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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.22.14 Hr 3

Jul 22, 2014|

The guys retouch the days top stories including Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam, Oregon Ducks football - most efficient offense in the country, and Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Basically Georgia the job here is quite simple. Selling -- And for the third and spray is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings have you ever sold a woman's line before. No but. I have a very good looks forward when Dan Flores for the first time I laid eyes on a Brazilian. I was enthralled search had picked it up in the study that Philip. I like this I don't know what -- you know what level but I know I wanted to be around Brazilians spray and it comes from the front. Two loops in the back for you haven't had a. Then fourth third and spread Johnny ESPN Sports Radio 1080 I remarkable passion for prisoners -- -- fans yeah. Are either show we will discuss a little bit about Michael Sammy and Tony -- here in a second -- -- read a couple more of your stories because I had and a and a hot chick over the weekend bragged to me about knowing Dirksen. She had no idea that. We live together for two years in the we've done a show together for four to keep their dirty. Any quit -- is clearly heads and you're putting words that don't exist she clearly doesn't listen to show it on if she's not -- like that she should listen these -- if you is an associate the word in fourth and it's it does hurt me a little bit but she does know that -- -- time you deal with an ESPN by the anti -- story during the program right now and I hear them again and somebody's -- -- daughter -- at the out organ that game OK Mary you know I don't know about -- -- -- is go to -- and I I think answers let me tell the authorities she is something maybe a broadcaster balls like goats do either but pat I go to the bathroom. And just by myself and here is Dora opened up in area in walks in Britain must. Let's say you tell won't you say must per liter V yet zips and all men and I can normal person or. That he -- like you like four year old over the gate of the ground on the McCain -- -- over the definitely go with you got adults and -- go through the fences. And what is tennis in their in this moment I'm soaking it all any -- -- goes. -- the game a young man. About six years. And I say yes sir yes it is. Zipped up last. Drop the might Kanye. Line particularly next to Brett -- for my other story. She's Taylor in the late Bob shot local meteorologists. In Bend, Oregon. Sat right behind the bench. During our -- state basketball playoff game hobby -- -- -- of the bill they announced my name starting at point guard six dude -- third sort. But Johnson -- as -- as -- as any of it about by about shockingly easy and -- -- upshot is not pick sides OK Bob Johnson neutral view is it is not excitedly when he only says that 50% chance of rain there's no way he's going a 100% in on you you don't -- team. That's lecture him and he was -- don't commit up to and he committed to me. And it's been great ever since we've had a great relationship couple other humble -- stories. -- and he said. I was ten years old in the lobby of the Seattle Hilton I met the 1984 Dallas Cowboys coach Landry was too tall. Danny white number 33 himself eighteen year -- dream. Com that's the greens Ed too tall young and I say you said that he was to tell -- -- you -- -- -- -- are three of them aren't exactly entries like six. It's -- -- just him though is that I watched a corn concert with Trent resonance pretty cool. And is pretty sweet the notre restaurants -- -- aren't don't personally know restrained prisoner is. The -- Rasner fans over here who's prisoner fans were also in this hour tiny Orioles guy that's exactly right now as bugle and and I -- we'll talk about the origin Dex. And they're -- there is cause organ state dobbs take a look at the Athens is in the pac twelve has an impact on media day is tomorrow and Thursday primetime either showdown there. From three to seven to bolt wins day tomorrow Ian on Thursday the story of the day today at least nationally is about Tony Dungy in his comments about Michael Sam. And his comments were the following is says quote I wouldn't have taken him not because I don't believe Michael -- have a chance to play. But I wouldn't want to deal what did he goes on to say it's not going to be totally smooth things will happen. But Tony Dungy also went on to release a statement today in which he says. It wasn't. I wasn't asked about my opinions on Michael salmon whether or not he should be in football. Is that I was not asked whether sexual orientation to play a part in -- valuation process it to not. I was not asked whether I should have a problem with having Michael see him on my team. I would not -- goes of on in this statement to dispel any -- so this is in my opinion. As a former coach yeah. Like you know date that this is 'cause a lot of controversy I'm not sure exactly for what reason it and I understand there's sports fans out there that are exhausted of this topic we have a salesman come out to us before the show and succumbing to meets with this Michael sand stopped. And look what we're on the same position but clearly we have to talk about this because it is a big issue in what it is a slow time in sports right now some like this came out you know meet three season Tony Dungy says -- It's probably not quite as big of a story line I. I don't have any problem what Tony Dungy said it all I've really don't. To meet -- when you look at an NFL organization you look at the job of the head coach. Priority number one in people not might not like to -- -- priority number one is to win football games in if there is anything that they believe. Could potentially be a distraction that locker and they're not gonna wanna be apart of that and if you're gonna -- that Tony Dungy be upset that Tony Dungy for what he said. -- you also need to get on the phone and he need to call 31 other NFL teams GM's owners coaches for not drafting him because pass on MCI's -- just in time exactly Michael Sam was a guy going into the draft a lot of people say you know fourth to sixth round you know that was kind of a range of people -- looking at him and. He felt the 73 the last pick in the draft so clear the teams had a chance to grab -- And they decided not to know hats off to St. Louis Rams for having the courage to go out do it. I'm glad they did I hope this becomes a non story in 510 years from now. But a head coach main job if Jeff Fisher comes out goes for twelve this year. Nobody's kissing a great he would keep your job because you're knocking down barriers in the NFL there is that you would boards while you're fired you're out here and that's his main priority is to win. So if -- if a former head coach comes out and says look. I don't what distractions in my locker I'm not comparing the situations whatsoever. But when you look at Tim Tebow to -- same exact story -- there's a reason he's not the largest despite the fact he's a terrible quarterback there's a reason giant Intel felt the end the first round. There's a reason -- anti -- had a media swarm around him before he entered the draft and everybody wanted to follow where -- -- was gonna -- these guys. Our -- his locker that does not mean that there are distracting to their teammates does not mean there -- distraction to their head coaches. What it means as you were gonna have camera scrutiny and media scrutiny. On your team nonstop throughout the entire season if they play a role that team. And it's the same reason that every end it basically every NFL team every single year terms -- being on -- hard knocks we had that conversation a couple of weeks ago. Teams returning -- and a hard knocks I said it's because of its distracting you guys didn't quite agree -- me. But there's a reason teams are turning that down they can use a publicity they turn it down because -- what cameras around the organization. What Tony Dungy said it is harmless and in their there was no home you know there was no negative intense and involved in my opinion. Part of their part of you know and the reason people take awhile to form an opinion. And step back and maybe watch how things play out people can say -- you need to give an opinion right away. But this is another one of those examples that had you waited to only four hours. You would have been able to read in the notes from Tony Dungy was on vacation that found out that this thing broke it was Campbell he always does -- came -- -- -- -- he said yes we came out a couple we -- he did this -- three months ago yes and he was under the inclination that. Michael Sam was going to do a reality show slash documentary series with the Oprah Winfrey network. There's a lot of teams that would have said no thank you had keep fully committed then at that time. Tony Dungy was giving an honest -- like answer the funniest thing to me is when people wanna poke at Tony Dungy heard this on Olbermann last night. Tony Dungy apparently doesn't want to doesn't wanna have to deal with Michael C -- he's not a coach enough to deal with that distraction. When I'm sorry I'm sorry is admitting that he's not the right coach -- that distraction you wanna point to Michael Vick that's fine you wanna see stuck up for Michael make. Okay I'll listen of that argument. But I still feel the same way about it. Michael Vick was the number one draft pick he had 78 years proving what he could do in this league I don't care and he was out for two years. He took the first year he didn't play sure there was some media distractions there I'll give you that. But the second year he played it died down a lot he started twelve games threw for 3000 yards 21 touchdowns and six interceptions. I'm sorry is Michael Sam mini DV anywhere near that kind of production. To me it just doesn't relate the same and you jump pretty open mind with a lot of these things. And the angles that people take in comments that people make but for me in the NFL comes down in this. What kind of headache are you going to choose to have our -- accused have a headache with a prospect it's gonna give you production. Are you gonna choose to have one with somebody who might give you a lot of off the field stuff. But might not play more than just the kickoff and punt coverage because that's essential Michaels and is being the seventh the last pick. In this past -- -- look at the ninety's cowboys. How many times that we are Jimmie Johnson on fox sports Sunday say I didn't treat Michael Irvin Troy Aikman the same as the guy why draft in the sixth round that was around for two years what's the reason. That talent level is different you treat your stars better than you treat the into the bench guys the facts of the facts you've got to win ball games -- you get fired. Is that way and everything if you're an attractive person if your personal with a lot of money. If Europe person that's got a lot of influence if -- person that's get a whatever job you do that's no different than any other that's an opinion it's -- a lot of times what ends up happening. If we look at sports differently than we'd look at regular life and we think that sports are somehow going to be immune. From dating game. Tending to transactions we have in our life and in that's it that's universal truth of crossed industries that if you -- talented that your job. Or your tractor you've got money you're going to be able to get away with more than somebody that is not and somebody does the opposite -- at less. Lesser any talent. Then you might be that's just that is a simple fact of life saw a lot of times -- we look at sports in situations that they that it's going to be different because. We enjoy it and it's going to be different because it's a gain. But it's the exact same kind of philosophy it's the exact same. Cultural experience that you get. As just a microcosm of that so when we talk about Michael -- distraction. And being a quality player and getting away with -- -- or knocking away with it as a distraction it's it's all comes back to. Whether or not you -- -- you guys both said on the field and whether or not that turns into a distraction -- and -- as a bigger distraction the Michael saint. And the Cleveland Browns knew that going in that's a reason any field and that's the early and he still might not -- -- -- him going in the top five -- exact count is yes exactly it's not exclusive to just -- it's -- about. The Oregon duck offense and ESPN stats and info came out and projected where they think. The ducks options will be this coming up season we'll tell you where we think the decks need to improve the most also tell you where they had -- state slotted. They had two other Pasqua pac twelve schools and their top ten as media day get started tomorrow that is coming up next. Right now -- know is not -- he won't be back after this on the it's time for. Major League it's brought to you by the trailer guy. Yeah absolutely and -- there's no reason why you shouldn't be in the discussion. Don't care ness monster -- Something he's -- Pardon care. Robin ensure that Chris Sale he thinks should be part of the site and conversation he's nine and one he's got an ERA of two he's got a 110 strikeouts. Look I I agree with the point that he's trying to make he's one of the best pitchers in all of baseball the NYC is unbelievable stuff is fantastic but ultimately just like when you look at an MVP award race in any sort of -- -- you need to play the entire season is the reason Kershaw didn't start the all star game you don't have along the track record but he's up their talent wise and stuff -- -- -- -- makes -- Sales very talented -- these are for a day and his bride she by the -- -- guys the ground -- -- Portland are opening its southeast eighth in Belmont. With the best craft beer cider and customer service around check out. The crowd of guys dot com. Right guys are now opened to 4810 ups of fresh craft Beers later. 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It's normal parts dot com for the store -- You if you been charged with a crime -- -- -- do you why you need to her -- -- team of defense attorneys in your -- experienced and efficient your -- in your liberty deserve the best defensively this is -- -- call -- we'll talk to a member of our defense -- team at no charge remember if you were charged with the 6484777. Or visit Paris lost -- dot com -- -- And he's been greeted wolf -- with officers and tools through important. You don't. He just went. That you said hey good. -- -- There Australia's served up by buffalo while awareness on ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy -- fan. ESPN stats and inflow. Projected this year is offensive the best offenses in college football and number one is the Oregon Ducks -- ducks return eight starters. They were third last year or not that's an efficiency. What Marcus Mario coming back you've got every single linemen back Byron Marshall Thomas Tyner. So the obvious question that a lot of people have in -- organ and in the media. Is about the wide receiver position but according ESPN stats and info based out of their projections. They have the organ -- is being at the number one most efficient offense this year this coming up season. In all of college football and I'm excited to watch and what what are you going to get from some -- groups now the running back position we know that stack the got some guys out there that I. Look Royce Freeman I'm still curious it it would be a registered and you wanna bring him out there I wanna watch -- my -- -- games as well he got Marshall -- -- -- got -- I talked Wilcox in a while ago we talked Wilcox and he -- -- -- -- a couple pounds. And he's becoming a smarter player obviously mark is Mario and helps. And arguably the best offensive line in the country. They're passing game is going to be the thing that's tested the most I think because you watch their season last year and they had multiple teams. That would just stacked the box stop their run game they had some teams in need to stack the box they can just flat out stopping it. And you had to rely a lot on the arm of markets Marianna now LP and a half and and Addison in the low. And your tight ends. But this year is not the same what can markets Mario to bring with field in terms of the offensive strategy was Scott process in the dynamics he's gonna bring this year. I'm curious to see if their run game stopped. Is Mario again NBA. Hang in the pocket pass guy especially if his targets are living up to their end of the bargain. Or is he gonna jettisoned from the pocket right away in just try to win the game -- his legs like he didn't Washington. There are so many different ways he can go. But right now looking on paper with the -- of line coming back. With the players they have at running back I really do believe this is a team that's set up especially with Stanford -- in most people's eyes taken a step back this year. Because there are a lot younger. This is a team that is poised to get -- that fourteen playoff. UCLA yet they're in the way they play Stanford organ state game a good run but I think they have far too much talent and I think this is kind of the year they start getting back into that national championship conversation. Well -- running backs they have they -- I mean you if you -- -- early in the season last year they struggled to run between attack not even just earlier this season like you mentioned -- they struggled basically -- -- to run between the -- you go back watch the Virginia game early on it wasn't -- I do you honestly believe that that -- -- you don't take anything away from him. Because he had a thousand in 1038 yards fourteen touchdowns last year to grit your six point two yards for carry. But it you know a lot of the detractors of organ a look at the quarterback position and say guys are pro quarterbacks our product of that system. That's what I look at Marshall as I look at him is he at a thousand yards is a product of the system and and I don't want to sound like and his overly negative on him. Because what he's following up it's a tough act to follow when you got guys like Jeremiah Johnson Garret blunt John and Stewart a Michael James can young barn that come through that program. Then all of a sudden you know -- your necks and got it to me he was just quite ready to take on that lead role. And to be that dynamic packet they need out of the backfield now I do believe Thomas -- can get to that point you bring up Royce Freeman whose abuse a huge game he's a big time guy six foot. 230 pounds I think people are expecting big things out of him this year Tony James and other we've had -- -- -- today about Tony jeans and a little speed series from Florida as you get a plane the kind of a special teams may -- kick returns -- returns. Do you wanna -- one of those guys sort of eat your rights freedom be it CC would they do but to be I expect the run game to be as as good as we've seen in the last five to ten years for this program I really do. Because you also time and the fact that Mario and -- is is a study of 715 rushing yards last year. When it's an -- appeal is one of the best running quarterbacks we've seen in a long time in college football. It's a -- that is gonna be a huge break for this offense because your inexperience at the wide receiver position we all know that you lose Josh I'm -- Madison slots for the year. He got some guys you're gonna -- need to step up but to me that it's the way a lot of programs are almost all the time I mean you go through this it cost for all the -- guy graduates not quite sure what's coming up next to tell you it's -- and tell you get a chance to see it. What's also in the past games he got Ferrell brownie had Johnny Mott. So hot stud tight ends so to me this offense is going to be as good as we've seen you don't want to -- start to Mario and a but if they're able to run the football and get back to running the football like we've seen not plaster but in the years past when you do that dynamic backs they -- to me the sky's the limit for this office. Deal or organ that's always a tough one -- analyze. Just because the stats don't always match up -- what your eyes are seen. And a lot of times with teams that doesn't matter where you concede. And not to take on him but that beavers and John -- -- you can see his interception numbers you could see him throwing interceptions -- and you could look at their lack of rushing production and with dean's over a hundred yards the backs. -- had one game last year W is that -- -- -- over a hundred yards and the so you can see those stats guy that is a glaring problem for the organ state beavers they got to get their run. Their run game takes did you look at the ducks and as you said -- early in the year they have a lot of trouble running the ball all year they had trouble running the ball but he finished. Third in the country right you would see in the -- Right after the game you wouldn't has a lot of that is their system where they'll Wear teams down that's -- -- -- -- -- Wear you down Wear you down Wear you down and in boulder goes a sixty yard run an eighty yard run. You see that all the time but you're right that this stats and you could look at the stats say. -- 400 rushing yards but they struggled to run between the tackles but he can't do that you're not gonna be the big media and exactly. You can put up a -- yards on some problem. Lesser teams even in the pac twelve easily inferior teams -- he's Emery is rack up. Stats after stats after stats. But looking at -- in position Jiri did you do -- to evaluated not from -- staff's perspective but yet to evaluate from your own two -- and we were at the Washington game. On the sidelines and we saw Marcus Marchionne in his best game of the year dominate and take over and win that football game. By himself virtually -- and it cost them Ehrlich has that was -- reportedly began that he got being up yes yeah but but there is a certain element where Mario. His potential doesn't feel realized. And a lot of that was because he was hurt last year but there is. I really really hope and they showed. Because they're really Smart guys but I really hope they unleash him this year and say. Don't manage the game don't. EE it's yours. Take it over the effective in the pass game be effective in the run game. And dominate like -- insulted and dominate like Winston yet. Because you've seen those -- -- -- beat single handedly beat Alabama and we need you to go out and do that Mario and he hasn't so far yet but we also know he has that skills and capabilities assured us we -- -- -- and taxing and about the Michigan State game on forty nervous that the run games getting its stuff. Look that's that's a very real possibility especially -- try to run straight at the middle like they do a lot last year which to me didn't feel very organ duckling who knows what we are used to seeing. The five years private for me. If you have a situation where a Michigan State or any other team is stuffing your running you can't move. What is markets Mario is -- what is he going to be -- he was he just going to be drop back and throw a border overseer or even be allowed to. To be that dynamic markets Mario that we all know he's capable of being. I equate this a lot to the NFL level in terms of what we've seen over the past couple years. Jim Harbaugh had Alex Smith for a long for a couple years and there was this -- had some success but overall was labeled the game manager once he got talent happening in that role. He let -- have a feel out process for a couple games we saw last uses more letting loose letting letting it fly to -- -- -- yet but it is no and yet they could get there this year any you start to feel more more comfortable on I think that's where were rat with Marcus Mario days. There is a comfort factor with him in this offense. In his third year now where you can imagine and I at Scott frost and mark over step back and say. Go get go witnessing game if you need to give you the rest of the top ten options is according to ESPN stats and info a great Twitter follow by the way if you're not following them. But they did this offensive efficiency. -- up to their power index recruiting average is a three year span coach's -- they compiled a bunch of different information they projected out. Who they think to be top offenses this year in college football they had the organ that's number one we'll give -- the rest of the top ten it's they were the beavers land. And where the beavers can improve on offense next season here is Jolie was sports -- Then towards third and spread is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. You wanna talk -- it -- -- -- about a million and a half of the my mom always said it laugh with -- box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Had this problem and done that. It. This team. I -- attention we got some tickets to giveaway. Focus. This is the first person action calling the fifty yard line seats. That that your column. The first person they can call in -- was to see the bar and tells you know he. -- that's who I went to the bathroom next to now at an organ that only the track the program that when are you out of your rank was Seoul and Sydney Games you have to think about it during the break -- got to be -- -- -- I'm glad remembering touching on humans if you ideally. They're ones on American by the way a pair of Boise and everyone's an American liberty zone. A terrible one day tickets to the backs -- auto parts fourth annual night of -- it's happening July 2126. That the would -- drag strip -- I've been their reports in the event you -- this collagen nitro and double -- funny cars yet thanks cards at Jones wheels the ending couch and all of those fire breathing 300 mile per hour jet dragster its name. For more information or purchased tickets to do would -- drag strip dot com five foot three. 2502. -- I was there at ten years ago it's fun -- -- -- say this I love that people will call -- first before they don't like even what the -- yeah for even asked the question Colin enable the college before they even know what they're gonna win it just fantastic three and again for free if you -- I found out yesterday. So there are people out there. That calling these price things and note -- this is the base their whole life of getting yes I don't consider analysts into the -- anything -- if you exceed a certain amount of stuff you actually have to write this out on your taxes you really -- yesterday so -- individual form if you exceed X amount of dollars in prizes -- -- -- it's pretty mind apparently people are paying attention you're damn right there whereas against story mouth it's gonna last -- -- -- Here is only the what -- Or discussing the top ten that that best offenses according ESPN stats and info on their projections this coming appear at any organ not number one. Florida State was to no surprise there -- three Baylor for maybe a little bit a surprising number five with Ohio State. Number six they had UCLA a lot more high and UCLA this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When the seasons also and done the best options is the seventh is Texas in an eight is South Carolina nine as Arizona State. And ten as the Al bands that Alabama Crimson Tide. On this list at 28 are the Oregon State Beavers and that's how they think their -- going to fare this coming up sees it and there's a lot of question marks. And people that are -- -- -- -- state they have reasons did not be. Scared but a little concern I mean you'll get a -- see your position. You're never gonna have a better year than what branding cook's debut last year I think you're looking college football history that's one of the most impressive seasons we've ever seen from an individual. And the one thing that Mike -- been able to do he's been able to replace people and and churn out talent that anonymous. You see Richard Delanie coming he had a decent year last year you -- Rick and his production go up from where he was. Victor -- seems to be the name that everybody wants to talk about that's fine I thought he came on a lot better at the end of the season lows in the beginning but he's somebody and I still have question -- -- he's he's not the biggest guy in the world he's a big -- I understand that day -- 5916 -- I and I -- Vioxx -- 59 might be a -- -- the -- -- -- accident but. Overall I think he's always do you give -- production in terms of close to what you're expecting I don't know if you're ever going to be able. You have the opposite numbers that you had last year a lot of it is obviously relies on what Sean May need to do is the quarterback. But I look at the running game is well I think they have the two best tight ends in the conference collectively as a group running organs right there with them. But I love Caleb Smith thing caught on Connor Hamlet. But when I -- get it -- meaning if he's going to be effective in the pass game and they're gonna win 78. May 84 with nine games I think that's gonna be tough with their schedule. They have to have some semblance of -- run game in that something you just flat they haven't had eight. Since your quiz Rogers left a lot of people on the storm woods bandwagon to name sounds great he looks like a good player in terms of his physical stature. -- on ward might ultimately be the starting running back for that team they're probably and do a lot of split duty. But there's a lot of question marks and that offensive line to me when I looked at this schedule I had no idea what to think about a month ago. You start to kind of get a feel out process as fall camp progresses injuries kicked in will start to feel more more what this team could be. If peeking get past that hurdle that is a big sky opponent in Portland State because. God forbid I mean in sacks -- -- Washington. You get past that now I had never forget I really do believe -- state can be a 78 win team this year having decent season. Meaning goes on his business after being their for five years like to me. It when when people talk about you know replacing a Brandon cooks it maybe this is just me being an -- last year but -- I have the same conversations about a Markus -- -- I looked at a guy branding cuts. Who obviously a much better you know a year prior than any of the returning wide receiver that they have coming in this year but. There was the question was branding coaxing product of of playing on the other side of the field as -- week he -- he. Translation be that -- outside wide receiver we had a conversation a handful of times on the show. Now you have more confidence and in -- happening Gilmore are bold and horrible lady obviously but there was that question -- I don't think anybody quite -- the year that he had coming so you could always be surprised that I -- that I Victor -- you know I think when you talk about the deadline of receivers that has come through that program. Well the last couple years you know James Rogers to Wheaton to cuts. To be Victor Bolden is that next guy does he make that jump this year and a sophomore season I'm not sure but I love the fact that he was able to play as a freshman and he was able to get a chance to get some in game experience as a freshman. That's huge to me that's gonna pay dividends later in his career let me. The -- say offense comes down -- mean it does in a lot of times when you look at John and you know we get we like to joke on the shows and -- of the iceman it's out there and -- fire a lot of people up last year. When the Heisman talk was going Dominic had -- those what 67 because Amro lady anybody they have anybody that beat anybody and he was put up huge numbers and to -- Brandon cooks who -- you know. Deserved a lot for the credit and -- what he got to me he was more of a reason that you are trying to -- drag us seconds of -- -- -- when -- a lot of time shot Manny was -- this is it drops back foot and a double or triple coverage of Brandon -- is out there to bail you out. Johnny is not gonna get at least on paper looking going into the season you look at and say he might not get a whole lot of help this year you know at the Boldin doesn't step up. Regionally these great easy game changer now that really Gilmore not quite sure which -- doubting him. -- you talk about the running back situation. That's what it comes out and -- say -- is -- power I offense that's what we know them for we know them for being a running football team. Into the if you can't run the football at some point if -- Mike rally I'm not -- you have to make a long term adjustment. He got to go the next ten years running a Mike -- spread about five wide receiver throw it sixty times a game. But that was the only thing that frustrated me about their offense last year was you can clearly -- the Pope John didian. Put up humongous numbers readiness is static entity does frantic it was an unbelievable wide receiver but I -- like there were times and on offense they did not give him what he needed to execute. And there are situations I've ever been at the UCLA game where you you dropped him back from under center you run a play action in a five or seven step drop. By the time it got there is 1002 -- There's defense and and -- his face you've got to give it every advantage he could possibly have its only gonna take a a couple of weeks to become the conference's all time leading -- 18100 yards yeah he's pretty close I don't get there is or is he stays healthy he'll get there -- halfway quarterly through the season. But he got to put him in the best situation I'm not saying you make a change going into the season. But if you get 34 teams in it mean if we want to play in Portland State you struggle to run the football against Portland State. To me that's an indictment aid we can't run -- on on the vikings are probably not gonna run in in in and against pactel opponents you've got to make some adjustments as your your background in a passing game. And as ESPN stats and info projections or in state finds itself 28 in the country in terms of where they sleep there -- options to be at the end of the year. From an offensive efficiency standpoint John -- they're new -- coordinator Danny -- store on his way out more as with the New York Giants right now. -- bring in John Garrett. And tried to get some sort of Marine -- try to get something new a new look on the office and it has had to be a lot because micro he's got his principles and he's got he's. I think it's a philosophy of what he wants to do that you guys highlighted. But there does have to be some sort of innovation. On Mike Reilly's part in and wrinkles the fly -- does a great example that was a huge advantage for him as. No I don't necessarily think that there has to be constant wrinkles if only if you can't run for -- you can run the football effectively was storm was -- war yet I have no problem with that point as you mentioned this earlier this just regular guys look at Oregon State say it's hard it's -- game plan and defend that because you just don't see it anymore -- Netflix in -- classic car run down the -- it was I formation -- -- -- and -- what's going on there is it's hard to defend for -- -- bad. I still think there isn't a level that your offense has -- evolved even at -- a pro looks like the patriots a good example of this where there's still. They're a different type of offense but you still have prose style teams. And pro style rockets is they can -- -- innovative pieces to their profits. For -- that and I and I think we saw that a little bit with the word insane now a lot of that had to do with affecting him run game and a lot of people get frustrated that Mike -- even did play action because. In our -- -- John Maine was gonna throw the ball 52 to five times so I think the staples -- wordy there I think having John -- with. The amount experience that he has it said being -- opposition's -- the next level. I think that's gonna help them tremendously but I think that that wrinkles -- forty there because Riley had to go through this last year he knows okay the run games not and I can what's an idea what can I change that idea last year networks and then against the better teams it didn't has. Let's not forget they were close with -- USC they were close was Stamford median near -- India -- they actually were on the verge of -- potentially and I a lot of -- -- last year exactly where a lot of ball games if you add in May be one little wrinkle on top what you were heated clash with no run game how much they improve a Portland TrailBlazer underwent surgery today eleven update for you on that. Coming up don't go anywhere you're listening to import their -- served up by beat up on the thing. There's no hole when you don't -- I mean come on now. Thrown back -- time. There. -- -- Spray -- served up by -- a long -- Begins. Our laboratories pretty depressing new Arenas is sure exactly yeah I did honestly it's into the corner over there you got your partner -- -- when your ballroom dancing class three year. Let me show you had a ballroom dance I don't I know a lot of long -- what's that all you guys a dollar in -- -- think it was so what what what -- does a -- that's a force -- in three -- and what's two in the I'm amazed you know that. I you know them. Do you really want to move through here my mom to good gains in the last two nights and you mean you go with -- -- so that's that you gift and I had to be -- -- And signs 12341234. Plants you Waltz. That you have to have in your head how can get addicted and you arrive. Relatively tutor some of freestyle dancer I just go until it's -- takes me that your strategy and advance Lawrence's. The Portland trailblazers. Dissented email out about an hour ago. That Thomas Robinson has undergone thumb surgery he is expected to be ready for fall training camp. Surgery obviously never did they but he had a torn ligament in his right shooting some. He was injured July 15 during the blazers some early game against at and my ideas Atlanta in Las Vegas. He will be back again by Portland's fall training camp should be ready to go like the -- -- -- -- obviously but to do want to let you know. He underwent surgery today so any time you have surgery there could be complications -- that's Jonathan -- -- on the hand. But the -- do you expect him to be back in and ready. Ago yet which is good news it's good news -- they got this out of the way you it was a little unfortunately it didn't get a chance to see a little bit more than me an end this summer league in in -- -- he's kind of one of the fascinating stories coming into this next blazers season and the -- -- Chris Kaman who is obviously -- to be your back up setter. In the first saying that I thought about when you went -- made that move is for first was you know thankfully Meyers Leonard is completely now out of the rotation and second. Who's your backup for this year I mean is it going to be for illiteracy going to be Thomas Roberts and we -- last -- we got really frustrated with Terry Stotts. Because he was playing guys like Meyers Leonard instead of Thomas Robinson and we were discussing your scratch RNC. But what do you do what I mean I I understand you know maybe x.s and o.s wise he's not quite sharp Sony and guys on the floor. But as athletic ability makes up four -- series to see who ends up in that position. In -- that you get creative with some lineups -- maybe maybe you go with a big lineup but Thomas Robinson at the three. Not sure he's quite athletic enough for fast enough to play that position he's athletic enough of yeah he's athletic enough -- can -- stay in front of another three to me that's the quite you know keep -- even at three in front of him that's the question so. I'm curious to see how he ends up fitting into the rotation because I am really high on on -- game as well. I don't when he went down that was one of those things -- second half to collapse is the right word but. -- second -- struggled with the blazers went through a lot of coincide with a losing Freeman and losing his consistent fifty foot jumper he played pretty good defense was a good rebounder. It just consist he's quiet he's consistent. -- -- flashy develop all the right things so both those guys to your deserving of playing time but when he got his -- Chris came in your your basically forcing one of them -- take less minutes this year. I think we should trade Thomas Robinson CJ McCollum will Barton who Meyers Leonard who. -- free -- we -- packaged them up in a trade -- just go get talent that's what I think that's your opinion that's and they in my -- my stellar opinion let's just trade all the crappy guys handle it better talent like that opinion this according to breaking news all Nigeria and now breaking news Twitter account now welcome. The interim Los Angeles Clippers CEO Richard Parsons testifies today that. Head coach Doc Rivers will quit if Donald Sterling remains the owner and believe that when I -- it also clippers owner Donald Sterling met with Steve Ballmer and -- sterling yesterday they try to work some things out. The CFO of Los Angeles Clippers has doubts drilling is in debt and he can't pay that debt. Analysts he sells its. That -- -- out doing man and I am -- -- -- -- he's he's really not worth. Although money outside of the clippers so they're saying like -- c'mon -- cellist but are turning down two billion dollars but he does go and sign that the nobody is on that does he does nothing like I had yet Doc Rivers of course he's -- queen of Donald sterling and sell a team that's yeah he comes out the middle what a testimony yeah Blake -- not gonna sign an extension and -- he's not gonna stay in LA policy or refuse to Wear the uniform and a massive -- yeah I'm sure there is it helps when you're in a courtroom when you're trying to -- ownership to change hands. It's a good thing it's a good -- your clipper fan then. At least he's sitting -- Ballmer and collected his debts are really that bad why not selling -- two and a half million billion dollars the other story in sports they don't want that is dominated headlines if you turn on the. He near the radio is Tony Dungy is comments about Michael Sam. The St. Louis Rams end again this is taken out had been taken out of context a lot but this was an interview that Tony Dungy did before the draft is came -- couple weeks ago. And he said he would knots Tate. Michael sand because of the distractions. He also says not because I don't think he can play a distorted deal with -- it's not going to be totally smooth things will happen. Tony Dungy came on and clarified today says nothing to do with. Anything about him being. Being gay just has to do it I don't want the distractions of it so that has been a major headlines in now. EU in sports to delegate is good that Tony Dungy came out being kind of clarified his comments in clarified what he wanted to say in it and if he what he's saying is true and they did this interview weeks ago when this is something that. You know he made these comments during the whole firestorm at the Oprah documentary that was -- -- we had to show that night we were talking about it. And to be if felt like there was a pretty general consensus and everybody looked at that documentary and so just that's not a good idea man your seventh round pick. The last thing he would do is have cameras following your every move throughout an NFL locker room guys -- gonna look at -- A little weird in that sense so he made those comments when you know we were all under the assumption that documentary was going to be films up but I'm I'm glad it became that latest comments to be. This at at least right now seems like a story that's gonna be dead in about 24 hour -- by the time we get the news cycle tomorrow people have moved on from this. The Tony Dungy is a well respected guy he is you know that the Michael -- -- -- little controversy. But it did it yet ultimately look there was no Mal intent here there really wasn't yet I believe he was really looking at it from a perspective -- From I have no problem with that a lot of people are exhausted this topic I know I know collectively we are I can just say this though. Media is going to fight and claw to get in every angle or to draw anything they can for click meaning. If you wanted to disappear you gotta stop Clinton when she got a stop there if you really don't care. Then Shelley didn't act like you don't care because a lot of people say don't care. And they still wanna read about they still wanna hear about they still wanna watch TV about it. That's the only way this story's going away I do believe Michael sands handled it pretty well. All things considered he could've come out and common this -- -- -- he's Italy as they stepped away said no comment hopefully continues to do that you fall camp and this won't be initial also and we also recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tested positive and pass those she -- the end -- there's some more things and makes. Queen's got a drug of course what you want from intelligent acquaintances are amazingly -- just. -- on media day tomorrow and on Thursday while plenty from tackle media day a lot of college football it's -- over the next three days for Danforth dirt. I am -- -- we'll see tomorrow at noon finds an eighty the fan. OK guys. Little big goals on her right. I'll see you later on with this team went on and do everything I can't. Help that happen. It's it's really.

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