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Danforth, Dirt, & Sprague 7.21.14 Hr 1

Jul 21, 2014|

The guys talk about Rory McIlroy's win at the Open Championship as well as all the comparisons made between McIlroy and Tiger Woods

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A partner. OK okay. Then towards dirt and -- it deserved a place buffalo wild -- and a partner to finally got to relax don't support ticket to fly here already dropped a lot. We've Taylor Danforth. Not let you. Yeah all that's right but he's shown that terrorist plots can be heard Johnson back hey it's almost an -- your list and get the -- We're gonna get this and Brendan -- yeah pretty nasty out courtesy of Michael and then towards Dugard and sprayed on ESPN's -- -- maybe. The program. All of us. What is apple be today did a -- get ready for a great week of shows -- -- -- -- To be back. Fresh off a weekend of judging women that we had no business did they look great though. -- -- fantastic that's ought to collect from the weekend there's a lot of objects out there are -- I'll say this I had a few too many drinks on Friday night on Lleyton. Great youth here for a hangover is watching beautiful and dance and booty shorts. Know you guys are aware that I am OK being. Kind of -- station pervert now in that sense of humor I actually walked away feeling really dirty and just like the biggest scumbag in the world on Saturday. 18 completes recap of our blazer dancer auditioning and marijuana when he college judging the judging -- analyzing where. At 1400. Arrived there. For you here's what's coming up on the show today it is ACC media day in big twelve media day. All the recent comments from there and clean -- this Winston speaking to the media about what you expect from his upcoming season. NFL gets going this week for training cancel have some NFL news and notes for you. As well prime -- guys it's it's going to be got pac twelve media day this Wednesday and Thursday. Now we're looking boarded those couple of shows what their interviews so we will have plenty on the pac twelve. It is basically football season now is. There's nothing going on in other sports as baseball the dog days of summer in baseball but it is full football mode here at the station. Only time and a lot of the ball this week and leading up to this season's over excited about that's also the one other quick basketball note. If -- our basement pages FaceBook dot com slash 1080 the -- Portland trailblazers are doing the sleeved Jersey look. Doesn't look it. No it's a terrible a VEE stick with the -- city I actually liked the rich city jerseys it was kind of a cool alternated in their -- kind of pride jerseys rehab you know. This slow and across the front and I had no problem when they were those alternates but to -- sleeves this is something you know. They're kind of juggle one of our -- earlier about rules of courts -- to keep doing this as long as people are gonna -- I believe we got a couple people. That was that in the face to face that he -- that I of these jerseys and we'll stop making up. But there is literally I think we got about 2030 comments at this point not one positive comment well I elected to look -- to look at what. Nobody nobody likes to -- jerseys yet they continue to force down. Well we've seen them in the past but now I'm glad that Portland's finally breaking in net in that market to really help everybody feel like they're ten years old again when they're wearing their T shirts and playing basketball because that's all this -- to me. This is a money grab for -- is a money grab for the adults who don't girl and they feel like they have to have every single injury -- that's ever released in Portland TrailBlazer history. You -- read the comments on FaceBook. Vomit burn Roma you don't have any positive. Reactions any from the city -- these. And what they're they're not gonna where Mary opted not at the probably where I am 56 games this season. But overall I mean you wanna be happy about the product your team puts out but it is sure doesn't help what is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now holds up Rickie Fowler in Sergio Garcia. Is was Rory after his round. Support has been absolutely fantastic all week I've been a pleasure today to plan from. I'm even though I'm a Monday night -- finds that hair style. I don't go to Vincent -- tonight you. It's Rory in the second Tiger Woods also spoke after his round and then -- say he wasn't very happy you're traveling around and see a golf course. While just go to the range. And I'll just go to the range turns into I can do nine holes. And I can do nine holes turns into I can do eighteen hole. An addict the worst thing you can hear is that something like what honey what did you do today. And Johnson couldn't say what he had really been doing so he made up stories and soon the lies began to catch up with him. You come home and -- sunburn you might smell like onscreen you might have cut grass type and and -- cut and your pants. And it caught up with him that work in your room after he made a hole in one. The ball kid -- rate and below the pin jump forward curve to the left went in the hole. I'm supposed to be working. And now he's in the Minneapolis paper sports section the next day they published. Holes in one. A great tournament for Rory McIlroy -- and the thing about Rory that's impressive -- fury golf fan. Is that when he his ceiling in this -- to look after a lot of golfers as. Is a war there ceiling isn't when he plays as good at golf as he can. He dominates people like tiger used to dominate people he played very conservative in his final round of the British Open but. When you look at Rory is potential there's a lot of guys on tour most guys on tour if they played their absolute best golf they're winning tournaments. The winner Rory plays is that the best golf if he's blowing away the field the issue that Rory has. This is he's this inconsistent. Mentally he's not nearly as tough as tiger he's got other interests. And so he's only 25 years old he's got three majors it's extremely impressive he's well on his way to being an all time great. In RD a hall of Famer but. -- unfair comparisons to Tiger Woods ruining. Golf right now because you have Sergio yet Rickie Fowler -- Dustin Johnson was in the mix and Rory map projection of any great and it was a great tournament. But you all you hear about his Tiger Woods after. -- you're -- go on into Sunday night to get a whole lot of drama and any eventually did I mean Sergio eagle what was it nine or ten I believe in just like that he was back -- in two strokes so you did have some excitement going down the stretch -- which is exactly what -- -- -- major championship now there wasn't a make or break potter make or break shot that Rory had -- to clinch things. But it was still an exciting tournament in -- -- right whenever we look at him. And immediately turns into a conversation that he is the third youngest guy ever to get to three major championships and if he wins the masters come next April to be one of the youngest to win the career grand slams it immediately -- of that legacy conversation. And the talk about where does he rank with the Jackson with the tigers. It's a it's a disservice to him dizzy just not there -- for exactly damp for the same consistency. And we've seen him a lot when major championships before -- come out not make the cut the next time out. -- he puts it together and when you saw this in his two previous major wins and then again this this this weekend and over in the British Open. He played unbelievable what he's on he's got blown out you're not gonna be able to compete with him and that might look to guys like Sergio when I look to guys like Ricky Fowler. I almost all platform because they played fantastic pretty pharmacy is -- a very short list to guys they shot or all four rounds in the sixties and didn't end up winning the tournament. He was unbelievable they didn't really do anything to screw up you know everybody was kind of wait for that Sergio moment. Where he blows up or finds a way to get himself out of contention he didn't have -- he had a fantastic Sunday. But you said earlier thing for the show where nobody is gonna remember that we're gonna remember Rory McIlroy his performance. This is great for -- the only -- -- on the major championships this year is that you haven't had that dramatic finish up and down the seventeenth or the eighteenth hole on Sunday. But you needed a big and you needed a big name Bubba for whatever reason wasn't that the masters Martin kind of running away with -- on Friday at the US open just made for terrible ratings. Yeah had a big game this week and I still haven't seen the ratings but I'm willing to bet that they took a little bit of a jump over the the previous to may -- just. It kind of feels like it's it's more of -- -- problem now like golf doesn't have anything that he can prove or anything that can. Gain more fans I think we're just we're stuck in such a time win it's one players century click the only attention you hear about is Tiger Woods and he he was plus six. And people still wanted to talk about steep people still wanted to ask. Where in the finish I'd -- shoot the fire that's all I heard on Sunday. I'm -- club on in the closet percent in I'm enjoying breakfast there -- other members there and all I'm hearing about. How did tiger -- yesterday where -- out right now is round finished. And we have Rory on the TV just dominating golf he had Rickie -- there you had Sergio Garcia in contention. To me it's just it's more of a media problem and it is a golf from a growing hitting golf in salt. Or do to try to help bring eyeballs to their televisions. We just come to a point now where were so one person driven by that sport. That we almost are programmed to and not care about the other players in that's the unfortunate part about it because -- when you watch Rory Mac right Dominic golf. There's not a more beautiful thing I think in sports than watching that. But we've been programmed to think well it's not Tiger Woods who cares and -- in fortune apart. Yeah it is unfortunate because there is and this is the -- we're -- lead our conversation our next segment is that there is. There's there it to mean there hasn't been a better young crop of athletes. Not only in golf by the -- you look across sports absolutely the athletic landscape right now in college football in the NFL. In Major League Baseball in the NBA the crop of young talent is incredible every guys forward is peaking right now talent yes and -- starting to see people in the early twenties and mid twenties that have really benefited from some of the more advancements. Estimates and the advance -- the you've seen in sports training. And nutrition and ever then how much more of all we've become in sports. And because of that. I think it's difficult to compare athletes even current athletes like tiger is difficult to compare tiger to Rourke even though there still playing right now. Because of what tiger did fifteen years ago so I didn't pick it up their next war we talk about. Is it ever fair to compare athletes across generations and what sport is it the easiest. To compare athletes have crossed we'll get that next also Rory -- father placed a huge wager when he was fifteen. Years old while that story for you next is what you're listening to the airport turns break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings aren't any different. Way. -- roll hall. Candidates in June the in June moon and is on the council. Then towards third and spray deserve dubbed by buffalo wild -- on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so man. It's exit points out Rory dominating -- field is the most beautiful thing in sports break have you not seen Natalee goals seriously. And elicit yes or not funny. And he didn't profit out there. Keep up and it's not easy work laughing on her own jokes now it's not at all -- is that funny news you are pretty damn fun I have a year ago I don't care. I like good people it's you don't laugh when you don't laughter laughter that there's no -- alas our phone is growing our lives -- -- and it. Did you read a. Extra points up golf only has itself to blame you can't drink the tiger cool laid in and complain about how golf is -- individual minded and that's the issue with golf right now I think it's easier and a lot of sports. Is that an ESPN is to blame for this you get comparisons. And you -- graphics. And get tweets that try to compare at least performances. To their predecessors and it it ends up hurting the current sports in the current athletes because you -- can't get an appreciation. For what they're doing golf is probably the best example because you've got the superstar Tiger Woods who's still in the sport and you got a bunch of guys that he created. In the Rickie Fowler's in the Rory McIlroy -- in and guys that approach the game a different way. But this is this happens all across sports right now where and I -- I put most of the blame on ESPN. Where you compare athletes and it ruins our current perspective and our current enjoyment. Of those that. Look they've completely melt the idea of how much fun is it to sit in the basement or sit in a bar with the body and you talk about the athletes that she washing your life and you know we hear about -- Tom Brady Joseph Montana Tom Brady's one suitable away from tying Joseph Montana. If he does it easy greater people have that argument all the time LeBron Michael what is the easiest radio segment out there if -- if we get LeBron James vs Michael Jordan go right now yet -- -- Atlanta in the fall because everybody has those conversations -- what ESPN has done in a lot of -- or Saddam has -- -- -- blame on just ESPN and the Golf Channel has responsibility here with Tiger -- conversation I think fox sports CBS all of them. Have done this is well is they know that those conversations can fire people up. And they just run -- it in any manner they believe their own opinions. They Iran within and that's Moorad and sports where it's no longer just appreciating greatest desire remember watching sports center in in the ninety's. And you'd see highlight package is an -- the occasional -- Michael Jordan does this the first time since leery or our Magic Johnson someone's done this. But they never really did the comparisons. Like they do now. And I think that's how sports that the sports Kleiman has shifted is. It's no longer just appreciating in watching sports great news or talking about how incredible it is that we're watching. This that we do batter that athlete doing this and it's now awaits. Who is the next big name in this said sport and highs compare with the last big name and it's unfortunate because you have too many examples. Where people wanna compare on and it's not in my position anymore LeBron Jordan that doesn't work I guys always get frustrated -- that kind of conversation because there are night and day different players that that should NBA fair conversation. But it's turning into that and people always wanna have their -- I watched Jordan when I was this -- so Jordan is better LeBron now I'm older I remember what vastly leaders -- they hate LeBron James -- -- just -- Jordan fans and -- comparison gets thrown out and I like LeBron yes because and I'm not saying that tiger and -- he's reached that level -- alienate its anywhere near that but you are certainly see it from the media that -- -- frenzy. To have one player dried viewer ratings and drive the product in that sport. That they are looking for the next one they are foaming at the mouth that Rory McIlroy wins the next major and wins the masters next year to complete that Grand Slam. Because they want somebody to they see the writing on the wall and they see that Tiger Woods. Isn't going to be around for -- fifteen years how do you feel about comparisons across decades -- comparisons across generations. Just in any sport 55305. And be retain. Toyota attacks line and what sport do you think is the most fair to make those compares. Put endemic to me look if you're talking positions in -- like football you go look at quarterbacks you can compare you can look at the NBA but -- it's even hard to do their office and easy want to do because it's an individual sports I mean there's so many different outline reasons why quarterback -- didn't win a Super Bowl. Baby together didn't have any talent around his entire career and you look at it Tom Brady or Joseph Montana. -- nothing but great pieces around -- it's very hard to weigh those things and it's very hard to analyze those things. Without having a bias involved and that's -- people look at golf and you look at one guy out there swinging a golf club and you can compare Roy -- Roy to a Tiger Woods. But it's not fair to roaring in to me that's the biggest thing that I take away from it now because I continue to be blown away. With the hatred for a guy like LeBron James for no reason it we throw but -- suppose I'll never forget the rest of my career after game one of the NBA finals LeBron James cramped up. In immediately the comments came in this is why I will never be Jordan this is viola never be Jordan Jordan had the flu game Bryant can't wait through grants. And I remember we were just sit there kind of read them like whoa whoa where did Michael Jordan come from in this conversation why are we having this debate. There's no -- just appreciate greatness LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players and has ever walked this planet doesn't mean you have to think he's the best the tenth best the second best he's one of the greatest. But were always falling into this trap and instead of just appreciating what is going on. And that was so frustrating for me yesterday as soon as the tournament was over his -- look at it Rory McIlroy finished seventeen under par unbelievable four days -- golf it was fantastic. He's up there was some of the best score we've ever seen in a British Open. This is sitting in appreciating it you you go watch sports center on the opening thing on sports and last night they coach Vince threw it out and said is -- the next tiger Geary goes on distracted to beat tiger. It's unfair to the guy it's unfair to the athlete. The other argument that drives me nuts in this debate is when people act like golf needs a new tiger the everybody's -- off the struggling without Tiger Woods ratings are down. They needed new tiger to save the sports is simply not the case that this sport of golf does not going to cease to exist you're never going to be able to replicate it -- we gotta go to great Texan about it. To set up about Tiger Woods in golf I guess you could say it's better to have loved. And had never loved it also be happy that Tiger Woods he became your sport that's the way you got to you about some of these great guys. Tiger Woods as it once in -- generation once in A lifetime player. We were all lucky enough to have the chance to be able to watch him on a regular basis is probably never gonna be able to get back to that point. But to look at a guy like Rory and put those expectations on him at the age of 25 it's completely unfair to him maybe he gets there he gets up to thirteen 1415 major championships. And you wanna start having that conversation -- as he stacked up majors are about the same. Then I'll listen then all understand -- when a guy's got three at least 25 years old why are we doing that. And I would make the case that and it's a pretty easy -- to make -- golf is as good as it's ever been it's as deep as it's ever been. You've got amazing. Athletes really you that got athletes playing golf now which didn't used to beating case and you get guys that we're athletic but. Until tiger came along now every single one of those guys. Is on a straight nutrition William network guy he was jacked all yanks -- skin tides -- you -- those guns media you've got everybody that's an elite level golfer is NC you've got the fat we've got guys that are sat out on tour still but. The guys that are consistently performing are the ones that are in shape. And I would I would make his case across all sports and in all sports are as deep as they've ever been. And one part of the reason for that is because of the sophistication. That we have been training to athletes a lot of specialists nation yes well and it it's yes exactly during the July special Aziz into what ends up happening is it becomes a much harder to dominate. And so we get in this comparison though that when somebody does dominated somebody comes up. We just don't there is there are fans out there that appreciate about it I think the majority of fans. Just don't appreciate sports enough anymore and that's got -- mile Graham -- rocking -- Congress Barry put it to me is that because I thought the same thing yesterday on the broadcast they did a decent job ESP ended that. When the conversation comes a look at the slow sports -- to slow sports week except for training camp skating started. The -- you're doing yourself in your sport. And sports fans a disservice when your first go to you easy comparison but when your first go to is not. How great was that performance and the reason they're doing as the -- and understand necessarily how good that was. Eight educate people explained -- I explained people. Why that was great try to bring them in and and appreciate this sport whatever it is yeah instead of saying is Mike Trout the next Mickey Mantle like. It means he can't do that no -- It's completely unfair but you a funny thing is to. We all got one life to live don't you wanna look back on your life and say I got to watch the greatest I think that's a big part of it this is yes like you were part of history you -- greatest quarterbacks of all time I've done -- sometimes when I go to organ state games you know we're in the press box of the blowout -- whenever you start talking in the media members. Their ages can vary from eighteen this do reporters all elated and a sixty to seven year old reporters in the press box. And it's funny because this happens all the time with the NFL you'll talk about -- coming quarterbacks the tapper -- the Wilson's the Matt Ryan's. And then you'll hear the older generation chime in. Well you never really got to see frank Parkinson -- idea and I can tell you he's athletic -- was as good if not better than any of these quarterbacks. But nobody can know he can't relate to every single player generations and -- that's the biggest thing is. You know where you where -- rat in your sand in my we all know. At age whenever I'm is in the sports is I'll probably ever because we all get older will get families we might not follow at the same. So you wanna say when I really watched sports. I watched the greatest Tiger Woods falls in that category for a lot of people yes and he is done wonders for ESPN. But now we've reached a point where ESPN scrambling because tiger is nowhere to be found leaderboard on Sunday they want ratings they want coverage. And Rory start up and comic even if it's not fair they wanna point to a because they want people program to start saying in their heads. I need to watch Rory every time now because he's going to be better than tiger -- and that it's a problem but I think that's were ESPN comes from. And it does because you've got these huge television deals and they've got a lot of money at stake of making -- interesting. And so there's there's this kind of push to try and manufacture drama. In certain sports so that you get eyeballs so you can consequently. Makes money we got some really get tax on this -- read a couple of them on the other side of the break. And discuss what's the best sport to compare and if you do it in your own personal life. At got a couple good Texans will hit it next then towards third and sprayed is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's sports radio and eighty of prayer and. This reminds me -- when you have a a problem with the little panel thing and the thing that -- have to journalist in me it's always awkward when you have to tell your guests that. When -- excuses from Kenya is a you have to be able to handle -- -- -- what is the highest Echelon that that has ever been expressed. Excuse me Queen Elizabeth. They're gonna need to do I have looked. I mean they've had how highest I have figured out a barren but it's the bears and I think every stage two and -- Who needed to didn't that it happened. DEA you fly -- Nielsen was at and a loan. In the stunning genius. Earlier I did not -- 31 on I apologize for this Rory McIlroy his father made me 200 pound wager. Comedies that -- -- we -- -- were not in England to do is simplify daily America currency here it sounds like a lot that's a lot of pounds. It's 200 -- a lot pat -- say that's a 150 American dollars should you be incorrect to be 341. American I thought England was ahead of us now they are and why it's less. -- -- Yet to -- well 300 -- -- right and no money means less money and damn America anyways that he had that backwards in my hand it's my -- You bet on his son at sixteen years old that Rory McIlroy would win in the British Open before he was 25 years old I don't know why there was a bet. That people -- taking odds on this but it was a 500 to one odds. -- back in 2004. It paid out a 171000. Dollars and that news got out about roadmap Roy's father in that story's been going viral all over the place now how much money is for a -- -- worth now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Place but she's gonna turn and Miss America right there -- Japan now to create odds for our show we -- first person you married. Well. -- -- and -- that's not that's not Hurley -- gas now very part of the show my guests. This is our Burres -- and have a child I think if not names perfectly. Okay. The conversation that we're having it and it's coming out of the British Open is that Rory McIlroy immediately was compared to Tiger Woods. And it's unfair to do to right map Arroyo and I think it's a charity tiger because of what tiger is accomplished and it diminishes. What tiger accomplished but and the reason for that is the years -- machine in the sports machine. It's a -- sports times are looking to do a comparison and really compare stats pages across every single sport. As we've got a couple of text here that I think highlight kind of what -- after the first on says. Society demands a number one that leads to the question of who is the best overall can you answer that question from them on -- That's going to be the natural way you go and other ones as a lot of people to watch sports center and based their teens off highlights dad's Eagles greatness for a lot of people. Arab or watching Barry Sanders played the Packers he'd be holding your breath every play them doesn't matter what -- -- was to be third and long -- holding your breath. And that and he'll never be and he's considered one of the best of all time but his stats aren't there is person's -- point. That you get a lot of players that don't necessarily have the stats. But you do -- watch -- and go wow that person is incredible and the world I think the World Cup is a good example of this where. You look at what ESP ended with the World Cup in their coverage of the World Cup whenever they got a rating state. They control the sports conversations of the senate ESPN bashing -- I just think we're at a bad time in sports. Where we do these unfair comparisons athletes and that leads to less your enjoyment of cents. So you gonna do whatever he can't get ratings in the meantime the fact how much money did they spend to get the World Cup a minute you're gonna spend that much money to get an event like that. Just like their -- look at college football playoff I guarantee we see those ads nonstop -- the -- sells itself you don't need to -- Promos for it. People will watch but that we Iran and ultimate stake here and to me this it's so counterproductive. To what we should actually be talking about because that's the I think he sets an agency -- were. You know you gotta make individualized to get the rate exactly is viewed as that we -- that's -- -- -- -- that's what you immediately jump. To think Kevin Love stuff and and or death -- by such a cruel streak that's where you jump to the to the Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods' conversation because it's gonna get more eyeballs on your sport. But it's it's getting to a point is a fan where I can't take that kind of stuff that he morally you almost want to draw the line and say. You're always getting your call cannot exist without Tiger Woods and that's constant argument that you're getting your call cannot exist without Tiger Woods. It exists for a 127 years without Tiger Woods it was just fine I'm sure when Jack was playing back in the sixties and seventies. People's house golf got to recover from not having Jack and I am not having Arnold Palmer. However did get past that point. You did it -- Tiger Woods came along and other great came along you're gonna get to that point is a sport but as long as you have ratings it's taken as long as you need to get eyeballs on your sport. They're gonna shut it down your throat in their British Open individual down your throat just like they always have been do well. Shout out to the -- from winning on Friday so we give them but they're not that there's some soccer here on now on the show but you know what I think that leaves no covertly that that conversation there for me. Yeah I reached that point of about a year or two ago where just I I don't like to think about the comparisons. I really just like to think about the athletes that we've gotten a watch in our lifetime and I'm sure there's a handful of people -- older than us. That can sit back and they can name this person and that person that I adding it to watch and they can enjoy match into the eighty's and ninety's than than an early 2000 now. And using about a handful of guys have come through each generation in each era. How many talented players in every sport you can possibly watch have you been able to see it's it's it's limitless to me and that's why when I think of that conversation about. Does this guy match up with this guy if it's just not fair in this is the majority of attacks machine. It's impossible I think for -- anybody to compare any athlete in any sport. Because even if there's few equipment changes you don't know how the field plays out the other athletes how talented -- -- you never really get a good feel on that. People wanna say baseball but you're eliminating defense some -- one I don't agree with -- in baseball is a huge factor when you're talking about the sport so. I really do leaders not one sport you can. Differing GA and say this sports easier to identifying compare other athletes with. Because I think for every single sport yearning -- out the fields are different the athletes are different. Training for sports is different to me it's it's just an impossible feat I DYESPN does it. But I think -- more honest with themselves he stepped back you appreciate what -- watching your real it is a music you can't compare him to do it's it's is not fair many Orion today eighty the fan go ahead. But that guys are made her -- it sounds with a fury. Like. This that. The great I I love golf. Well that time. I'm gonna watch no matter what I'm small percentage. And that they hit the thing about tiger he can't. The problem is really is out -- and maybe like time. Generation type player. OK Rory Rory like he's -- all of Famer he's racked up three. -- -- -- how how how many more you -- -- even come close. Tiger Woods and my age being thirty or not my whole entire use of tiger Kenya up. And and winning and it may you know -- majors and it's great to watch a lot of it's frustrating or meet. And that as a stand to watch him on woke up. We shot shot -- nine and it. -- in it I don't really really excited and and it's a disappointment after days. Let me explain why I want him to win so much but I do it it's just it's frustrating and it and Rory. Great to watch in the -- and great great golfer. There's nothing happens like compared to that sort of like -- excitement at exports and -- when tiger wins and also. I don't carry it like it in trying to drum up. Drama that is they're not that that's what they view it generally in public apparently -- -- -- and sort like you know -- -- aren't the lakers. Question market demands that they can they keep the calm in. Yeah I think we get another -- tennis is says and that is exactly right like you look at the career of Rory McIlroy. And you look at guys like time Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer and knicks now though like all time greats of the game. And their single digit majors and tiger to -- can't it's unfair to compare the magic to point out that it just proves how much people love drama and that is true. ESP knows exactly what they're doing but. Morning time -- were again -- the comparisons between sports. That the easiest -- of the major sports is going to be baseball because. The dimensions and and in everything there is still the same even though you've got performance enhancing drugs. You've got different athletes but I think it's all relative when you talk about baseball you're hitting -- -- I mean it's it's a very similar thing yes -- very a lot of rule changes -- exactly and I that we eat and you could say look well a dominant pitcher didn't face the hitters that he used to but. That he can -- ways where he -- it goes both ways where you've got. Different advantages you have now that she didn't back in the game and -- -- is is back in the day that you don't have now so. To meet baseball's easiest sport compare it might not be fair to do so. But that's kind of the the essence of baseball -- you tuchman -- time. When you've got stats and that's why stats matter so much and when the PD thinking through that's why it was so devastating this sport it is no longer had that. The value right you had -- -- cement some exactly basketball is the hardest sport to compare to him because of the different positions because. You've had bodies of vault so much you guiding -- -- to -- says football nowadays to answer strong and capacity and and -- -- -- -- -- of the I do think it's easy where you've got guys eighty and this is not that long ago but you've got guys where you can point to and say they could have. Played any timing yes and he's he's a gamer there's some guys just because of the rats and you don't museum and yet but it to me as a lot tougher to do that in in -- -- that's the most that the toughest sport. To compare things and we appreciate tax they are good keep them coming at 5530 Bible revisit this conversation. A little later due to talk about -- is Winston and some of his comments coming out of ECC media day today. And he is doesn't get. And he's probably never will will play some of his quotes three Nationalists in Indian Fortier is break. Served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on -- -- the thing. Yeah. Then -- to -- and then -- it is certainly Oklahoma alone wins on ESPN's Sports Radio ten. He's okay. The blazers are going to face lead Jersey look for their rich city uniforms we'll discuss that in the smorgasbord of sports topics of the top of the hour. If you'd like deceit is on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash two negative fan. It's ACC media day today is also big twelve media day today Jamison Winston spoke there they talk about is -- season much but it did have this to say. I am a great you know some people tend to lose -- so when bad things happen when when good things happen -- -- myself. Then goes on stupid kid from Alabama has focused on the promise of hopefully one day began -- -- -- man. Been fabulous football and or baseball player -- -- -- agreed that Wendy albeit Amanda people who would get a I'm -- once once. You at all. -- -- I'll play one thing here yeah not found no vote always -- students first athletes that so. Accidents were reported to me and I can't predict the future you. -- easily go -- things that I'll discuss acting -- -- even moving forward stand them. Our family later I'm not written some made that decision. -- to me is the least authentic person in college sports in Hungary I I just every time I hear team as Winston tock. As I just get this feeling that I'm just being sold something and it's not real. And I he might be my least favorite now might be he is my least favorite person in college athletics right now did you it's funny to me because I think the PR spin for him is hilarious but did you catch the fact that she brought up that the person and ask me questions for -- who was. She brings up the -- -- story eat any completely just losses over Kansas and funding bill have been months she's -- pretty well as it was a great political answer -- got to put your -- -- for -- yeah ask a question on one topic and the next thing you know he's been talking for five minute you think it was a presidential debate you know he's well. You know when you look at the economy what. Think Martin -- here and his philosophies what are we talking about here that James is give us an honesty has been lucky. He's kind of going about he's trying to go about his business a lot of the same way eases. As somebody as an app like LeBron who do we didn't have agreed image he's trying to spin -- -- -- is best deep sand and make everybody like him and saying I'm coming Mac and I'm all about school looked. It's funny you're all out school year projections not gonna be any higher than number one after this season. I'm pretty company you're gonna leave school and not the your degree right away so so that answer may be laughed a little bit but let's ease he is polarizing for this. I'm serious what he's going to be this year last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I'd give -- is polarizing I'm curious to kind of follow laments it's a lot like Johnny in zone that -- I just I. With -- demands -- I always felt like. CNN. But I didn't really I never really hated him as a person and never hated him as an individual. When you look at Jim is -- and I agree with it every agency hasn't like dirty salesman I did not a salesman or dirty but he just got I everytime he -- every time he -- an interview. It feels like he's trying to convince you of how great of a guy he always has that kind of smirk on his face to always -- video it is. It's easy just get ready weird vibe from him in this even goes back I'm curious for people stand on him. Because I liked him even last your regular regular season well yeah hey -- Jared did you know that you get chewed out as head coach I was sad -- is yellow outline an ending that there was a situation emerald watch -- -- the Florida State Miami game. -- both Fisher was yellow and outlined in a man Eric Winston walked over he kicked it out of the way he grabbed the -- summit starting yellen is that we know the leadership yes yeah that's everybody asset look at the freshman leading his football team in. You know we've we've had many segments on leadership on the show but he I just get a very weird vibe from him. That you added the rape allegations in the fact that I do believe. But he got off the hook I do in and it's unfortunate for him if these innocent if he actually did do an in depth there was no wrongdoing. I do genuinely feel bad for him but I am never going to be able to recover that memory in my mind. And never be able to put that out the fact tonight I will always view him as guilty I will always view him. As a guy got away from a crime that's why would he comes back and he talks about his offseason he got caught stealing crap place. He talks about wanting to be a leader and mentor for young kids you're not to a great start. Yet a quote was. Quote it comes with the territory Winston said. You always have to have a smile on your face leadership isn't just on the field it's off the field -- the I know I have a lot of young guys looking up to me and I know I have a lot of support from my teammates the city of free crab legs as house. -- they're expensive so actually the discounted rights when you look at it it's going to be between here while it did any of their healthy but he's playing in a -- conference this year in the ACC Florida State's overwhelming media favored to win that conference -- already -- those great -- -- -- -- if we played well he plays well. Though denies he and that's has got to go -- -- -- -- -- -- we can be addressing a detriment to me there is going to be a backlash against him out of they're not gonna the Heisman voters are not going to want me back to back champion especially -- as Winston. Lester could have done -- that for them depending on how that investigation in Canada was handled like is it that investigate they would have given him a Heisman. And then if something would have come out and exit you know was found guilty corrected it would have been terrible and I present on now on no. It's all to me that opens up the door for Marcus Moore Yoder and his ability this year marks Mario -- the the front runner and middle middle of the season last year in the of course fell off pretty hard. But looking -- as Winston going into the season there's no where he can go but down to me yet and. And I'm with you there because when you think of guys who have incredibly. Big break out surprising scenes and a lot of people knew who we was realistically. But nobody saw the kind of season they had coming in what he was going to be able to do individually usually when those guys come back. Did don't quite see it. Turnout to be the same driver Matt Barkley Matt Barkley chose to come back for his -- -- USC they're -- be bowl eligible hey he was -- he's wasn't that good and -- got injured and they kind of just fell apart as they try to -- same -- Sam currently yet exactly but still it doesn't go the way they think it is and Diana -- read every publication there's been out there about college football and everybody has Florida State automatically in their top four teams. And that's fine I get their conference isn't very good they could -- I'm not gonna count out duke I think cut clip has a good thing going down there. But when you look at how old -- on the bounce back seasons go for the season after a lot of success. They never -- able to be followed up with the same amount of success so I'm curious to see. How much does he fall off 'cause I don't think it's how much does he get better. He loss is number one -- searing Kelvin Benjamin how how does he improve what is he changed his game. Tech can bring him close to being that kind of player again with the same kind of stats he -- don't see very often it's. Now you don't at all and I don't expect him to win another Heisman Trophy I think both you guys are spot on and that people will look for another got a pink pages will you don't wanna give it to back to back guy and -- and -- -- -- demands -- put up great numbers last Jeremy go look at his numbers. From the year he won I've -- the last trying to win loss wise -- -- successful but he put up fantastic numbers. And the media was reluctant to vote for him to win back to back Heisman it's gonna take an unbelievable performance. To do with two straight years foresee that maybe they're able to go undefeated again but they do have some peace is to replace. To be in the united we got this you know this Texas sums it up and -- is kind of the point we're trying to make here's a -- sell to we have to get raped anybody. And to me that's what you look at their compare because they've won the last two Heisman trophies they did it is freshman. They kind of burst on the -- nobody side coming. But would then sell that there was always a genuine faction artist you can look at it and think he's a deep -- you can look at him and not like the kind of stuff he does off the field and say why -- to -- why you pay so much attention to party and women and all this stuff. Focus topple ball and that's all fair criticism that's all fair game in my book. But there was never a sense of him trying to be somebody that he once -- -- in Winston in Winston skates looked. He has a very tough act to do you mean he asked to convince the American people that he's not a racist he is to get the American public. Back on his side because before that happened people -- -- it was kind of flamboyant he was out three yellow or he's a leader. I think American cultured and an American sports fans kind of gravitate to a guy like that especially in the media. We look at a guy like that a lot of people like him we were on the different side of that aspect. But he's got a tough task to do to try to convince people that he was innocent and that he is this genuine kid from Alabama. They keep saying that he is possess a line here over all I'm just a kid from Alabama -- They don't be still crab legs in getting accused of rape in women that's not a great start your knowledge Korea. None not a great targeting a leader either team as Winston speaking today. At ACC media -- Gunner says you need to work on as elusive Nancy wasn't very good running out of and restore it to -- -- that's a great point. But even looking at this football game I don't think you could compare hands on with what is it might be a better NFL prospect list of side exactly sizes are straight in his decision making. But in terms of being a difference maker -- carry their football team you cannot compare to what -- humans via the most popular players in the NFL that list is out and the blazers -- Jersey change we'll tell you what they're doing next. In our smorgasbord of sports topic here on ten -- and.

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