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Danforth, Dirt, & Sprague 7.22.14 Hr 1

Jul 22, 2014|

The guys discuss the comments by football analyst Tony Dungy on Ram's Linebacker Michael Sam. They also talk about the Oregon Ducks having one of the top offenses in the country.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You all know exactly who I. Then towards -- then sprayed is served up by buffalo wild wins are you ready we've Taylor dance floor at the time of the cook I'm the man who killed gusts very. -- Now. Same -- name. And eat -- Johnson just you asked me. If I was in the math and business the money business. Neither. I'm in the empire business and Brendan spray yeah. QC. I make here I -- I told him you wouldn't believe it. Clearly don't know who you're talking to so let me clue you -- I am not in danger Skyler I am on the danger a guy opens this story gets shot you think that. I am the one he cooks then towards -- and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 I actually. -- the. No distractions on today's show we are focused if we do that a distraction and maybe extension one Joey McCullough our esteemed producer yeah. Yeah streetcar system in this city you know sometimes we'll slow it takes you -- to get to your destination and there's usually a fine instead -- comes away from it to Joey why did the opposite mark around. -- we don't want distraction museum photos public transportation today. He smells like bumpy. I'm just gonna put out there right now he smells like bumpy and nothing in every Max and -- the system does. But he does and the so uncalled for theft and other side of the glass. But we will talk about Tony -- these comments today about Michael sand being a distraction for his team and why he wouldn't have taken him. Tony Dungy has since released a statement we are going to -- the Oregon Ducks offense in the evolution and what we can look forward to ESPN stats and -- -- a projection. And where they can -- substance is going to finish this year they Allison did the same with the beavers we'll discuss that at the bottom of the hour. Did you they continued preview yes it -- -- about the Eagles the giants the New York Giants football giants are in camp. We'll talk about being Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin as well gotta be at 1245. At 145 we're gonna do I was. Any little group Bible study today and that. I had somebody try to bragged to me about Dirks. Because they thought there was face immense pain he's a local media icon click that there's no drop in -- humble -- if you know I'm all for sole parent theme throughout the -- two days the times you've tried to brag about somebody famous that you've got a connection to you. 55305. And the Beaverton Toyota tax I could have some fun with that helped lead Apple's story. So if you got a claim to fame that's not really claim to fame or that you know somebody famous and you think it's a funny story let us know will do that 145 of course. The topic in sports today -- when Michael -- decided if or when Michael -- team out as gay. The three of us on the show said this story is not going anywhere in the media will pounce whenever they can't name and sure enough that's exactly what's taking place in the media cycle right now so Tony Dungy came out. In an article in the Tampa Bay Tribune and said I wouldn't have taken him. Not because I don't believe Michael seems should have a chance to play but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it he won and I say it's not going to be totally smooth things will happen. But then he released a statement and it's on pro football talk. And he said on Monday afternoon while on vacation with my family I was quite surprised three excerpts from an interview I gave several weeks ago. Related to this year's NFL draft. He said I was not asked whether or not Michael -- deserves an opportunity to play in the NFL -- he does I was not asked about his sexual orientation. If that should play a part it should not. He much Tony Dungy went on and I was not asked whether I would have a problem having Michael same on my team. I would not. And he goes on in this Damon is a page long and he said I wish Michael -- nothing but the best in his quest to become a star in the NFL I'm confident we'll get the opportunity show. What he can do on the field mice and serial. Is that you able to focus on his play and not his sexual orientation. You look I mean there there's a lot to go off of here and a and I think you're right and I hope we don't get to a point where this is like an exhausting topic because I don't we reach that point as well some times where you where you talk about -- -- a sales -- about to us earlier in the office today it's -- Michael Sam again this is still a conversation and to be that highlights why it is a distraction and look there's nothing wrong with saying that he is a distraction that doesn't mean that it's going to be a distraction in the showers. As a -- is gonna be a distraction in the locker room to me what when people talk about a distraction. It purely comes from -- -- -- is purely pointed at dots it's pointed us in the media and in terms of how much coverage that football teams getting -- now. There's never been a seventh round draft pick before he's played it down in the NFL that is received more coverage more hype and more publicity than Michael Sam and that's something that -- I don't think anybody. Can disagree with -- eventually you're gonna have some guys it maybe make it as a seventh round pick and will eventually get more coverage. The point that I believe everybody is missing here in terms of when you look at Michael -- and you talk about Izzy Izzy or is he not a distraction. Is that he is a fringe NFL player and that's why people are making comments like this now if Michael Sam was today beyond clouding the roles were switched and he was the number one overall pick. He was we knew it was gonna be the number one pick for two years he was a guy you knew you brunt of that TV product of that organization. Day one he's gonna be your starting defense and then you're gonna -- him in every single Sunday for the next ten years is that's what everybody believes -- going to be. Did you put up with the -- you find ways to put up a distraction with guys that can produce -- in this is the ultimate fear that I have for Michael Sam is that. You know we talked about last week you know when him and winning the war in how big of an impact is he gonna have my big fear is that he fails as an NFL player it is because I do want to get to a point. Where this is no longer an issue I want to reach that point here where we as a show find out whether it's five years or not take years not fifteen years from now somebody comes out as gay and it's not an issue we don't talk about it it's not a distraction. Because we will get to that point but until we get to that point. Saying that is it is a distraction to be is not hopeful look in any way shape or form it's the same way I'm not comparing the struggles of the guys go through it's the same way people -- to Tim Tebow it's the same way people. Why maybe Johnny -- and so dropped to the end of the first round to see reason last year why there was a lot of concerns over me anti Taylor do you wanna get him -- -- not -- again. Certain guys are distractions not because what they're gonna do in the locker room but because of the media frenzy that it will cars and when you look at Michael -- sees a separate update. Is it worth the distraction to me there's nothing promising. Yeah I mean when you read dungy statement today I think it's pretty clear first what you have to step back for second you can't just overreact to his comments and that's what I wanted to yesterday I wanted to go off on Twitter and yeah I thought about maybe hit you guys -- maybe doing a little fifteen minute podcast on this design this was pretty big news when he came out how people world reacting all these articles were being written. But if you read his statement the fact that he did this three months ago what happened three months -- we all -- Michael Sam was doing a documentary. Reality show the Oprah Winfrey network and look I only using me out there that would disagree. That is terrible that's not good for team that's an added distraction that she didn't -- so I completely see we're Tony Dungy was coming from because he's looking at this. From a coaching perspective. I must -- six to eight articles last night. I can't I still can't grasp. What the big deal is with his comet's ice I still don't get -- I'm a pretty big you know I am among the liberal in some ways in society with how we progresses people. But with Tony done these comments when you're looking am from a coaching and organizational standpoint. I still have not been able to really comprehend where the outrage should be because he never really said neat thing direct. He's he came out today and said look. If we're talking about his homosexuality. That has nothing to do with it if he had been on his skill set -- had Mary in terms of him playing and being our roster. Great I'd be all -- People always wanna point to things that Tony done he's done in said and the one thing that's really upset me is the Michael Vick comments. You know we don't know Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports put that in instead. Well he had no problem sticking up for Mike -- Olbermann did to Obama did today has nothing to do with might make him what he did the fact is we knew Mike Vick was as a football player before he went to prison. Two years -- so what you still knew there was a chance -- potentially could be getting Mike. Being the only place I disagree with you there as sick as I greatly in terms of talking about Mike Vick as a player there was there was more question there's more question about Michael sand and what impact he had on the field and ism and Michael Vick coming out of jail. But Michael Vick was a distraction he was in terms of media coverage when he was signed it was people protesting outside the stadium. There was news cover how big was in the second -- it went down because I didn't play that first year but at first upon signing him that was much greater big headlines when they are right. You're right but his second year he played twelve games he started twelve games 3000 yards 21 touchdowns and six interceptions he was a pretty productive distraction. That's my only point I would create you don't want media. But having some -- him produce is a big difference spread the what you're gonna get in this is and will play the Olbermann -- free -- -- that this is where you're going to get people that say. -- -- the fact that you have to deal what they distraction. Worth what the potential results could be and that's where people are going to point to and say. The impact and you could argue the impact one way or the other and didn't -- a cost benefit and that's exactly what it is but it admitted that it's a positive enough and the case and Olbermann made was. Look it was an eight convenience at one time and it was a distraction one time. To have African American coaches but. Tony Dungy and players as well and play last 4050 years ago but you -- I've got a problem. He was the -- got a problem last -- is about talent that's what sports is about look at the Dallas Cowboys in the ninety's. What do Jimmie Johnson say. I'm not treating the last pick in the draft the same way I treat Michael Irvin Troy -- why is that has nothing do with sexuality race nothing. What can you produce for me on the field seven the last pick in the draft I have no problem saying yeah. I don't wanna be distraction I'm not saying I'm against homosexuality. But if you're damn near won the last picks in the NFL draft and you're not guaranteed to produce anything. You shouldn't be treated the same as somebody who's picked number one or that's had eight solid years behind him -- and this is again when we are talking about him winning the courage award. There's something that is going to be a distraction -- can continue to be a distraction but you've got to understand. And he doesn't understand and I don't think the people around him understand. The know what they've gotten themselves into from a media standpoint and the -- will pick it up there next. Place in this Olbermann audio we've got ducks -- coming anti bottom of the hour as well as beavers talk. On how they progress in their offense and where ESPN stats and info. Projects their opposites is to be an issue we'll talk about that. Acts 1230 we're also gonna try to bring a little levity to show today we're talking about your lame basically. You're whenever your go to famous person's story. We'll discuss that at 145. As well you're listening to it for dirty spread were served up by about -- lot of things. -- -- -- -- -- Then towards third and -- his served up by buffalo wild swings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so frail and you know. With this claim to fame he went to Michael Jackson's ranch when he was again yet that that's a little scary is this a true story surgeries in one of the best days in my life fall jokes aside. You did you -- to do that back in the system is actually really nice guy about that Miami and Michael Jackson in Disneyland -- -- -- -- -- cookies she got a picture with -- if she -- she did you -- in the -- surgical mask in the red -- -- black -- -- a fever guarded view open of the money you're into the end zone and they are as a Michael Jackson knows. Does know she doesn't it -- -- -- he's got facial easier lookalike -- cheeses smoke and -- Colombian man and you guys. What to expect from the Oregon Ducks offense as well as the Oregon State offense at the bottom of the hour ESPN stats and included a projection of where they expect their options to end up this year we'll bring that to you in fifteen minutes from now. There's Michael same story but whenever you're in the media there's always a worry if fatigue on certain stories and I think you're approaching that point of Saturday there was Michael -- In this is where we -- we discussed Michael sand at the very beginning in the early stages the debate was this pretty -- and before very opinionated on it. But now what you can't afford to have happen if you're Michael sand as if you're. And that's why I said about the espy's and this is what about his documentary everything is going on -- you Kiet fatigue people. On your cars and you can't -- people with your name so it's not his fault this is not his fault. But there is you but you have to know that this is going to constantly be an issue in July in sports media and in sports in general there's nothing going on a separate camps. There's only so much previewing you can do in the media. And so they're going to they're going to try and look for things they being the media. And that's I say when this when you got it when you come up with a strategy of what you're trying to do here. -- need to be a little more Smart. More aware I guess of your surroundings and people's intentions and people's motivations. Of what they're trying to accomplish with you when you're -- it's just is like it's frustrating for us as were technically in the media so when people are. Overreacting to stories and writing a -- articles in bashing people without knowing the full extent. That that reflects poorly on us I think in general as a whole now for me I think this is kind of a two way street though. This story goes away. When people stopped clicking and caring about in a minute ratings go down our click sorry I'm never right which is not yet for quite some time they might not have -- can be a comment about a player calling Michael same machine or something like that this year I guarantee that's going to be huge story. But people that complain about not I've kind of been one -- we talked about this for the show. How exhausted are we going to get in this subject guiding our priority AM. But for me it's a two way street fans don't wanna hear or read about it. You can't pay attention to what it really is that simple we -- time and time again in sports if you want something away the best the best medicine is to not pay attention is to not fall for the -- beating. So for me. As soon as fans give up on it then it won't be historian I'm hoping that soon I really am but I think. Not all fans out there reading a big portion of fans are partially to blame for this -- where are you with the story 55305. And be -- to tech time because there's a lot of stories Tebow. A -- -- -- people say they're tired of LeBron they say they're tired of it. But the ratings show other. Yeah immediately and it reminds me you know we are tired by the sleeve Jersey yesterday for the blazers and you know if you wanna get rid of and then tell people to stop buying the -- jerseys it to people are buying and the union is not to continue to make up. You're looking to me this is this is a byproduct -- -- this is a very slow time in sports -- Tony Dungy comes out and says this a weeks three of the regular season is it as big of a headline to me it's not because we and actual games that are reacting to be an actual teams that were reacting to players' injuries whatever the case may be. There's things that we're actually reacting to and we have one of our. How tough for the time period this is 'cause there's not a single and I would love to talk baseball for two hours every show but I you know why I support I love our listeners and I could do that to be every single day. This is a product of of just kind of a time that we have right now its fourth but I do believe we're going to get to a point. Resist because you know -- not issue is not the right way to phrase it but a lot like an anti -- situation because I remember what anti -- was drafted last year. That was such a huge story in the girlfriend and is seen Diego gonna put up with the distract me that was a huge storyline going into last season. Bye week -- -- -- three nobody talked about -- anti -- nobody paid attention to now the ramifications here are ten times better than they -- from anti -- I'm not I'm not to disagree with that at all there was a dead -- involved yeah yeah that was it was just read your story but kinda yeah -- -- -- with with this story we're dealing with here -- it will whenever we talk about you know supporting Michael -- people having to acknowledge that he is a French player. That also comes with the territory that he is a French player and at some point he will figure out his role with that team and being a French player -- get a couple weeks into the season. With saint louis' defense on the best defense is in the NFL one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Michael -- not gonna be playing every Sunday he's just not at the best he's gonna be a kick -- guy a kickoff return -- a punt return guy and maybe if he's not to stop on the practice squad. And so to -- we will reach a point in this season. That he is not quite as big of the headline now training camp comes around sure they're gonna talk about a pre season games his First Act of course it's going to be a story. But once we get the regular season I do honestly believe that this will eventually saw what taper down and somewhat die out. Just for the sheer fact that he's not gonna be playing he's just not gonna -- impact on the field every single Sunday so I hope we can't reach that point this season where were like all right finally. We're gonna forget about -- not forget is in the right were able to get to a point where this is kind of on the back burner and it's not a story we're talking about every single day. Antonio Pierce former giant was on might get might this morning years what do you say about Tony Dungy this report. Love it or hate it that's what we get paid to do and everybody has their opinion about it. I thought Tony done dungy did a great job that he was honest I think most people the situation have give. Given the politically correct answer. A lot of guys feel totally different what they're saying don't camera from a reporter so. Tony Dungy was honest and I agree however say of Michael fell as a teammate -- still playing and we're here in New York City. Not by apologizing would be a distraction and I would not want to have to deal with that every day. It just comes back to you and it's it this way with all NFL team that is his way with any -- think there's a certain. Point did you reach where it's it's almost it's just it's basically a graph where it's just a roller -- where it goes up and up to support goes. It's starting -- -- is starting to gain is starting game but then all of a sudden something happens and I was I was this -- with -- Zell last year and it's nothing of his fault. But I was Israeli man's cell where I supported him loved him and then coverage just ruined it -- and -- and I started to see here's amenities that are basically it's about the reverses type yes and went back up and it's not. Necessarily fair to have my opinions dictated by some sort of live coverage. But it does and advocates say to a team is Wednesday night to dazzle of with a lot of athletes. -- the way that we go about covering this and exploiting it per our own good does being the media. Hurts the cost of -- Michael seems camp or Europe or Saint Louis ram. You're going to get asked questions about this there's no way around it is going to be talking point there's no way around it but again. You have to ask yourself and Michael -- what is the end goal here what you want what do you want out of this and I don't know that he knows the answer that do you wanna play football you wanna be an advocate -- Where do you come down what you wanna accomplish here because of your goal. Is to assimilate. You're not doing a very good job of it if your goal is to be an advocate an outspoken. Then you're still not doing a very good job of controlling the message they you've got out years has understated his feet -- to understand. Where the public is on this issue. And how they have to craft that and how he takes his interviews and everything and how we exception is awards everything involved with him has to be so calculated. That it's just not there right now -- -- -- to me so I -- I think it's unfair to point a finger at Saint Louis and -- a -- Michael Sammy and I was saying how does he control this -- yet because and that's the one and it makes sense that sense that news came out in -- in dungy talked about in his statement he released in a sense that news came out about the documentary that Oprah's Oprah was -- film and every basically everybody jumped on board said -- -- -- don't do and don't have cameras walking around. He -- fallen out of the -- accessed -- except for the ESP speech which he of course he's gonna go and accept an award they give -- -- of course he's -- -- and -- but there has been no comments about how there's been any issues in the locker -- resent his teammates about welcomed him with open -- the coaches. Jeff Fisher was there at the SP supporting and so to me. This is the problem with the situation is that at some point there's nothing to St. Louis Rams and there's nothing -- and can do about this just like you said. This is a great example that Tony Dungy has nothing to with Michael sand. It is nothing to do with the Saint Louis rant he makes a comment and a newspaper 34 weeks ago when he made these comments it was just released on Sunday and now this what they're still. Comments made. Like Brett -- is a good example there's there's still comments made about Brett Favre and that news cycle when that capitalism but there are things that he did to fuel that fire -- by side from the as he's was he done -- he no commented when they asked him about dungy the grabbed that isn't something the draft coverage -- and the Oprah documentary program. And ESP that's legal matter X 03 months he Oprah thing died out pretty quick nobody instill. But it's still there but these did you get you can't it's still -- it's -- you can give me the draft in the Oprah thing I'll give you that but she can't point the finger at him with a -- comments he had no I'm not saying you can't messing -- nothing you can do to change what the media is that we've seen this in locker -- -- -- what do you guys in central message that how can you control what the media does you can't control of this particular thing that's why you -- But there's tiger is one of the best of all time before he got into -- site this is not what that was it he is not an issue for the last says it before the -- 23 months prior to that we didn't talk about Michael -- at all he was not us we just -- -- right is I think we did he -- back with -- -- -- Now was not his fault at all and I think now and -- you think and I'm not saying this is his fault I'm saying he's done a poor job thus far. I just I'm with you about 50% because I think of the beginnings he wasn't handling not handling of but I don't think he was maybe going about it. The right -- media way I would have liked to but I think thus far and kind of -- there with. I think he's done a pretty good job he's kept quiet he's no commented on people's opinions on this kind of thing he stepped away from the -- you don't see interviews with them every day -- -- you when training camp comes he'll have a day where everybody -- and -- out your first -- ago. And after that I bet you he will he'll fall back in line with where he is on the rams and that is at best. Probably a special teams player. To -- this there is a bigger impact. Then sports involved with this but I do feel in the sports bubble that we live in and talk radio and writing and whatever else. I think there is a very good chance. Bye weeks three weeks four. He's just playing special teams there's literally knowingly take with him because I don't I'm skeptical I don't think he's going to give you anything to go with in terms of comments. And statements on what people think -- say about -- yet that I'm as skeptical I'm skeptical given how he's handle seeing a sell -- commented this he had an -- yesterday to go I don't do anything else out I'm fighting this and he just point -- said no comment right but that's a good way to handle it yes but -- as there's Almaty where he could be our -- on his way out and he knows he's on his way out and and you start. It's giving your message a little more vocal lead we're gonna talk about Oregon Ducks. The offense this year I was the organ state offense this year ESPN stats and diverted some projections. Unaware they think the offenses are going to end up I think organ sales surprise you that story next. Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 of Ferran hello Mitch. Bernard. You guys haven't changed much this. Senior member -- trappings kid brother actually my name is cheese anymore it's Gordon Pritchard oh -- -- Key. Here we -- lucky -- it -- one time I got out cooler. I sex and the bus carrying Allianz it feels. Great iron with no I don't get distracted this after eyes eyes forward. Actor appeared in chin straps snapped I'm ready to. ESPN stats and info projected out offensive efficiency this year in college football. The -- organ that's number one in all of college football last year the Dax ended third in offensive efficiency. The organ that's a returning eight starters but I by the beavers here in a second. Though they're turning eight starters every single guys back on their offensive line. Scott frost second year is the offensive coordinator you'd like to see especially the right back position. We got depth there -- like to see his organ offense Alibaba a little bit more we still haven't seen it. The ducks offense perform at a level. Where they're throwing the ball effectively Ian running the ball effectively against a top quality opponent. The closest last year and was in a quality opponent was watching it and that's all all well and they -- pretty good balance at the end there they Mario I was moved when they were after the but still not to what you would expect with that. Talent coming back -- this year. It was an adjustment period for bolt. Help for -- Ian Scott frosts last year. This offense has to be balanced moving forward yeah and I'm expecting as he is insensitive who is a huge year for their offense. Where you finally are able to see. A balanced attack where there's no way to stop them because -- -- ways to stop them in the past. And it -- as Mario is able to throw this year and throw effectively in the much and it almost impossible he's on to stop this stuff. Yeah well when they're clicking on all cylinders and you can do -- that's when the offense really is 'cause you're right when you look at the -- in years you know mainland that claims -- bigger games you know a lot of -- would come and you say OK -- to take away the running game it's at Stanford's on the last two years. You don't let him run the football on the -- MP a foursome to throw you press cover. And in video to get a couple of turnovers and and it's worked in the last couple years in terms of stopping organ was a bigger time programs and some bigger time defensive lines. But when I look at the running game this year for the -- to me. This is the break -- year now Byron martial last year was thrown into a role that I didn't believe he was quite Brady for yet. And it's not an indictment on him and all I don't wanna see your point the finger at payments he's the reason the running game was it what it was. The couple years prior to that it's just hard it's hard to replace guys like it like hello Michael JPG a but he can -- are those guys are all American running backs. And when you have a drop off just a slight drop -- it's gonna make it look like he can't quite carry your load and Byron -- to meet. He just is it that. That game changer he isn't -- and it's and it's no knock on his game at all he's he's too profitable for over a thousand yards again this year. He just doesn't possess that game changing ability in my opinion that but it is the -- -- Thomas -- -- behind -- -- and when you look at the offensive line you're returning grass do. Johnstone Fisher Stevens content you're gonna happy stout offensive line this year. There should be no excuses not be able to run the football especially when you talk about time it's over the that -- real recruit press for our running back recruits in the country and Royce Freeman Tony James two guys that are coming in. They could potentially -- play right away for this program. The running game should be everything that you've known about -- and you know throughout the history this program of last 1520 years and especially in the evolution under Chip Kelly they're running game should be backward is. And that's why when everybody talked about the loss of Braylon -- look it's scary loss appeared outstanding you're looking at it -- and know how you can replace that kind of production who's gonna be your number one ride receiver is it gonna be -- low. To me there's not going to be quite as much pressure put on those guys because of how good the running game has been. And that's where this offense has been in years past I mean even look the year they went to the national title game just that was good he was drew Davis was good they are game changing wide receivers. Ever got to throw to the catching get a first down below we move on they were gonna be a game breaker. You don't need those kind of guys when the running game is clicking and I expect the running game to be click. He had a running -- not gonna go anywhere there's just there's too much talent that offensive line I think is going to be to -- now that was the biggest problem for them was. Their running game was on usually pretty bad in some in some pretty big moments in my room watching game they couldn't get it going. The Stanford game their completely shut down organ state did pretty good job of controlling their illegal and dangerous opponent literally. The in the overall factor and it's pretty simple for organ and it's very cliche to say almost at this point. It's Marcus Mario and if he can come out and he has names out there that I I don't even know right now -- I guarantee he's gonna make him. A household name the first couple weeks in this season. And make up for the division did not having your brain and -- The ducks are gonna be any okay and I think they could find themselves back. -- -- that fourteen playoff and chasing a national championship the running backs are going to be great outing Thomas -- and have a huge year this year I like Byron Marshall. I'm kind of with you their dirt I don't like him as an every down back having tiger's gotten bigger. Josh told us an entire game like ten to fifteen pounds is Aussie -- you've heard also that this is saying they put uncle gets it now exactly became a little bit of a big -- and hopefully his speed is still the same because of it is that guy can be a break out players not this year absolutely the next season I'm curious to see maybe does Royce Freeman play because that's another name I heard a lot about going into this season. So markets Mario can control now and they're asking a lot just like with him as they are down nor his state with Sean -- They want him to carry the load this year and if he can't any plays like the Heisman projected player that we all think he's going to be. Organs going to be just fine and they're gonna find themselves there because I don't think even if you don't trust Scott frost fully or mark health for -- fully. Talent in the media -- alarms you might not when you national championship has at some point coach is gonna have to play a -- a big role in that but even if you don't trust them. I think it's impossibly that offensive line look at the quarterback and the running back talent and not say yeah they're gonna be right up there has not winning the -- visually. -- -- me when you look at the wide receiver position as well -- Mario is gonna have a lot on his shoulders and we all know he's gonna have a lot on his shoulders but I look at him as a cat like he says -- they can -- it makes a wide receivers some household names in to me that's when you look at the -- program of the last couple years. They've recruited the wide right receiver position pretty darn well into me there's just a couple of guys in disarray unproven they just haven't had a chance to play. Because you've had experienced veterans and their when you've had a Josh Huff and Braylon Mattison an eight year low in their way they just haven't had the opportunity to hit the field in the ethics -- remember about the passing game. And Bieber fans know this really well it is sometimes an offense has to rely on their tight ends they do we have Terrell brown Johnny mother -- -- it's a great try to do the you have both those guys. As flashes last year we all remember watching Johnny Mott -- all over Tennessee -- -- brown came on late. So when you have those guys you go too easy targets big targets guys -- and get your first downs and those two tight ends. To be you're you're gonna have a leeway here where you can allow some of the younger wide receiver to Stamford and Alan. Some of these guys that are on quote unquote unproven you're gonna give them a couple weeks to get into gear especially when you -- with South Dakota and especially at the running games -- when you're not gonna look at them right away and say hey. We -- you guys to go and have a 150 yard receiving games and there's just not going to be that much pressure on them. It's so hard to die UHU organ mountains from a numbers perspective when you look at them and think about how good or bad or underperforming error over achieving they are. When you look at their offense last year they averaged a fifth most yards and all college football. At six point three yards I care that's sits in the nation. Believe that steady and their running game was fighting last year but. A lot of that is compiled against -- and inferior absolutely gets a breakaway runs where you've got 506070. Yard runs Marchionne is a big factor in some of those being rental -- those big break in a lot of those big brace which -- -- it's all counts -- all counts the same. Yeah but it's not indicative necessarily with the organ in the big play ability. Of what's going on that. On the in just an average play like a second and eight or earlier this season they struggled to run between attack especially -- against -- Tennessee River yes. General do you think it's I can get bottled up and they continue to do and that was a source of frustration for -- fans last year when you watch -- Ngo. Why why would you run up the middle with deity Thomas over and over an -- you have -- chant the thin it out run to the sidelines spread this thing out you don't run these guys a lot of these guys are 510. They're 205 pounds that's not the biggest running back in the nation you have to use their speed which is the reason -- recruited on. Put him on the edge let them hit through the garden tackle and put him out there and trust your wide receivers to keep the blocks one thing I wanna see from Marcus Mario because I don't. Think she's done this yet is that Scott frost and mark -- have to let him go does let him loose and and ala get I was go back to the Washington game last year where saarc cities and easy top five feet. After the game we are in that we were listening to saarc after the game he said look he's you know that's correct if not -- -- -- -- he's gonna be a bonafide NFL guy. Do you get you have to let him -- you have to say you were gonna trust your talent yes that you are in control and and take -- to the promised land and not. That at times as aggressive as he organ that confidence it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet he did get -- What -- Harbaugh do we got to -- -- their. ESPN stats and info this year one other pac twelve team made the top ten. Actually two other teams made the top ten we'll have those free also were organ state slots in this list we'll tell you that next you're listening demand for turns break. Funniest teams were treated to -- -- -- fan. Now. Do not know. And there you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ESPN's Sports Radio virginity it's okay enough I don't know. ESPN stats and and cozy green Twitter follower and ESPN projecting out the most efficient and best offenses in all of college football this coming up here they -- Dotson number one. They've got -- returning starters including Marcus more go to their entire -- -- of flying back. There is they had no surprises here in the top ten but double given for you Florida State number two Auburn number three Baylor number four. I have a little surprise with number five Ohio State. They only -- five returning starters and that's that Urban Meyer that's going against a lot of Big Ten -- they lose you lose Carlos Hyde who was a stud running back Tom Freeman Sarah Cisco man they and it's ended town lash out Braxton Miller is back. But other Nat and I mean Sega is a reminder these big time recruits in the air. But losing Carlos Hyde is a running back is he won in the northwestern game last year he carried him for the majority of disease and Braxton Miller. Is one of the more overrated quarterbacks in all of college football. Yeah I don't I see he's not backing. Never -- already got her last and brought it back up and -- like Gilbert I think is anywhere replacing Gil Reyes when he was to better and -- -- do you put another back and we you don't want your racist. It's never quite as Ohio State number six is UCLA a lot -- high end UCLA this year usually it's either -- I really do believe they're either going to live up to lie or they're gonna have a very mediocre season -- going to be like a -- season number one US USC -- -- in a -- one on Sports Illustrated CNN news. As you well as ours it's. Number seven on the projected -- best offenses in college football Texas CNN. No man Zell and a -- that's the someone effect to you they do what he did last year with Johnny. You've -- yet but he's able to produce quarterbacks with the that's your T -- image used to yet he's responsible for him he always finds these arms out of nowhere eight is South Carolina he's the best offenses nine is Arizona State in Tennessee Alabama Crimson Tide surprisingly here on this list. Maybe not surprising position on Manny but they had Oregon State. As their 28 best profits in all of college football despite losing in the brain and that's Lester didn't enough house. Highs Manny may be -- as far this season. Can't wait spray all my and I still can't wait does this room and -- -- and we are just light up -- -- man in and nobody else knows. Teed up for eating at a -- and go get hot today right now. That was my -- -- -- Lewis and young first base and help everybody else out of the bush leagues break today they they -- they're gonna tied uniting -- -- they have the best tight ends in the conference I know Farrell -- dime on a really talented but I mean Connor and what's the one of the most -- players in the country. Caleb Smith really came on the end of last season so they're gonna be okay there is gonna help -- not a lot. But the wide receiver spot and I'm ready tonne from all the local media has some of the national guys that cover the pac twelve. They seem to just think Victor bones gonna step in there and and rich from Elaine he's gonna be okay they've -- very well might be and that's what you know Mike Riley and company down their Corvallis. Have done a great job always replacing that talent. Mark this week and James Rogers branding could you -- you guys and some -- came in brink of to a four star stud a lot of people expected what he did at some point. But Victor -- and you hear that name all offseason the speedster he's a little guy. He does he smallest story and classes last year he did yet to get in potentially to go ahead tell us tonight against the -- for everybody back to preschool FY zero down the idea is that so simple yet to me you have some pieces there that potentially could help time. But I think a lot like with the organ docs and Marcus Mario and organs say it's gonna be relying on Sean minions to kind of carried them and put them in positions to where maybe they can be. A six to eight win team because I really do believe they can win eight games this year. But a lot of that again and relies on sun -- in a not turning the ball over and be playing like the fifth year senior. Yeah what and that's the key into -- you know -- when you look at Oregon and we were talking about that last segment about how Mario indicated he can recover from having them of a bad wide receiver group for an unproven wide receiver group because of how good the running game is going to be because about dynamic he can't meet. To me that's not a you know that's not an asset that organs taken fall back on that's just -- Look I am I -- Victor -- I do believe that he is the next fifteen named the guys the Rogers of Wheaton is. In a branding coax a kind of that list a wide receivers -- has come through that program I do honestly believe the Victor Bolden. Has the potential to be that next guy but he's got the ability and the talent to speed. And the athletic atlantis' and everything that you need to step in that role is he gonna be this year might be a little too soon for me EB was a little inexperienced CEO had a nice time you know. -- it last it was a good your -- to kind of fit in a cut is T a little bit and get some experience. I'm not sure he's ready to make that jump this year but I do expected in his career. Let's meet last offseason we said this I want maybe not everybody but I said the same thing about branding cuts I -- to bring any -- nice that he was a guy that relied on Markus Wheaton now. Alive but he was guided benefited from having Markus Wheaton on the other side of the football TE -- -- that number one target can he be that guy that you look at and say yes you need to be played he'd be catching go to brain could still make a play Korea. It turned out to be -- there was question mark surrounding him as well last year maybe not for all Bieber fans but for some people outside the program those those existed form. And don't forget about the running game that's been the biggest problem with -- -- the last couple of years since really U quiz Rodgers -- they thought they had won -- the mag knew -- from the ball over too much. Storm woods was the next -- people love to say that name but overall he hasn't been able to produce as the number one back. You have -- ward there that's great if the offensive line hasn't improved much a lot of people have high hopes for the -- like it's kind of mixed with some veteran young guys. To me if you don't have a run game you're looking at the same kind of seizing you have last year your Sean -- thrown 55 times in. -- 55 times we random couple times -- some interceptions but how many quarterbacks can throw that many times and. Just messing with a weak offensive -- exactly was getting a lot of pressure -- -- being -- -- USC game and there was times -- deal he -- -- and he dropped back to believe there's two defense events -- your face -- -- there's not a lot you can -- was a quarterback now. There is a dot developmental stage there -- you say OK just -- -- will take some punts. We'll take some third fourth and long situations don't turn the football or don't throw pick sixes and that's the situation and he needs to improve that in his career but you're right. If they can't run the football you're gonna be putting everything on and you shoulders and that's why I've set for two years now. If your Mike rally and you look at this authenticity okay we're not running the football we're getting -- lesson to the Arctic -- Don't shotgun go five why abandon it already though you haven't seen anything you know and I know that's -- you do it to start this season but I -- saying if you get 34 games in an -- -- telling -- to and things that are not working. You know you've got a guy John Maine it's got a rocket arm he's proven that he could throw it fifty times a game he's going to be. As you know it's only gonna take a couple of weeks to be the pac twelve all time leading passer he's he's -- is that prolific of the thrower. Give him everything that he needs at his disposal to do that let -- bush. Eleven go five why -- now I -- -- talk more about this is Kim starts to open -- impact on media day is tomorrow hump for that by the end on Thursday pactel medianews elected a lot to talk about tomorrow and on Thursday but an element that we will continue discuss the hasn't been talked about a lot. Is John Garrett the new offensive coordinator and what his impact is going to be now the -- doors with the New York Giants. And and what John Garrett brings to the table and some of the things that he sees. In the offense that may be Mike -- dozen or that he brings a fresh perspective I have a hard time believing. But he's going to be able to. Know the offense better than Mike -- does but it doesn't mean he can't come in and -- -- we -- what about this sprinkle them or can we try exists how to how how about we approach it like this. And given a new fresh look we've had a discussion before whether or not they should implement some more of the spread tight principles. And micros is the yes he says -- he's never going to do that suburb is that he is against it works form and it happens -- -- ten year but you also I yet you do have to look at the impact of guys like John Deere on this -- You do in a lot of people are wondering you know when you hired John -- from the NFL ranks a lot of you were questioning all we know what kind of impact is he going to have is he going to be somebody that calls -- 80% of plays are. You makes up 25% of the playbook that's not gonna happen I would say this though. I know -- fact Mike Riley when he has relationships without the corners and guys on that side of the ball. Particularly gaining laying stores because he got a lot of blame when he was calling the plays and Mike Riley still has those guys in house meetings day before games two days of war games. And they go through play sets together it's not just a Mike -- they know ultimately. If Riley has a gut call on a fourth and one which he did member of the U targets right for anyone who went fifteen yards to Malaysia huge -- if he has those gut calls he's gonna go with them but he really does include his offensive coordinators -- it. I'm kind of with you -- I'm pumped to see what he brings. I'd love to speak with him talk and kind of -- his brain. Because he was a positions coach and and the next level the NFL he had -- one years and often the -- and colleagues both for the most part he's been a wide receivers tight in light guy. I wanna know what is he gonna bring organ state and Mike Riley. That's gonna help them maybe start getting a running gaming get back to their their pro soccer is they're not going to end -- spreading out abandoned him become the next Mike Leach off. Alex is not gonna happen in -- out -- regular basis at -- and I don't make an argument from a different for a short time here -- -- immediate benefits over the next five sixteens and you look there is something unique now in its weird -- we've -- -- -- and the policy it is there is something unique about running a pro style offense a -- you know -- I think -- going to plays Stanford I mean if you -- -- into Stanford back to back weeks. How different ST do you remember the Arizona comment last year media day when I forget the linebackers name but he said he said his hardest team to get -- or he said -- state. Because nobody runs out on exactly you just don't see very often anymore and to me that there is a benefit there you're my -- to look at and say OK you know nobody is running power nobody's catching the hardly anybody at least in the country and specifically the pac twelve. We haven't seems like every program shifting towards this spread mobile quarterback. -- -- ask offense in -- the only got you know Stanford and Oregon state of the only to the pop out of my mind of teams that. They run that traditional power -- out a full back running up your -- running up the middle and see what you see in he can't stop it in to meet. That only works if you can run the football moment and that's the -- that currency at last they're gonna continue to happen he can't run the football than running the power I offense does a nickel a lot of sense this. Get text on this the -- -- -- excited Riley knew he was going to have to lean on his tight ends and I think Garrett is a -- -- an -- and get tied in wrinkles and was playbook. But it Witten who was a top five time pro bowler. When -- it was his position coach that says there is very well here's the dynamite analysis you can come to expect on this -- showed in four turns right I really do believe they're either going to live up to lie or they're gonna have a very mediocre season. Now. Ages threw you under the bus flipped it -- go on a limb and let let's let's go -- -- -- UK were like two minutes -- this -- didn't score again I got -- and let's put it -- out yeah why you do me like that yeah you just made me look like now. What we're doing you right and those requiring that didn't realize that ran out the door like just. Like I'm done with the show obviously lots that kidnapped. Halfway there I had to get die soon -- one that Steve's doing the caller and guy and a humvee unarmed humvee and I ended up I really do believe they're either going to live tonight or they're gonna have a very mediocre season. But you can't be happy to be greater -- you can't hold that against me go right you can't have their bad I said they're going to be bad or -- great I said they could -- -- below -- average though if they don't -- and three T I thought things eight simple Jack I think greater average is actually worse than saying terrible or really really good. It's early unit of the body parts margins lower -- -- -- to -- -- -- smartest down the giants in kinda. George sort of sports topics next Brett Favre is back in in the news -- it's about Chris Cooley here in the second hour as well. And we got some fantastic far audio from the post team. Presser we'll bring that to you next elicited the importers bring on the --

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