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Mike Parker - Oregon State Football Play-By-Play

Jul 23, 2014|

Doc joined the show talking about what he expects from OSU football next season as well as some of the new faces in Orange and Black.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't. Welcome back to -- dirt in spring I think he's a friend of the program by the end of the program doorman at the moment Mike Parker radio voice for the Oregon State Beavers stock last time we talked I think you're on a beach in Hawaii getting ready for the bowl game. Pack two immediate day to day seasoned just right around the corner. How you feel when to start -- as I feel about the season coming up. Enjoy. The last opportunities out a little bit mortars to terms of the -- it. The feature wise given way to driving down Harrison street in court Alice's which it connects right now I know the -- It's supposed to -- the this is not quite what we expect this time of year my daughter -- Straight team are they today -- driving -- strictly legal here in the car and heading down the road and that's missing. The first day -- -- media in my broadcast partner peculiar Wilson's now there. Taking notes that it appears in offensive that you share with me. And then I'll be there tomorrow and Mike wiley and so on menus and Michael doctor that are and will be able to cover. The yield in looking forward to it so I'm excited there's this apple media days sort of a you know it's a mark on the calendar that we're just around the corner from the season and I think. Axel steel says it has received an annual the papers -- the surprise contender in the north. I we would then I'm looking forward to kind of getting -- -- again which will be next. Mike we know the obvious we know -- knew what he's gonna Vereen we know what some of the defense of guys are gonna bring you do have question marks throughout this team. And one of the biggest ones as wide receiver now a lot of people point to regional Laney. He had a good year last year in this is kind of that season where guys usually have to step that he took last year and they step up even bigger than next. But the name that's really been thrown out there is Victor Bolden. And a lot of people have all these expectations. And are assuming that. You know he can be that next branding -- and always a little smaller. But how do you place expectations on somebody like Victor Bolden who -- came on late last season and he kind of agree with them that he could be that next. Big target for organ state. I say I'm a little. Concerned about bout and I -- not that I don't think Specter has the work ethic and the talent and speed and skill and so want to be here very productive receiver. But. It would -- say he came on late last year eat it more as a returner as we saw then. As we go to guy in the receiving corps. And therefore in Iowa and Brandon -- is incredible two -- Francies in cities and he played as a true freshman caught 31 balls -- he catches 67 and then. Think something like 128. -- it's. Ridiculous for. -- but he did go you know from 31 I don't have exactly -- out of Beers which rocked the number of all the Victor -- I know. There was nowhere near 31 and and he was not used. -- mentally as a receiver now. It hit a fly actually maybe 3040 seconds tour like. I just out. And he showed some promise to be back at a guy and because of his work ethic of because of a great coaching. That he's received he's -- his position I expect. They'll make a great job that earned him the jump all the 31 to 67. That makes sense act I don't think they can look for him to jump right -- and be at fifty to sixty. Receiver got maybe. But I think that there's going to be a lot on the shoulders of Richard Moore lady. And Emily Gilmore to take a big step forward and and at its -- and court to be used extensively in the -- to be used a lot of the passing game. More than anything else I want the running game. To have that kind of like -- it will last two games and I think that just takes pressure altogether awful and you needing to throw so much. Mike Parker is our guest easy voice of the Oregon State Beavers in might have a lot -- wage -- -- about the running game that seems to be that the main concern obviously they struggled to run the football last year and tell those last two games in the season. What are the keys when when you watch is -- you look at you say how they get that running game -- -- either storm woods or to -- war. How did you how do you become more productive in that run game to help shop -- and out this season. Small part of it is that commitment to it in in visiting with both. Mike Cavanaugh the great offensive line coach and and Danny like historical courses now gone and Sean Garrett call with quietly in the topics -- strapped it to find ways to get that more productive picked out. And that's that we got a little healthier and we stayed with it we committed to mourn those last couple. Games out of sheer necessity you loose five in the world. That creates an even though the -- it was success and wealth from the running game standpoint it felt like a victory in that category to go for 223 against them in the civil war. So I think it's. That coach -- felt that you know why throw good money after bad when you've got a guy. Even in -- and -- and cookies that you could throw the ball to consistently in -- art when you were really struggling to get three straight -- yards. You know on the ground. I understand why -- in the sense that. We control it better and I think that hurt -- on the long run by -- as much as they get there were times are probably figures would have. -- that and try to stay with the running game a lot of certain veterans of those losses that they Adams -- when they needed to. And couldn't too much pressure was put on menu by great teams so I think the health -- the offense line which is still. A work in progress -- and wallow that's my biggest concern right. He needs to be on August 30 near full strength and ready to go look at Portland State -- -- years and the other guys come back some of the problems they had just mutual grant days I expect there. That commitment and help put the line will create a much more productive run game. -- new offensive coordinator John -- alum how involved do you expect him to be when it comes to pay the offensive game plan -- what kind of impact. Does he make this year. A huge impact in that he's been. He has -- the tees. In to my quietly as. In this sense hired him he wandered in the end activity in water content editor respects guns vacuumed. It is intellectual. Ability of the x.s and -- but also that. But leadership and signed. After it was interesting to watch that in the swearing that was more. Sort of -- right hands on coaching after every play and the attention to detail it. That John Garrity suited and is now throughout this offseason. I think his impact will be. Significant and I think part of that -- was -- -- recognizing. That he's got a man here who. He could only Entrust the offense what so I think you'll see. -- involved heavily. And and probably and I had on I don't know it's still being sorted out but you know like all aspects. Out that will be shared between might get. And John John I think we'll probably end up making all. Holes just -- any -- Stewart did those last teams we need to remember that took it as much people say well it's an upgrade and offered support Nader Allah. The last two games those best running game will be able alluded to thwart any financial. I think -- -- a sense any I love -- so what we need to run all an act. I think you know obviously -- -- recognized that as well. We're talking with -- beavers play by play man Mike Parker and Mike when you're looking at this team with some of the question marks maybe it's wide receiver which we already talked about what. Is there another area on this team that you kind of go under the seasoning going to fall camp. And you're looking to see. Who steps up and said this is an area on this team I think that you kind of look at -- Maybe not say weakness but it's the one area that you think has has -- the most before that first game against Portland State. Well I think apple it eluded him my biggest concern is -- -- the offensive line and I I do think that's at the running game back last year. -- never really was until later cohesiveness there who has played where. And and I just think that affected. Everything about what the -- to an offensively. They reeled off incredible numbers in the passing game on -- records that are coming back for can be. The whole of the guys up front is the biggest issue on my biggest concern in. And I still have in a little concerns about -- the ball -- he's the best lineman on the team and one of the best in the country certainly in the back well. And he needs to be near 100%. The -- it's the dynamic force to eat a lot so that's my biggest. Concerned. Beyond that you know the fact the child and it's looking for a number one and number tournament -- -- -- -- disappointed about -- -- status and I think he would have -- huge. That issued as well inside. I'd replace Scotty -- productivity won't be easy but I get like Joshua teams -- impact if that position last yourself but think defensively. That's why I feel that's about it the other quarterback position he -- -- ball ought Nelson well. -- sort itself out. Between the commissioner Larry it's Goddard Exxon content. Some other guys in the -- so -- I don't have too many question marks defensively the line backing or else it will be as good spirits in the week it and and and I think they're they're scattered good look at as -- said being -- wheels deals surprise contender yet the offensive line hell news is sound. Might we -- stick with the defense we know an issue kind of the last two years around Mac -- has been there inability if you -- and sister are struggling at least in stopping some spread offenses and having some teams being able to kind of spread amount in find some holes and that defense a unit. But they are returning some big -- starters like he mentioned. That they got enough in your mind to to address those concerns -- being able to stop the spread offense just looking around the conference in knowing. It seems like every school now is running some hybrid of the spread offense. Yeah I am you know you're right they haven't necessarily. You know you wanna talk about how sound and solid they're going to be on defense. That's predicated again on hell. I do think it just I as an offense the O line issues. And it's dictated it. You know what the beavers had to do -- -- its -- so much to lose in the balance in the offensive game. I think eat sensibly. The issues with the linebackers. And the lack of health early affected obviously with the beavers did against. Eastern and then subsequently what happened in a lot of games thereafter if that line backing core is healthy there. I think they'll be far better equipped to deal with this speed. And versatility of the hybrid all the answers -- talking about they weren't that way from much of the season last year I think it will be this year in particular -- it was also -- Mike Parker is our guest easy radio voice for the Oregon State Beavers going is here on ESPN's for 31980 to stand in for -- and break. -- like we appreciate time great stuff and outlook except the the for the season starts. Well guys I'm glad and beyond it and I just mired summer has bought into Portland more often this year not listen to you pick up the signal down here in the -- Congratulations on this. The time slot and the great work keep doing it's a lot of fun to listen to your you do a great job and am honored to be on the show extra -- guys. And that's my appreciate it. Our future. My Parker fan of the show he said a couple of things we want to react to about the beavers upcoming season. And we'll do so next you -- ended in -- irritants break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on -- eighty the fan.

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