josh -- and that's a name that I've heard all day. I'm sorry I'm not saying -- is worse than striking your spouse. But the guy's been -- multiple times -- -- to be suspended for -- was also driving on -- exactly he was yet he was waiting for his appeal hearing and he got a DWY while waiting to -- look. Spousal abuse I would never okay that obviously it's one of the worst things to do in the world. But to me also driving while intoxicated. You're putting your vehicle in a position where it's now only weapon where you potentially kill somebody so I'm not gonna sit here and cry and he Josh -- suspended a year wise not Ray Rice because to me that's not the issue it's the NFL. Doesn't have set standards and if they do. They're not very good ones there -- -- games two gaming it's three games for PE for him -- may have four games for PD's they never really go past that point. Unless you're a multiple -- offender of these rules so to me the NFL he's a step back. And not just looked at Ray Rice but look at other issues they've had in them in the recent past in the league and especially this Austin has been one of the worst. And they need to evaluate what is there system going to be going forward with punishment because people really ride Goodell. But to me right now I think you look at every punishment in the league and kind of chuckle and say it's a joke how they punish these guys. Yeah I I agree completely you know I have heard that the Gordon example -- -- today in Brandon Browner is another one for Seattle of people point to those two needs it's him how those guys suspended you know the -- are banned from the NFL. When -- only to just suspend him for two games if you can't make those connections because they are multiple offenders. They are guys that were suspended at first and and they continued and continued to not learn their lesson. Until I can't point individuals like but when you do look at the two game suspension. This is ridiculous you know there's no other way to spin this that we were -- about account before the show you know. Is there any other angle on this is there any other segment that we can get out of this evidence pointing at the NFL and saying what the hell are you doing. The Who in our office who in that league looks at this and says you know what it. Two games he learned his lesson one time you know that the first up the guy's not going to jail he's getting out of jail because he's going -- some diversion program dogs -- married to one minute and lucky to get married and that's fine and they clearly worked out their issues and apparently him beating her up was enough to still get married to him. But to me if you're the NFL this is a serious concerns for you know I was just reading the article on Ray Rice and you know he was one of six ravens to get. Just to get arrested this offseason. The -- story came out earlier today about him once again getting pulled over marijuana. We bring up Josh court I mean this is David in this has been an offseason where it feels like every single week we are hearing a new story about a new -- gets arrested for domestic violence against domestic for. Get arrested for for marijuana gets arrested for DW -- do you wise it is story after story after story in a negative light and if you're the NFL. This is the canister the need to look at you do need to start bringing the hammer down because in their letter that they released today they try to pretend like they brought the hammer down on Ray -- -- what we did we -- in his lesson. But you didn't I'm sorry a two game suspension is not gonna teach this guy anything now look. Mickey Ray Rice did make a mistake maybe he did make he has learned his lessons you know John are backing up to -- -- look he's a great guy he's he's moved on -- we should all move on from it looked maybe he maybe he will move on maybe he won't be a multiple offender in this. But I'm sorry we knew not to Europe the yachts they unconscious and you'll only get a two game suspension for it. I cannot look at the NFL and -- you did a good job here it's ridiculous I don't know who the hell made this decision but they should be fired Torre. Destined to they really get peace that will discuss nets were they. And it did some the comparing apples to what the NFL's punishment policy has been guys that have gotten three games. Hasn't gotten two games others with four others they obviously on now and what they did and how it correlates to Ray Rice also what would you view. If you were in charge of the NFL with Ray Rice 55305. In the Beaverton Toyota tech's final pick it up their next. To hear from Mike Reilly and Sean -- in at the bottom of the hour is this date to. A pac twelve media did him a little more on Ray Rice next you're listening to Dan portrait in spring and then. Probably a rock star like that he's been. He's mad at this guy. And spray deserves to play -- allow amendments on ESPN's Sports Radio talk radio and radio from my brilliant Sean meaning at the bottom of the hour is it was their turn at pac twelve media day today that also brings another audio from tackle media day here later in the field. -- data show after discussing the ramifications of the Ray Rice punishment by the NFL. The fact that he went and and presented the evidence that he did commissioner Goodell and showed him more videotape that what the commissioners saw just -- everybody's seen. I think helped Ray Rice avoid any longer suspension obviously. It's a suspension that will generate a lot of discussion. Was the commissioner laying an up was he not. That's I mean yadda and others in me is saying he's lenient enough I think his. It did the majority of your poll question on ESPN you are way too hard on him too large too lenient under way -- about -- -- act. I don't get that thinking you know what don't you do -- Ray -- five factories are up by every a couple of your text here and a second that day it's been -- compare rubble piece of but some of the punishments that have come out lately and how it compares to what Ray Rice received you can remember. And and Duncan Suh stomped on Evan Dietrich Smith's arm he got two games for that. Washington safety Brandon meriwether was suspended if you remember for the head to head hits he got two games. And you move on up this list Vincent Jackson suspended three games for the league's conduct policy in. Cedric Benson regains for the same type of deal Vilma got in -- year. Plaxico Burress got four games after he served jail for accidentally shooting himself yeah. Saint Stevens and and Will Smith suspended four games for the bounty program. So there are other guys that had a Al hurricanes -- was suspended five teens for stopping on cowboys senator Andrei who rode the and Terrelle Pryor is suspended five games for receiving impermissible benefits while playing at Ohio State that was kind of a weird punishment -- -- yeah -- makes and hailed from college the NFL let's punish you for what you dating now you. Chris Henry analyze got to repeat offenders got eight games for the league's conduct policy and it just goes up and up and up in terms of some of the full seasons. Pacman Jones is suspended Michael Vick of course. Donte' Stallworth -- and deservedly so of -- linebacker -- as well see you look at some of the compare rebels. And again this is that you're talking us break with -- Ray Rice. You kind of got to do the morality balance in them -- right where does this fall in the morality scale that that really where we are you to do via. And into me you know I because I understand a bit to me you don't really need to do that I'm not trying to compare this to marijuana suspensions -- DWY suspensions and -- that will when you have a guided. Test positive for -- amphetamines and gets a four game suspension and you have a guy who knocked his wife unconscious and it's two games drags its tracks and detract from the elevator that yes sure you can look and compare a little bit but. Just even standing alone even if there were no compare rebels in this case I'd still look at and say how can you will only do this for two games and we get some of its exceeding a trick people trying to make the first time offender argument ridiculous certain crimes are more severe in in you don't get a second chance and I agree with that I mean there's certain things and happened. The players are -- players will do off the field that you look at you say look. I don't care if you've never been in trouble I don't hear you having a squeaky clean persona off the field I really don't care if you're great off the -- I don't care you're great and in the community. I don't care you're great role model I don't when you're on video. Beating your wife thought in dragging her out of an elevator that's all I need to see that's all the NFL should need to seek. Even if he never commits another crime the rest of his life this should be something I'm not saying. That we need to ban Ray -- from football I'm not saying we need to give them a yearlong suspension is as a couple of Texans are pointing out. But just to simply go with two games I mean look. It's 170000. Levs is it was a let us that's not that's not the NFL's fault you don't beat your -- stop I'm sorry there are penalties there are consequences fractions but it was so let's -- for the NFL let's make us -- -- in the airport or inspiration -- -- an -- leave Manhattan this -- that the NFL chaos ensues -- -- -- back first -- no more it may help. Helmet hits back what are we doing with punishments like hello how are we going about punishing -- I I -- I can't media clear. I'm on my clear opinion -- -- You need to set standards for stuff like that that's for me that is collective bargaining agreement something ID when you're having a collective bargaining agreement -- I think you need to set standards for me. I kind of equate what Ray Rice did in terms of punishment with some of these players on this -- article. With the Plaxico Burress like in terms of somebody who publicly smeared the league's shield and went out and he did something really idiotic now granite -- over served a year and a -- in jail. It's a two different on that and that and that and that scenario but for me if you're going to publicly. Embarrass the shield in bearish organization. And look really terrible in doing so in abusing your wife. I -- you need to set standards there whether it's for game six games. Whatever you think is fair in terms of looking at it that way but did it just seems to be a big difference with some guys who do things publicly. And in other guys who do things publicly first time drug users against first time drug -- you look at the history of the league. There's really not clear cut standards of what the punishment will be if you test positive for marijuana. Or if you Gilani nightclub when you shoot a gun -- in -- scare everybody you get arrested. There just isn't a definition there so I would just want that I'd want it to be defiant if you do acts in public. This is how many games you missed it you test for drugs are met and then to whatever for the first time this is what happened second time this is what happens this is the problem in the NFL. People are debating you know he beat his wife should be out for the year to me the NFL needs to set the standard and say for this you miss. X amount of games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not look at I understand that to a certain point I do I mean you can look at a guy like -- Michael Vick for example Michael -- now what two years in jail about a year and a half and JR to -- -- gets released to the NFL should not and suspend him for another two years after that and I agree with that have got a class blacks and Albert is a great example that really you're gonna make a -- go to jail for a long time. And they get out of jail that you're gonna suspend him on top after he gets out of jail there are certain things that are gray areas and I agree with but when you have a guy. That beats his wife and he doesn't have to spend any time in jail I mean Ray Rice is doing it a diversion program. He's not he's basically to pay a fine and that's going to be it can wash its hands and it is probably going to be watch a little bit people are gonna make -- doesn't do this again. But there are gray areas but at the same time let the NFL has to step in here and in in if you do something you want to have these standards in place a six game suspension an eight game suspension. To me that's fine and -- in after the NFL it's Smart because it lets you off the hook you could look at a situation like this and say OK for domestic violence it's an automatic six game suspension. And there's no debate over to the NFL come to sop to the -- too hard while I was just got what this guy did this suspension when this guy get this suspension. You have a set standard in place and if everybody knows what it's going to be. As soon as this story breaks in the offseason there's no debate you know okay Ray Rice he's going to be up the first six games next year there's noted no debate about it. Some people might want to be more severe than that. But if you have a standard in place it takes away the argument that people can make against it. It's extra points out the most unfair thing -- to treat everybody fairly. Subjectivity is required in the best example we edits -- to point this out is if you look locally. With a Michael James in Oregon and and the situation he was involved in an all three of us know people involved in that particular situation. We've talked a lot of people down there and you know under an hour on campus. And so we've we were down -- as we know kind of that situation and and it's not as cut and dry as people and understand it so they're not -- beat some -- or throw it to three round right there's much much more involved in that story evil entity that's the problem Nina I'm just gonna go back just what I just said that's a problem when you do that stuff like standards that's -- thing because you can have situations -- all right. And this X player of the Michael James here is our collective bargaining policy. It is says six games and then you start to dig as we all know you started dating in that situation and go in their -- maybe should be a suspension here. But there's no way that this level of suspension matches but the you know then again dead domestic B of knocking somebody out on it. And that's where I think you let the legal system play out like you have to stand right so domestic violence whether it's against a spouse a friend whenever his domestic issues outside of the league. You set set standards for that and then you say okay we're gonna wait for legal system play out. And if he's found guilty or he's going to trial I think that's for you stepping in -- say okay you're gonna be handed down the standard game of X amount and whenever that is. I'm finally did but you just to meet you do need to have standards but I'm also a big supporter of allowing the legal system to do its job -- it's one thing -- the NFL. Defend its players or punish its players to do whatever it's another thing that when these guys stepped outside of the stadium they stepped outside of the practice facility. There are part they're they're part of -- and we have a law enforcement we have a legal system to handle these issues. Andy some people just they they want to pile on even more and then they need to like Plaxico Burress who might be -- are great examples of that is. I love dog I got a dog in home I do I am so against dog fighting back -- begin they describe it to you but. He served two years he lost weight behind a mighty big guy paid his dues he did what a lot to only do. And that was to go to prison there was no need from NAFTA come back and miss any time I I just think sometimes you have to allow the legal system. To set the set the president set the standard and terms of what you're going to do now this is different obviously because legally and only -- gonna happen in this. He's done -- counseling he got married to the girl and he supposedly knocked out. But to meet their needs to be set standards in the league and then you need to step back and say let the legal system outside the NFL. Do its job given the potential points out but go out -- up for the ducks. -- you look at the situation with court player. Do you look at brain and I asked him probably okay look at me dizzy you let that play out legally but it created huge firestorm for you. In in terms of what it did for them yet because it started out today that was a pro. The organ is that just didn't acknowledge -- there was an ongoing situation did you come not get up front and that we -- texting in. You don't see a video of him knocking out his wife TCI the video shows him dragged her out of the elevator try you know she passed out Vienna says that they've seen additional video look. I understand that I do but if you're the NFL and you have that video if your -- -- you have that video. It would wanted to show everybody do we we all like to see yet you're not knocking -- you're not knocking out your -- it's it's just like -- you make -- -- no time in for the you know with the the court -- public opinion it it is reacted to about 24 hours we made up our mind as soon as we saw that that he wants a boom. Ray Rice beat up his fiancee and everybody still believes that to this day besides for a handful of people. If you have evidence if you have something at your disposal and that will make people believe otherwise in in -- people think that hey maybe this guy isn't so bad maybe he didn't beat up his fiancee. Maybe she started punching him in the face maybe she slipped and passed out because she was to drop. -- release a -- video yes I just I refuse to believe that that was the case because he was -- Is she just passed out he's not getting suspended for two games here. It is -- and then there's not and that's only right answer and we've tried to down in the fifteen minutes and we just did. And that the NFL is just there -- hot spot of of disciplining the wind Roger Goodell is given power. He mud all people are gonna ask for is consistency. And -- don't feel like there's consistency and punishment right now. With the NFL because Ray Rice only getting two gains were a lot of people believe -- much more serious issue. Then just a regular marijuana suspension got -- more things coming. On the show on Ray Rice but it's Mike -- it go to your state beavers and shot -- and spoke at pac twelve media day today. Briggs and their comments to you next Dan towards third and sprayed is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's sports radio and eighty of program. You shot one of these things before. Seventeen years we've known each -- since he -- -- go on little on the curriculum world -- -- who you know. And accordingly this -- totally ridiculous for quite I have to be in camouflage the big bad Quayle doesn't seem. It's been cool with a hall currently Colson and some. And -- also means a big game -- your -- rhinoceros. And human being a bit too jacked up. You're -- human being right now most dangerous game. But a worthy adversary -- a human being that's arm wouldn't let her own clever human being who knows the junk. Or. We got six new teams dating back to a media -- the way they're doing is they're splitting up between rivals yesterday it was -- -- today was Oregon State. You can -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably not gonna have a guy at 320 -- So that just means that everybody Rick mentioned are tied hands are tied and we're gonna happen. -- -- The latter best when -- when -- head quiz Roger. And he not only game whatever 15100 yards he caught 78 ball. Console you know this thing's got to be spread around is on getting two incidences. If we're not gonna have Brandon and so other guys are gonna step up more guys may play. The pac -- network the way they've done is -- they are in front of the fountain -- there's an affront to impair not studios and Paramount studios on the practice so their entire broadcast it. Shot. Sound yeah background I love that you know quiz you know -- last year he just ran for -- fifty yards. This 15100 yards on the ground for Mike Bradley addressing the wide receiver position and says -- we had this and he just went through all the receivers they've had in the past of this but I've had this from the flora Haas powder Rogers -- -- -- -- -- before -- and it's always seem to work out. Leaning tower that well you've always -- running backs before and now all of a sudden you're in a position where he got wrong war and is a nice running back he's not like the running backs of of yesteryear but you needed to save it with a wide receivers they keep it may -- work south forum. And you may spread around the ball with -- nanny at the quarterback position but. A -- tonight losing cooks is not going to be an impact on this deal and now. Was the one thing I was most worried about coming and I know on Parker yesterday on the -- time of the -- the -- line and -- demo populace probably the most important that's fine I agree that. But most people look at somebody like Richard lane and obviously when you get that white wide receiver your program hitting all my cast that's the next Mike asked. -- to meet you just assume that now he had a decently year and to do receptions. -- cooks had 61. Or 62 the year before last when he and the 128. Which means you can never count on productivity on a Mac legal and just because you have another year of eligibility. -- I've heard Brock Huard said this over and over Ernie is the only time. His worst year in his career Washington was his last year so just because you have experienced doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna translate to you Matt Barkley exactly did not automatically get more productivity. But they position was in a Riley there because. They I think they're gonna do a lot of -- things with -- Hamlet in Caleb Smith and those are two guys. People talk about Victor Bolden -- not I don't know he's gonna quite have the impact most people assume he will. -- ritual and he's a good wide receiver has the best hands on that team Emily Gilmore Mike stepped in as a young guy to. But to me it's gonna be -- Hamlet and Taylor Smith that really I think help that offense go in the passing game now what I mean by that is. If you get Connor hammock -- gets off to a hot start what's second and you for the rescue team. Well you 34 weeks in car hamlets easily the -- the hottest tied in in the country in the conference. They're gonna double team a lot more and that's an open -- space for your other guys. To me that's where the important part is gonna lie with this team if you can establish a little bit of that run game and then utilize your tight ends the right way. I think -- meaning can have just is because he's in the -- last year but that's a lot of ifs and we haven't seen that run game really produced to level or used to yeah. There's a lot -- surrounding the offense right now and -- -- rally I loved what he comes out and talks about getting creative because Mike Reilly is great -- I mean you can even think back to just last season when they were struggling to run the football. What do they do they use the screen game all the top Indian days seeds seem like they read run you know 8910 screens game. To try to get some semblance of a short passing game going into me. That's the only way you're gonna be able to make up for the production of Brandon -- is exactly what my rowdy is saying is gonna have to spread it out when he got Pamela Smith is tight end. That's a lot of beef that's 67 tenant -- -- 66 tied and those guys are big they're great they're great hands they run good routes those -- easy targets for -- mean to beat a top guy himself. The -- group wide receiver positions gonna take a step back but if you can find a way to utilize everybody if you could try to -- easily utilized the fly -- game like we know. Organs it has done so well in years past the guys like James Rogers and last year a little bit -- Victor Bolden. There are ways that you can get creative to make up for it to me the offensive line is still the biggest key on this offensive unit just like Mike Parker was talking about yesterday because. If if the offensive line is not healthy and you can't find places for all those guys are gonna stroller on the ball. And you're gonna struggle to throw the ball to me my rowdy is a good enough offensive mind. And we've seen him do it in years past where I know -- the benefit ever run game which you might not have this year but we've seen it do it in years past work. He's been able to spread it around and find a way to get guys involved and you don't necessarily need. A -- a cop went around there to be productive on offense and I trust and -- to be creative and his. Around -- means getting a lot of love and I. I use in my -- during the here is that they Roseanne is it's done me ideology to actually to the media today -- -- I think that's what makes it brought the quarterback position so -- -- me is it's not just the physical aspect you know obviously need that. But that the mental side of the game is such a huge part of it in and that's that we can study all week in and really get a -- on her opponent. And they can really give an advantage so some -- always catch -- try to try to work on and they try to begin at and I think it's a -- the month. Shot meaning is a curious case steady for the simple fact that he is a pro style quarterback he quarterback -- people have going high on their draft boards. A quarterback that has a strong arm. The issue that I've always had push on Manny and some and -- be his fault. Is that he's just he's not very good under pressure number one. An average of his stats just don't backed up his turn as the Bolivar a lot so is like people forgot. His performance last year Mikey put -- yards he had a tire test out I like John -- But people just forget about all of his turnovers. In in and his performance is just he played great the first six games last year. Adding he melted. In the in the final games of the season is that we just a race that melt down from our memory. Seat he had stretches in my opinion where yet he didn't play that great but I actually thought last year. He cut his interceptions down now the problem was looking at his numbers and I said his last year. Really before the season got going in they got you know they they rebounding he's had interceptions there I think he did yet you look at applicant is productivity -- -- -- before the USC three years -- state for what irons into eleven he threw eighteen picks easily slowly through thirteen in last three through fifteen yeah. So he -- cut it down elect did the problem is. You're looking. What have you from the year before Parker let's three down from his first year too so he still is protein he's gone down in terms of interceptions the problem is you're not being realistic with where you're setting standards because. He's throwing it fifty times to get media that's fair to me quarterback in the country that's not gonna turn the ball like I can't think of one not -- Mario and not Brett -- not any other quarterback in this country can be that's been forced to throw that many times our running game. And doesn't turn the ball over at some point now. Arizona State game. That was probably one of his worst but I can point the Utah game. How money was he at the end of that one he was huge pretty much -- win that -- 443 yards five touchdowns no picks yet I mean. Look is it a little overkill -- John -- and yes some -- Look at his stats the last couple of years what he was able to do last -- burning -- was a big part of that but I also believe he's grown a lot as a quarterback any leader of that team. I think he's gonna have a monster year and I think it's kind of right that he's getting this country. Yeah I mean it's tough because he looks through the Stanford game last year he had only thrown three interceptions all season and any -- -- the -- 23 against US he threw for against Arizona State -- three against washing teacher won against Oregon and then won a double game so it a lot of those interceptions and other fifteen that he -- were back loaded on the seats in twelve of the fifteen team. And the last what 45 games of the year so. It was a lot of the end of the season we don't forget tipped balls he is no way and that's my camera when interceptions he had -- exact always -- symbol exactly and then they're not all his -- to me in the the problem with him that I've always had is I feel like a lot of his interceptions -- unforced errors in their -- certain quarterbacks out there and you get Brett Favre is always the example that I point to have guys. That believe that they have a rocket arm and no matter what the situation no matter what the score no matter what -- down a matter where they are on the field. We're gonna try enforceable onto a certain situation whether it's because they think they can squeeze it into triple coverage whether it's because. They have a defense abandon their face in the pressure and a throwing out their back foot -- try to get rid of it. There are certain lessons -- quarterbacks need to learn as they go along in their career and to me shot me. He took a huge stride early on in the season where he was getting pressure but the schedule was easy. But he wasn't throwing interceptions in those games he threw a lot of interceptions early on in his career and he wasn't doing an early in the season. Late in the season when you start play it's a legitimate defense is like it Sampras like the US CEO Michael Washington and organ. They put pressure on in he found a way to throw those interceptions and it cost him some bodies exhibit needed. He brought up the Arizona staking it to four picks in MacKey and that was a game you can look at him. And some of the big city through and -- -- seeing it but every quarterback's gonna go through those -- the big progression is shocked many needs to learn that every every quarterback needs to learn. Is when they eat it it to me shot and it can take that step as a quarterback this season. And you see him in third and long situations instead of forcing the ball double coverage take a -- punt it away you're gonna live to fight another day there's no problem with that whatsoever. That's the progression and I -- see from Germany because he's not gonna have -- benefit of throwing it into triple coverage like he did last year he at times faster where he would do that early in the season to bring a coach to bail them out. He's not gonna have to benefit -- And think about this and there was a point and he was he the right for reasons starter just a couple of games and we pointed out that he had 31 touchdowns and 31 picks yet. He's he's 22 over now with touchdowns intercepts of think about what that season really meant to him. Yes it was I mean it was a good season there's no doubt about that but. I just the phrase that he is getting. It doesn't match his. -- better as a hockey pocket passer quarterback in the in this conference leading up enough. Probably night and I think that's the reason -- end and to be fair he's the only one to. And you look at guys like much Mario and they got a hole in Yemen -- I mean -- out of the conversation he's garbage that you look at the other guys and you look at -- you look at Kelly look at Mario to the -- run a spread style offense so. It's hard to look at a guy like that say that they are good pocket president -- and Mike Riley's gonna snap one of these days -- to every single interview he does -- -- you're just such a nice guy you -- great guy we love -- was a matter of time for my currently just loses it on people like I can imagine getting told. I interview after interview how nice of a guy. That I was that's it seems bizarre local media doesn't do as much anymore not as much easier than -- but every time -- national guys here in the nicest guy in the world. A potential partnership with YouTube and the pac twelve we'll explain next on the. It's. Pain you're going to see you know. I'd be able happily. Then towards dirt and sprayed -- served up by buffalo wild swings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. It's a little. Yesterday pac twelve media day Larry Scott spoke for 45 minutes and we discuss some of his comments today you know bend. But -- all network president Lydia Murphy Stevens. Highlights -- -- to get heightened last name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's looking to drop behind Campbell you got to change your name and so you gotta pay more you dropping names and my mom just kept one of the names and just -- and the other than a that's on the -- -- doesn't it isn't and it's just screw this -- I don't name it sounds good I mean I got pride from both men. Here's some of the things is he talked about today to -- networks are going to be available internationally via YouTube message directly. Might lead to the yet starting -- I guess the subscription service launch is going to be 27 select countries of Europe traveling abroad you wanna watch pac twelve games you can pay for on YouTube. So -- -- -- anywhere in the united states of you living guys -- and respect you. But if you travel for whatever reason abroad I don't culpability travel. Abroad and then they wanna watch that game they cancel UT will be available there the network has expanded its rights to the Cox network systems. And with Time Warner Cable so all seven networks to be available for fans in the LA area. Couple other things are going to do that -- issue you guys are the documentary series I'm here to drive was in on this year UCLA -- battery go well that's a distraction liked Assad teaser trailer good and so they that'll be interesting. There also -- broadcast 35 teams throughout the season. And their football in sixty series is back they're gonna -- every tackle football game from every week regardless of which network the game was on. And that's one of the cool features about the pac twelve network. Is that football in sixty series so public announcements today out of pac -- -- -- to get to -- the -- on sixty that's the coolest part about the -- net. That's that I use -- maybe we're just unique because we try to watch those games for our for our job obviously but. When you get a chance to sit down watch some games in May -- get a chance to get to on a Saturday especially when you got one of those loaded -- -- got great games. From morning all night there's -- you know maybe like a Washington Arizona game you wanted to get an eye on. He didn't get a chance to watch a whole lot of that would make it and -- -- down to sixty minutes has pretty cool it. The backdrop and cannot do all the lip service they want to talk about how great their brand is in how much they're growing this network and now they're gonna be on. YouTube and not in the United States which makes our present sense I guess -- if you about a Mary out of forget about last year media people a direct TV don't need to watch a -- this network is not getting hit its capacity and tell you get on DirecTV and to me. That's the one issue that obviously was not talked about it all today nobody mentioned the fact that it was not on DirecTV nobody brought it up nobody asking questions about it. And so -- it's I think it's an employee I can't take the -- anniversaries and yet I. I mean my dance step to a podium and tell me you got on top of timing now you're on the Cox network but you can't figure out would direct T that's my issue I don't care that. I can go to Europe in the middle football season and watch this thing on YouTube -- you know why. Some real football fan don't travel during football season is -- this thing they announced today are you kidding me I can get -- game in Europe why now because on YouTube. But don't worry about -- tech TV in America -- a very swagger like -- airlock. -- I don't why I variety get a black. You don't -- don't don't worry about direct these Italians and -- that's how they say it don't worry about the people that DirecTV and America -- -- it come on man stop. Stop ignoring the issue just get it done when direct -- I'm sick of hearing all these other ways you can watch games. And today you're telling me I can watch -- around the world but I can't watch in America viva satellite dish. Enough with the excuses just go to DirecTV. Strike a freaking deal already they are the first network to get eight point 47 deal done with YouTube I've watched TV on YouTube it's Sox this is so terrible yes yes -- they made. Things available maybe not on YouTube -- of -- again this is it should be coming at some point or another the big networks are going to fight it but if you said. -- pac twelve network ESP and the Golf -- couple other networks there -- in and you -- watch it all on your computer and -- -- -- I would do that in a second. But I -- equality is not the same. You know that you now now it's now it's not just not close -- -- -- -- it is not bad quality minutes it does HBO -- had to say they they suffered through this to this year with game -- they had the East Coast -- even loaded because so many people were watching it online and -- -- gonna run into problems but I would much rather have specific TV channels that I want that I pay for -- -- rather have that with cable providers offering -- that -- -- -- -- -- it's going to happen it'll be. Which deals I try to watch one of those presidential debates on YouTube and it didn't work. Obama throws for like five minutes -- citizen -- as -- learn loaded tweet from clay Travis at Time Warner has officially agreed to carry the SEC network announcement shortly that's. A nice bonus he seemed to work. Obama froze up he just -- man right in the middle of the Mitt Romney ran. Yeah I may. Act. If they got coming up you wanted to say you're on that in yes yes but -- Anderson and myself but here again coming up in our security continuing their NFC east free he'll discuss the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett is a head coach Tony Romo the quarterback Jerry Jones of course. Outspoken and vocal about their season coming up our smorgasbord of sports topics have some fun with audio -- Italian though. Read the LeBron jeans letter any Morgan Freeman impersonation it is phenomenal what is your go to you in person nation. And got a price for you if you do a good job. In collar -- that's coming up at 145 did second hour on the way you're listening to Dan fortress break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings 1980 the fan.

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