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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.22.14 Hr 2

Jul 22, 2014|

NFL training camps keep opening up and in this hour the guys talk about the New York Giants. They also discuss the ongoing battle between the Minnesota Vikings and former punter Chris Kluwe. Plus they talk about their celebrity bump-ins.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello. How about that right then I guess that's what they call it sin city but -- Then towards dirt and sprayed his served up by buffalo wild winds oratory on truth we can handle a situation -- Just like -- responsible adults that we are is America right. Mr. Kobe passes -- Taylor Danforth I don't know what kind of soldier on the but I want you guys to know if we're forgetting the real heavy combat. Power right behind us. Every step of the way and -- Dirk Johnson always been kind of passes. But I was a kid my father told me never hit anyone and anger closer -- sure. Don't win and Brendan sprint -- big. Because I really -- and where we're gonna do it. Then towards third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 uptrend. Here's what this hour looks like four -- radio program in fifteen minutes from now -- -- about integrity Eagles yesterday giants during camp right now. It is -- Eli Manning what he is -- Chances are this year of making the playoffs and the giants as well as Tom Coughlin and how we view those you guys in the landscape of professional football the bottom of the hour we'll bring back some Chris Kluwe we comments. He spoke today to Sports Illustrated we've got some audio from him the former punter of the former kicker for the Minnesota Vikings. And at 145 we're gonna do some famous story somebody try to bragged to me eight female try to bracket the other day because she didn't know who I was at. And he's trying to -- that she knew -- out since he knows dirt you know who you are exactly right he's -- man behind a microphone as one man show -- boys -- -- -- date this girl -- no I did not date has come close to you know I didn't I'll tell you the story. At 145 -- seeded fourth here is Cliff Lee I had ever ask you about them. Here's Cliff Lee after the game yesterday with the giants. I want this team to win -- -- I can I hope that happen. It's that's really. This tournament -- we were -- What words I just a decent honest -- reporters -- to acknowledge that nobody is editing -- they look nice start up. Here to resort -- I want this team went on and everything I can. Help that happen. This through in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like I enjoy -- if anybody who knows me you guys know in the studio you know we -- -- -- all all look the laid up and boom there you -- -- let one fly but when yet chicks running LEB a little more careful so you gotta be the kind of shifted the scene. It's accurate movie theater you know you kind of would look around just like to sit down normally you're doing damage you're lifting your body well -- handles his -- -- you just Brett you -- it comes out as nothing but just. Air CIA as. I found an athlete I used more often like especially the ones who don't like talking media could Cliff Lee comes off as one of the guys just isn't a big fan of haven't talked very long with media. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often where they just let one rip in the middle interview and everything is like if you really stick around and smell the -- -- cut right now added if it's -- -- pop -- Brett Favre is back and and is he didn't interview with ESP you know 1000 Chicago where they ask him about going back to Lambeau Field. In that it was said that he had an appearance last year at Lambeau but he decided that he wasn't going to go because he was afraid of being booed. He came out today Bret -- look at. I've heard that it was a concern of mine I'm here to tell you it's not I'm not worried about that I'm well aware that you can't please everyone. Not everyone's going to like you regardless you know that so be it but I think sixteen years and adding Green Bay. Speaks for itself the Packers are gonna -- try to honor him. This season. And my I would I don't think he's going to get booed at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But now that we've moved on now Aaron Rodgers has proven himself to be arguably the best quarterback in the NFL now that Aaron Rodgers has brought you. This same number of Super Bowl champions as as Brett Favre did any. At what point you now move on as a fan base like it if this was -- and it was the year after he left an -- rockers like sports game as a starter -- wanted to boo him when he walked out. As still disagree with you but at least I'd understand it a little bit if he walked out of Lambeau Field he got booed I would be shocked to me that's a Smart fan base it's a die hard loyal fan base. I don't really understand the necessity to -- a -- -- Far Niemi elect is that the the bill packer fan out there that looks as his vikings Stanton gets so upset when he season that he -- Yeah aegis you have no perspective. Of reality and what he did for your organization what he meant to them because. I remember watching these -- NFL classic games and then in the early nineties when Holmgren put him in yeah -- never thought he'd become this you know starting quarterback right away. And he just took the team all over him from then on and they kept winning and winning and winning. I don't know how you have a quarterback and a leader of your team. For his many years of Brett Favre deal with the Packers who consistently had your team in the running for Super Bowl potential quarterback in team. And you boo him when he comes to retire his number. I don't care if greater Roy played the lakers for three -- Clyde Drexler played the lakers for two seasons. Why would would we -- woman became active work I doubt I wouldn't care I'd think back to what he did for our team and I give a standing ovation. Yes -- -- Brett Favre trivia. It was first in the first pass sure -- ever completed in the NFL you know -- to. Himself. Was the right through it it was deflected in the air he -- ran. About that I'm -- -- know that one at that that's a great little bar factoid. This thing -- at -- -- dynamite yeah. Wanna get up single pull out when do you ever put a big night you could say that now you're a hard time tribute to people -- you Brett Favre now you know. -- -- complete his birth basket himself. -- -- -- -- The New York Giants -- tricky can't they stuck paying their camp. I really view Eli Manning now giving his season last year in Tom Coughlin may be one of his last season's coaching. How we view him as well organic -- and comments do you. From the clue we Chris -- the former punter for the Minnesota Vikings. As he was joking in that Mikey situations getting pretty serious wasn't ideal from him. At the bottom of the army giant's stock Nationalists and Indian portrait spring and the. Okay. And towards third and strategists served up by buffalo wild winds on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 I really do believe there either going to live up tonight or they're gonna having very mediocre season. Thrown me under the bus all bulls lot of trust is -- -- here that they. It just didn't backed up on over and over. But anyone doing McCauley yeah that's the bottom of the -- -- like it's not pretty -- country a lot of exhaust and tire tracks. Come under here killing I'm writing public transit he has put your wipers. Buzz is back in the Atlanta -- you guys still left bloggers in my -- -- you know what I was up there -- those guys like others on my. That's chair you do I'll watch it's disgusting. And I sit behind you in the studio -- -- to -- sitting -- -- that's part of who dirty is what's wrong with picking your -- there's nothing wrong in the realm of Flickr. -- -- -- an area and -- know do we know where it's getting going if that you can't control you have a general vicinity you know it's gonna land meant that it disposals the boycott. All usually flick in the garbage can but yes I know or else on the corner ran nobody going to be. And -- can play hide and seek in that colonel just chuckle to myself playing and east of the -- longer. The giants can't -- New York Giants can't -- -- is under way right now and you've heard some comments coming out of out of their camp particularly about Eli Manning in kind of where he scenes in the pantheon of quarterbacks he was sacked. 39 times last year yet when he seven interceptions. -- -- Couldn't avoid him at all any other people think that be an easy football draft a series you mop he's got some good value there. At Eli Manning is curious case study. Just for the simple fact that he has to the Super Bowl rings nobody gives him credit for those. But they give him credit enough that they don't criticize and yet he did it's fast yet he does get a pass on poor performances EU. And rightfully so because he played phenomenal in those two playoff runs Super Bowl MVPs but he deserves not -- criticized. But he also doesn't get a lot of praise and he's -- -- right on that bubble. Where there's not much you can really say about Eli in what he's done one way or the other. But you remember that conversation we did a couple days ago about people looking looking -- athletes differently once they won that championship -- rankings and he if you honestly looked at stats does Eli -- Goodyear's. But if you looked at last couple. Do you really think. Hall of fame guaranteed. One of the top ten quarterbacks -- -- I don't I don't view him that way anymore. He's not mobile he had the ankle injury last year he says he's a 100% going into camp this year but. You don't know how long that's gonna last idea wrestle with those two incredible playoff yes and I I don't. I think -- he can't take it away from him. But I also look at a lot of I think a lot of things kind of worked out in their -- during those runs I mentioned is more I think playing New England the last week -- the season. Going in that playoff front helped him tremendously in the Super Bowl -- I give them -- 130%. Credit for the next Super -- conceit played fantastic. That that's the crux of these kinds of conversations with players do we just evaluate -- -- is the biggest game of their career. But do we just a guy anyway yeah good one of -- -- don't -- what -- -- -- -- do we just about weight those two seasons of success and then look past everything else I don't. I counted in -- say OK -- had a good career you won two Super Bowl as you were the MVP. But also look at last year we had 26 interceptions. I'm sorry I don't I don't T tell how many players get a -- like -- -- and X 27. I mean how many players get that pass having a big part is his last name I don't announced a time. Yet the last name -- -- two greens are are what saves Eli Manning -- look at this he is such a fascinating athletes a look at because at this because he has these years where you're just looking -- -- like one is -- audio right now look. He also going to be thirty -- last year and are leading rusher for the New York Giants last it was Andre Brown on the 492. Yards. After leading rusher right there -- and it was terrible defense was terribly did have a whole lot of help on the offensive line so there's a lot bigger problems on this football team and just Eli Manning throwing a lot of interceptions though. That has been a problem that's plagued his career I look at the giants this year tough schedule you gotta go through the NFC west got to play everybody at Seattle home against San Francisco. It's are you losing -- Hakeem -- to the colts. That's going to be a big -- and they got -- Beckham and the junior from -- from LSU and in the draft -- -- -- back -- but -- -- -- an -- -- -- got back Mario Manningham to he's 200% did so -- I -- you hope he can -- -- 100% and I believe yesterday I just yes getting David Wilson was finally cleared. To start playing once again so look. He's gonna get some help back on offense but to be. You know that when you look at Eli Manning it becomes a question of how long how long in between a championship for you to go here now are only a couple years removed from the last one. How many more years is he's gonna get it becomes out again and goes you know eighteen touchdowns 27 picks. Are we gonna be sit here and next year maybe a little bit of a hot -- and in the next offseason neck you know between fifteen the policies and so. There's a lot of question -- but he is a fascinating quarterback to look at because at the biggest moments of his career he stepped up and he's been unbelievable. He you know he's Joseph Flacco just with what -- Joseph Flacco avid member of the playoffs from the Joseph Flacco went on with the ravens. It was unbelievable lady gets his hundred million dollar deal literally is looking at him like he's a top five quarterback Joseph Flacco this Joseph Flacco back. In your in your whole lot from him last you know I don't expect to hear from -- a lot this year but would he get a -- it's it's the weird thing about sports if you get a rating. People are willing to look past you being an interception thrower and -- your team losses. Because you've done it because they know you can do it. Luke may be a bad word here but you can you can fluke your way into or like your -- beginning a rain. -- -- or he's -- to perform. You don't luck you're waiting eating two super oval ring no just never is is now you have to now hi hello I heard it was a little -- -- especially -- replay but the second yeah. Yankee to have two super that his brother doesn't. Drew Brees doesn't think -- you know Aaron Rodgers doesn't his brother it says -- -- why it's so -- and some people say they take in all of them because this hearing -- he is usually get when you put an end clutch situations he's got -- temperament but armor for the longest time we discussed Eli Manning is. Not a leader. And he was always easier but I would point to and say when people talk about leadership LaMarcus Aldridge is an example where peoples of the market is no leader. And people disassociate leadership -- being vocal in your face and yelling at you but Eli does it any different ways guided his teammates like. But the the issue for me with the giants is. Not it is Tom cost because I I just I he's a good coach. But his have yet hearings as well guess how do you not looking him in the same idea ultimately jags their first I think that's exactly at it he's got -- did you raise it did coach but his temperament. Thankfully he's got Eli and his temperament to help mellow things out. But he is temperament is not one given his current NFL climate. That you're able to succeed in long term given the talent. And the type of people that are in the NFL right now it's just it's if you have got a quarterback that can kind of stabilize that a little bit and mellow it out. That's a huge help their perfect state for each other. But EE any other quarterback in that situation and Tom Coughlin is easily be fired by now and he's got -- to think for that. Oh yeah and imparts I remember watching Michael Strahan is that a -- in life and then you know the -- -- network that you know I think with one player and they follow -- -- throughout the careers of I -- listening to some of the things he said in how much he needed Tom Coughlin because he was this big stickler. Find my debt thousand dollars grant -- -- yet by -- -- should be if you're -- -- actually -- one of those guys and I bet -- there was a there's probably a point where. Strands last year if they don't win that Super Bowl. And their meaning get this to rule where's Tom Coughlin now he doesn't have to -- to -- -- probably on employer retiree was on the hot seat before they want -- -- -- absolutely every offseason egos and it it was -- -- and you bring it back stage he's a manager that's pure and Rebecca ended that kind of goes into to meet. Again I don't I don't say flu he would their second championship. But I I think sometimes you just get the right pieces at the right not the right time there are solid baseball their first one was a ton of veterans their second one had a great mix of young guys and entering guys who wanted to try to get that second ring. -- give some credit to Tom -- but I also think there's a big part of eight Eli Manning played phenomenally and beat you just have the perfect rosters to win Super Bowls that you know I think it just worked out perfectly for him. It it's kind of weird how we do that with coaches and players we view coaches -- different evenly of the rings. But with players are horn in the stratosphere when they get a -- also won big time games is the giants against the Packers like they want and it just gives it to -- does patriots in Super Bowl but. -- -- -- -- And I was as an eagle in the Lambeau Field the first icing conditions that it was Brett favre's last game NFC title game and he through the -- -- in the game in the next year that this considerable that they won they went into Green Bay. And somebody at the correct me if I'm wrong but I compensates is keen to ask you actually that was a year Green Bay was fifteen and -- -- -- -- it -- it was a year after they had one is available on the had to go into Wimbledon when they had to go to San Francisco and in the NFC title game and it was a great game McCain on the wire. Dhaka to Regis like when you talk about Eli Manning and you say you know people -- not a leader people say you know he's not vocal he's not what it takes he does that make it to be a quarterback. And didn't ensued as he won a suitable that argument went away. To me it's the same way would top -- just say you like I can't look at a guy so that is temperament is right when he's won two reeks to me EE get yourself a longer leash. Would you do when -- championship I -- you can get away would be in Iran asked when you have some hardware on your fingers. If you don't then you get into trouble then that's when you look at a player a player looks EU. Like a Michael Strahan story before they when the Super -- -- I hate them private it's laid up or -- short on time from meeting I get fan I find this -- -- yes I'm a football player should not go through this. You won a Super Bowl then all of a sudden you look at -- okay maybe this guy knows what he's a little bit. Yeah and we of the semi -- -- says Joan name it is a good example what you're typing you guys got one Marino lots of really. Average year it's his stats he might be statistically one of the worst players in the hall of -- he really is month like people don't realize how average of a quarterback he really was entire career a predictions on where the giants finish this year knee. I I and is listed second in the NFC east I think he'll be a little more improved if they can stay healthy I think they can contend with Philly I really do believe they just they're a weird team like that -- -- -- Or the year named bounce right back even last I mean when you look at them in and we also you're talking about that they were seven enough you know -- couple couple wins away from me I started -- I think 015 I -- yeah it terrible the start of the -- -- probably yeah I look at them as the second place team to -- find a way to throw picks and get Dallas out of the conversation Washington has not done enough to turn around from their three and thirteen season. Philly I think we all expect to talk about that yesterday to win the division. New York is is it perfect TV writer -- 89 and seven if you're lucky seven and I negated given how much you're you're you're second in the -- -- Well we just got some breaking sports news or race horse owned by the queen of England failed doping test so. There's a lot at play here with where our show goes from here. Here is Jodi -- With sports and then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio Canadian style program but. Our shenanigans are cheeky and fun out there and his shenanigans are cruel and tragic. Which makes them not shenanigans and all really huge and millions. I sure Connell pistol -- the next guy says shenanigans. They've -- was in a restaurant you item -- followed movie on the wall in the mozzarella sticks. -- -- Okay. Okay right. Okay. Your most ridiculous. Story about some meeting you know war associated with them might be famous I any female that I minutes. A couple of days ago to try to name drop -- On that story for you and about ten minutes from now that's that's one of the proudest moments in my career and his there that's one of the -- -- It's females in this city that I don't know what I do for a living and attractive -- yeah that's an idea and I'm still not convinced you do -- the company's. Okay. Chris clearly show. This community of people unemployed cares she's got a boyfriend or beyoncé and -- if you're a member was very outspoken about being mean advocate. For gays and gay rights issues. And he wrote an op Ed piece in the the Minnesota Vikings said no you're out of here we're not gonna deal with this again Serena was a distraction to his team. And they said no you're you're not get enough we're gonna cut you that he comes back and -- saying that it was. Basically discriminatory workplace and that there were some -- before -- homo phobic comets. That were made by members of the home Minnesota Vikings the vikings came back and yeah well. Your you're not want stocks years to Chris Kluwe we. Came back and tried to say his joke about Jerry sandusky. And the joke was they had a hole in his pants he was walking around the special teams coordinator was at Penn State grad. And he made a comment about don't come near me Jerry sandusky. Bad tastes yet it was a really bad taste in hearing him explain this in and we're going to -- -- It's terrible here it is. I don't I realize that a lot of people found my joke in court case which I'm sure it was the entire purpose of the Kingsley speaking it character assassination is Satan tried and true tactic for any sort of crescent lawsuit. As from SI now we just exactly what he's doing doing Minnesota by the end he goes on to say. I was making fun of the culture -- Penn State an innocent. Offended people and I apologize I'm sorry for that but to make it seem like I was making fun of victims of child abuse I mean that that is terrific and really that kind of upsets me from a personal perspective that the vikings -- -- stayed that way because that's. You know that that's insulting. What -- can't -- one more and run it have you angered is a more title here is overtime. I don't I realize that a lot of people found my joke in court case which I'm sure it was the entire purpose of the -- slick speaking it character assassination is Satan tried and true tactic for any sort of -- closet and -- -- -- -- manage future blood -- I was making fun of the culture. It Penn State an innocent. Offended people that I apologize I'm sorry for that but to make it seem like I was making fun of victims of child abuse I mean that that is terrific and really that kind of upsets from a personal perspective that the vikings -- trends in -- that way because that's you know that that's insulting. Chris clearly ladies and gentlemen. Come on out there and he's man. About a little bit last week we -- an animal a little bit yesterday on the show in two mile. Somebody called him and product at a point you know don't attacking guy because he's fighting for a good cause he's fighting began bigotry against gay people at home full of people out of the NFL which is -- -- mama I'm all for supporting -- but the way he's gone about it from day one. As a bit ridiculous attacks to me when I look at Chris Cooley is more about him. It is more about building his branded it actually is for fighting -- -- -- -- that's what he's trying to accomplish at this if Chris Kluwe weak in all seriousness it just like we say Michael -- if Chris Cooley was not fighting for gay rights -- not. A gay activists out there with anybody know his nickname more than 300 you know I don't let -- -- in Italy's entire name is okay -- you Sean Ryan -- sure that sounds right to meet and the only sounds like a movie character he should be in the CIA it look. People don't know partners -- people don't know who partners is the only reason we know Chris Cooley is is because it is into the I love that the Minnesota Vikings put that out -- I do because if you're gonna stand up you're gonna point an organization and say. They were saying I'm hopeful that things they've fired me for wrongful reasons despite the fact that he was a terrible punter and that's the reason he was released it was it did it. If he was the best putter in the NFL you don't -- a guy -- like that. For defending gay rights -- just don't do what you'll do in the NFL he was a terrible punter that's why they released him in the first place. I don't believe that it had anything to do with him supporting gay rights in this country. But if you're gonna cut gonna attack an organization for doing that you better make sure you don't have any skeletons in your closet and I loved the Minnesota Vikings pointed this out because. Which when you worked someplace -- what elect these kind of -- get thrown around a lot too much I absolutely agree with that in society you can take our conversations we have before the show and you can take probably a lot things out of context he could sit there and say well these guys it is he could probably do that with everybody you probably cut in every work environment every bar room in this entire country. A lot of things are taken out of context I would I love that he was put on the spot and he was put in a position where he would defend himself and thinks he said. Making funny kids that were raped by by tear gas and. And it's hard to I mean yet he's making fun of Jerry sandusky is she's not a good situation to make public. GE says is out of context of what's out of context about EU. Pulling your panhandle and on the back and ask yeah cut a hole in his in his pants and -- track what's yet what is what is this is out of kindness and I was making fun of the culture. Let's face it always making fun of the culture culture of sexual abuse against little jokes defenses little children have fun coaches make fun of I guess Chris -- -- -- I never liked him we've been pretty adamant about that but he in the past he's had Twitter back and forth between players and media members. He's been fairly sharp I couldn't believe how dumb he sounded in this -- It's one thing to come out and try to defend yourself against something that the vikings released in May be just own up to an insane. I'm immature that was a terrible moment for me. He straight -- didn't take any responsibility at all for making that joke I don't hear it your intent was to go after the culture of Penn State put on a terrible guys on big glass is reading glasses and just going to let -- I'm running -- I'm looking away. Don't put on a pair pants with a hole landed. And try to tell me it's just about poetry you are in your -- making fun of a lot of children whose lives and have pretty much been ruining impacted yes I got into high -- scandal this is a classless guy a guy with a motive a guy who cares about nobody but himself and I'm glad the vikings released -- on now we all know what an -- he really -- the reminds -- of politicians and -- out there fighting for you know saying there is a fighter for family values -- We need to bring family values back this country that they're having -- months later you find out there -- you know blazing trails some Brazilian woman -- -- out what happened -- values you're talking -- -- -- the -- -- yeah governor of South Carolina what was his name. -- and the guys that ran for president John Edwards -- -- John yeah -- hurting him. -- some legitimate breaking news Thomas Robinson of the Portland trailblazers. Has undergone thumb surgery. And he is expected to be ready for -- In the torn ligament can Mark Sanford that's the arsonists are urgent effort. Yet honest I was in the Portland trailblazers citizens is just underwent surgery to -- -- repair torn ligament in his right -- it was announced today -- SJ said. And he queens courts failed a drug test thank you down and I seem legitimate breaking news -- -- -- sheeting and everything they can possibly -- Your claim to say -- you're going to claim to same story -- a girl trying name drop dirt. That story for you next you got -- spring we are served up by Buffalo Wild -- on -- anything. Then towards third and spread -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. Did you think I've forgotten you perhaps you hope guys that. Don't waste of -- morning mr. bonds every kid who grows up to be attacked. They -- so harmless to -- small quiet lapping up this saucer of milk but once they close get a long enough. They draw blood and sometimes from the hand that feeds them. For those of us climb into the top of the food chain there can be no mercy there is but one. Content. -- behind the. Welcome. -- -- Yeah -- Yeah. We just got his in the Portland trailblazers. And he said that Thomas Robinson has undergone thumb surgery is expected to be ready for fall training camps and time missed. Surgery was performed up in Vancouver Washington. Peace health southwest medical center lane he peace now that's amount of time peace and house. -- in health and the selfless medical -- idea of course engine that July 15. During Portland summer league game against Atlanta and ended down in Las Vegas. The important thing now here is he is ready to go -- ready to go by Portland's spot training camp and -- to guilt started the season we knew he heard it didn't tore that ligament we didn't really know what the ramifications are. Now we deal the other story going on in sports today is Tony that -- comments on Michael -- Tony Dungy has come out and try to clarify things. But we're we're trying to get to the bottom of the the celebrity sports stories that people like -- news or the celebrity stories of people like to draw. Everybody has their humble -- yet yours is Jacoby Ellsbury yes mine is Ndamukong Suh. I was going to sports and that's you that's what we -- -- conversation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heavy refreshing and -- guy Jack White yes I did -- with a -- agency down with these normal I knew. Has won you know I I work did enterprise or a car for a while my life and pay some bills. And because they give you the tools and I was working with this guy and he -- were once a while -- mainly he worked in enterprise. And he is best friend is like really good friends Jack -- they were in town in. He invited me we got off the midnight shift and we just went to the bar and hung out and think I was a really nice guy we talked the entire time -- sports we talked about life laid back locked out. The bill so is this guy that he seems like a big deal was announced Jack -- eighty he's with the love the black stripes a loser you know why extra. And these -- -- assassin is a really normal guy and he's a nice guy. He's been -- it's -- him in the given the black keys yet you know you know that -- does that's that's on that stupid that soccer the -- fans change some elements -- -- -- sound good job Jack line and he didn't even now. I got a couple other celebrity sports don't that are not supported celebrity stories I've got a couple -- a big celebrity. Try to connect myself that -- tired -- dropper on the name dropper I also got named dropped over the weekend so. -- -- -- church function and and there are in this in their asking what I what I do for a career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So pieces this person if you are asking me and I you know communications media oh yeah what he'd do. You know I'd do some radio things here and there oh yeah -- are right well I worked for ESPN FI hello this yellow. It's -- this this girl -- an attractive female says to me well well if you're in sports then you have to know. Who eighty Johnson Nixon at that she goes easily viewers see I think he's a pretty big deal IDS. And I sit in the in the Johnson let me play you know he doesn't play -- yeah I did I get ethnic ethnic studies here Andy you don't think about else about it just now I just know that he he's pretty. ESPN. And I guess he really important there any is easy as doing a really good job with his critics who are all yeah I live with Eddie Johnson. The play dumb yeah he's dropped I had all the Bernardo hurt you -- -- dirt and Akron the issues is handicapped that so I had -- -- via email. That's fantastic now I just that that is not I was like some of the coolest things I've got in a while because you'll get that from your guy friends occasionally but what does that digit doesn't get you anywhere else is Susie got chicks album -- known yet that's what you know you made an impact that's when you know you made it'll. -- -- your best celebrity your go to celebrity's story my money is I -- -- a golf course and a pretty good friends. With the present in the PGA Wilbur disease and you -- nannies. And he was married. To Sylvester Stallone's sister. Is she ugly. An external. I knew the people that I knew Sylvester Stallone's sister what's her name's Sharon Stallone who can actually make him. Okay yeah this on nobody you know -- -- -- -- -- no way that this is the only I the only reason I knew -- -- had siblings it was because of Fred Claus when his brother was and the support group for Brothers with famous celebrity siblings also I ended up playing golf with Stevie Williams tiger's former caddy I got to see tiger got to meet tiger vice uptight. My claim to -- -- that's I love try to do as soon as Stevie Williams yes I'd like to associate myself with other -- -- in Reno -- my folks is that my -- and -- it denies beautifully sells goods -- that's right and they used to film shows no lines in existence and it was absolutely terrible -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- film that neighborhood it's a perfect little town whenever I tell him on the as you -- evil -- leverage film crew was walking around in the paper. In the DTV -- that your I don't really disappointed you knew Stallone's sister and you bragged about Steve Bulent. Let's not throw let's bury the lead -- you met Elaine -- this year at the center and -- if he refused to get a liner for the show you refuse to ask enough and outlook is she gets an autonomous I was in the you know I'm going to be -- minute Julie Louis -- -- it she's a player and she's not look at Natalie and Alicia. Get a you drop the ball I dwell on the one that's gotten most liners for the show but hey let's debate and -- -- -- activities as I was trying to explain and Mike acts. Formerly C discipline because I -- with -- -- -- and I sat there and try to explain it as they could written it's. It's priority number one when your name dropping your humble bragging got an open any. The -- -- text in it what jurors eleven go to his celebrity stories. -- Charles Barkley was holding his skills on the golf course you know way off course it was clearly fed up lucky for him some teenage guy found his ball -- reward the kids. By allowing him to walk the rest of the courts within carrying his giant bag the kid was bragging about it Ford d.s to come she's at least it's now. Now people react once they need a celebrity. I got the reaction is always my favorite and and how the story imbalances as years go past. That's my -- part of -- when people -- really famously when you're not the only one has claimed it Stevie Williams and he set a -- senator -- she Williams every morning discipline thing and that's in the pool and it was a Cali and for exactly right Steve aliens got to -- -- senator -- so everybody senator -- -- cracked Steve Williams is that lower and lower the conclusion we've reached here. I think self -- if -- from that area a tape so you met Stevie Williams. Sarah Stallone Sylvester Maria. No -- -- you meet -- he met a sister who lets her name's Sarah Carol the comedian so anybody else the guy you played ball against Jacoby -- -- -- -- on. You know athletes story yes Sylvester Stallone -- -- -- meet Sylvester Stallone. Even sister I don't like the fact enemy attacked yes yeah like disabilities in and you know that's all and -- -- six degrees that's exactly it was everybody was in high school who knew who Arnold Schwarzenegger. Was satisfied and Dominique Johnson to back and -- Grow up next less Schwab. And less Schwab. That's got to count for something. The entire Williams the old football -- Stanford Notre -- watch I do the black when I once saw him in a movie theater outside Seattle and I I went up and I told him that -- organs they're gonna kick his -- that Nixon when he -- he laughed and said thank you on the go undefeated with losses -- -- Cayman -- while you're darn right got to -- into account that idea I met cal -- -- handing it to really -- to -- -- this according to a vehicle you know. On camera I'd be mapped to the jungle that's right I did know that famous person -- ideas yet famous person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I said to -- right. Like halfway through that conversation I would have been OK with it because I had a way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Movie in Majerus didn't hear it matters. I've driven through -- -- matches the land is pretty separate from driven through Madras. She who had images showing a movie in matters. And now win through and stated buddies hotel. In actually did get to see her -- -- demeanor but I can't see here. Very nice person the movie got canceled -- on Jennifer Aniston. Their prayers and not a fan of Madras and on the Brad for me you know Judah Friedlander follows me on Twitter. Who famous comedian who thirty Roxy gap the world champion and -- -- about those dumb stories like I went to California once they in my own schools like in laws. And need to -- this crap town called Fortuna it's like right by we -- California. And he drives me around to what am I doing here he goes this is where the Truman show was filmed yes. Are not the Truman show the the majestic swordfish was filmed in central completely because it and I'm Chris Berman. At the NFL owners' meeting impound as a back in the nineties he told us to come back -- back. So it will. -- It's as simple as I served in France in a restaurant ones she was a beat that's it's what you year last hour she said Thomas swordfish back three times it was to fish he's. Sports. Coming up we --

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