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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.23.14 Hr 2

Jul 23, 2014|

The guys listen to clips of Oregon's Mark Helfrich, Marcus Mariota and Derrick Malone from PAC-12 Media Days

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the passport excuse me the part that gets. With pants and part of Japan's then fourth third and spray -- served up by buffalo wild wins I think introduces us courtesy don't future. This is like I want to be formal. Well here parties -- like a party so like Monty has supported -- Taylor dance floor and he -- Johnson and Brendan spray I think Jesus. Like with the job eagle's wings this thing and leave locals for Leonard Skinner would like an Angel playing. Well rove and -- hammered the -- fourth third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio -- maybe like this is man of prayer and. Sports can end here shortly during the commercial breaks brake -- to -- Yahoo.com. Because he wanted to see Helen Mirren makes her bikini. Her bikini -- at sixty years old he had come -- you shoot 69% to 69 years -- There's -- breaks go to would you or would you not class community as the can't write any kind of reason -- draw -- line and fifty cent. -- Helen Mirren is 68 which it decent and didn't think. So he's such an. See as he pushes people to -- they didn't know existed no they they she -- usual line needed no -- she's pretty hot for 68 year old woman you got to give her that right. Now here's -- smorgasbord of sports topics will bring you audio from mark -- jamarcus Mario in fifteen minutes and held out here at the box that he had. At the lonely do at the bottom of the our we'll bring you audio from the rest of the coaches in the -- all that spoke today. Are sort of sports sports topics a startup of the Denver Broncos as owner pat Moline. At seven years olds he's he's been battling alzheimer's and he's stepping down he took over the Broncos in 1984. The bright little trivia for you the Broncos have the second highest winning percentage. Since 1984 since pat Mullen took over he invested a lot and that team. The one -- the best team in terms of winning percentage since 1984. San -- forty. You're darn right now only getting F 55 super boring types that hells yeah it helps that -- -- committee that. That honesty is the president of it though because there was that stretch from about like 2000 and wanted out and out free now he's 2003 -- -- -- and I don't lump wanna see -- you got there the playoff game where they beat the giants they have that lasts. It's -- -- Garcia's got -- around out there and accidentally come back city at. So the give Iraq is under pat Mullen is stepping down as he union battles and alzheimer's he has been an influential member of not only the NFL. But Denver and he's an amazing job with that organization. In -- sad news today and the enough. It is it is it's always sad when you see an owner -- -- down for for health reasons or whatever the case may be Nydia has been a fantastic on our end and the Broncos are one of the you know. The most well thought of organizations around the NFL you know you you never really hear anybody say anything to negative about them not a whole lot of controversy surrounding themselves. They did this was sad news and an OBMR around the league. You know but I'll report seeing a listening in my in -- this morning we had march -- on. He sounds like one of the greed -- people the -- -- for an and that's the overwhelming it's sad to hear about this you never like this is is something and -- a lot of people and their families with. You know grandparents or parents themselves it really is a sad story here but it's great to Euro positive stories. That you hear about this guy some of these business and these owners these these guys involved you don't hear a lot of great things about them he is one of the few sports owners I think players. Whether now or formerly step up and they seem and I can tell you a million great stories about apple and our source -- -- sports topics LeBron James stimulating the economy right away. And we only. He sits he basically a team that from me far -- Ohio bakery and around his immediate neighborhood in bath township he personally deliver them. Now he he's LeBron -- Does he do -- -- -- and personally deliver them but LeBron James had 800 and safety cupcakes ordered. Any delivered -- more had been delivered to his neighbors that said apologize apologies for the media firestorm. He sent five of them to be delivered to the police department. And with a card that said dear friends. We know things have been hectic in our neighborhood these past few weeks where sorry for the chaos we're so thankful to live in this wonderful community. We are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like. They should nice it out to apologize for this -- you get to know why am I know how much your property value would go up at the other LeBron James NET next door -- can't -- that how. House price would drop about 25%. Three point handcuff key yes they should say hey thanks buddy for drawn attention to our neighborhood is now I can sell my house for forty million dollars or whatever. The look at this is funny LeBron James he's a fabric of that community has been for a long time. These kind of stories that I like to hear though and it reminds you that -- -- hole I can't wait for the NBA season and we we've talked a lot of football on the show today but this is one of those NBC's that I just look forward to -- I look forward to this NBA season coming up. More than any season in quite some time just to watch him back to Cleveland -- to fans react him. Two to him and watch a fans' welcome back to their city these kind of stories are cool because. It's -- does that happen in Miami just doesn't -- like this happen to Cleveland to me that's that the drama brought him back to that city he's. Classy classy guy and he looked out for his neighbors he understood what the chaos meant to them exist probably knowing these line up the road -- cars. And let's not let's not bury this -- get skeptics probably from one his former mistresses that owns a cupcakes. On the -- and it is coming Massey. While I got is a classy guy he is a classy guy he's got business as well it was before he got married if he wasn't and I. Again it out -- would be if you're cheating on your fiance or your girlfriend -- have mistress has to be married -- -- to be married I don't know -- rules Azinger having an affair when your dating. And having an -- you aren't hearing -- that cheating it's cheating it's -- I'm still under fair aside he's easy getting -- aids and a fair exists -- it's a -- -- -- -- eyed -- and they went to the neighborhoods the -- being the news and they interviewed one of them of course news people like to do yet and they got -- say it was the best -- I've ever that it was missed -- in the grandstands are smorgasbord of sports topics this story -- Raymond -- might be one -- -- least -- athletes in the history of -- sports. He pleads guilty in the New York City guarantees. I felt he did today but he's going to be able to get up he copped a deal. 5000 dollar fine and that is about 500 hours of community service. And a 5000 dollar fine. What should raced thousands community service be to keep them away from donuts and fast through 55305. And -- -- didn't make it six months without needing any sort of sugar -- that says screw them and he should be busting table that's what he's indeed without being able to take off did you notice but stable he's a -- get a couple Friday's -- couple left -- like this and -- this piece -- -- Ray Felton gets off of gun charges also in the NFL today Vernon Davis has reported to camp if you remember we did a couple stories on this -- -- can hold out. He wants more money is highest paid player -- tight end. And -- from the contract perspective he's a sign that contract awhile ago and he wants to be compensated accordingly. And once a new deal but that didn't last long as he is back in camp. And showed up that's the way you do it you show up yet and that that's going do. It eat -- saudis the tension men and it allows you to renegotiate your contract in good faith look I showed up. I'm here I'm more -- -- and then you could approach the table and say all right. Niners let's let's see what we can do here then -- they say -- there's actions you can take. But it's it's it is a good step it's -- in the right direction. For Vernon Davis to get a contract holding -- not gonna do anything. I'm I'm glad he showed. Play and it -- a huge headache for that organization and for Jim -- and for the forty -- I mean -- in a position now they have their tried and -- placing your right now you can start working on a deal they and there are certain guys when you look across and because there's guys it's seemingly pulled out every single year in training camp there -- there's always going to be a handful of them. There are some of let me look at their deal you say -- guys on a rookie contractors companies make it 500000 dollars -- -- is vastly underpaid and you can understand why he's holding out. Vernon Davis was a -- a lot of people looked at and said okay you know I understand maybe you -- restructure your deal the contract wise you signed the largest contract in history the NFL for a tide and what are you complaining about. He's got -- look this was the right decision for him to make he'd be boys to his displeasure with the situation during the offseason he. Which is -- I'd I generally don't have a huge problem with that. Just as long as you show up on day one you're committed to working towards winning a suitable for that organization. That's exactly what he did it and I do expect to me that Vernon Davis is this stuff I still consider him one of the best tight ends in the league and -- everybody should when you watch football. He's a guy did the niners aren't stupid when you got a guy like that before you're not gonna screw -- signal an -- to do whatever we can't -- out and it's not like he's a 33 year old running back -- let's look at for a new deal it Marchand it was a while back. He's not he's hitting his prime he's continuing to produce year and year out the 49ers aren't stupid they'll find a way to restructure that deal that works both -- and. Years -- it is Vernon Davis and you're seeing other people get paid it's it's probably not easy to sit there and say well I just did my deal a couple of years ago but I still feel I'm a better player than Jimmy Graham I feel like I should be paid more money. Because -- statistically he's fallen off a little bit. But he's still treaty big piece in terms of what they're trying to do down there and it's a great move like yes is a great move to show to camp -- -- does -- -- example within the organization the helps those rookies out there that. If the future comes in and their their -- contract and they -- and not being paid the right amount of money. They now see a veteran like Vernon Davis you've won five years -- they say yeah you know Vernon did show up to camp he might not have been happy but he showed up and I think that helps things with. The front office and turn the beginning is close the end amount of money that you want. For me it's a great sizing niner fan that he showed up maybe he had the change -- says OK I don't want as much as I originally wanted. I'll take a little bit of a hit to help the team people write down that because it's a business first and foremost. But it's a good sign for the 49ers and the camaraderie the building of chemistry heading into the that the training camps. To see one year bigger names show up and say you know what. The money coming though I got to show up here BA BB kind of a leader for this team. That's I think the overall that's the best part about the whole thing I really struggled here with what rate fell -- here. Half -- battle -- community service. This would make him run New York marathon. Cuts clean exercise equipment TV -- Ray Felton to clean all the exercise equipment at the local -- He's just a bunch of -- and tell you physically and eat anymore how do you like -- now -- I have -- -- and I feel the old strategy would you find kids vote is cigarette you make a -- the whole package thank Indianapolis wealthier family making people don't look at ways of ways and avenues -- and set -- main -- shook -- yeah. That's I. Rate of those major in this city it it fires that -- is fantastic I love. I -- -- -- and -- a fan base to get together and collectively 81 guy probably the most heated guy named blazers history. You know that troubled me about campers -- I'd have to I'd have to think about some additional -- -- -- the jail blazers pretty tough but he did more than I can as Isaiah rider or a quick I think he'd bring only thirty you know playoff game. What in -- they'll never -- hated for his personality does the blaze some of the TrailBlazer for like bad bad acts yeah. David Paterson into the next router right idea and I understand I'm just I'm not needed as a person writing -- from one. Community service rates on NASA's survey that's what she did he -- of 55305. Backed -- media day today. Mark health Richard Marcus Mario did it's gotten into action and media. We'll bring some view some of their comments to you and what they expect from this upcoming season that idea was next to listen in Indian portrait in spring on the fan. -- It's. A let me me control. And third -- sprint is -- -- like yeah hands -- here. And Sports Radio T and -- fair and. March. Raymond Felton has -- community service and we got a lot to talk about the tango media handles around mantis get personal trainer for money to move. Yeah. We forced two weeks when I do each week old -- now this deal though it's punishment for any problem -- doesn't do public service announcements for weight loss. -- -- yet but as the rest of the show but. Alas we've got some things to -- us do our job that's exactly and it Obama -- Including -- Martell -- in Marcus Mario and attacking at pac twelve media day today and mark health for its. I starts up getting some praise to marks Mario. Well it's huge obviously is on the field exploits kind of you know speak for themselves but I think the bigger thing with him is just the type of teammate he is technically is off the field and and for as a college no college football player. If you -- You see that guy from. Apparently she but I think again speech tonight Martha Stewart for the program as well. Aldridge went on to talk about the ducks this sees -- -- -- got a couple holes to fill up front with the guys graduating. And we had a couple guys that can step up and in the spring ball that it would -- those rules book junior called you guys in the program. Linebacker. Get everybody back essentially flat but stay healthy we'll be everything for those guys I think. He obviously fluent from the cheese it's an exciting time for him you know guidance been working man and it. 16 years as a. One more things from a mark health Richie talked about the running back situation this year -- needed. Those guys or or a little bit more perverse almost at this point in their careers and then Michael Cano. You know -- of the defense can't get them started on defense and we didn't offensive and Michael was moved here tailback but. Both those guys have the ability now they have done yet to be -- like route runner and have great hands and so utilizing that game is is a little war. Have we can do that early in the first hopefully and then I'll be a little influx of younger guys both on campus and guys which option right now. -- -- -- last year being his first year I think with a three of us were pretty critical of him because he didn't. It again the world were big and hot intensity -- were big into you lose it is being yourself and it was a it was a tough transition for him last year yet into being the person that he it is he's more Mike -- they used to Kelly -- that's that's the perfect analogy is that he's -- -- rally trying to act like Chip -- ignite it I mean we're not body language experts here we're not gonna break it down like a political debate -- But -- Allan -- he's sounds better and he is sounds more confident in what he's saying he sounds more comfortable in what he's saying. It anybody's -- to a new situation even -- -- and we did their show for a couple years and night even a transition like there's a it's a difference like there's a difference. When you start something new they got to find your role in trying to get at least there's a feeling out process for sure so I I really do hope for mark -- to -- this year that he is more comfortable. But it sounds like he is so far at least from his comments. And people that are close to him that that know him. You and look I I've heard nothing but agree things hallmark over to an article if you will the media in this in this industry in this city and they'll tell you mark Calvert is a really good guy -- -- that. But I can't relieved by the the authenticity factor from that -- in his his appearance of -- media day -- that he looks more confidant I wanna see I wanna see it when it's -- practice locally when it's week six of the season and he's coming out of practice and organ is on this -- where it's been a draining season what have you. I wanna seem to -- I wanna see -- for his personality at that point. Because it's really -- we've seen this in the past with coaches and every level it's really easy to put on -- -- when you attend these media -- -- last year he didn't put on Friday -- I think is pretty bad -- and he's putting on -- front I'm just saying I wanna see if he is more Mike -- the -- tell because I agree with that assessment. I wanna see this midway through the season is he gonna handle everything. The exact same way it should telling him that was the biggest Kristi getting from meeting him. Was it's one thing to keep continuity alive and keep some things in the same Christian obviously established a level of success around -- every single aspect that they had. To -- I wanna see how these things change and remark helpers whether that's media going to practices. Whether that's allowing players to talk more often whether that's being more open and honest about. Injuries or practice reports what have you for me there's a lot to prove for mark Alpert and just like Jim Mora. I'm not ready to say even with this year's success because I do believe you silly organ we'll have a lot of it. I'm still not ready to jump on board say. Mark help -- for sure is the guy Jim Mora for sure is out Nadia tonight because a lot of people don't remember Rick Neuheisel recruited a lot of the players he's now I'm Brett Conley and look what mark Kelly inherited with markets Mario -- yeah I mean there are still a lot of question marks. It's good to -- out there it's good to hear -- be personable and honest and nice and funny. But I wanna see more during the regular season when you're just in Eugene and you're not now -- on a movie studios said in front of the actual net. Yeah I and I loved by the way they set up in front of -- the kind that's Paramount Pictures yeah right in front of the injuries today is an amazing set up but I you know I agree -- what you're saying yeah for the east seems much more under control and to me it'll look. We use this analogy all the time with athletes whether it's quarterbacks or anybody you make a jump from college you know Fowler and all sports we make this experience helps practice helps me well when you're in a situation is -- -- tries. -- your first chance to be head coach at a major program you're replacing a guy. A lot of people consider one of the best coaches in college football left for the N affiliate great success for the Philadelphia Eagles last year. Those are big shoes to fill in to me you don't. There's not a lot of guys it would have been able to transition of that job in doing it with you know with a snap of the finger all the assembled you -- -- like you didn't lose anything chip Kelly's got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our biggest problem with him last year was it's not that I don't think he's a Smart football -- not that I don't think he's not a great x.s and o.s coach. It was the way first edited there was not a genuine factor to me just wants it. He was a nice our shots or -- -- That was try to act like -- fast talking slick East Coast Chip Kelly that's just the thought that I got it may be duck fans disagree with us but to me. We seemed warm or that and I got a sense that during the spring game as well when did you heard some of the interviews he did he kind of follow the spring game a little bit. He seemed much more relaxed and much more comfortable. It any seems like he has a hold of that program now there's no more nobody's bringing up Chip Kelly he doesn't get that question anymore he joked about -- today nobody asked me -- -- -- to replace Chip Kelly that's no longer an issue becomes an -- tended to. Some -- -- OK some fans think that was a disappointment. The other issue that we all had with him -- is that he did something that you Kelly did not do and that was have a let down deep to Kelly is that whatever you want about him in his four years in Oregon. He never lost to a team that you could look at and say that was an inferior opponent that was a team that you should not have lost you cannot paper you should've beat by three touchdowns he found a way to lose to him. Mark -- did that western Arizona -- NT -- the team -- -- -- velocity and the comments about not wanted to go to the Rose Bowl you that you know we don't care we wanted to play for national championship. In those situations as a first your head coach that you you have to large enough to grow. Much like chip Kelly's first year when he had -- -- your blood situation you learn you grow was they had coached in becoming your only need to figure out what kind of -- to have. But to me if you're duck fan out there you're right different we've been hard on him. You gotta love the progression of the said he shot an anonymous are taking your same but he's gonna be -- the next thirty years he's gonna go down as an ex Bear Bryant. Multiple national titles but at least you've seen a growth from year one the year two that's transit on appeal this fall you see that pro about the. EA Jiri you are right spring he got as you'd have to manifest itself and wins or otherwise what's the point one helps it helps it also helps to be really happy and outgoing and feel more comfortable. When you have one of the most talented teams that -- -- and he got a gift Marcus Mario to coming back was an absolute gifts from the heavens for him over -- also talk about just improvement this year. A time you know I think anything you do twice for more than once you should do better more efficiently and and just as we tell our players every single day that that doesn't stop with the coaches know we have to get better as well and there's more than one of their conference coaches told me that I got the job is you feel comfortable for two and a half years I was shocked at puppet not possibly know. Due to prove him but not kinda understand just because there's so much stuff there's so many. Different constituencies that you can answer to the you know work which. It's it's got an on going deals and I don't think he'll ever ever hit the comfort button and my confidence what -- -- -- culture when I'm doing absolutely. Then in -- trials -- -- markets but to -- around it improved coaches that we have that you won't know and our staff our team. -- -- -- Liane Hansen has bet you're just summed up exactly will be said and look he's he's helped by having a Mario and and he's also helps you we were talking to Josh -- -- there's coaches and there's assistants that that program. That have been there a long time me he mentioned Don element has been their twenty plus years. When you have those guys that have been around and a you know a university for that long you have those kind of staples there you have guys. The players know that they work for that former alumni know that come back they can associate with. That is a huge signing Castillo is what somebody says it takes two and a half years I agree that takes two and a half years for anybody to -- their new job. Indeed what the hope is that organ Fannie could do it earlier than two and a half years could you want to know what an altogether this year -- to lose Marcus Mario after this season. But there is a learning process it to me that shows a genuine factor. That he's acknowledging -- say look you know last year you comment was quite sure what to expect you gotta start handling all the booster to -- are dealing with alumni got -- -- you -- former players. -- -- dealing you're the main recruitment. There's so many different things are going to being head coaching in it sounds like he's starting to figured out slowly but surely. We're gonna tax you already hear from rather markets Mario cornerback and linebacker Derrick Malone they also attacked and need today. While they're comets coming up next. Then towards dirt and sprayed on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 Beltran and this is JJ hickson I've never heard this so -- to listen to dance form. There and -- We can simply want to. We can be -- -- of friends don't. Well yeah no it's mine. Saying we -- -- on. Plenty busy day here on the station pac twelve media day I mean it could take over in about an hour and a half from now they're gonna have. All the coaches and players from today how the -- a media separated out today is they're doing it by rivals so. Basically they're splitting up all the schools so watch in the states today Koreans today towel. USC. And then it's Arizona and Utah so they're just pulling him up right on the middle six today six tomorrow. Old rivals on the same day I don't like rivals on the same guy gets -- what on this stage the same time we complained about coach is not taking jabs at each other in this conference for the most part everybody respects each other -- seeing. But is still line the the senate you wanna hear. Are right my I'm Riley says this about you know or -- and there's no guarantee happiness. And then they spin it legally mark -- did it everybody said yeah yeah we even if he doesn't say anything. I like the potential for a setup like Mario and I had the ability of the -- Washington County I saw that today it was somebody asked about the Washington rivalry in and is it still robbery because to be it was ten years in a row and I think they beat them up there. And he said something along the lines of you know it's still rivalry you know labor you know that -- coming out we get fired up every week the -- becomes ground and that's about as much trash talk again again -- -- like that marks Mario spoke with the media and gave this for a reason why I came back. My major focuses -- can get my degree. That's why we go to school and since that incident. -- I mean I promised my parents that get it and that's -- -- you know the reason why in the. Good isn't it nice guy probably make fun of that like -- you could be top five overall pick -- easily number one last year on what are you need a degree for but -- again we these genuine that you lit easier and talk about getting a degree he made a promised his parents he's Smart guy. -- respect that already respect that but. Works out nicely for the Oregon -- Mario also went on to talk about his team this year. Or premiere thing you know mentally and these guys my teammates and you know my family as well -- we had a great buffers for each other know we have a -- casts -- all that outside noise in this -- -- -- we have that's been in better. Now several where he needs to get better. Critiquing you got me continuing distance to grow as a leader. You know -- I think we'll tell you by those best I can always kind of -- -- the the same time you know as a player when you -- from -- went forward and center. Want to get in -- better base. That's -- meeting CEO of organ successes here was there are some key success last year. He's got eighteen and he needs to be more Johnny -- Zell and create. Then he is the -- system quarterback. Like tomorrow like in the solely your Darren Thomas is an example guys that worked well within the system he is better and above the system he transcends the system. And -- as he said -- start to improve work on some of his footwork getting set up and delivering the ball accurate. When we've seen this time and time again in sports how -- players playing contract years to me that's kind of what this is for him he's out to prove that he can continue to be the number one draft -- get the most money in next year's draft and this is a big year this is is what is fourth year in this system in -- playbook in this in this environment. And I haven't been this excited to see a player return any long time for -- -- state. You obviously you'll get one may -- once a year but with markets Mario and -- easiest exception where. I'm the -- I'm one of the most excited I am -- going into the season in terms of what he's going to bring. We know how important and vital he's going to be organ and an offense. But just having the kind of character that he has. I think that's where the intrigue and -- a little more with him he opposed the players in the past because he's pretty outspoken he was honest about you know do athletes deserve to be. They -- get benefits -- to get more get paid. Money he says no we we get enough as it is -- a free education look around organ the facilities we have. I love when athletes are a little outspoken and enthusiast stuff -- if they're not professional and with him this deal. And the honesty in the character that are all kind of right there with each other. This is somebody I think we watched this year we're gonna look back we're gonna say it was -- anger there was -- great to watch Marcus Mario out of this past season yet. Ed -- Louis had a conversation you know who's the best -- will he go down as the best -- quarterback of all time in NA you know it look it's an easy topic to discuss but you know you're gonna get different generations of -- fans and say -- this kind of this -- -- this guy. You know if Mario is able to block or put it all together and stay healthy that that's the minimum with him -- and we all know that derailed his season last year he's able to stay healthy. Lot of people look at this is a team that you know should be contention for a college football playoff and he should be in contention for Heisman Trophy. It is able to do that he's gonna be in the conversation is one of the best quarterback you've ever seen come through that program. You know I had I think it'd have for these genuine you know it and -- maybe it's a situation where there's guys out there that are great salesman and you can penetrate the cool laid on. But there's also guys out of the -- look at me you know I've brought a Janus once an earlier in the show when I hear him for whatever reason talk about -- academics are important him. And he wants to get his degree all in all this I just I don't I I just don't for whatever reason. Basis up against it may get a seven personal bias against him I don't buy it. But I drink the -- they -- markets Mario and I do I I really look at him as a classy guy we we hadn't had the chance in Iraq within a handful of times. He's a great guys easy to get along with the you know he's a good interview we -- full. It would you look at what he's majoring in that happened academically. He's a stud aegis is in the classroom and on the field and into me this is his year to really put his mark on this program in you know. Don't the whole offense is gonna be based around him in I think he understands that at this point because you talk about him taken over and cannot be morbid Johnny man's Allen. It's argues that cliche but to have more of a killer instinct to know okay it's my time to take it game over were struggling offensively. We're not running the ball very well my receivers haven't made the -- while it's my turn it's my turn to turn and ought to make a play. It get outside of the system and show everybody what I can do we saw we saw flashes that last year little bit of the Alamo -- little bit against Washington we saw we saw bits and pieces of it. But he's capable of and I really do honestly believe that I believe he is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the country if he's able to stay healthy he's able to put it all together. This program will go as far this season as he takes me you know we tackle mark -- SaaS segment. Mark -- should be thanking his lucky stars this guy came back he's got a bona fide Heisman contender right now. Without Marcus Mario and it can you imagine how different this media they would be in how different we will be looking at that program coming into the season saying. Who's your replacement Jake Rodriguez already transfer enemy who was gonna be -- starting quarterback there'll be so many question marks about how -- as a coach about him as a recruiter -- your quarterback position. He came back -- he just eradicated all those questions boom right there you know you're gonna be contender because he's that good. He's got a calming effect he's got kind of a stability affects about him also Downey he had -- to mediate he's 81 offensive player and one defense of players in the deep into represented at. Where the -- was Derek Malone their inside linebacker he earned. Packed all the honorable mention all conference honors last year as a first year as a starter he played well guys like -- select -- they've been their they've done that some of that. Derek Malone Tony is pretty good today and he also talked about the challenges coming up this season. What do think about the actual result we have no different weapons different tools and everything that you do play so each week we take you know peace team. Different. -- opponent so we have to start all over he's -- the so was there. It's got to adjust my -- They're on their disguising some of the challenges that you're in defense faces this coming up your mentality of course. I'm not they are. At Don -- fills in and and tries to fill that slot and not tell and I have a feeling is gonna be just is aggressive. If not more aggressive and at trying to bring some this -- To the organ defense because they just got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you got to play like he -- the UCLA's and there's going to be different challenges as are the unique things about this conference is just the different offensive looks you get you -- me Stanford to an -- state and USC are kind of similar. To a Washington State to an -- and Arizona. And even Arizona State -- all vastly different and have their own wrinkles. In their own ways reading here from the talent coach Sonny dykes Bosnia from Steve's RTZ coming up next among other audio. From coaches that spoke today and -- of mediated that is next you're listening to the airport there is break we're served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an idiot fans. It's Wilcox and I know you've heard me raving about timber home improvements -- what great work they do but I'm not their only chance kid from Washington goes on the line and Kim you have some new windows replaced right. -- head not a windows -- place. They were windows that would put him and how it was originally built back in the seventies then they have aluminum frames police that we needed some new windows. How is your experience would -- getting that done. It's kind of -- out there and got to put -- on -- they put down -- cereal so that they -- force them they were very efficient you know my wife she was very pleased with how they got cleaned everything -- it was very nice job so vacuuming and making sure that all their -- -- -- equipment was cleaned up. Tell us out of those windows look. -- they -- really great they -- a really nice job of putting -- and we're pleased with their workmanship definitely I would recommend. Thanks kid if you need new roof windows are siding call. They financed and they get the job done call today at 185520. We're -- -- US dot com. Hi this is the last. Ten years ago I opened the first carry around and like all businesses we continue to evolve did you know we -- now offered 25 dollars Lothian our offense and each of our locations. Including I really haven't had hair and W -- in the -- the the perfect place to treat your favorite lady -- -- service are couples treatment. 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Are you as though we do like to take cheap shots at -- Turkey and every now and then secondly don't like the guy -- You know to be honest I really don't like the guy's brilliant -- Adam yes I actually have now. Well vineyards around this. I was well then hit a net and the allowed to have actual fine I don't want them problem and it was like it was really brief but. And in the o'clock we. Yeah I I didn't you know look I know this happens a lot of the coaching an issue -- guys would jump from program to program I lost respect for him -- with what he did you know only -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matt Cain might let you know and a lot of -- lip service I get it it you do see a lot college athletics but when somebody takes to that point to -- a radio hit the day and say I'm not alone anywhere those rumors -- true and dispel. I. I'd I'd lose a lot of respect for guys like that. Just what he's looking forward to year. It's been great deal it's been awesome to be back home back in the south day smell the ocean breeze. That is lost that in. The -- the case under an out of there and you'll hear its call and that building to anything you've done a great job that they've renovated here at all. Honest -- -- you know and it's a real credit to accidently in and the job they didn't bring it got really good players on this team. I don't know another school could've went through. Sanctions and scholarship reductions. And survive Kuwait and million to ten win seasons. A 120 million dollars and into buildings they need quality can't go to mobile game. It tell you you're like USC -- We're fortunate I'm patient I'm here -- degree program. Yes you know there and parties they severed IRA yeah it is a settlement enough listening to the beginning and that. I I just there is me and that kind of articles and there's a huge phony factor when he talks to the media Knoll yeah it's good to be home in faint smell the ocean yet you said the same thing when you got its good to be here -- Snow lake Washington and ma -- is so nice -- -- that you can't beat this the better setting it is the best City Hall at all yet yet I just I I don't like that don't you don't have to go that extreme you don't see is the greatest place in the world to be. And then when you move that's the new greatest place to be true. How about recruiting in LA run down here and it's important those ties those relationships are critical to me. We got great players -- minute we're gonna go there just recruit. You know that -- the milk truck driver we we got some quality guys Damian mama -- -- and Chris Brown. Really quality players but forged in those relationships of those schools that we know are gonna beat us -- the next years to come this critical right. In a gay. The money that we see ten bodies -- they've made enough money that flows but there isn't it's not a constitution that and a one more thing with saarc had the offense is coming appear. We're gonna run the ball will run first team and we left him a vicious restroom in 19100 yards a year ago I don't foresee one back kidnapping carries but. When he got -- gallantry -- Justin Davis we're gonna run the ball we've always been -- run first team. 25 years watched him hit a thousand yard rusher in person you're just sitting there on the ball it. That's how we're veterans we know that when you can play action pass they get adults now you are a little longer George -- woman -- like -- -- Yeah -- -- is -- gonna wanna run the ball you're going to establish a -- well -- that happening necessarily revolutionary out of those comments from saarc both. He's the guy USC that I just easy good villain if he is -- that's -- USC Dahlia is doing is the perfect -- That's it watch it I get Chris Peterson falls on his face and in Seattle and you need to look at him and say now all of a sudden your put together ten win seasons where they held that come from. I can receive look -- profits he runs this year because we saw him kind of adapt that spreads out. Up in Seattle keep prize saying they -- very -- hey no pressure to do they did AD did feel pressure he did but at the same tablet that you know they they had an effective profits last couple years he got some playmakers and they -- and they did have some good -- to work with. He did have that right now are you assuming that's not -- that's not an offensive group -- -- it reminds me of a Rich Rodriguez when he went from West Virginia West Virginia to Michigan. Where he got a much approached our guys and -- how do you try to fit that -- -- your style of offense because he's clearly gonna put his own spin on things he's clearly got -- run his own style. I've read some -- quotes from him so far you know heading into the season talking about how they're going to be in up temple pro style offense which is it just it just think it'll be. I'm I'm just curious to see how that profits looks this year because he's clearly not going to be able to go you know four wide shotgun zone read offense like he could with Nicky price recite their miles. He's gonna have to tweak it a little bit but it sounds like he wants to keep the seat up temple style of offense and that's always hard to adjust to a program -- not. Used to it see I -- I am I'm trying to look at their roster because there's an enormous amount of talent winners the excuse going to be because if they don't have the the expected year of 8910 wins and you know he's gonna point to something now maybe he points -- the quarterback is Max -- right always I always can Cody just now coming cast early -- -- was there today I always mix those two -- we look at Cody Kessler. He's been such an unknown because you don't know what you're gonna get he was good at the end of the year though him but he still he's somebody you can bet on is he somebody you going to see you say I know for a fact he's gonna -- this to maybe 910 wins. I can't put him in that category you lost a powerhouse and somebody like -- -- I I just it's hard to really gauge. Who -- our keys in the coaches at a power institutionally USC now Washington's one thing we make -- all the time and we have fun at his expense. But they're still level where coaching adding another level above what you realize is going to overall Washington in any any pac. Twelve when he -- a dumpster fire yet. OK maybe he was a great coach. But coaching at Washington and taking a loafer and only twelve program. Maybe there are a lot more work there than we initially thought and for me I still look at him and I would -- USC. Potential with recruits I mean that's unlimited -- scene where they had what they have with the funding. With him I think the question mark for in his -- he'd be that guy that puts them in the Pete Carroll like position. Of competing year in year out for national championships. Or is he just the good -- of -- that might not be able to kind as a head coach on US and the advantage that USC should have their really should not be any excuses this year is that these. I love our defense in front of pricing strength of our team. We know about Leonard Antwan Lewis we have Casey transpire. During DC transferring Claude Allen. I'm from Arizona Taylor told by Scott stars emerging -- -- emerging. I really think we have a chance to be really beautiful. And I don't care it's little league for the NFL. Good football teams are good -- on defense. An organ last year their defense save them and a lot of the games last year and try to keep -- -- and that they were good they were good on defense last year they have to do with especially with just look act on their. The year as they struggled at times he struggled at times -- -- and Washington. That was on his defense is that he was getting times but. He was he was much better at that Boise State with some of his defense his -- seven. You look at the talent that they have combined with with Justin Wilcox down there and what he's able to deal. I do expect their defense to be very very good this year and win them a lot of ball games just on their defense of strength -- Yeah because I do you honestly believe offense and they're gonna struggled enough -- so he was a tad banged up losing him that's a huge piece to lose offensively union not just gonna simply like we talked a lot about -- statement receiver -- you know -- gonna happen next guys step up and be a -- -- But they do have some talent down there and -- -- at the wide receiver position. I'm I'm fascinated to follow how long -- -- these guys -- ever the end because they you know when you guys won't mention it you know. There's no excuses anymore I mean you're going into a situation where there's a notably I think the scholarship reduction is no dawn hours early so it's expire -- there's now no more sanctions yet from it exactly so you can now go in and sign the full amount recruits every single season there's no bowl -- is about that I mean. May be appointed depth of the couple guys get hurt in eagle 93 are you going forty say look we had some injuries. We couldn't overcome normal overcome them in the next couple years. But that's a program you know well when -- took over a Washington it was terrible and -- was it was a laughing stock of the pac twelve. I believe he took over after the deal -- twelve season immediately it was just a dumpster fire and so you had a couple years there were OK you're you know you win four games you went five usually sixty usually seven game is always optimism there always was every year you know is this -- year Washington yields back approved by game -- -- exactly -- you -- they're going into every single season but it usually is -- -- -- this is a different -- it's different -- -- -- -- it would everybody we always have a general conversation about the biggest copper you know the biggest you know schools in the country look at Florida you look at USC look at a Texas. But US sees it that conversation there everybody would look at them it's either a top five program in the country. The talent scenario the sanctions are done the bull they answered John. That's a program now especially at the job and at our drug did in just correcting that you know I'm real bright writing that ship down there and LA. This is a program that is primed to win it in your in the division right now -- about Arizona State -- program -- -- done a good job Arizona not quite there yet Colorado Utah other out of the question UCLA. In USC -- now the two powers down and that south there's no excuse after this season for USC not to be the dominant power in the pac twelve south. I'm -- how long it takes to get there and how -- fans are willing to look at say he does going four for 23 years. He's at thirty say oh it's okay are you. -- and that's what I'm gonna find the most curious because if he has always yours how Dimitri and -- when he originally left to Washington. There was a lot of outrage from USC fans saying you know -- -- leaves that was the guy we wanted yes -- -- Carol. Will you got your prodigal son -- he's down there he's a homegrown kid. USC 847. And five. Heck even nine and I got on and they don't want national championship. It is pac twelve media day today here on the station -- -- going to be live with some interviews coming up in about an hour from now. My Mary Scott commissioner of the pac twelve spoke in the about 45 minutes to open up the festivities today and had a couple things. That fired people up in a negative way it will bring back some of his comments you're listening to -- tortured and sprayed on -- to defend.

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