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Danforth, Dirt, & Sprague 7.23.14 Hr 1

Jul 23, 2014|

The guys talk with Oregon State football play-by-play man Mike Parker. Also, discuss where the Ducks and Beavers were picked to finish in the conference as PAC-12 Media Days gets into full swing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And for a third in Australia is served up by buffalo wild Bruins -- always -- that my son thinks of me of one of his idiot friends who have succeeded as of that he wants to go -- -- -- escalator come on board. You most going to erupt from general Australian thing today may -- a future in from the -- -- -- and for a third as much about Bill Clinton's. Dangerous so most people walking in speedway and Indy dirt Johnson changed doesn't just it he's. Forged by empowered women like meat and Norma -- and eighty from the blind side. The differences between me and her blind side Stanley had a fat and Brendan spray bottle up everybody. Some of those rights as the quarterback of this family mean to protector like going side -- Just send them almost blind side was just confused bond's -- before -- -- for them. And the lines -- African Americans have. Then fourth third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio ten -- -- We -- to do here on the station today not only our show but prime time as well as pac twelve media day for the next couple of days Larry Scott spoke we'll have some of his comments for you. And we're talking to Mike Parker -- the -- state beavers at 1238. Ton of football actually almost every single segment today. Will be college football. If feels good detonated got to get to that point where you know you it's no controversy is still Michael sing and the NBA free agencies got -- wrapped. Baseball I love it but we're not gonna talk about an -- -- -- camera to exactly -- that -- the races he doubled that in September and next week we're gonna start to try and do a little bit of an NFC west previews we'll turn the focus to the NFL it's fun I love talking football it's exciting that is back. I think this is ours and fans' favorite time of the year it's like right when Europe alone in a fall -- got training camps or he started for some NFL teams. This is the -- -- sports talk about I love the NBA but. You can't -- football season it -- -- I'm looking -- only guess we're gonna happen the next couple weeks the media has picked a winner in the pac twelve will tell you who here in a dirty team sixteen minutes from now might think -- watching his state they -- you are adamant he had Utah is it -- to play at Washington State in Colorado in the same sentence anymore not -- -- right now because whenever we -- but the bottom Peterson and we're guilty of -- -- always gets -- -- and they do we really -- except cougar fans -- a Texan like object what they know the good. The -- The end of that bowl game I think we -- yeah and it lost me some damn money by hotels -- -- will come on why she'd say yeah I think what is go to Colorado as -- of the pac twelve I mean I change my mind here in the last ten seconds I think after that game and heat in their back again you got winnable game you know you've got the good -- top. What about Utah they above that. People point to completely beat Alabama wants the Stanford and Stanford get a pass that's a good point they didn't Stanford last year Washington State be USC. And right now I was I was saying I think today just throw it up from now on on this show we're talking about the bottom -- the pac twelve billion on the watch in states of the Colorado -- of the world -- -- we're going to reference them to pick from now wants the media picked anywhere in the pac twelve we'll tell you. Here about ten minutes from now Mike -- voice of the beavers at the bottom of the hour Larry Scott -- -- media day today. He tied for about 45 minutes is on the microphone. And of course they slapped the Chevron logo on everything they did because they're doing this initiative. Where they really want to highlight student. Athletes and they did that today. With markets Mario down here is the audio from the markets Mario to -- yet that they showed today in the opening monologue. Of pac twelve media day. Marcus Morris and I'm just as dangerous. I really want to work with athletes whether it's through sports medicine physical therapy. Is has a passion for the sciences and that included having to get through rigorous curriculum of chemistry by television engineer -- -- district -- some credits and bioscience and never once. Blinking and he's he's that out of -- blend of trying to you know learn as much as possible very high level in this conflict. And create those who are magical moment. His presence can be such a positive. And that's on our campus and and our team room across the community I had to balance both before and school and do it and it in the way devil food will allow me to excel. Hopefully we can said good influence upon some of -- -- community. In regards to young students in the sciences is the future and to make a difference between you contains -- -- before you're able. Finally and I exchange in the world so the reason that they're doing this is that they're partnering with Chevron in the going to be eighteen vignettes over the course of the year about student athletes. And Larry's cats -- a main message was that. The collegiate model is working for the vast majority. Of student athletes that he doesn't -- -- collegiate model needs to be changed and they're going to use. On propaganda maybe not a fair word and I say on that property and actually there are those are cutting into market. -- got nothing out of doing daddy had to sit down and club basically as Chevron commercial -- get a penny out of it but apparently that's OK I will say this about athletes using -- about it like we had as a James Wentz and yet today. Re talking -- you know finishing schools supported me in academics are important me. There's a lot of guys you look at his Satan really you know you're not fooling anybody Mario does one guy that I actually do drink to cool laid on my -- when he sits and talks about his academics. For whatever reason actually you know racists or because he's a -- I don't think I hope it's not racist to say but I do look at him and I genuinely believe that he takes is academic serious CMA maybe I'm mistaken but. Did it all Larry Scott -- today was a bit over the top we talked for like forty minutes we were wondering when he was gonna wrap up his thoughts. I think you mentioned Silicon Valley about fifteen to twenty times innovate out there are dead innovation in this country. It was way over the top of the partnership with Chevron just the partnership with Chevron shows just how ridiculous this whole model is but you're bringing a corporate sponsor Iran. They show that it's okay to not a student athletes it's it's ridiculous. I enjoy the heart that you -- -- than I thought our idea of how our friend and basically. -- -- easy to get the better part of making money you get layers godspeed you sound like Marc -- taxed in this mornings and paid you'd. I need you help us out here yet to assist salsa hit a PowerPoint gambling money down play you -- hold the point we have eighteen academic institutions around the world they -- right there and we did people like school went. -- it's funny to think about. How would our videos -- -- we had to do that about EE each other like divided -- -- and do what kind of easy when I put in the background and say. Their works hard you know I've never seen somebody out there with microphones in his face like that if walking around saying hi it was mom -- by the little children don't -- -- -- Jesus you're doing. I -- go back on the microphone. I just I would enjoy doing adding that -- -- -- -- you can we do that it's I think we should do so Larry's stats yet you wouldn't go I think we can do that single RS. The Who -- -- the bed yet are you buying in the and we can just seen some oil drilling company is -- at random Halliburton. Company to destroy the environment -- capital yeah exactly so you Larry's got spoke today in and one of the things again they're they're trying to push this education. Initiative but they're also he says look at the model does need to be changed. Care to guess Larry Scott commissioned -- tackle salary exist blue line like I was curious -- marriage just like. How much money is it's got major sector EST our guess was right around a million dollars a year which I thought about and I know the number and you still blew my mind but I thought about that number and it sounded stupid because remember what is -- -- -- school yet Bobby careless is up in the sixties way up there. Seed imagine there's got to make a lot more than him in my reasoning -- -- only one point one million so ES his base salary Larry Scott's base salaries wrap around a million and a half the year but he's got bonuses and incentives he needed just over three million dollars he's the highest -- commissioner in all of college sports he's. Like Italy and when we say here we poke fun and we joke because I'm sure a lot of this stuff and he said today did come from market yeah I'm -- came from the top down they say hey we need to start hammering this home as commissioners -- -- The academic model is working you don't wanna take everything away from what Larry Scott is accomplished because he really has been. A fantastic commissioner many talked about expanding the conference to talk about getting the network deal done. I love the fact that they now have faced a site for the conference championship game down and and and and Santa -- so he has done a lot of good things I -- -- I would be curious to get him off the record to sit down and talk with them and say. How much this academics after you're hammering home comes from you. And how much -- -- comes from just the NCAA saying look we need to have feasible points out there we know about the core cases that are going on we've talked about a nonstop should they get paid to that are dictated to debate has been on for twenty years. I'm just curious how much of it is it is is actually. I would I would be willing to -- during -- probably about a 5050 split now it's great for the NCAA to have those kind of things put out there. But you think about the bonuses if he's got a base of one point five he's getting to three. I'd be willing to bet there's some academic stuff tied in there with you know X amount institutions reaching X amount of graduation rates. If that's part of his contract and I think it's about 5050 because that's something yet he wants to boast about -- -- he's doing well on earning money for. The open they also in his 45 minute opening monologue -- -- on media day Larry Scott talked about the actual title games moved to -- stadium. Had some comments on that about the college football -- you mentioned Silicon Valley. But she also announced the league is going to spend three and a half million dollars over the next three years to study student athlete health. With a focus on head trauma. And maybe his funniest comment of the day was he said there's four legitimate Heisman Trophy contenders. In the act to get the -- locals that nobody says those names aren't. Which we will do next we'll also give you with the media winner. Of who the media thinks is going to win the pac twelve the media is actually pretty get a predicting this will give -- the order of the north and south division. They were organ and organ state balls and who the media thinks is going to win the conference this year that is next its pac twelve media day here on the station you're listening. That import turns break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an eighty different. Then -- there and spray he served up -- buffalo while doing. It's on ESPN's courtroom here. Mike Parker voice of the organ state beavers can hop on with us at 1230 -- free TV upcoming Morgan State season. The way to -- media is doing this today is they're splitting up. The team six and six. They settle the rival -- that was interesting and citadel north and south you're going I have a -- -- -- is I'd rather have the right in the same day. Lenient yet -- me more fiery golfer who's here earlier Mike this is what he -- that we're known state run. When sit down. -- our. -- It today it is you tied USC. Horry in Washington. It's not -- MarketWatch in states in now missing one. Out now middle -- -- dollars in the end stage earlier Larry's guests and -- got some sunshine here the long blond -- so -- Does it is we get some audio there and doing the car -- -- has to have interviews with everybody but will also bring you some audio here -- from some coaches and some players I believe Mario out and help protect going to go through. I hear about probably twenty to thirty minutes -- the last -- up from Mario -- and how Fritz. As well but the media just -- pick the winners which. Columbia -- is that we were involved in this -- and we are part of the media we don't write anything -- that's the problem you know we're not credible unless you write sentences exactly -- when people bash the media were no longer a part of it according to the pac twelve -- But the Oregon Ducks are picked to win -- the conference. 37 of 39 voters participating had been the number ones the other two you had UCLA. So the order in the north division is as follows -- number one at Stanford to you in Washington three. Oregon State for Washington State is death and then cal of course is last. At sixth in the north division -- we see that you think what's. I think not a big surprise I mean this is kinda how it always shakes out at least it has since organs dominance really started every year they think Dorgan and look to their credit in a little little bit of a way organ hasn't a silly -- the -- the last couple years but they have been tied for first Selena live long enough organs positioning. They just haven't had to correct pac twelve winner but. You know you look down this conference than north side at least Stamford has a lot of key guys that are on how you -- them they've done a good job thus far but can they really get the level where they be organ for the third straight year I think this question marks there. Organ obviously on paper they're the best team in the conference on finding -- -- USC might be a close second. -- stayed watched in those are interchangeable to me I believe that at the same way last year going in. Washington went on org you say obviously be your friends know what happened there was name on -- President bears that might be the most embarrassing game that might be one about Lindsay well most here they got a couple they have the eastern Washington yeah yeah here. But yeah you look at the predictions. It's kinda obvious and with the media always said this I'm OK with media have in projections or predictions. -- the don't force going on a -- but give me something don't do -- point out the obvious organ one stamper to don't just look at the staining from last year and say well I'm pretty much gonna keep everything the same based on when I saw last year. Projected down a little bit. Actor in the head coaching abilities where his coach put each team is Chris Peterson make a difference for washing does lead to raise Washington State. Higher than most people said I'm not surprised by it. But I'm OK with the media haven't taken -- I think it's fun to talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Each of the two years ago. -- I don't I don't I'm not upset and all them picking organ to me it's the easy decision. But it's also the right decision -- coming into the season you look at Stanford they have too many things to replace -- not saying. That it is clear cut that organs -- go on and when the pac twelve because that's what a lot of people said going into the last two years. But there's also more question mark surrounding teams like a Stamford Michael Washington -- Oregon State or Washington State and the rest of the organ I mean you have a bonafide. It's Heisman contender in markets Mario and whenever you have a quarterback like that to me it's the same reason UCLA was picked to win the south. When you have a quarterback of that ability there's no doubt that he's the best quarterback and -- in the north division. So Mikey a look at them and blame them at all for picking organ but I do I do look at the north right now on the pac twelve. And when you start to really look at the teams you really understand how deep it is and it -- does a disservice a little bit in my opinion. To the conference and obviously the last two years think everybody would have loved to see Stanford vs organ in the pac twelve championship game. It just doesn't work out like that -- you're gonna get years like that every conference where you wish he had an LSU Alabama SEC title game for example you're not always gonna get those opportunities but you throw cal out of that out of the conversation because -- is dreadful they should finish in last place. Or second last place this year but. I was great I can see Washington Oregon State Washington State. Really dead -- -- all interchangeable I could see them finishing anywhere in the north from second all the way down to fourth. Sanford to me is still too good of a program to look at and say OK there should they should be third. Or Washington is not done enough for me yet to say they should finish second so there's no question mark surrounding certain programs but you can't look at him and say way to take the easy way out -- organ. And -- organ is the dominant program in the north right now they have more talent returning at Stanford does it just facts not saying they're gonna beat Stanford. But he can't look at him and say hey take the easy -- out he picked organ -- Since 2003. In the media is linked to USC your organ to win in the those have been the only two schools that the media in their pre season poll has picked to win but they're pretty good in doing so USC. Every single time they think USC to win except for 09. And they ended up doing so on same thing with Oregon they've got Ty is in the -- but. The media has been pretty good at picking the winner so that one more time -- the north division does is follows. Oregon won Stanford to Washington three Oregon State for Washington State sits in the towel at. Number six SS he's accurate to me it really does just just the ordering that's exactly how many -- -- I first thought -- -- should not doubt Stanford anymore after what we've seen we've got to learn lessons and here we have I said the last two years you mean you lose and -- Lack decent place imminent Leo yes there's there's -- there's a lot of plays last year that wind their way in the -- state game and that's a good point you know looking at this licking his Stanford they. But I just think it's going to catch up with them eventually you'll also remember you also got to look at the fact that -- if Morgan shows up against Arizona last year organizer is to -- get that -- he -- -- -- see exactly while the ducks are gonna -- exactly right back in the driver's -- they just found -- -- -- fumbled -- the next week -- controversial it depends on their running -- -- -- state finishing second -- third and -- a little -- -- -- I respect him in that factor in the south division at this -- in the sexy -- for everybody is UCLA number one according to the media -- media. USC to Arizona State is three Arizona for. And then of course to Utah's in the Colorado. Yes and Arlen songs love challenges -- -- yet it's -- -- -- fantastic certainly anything about to be healed organism that shows you how bad they are though that there even a relatively new I swear I swear to -- when you said the -- and you said Washington State and then cal I sent online. That's right how. Yeah yeah. There it's. There in existence they play -- -- -- terrible last few additional loss to Portland State do you feel about the south division poll. I mean the south division I feeling that actually might. Be one of the easier ones to pick a little bit easier than the north because look Stamford has been. The team that people say okay they have talent but can they be organ and for two years now they surprised people. Island in the south and I like UCLA they have far too many stars I think to it to really take that step back. Why Arizona State they lost too many starters on defense there often is going to be good but if you don't have a defense to stop you re not going anywhere in this conference. Arizona they're gonna take a step back because of the quarterback situation. I aimed into the south disease and a good now people are factoring in the fact that the USC is off the sanctions. The -- and it's our keys in the human talent athletes they had last year and surprising some of the teams that they did. And they're assuming an OK with saarc at the Helm this team can be better than maybe with an -- or Iran I don't know if that's gonna be true. Because like we saw Washington just because you have talent -- sorties in. Doesn't necessarily mean that's going to train -- yet elegant perfect storm for USC last year to date in late in -- was with the way or drawing came in and it was just the momentum was on their -- to a breath of fresh -- for them I thought and -- it was a big act we saw on the field -- -- state -- Nina -- plot and that whole picture where they -- him on the shoulder ET but you can still see Intel that the players really loved playing form and it worked perfectly. May be saarc has that now USC. But no mark he's Lee you're still looking a lot of question worsening on both sides of the ball. And you don't know your quarterback's gonna give you. I just don't know if I can put USC and I yet. If they were they got a proven they are proven a proven this year and next year they're right there one or two in their predictions I'll be OK we have an Intel I cease our take a bunch of talent and actually follow through with the amount of wins people think they're going to get. I can't completely by. Yet giving a nine -- are gonna that is seven and five hate hate him for stuff that that you always do but you know. As far as these voting -- this out to me you know maybe it's just 'cause I'm a member of the media but I would have voted the same exact way again I just I really wanted to -- You know you don't like straight said earlier you know when I just simply look at last season in saint -- this team is this so let's translate out that on this season. Because there's a bunch of evolving parts and -- USC nobody knows how he's gonna be down -- is that a little bit but maybe a bit of a punching bag for our show during his tenure in Washington he was blowing in from for us the ducks beat him every year you know. He it was easy to make fun public Guinea translate down there he's got a world talent can -- come through and I'm heading their way. The one thing that I love about both of these that they teams they're picking to win in targeted UCLA -- it's a pretty wide consensus around the country did those the two teams in shipment north and should when the south. You're gonna get a good glimpse I -- -- -- teams early on in the season I -- we all -- organs playing Michigan State. At the same time don't forget UCLA's got to go to Texas and weeks three now Texas like. -- was able to handle them without being very motivated in the Alamo Bowl and and there are another team it's been easy to make fun of the last couple years -- -- -- -- coach Kelly that's also a team that I put in the same light as the USC of a team that you look at the recruiting classes they bring in your redeem your route it's usually a top five top ten recruiting class. With nothing but blue chip athletes coming in so UCLA's got to go on the road and play a night game at Texas League three they have Virginian Memphis in the first two weeks so. Or -- he organ I believe we its importance able to handle Michigan State early in the season and UCLA goes on the road just pounds Texas like they did I'll never forget watching my game and Nebraska last year. That was a little bit of a coming out party for Brett -- and those guys national TV. Down big early in and they just bull raced him in the second -- -- sit there seemed wow. This usually team can contend this is a team that could potentially go on and when the south. That's their Texas came to me this year they're able to go and you know the longhorns likely should likely path of south champion should. And to me that's the early indicator that -- right everybody that's predicting them like steel steel to finish in the top five at the end of the season. They know what they're talking about Brett probably couldn't you know have a Heisman candidacy started after an acting. Organ head coach mark health -- to set up Marcus Mario that he cares more about practice rat number thirteen. In any guy he's ever been around we'll have a lot coming from mark health -- in Marcus -- love the love -- by the way you see is for the Riley in the union union same -- -- -- you ever been around a -- yeah and I -- that that's -- will bring some of those comments for you here. And about -- probably fifteen minutes from now -- -- -- and they're talking bulk of those gathered talking TD -- network right now so glad that audio from mark Alpert. And mark is Mario to as soon as they are done talking but next. We attacked two Oregon State play by play man Mike Parker about this upcoming season. And what his expectations are for the beavers. Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so fair and walk. Me and told me to read food labels. And in store ridden big -- labeled a -- like aliens. And I think it's -- to -- them and everything -- -- at bat contact -- a look at certain sites. Two weeks putting yeah it's. I think everybody's leave. The same concerns. Both -- yeah. Didn't -- its. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Don't. Welcome back to Danforth dirt -- spring I think he's a friend of the program by friends of the program that our main opponent Mike Parker radio voice for the Oregon State Beavers stock last -- we -- getting -- on a beach in Hawaii getting ready for the bowl game. Pack -- immediate day to day seasoned just right around the corner. How you feel when -- start up this I feel about the season coming up. -- joy. The last opportunity I'll lose a little bit mortars to terms of the weather it. The beach in Hawaii has given way to driving down Harrison street in court balances which it connects right -- I know the web. It's supposed to better the this is not there quite what we expect this time of year my daughter -- Streaky or -- today associate driving them strictly legal here in the car and heading down the road and that's missing. The first day act or media in my broadcast partner -- Wilson's now there. Taking notes and it appears in offensive you share with me and LB -- morrow and Mike wiley and so on menus and Michael doctor parent. And will be able to cover -- The field in looking forward to it so I'm excited there's this pac twelve media days sort of a you know it's a mark on the calendar that we're just around the corner of mysteries and I think. Axel steel says it has received an annual keepers of the surprise contender in the north -- I we would then I'm looking forward to kinda getting down there again which will be next. Mike we know the obvious we know -- army anyway he's gonna Vereen we know what some of the defense of guys are gonna bring you do have question marks throughout this team. And one of the biggest ones as wide receiver now a lot of people point to regional -- he had a good year last year and this is kind of that season where guys usually have to step that he took last year and they step up even bigger than next. But the name it's really being thrown out there is Victor Bolden. And a lot of people have all these expectations. And are assuming that you know he can be that next branding -- and always a little smaller. But how do you place expectations on somebody like Victor Bolden who -- came on late last season. And he kind of agree with him that he could be that next. Big target for organ state. And I I'm a little. Concerned about that and I -- not that I don't think Specter has the work ethic in the talent and speed and skill and so -- to be here very productive receiver. But. If you wouldn't you say he came on late last year eat it more as a returner as we saw then. As go to guy in the receiving corps. And therefore in Iowa and granted maybe it's incredible shots. Francies in cities and he played as a true freshman caught 31 balls that he catches 67 and then. Think something like 128. Lots speak for ridiculous progressed. But he git go you know from 31 I don't have exactly right out of me as we drive the number of all the Specter -- I know. There was nowhere near 31 and Andy was not used. Ultimately as a receiver now. It hit a fly actually maybe 3040 seconds to -- like. I just out there and he showed. Some promise to be back at a guy and because of his work ethic of because of the great coaching. That he's receiving at his position I expect. They'll make a big -- but for him -- -- all the 3167. That makes Japanese attacked. I don't think they can look for and jump right in and be at fifty to sixty. Receiver got maybe. But I think that there's going to be a lot on the shoulders of Richard Delanie. And Emily Gilmore to take a big step forward and and at its -- in court to be used extensively in the apps to be used a lot of -- game. What and everything else I want the running game. To have the kind of liked it didn't last two games and I think that just takes pressure altogether awful and you needing to throw so much. Mike Parker is our guest easy voice of the Oregon State Beavers in my -- up wage is set about the running game that seems to be that the main concern obviously they struggled to run the football last year and tell those last two games in the season. What are the -- -- -- when you watch his team when you look at -- -- how they get that running game -- with either storm woods -- to -- war. How did you how do you become more productive and that run game to help shopping in and out this season. Well part of it is that commitment to it in and visiting with both. Mike Cavanaugh the great offensive line coach and and any length store from courses now honors John Garrett -- with quietly in the offense -- strapped it to find ways to get that more productive -- out. -- -- Apps that we got a little help here. And we stayed with it we committed to mourn those last couple of games out of sheer necessity you lose five in a world. That creates an even though the -- it was the -- federal from the running game standpoint it felt like a victory and Mac -- or to go for 223 against them and so war. So I think it. That coach -- felt that you know why throw good money after bad when you've got a guy. Even in May and yet and cookies that you could throw the ball to consistently -- art when you were really struggling to get 33 and a half yards. You know on the ground. I understand why -- in the sense that. We control it better and I think that hurt them on the long run by strong and as much as they get there were times are probably figures what are. -- the ball up and I didn't stay with the running game a lot of certain veterans of those losses that they Adams reps when he needed to. And couldn't too much pressure was put on menu by good teams so I think the health of the offense line which is still. A work in progress -- saint Malo that's my biggest concern right he needs to be on August 30. Near full strength and ready to go look at Portland State its ears and the other guys come back of the bombs day after Josh Mitchell grant days I expect there. That commitment and help put the lion will create a much more productive run game. -- new offensive coordinator John Garrett alum how involved do you expect him to be when it comes to pay the offensive game -- what kind of impact. Does he -- this year. A huge impact in that he's been. He has been the tees. And to my quietly as. In a sense hired -- we want it in the -- it in many it and want it's gone and it respects comes vacuumed. Is intellectual. Ability of the exes who knows but also that. -- leadership and -- After it was interest you to watch that in this -- it was more. So out of -- -- right hands on coaching after every play and the attention to -- -- That John Garrity suited and is now throughout this offseason. I think is impact will be. Significant and I think ought to back to his -- flatly recognizing. That he's got him and here cool. He -- only Entrust the offense -- so I think you'll see. John involved heavily. And and probably. On I don't know it's still being sorted out -- in the plate all aspects. How bout will be shared between might -- And John John I think we'll probably end up making all. Holes just -- any export vehicles last change we need to remember that two -- much people say well it's an outbreak and offered support Nader well. The last two games those best running game we alluded to thwart any -- -- I think you know and sensitivity I want to throw -- to -- we need to run all act. I think you know obviously -- durable recognized that as well. We're talking with -- beavers play by play man Mike Parker and Mike when you're looking at this team with some of the question marks maybe it's wide receiver which we already talked about what. Is there another area on this team that you kind of go under the seasoning going to fall camp. And you're looking to see. Who steps up in said this is an area on this team I think that you kind of look at and maybe not say weakness but it's the one area that you think has has -- the most before that first game against Portland State. Well I think apple it eluded him my biggest concern is the health of the offensive line and I I do think that set the running game back last year. They're never really was until later cohesiveness there who was playing where and and I just think that affected. Everything about what the papers to an offensively -- they reeled -- incredible numbers in the passing game which on many records that are coming back for the that hole of the guys up front is the biggest issue on my biggest concern and and I still have in a little concerns about Isaak the all the -- he's the best lineman on the team and one of the best in the country certainly in the fact well. And he needs to be near 100%. The that dynamic force to eat up front so that's my biggest. Concerned. Beyond the you know the fact the child and you're looking for a number one and number 200 -- Side and disappointed about how -- goes status and I think you would have been huge but issued as well inside. I'd replace -- and cried productivity won't be easy but I get like Joshua teams is in fact if that position last yourself I think defensively. That's why I feel that's about it the other quarterback position is actually from ball ought Nelson well. Sort itself out. Between the commissioner Larry -- and -- -- -- some other guys in the next five. I don't have too many question marks defensively the line backing or else he will be as good spirits in the week it and and and I think -- -- -- -- -- looked at as I've said the net sales deals supplies contender yet the offensive line -- news is sound. Might we know stick with the defense we know an issue kind of the last two years around -- -- has been there inability if you -- and sister are struggling at least in stopping some spread offenses and having some teams being able to kind of spread amount in find some holes -- that defense a unit. But they are returning some big -- starters like he mentioned. That they got enough in your mind to to address those concerns -- being able to stop the spread offense just looking around a conference in knowing. It seems like every school now is running some hybrid of the spread offense. Yeah I -- you know you're right they haven't necessarily. You know we wanna talk about how sound and solid they're gonna be on defense. That's predicated again on hell I do think it just I as an offense the O line issues. And it's dictated it. You know what the beavers had to do apparently it's on it so much to lose in the ballots in the offensive game. I think he -- sensibly. The issues what the linebackers. And the lack of -- early affected obviously what the beavers did against. Eastern and then subsequently what happened in a lot of games thereafter if that line backing core is healthy there. I think they'll be far better equipped to deal with this speed. And versatility of the hybrid offensively you're talking about they weren't that way from much of this season last year I think it will be this year and I think -- see the results on the field. Mike Parker is our guest easy radio voice for the Oregon State Beavers going is here on ESPN Sports Radio -- and -- -- break. Like we appreciate time great stuff and also catch up the other the for the season starts. Well guys I'm glad and beyond and and I just my summer has brought in Portland more often this year not listen to you pick up the signal down here in the valley. Congratulations on -- The time slot and the great particular it's a lot of fun to listen to your you do a great job and I'm honored to be on the show -- -- -- -- Then that's my appreciate it. -- -- -- My Parker fan of the show he said a couple of things we -- react to about the beavers upcoming season. And we'll do so next you listened to -- portrait and Sprague served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on -- be the fan. You're an inspiration -- -- you don't like buffalo. According to pro football spot on their Twitter account. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice is retiring. And that may have rises from a history of concussions. Have a city rice is retiring from the NFL her. Pro football talk dot com. About acceptable for Seattle it is and and you lose Golden -- the offseason. And people look at it and maybe it is -- stepping -- little bit been out injured last season that are some -- thing about this -- how old ecology thrown his efforts he Hartman in the last there -- who he's not making it even actually end up playing. Here illegally and two or three innings and only their contributions had was really missing -- -- -- -- if he gets banged up by anything you relive the -- Salem where -- weapons that legal with with Russell Wilson. The -- rice is retiring from the NFL due -- concussion issues we like Mike Parker a lot he's a good friend of the show. You know. Would like to have money to discuss beavers is usually optimistic about the beavers chances but he he did point to a couple things where. He feels like to beavers can really improve and get better this season. And it is whenever we going to college football. Whatever -- in the Nazis in our previewing college football. Most of the time before pretty good at identifying areas that need to need improvement yet and the beavers are no different what do we talked about. Had a areas we look at the -- as wide receiver with a -- the beavers. And the one -- he talked about that has been going to be a constant source of discussion and conversation. Is there offensive line. -- the -- not only to help their offensive line. But how they're offensive line is able to gel and trying impact that run game might -- just on board just like everybody else that that's the area that they really need. To address in being good dad. If they want to have you know a winning season end and finish well here in the pac twelve. Yet that that was the point that he continue to bring -- and that -- and an idea we talked a lot about Oregon State's offense last year aired last week -- yesterday she's mean in ESPN stats and -- had them in the top thirty in terms of you know their offensive efficiency coming into this year and in predicting what their offense was going to be. That a lot of that is from predicated on the run gave me in to -- you don't have a healthy offensive line which we know they struggled with last year. If you don't have running backs that are dynamic which storm would want or they just couldn't finals last year they struggle now. At the end of the season he continue to point that out and and that's undeniably a lot of fans will forget about me even I did until we started to look at some of the stats that they piled up yesterday. Those last couple games they ran the ball really well especially against organ and then in the ball game they've found a waiting to be dynamic -- that run game. That they couldn't find all year and I'm not sure there was just a missing ingredient daily and play calls whatever the case may be but they found a way to run the football. Those last few games a year open if you're in state fan that they can translate that into this season. Because to me what we wouldn't when he continue to bring up the injuries and an on defense as well. That was it that was something that a lot of people overlooked in terms of Morgan State last year and encountered some part of the reason why they struggle a bit it was a banged up team it's a big name guys happening get a chance to play. And to meet that certainly they have to stay healthy be on adept is an issue at a at a lot of these programs if you don't have a legitimate -- somebody goes down that's a weak spot on your roster now. Injuries are to be huge concern for them again as as well to -- And I thought he was spot on about Victor -- I know there's a lot of expectations out there from people you see the kind of athlete that he is he's this free Katie sure he's 5958. He's ridiculously fast but in terms of having the expectation that he's gonna come in. And give you sixty fives and -- I just don't think that's realistic and that's not an indictment on him. That's not an indictment on John McCain or anybody else in that program I think there has to be natural progression that you take is a player. -- cook started at thirty yet they -- yeah he got a sixteen year after that we saw what he did -- and one of the greatest years ever as a wide receiver. It's really tough to set high expectations for a player that sell one known and that is Victor bold in. He might be a great slice sweet guy but how good is he getting separation has a yeah passers as yet passed because it's just him they -- he's got other. Help but it's still help in the -- -- to -- free -- -- little that we don't know what kind of round -- I mean and that's a big unknown and I thought it was instinct to that he mentioned John -- and if -- -- the question about what he expects from him. He flat out said I expect at some point John geared essentially to be a play caller yeah dealings -- got a couple games where he essentially was -- one -- on a majority in the place. And he expects John here to kind of slip back into that role where Mike Riley still on the huge staple and he is identity still a lot of playbook. But he trusts John geared to kind of take the reins on that EU and lead to be recent promise. If you missed our interview with Mike Parker or -- a post that to our Twitter account here shortly. At -- Johnson at brands -- and that's Taylor a Danforth on Twitter we'll post -- to that's. Interview with Mike Parker but I blame him for the Morgan state beavers if you miss that at all here's what's coming up in the second -- -- Mario did just got done talking. To the media as did mark health -- how organ head coach. Down at pac twelve media day today total 115 we'll have some of their comments. Also recent comments from the other coaches that spoke today as easy you're gonna catch up at everybody and I believe they're taking sell the so we'll have story and one coaches I think didn't wasn't really fondly -- -- -- get turned out itself the apparently -- which made it really got us an -- president coaches. As a valid points as a talent they'll have that's coming up live Primetime Live from pac twelve media day from 3 until 7 o'clock today but hitters are -- for a sports topics next -- things going on. In sports besides the pac twelve. Media today including LeBron delivering cupcakes. Denver Broncos owner is stepping down and raise Felton and his gun charge of rhetoric is and you get punished today. What kind of while that's straight free -- to listen and therefore turns break served up by B dub something.

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