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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.21.14 Hr 2

Jul 21, 2014|

The guys talk about the latest Portland Trail Blazer uniform and reveal their experience judging Blazer Dancer tryouts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Someone who emerges -- from the fundamental standpoint Dan towards third and -- just served up -- Buffalo Wild Wings what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard Dan Flores had no point. And rambling incoherent response nerds were you even close to anything. They could be considered rational thoughts afraid yeah everyone in this room is now dumber for having yeah -- -- and sprayed on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. Yeah. Yeah. We're dealing here with stories from our time at the blazers audition the laser to answer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Flying out to -- here we go out these downed number five to number one for Jersey sales in our mortgage -- sports topics number five is Richard Sherman. The Seattle Seahawks number four in Jersey sales or. Peyton Manning walks 03. Tree three Colin -- -- in the San Francisco 49ers. Thought you know that's okay. Notes due to back. Russell Wilson Vietnamese from the Seattle Seahawks for clarifying and the number one Jersey in the NFL right now is -- -- -- from the Cleveland -- to a more time German five Manning for happening three Wilson to you in joining hands on number one. No surprise there six is Michael Sam. Has played down in the NFL and neither has means well but he's number six -- -- of problem with -- -- man's. Tom Brady is set -- -- breezes -- Aaron Rodgers is nine and you ready for number ten again. Is gonna drag you guys. Brett Keisel the twelfth fame injures -- -- Is the number ten soldiers. In the NFL right now you're in Hawaii. Is the highlight an oil deal that they stole it from Texas -- and ambulance he actually am more loyal than it was twelve Jersey like four years ago was any in the top thousand Hampton I don't think innovations -- -- -- following -- -- products and yeah. -- -- conversation in there about would you ever ever by a personalized Jersey scene is a -- one you count that as personalized. Yeah. -- -- really this -- -- bachelorette buying a -- you're gonna spend as much money because jerseys are expensive and -- -- -- jerseys and quite some time but I would imagine about a hundred -- box you -- I think they're about ED GE -- market really know why I am guessing okay -- -- exactly America's their fifty employees don't thank you very much -- price. I think getting a personalized Jersey is smarter than giving New Jersey CI -- regular player because that there might be gone exactly that -- I don't mind that I got a problem that I got Rasheed Wallace blazer Jersey from Baghdad since the roll back its arms and I've ever ever -- of course -- -- it's -- -- in the office -- got to Brandon -- Jersey I don't wanna get rid of a brain and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- -- does -- -- -- -- -- -- OK -- there -- certain times you can you can what if I get that budget that personalized -- to -- probably spend as much money. As a Jersey -- might as well get but I -- personalized. I don't personalize is different than handling. He wants him back your Jersey and that's a pretty young hundreds of dollars to get anything in its one thing to take pride in saying you know when I'm part of the twelfth man in your mind it's another thing actually goes spin your own money to tell people your age twelve to me this -- fan of semantics while email -- -- -- still got her daughter's got a great -- -- apparently the Sherman -- and the best in the league in Jersey City. Mark John Lynch was number eleven so the Seahawks have four of the top. It's. Clamoring it's an happens anyway you don't. Or speed of jerseys -- Portland trailblazers came out what their -- see the jerseys today they're calling it their pride to Jersey. And try to do this justice -- you over the radio does his girlfriend have you ever seen it T shirts yes I'm -- to have -- have one on -- -- -- -- trade being that he sure can. -- three stripes down your abdominal side I'm thinking Calvin -- right now OK both sides with the rich city of prost. And you would have yourself they Portland trailblazers sleeved Jersey now ordered -- -- -- like Natalie obviously Jersey but they took the rip city Jersey. That people love yet and meeting into -- characters you this is that most be going to -- -- honest people there are problems that. I think you look on our FaceBook page but to me. This is just what the NBA years -- -- Jersey been around for a couple years now that I'm Emma Watson the warriors a few times they came to Portland last year and they wore these. Mean this is just something the league's doing the -- it felt like the suns where they're sleep jerseys every single road game those bright orange ones. But it's frustrating for -- -- perspective because a lot of people viewed our jerseys as some of the best in all of sports. But this is again this is the NBA thing and I I the I personally I only the blazers will last very long based on people's reactions thus far. This is some that I could see last in five to seven you know -- the entire mess he's in many games and that's probably what most people would say but it's something you try out if it fails on its face fine -- get rid of -- but. Look if it even if you don't like did you think it's ugly if people buy it and guess what it's gonna stick around in the player's gonna continue to Wear. And that's the worst thing at least in a bunch on the face -- message board people are saying just please don't go by this is that you're right do you dangle like you're gonna continue to -- I. I don't understand who it because the -- a pretty good with this kind of stuff -- everybody blazer fans loved jerseys. They do the rich city was a cool new look I remember in the in the -- -- -- years when they brought back to retro seventies jerseys the red ones that the blazers that was vertical. Awesome I love the -- and of retro jerseys and I love the rich city jerseys I love the normal jerseys. And -- organization that looks it's up in practice in less it was an MBA mandate which it might have been. The Who and that organization would sit there and say this is a good idea like it's not a mandate necessarily but it's something a league wanted to move in the -- in different directions for how we use your Portland he just signals thanks a lot of teams have already done as the lakers -- -- -- -- On the state warriors and it looks the bowl yet and that's one of the best things they've done the last two years as they haven't happened over the sleep jerseys but. You we've already seen the backlash for the -- Jersey -- I don't get about the NBA I understand that there are ways. Obviously gonna make more money you're gonna go sell more jerseys I get that. Do what I you know look I thought it was a stupid gimmick but do what he did last of that play the game yet the nicknames on the back to Jersey is what nicknames just keep on the same. There I've not found a single person out there that is supported mislead jurors I players and players don't -- -- ins -- -- -- -- first it was definitely was complaining about them when he shot shot and it kind of -- hands restrictive when you're shooting a basketball nobody likes Easter but the NBA's great at branding itself. Did mr. did an unbelievable job growth that sport. But tech continued to pretend like fans like these players like -- and it's a school look there a joke you look at him and they're just it. He had -- especially Portman there are Jersey Anemia that you just don't mess with quiet to -- Portland is one of them. I just classic the pin wheels classic the ripped CDs classic. You just don't you don't mess with the blazers Jersey and Nino that blazer fans are going to be outspoken about this. And they're going to speak out. I just again I'm with you dirt I don't know what the I don't know what they're after here what's the money it's if there's other ways they may want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this is the direction of the league right now where you have teams and we're trying to sound. Yeah I sat. It's frustrating I think that when she's able fans are frustrated by the it was based on the reaction we've got yes but it's the same thing to me where it's it's it's that way different but we need change -- name from the Rose Garden in the mode as Senator Biden. There's a certain. Don't mess with what you we have the mentality as blazer fan sees the same or it's a little different I say it's a little does that that -- quit by the referencing the underlying but I still think him mr. -- and there's you know there's an underlying tone -- always -- so -- the Rose -- yeah it's a citizen underlying -- like there's a tone with the blazers it says that appreciates the culture they've created. And kind of the atmosphere that they've heard the blazers have created and why ruin that why risk it -- don't we talk to the gallon and we it would mean doctor for a half hour and he said one of the things that they appreciated Moses. We've got the best Hilton slogan may be an all sports -- with rip city we don't have to work and all the teams. Would give anything to have the nickname in the -- in the blazers do with -- city it is he -- it is a what is this new team new dream crap we got ripped right it's -- they've got Hilton it is and I'm like this sleeve Jersey is not the unit into the world is finally teammates like this league is now going no I actually don't mind the Phoenix Suns -- I -- -- -- black I -- I. Hate every single one of them does because the sleeves -- Utley didn't just let let's read a couple of these FaceBook disgusting stupid. No no no back hideous leave our blazers alone sleeves are lame NBA's full of morons. That's just a couple we I think we have 57 or 58 comments now on the face of post. There is literally not a single positive -- and that's the only reason I look at this. Maybe there are a handful of fans out there that like this maybe there's a handful of fans out of Columbine the NBA Smart they do their research on this -- there's clearly been people -- Miami new York and LA and Phoenix. But -- at some point they give -- gonna run -- I mean add to the backlash to me is now a lot louder than the money that you're gonna make off selling ample mostly drew what's worse the sleeve Jersey or the changing. The basketball they have a few years back the basketball yeah the disaster hits adrenaline takes. Actually -- look -- that the players were outraged they said okay we're done doing and I can play that Texas has an husky 35 year old guy cannot get away with wearing a -- -- and I could I ask -- away with wearing this -- that's a valid point man it's like a -- I told you guys I wouldn't Iraqi but I would rocket of I was working out and -- to consider that -- smorgasbord of -- topic again if you haven't seen Jersey. It is rather the best way possible on radio butting in like ten have a head over to our -- the page. And FaceBook dot com site team to -- it's out there. In a look cities have no other way to -- -- -- -- and hopefully they don't act this year hopefully the do away with the we're gonna start to look ahead to the NFL. And we'll do so it'll start in Philadelphia with Chip -- next year as of the expectation placed on him after his first successful seizing your listening. Did portrait as Bradenton eighty different. Then towards third and spread his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. I work somehow works and I'm all for us and it's two groups of people that stay. They're talking and one say about China -- an equally cared oh. But to -- Jennifer -- yes she is really a party who. Jennifer -- have parties so cheap cheap hopes that parties so so and keep -- no offense I corporate parties pulpit plaudits but keep -- don't know because sect tells it to walk. Yes yes and who. -- Yeah. I -- -- a show Boise staging we have started to shift into football motive and NFL training camps opening up this week media days are going on the big twelve in the ACC's. Media day was today the pac twelve media days I easy -- will be down there on net Wednesday into Thursday. And again as NFL training camps open up the Eagles start this Friday -- -- looking ahead as an NFL teams and we'll start off. Which Italian -- Philadelphia Eagles last year going from worst to first in their division. Obviously surpassed expectations. And he's going into Chip Kelly had a quote where he goes into this season he has last year. Basically what I was just trying to get my system implemented. Now the guys Noelle -- and there's a thirst for improvement I think that's what we're looking for we won a bunch of guys that like playing football. Not what football gets him. The Chip Kelly and that -- that we had last week was the seventeenth. On the top coaches in the NFL one which I think is absurd and I can't wait until. It -- the evidence of a sample size yes I think absolutely he's kind of a sample size and I can't wait to watch him coach this year again. Deceived his is that true destitute Kelly will be sustained. Success. But I I like his chances again to have another great year and I like the Eagles to win that division -- He added to me that's the key when you look at Philadelphia you got to look at the division they're playing and I mean the giants who knows what you're gonna -- -- in and year out from them they -- -- a Super Bowl or Eli Manning can throw 68 interceptions Dallas you can never trust. And Washington was one of the most disappointing teams the NFL last year so nobody's really sure how they're gonna come back and bounce back from Nazis and how healthy is RG three to be there's a lot of question marks in that division. And that to -- points to Philadelphia and says okay they're obviously the clear cut front runner. Not what the I do believe Chip Kelly should be higher than seventeenth in the overall coach -- overall and coach rankings in the NFL. But to me it's still too small the sample size because we've seen guys like this come in and have immediate set success and an organization. And then all of a sudden they fall -- all of a sudden it was a one year wonder in the and in another team comes up because who knows maybe the giants are -- this year. In Washington is true maybe this is the year the Dallas puts it altogether stopped at a hole you hit it. I haven't it's comical statement today but if I -- ultimate success -- too much failure in the first couple years for him he's a guy that. I do I do believe in what he's saying in terms of the EU gotta give him time to implement that system it's gonna take a couple of years. And that you especially look at the drafting process of going out and getting guys in the draft that fit your system -- -- what you wanna do it's it's such a hard thing to do for coaches. Both the college level and the NFL -- you've got to give them a couple of years to get their hands on some players it's okay this is a guy that it's my system perfectly. It was a terrible thing for Rich -- at Michigan where he went in and try to run his offense he denied the right personnel in place and it was a disaster and he was never given the right amount of time. To get the pieces in the personnel that he needed to put it together. The one thing that I will say did you Kelly does intend to me this is such an underrated factor of him throughout his entire career as a coach both in college. In in the NFL and that's looking at what he does the quarterbacks I think. When you when you look at the work that he's double quarterbacks throughout his career whether it was an organ turning Dennis Dixon into a guy who played summer baseball and -- or conducting and wanted back into Heisman contender. He. Nobody -- aren't in a Derrick Thomas look what look what he's done mountains even seeking even hang on in the arena league. He turn him into a good quarterback to let him to a national championship -- fault nobody saw Nichols coming last year and now he's considered one of the best quarterbacks he was up for breakthrough athlete he start fifteen according exact words he's in the top happen after the league and I told that two years ago when he was playing in Arizona even. Nick fools related doesn't that doesn't really add up for me so to Kelly deserves a lot of credit my opinion in terms of what he does for coaches -- -- what he does for quarterbacks. But in gradient as a coach he got to get a bigger Wendell the one year. You know he's one of the few guys -- -- I've really followed organ organ state football even as a T and I think he's one of the few guys that when people talk about the rivalry. Whether your humble what whatever side you're on he's kind of a sticking point a commonplace for people can agree on. How incredible job he's able to do I mean year any year -- teams and organ that he was able to do. And improve on given the national championship and put him in -- -- -- toasty as Fiesta Bowl win the whole thing -- and the job he does -- you're out. I'm not gonna be surprised off this is a ten to twelve win team this year they're scheduled isn't necessarily the hardest to college it's lot of back and forth. They openly Jackson known and they got Indianapolis and he got Washington in. I you can really just go up from here. And let's not forget this -- a field goal away from getting past the first of the wild car weakened against the saints and advancing improbably playing either the niners of the CR -- forget which one they would've played. And look at how we improve that team last should be starting one in three. They lost three they lost three of their first five games municipally Tina really struggled. He turned that around he implemented -- falls the defense might not be there but their division this week why. Series why can't -- and what he did last year is because of how bad how -- was last seen her before it was it -- -- -- Pena had -- coming -- even RG three was three under -- and -- but if you through Philly last year in the -- say the NFC -- -- against US best division or not to win that division you -- an essential they might not sit on every team -- -- that's tough to -- good idea when the -- they mighty -- might have been able to beat New Orleans they played -- really -- in the playoff game you know and I just. Lick it what were they were the year before he got there and what he's been able to do in his career. I think in I don't think there's a person out there that would say he's not a great coach any can't find improvements. He's somebody that we've seen over the years how many NFL coaches were by in his style while he was an organ. And now he's on that NFL level now we are able to go get the players that he truly wants for his NFL system. I think he's gonna improve the Eagles a lot and it some and I'm looking forward to 'cause I really do like -- -- big -- as well. Church says to Chip Kelly will be he got rated DeSean Jackson him and the GM there but you do you have Jeremy Maclin back it'll be attested to Kelly because you look at him and you go. He's kind of been a system type guy where he does value talent like I mean you've got you've got talent on the Eagles roster you do. But you look at DeSean Jackson he is a true dean changing talent in the NFL when he is motivated and in when he wants to play. And viewed as letting guys go in his prime that is one of the top receivers in the NFL. You better make sure and you better have. Guys that you speaker capable of -- impacting the game. On a one on one basis are getting double team. Or changing the way the defense goes about preparing for you -- you know that that that's always been a challenge -- in the NFL -- and a lot of teams will bow down some of their superstars. Because they realize Dez Bryant in Dallas about vetted as bright you let him get away with things because you know he's a dean changing. -- that you have on the outside into -- kind of always been a system guy. So trying to replace DeSean Jackson this year will be a test a chip -- system and how you evaluates talent -- moving for the other part of this. But it doesn't get a lot of coverage is their defense changed last year to 834. And it was good in the playoffs it it wasn't that good during the regular season they were good against the saints in the playoffs. As they start to develop and as a circadian rhythm. And an understanding of what they have to do because of the offense to -- -- offense and you'll see that he can start to improve which is why I like their chances this year. -- to win that division because their defense is going to get better -- guys another year in that system. To meet the giants haven't improved all that much the Redskins are going to be averaging don't forget about the dealings or factor he said yeah I know your academic those intersections then again and the cowboys aren't army guys. Let the. I think it's an interesting point with the shot Jack's eyes man you know. How -- he's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it would -- Jackson because that that's the conversation that we have when he was originally released him and they are not released but when they originally parting ways with him is it let it -- you can sit on the sidelines -- you -- him firm for being economic -- cop in the locker room and saying look he's a bad influence he shows up late to meetings he's detrimental to the team. Let's get rid of and that's fine and dandy you can sit there and say great move that Smart I respect the hell out of it. But that's a cutthroat market I mean if anybody who's ever been in Philadelphia knows. Those are some diehard fans that take their sports very seriously in a few slip offensively because you don't have a DeSean Jackson and there was never real. Any real evidence provided into why you cut him there was an article they cannot. Yeah. I guess asserted that he had some gang ties there was Newsome -- gang members there was never any hard evidence that points UK that's why we got rid of him. They'll be added Darren Sproles it's gonna be good addition to that offense but he's not to the level of the DeSean Jackson. You're missing a big piece -- radical Greta great -- last year can he do it consistently Riley Cooper is a question mark for me to other there's still a lot of question marks offensively. -- he better hope they can do it they can do well because if you lose DeSean Jackson the offense goes down that's exactly what fans are gonna. Point we'd never get him on the show but if we did what would make him hang up or wanna leave quicker Charles or chuck. -- you need to show HI doubting Charles kind of pissed him -- he kind of -- is Charles and people -- Charles -- sometime I think it's -- real name is -- is really it's not so why have you ever heard anybody calling Charles king of zones and because -- reasoning goes by championing the election I -- seats Charles -- I'll absolutely. Be doctor -- -- will allow -- really collapse the big twelve. Chief rips the NCAA we'll tell you what he said next in their media day -- -- -- comments. Coming out of the ACC as well that this coming college football season all opinion re DOU was entails firm Lazard answer auditions at 145. Dan towards dirt and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. Up. Over all day there's not a single -- -- in this town there's nothing not a sit. -- wanna work forty hours a week. Here. We'll go to the store. OK just get the bare essentials the -- of our bill. -- -- Okay. Right media days are going on in the big twelve in the ACC pac twelve will be Wednesday and Thursday actually do have their shows down in LA it's. There's a war going kinda between the big twelve while I sit here and there -- some more words between the big vote in the ACC. Big twelve commissioner Bob bulls' lead. How closely Bob holes and -- bullies via BO WL I didn't think SP line. He said today quote. Cheating case. In the incidentally these -- -- doesn't -- things getting much better in the future -- enforcement has broken. Infractions committee hasn't had a hearing and almost a year I think it's not an understatement distaste cheating pays presently BBC -- conspired is certainly bend the rules. You can do it successfully improbably knocked it -- in most occasions Jim both Fisher today of Florida State came out and said it's ridiculous. The the big twelve does not have to pay play the championship game. In their conference I'm with him I get so frustrated of the imbalance in college full police some some teams play nine division games or conference games some teams play AME varies year to year. And I've been very fresh -- -- elect the SEC. Kudos to them I love watching them but the fact you play Louisiana lot Fiat your second to last game of the year. That really kind of rights mean and that really gets me that's a -- southern Alabama IEA's wallet -- yeah what do you the only guy prove yourself beat worthy. I watch this video in India where you tweeted this out on your Twitter account. And it was via the transformation achilles' heel coach to coach can and it was funny to watch the what they were -- blew my mind. You're trying to sell the big twelve by saying we don't have divisions we don't have a championship team. You why are you promoting them yet why you bragging about your conference Sox have been still many teams have said goodbye and that's stick around here yeah not a big -- -- Alison I'm getting out of there I -- -- affect. We're joined now made it -- -- just it really does. It takes away I think mine joined with college football little name that there's so much. And -- there's not unity on on sand fronts like not everybody plays nine conference teams that should be a mandate -- shouldn't be hard to -- you know it's not -- ought to have a UH I don't we go to a conference games I'm -- all faculty what's your take -- -- whatever you wanna do. Just did on the same page it's really not that give the cold and I love that I think -- so I think the big twelve gets punished revisionist. And we've seen it in years past Baylor has been really good but they don't get ranked as high as some people think they should we've seen this throughout the years now. Where you start to see some of the did the conference's they're playing more games they have the championship games those play into effect now the big twelve got to give to the other does it really does. It really doesn't only mean that that this existing college football -- And we got into a heated debate one time off the year about kind of rules and golf -- and how different rules are needed to certain tournaments -- -- -- certain tournaments run by there's united there's fluctuating rules throughout the sport and that's it I feel the same exact way about this. When you look at college football and why would you have a different set of rules and -- not technically rules but. A different setting guidelines -- conference doesn't make any sense -- item 100% agree with -- -- when you talk about. It was non conference games in SEC teams web browser in an Alabama schedule the other day they just -- -- Baylor school for the blind the second to last week of the season. Yeah that's got to be nice heading into a conference championship game into bowl season you basically get a week off -- played its starters for a quarter and a half and you pull all of them. It's a weak profits a chance to get your younger players some time on the field. There is such a built in advantage when you do that and especially -- the fact that the clinic conference schemes which is unfair in my mind as well especially as other conferences. Continue to improve in for the big -- to brag about not having a conference championship game. I honestly I really hope it comes back to bite and I do because this is the issue we're gonna get into now. Where maybe you look at the pass and it wasn't that big of -- deal because the pac ten did not have a conference championship game for a long time. There were still schools are able to reach championship -- our national championship game in the region BCS game that wasn't a whole lot of outrage around it. But when you're a situation where the Big Five conferences for -- five have a conference title game and you're the only one that doesn't. And salary to the system where there's a playoff and four teams make it in you potentially get to play one less game against a very highly ranked team hopefully. And a conference team -- to keep it as it built in advantage that if there's a situation where I would hate to see because it's yes -- seat. But if you have a one or two loss SEC team that loses in the conference shadow game. I would prefer voting them in over -- big twelve team that is completely gets a pass into Oklahoma Oklahoma State. Doesn't matter to me who it is you there is such an advantage to not to play that conference title game. Because every conference you look at besides maybe idiocy ACC because it's so bad Florida simply do girl whoever. The tax -- ordered deported makes you play new -- twice. Alabama got the joint there are so many tough matchup -- potentially happening in it's an advantage in other conferences don't have. A text their honey -- into -- -- sex line at 55305. Says this I am so sick of hearing about the unbalanced scheduling college football. Organs poison into pats he's as well. There is no Colorado Washington State's in Utah's in the SEC and there's only Kentucky's and Vanderbilt. Yet -- about Tennessee -- -- in Arkansas was great last year yet Tennessee was fantastic they played Tennessee it was a final score that game man in DC this is a state they've been a powerhouse you know you're in easy and that's address we got to if you wanna make the argument the top of the SEC there's more Nash political national title contenders. -- conference I'm fine with that but there's this this. For us not been going through the SEC year in and year round is his grueling Johnson might have -- -- nobody in the pac twelve conjured nobody in the big twelve give me a flipping. Right you you play eight conference games and look at the west -- copper LSU -- with the -- and Camelot gimme a break it sees fit into better than -- -- exit deal well I don't think they are and it's unfortunate part about it but they again yet as you said the difficulty with the SEC's you've got. NAM and South Carolina and Missouri last year and Auburn now I cannot tell you who was good yet last year in the SEC. And because. They've done a great job of marketing and that's and that's the and amassing the SEC is the most dominant conference but won -- straight national titles hats off to let you can't tell me that like the big twelve not playing championship. Not planning conference championship. Just like that you can't tell -- that Alabama playing a -- school into your schedule is not an advantage yeah if it wasn't an advantage they wouldn't do -- Saturday November 22 -- western Carolina that's the whole reason this -- that's the whole reason -- big twelve doesn't play championship game -- it benefits that because you get banged up -- the -- every -- -- take about last year in the Big -- if you -- -- conference championship game Ohio cities in the national champions they are -- undefeated -- -- and the end you saw them exposed against Michigan State Michigan State goes on -- wins the Rose -- that's why you have. Conference championship games are -- going to be times where. It doesn't work out in the best team all season loses the championship game of course you're gonna have that. But to me when you've got four of the five conferences. Yeah just have to have uniformity in the support he incidentally falls short. Is that they don't have the power to come together and say no. This is the way it's going to beat this is how schedules are going you've made this is how conference championships are going to get done. An Intel they've got some sort of enforcement where they can make that happen. -- you're working towards a more perfect system. But -- still some fundamental flaws in the system that you have like Jindal Fisher said he sees he mediated -- media day today. That it's bull that the big twelve doesn't play you get in and out. -- -- is and I'm just hoping this is one of the beauty parts of having a college football playoff. If you keep using the SEC's easily the most dominant find you pack of -- up their great -- to be drug it's a way it okay. But we're gonna see how this plays out now in the minds of the committee. If the big twelve doesn't have a conference championship game at any point in the near future if they continue to maybe not have as many conference games is the pac twelve or anybody else. That is going to affect him when you talk about Alabama. Playing the terrible school was the end there in their season if they didn't have a really tough schedule and they still have that game. This was gonna do that's gonna knock him down because strength of schedule as component. That's going to dial into determining who goes to the fourteen college playoff for me I think this is going to bite the big twelve in the -- And we'll see where catches up to designing he could be this year. In equal opportunity fairness it -- Is that Dirk guy on mess. Now and I prefer crack cocaine. I cannot gain that's what I'm like trash year's class well he's a vapor guy he's they could act. Stories from our weekend with the blazer answers in the IDC and we'll have those for you next and we'll revisit the Rory McIlroy tiger would debate and YE. Sports media and just in general we feel the need to compare across sports topic that conversation up. -- stop the ever got a couple funny stories from you for you from blazer dancer auditions over the weekend nearly as an Indian for thirty -- -- -- -- The outlook plug -- and noble. They're demonstrated his served up like in buffalo while doing responding ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 program. Hariri visited -- together and how do you compare guys across generations it wasn't -- sport to make compares the game. We got a lot of that with the LeBron James Michael Jordan we also I think going on right now with Rory McIlroy. And Tiger Woods but we stick to our weekend and on the Saturday. It's been about what 34 hours yet about three hours and it was -- Saturday morning we don't you PCs Cecil mania. Who sent these sunshine away off capitol -- every community college smells the same I don't know what that smell is necessarily I have an idea but I'm not gonna say over the air a tennis schools really lackeys. It's community college smell -- All the same. That's a very astute observation and I'm just saying -- who go to PCC go to bed client institutions go to all these institutions fantastic -- -- are waiting -- quality value go to these commuter schools and you tell me doesn't smell the same. It's like a car freshener Memphis that's greens. We all know this -- -- -- community college now he's a big spectacle baldness is sent that was like the rubble over my -- so we go in there who. And we walked into the GM. And we just kind of got that blank stare on her face but there's a lot Jake's it was like it felt like that moment and out of the Roxbury will will -- walking around at what's 23 -- -- say what's -- everybody because of so many of guys stand there like our that's that's like when a group of 150 objects like he's it was nice it was nice to lock the -- -- we walked in right is they were. Two working -- shaken their butts they were doing something that was beautiful and we distilled their flight five minister and say a word just staring into the -- been like I what's their strategy years we take a long way around go to the judges' table remains the introduces says judges. And they go the self proclaimed quarterback of the show. Taylor -- -- does the right there where did they get -- -- this is a whole another conversation at this stadium regular roles not all -- say this I've not but it is because I let you set this way you raise a -- sent these to reset this that I -- that's cold -- by the way he did you guys is that -- records -- it will -- city is so low all the -- answers the future Boise is about a hundred of them. That is tactic just line up right in front of us booty shorts in the whole nine yards and so they give me the boring and so they are kind can't clap and they are boring -- really did not. Have a boring engines -- -- problem dirt does exactly the same skills he had exactly where unskilled natives got you I you know since they have brain is Sprague is the smartest guy here. -- they thousands smartest guy on the issue couple you know what did you think it. Then it doesn't make you feel bad for then -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah. He is the -- all conference quarterback. For Cleveland high school. And that was -- intro to the -- -- -- yeah that's they introduced me I. Not only was he introduced as the all conference player from Cleveland. He was the best looking guy on our show climbing axis of fact -- -- facts right now that. Because the chicks they were impressed analysts say that I -- I -- numbers did you pull off a handful. You know we get dates lineup the next couple months to some of those chicks that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This self proclaimed quarterback on the show and it's -- So we it's an inside job one way and I was either dirt or you -- -- -- that wrote this 'cause I -- -- and I couldn't believe the things that are coming out there and thrown about things so we -- out photos of some of the -- answers we had the option where we had these judging sheets and we can write comments yes or -- about what we thought these -- answers. So three of them would come out at a time. And we either circled yes maybe or no and it got the point after awhile or like. Cam is like a multiple choice tests on the SE TF bitumen you know they got a -- yes. I -- it's amazing to a former blazer dancer she was -- ball in Miami this week's idol when I was writing down every time so I had a lot of pressure to hear is this all you could stick with us here for thirty seconds because we list. This song played. We probably not exaggeration 56 to Honolulu for about a two -- is -- hundreds of girls there -- groups of threes and visit him this is the song that against him. For three -- People. Can. -- -- -- goal is swagger Jagger ASA. -- I was singing I started learning the routine. I knew the first five moves of their routine because of the song so we're sitting next to. Somebody else in the industry navigates a -- TV or radio ads and dirty TV or realism mixed bag their -- of that -- thing. And we got a glimpse of some of the comments they put for these women. The media little sample of these here not a by the way not that's no we did not get -- we we we held -- -- I had one comment for a year and he said. I checked in Latvia today and -- on Zuma laser blazer auditioned dancing -- -- -- traditions. This person wrote on his feedback to this woman. Is she standing up. I can't tell. Well it's politics. Series of under five feet this particular version of its -- to somebody that had a different colored hair. She scares me no thank you. -- somebody was anorexic keep put. Please -- some states Unita and there were a couple girls there that probably need need some more cookies is saying he had and then he had one where he said. Seriously. Do you see yourself why would you track pay outs. The other one was make it stop please and probably the best one was you look like a scarecrow. That's had some pretty accurate to sent us -- served -- pretty hard but we did get in a heated debate and I think this is where we need some listeners feedback. Because we went to different direction on this there was a female who is very attractive she probably made -- very good -- and answer. Much he had a very visible -- it was a red dead to you isn't -- that we from basically her -- to her belly button that yes -- on her side yeah yeah. In the dirt and I said no you can't be a blazer answer if you got a site at two -- correct -- to be different route I will come on let's. Take attacked two way wish she'd just she'd been a dead answer was she pretty bad because I that I would probably the most what we saw I would say she was one of the most. Consistent she knew -- was good look and I can tell you at suicide I mean I thought she had a total -- was -- with the music got a -- and dancing to see my reasoning left half of Portland is is weird and hipster issues. You're gonna have half that building night in night out have tax use Wear glasses when they don't Needham and have skinny jeans that's hugging their genitals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At nine and that's what you're trying to get back the vast majority at first -- a link on the dance again that's fine that's fine but like that's not everybody half Abby -- how the -- will say yes you can have -- That and I I say no weak on the dance I don't know tattoos I wanted to do as -- also you'll see the next crop of -- answers and you can -- -- -- Or come after risk as we judge this weekend in to have fun. There was a. The we take it anymore there was a girl did you guys see this morning she was like 49. I don't think she was any bigger in that this Caucasian Laney. And -- she was a terrible answer -- stunt team too short but packs a punch we can throw our high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It listening to Dan -- is break served up by -- doves on the thing.

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