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Danforth, Dirt, & Sprague 7.21.14 Hr 3

Jul 21, 2014|

The guys discuss Jameis Winston's comments at ACC Media Days.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The problem -- Manhattan is. They don't know how to talk to women. Danforth dirt and -- -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings -- Taylor then forward you know. What my problem is I am not interesting. How to magic -- -- leader Johnson I'm an accomplished ventriloquist. All I am so that. Three imperial colonial master and Brendan spread. Oh yeah. You don't tell has there aren't you -- gloomy because you're okay yeah I'll -- guy. -- fourth third and spray -- ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 affair. For me. You. The -- in our unofficial poll results. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- couldn't I was I was paying attention to her loose. Natalie -- physical monopoly she grooms Texas at -- answers win with a sexist element be eradicated and the guy and a huge blazer fan and I despise the blazer he answers with their present. Rory McIlroy wins the British Open. What -- -- what purpose today's service and I question well at seventeen under par time around and says oh -- Sergio Garcia -- Ballard takes second there -- couple strokes back right now operate dominated from start to finish wire wire victory. He's as he played well yesterday and he's got three majors right now but the discussion has shifted. From how good -- Rory is to nationally comparing him to Tiger Woods never -- he won his first US open at congressional or is only US open but his first major congressional. David fair do you have a ton of respect from the Golf Channel came -- said. He is going to do things -- sport is never seen he's going to be better than Tiger Woods won the hole lead and yacht and he keeps those expectations on and there's a lot of people in the golf community that did the same thing when Rory is first coming out and just. And kind of coming out of the -- winning his first major. It is unfair to do to him it's unfair to do to golf. Because you've got the most talent you've ever had in the sport. And -- the more we can -- about baseball and what needs to be takes the more I I start to feel the same way about golf. And where golf stands now yes if you want it to be and it's absolute heightened popularity and of course you need Tiger Woods and yeah yeah but you've got great personalities in the game right now you've got great players in the game right now including Rory McIlroy including Rickie Fowler Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson were all the top leaderboard those are big time names. Big time personalities. Guys that hit the ball 330 yards 340 yards they're great -- -- for the game of golf. So until we can start appreciating what that sport provides the same thing in baseball some of the young talent. In baseball you've got to appreciate what you have there and instead of saying why what is to be fixed what can we do differently. How does Rory compared to tiger is just unfair to him is unfair to fans is unfair to sport and the -- and it's got stopped. It -- in to me it drives me nuts because the conversation always turns to you know you need another tiger how he ever gonna replace tiger when's the next tiger can account gonna come along. You need a new guy like that to rescue and save golf in whenever somebody uses the words say the sport. As a baseball fan I hear all the time people say well here's what you need to do -- baseball. If you use the word -- you're basically inferring that the sport will no longer exists the sport will cease to exist. Because Tiger Woods is now when he major championships anymore because baseball seasons are too long. The sports are not going anywhere it to be that the the point that I every -- and I think you'll probably get there at some point import. It is that averages a baseball fan as I understand my lot in life I understand baseball plot line and I wish -- more soccer fans like this because the soccer fan always gets angry -- you when you say anything negative about their sport not everybody's got to like every sport. The site got everybody's gonna like every movie your TV sure musician. I know where baseball stay at its a third or fourth maybe fifth sport depending on who's in the World Series depending on the big names involved. It's never -- to be number one or number two that's when the conversation comes up especially baseball Agassi did indeed replay -- shorter -- You're never gonna get their deal like this for now you probably get -- that like if you tweak it a little bit. And it's the same thing that I make a golf you know you're never let I shouldn't say never but it's going to be very hard to get another Tiger Woods is -- is Tiger Woods. You know somebody throughout once in a generation he's a once in a lifetime kind of talent not just in terms he obviously hasn't passed Jack in terms of major wins. But you look at the Nike but the fact that he's he's black you look at this I mean all the things Indonesian indication -- -- -- agents there when he was. He was a perfect storm they came about right it's kind of a heightened the peak of media as we -- start following along he was exactly what golf needed in the end. And the rescue is that the right word but he came along at a perfect time for that sport he revived he revived he took over and he is the biggest name in golf and probably the biggest name golf will overseas. But instead of focusing on who's the next tiger. I'm 100% with the game for the focus on what Rory Mac -- get right back or put together four unbelievable rounds. Let's not compare him to Tiger Woods I understand easy assumption because of the dominant nature. In the -- he won those major titles that's what people do what you you win by fifteen strokes in the US open. It is sit there and say wow only guys like tiger can do that. He's got to consistent level yet he's and he's never gonna get to the stature of a Tiger Woods. In you're doing him a disservice you're doing guys like Ricky salary disservice to -- four rounds in the sixties Sergio Garcia did not knelt down on as a -- -- -- only thing except for the bogey but he couldn't get out of the trap on fifteen or sixteen whenever it was. But you're you're expected about -- he had an unbelievable Sunday as well it really it was the best major of the year because the back -- at the masters fell off a little bit. But immediately because Rory McIlroy wins the immediate conversation is what is he the next tiger is he on the track to be -- well. I don't wanna take anything away from Rory either and ain't it does -- kind of shifting a conversation away from talking about dominance and that's what Rory pretty much was this -- -- and only won by two strokes but his performance was sheer dominance. But this is kind of a shifting landscape I think in media and there were so. Ratings driven a week we become program to what what's kind of been thrown in us for fifteen to sixteen years and Tiger Woods. For that amount of time has been thrown. In our face and shoved down our throats now but he gave us eleven great years of some of the best golf probably arguably the best golf. Will ever see in the sport's history. But he's still looking -- and you have to you want to appreciate the other players but you have this programming in your mind you don't think about. That you always ask yourself where's tiger and tiger's not in I'm not as interest I know I still have that sometimes of everybody does I knew I Marco Kramer finished them of course US open -- care about that. His Tiger Woods wasn't in play it is just like you're gonna get you might look at the Super Bowl this year how many people -- the Super -- off in the third quarter you're gonna get that in every split and ever being at the person and country club in the morning that there Rory was like three holes in and every -- like yesterday yet yesterday wants -- -- -- my life and I kind of scary. Everybody in that country club was tying him out what did tiger -- where -- the -- right now how many strokes back -- I didn't hear one mention of Roy Mack arena you're gonna have sports fans that appreciate like watching players like Fowler and McIlroy and Bubba Watson. But you still have a majority is sports fan that in terms of bringing eyeballs to the sport they're not gonna be there unless tiger's in contention. Or at least playing and he's around for a couple days I think at some point that could shift. But you knowing that ships that she is when the media collectively says okay. That tiger bandwagon is done. He is for sure not gonna win anymore were moving on and it's gonna help a lot if Rory ends up winning the next major or the masters next year to complete that Grand Slam. That's I mean when the train with -- ESPN and fox sports and NBC they start getting on board and saying -- This guy's 2526. Years old he has four maybe five major championships at this point. He's right on pace with tiger to not only break Tiger Woods is record. But to go beat Jack and that's when we get shoved down our throats Rory McIlroy for acts -- years it really is -- media driven sport. It's unfortunate for golf purist but that's a reality. -- got a great text that I think is a fantastic point from American ones -- because of -- golf needs are comparing the younger players to each other instead of going to the older guys trying to build a tiger vs Phil rivalry. And trying to multiple star so there's not you not reliant on one person and I and I could not agree with that war. And I think every sports should take an example that take noted that if you -- happy you know Rory McIlroy vs Bubba Watson rates are what I Jordan speed vs Adam Scott. Whoever you want it compared to each other because you're right even when you look at golf do you look at baseball. You could look really across all sports right now I believe that there is a young crop of talent and all the that we have not seen in a long time especially in a sport like golf for you look at it it's a byproduct of tiger just like Michael was a byproduct on the NBA in all the talent you have now -- kids grow up to watch and say I wanna be like that tiger did that for golf he -- got you to this point where you have is as -- the field. As you've ever had before but Rickie Fowler is an unbelievable golfer he's finished in the top five of all three -- isn't one yet he played fantastic this weekend. And he wasn't able to come away with a win golf needs to focus on these young guys together. Even if -- to create a -- -- out of thin -- I would rather happy doing that in manufacturing that story line. The manufacturing of Kim Rory overtake tiger when he only has three majors and he's what's fourteen late thirteen away. Yet to put this in perspective. Of all time Rory is tied for 26. In major championships so he's still got these young obviously that's ready duties at the third youngest and went right majors yes and I -- -- -- but you look at guys all time greats Ben Hogan had nine Gary Player nine Tom Watson eight Arnold Palmer seven seems needs seven -- those six Mickelson -- people don't know all the high -- all time greats yet. And so Rory to get there but. You look at how good it of a player Hogan and Watson and -- they're not in the same stratosphere -- as tiger and Jack there's not and I never will be. And Rory map right get there. It again if you're talking about best of all time status he's just not consistent enough to get to that stratosphere but we love to compare. In sports we love to compare a cross -- from generations. And we do it all the time what do you. How do you feel personal about comparing athletes and what sport does that make the most sense. To do in we'll pick it up there and actually listen in Indian portrait -- sprayed -- -- Always. Easy to roll hall. Cruise in June the in June moon and that is hormones home. Dan towards -- and spread his serve double by buffalo wild winners on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 years of saying. -- you know Paulson. -- Where are discussing the moon comparisons of processor boards and and how you move as -- sports fan -- The approach that are you of the opinion that arguing your -- when he -- for union got this are you comparing guys now two guys that came before the minute so. -- the foundation of that compares in which sport is -- make the most sense in at a resort talking about this is because Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Are being compared now by ESPN mainly and the ESPN machine that they get they have going because they're generating ratings and trying to generate buzz. To me -- golf makes a lot of sense but the other sports -- are difficult to compare guys cracked generations and the one that we're getting right now in basketball a lot of is. You've got Michael Jordan LeBron James -- one we're getting in football and this is -- -- either you get the Russell Wilson vs Colin capita compares them. We -- worse for Prius were guilty of this as well. We'd love to compare guys were almost. I don't have a problem with the young guys being compared redone I don't islamists -- on the same playing field they're playing at the same time on the team was -- the same and I get that there's different it was a right now is easily the favorite but what is right but if you put Canada on the hot -- yeah yeah whatever right -- fun conversation to have but he can also be a conversation where you ruined -- and ends -- like you're gonna think about why you're watching him -- I think it does a disservice. To the sport's three yen for a constant need of comparison. When he does any dumbest people down now look we've had great interaction I think for the most part the fan as some of the most intelligent sports fans out there. But I think generally in this country what's been driven lately is clicks looking you say that's that's outrageous that -- people to a website that. Boosts up numbers for your podcast I mean how many times we here in 2011. Break up the Miami this is terrible they're never gonna win a championship together -- what they do they win a title. Jaworski was his quarterback ratings -- -- predict could be the greatest quarterback of all time. How do you come to that that assessment like watching tape and saying his skills that's incredible. He could be a legend one day that's another thing to say the greatest of all time the only reason people say these things. Is because fires people up and it dries things in your website and it drives ratings for television. I really do believe. A lot of what we hear nationally. Whether it's golf baseball bats -- on doesn't matter I think a lot of what we hear were at a point now. Where people have to kind of see through the BS and realize what's real and what is not -- -- a conversation when your typing about comparing. Colby was Jordan or Larry Bird with LeBron or whatever it is. You have to be able to look past. Is somebody saying LeBron will never really -- is because he can't win a third championship that's the stupidest thing I ever heard he just he's going into his tenth season the NBA he has like seven more seasons to go you can't make that assessment. People have to look past the obvious and right now at least on golf the obvious is Tiger Woods let's lead with tiger everybody you'll tune in. If you're programmed you change your habits and look past tiger NC tiger hasn't won a major since what 2008. You look past that your honesty yourself. Let's look at Rory let's look at Rickie Fowler a look at bubble Assad yet even Phil Mickelson he was top twelve this weekend you look past what the media wanted to. And you really get a good understanding of where this. Ward is with it's a lot of people don't and that's the unfortunate but you can't fix stupid and that's that's kind of why. Cnet's David as you're right I think necessarily stupidity adding this is the level of his. -- the best example of this is if we work through that we're pretty intact with with what goes on in. Entertainment and culture in in news and politics but I think the best example is if you get steady certain political angle or a particular political slant. You're going to your proclivity is going to be to kind of regurgitate exactly yeah and what you find that's more like hearing what you like -- exactly and it and we we do that was sports where you'll get a first take -- debates who's better this -- leader this -- -- mount Rushmore of mountain Rushmore of sports and then all of a sudden it's that it's funded due to a certain level. But when it becomes. It would it overshadows what should be a great moment. That's right take exception to it and that's the that's right take exception it is Rory tiger debate. Is that it's overshadowing in and vaulting -- into a stratosphere they'll never be able not to. No we need never will end the only you know I really do have zero problem with comparing guys in current generations because. Of the fact that you get to see them compete against each other and -- if you wanna -- quarterbacks are tough because you're you're not directly competing against each other. That I get that that when you get to watch it happening vs a Russell Wilson and an NFC title game you -- look at and say okay who played better who's the better quarterback. I'm probably to do that he would be able guys as long as there can be terrible in terms of hitting their peak in their proxy to look at it. You know Russell Westbrook going to Chris Paul OK compare they go head to head who's better magic Larry they go head to head. That's why that was such a great rivalries because they were both in their -- at the same time. It you know somebody -- Texas that would maybe we see tiger and Rory in a final group -- -- sunny and a major. It might happen but tiger's not in his prime anymore he's ten years removed from being in his prime he's never -- -- take anything away if he -- any. No no just a guess what I'm saying only if that's -- I would look at that syndicator in the final group during the final pairing that see how they stack up Rory McIlroy is twenty's and will be you know 2526 years 25 now yeah exactly it Tiger Woods is past his prime he's giving up their dates of may be -- still able to beat him but I can't compare because they're not the same talent level right now. And not the same price level right now but I don't have a problem -- somebody text that it I'd love. With those kind of rivalries are created in sports I do you did it with tiger and Phil in golf they were compared back and forth nonstop. We've got a cap critic of Wilson and I think it's great for the game -- do because when you have guys. That are you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The frustrating part -- -- I agree for the most part what you're saying but let's say this year. I am a diehard niner fan I really do you think they're gonna take a winner to step back this year there -- an older team Bowman's going to be out half the year there's a lot of question marks in the on defense. What if -- Ernie has one of his best seasons. But there are wild card team or they don't even make the playoffs this year and Wilson has cameo -- -- season. And the Seahawks go back to Super -- people will look at Russell Wilson and say. Better leader for -- clutch player and they dismiss it because. It's not always about the head to head matchups and stats now it's about what is the team do you and the guy on the winning team usually gets the most. And I don't deserve that at all I'm not saying that when you watch those guys play in the NFC title game and the fact that Seattle wanted to direct you know science and you could say -- soldier Russell Wilson's better than Colin -- -- I thought he outplayed him an -- but that's a different conversation to have. You know it's never going to be a direct -- I'm just simply saying is as sports media as fans. To me those are fun debates to have that the generational oneself to -- they -- bother me because you can't do it. There's so many different out -- you can tie into every sport and every generation it's okay when this guy did not do this this guy had advanced technology this guy had a higher picture map. That quarterback had tougher rules -- regulating how receivers warmer where defended there's so many different things you can have when -- in terms of generational. But when you have two guys in their prime in their career to be I have no probably trying to confront those guys are trying to builder. I'd like to me like a big anti Cam Newton when you point two quarterback that has just as much skill if not more skilled and Colin GAAP earnings Ian Russell Wilson he is look at the teams that they're on and you can he again that's a debate that you could have. But the issue that and what I take except to do is when you have that debate. At the cost. Of not understanding what's going into that absolutely because you could have this debate and legal back and forth and then you get to the point where you go man. I wish I would have consumed sports differently and need to meet with the way that we're consuming sports is a product of ESPN and a product generating ratings. -- and getting shows a pardon eruption around one which I love I love those chosen for stake. I loved and this is what Sports Radio was built upon. I'm simply saying that. If you're going to do this you've got to make sure it's not at the detriment of the consumer that is consuming sports and I to me in golf right now. Well there is a serious. This lack of understanding of the -- there's a dumb down effect there's a huge dumb down effect where you're gonna get for clicks it's the same thing is is being called in earlier because -- put up on the sports undertaker. LeBron that Cleveland question mark before it ever happens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got to appreciated and that he got a appreciates sports as the in full. Instead of doing the unfair. Compares well and I just got a text your sources are confirming Rory is -- gulf so I mean I know that what you want to. And and -- -- check out those sources about -- he's not as good as tiger Chris Broussard just. Jason could TA. And -- it -- that's a low blow me and that's an unnecessary and become the smartest guy on the show so it doesn't affect me -- yes. It's I have a method to it it. When he's either. ACC media Daly City team is Winston with some comments that suggests. A Danny Diaz doesn't understand. His perception. And maybe he does he just doesn't care what's my audio from James -- -- next. Then towards third and spread is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. -- watched like 23 tables -- -- as ladies stand there with his big table enough about my offense my homemade -- like 85 degrees out to stand up his big table nothing but -- and he's got this big stupid. Don't look they may look -- And is second I thought that that part of my brain which is like dude what would happen if we just came off the dissent him late. And these are not just I guess I just don't. And I want to. And there. Realistically I couldn't -- got a whole table with the even if you saw me doing that. I think at least 56 seconds the process play. -- -- -- -- The call for a couple stories that are developing right now thinks we will discuss tomorrow on the show. -- -- over the weekend that vikings punter Chris Kluwe. His battle with the vikings did a really ugly turn that's because Chris Kluwe week maybe joke in practice about Jerry sandusky he -- base hole. In his pants she moves in joked about us. Jerry sandusky that is -- -- real bad for those size is Dicey stories and you read this and I'm not a big Chris Kluwe we've handling on the view for the vikings either noted that gives readers. But did the air conditioning coach he was a former Penn -- on. And it's just -- Chris Kluwe -- I mean come on many -- and he goes clearly said in practice that he was quote 810 state victim in quote into you. Colts stay away in quote from him while his buttocks was expo and yet you don't throw rocks -- your glass houses Mellon Asia and that -- expression that is the old expression he also appears he's throwing rocks and glass house he also added teammate come out and say that he disease and attention. Yeah. Person just ask disputes and -- that last week is fair analogy will get upset because he sticks up for bigotry which is fine you have your own. Priorities -- what you wanna do your life that's great but then again be careful if you wanna make fun our point fingers at somebody you better not be doing the same thing so we'll have more on that on tomorrow's -- also talk about Tony Dungy on tomorrow's show as he said this about Michael sample quote I wouldn't had taken him. He told Tampa -- Tribune. He goes on to say not because I don't believe Michael same should be should have a chance to play but I wouldn't want to deal with all of the it's not going to be totally smooth things well happen. There are plenty of players that don't get taken any NFL because of distractions. Tony -- saying he wouldn't have taken Michael sand because of that. Distraction that's -- rile people up. And we will discuss that tomorrow as well -- -- Winston ACC media day today talked about how he's handling pressure so far. I am a great you know some people tend to lose -- so when bad things happen. When when did things happen -- man myself and goes on stupid kid from Alabama has focused on the crowds of hopefully one day -- first look agreement. We've been fabulous football player and or baseball player they'll be in agreed that one day albeit Amanda people who would get a I'm agendas once more time. He was all. He -- he won't know -- always it is the students first athletes that so I convinced -- porn to me and I can't predict the future you. In all of this season moment. And take step by step I would discuss things livable even moving forward Stan and Wilma from -- later I'm not Richardson made that decision. He also was talking about leadership and have guys look up to him and how he's ready to take on that role. I have said for a long time about dean's winds and dating back to last year I he's one of the athletes in all of sports. That I just don't find authentic I've got a handful of and a look at him and I got that guy is different off the field he is different when the camera's not on. Then he is in his personal life and media there's nothing -- in sports it will forgive guys Charles Barkley is good example. -- be honest be up front be yourself wolf forgive you. -- is Winston to me is not exactly -- Yeah I you know Libya I think you could even make this analogy with everything and I it's one of the things that we pride ourselves on -- whenever we meet people when -- we talked to people off the year fans -- listeners whenever. We pride ourselves in being who we are -- that the people a year on year that there's no gimmick there's no we're not trying to page clicks match you know putting up personas. To get listeners in and I agree -- that's exactly what -- reeks of for me when I when I look at him I look at the things he's done off the field now he was found not guilty we had -- -- that -- -- he's never been found guilty -- of of the of the rape allegations. But to be got a fairly or unfairly always get a look at an -- always gonna think about that he stole the crab legs in the offseason. And that he comes out kind of dodges questions about it he talks about how he wants to be a role model for kids in how he needs to be how he's a great leader and all this stuff -- I don't buy -- I just don't buy the active and I hope it doesn't sound too personal when I say it's an act because maybe he is a great genuine and no team as Winston. Never met him out the field could be the nicest guy in the world maybe he was wrongfully accused of everything that's been thrown out there in the media I do I do agree with somebody -- an earlier that said. These guys -- in a fishbowl everything that they do every action every worry everything that happens with them off the field. Is gonna be examined its gonna be talked about we're gonna look at there's different degrees there is there is different degrees of when you when you talk about rape and you talk about theft those are two things you can't say able -- was just have a fake headline that was floated out the Ares is. I don't buy into acted in to be. There is something about it -- and he does not seem like a genuine person he never has in this is an issue that I -- within even last year before the rape allegations came about. He just does not strike me as genuine person he could turn out to be great quarterback he can be great guy I just nodded and. I'd say he more lives and a crab tank -- a fish -- but you know when you're examining him as you know it's just grabbed it yeah here they know it Peterson crashing crafting killing -- restored. As are lobsters are winkle he's to have those all the time he could take your own crap they just depressed they laying on top of the other good. You know what I think James wins is just another athlete and an example of some mighty. Who's gone through a lot of terrible off the field situations. He potentially could have a great career in the sport he's playing. But he's trying to put a PR spin on his career right now and he's in agent how people view him. Like he tried his best he smiled he laughed at some of the things he said but he was oblivious he was like a politician with some of the answers he gave particularly one when she touched on. By the interviewer she touched on the end there are seizing crap incident he completely avoided the questions as I think of -- live pretty well -- Yeah I haven't really handled it well how do you like to steal you have a handle it also that that's one thing though for me it's just it's another athlete. And this is why we need to give more credit to the athletes in in sports that we like now that maybe we did it because of their image. It's another athlete that can't turn it around and to me I wonder how is seizing those branding for the most part the -- come out on him with with college football fans. He's at this likable guy who doesn't seem completely genuine in. Everything he says kind of comes off a little slimy -- baseball player football player he got a great set -- to have been incredible role model in college but. The author feels so -- really -- them. But there's plenty of plenty of players that fall and his caddie reading Phillip rivers is the same. I -- Philip Rivers same and is not being Philip Rivers and I just don't let the guys don't feel like he is I think I think he's put on a face. In fact I don't like Philip Rivers are certain guys in sports that you just don't like. -- is Winston is one of them and to do -- for your take a picture of just how old. How he's viewed by the sport's public it would be largely negative I would imagine it would for sure have -- unless you're in Tallahassee a lot of times you can win people over if you if you play well on the field and if you perform on the field. -- is -- Measure has that luxury you know look if everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Similar example now he was a different situation -- -- Which we don't look at -- out of the first thing I look at how -- -- -- rapists and and maybe we get to that point -- -- but it takes -- it's a long climb up that hill to get there it's not an and it just happens right away is that something happens. Because they're great leader and we got a text and I and I loved his -- great leaders and role models don't say they're great leaders role -- and I could not agree more. If you're -- the leader of that team you're the leader that everybody says you -- you don't need to sit in an interview. And if it's it's like giving -- president and continuing to ask the people how much they liked -- can give you you want the attention for -- to get -- act giving the gift because he would do something for somebody yell Lester giving the gift because you want the recognition and buying that give. It drives me nuts to me that's what he does he he puts on this facade as a leader and then likes to go around to do and decency I just Libyan leader would be good leader in you should. Have to talk about it just would've been better in my opinion for just just how I view athletes in general how do you -- down and had an honest conversation and somebody said why is still scrambling to -- involved. If you're honest about it yet I don't like it yes I can appreciate the fact you're being open your Cecil inning with Colby. You make all the jokes you want. He had a press conference and owned up to what he did. James when sent a -- everything possible smile -- I think I'm handling it very well I I just don't -- got screwed up I didn't have money in my wall I was hungry guys they don't pay me to be an athlete whatever you want us -- yours and not that I screw up and I want this to be a lesson to all the kids out there that stealing is not right don't go and still grappling spoke. -- -- Thanks for answering -- -- but instead today AD CC media days he'd he'd try to put a spin job interview and everything and I -- any -- spot. Is that his dad is an enabler and that you just look at the situation the article today where he said his dad goes everywhere with his Heisman to show it off. His dad said he was gonna stay in school and not go to the NFL they've had this plan all along. So his dad doesn't help the situation in this but Davis -- again. Speaking of ACC media day and he's continues to come off as somebody that's -- that's unlikable. In college football. EU and conversely and I know we're here locally in the in it but there's other guys that are exempt those. Brett -- -- comes across for the while Marcus Mario at a comes across well because there's plenty of -- -- yes there's -- -- -- -- -- in the pac twelve they don't -- that searchers right there's a lot of shock me into saying yes you wanted to LE ASU absolutely yes plenty of guys across ports that handle it well so I don't buy -- -- -- -- athletes journal -- there's plenty of athletes and under. Above on my credit bubble and under a microscope. Team as Winston -- has it's got to start being honest. With two years if he wants to win back. Some of the fans the blazers are getting it changed to their jerseys while that story for you next here -- -- -- tortured -- served up by -- goes on to an eighty different. Third and spread his served up by buffalo wild. Yeah Sports Radio 1080 though. We idiotic -- over the weekend suggest blazer to -- -- we had a lot of fun and in the blazers today came out. And came out with their prided Jersey threat. Is on our FaceBook page if you would like to seated FaceBook dot com slash Cheney fan let me briefly try to scratches over radio for you. It is a V neck. Short sleeve shirt him. -- it a great. Strike a red stripe and a black -- Down both sides you're your obliques via that a fair game I am I yet there area hit point two. And why is very scientific review and it says rip city on the front. And it's got a little pain meal at the bottom of the -- it is a white Jersey and their calling and begin their pride jerseys but. The -- that thing you need to know here is the blazer wearing sleeved jerseys. With the rips it's the rich city jury they have last year was -- on it and flood gates according to our tax and our FaceBook. That's all we can go awful right now. The reactions been pretty bad -- there's not a lot of happy people out there about this. This is an NBA not necessarily mandate but this is something that's been happening in the last couple of years he sighed and -- teams really rock on lash out. The bulls black when I like the lobby where those the suns rocked their orange want. -- -- like this -- aspect to the -- no idea what they'll look at the Jersey I think -- -- great said -- looks to the jerseys if they were like real action -- jerseys I would love this lead aspect doesn't bother me -- I can see why people don't like hey I like soccer Jersey I was like every -- doing that but I think some teams have nailed it in terms of what the local looks like and how would you out of players are wearing it. I just feel like this it's an easy money grab for the team. People like to buy every New Jersey you ever make is an organization. And again this is something NBA teams -- maybe there's some data out there that we haven't seen yet. On how much revenue extra revenue in Jersey sales this as for a lot of other teams the Miami Heat Chicago Bulls lakers and a lot of franchises have busted this out. What is it gonna mean for the blazes in terms of how many more dollars they can get. If they're charging 75 dollars free T shirt that they call Jersey and may not -- that I get why people don't like it I'm not a big fan of the blazers won that they have with the rich city. But I kinda understand where you come from from an organizational standpoint in the NBA. Yet to -- -- -- you know that the pride jerseys I've I've loved the rich city jerseys I do I have no problem at those and all entity that is the answer here if you're looking for a new revenue stream because to me that's the only answer anybody's ever ever given me about this league jerseys. Let's -- I applaud you for trying to superpower was well done essentially jerseys that is a hard thing to do it -- -- -- would you read the things -- comet and the -- like Alex you get a fantastic job defending sleeved jerseys but if you're really looking for a new source of revenue. The -- city Jersey was just brought up out of thin air they say -- -- alternate it says rich city on it might to just do that again and we just make a new rich city Jersey. And you quote unquote pride Jersey and then move on to be dealt with the you'll sell more of those I guarantee it. They knew what his sleeve Jersey and into the I don't honors -- the FDA is great branding itself the NBA is great at marketing it is grown exponentially over the last 2030 years. Even started a great job of that aspect. This is one of those six and I just don't understand I didn't and to meet the backlash how is it not been to that point read the backlash has been hate these are ugly. Nobody likes them let's get rid of them got a -- come up with a new idea. -- got a theory though Natalie I think this theory is they're trying to slowly he. Get -- acclimated with these so that they can put advertising on their sleeves. Today it's ridiculous to think fans will never reach point you just still have a difference early next door that are -- that's my -- days' break rates not ever let. To these kids that's the case. Fans are never get that -- mislead you know they can put advertising on the -- you could put advertising the whales a year -- -- can't find our. Our spot where the damage to its common man and honestly -- I don't. Put ads everywhere I finally tell us right now but also -- I really do believe that's part of thing adding it's a good theory you're never gonna conditioned me will you might now be only -- condition -- you just asked where's the outrage in there's probably not a lot of outrage because I think there's a lot of people out -- that like this look you may not like the T shirt is an NBA Jersey. I know I'm not a big fan of it. When I think there's a lot and now they're usually Jersey going TC I think people are going to buy here already are for your Jersey telling me advertisements are coming your blinded by the -- where -- -- -- gasoline is now let's put -- on the sleeves and 7UP your -- mean. Would you Wear this rip city sleep you know I would work out no doubt about stop -- would you go pilot for a hundred dollars. Sighted sand I want I say I Wear and that was the question -- The blazers haven't sleeved jerseys again if you what does he does go to FaceBook dot com. So last 1080 -- and you're just coming out on the show tomorrow yeah targets are Chris Kluwe we. In the Minnesota Vikings in the situation they find ourselves in -- Brett Favre said he's not fearing Lambeau boos when he returns the simplest guess that's the and couple that Tony Dungy came out and said exam will be a big -- are on them. Because Tony Dungy said that he would not attracted Michael -- because of the distraction. That it brings and I happen to agree I can't wait to talk about this actually uses an interesting docking point I really do believe that the outrage be and you get outrageous from both sides look there's thirty wow 31 other teams that felt the same way that it was 27 to last pick -- -- -- -- the last pick in the summer how many teams could have taken the chance and -- and they don't and that -- -- and I was a projected four to six round -- Yeah there's plenty of opportunities that you do it in sports where you pass on guys get. Caught fire the one team took a chance on him but nobody else did because they thought he'd be too much of a distraction because it was off the field problems. There's so many cases like that of professional sports. Producing -- you know it's not worth the risk Tony Dungy. Has the very catchy eight to be able to come out and say no. I'm that's the way I feel yeah without getting backlash but again this is the climate that we talk about all the time and we'll discuss is more modest of the climate that we find ourselves -- Wind he can't really be honest about this and have an open and honest dialogue regarding the Michael -- I didn't lie I do that we got a good -- detector she can be Eddie Favre crotch picture okay. I only we may get it and a game but I mean come on we're gonna be that what's break. That's true when one girl out there on that one answer that's your I was I was say this blazer to answer this draft I was nervous about this at all day. Now we'll look I -- wanted to your yeah -- -- one -- with a lady that was teaching them that it's Luke looked over and just look that you. -- that's why he just say get a budget dancers former dance instructors that take is really seriously. And breaks it -- I was gonna go for looks and -- is all layered had a guy and his guy. Disney does -- art form -- break okay learned to from what it is I did reinforce. Terror to. I'm threatened spring we'll see you tomorrow that one bad we'll sit com. See tomorrow at noon on Tinny to me. Hey guys. Hope they go so very right. Well -- later.

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