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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.23.14 Hr 3

Jul 23, 2014|

The guys react to coaches at Pac-12 Media Days plus revisit clips from Mark Helfrich, Marcus Mariota and 1st hour guest, Mike Parker.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get. To Allentown and -- Then threw dirt and sprayed his served up by buffalo while doing this gentleman should be illegal and you cubicle basically says that basically says like you don't want to. We don't think you're Smart enough for an office we don't want you look at anybody with Taylor -- forward. Get an ailing hunched over and I think the whole way around -- get hot they have like you know -- like -- we want to get the feeling in the eastern Johnson and Michael. You -- I was on the pathetic attempt to try to make cubicle like a home you know I mean there's always next stop animal and there are like the picture mom but it's disappointing night so. Why it would simply this is your -- and Brendan spreading those people need to be rescued him walk like -- -- -- the person in the Q. Walks back out and -- Some sort of -- fun. Conference things like. -- Then -- third and spray it on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 program. It was based on any show is clear -- on day one of tactical immediate dating to his tomorrow prime time coming up in an hour from now on interviews from everybody there. They're splitting up the pac twelve today -- they -- her rivals so the -- they will have is from Washington State boring you know of course towel. USC Arizona. And they need you tops of -- schools today and in the opposites. Will be taking place to moral Larry Scott commissioner of the pac twelve opened up today. By saying it a lot of different things about it the pac ten. He disguised as he loves it some fact well he does. And he said about he kept dropping Silicon Valley. We're at the heart of silicon yeah we we did they say yes every exit Sammy ran our FaceBook -- -- the humble brags that kind of like it make -- relevant humbled -- is -- just because you're located near Silicon Valley lake near -- this conference is known for all this innovation they're part of the end of this year I have I have been spoken by the -- fantastic show on HBO the entity is a senator shelves. With TJ Miller still lags giving Rashad. Is cruelly -- were regulars are yeah with the class and out of -- inches in what's -- -- -- -- no slack -- so that's arrives in the you know he loves doing the tour -- they're looking -- us that yet they're -- -- -- -- -- come on she's -- is this guy that the -- on his T -- what is -- and obviously you're. You liars like our message today but here's what Larry Scott said today that. Getting the most attention though he's -- at the NCAA model and he -- what's at stake is much more than student athletes being employees. You can't design a system around the 2%. 2% of pac twelve football players and 3% -- actual basketball players. What's so funny it just slipped it opined in Britain just did David isn't pieces -- that I he said like -- it changes system because of 2% of people. In football and 3% of basketball players play in the NFL and NBA respectively he said trees -- as employees. Would be detrimental to women's sports in Olympic sports the pac twelve sponsors 22 sports. 36 varsity sports are among the tackle schools he bragged about the -- being a conference of champions. And that's kind of what the pac twelve is known for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marcus Morris and -- a genocide strangers I really want to work with athletes whether it's through sports medicine physical therapy. Is has a passion for the sciences and that included having to get through rigorous curriculum of chemistry biology physics he's taken twenty some credits and bioscience and never once. Blinking and he's he's the perfect blend of trying to you know learn as much as possible. Very high level and this complex and create those who are magical moment. His presence can be such a positive force and that's on our campus -- And our team -- across the community. I had to balance both before and school and do it and it in the way devil food plummeted so hopefully we can said good influence upon some of the -- the community. In regards to young students in the sciences is the future and to make a difference between you contains a world -- you're able. So Chevron came in with a Don TI. I commitment and dump truck got money on the actual steel office is and his unloaded it and go let's let's do something that we can associate. Our brand with Jordan brand in a way that we can kind of makes sense that they're really eighteen then yes that was a minute -- they start up of Marcus Mario to the gonna ladies throughout the year. About student athletes and why it's so important. To have athletes that our students and they're gonna trying its high profile guys like Mario is going to be atop I've taken in at the draft. They used him as a launching point that was the main thing to take away from Larry Scott's comments today was about how important the student. We want it's important to note that Larry Scott now knows how to use email because a mark Cameron clearly side shot in the message and said hey man. I get some more points I need you mentioned this is today's hearing your -- not saying I'm paying 203% of athletes actually mineral. If you don't mention revenue outlook or rake in from these players. It's funny that -- at a moment in there where he was telling media. To essentially stopped paying attention to the athletes that are making money and pay attention to the overall. Picture and pay attention -- every athlete don't just focus on. May be markets Mario or Brett -- -- guys who are gonna go to the next level to draft in the first try to make millions of dollars. You need to focus on everybody that's that's a nice -- message when you -- but this is reality this is the world we live in. We care about the guys -- impact the game that's why we pay attention to the courts yet -- -- you would have the revenue -- have the ratings EU would be one of the highest revenue making networks in sport he wouldn't make three million dollars a year us. Exactly so for me it's all it's on its all well and good to come out there and have this. This you know happy go lucky message about academics and what to graduation rates are. But don't don't spew the garbage we see through it we enjoy who we enjoy -- football you don't need to talk about -- that's not disrespecting -- up and like. There's no disrespect it's it's bacterial football that being said -- I don't give a crap about earlier today it's -- media day for football let's talk some -- again the media came out their pre season polls where they think -- in Oregon State's gonna finish and of course the slot of the rest. Of the pac twelve will tell you what that pre season poll looks like. We also caught up with Mike Parker voice of the organ state beavers -- bring back some of that conversation at 234 you. A busy couple of hours here on the station -- coming up at 3 o'clock. They are down in LA talking everybody together did you -- we look forward to it every year pre season polls from the media in the pac twelve will tell you how they haven't -- Next here this and it in fort during spring on the thing. Have. The you can spread is served up by buffalo wild new. -- radio 1080s okay. Oregon State isn't it going into tomorrow impact on media day but Stewart and bill just tweeted out that being knowledgeable analyst at pac twelve media days told him that -- mean will be the first quarterback drafted next year -- it's. You Larry Scott also highly office laughing now as being out maybe it was yogi Ronnie he's diets -- -- Iran about food they have that's an analyst that you really respect. And annualized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shot being the first quarterback -- darker. Yogi rock there Rick wise it down like Mandela to cover up the name heavy snow and yeah Iraq -- that that -- terms of two years ago because he's -- either -- top ten day he said higher way yet so I'm trying to top ten player right now on the draft -- what you have. And then. Reality -- in Lebanon have got that -- did you Charlemagne prize -- -- -- -- -- -- a yen Washington State linebackers saying you know lose -- -- -- went against last year. He says John -- first it was -- Taylor Kelly was -- Taylor Kelly second zone party -- -- -- is underway man Mario as a walk in the park. -- -- It would Larry Scott was Japanese and we got four legit. Heisman Trophy continues the quarterback is Kevin Hogan -- -- -- now -- that's right that's right on the nose and data Kelly they had they had -- Arianna. Man in canyon and Kevin Hogan -- -- -- -- know it's nice that blizzard for Kevin Hogan -- -- -- and if the guy's gonna throw a nine times a game get out of his way -- -- with them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the beavers at the bottom of the hour but the media. Came out of their pre season predictions in the media actually in the pac twelve. Is pretty good they picked eleven of the last fourteen correct. A lot of as the USC and organs are not really going out on -- there but the media is usually pretty good at speaking schools here they here is how base waited. The north division number one is or again us -- there -- liver to withstand bird at three Washington is Chris Peterson in his first year. For his -- state and then you can guess five is -- Washington State six is California not a lot of surprises in their fellows. I -- season shifting from 234. With Stanford Washington and organ state don't see a lot of changes that one in don't really see a lot of -- at the bottom -- watching statement now. You know you don't put a lot you invest a lot in media predictions I think they're fine they're great to talk about especially if people lot of women. You know all the Washington Huskies was Chris Peterson now they're gonna finish first in the north but EU this year was kind of a no brainer I mean look people can question organ being the unanimous pick only wind. But the facts of the fact he look on paper organ has the most talented roster in terms of returning starters they got mark is Mario and arguably the best quarterback in the nation. To me this was a no brainer pick for them. Stanford -- -- NC Stamford come in the last two years yet had a good defense yet but most people still thought -- was gonna win those ball games you I don't wanna completely count them out but they're missing couple pieces that they had last year that contributed a lot. To me it just feels like organs Stamford that's the perfect 12 combination in the north. You you wanna if you wanna really argue about Oregon State Washington goal be be my guest but. Washington I like Chris Petersen I have a good feeling about him at Washington it's kind of the one place he was holding out for that in May be in or again. See you expect him to do good things there organ state I think they have a lot of legitimate question marks in terms of what kind of production in the you'd get from this player that player in the other player. And I get to see that going the other way and we saw them play last year how to network out form Washington completely embarrassed and one of the win loss and it's -- -- -- -- exactly was -- miles who's now the quarterback for Washington so. I only have a big problem -- this it's it's eye opening TC tower there at the bottom because I forgot how was. His company dream and in the conference -- is that I don't think there's a survivor unite the weakest -- I'm tailored to their and it would have -- -- -- -- of the sky and then we're really that bad last repair outscored last season -- battle -- Four or 550 wanted 270 it was embarrassing they -- -- far only one of the worst programs in that they -- -- they held it together against -- -- -- -- no blank AS -- at that game at home zone. You know I don't problem with these predictions may have been right for the most part give them credit -- -- -- you know technically speaking or he didn't win the title last two years but they tied for -- the media has gotten it right for a long time. If they have it's not like you know we -- SEC media days BM last weekend and how bad their writers have been picking the winner of that conference in that have been the case and and I'd like you said eleven of the last fourteen. They've got correctly and into those years that they missed the last two years organ was statistically tied for the for the conference -- at least the north division title but Stanford went. Because the tiebreaker it you know what when you look at Oregon and Stanford it always goes on housing -- about this yesterday the fact that Andrew Luck could not beat Darren Thomas. And Marcus Mario and it can't beat Kevin Hogan it's it's it is so interesting to look at. How that rivalry is gonna last for years for the -- humble about back to back years. And in Stamford coming out you know basically -- no where they lose Andrew Luck you lose Jim Harbaugh nobody gives you shot in the bogey you when you go to back to back -- -- a championship games and when the pac twelve so. Stay up for you never wanna count the amount it seems like we do this with them every year that like the reverse of Washington. Wherever you're you look at Washington he'll hear a bunch of people make the argument hey this is the year the Huskies put together this is the year they give back to ten wins and they get back to dominate the pactel north. The same thing people say about stamp for this is the year they take that step backwards this is the year -- Stanford goes back to -- who Stamford should be and it just hasn't happened under David shot. But that being said I mean you look at the way they voted in the north I have no problem organ being number one Stanford number two it's -- -- honestly you know I hope this doesn't upset any of the fans and -- any -- the teams. But I look at Washington Oregon State Washington State. I can see any of them finishing third any of them finishing near the Indian and finishing that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you just have to try to get better every day that's our approaches. It's an -- team every day patrol the stuff we can control. You know we don't have any unfortunately they don't ask me who want to play in the coming out. I've been trying to get that that's always gonna happen anytime things so we got to play the schedule to give us in this job is scheduled but. You know we're excited about the progress that we made it and anxious to get back out period. And show -- we're a program that is getting better. Challenging sketch DIA is just Tobin had a job in two years you realize that you can copies we're pretty badly -- -- Please not throw 600 interceptions plays and how batter you when you have to throw jeered god. And some guy I've never heard of in the actual media day. It -- I ask it's hard to show up in Mike -- asking you pay out. How batter you this year like what's the expected port city at -- day. We're going to improve all data -- can have an open competition in math and that's that -- -- -- -- on throughout this -- -- -- -- -- take whatever we get down there here's another sell bullets according to the media and their projections number one UCLA they're kind of the media darling and a darling across the country. -- on the prognosticators number two is USC three is Arizona State. For Arizona five Utah. And Essex is cholera so 56 you're gonna throw out. A Arizona's gonna struggle a little bit this year so no problem with him slotted in at four and the and the south pretty much lines up as well we talked about -- in his. Ability to get the offense going down in USC but I'm not sold on UC relating an automatic one in the south I do like USC. This year medics are fan but -- that they're talented they just they have a lot of talent to be able to compete with UCL land are ready -- to sign off on UCLA winning the cell. We do and let it it's one thing to an inherent talent and put them in a position where you win with igniting -- more -- great -- -- Rick Neuheisel -- and that's overall that's the biggest question was are you have a ton of talent especially on the defense this side of the ball. How how how can you win with a what are you going to do within any a lot of people are still wondering his abilities there and that's why give the -- T seal their own trauma these rankings. I think gay issues -- perfectly they're gonna be really good offense. But their defense is not so good yeah -- will side and ninety a couple of other guys Don as well. To me issue takes a step back this year that's not an indictment of Todd Graham as a coach and more -- -- the rat right now -- still think they're going to be a power to be reckoned with in this conference along with Arizona -- their quarterback starts getting some experience. But overall for me it's UCLA it's USC in the south and I don't -- is anybody close. Now yet though those of the two programs that but you're right you know -- we look at organ and organ being the favorite to win the north. You say look. And to me it's disabling the south just like you said to him for nobody's gonna sit here in Salem dot -- UCLA no doubt about it. USC's got a lot of talent that the one thing that I will say and I and I mentioned earlier is that. I love the fact that you -- -- the favorite in the north that you sealing the favorite in the south -- great glimpse of both those teams are beyond re really will I mean you're gonna see. You don't use ceiling testing along the road and play at Texas in week three of their season -- Texas not quite the program they used to be so look tough place to play got to go in front of a 100000 people. It's a team full blue chip recruits and organs got to -- Michigan State early in the years so to me you know everybody's picking those two programs as the clear cut favorites. You're gonna get a glimpse if organ is able to handle Michigan State in UC illegals on the road and does what they did in Nebraska last -- -- do it to Texas this year. Then we can sit here 34 weeks in and say are these guys know what they're talking about. The just like the north you don't wanna just simply translated from last year to this year I have no problem they slot these teams and -- me if I had to fill out about its exact. We -- filled out the back to a media is pretty good at picking winners they've got Oregon and north UCL -- in the south and an -- winning the pac twelve championship game which -- take place. December 5 at -- stadium. I would say explained it'll listeners maybe even listening. That's -- station for a long time. The look on the faces of these kids in the studio next to us. Jason swagger has been in their 435. Minute c.'s easy tag along when did we all know that there's a girl right here she's literally probably two feet from dirt dirt and even senior she's across from the glass. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kids -- leaner look what you see how. Good it. I think it all -- AMD. And politically -- flag canceled their -- -- wish we did his due this judges -- -- to snap a picture and -- went out on Twitter we talked to Mike Parker voice of the Oregon State Beavers about. I kind of his expectations where the beavers need to improve this coming up season and what he's hoping for in terms of the final result when it's all said and done. -- the -- this cotton balls he will bring some of his comments that also brings some comments remarks Hilferty media day as well as markets Mario has allowed to do the next half hour. Then towards dirt and sprayed on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran -- -- -- the world champion Judah Friedlander you're listening to Danforth. And -- Dirt got fired. These were jobs don't Ireland peace. Just to stay away from the guy that ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- man. Now with -- -- -- -- Prime time coming up and a half hour from now they've got us. And coach self season they've been tweeting out they've got mark health rich Rich Rod. I think that's about it they got snubbed by one -- today. They'll tell you and get you up tons of audio and interviews from pac twelve media day one of our favorite shows the prime time does. WA today and tomorrow what when your reaction on our show tomorrow. From everything going on today's just half of pac twelve media days we talked to Mike Parker earlier in the show you miss that interview we're gonna tweeted out. On Twitter -- -- the fan. -- -- he you address the offensive line issues and I think that's where we'll start with Oregon State. Well I think I've -- -- to my biggest concern is that also the offensive line -- And I I do think that's at the running game back last year they're never really was until later cohesiveness there who was played where and I just think that affected everything about what the -- and offensively now. They reeled up incredible numbers in the passing game on any records that are coming back to meet. The whole of the guys up front is the biggest issue -- my biggest concern -- That was my partner on our show or earlier and we'll hear from Mike Reilly tomorrow media day we hear from so many tomorrow and they'll get a lot of attention union and Riley. Attacking look at -- upcoming season but I'm with Mike here. We don't barker when he talks about the health of the offensive line is everything for Oregon State they're going to be fine on defense mean it's gonna be fine. But that offensive line is seems the last three or four years and it has always been a story line about how well that -- -- line gels and how healthy they are. And it's it's it's an interesting mix too because he had a couple of those young guys they got some experience last year you obviously -- -- same model -- that was something that might continue to touch on drug that interview. Was Ian and health of -- saint -- is he going to be a 100% because you cannot. And he's necessarily gamer too that's huge trouble for organ state now I -- is -- Mike Cavanaugh. Can figure a way he did to bring back the the organ state days that we were used to in accustomed to scene. And you can establish some running game. To me that is going to be difference between them winning eight and flirting with nine wins and then just being a five and six win team -- because you have run game. You're right back where you were last year -- -- minions thrown 45 to 55 times and I did I did John mania has grown a lot as a player I watched him his his first half that he started after police trying -- Wisconsin wasn't known only it was against Sacramento say -- in the next game was Wisconsin. No right it was the -- next year that was the following year because they were 390 yeah AA you keep lately he split duty with -- cat -- Wisconsin and in the next year he'd beat Wisconsin and Oregon State yet so I get the development part how far he's come. But I don't care how good you -- your amateur trophy. So Reilly and John -- are really looking at this thing right now where. If they can establish that front and they can get storm wood in Toronto -- going mainly Toronto in Toronto gonna start in front of storm woods. If they can get that going. They're going to be in great shape we have not seen this in a long time and that's where people say. You know it's one thing expected at some point it's another thing to move on NC maybe you just don't have it anymore and that's where I think we're bordering on with -- State's running abilities is. If you don't get it this year. You can look at next and say -- you know a lot more experienced guys coming back I feel good about it that's fine. But you're looking at the -- they haven't had a run game since you quiz Roger's and one of the biggest reasons he laughed. He was getting beat up and he saw -- when you -- finally get beat up I might as well lieutenants Elvis hits -- and it's an idea get paid for those hits so. -- -- point now for organ State's future with their pro style. A stab list are run gaming you need to get going now this year because if you don't wish on meaning as ace is a fifth year senior what are you gonna happen next year with a new the next quarter. Exactly -- either make the same thing you know we -- -- -- losing Mario and the next your -- -- on man you need your duty to replace him -- me you know I think when you talk about the health of the offensive line in if they struggle and that in that category. It's not just gonna affect the run game is gonna -- job Manning is well I mean we saw him against Stanford struggled to get the ball oftentimes we signed. We were down about USC game on a Friday night he struggled at times mean USC was able to put pressure on Yemeni and have a whole lot of time to throw the football. And that leads to it with a guy like Sean -- and that's get a -- turnovers and does he just he has C a tendency to throw interceptions in the in those situations when he has pressuring throws off his back foot. And he can force some throws -- and that's never good recipes so. 32 B does some development on his part is all know when needed to know when to take a third long insane it was just punted away will get it back again. Don't turn the football over but it all starts at the offensive I mean -- he could look. At any level of football you can look at and -- you don't have a softens a -- you're gonna struggle to do things -- struggle with that at times faster as well. If he can't run the football shock me and it's going to be asked to everything on his own. -- defense events and sit back -- to pin your ears back to rush off the edge and it's very hard to be effective as an -- to do it without -- a healthy offensive line. -- Yeah. And for students and certainly not by the -- while -- list on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 so there. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if it was a link there at. It was a busy day in terms of football as we got to make that transition. One other note in -- for the professional -- Sidney Rice. Retires due to concussion issues as that day is a little bit of a blow for the Seattle Seahawks got in a secure when he seven years old he's -- he's still pretty -- is that a lot of injury problems. Having access asked that earlier I think it's what -- you ten he had the third most receiving yards in the NFL -- and it seemed like he was poised to break -- year and the next three years he basically tallied the same number of yards he had and that one seasons that this is a blow for Seattle it is I mean you lose Golden -- in the offseason. BMW brought it up earlier spread pretty hard as always injury concerns around him and you only actually played about three games last season so it's not like he got a -- a production. Liddy stepped up when you need -- -- suitable he was huge -- -- was a huge difference maker for them offensively. And I specialties but you'll lose another weapon on the outside a lot of guys for a look at him it. Maybe that's a way that steps up that fills that void and that helps out. -- Russell Wilson a little bit you lose him it's a bit -- that team. When he takes a really honest players step back it's they have had too many concussions I need to -- -- -- seven -- has some business ventures I was read a little bit on him. On the Seattle times website he's got some good things going on form off the field. It it's kind of a sad story but it's also kind of a positive one and -- from a Seattle perspective he's been they're just a couple years. His real success came when he was in Minnesota viking that's what got him all that money. He walks when he says I mean lifetime Seattle CI at the -- view that as a CIA King County to pride -- Of what Pete Carroll and John -- meant -- him mark Alford spoke to the media today and had 80 what we thought was a very honest reaction and a very genuine response about him as a coach in what he's. Going to do this season. A time you know I think anything you do twice for more than once you should do -- better more efficiently and and just as we tell our players every single day that that doesn't stop with the coaches know we have to get better as well and there was more than one of their conference coaches told me that I got the job is you feel comfortable for two and a half years I was shocked at not possibly know. Due to -- in and -- kinda understand just because there's so much stuff there's so many. Different constituencies that he can answer to the you know work with it's it's got an on going deals and I don't think -- ever ever hit the comfort button. My confidence what we do not come -- what I'm doing absolutely. Then came into play helps look at markets but to be around that group of coaches that we have that you won't know and our staff our team. That's a lot of credence to. Sounds like he -- comfortable sounds like a guy that is. Learned a lot from his first year we were pretty hard autumn last year there's some situations and you know very well yeah and -- of -- -- very well last year. He had a let down you lost the team at the end of the season. So there are some things you could point to with him he almost lost civil war game at home didn't sore back and match from that but. There was some nervousness last year and there was. An uncomfortable feeling that you get a sense from him there's tension and a tightness. And rightfully so you're taken over one of the top programs in the country and you -- justice -- never -- Eight today at least the vibe I got in and break his point that -- you have seen on the field -- understand. But it is a good start and it is a good step in the right direction for mark -- efforts. In terms of how he feels about himself he and the comfort factor in his own skin and and just being able to take a deep breath and -- things unfolding. At an organ that you wouldn't last year because your -- basically trying to credible. Exactly you know and and -- there's a learning experience anybody who's ever gotten a promotion are taken on a new job you know it takes it takes a -- brought -- up -- again for you know we have we have to learn to adjust you know we were. A seven at 10 PM show for quite some time -- this types others an adjustment process that takes place. The eventually find -- rhythm -- eventually find your groove. And that you can go from there and you know what when he talks about taking two and a half years. The fact that he was honest about it I really did you know there's got to be a comfort factor for him. In fact that he -- -- to answer questions about Chip Kelly to Mara I'm sure that got tiring after a while work every time you're doing an interview will what do you you do distinctly the chip Heidi replaced Jim what's chip why you. When you're constantly having to answer questions about -- replacing that has to get a tad and knowing -- deal. He probably would just wanna say hey look at me you know -- that you had coaches football program I'm the one leading the university of -- Want you talked about me what you focus on the job that I've done -- as an offensive coordinator but there wasn't comfortable factor that I got from him today to -- it's a great start because. -- we were critical of it last year and the -- there're couple things that he did. That they kind of lost me a little bit losing the team was one of them that was -- -- that never really happened under Chip Kelly it could've happening ample times. Actually Garret blunt punching a Chip Kelly had a -- some of those things early on in his career as well. And he got to a point where he was comfortable and he was confident in his abilities. But losing the team last it -- it was tough it was tough to swallow it if you're an organ fanned out there because. Jim Kelly is it which -- about -- he never -- to an inferior opponent he -- some big time opponents and LSUs Ohio State Auburn. He lots of some big time opponents but he never Abbas of the fact of an Arizona man that was setting that you looked at mark -- -- have -- guys making comments about the Rose Bowl. Yet the whole wireless situation where he was sick buzz and sick. He -- circumstances was the reason why he missed the game so. There is something there were certain things out there that I look to him -- and -- could've done better. But at the same time you'll also want to be fair to would have liked that as a look at its first year as a head coach it's gonna take a while to get his feet wet. He got a blessing in getting Marcus -- -- back because this is you're to his head coach I do believe it takes a year or two. To get your feet under you it to have a guy Marcus Mario to help you get there is a head coach -- -- huge benefit that not a whole lot of I sat around -- Re when I'm one of those guys like instead to give people time he proved to me what kind of coach you are when Riley did you mark health region I think of somebody like -- Jim Mora. -- Jim Morris had its success tremendous success and I think a mark -- -- tonight and into that's a good record. But I wanna see you prove it win the other guys guys are out and you really have an influx of just fewer guys on that roster and he only time that that's only gonna come with time but. With the market which my biggest thing is this. You talked to people around here and in the media scene importantly and in -- -- He is one of the nicest most genuine guys there is and that's great I completely buy into it. But there is a prove it factor to me if you want -- running keep continuity somewhat with the organ in the weight she -- because you saw that level of success. Finding do that. But at some point you have to rub off on a program an institution and that's what we see with all the coaches in the -- -- -- -- rubbing off on Arizona Todd Graham any issue Riley at Morgan State for a long time you start to see that. Maybe this is the year it happened the last you're just never saw that with mark Alpert an organ. -- into and most people's minds is a good year but a lot of people want you to beat Stanford they want you to win and -- title and compete for national championship in organ wasn't able to do that. Where you gonna go this year I don't know your talent is incredible you can win a lot -- that talent but show me what kind of coach you are. Go be a practice in week five or six midway through the year you're going through it it's a grind your -- -- -- a good season. And still be very personable and honest and open tell me what practices like -- don't just keep all these secrets every time if you do that fine. But don't. Don't kind of give me this charade that you're this how you happy go lucky guy you just happy -- when the season starts in -- away from all the national media each year this I can't tell you I'm chip Kelly's clone I'm just gonna -- -- -- the program this way don't be that guy. Be who you are mark health rates because that's who recently other coaches -- coach's personality rubs off the program becomes -- agreed to end. It is it is it is a process and that's sometimes I lose sight of that with would mark Alfredsson and the things going there. What you -- program because I don't think it should be a process for how much talent the ducks have this coming up season. And how much talent they had last right. It fair or not it will be process with a brand new coach in that at least so for now with spring ball in with actual media day today. He does seem to have a different. A presence about him in different aura about him not going to be body language experts that. Just based -- what we've seen there I think there's a massive. Improvement there prime time's coming up in just about five minutes from now. And -- -- is in full sweet melody -- not about to sell these have got -- winning him on the show and I tweet for a year now between the Sox linebacker Derrick Malone Steve's are accusing USC head coach Arizona wide receiver Austin hill market Smart go to. -- commissioner Larry Scott's going to be on the show. Who else can. Are loaded today in a loaded Cody bachelor's earlier in the pac twelve that's a long day of interviews -- he started at 9 o'clock this morning -- on Damon got back to back. That's a lot of questions that I just gave you an on LA I'm I advocates asking that question written down -- how many questions or freestyle. But it's a combination of both. So -- questions and that -- my question for them out when interviewed them interview them about their enemies. Figured -- break that -- -- -- -- breaking down what was. More tomorrow on pac twelve media days or six more schools including the beavers if you miss our conversation with Mike Parker voice of the beavers. That is up onto an eighty the fan dot com. Back tomorrow plenty more prime time is next to my brain's break. -- -- court earnings break. Funniest scenes portrait -- tonight. Hey guys. Little big goals on her right. Well -- later.

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