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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.17.14 Hour 3

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys talk British Open, Michael Sam, and Malaysian Airlines news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- British Open today around one that was pretty good for the field. Just low scores will -- that you're the second. Do what I update you buy something if you haven't been paying attention to the news today maybe you're just getting out of work forty your car. Malaysia airlines jet. Crashes in Ukraine right on the border of between Ukraine and Russia of course you probably know everything going on with that situation. They were 295. People on board and they believe it's pretty. Close to confirmation. That the plane was shot down it was a Boeing 777. Carrying 295 people they believe there are Britons onboard Americans on board. And they believe do you believe that it was a terrorist attack. That fired on this plane operating a surface to air missile system the Ukrainian president Vladimir Putin. Obama up everybody that's involved in this is all saying the the Malaysian prime minister is all saying they're going to go after these guys and make sure. That justice is served to not only Saturday night the world just one -- you know. Of that situation that families and airlines this is a -- much different story than the plane went down and maybe is not enemies of the happen that one but -- -- -- the longest time you can find the other flight you still haven't has still have not found it diamond and piece this flight. The was shot down and 295 people died they got some video surfacing semi amateur. Cell phone video in its it's pretty sad stuff -- I don't mean to be insensitive because this is an incredibly tragic story how in the heck do these staying in business and it's not even their fault this time point. Active back plane incidents is for me because I'm a big guy who doesn't like to fly you know when you talk about going somewhere. I get nervous going on a flight to San Francisco or Los Vegas but that alone traveling for twelve to thirteen hours in the -- so I'm kind of peaking with this stuff. There's no way you can convince me begin on an airline that first of all they just completely lost the point they never found it they haven't found a door -- there hasn't anything servicing. And then they got shot down it just there's I believe in a little bit of bad luck and -- having a bad string alive I don't know how he continues to operate as a business. Yet this tragic news is the biggest aviation accident that we've had a nanny hopefully beat you know the accident might it be the right word but tragedy should say. That that we've had since 9/11 they're Americans on board is tragic of people lost their lives and in our thoughts and prayers are with them in the United States just confirmed that. That it was in fact a missile that downed the jets they I just. It's unbelievable because they had to be shooting -- hi -- we're saying is it was around 32000 feet. Is there's no way could have been -- from the greatest thing I know that this girl was from yeah from the ground they're saying that basically this is a common reason Amsterdam to Malaysia and they're saying -- A lot of it's because whenever you fly over areas that have. And that are -- like Israel right now on Gaza Strip they just launched a similar legs were ground operation into Gaza so it's. It's basically -- war that's escalated there. But whenever you like fly over these areas you've got to be Constant Contact with the authorities saying look. We are a passenger. There's no military thing going on here and that's they say there's no governments involved in this because there's no possible way. Because governments know that at that altitude at that particular. Location. But there's no way there could be any threat whatsoever but. I did and I'm sure they'll be funny more on this to come on a news station. Did you wanna let you know that that is going on in the world right now in we do know about it so again no natural transition here but at the British Open took place today. And Roy McIlroy got off to a hot start is six under par Tiger Woods had a pretty good round as well he is three under he talks about getting back on the course after. Congressional was was big for me because I was able to actually go up there and play golf again and I got stronger and and faster and you know today was the same thing. I'm ambassador was a congressional which is nice he also did discuss the actual around Humphrey back to summer tournaments. I'm in the top ten and with the weather expecting it no more so the next couple days. It was nice to get this from them and mobile in a spot where I can go and then played some good solid round. As good -- worse the weather gets the better it is for tiger he is Mormon he's mentally tough in -- better in that department the most people on the question that everybody had. How is back is holding up. A discussion. I'm I'm going to be a stronger faster more explosive self. The fact that I came back in a four weeks earlier than we thought. And was able to play at a competitive level beyond missed the cut us go to compete. He gave -- a better opportunity for the spent. And don't always get that tiger obviously in contention -- is three under not necessarily taking him to win but. I do like his chances of moving forward yeah I do to win people talk about tomorrow you know the weather's gonna change and it's gonna go back to how are you hoping usually is where there's rain there's. Enormous swing I guess weather is supposed to be nasty to be exposed to change rapidly so a lot of people are going that is saying look scores are gonna drop tremendously and and they look at somebody like tiger who. Might not physically be at his peak right now in terms how his back feels so they question the hang around I really do you feel if he can hang around tomorrow. You gotta watch Tiger Woods this entire. We saw how well I'm all -- in oh win if he's hang around there for a senate three blacks daddy guarantee a win I said he's gonna win by five strokes that's right I do believe he hangs around he'll at least be on the leaderboard come Sunday any top ten and that's all golf -- needs at least I do. Because when you look at the leaderboard you know big conversation for you guys during the masters was. How great is the final group you have Bubba Watson Jordan's speech for why you had Phil Mickelson in the mix and you have a lot of big names in golf. Bank average golf -- golf and he's not following in his -- please you guys. You see Tiger Woods and then you really start to recognize what some of those -- names mean easier Rory McIlroy ahead of Tiger Woods or even -- People can understand ELK he's represented by Nike you don't know much more than that. I think Tiger Woods opens up the game to people in terms of cooling who these golfers are where they rank in the world what it to what tournaments and events have they -- And that helps the game overall you can say what you want you feel about Tiger Woods. But his exposure leads to more exposure for other golfers and when people talk about finding the next Tiger Woods. We're never gonna have that but there are some golfers right now on this tour specifically that too -- name with Mac Roy in speed. Where they're so young that if tiger continues to hang around for the next couple years those guys I think develop a following especially if tiger is competing with -- Major major major major. Yeah exactly and I Korean and I think that that to me is the actually conversation because you go to the sport you know maybe LeBron James drop somebody into the NBA and you -- and she's got a project one of the greatest of all time in the museum go against -- Kevin Durant opinion we wondrous stuff Corey. And you -- music -- that's pretty -- to being cut it analysts are watching them and I hope that happens from ball and I I really was genuinely surprised. At the ratings the masters were down the US open not so much mark kind of randomly within the weekend that tournament was this news -- from Friday through Sunday. But the masters is a great tournament even the you know the back nine on Sunday wasn't that exciting but he had a good competition. Going to the front nine between you know two unbelievable players Bubba Watson going for a second green jacket in -- Jordan speed. Who by all means looks like the future of the sport so you hope the Tiger Woods does drop more eyeballs to this. We've directors and on the up on the FaceBook posts and gamers to a lot of people are saying this is good and pay more attention this is good for the sport it's early but you hope that he can continue it. And I was -- surprise was that the right word because he's Tiger Woods you never surprised by naming it Tiger Woods does. But the -- -- and what he said the audio that we played the round that he that he had a congressional even though he didn't make the cut he played terrible Thursday Friday. He talked about how important it was for him is to get outs we -- be without violent swing and improved to himself okay I did it on Thursday I'll make a back complaint Friday. We signed even in that tournament make all those weird you know and a leg up on the side of -- sling it all sorts of different random angles. -- -- as we got the broadcast I'm right out of those today you look at -- -- -- same tiger what are doing and it could throw your back out but he clearly is confident and it it his back holding up to it to me that's key whenever you're coming back from an injury. You have to be confident in that body part you have to know. It's received an easy night Casey hicks got the -- but it did it and know that it's gonna hold up after all you know the aches and pains and wild swings he's you know he's he's due to the graphic. -- It's happier. But I will say this is not gonna win the tournament but I do hope that he stays in contention because the ratings will be good. And I wanna talk about it more if if Tiger Woods falls out and he's not in in in contention on Saturday or Sunday it's going to be hard to talk about it money and. We'll talk about golf you -- you again updates you as a it is a good leaderboard at the British Open I can't wait to watch tiger tomorrow he will be on when now when were. Probably just before we hit the Airways he'll be getting his round -- will be distress or under what it exactly so here one more thing I -- let you know about this flight that was shot down. A 154. People were Dutch 27 Australian. 23 Malaysian eleven Indonesian six from the UK for from Germany. Four from Belgium. Three from the Philippines one person was Canadian. Still trying to determine no American way they're still trying to determine net there's a couple of people that are unaccounted for so trying to determine if there's any Americans on board. A terrorist attack on a plane carrying 200. In 95 people from Amsterdam to Malaysia was -- -- -- CNN actually -- amateur video you watch the plane explode so it's kind of crazy why do you makes the -- -- were last night he and Michael Sam accepted a word for the Arthur -- for courage award where are you personally with the Michael same story we'll discuss that next. You're listening to being tortured sprayed served up by Buffalo Wild Wings 1980 the fan. Some blue blood and -- says it's. She stands on a batsman in. Done better. This is British Open origination of then -- dirt and spray -- you my lap. Grants online and we're glad you grants dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy fans. Only in. Where of course he's workstation and -- sports -- and. There are world events that you capture us and then you sort of ask questions anyone of those is the Malaysian airlines flight. And the terrorism Mike was just letting us know during the commercial breaks he's son -- a flight patterns. And none of them took -- one that this plane did for that very reason under and I watched a show called vice sunny HBO where is. If you don't watch -- the issue it was it really simulate sixty minute it was an all leads on his program parade and -- was talking about how some of the -- develop and -- -- it exists in Ukraine and it was based around the guys from the Boston bombings in Canada -- the terrorist organization that Daimler had they had started it -- it was fascinating. Still another the yes these were last night and I do wanna know from people and the topic I think they came out of this was that's Michael sand accepted award for the and I do I know where people are out with Michael sand now that. He is -- with his teammates for a little bit but now he accept this award that is another Beaverton Toyota tech side by by threes horrified here's Michael same speech from last night. Recently a friend asked me to talk to your sister. A young woman who was concerned -- herself. Rather than a sentiment shared. With her love -- -- the practice you just get it. -- when we spoke she's told me that she would never consider hurt yourself again. And just somehow my example which the board felt that. It's amazing to date about -- just doing what we can. With an all touch. Change. For me to save lives Michael Sam's speech from the espy's. Sitting here tonight looking out on all of these legends moved the ball already achieved so much. It's one of thrills of my life. The -- suspend the rest of my life trying them my best live up to this honor. From the best football but I can't. And finally. To anyone out there especially young people. They don't think it -- like it don't fit then that would never be accepted. Please note this. Great things. So. Great things can happen. You have the curse to be yourself thank you in Dublin. Michael sand except the Arthur Ashe award for courage TSB's last night where are you. Which is much the same story text -- -- into it it's a sign of 55305. You know literally we have this has been a topic -- Sports Radio for quite -- -- and and I think the -- into the main thing that we want to preface everything -- is that you know but on -- you know everybody is free to debate this however they want that whatever Michael -- comes -- I don't like when it turns into an issue of gay marriage it drives me -- when that happens and in the so we like to focus on the sports impact of this in to me. That there -- some people I know that had a problem with him when he courage award -- guy has never played for -- you know it's a sportsman or he's never played in the NFL you know I can't sit here and say what is and what is not courageous I've never had a put myself and issues and do what he had to do you know I can't sit here that he -- people do -- and every topic when they say how -- -- not it is how -- do not -- this. I nodded he shoots I don't know what it's like to -- issues and I don't know how much courage and actually took. It was a moving speech in and I did at the point where he talked about you know somebody and not committing suicide because him coming out is gate that's powerful that that that really is powerful stuff and -- you. It that the the only fear that I have for a guy like Michael Sam. Long term wise. In this is unfair to him is that it is very hard in today's day and age and it was kind of added. The 24/7 new cycle that we have is it is nearly impossible in my mind to Wear both hats and that is both pats of being an NFL player which you said multiple times I don't wanna be -- in the gay guy. I wanna be Michael C and the NFL football player I respect him for that. But at the same time I know there are people in the gay community that dropped him and they want him to be that voice in and I can't blame them for that he's the first openly gay player. -- get drafted in the NFL he is a great voice to have people always connected to Jackie Robinson. Somebody Texas earlier in the show when they said you know. This is one of the last bastions of bigotry that's allowed in our -- I really do believe that because we have seen gay people and every other. Field of war now and it seems like as a society for the most part we are accepting of them working in those in those lines of work. The NFL the NBA and Major League Baseball those are different conversations we have not seen openly gay players in those sports if he can get us to a point as a society. Where -- where you know 510 years down the road somebody comes out as -- in their drafted. It should be over these get up about that that's what I want the congress it could be like that now the. It could be like that and I agree with that but it's not we're not at a point for whatever reason and it is not because. Happen because -- because about agendas that they do everybody has an agenda the people for Michael Samad an agenda the people against Michael Sam -- and everybody has an agenda here. But I do -- for him because I it is very hard to -- -- both sides and and I -- joining me and -- you earlier in the show and it's the same thing I say about me and cell where. It -- else fails in the NFL he fails as a quarterback people point to his lifestyle people point to his party. And say why did you take more seriously that's why he's the what is fair or -- -- does have a look at talent he doesn't deserve to be in the NFL because he's party. He's getting people excuses and I'm not saying that I'm going to do this. But there will be people out there Michael San fails which a lot of people expected to do he was a seventh round draft pick he was almost undrafted. He sounds like he's gonna make the roster in Saint Louis. But if he does not pan out as an NFL player I worry that people will sit -- and -- the reason he didn't pan out was because he spent too much time focusing on the right issue it's not -- him. Because you can't sit appearance that you just need to be a football player or you just need to be gay rights activist is it possible to just solely -- one or the other but it's a. It's lose lose isn't the right word but it's a tough situation for -- CIA I just I feel like defining courage. I think everybody's gonna have a differing opinion on that in terms of what you really do you find courageous. When you're talking about a guy and it obviously it's swung his way but a guy that. Gambled with his career before his career even began professionally. -- coming out in -- meeting who he was a person before the NFL draft. I think that does take a lot of courage because -- -- a blown companies face. He was seven picks away from not dating game now he probably -- got to invite and had a chance to try to make a roster. But getting drafted is obviously helped his chances a little bit I think Jeff Fisher in the GM in Saint Louis had him a little higher in their draft board. Then maybe they they really showed with the seventh round pick. But for me anytime you're gambling with your professional. Life. I think that takes a lot of courage and I'll say this. The impact within sports it's always going to be bigger if the player is a better player but I think. Right now in this climate that we live in. Having it be somebody like Michael sand who's on the cusp of either making that roster or completely turning into a gay rights activist who doesn't play professional football. I think that sets up better for the future and us getting to the point where we don't talk about this where we don't yeah yeah because of Michael Sam can do it. How we know there's not a future superstar out to the sees the impact that he's making. On a small level in terms of his abilities to play professional football. And that's superstar player doesn't say you know what he's doing is he -- great impact what can I do and I'm gonna have a huge impact is a player in mice and sport. Really the power -- -- -- in the power of media and this goes for politics this goes for sports is that if they want you to believe something. Or they'd take because of the hammer and I'll hammer home -- and one way or another they won't make you feel a certain way about that this is what they did it -- this is what they view. Bid as immediately find something that is polarizing you find something that's topical and not hammer it and I'll go in the go no go. And tell you are forced to tape one side or the other I either love him. Or I hate his message in this and I say that. The media has an agenda. Of supporting the largely supporting. Michael CM and his content you can take -- as he did they need to take that as a bad thing. The what I don't like about the situation -- -- in that we find ourselves and is that there is no honest and open discussion and dialog there there there can be. There it it can't exist. What you end up happening is dirty city give people that come and they become entrenched in their situation in their heels yeah -- -- -- now you're ignorant now okay and it turns into it is that a marriage is science is it a choice like there's a whole other debate surrounding. Michael Sam and what is the biggest problem I have with this and it's not necessarily Michael seems fault what with a what I have a hard time with his I believe that the media has an agenda. To support him and I believe the NFL has an -- -- to support him and that he would be fine and that could be constructed. But it also can be a working to his detriment because. If as as somebody who thinks he should focus more on the ball on the reason that I think he should focus more on football. Is because that is the quickest way to win people over you just say you know what. I saw him on the football field and I don't care and it doesn't make a difference in his teammates it doesn't Saturday his teammates that did to BC's pro bowler is exactly offensive and in the NFL there it did I am not saying you can't be an. Activists for what you believe in but mighty my approach would be this I would go out and I would do everything academic team. I wouldn't do a lot of interviews and I would let other people. Do the talking for me and I would say look you can point to this we say is not a comparison direct comparison to Jackie Robinson it's not. The reason Jackie Robinson was successful and if you've seen the movie you've read a lot about in the movies a little embellished but he read a lot about Danielle Robinson. What you'll find is that not only idiotic character to support himself. But he also had a gain he's so all of a baseball exile politics these and they waited and they waited and they waited. To find the right guy guy -- as the -- knew they had to have a guy. That can win people over to say you know what I'm gonna look past this because he's helping our team. And he is a contributor and maybe my own perceptions are misconceptions of this were -- couple more things we want to get to on this one -- read. Some of your text it's a good conversation to have because he won the Arthur -- award he continues to put himself in the spotlight. Not -- -- his own doing. But again there's people around him that will push this engine a couple more days to -- on this we'll do it next yeah. This is a British Open -- amanpour -- dirt and spread. He went black beauty brands online -- black and you grants dot com on ESPN Sports Radio generated a fan hold the but that means. I'm back to. -- Children. As we -- last night's you know awards were given out Drake did an OK job. But the story -- humanity as these as -- in accepting the Arthur Ashe courage award in the conversation we had today on the show it centers around this wrong. To have been around his reality show this is when every year. He picked up steam when he says he's going to do a reality show because Michael's -- came out and said I want this to be about the ball deep slamming. But doesn't giant step -- and as Stanford Cardinal. I play by play he get a piece where he talked about to showers and how Michael Sam has been accepted by teammate Chris Long came out. And said he's proud of Michael Sampson his teammates are on board this let me say I supported him a lot. The the question becomes though at what point. Does Michael sand stopped indeed -- in all the awards at what point does he stopped. Or does he ever stop. Promoting his cause because he was the one that set the expectations. This is not anybody's expectations that have been put on Michael stamp. He specifically came out that I wanna be known for football. Michael -- is not known for couple. No no he's not he's not -- on that's the one thing that when I looked at this had nothing to do with personal beliefs gay people anything. It has to do with what's the player reaction. If he comes out the first couple weeks of the season let's say he makes the roster to it feels like you will now he's for sure gonna make Iraq and he comes out and he has little to no impact even on special teams does that primarily -- where he's going to play. People in that locker room are not gonna look at you and say you were gay -- out here now they're gonna say. Get your ass together start studying the playbook a little more work harder and stop worrying about being an advocate in your -- your off time you hit the NFL season. He and I talked to so many players whether they're former NFL players or -- you know hi I playing college football players the one thing everybody's always told me is. Your career. Is predicated a lot on skill and talent yes. But a lot of it also is what do you do when your Roth time how much time are you putting in and watching film sessions and reading up on your playbook and talking one on one -- coaches. If he has a bad adjustment period in the NFL where he never pans out and I don't care what you say about his sexuality it's going to be people are going to look at him and say stop hearing about being a superstar off the field. You need to care about it on at the because there's one and earned respect in that locker room. Has nothing to do with who you're kissing leads what is your production. Values -- women's self. It's the same -- eating disease yeah Agassi as big of a distraction -- money and we talk about -- -- -- authorities say you could be as bad as -- as you want to the media when you're on top -- Lebanon want -- twelve and out no matter how you treat the media it's fine there's somebody company they're still going to be nice -- as -- -- -- Sunnis -- the struggle they're gonna start attack what was the narrative when Jason Collins and time out he signed back with -- -- -- The thing for the players at least when you talk to them it wasn't about being gay made some of them felt uncomfortable never know that. It was about. How many rebounds can you give and are you getting give us the full six fouls because that's what that team needs who's not about a year kissing what's your production value play and everybody that last segment -- ending its support for a lot of people to realize because Michael -- is opting connected to Jackie Robinson he's the first openly gay player to play in the NFL you. The difference -- when you highlighted it was -- Jackie Robinson is a hall of fame baseball player and I think that that's -- as this continues to beat goes up when he says for this is my concern from Michael -- And is widely deployed earlier earlier in the show it to be his message would have been better received. If he had solidified himself president NFL player first now it's gonna tell you when he can or cannot come out and tell you got with finding a. You know how easy they -- they'll let me just say I do I disagree with that notion for this -- and I don't you like comparing the racing -- together. I -- you yet had back pain have you had an African American ball player coming up and he was. I want to Jackie Robinson was not the first black -- -- I know what the one who gets the recognition because it was good that it would yeah that's a big deal is how does it translate you want you wanna be bring blacks on the field. They'd better not play baseball well he dating guess what everybody's accepting of it. I think this is a different issue because this is just about having the nerve to come up an inmate who you -- I don't think business silly translates in the same way I see it. And here here's -- argument and I don't believe this but I am going to say because we're getting a lot of attacks machine is that in you just mentioned the word advantageous in fourth. There are a lot of people that look at his situation he was in insane would he have been drafted if he had not come out -- game. Would we know the name might look I talk sports I poster I hostess for -- radio show every day semi pricing on an idiot. I know Michael similar Santelli -- it was the SEC defensive player of the year I had never heard of them before it because it cannot escape I don't know beauty days and I will never know who. -- here is why this to me is is kind of the crux of the issue is that. Michael Sam came out to his teammates in -- with Missouri yes and no there was no problem whatsoever -- I kept it under -- right that was never released until he releases and is and they had a perfect season and you would have never known the difference right you would never know the difference in about Michael -- as a player and that to me is the crux of this issue that whenever you're going to try and and get people to accept you. The quickest way to do that is to earn their respect by showing it then that you're just like everybody yells yes what you get the what the where you get a problem is. You get people it is again it's a media creation Whipple Tebow and Michael CM. But when you get the problem is when you elevate your personal beliefs. And you see my personal beliefs are more important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I am saying there is a history Europe Michael -- am worried is -- it is apparent to me that he understands. That the media creation in the profitability is here for him to become set up for the rest of his life and -- an activist for the -- like. I would just I want some authenticity from him I want him to say this is why I'm doing this and not say I Michaels in the football player and then not at. Act out what he's doing because I don't. I don't find it GUN right now I just don't really I don't if so I I I guy I guess I'm on the opposite opposite spectrum to import because I found that speech he kind of did reveal a little bit of why maybe he's doing this when you talked about that story were your saving a girl's life. From community stopper from committing suicide and an accepting who she is. I think that's a huge part of it for him -- yeah I -- -- football is going to have to be priority number one season starts but I think you look at Jeff Fisher in the GM I'm writing -- -- -- -- -- organization I any act or an organization that may be sees the bigger picture and maybe for them. They're only expecting a special teams player but for me on the other side to complain doubles that to myself I do wonder do you wonder like if he had not come out. And maybe he'd come out only his teammates not announced it. I mean how is our reaction that's people's that's people's issue which is yet is that they believe that if you really wanted it to be about football. You could do it with the people close in your life and I guess. I guess the question is I don't know because not asking him to be closeted but he write this away in Missouri in keyword yeah teammates knew that he begin area people around on the median new yes right but what what I. I don't know the answer to that is but I do wonder as a millionaire athlete. And the advantage is that he is going to have in his life. As being a spokesperson I do wonder and I don't know the -- ever notice. What is the true impact. Of -- him because he doesn't -- people. Any positive manner then I would say it is worth it but what you can't have. Is you can't afford and the stakes are so high here for him and the rest that you what you can't afford like you said -- Is to mess this up he fails because you're really trying to make it a publicity stunt and and I say that but it that's what ends up happening right and that's how people perceive it. Is that pretty purse is the perception is you're trying to turn this into a publicity started out as a football player -- Libya then the people after him. It's going to be made more difficult asks that you can't afford to make matters worse which I do worry about if he comes out any any any place the ball he's good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at the Seattle Seahawks got a roster of fifth and sixth round picks him and on to win the Super Bowl. But there is that there is some prompt area and I think that he we got -- attacks on its knees as. Unfortunately at this point he has an obligation to be an act to be due to the sport he plays his age and how the media has covered and it's a double standard and I do a 100% agree with that. And -- would we sit here we talk about you know him being an activist in the coverage and he's getting. A lot it's not his fault -- you -- as a pro or input I can't look at -- -- how dare you go to the espy's and an acceptable war. How many other athletes were there accepting awards during their seasons and -- off seasons or whatever all star break it's the media -- -- media creation and that's what he has to be -- most careful about because he got a lot of back when that win meant the documentary series with Oprah was announced he got a lot of backlash over poundstone she knew she did she knew what was -- I find out how ridiculous you ask -- that yet it is he he got a lot of backlash visible -- let's back off let's not do this for right now. I'm curious to see how he handles it going into the season because I will say this in his defense. He has not been an issue since that documentary series came out we were seven it to and we talked about that -- of people we we partner feedback. He has not been an issue we have not talked about him his teammates like you said it had nothing but positive things to say about -- Jeff Fisher was there. You know in support for him last night so it this has not been a problem yet. But we're gonna get to the point when training camp starts there's gonna be cameras they are ready it's pre season games he will be covered nonstop and I'm curious if that ever has an effect on. And to me really does feel like he his dream has everything he wants to do he wants to play in the NFL the bright spot now with what he's done. His life is pretty much set foreign adversaries -- NFL player's stick around -- he's going to be a gay -- -- -- -- can get paid a lot of money -- -- talk and help young athletes the important thing here to understand it is discussion is in no way is it a matter of whether or not you believe in homosexuality is a science religion. What this is a matter of is what you Michael C and the football players do and what -- his message be sure how she he conduct that message. I would say majority of people and this is just my gut telling -- from everything we know I was a majority of people are of the opinion. Played football and I'm fine with it as long as you play football are invited I would save vast majority of Americans ball in the political climate that we have. In that -- -- more things on that in a new poll out here is for most popular athlete number one may surprise you. In a more updates on this plane crash. The terrorist attack in Ukraine import turns break back after this on the we're. Yeah. This is a British Open recognition is important dirt and spreading democracy by black -- -- online yeah and it rings dot. On ESPN Sports Radio 1080 yeah. Excellence and. How would you rank. Sorry airing her. Then there's prison -- -- -- today a look at it. It's never easy for someone like me I like to. Sometimes have a satellite like ability to say whenever I want it is our second annual this is our second annual Aaron Hernandez prison Jones day we do and every July 17. I thought today went incredibly well the tax that we got it was a Soledad we can't read 90% of them but use your imaginations with the positions of wide receiver tied. And -- is -- and what prison life is like. Put that together a funny way and I think that sums up our our reaction we've had a lot in studio lasted that's for sure a lot commercial break chuckles there's going to be a third annual -- them much. Continued is that you can't -- we think we need a problem with -- negative -- -- third annual the second Daniel Hernandez -- it was a success sidestep an attorney you commented on this this morning where Aaron Hernandez he -- fiance -- As they're going to have under the grand juries -- she's going to be potentially going to jail for perjury charges. And his court date is supposed to be scheduled right on the first or second week in January that's -- -- and -- they're gonna have a lot of New England Patriots that are going to be at the courtroom. Potentially working towards winning his Super Bowl and having to testify and Aaron Hernandez is the same time the media circus. As he would take place there is will be something tolerate and stand believes Tom -- here and AFC team and your cross your fingers and hopefully we play of them the same weeks maybe we caught on their Macs are not trying to get paid to lose it -- seventy purpose -- it was a -- for overall well why. One of the slowest sports days of the entire year over the British Open going on right now right now right. I took its guardian six under par Tiger Woods. Three off the pace he's three under Adam Scott Sergio Garcia and -- -- -- at four under -- nice I saw the leaderboard here shaping up at the British Open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Argument began -- what was funny is about -- he just said exactly exactly he inserted himself like Aaron handers well story. That actually nothing to do with the giants I was actually -- that's a good point 2001 of the fact of how many holes that we watched tiger endurance watched him -- -- to watch -- are -- watching him right now but -- -- -- -- earlier I knew exactly -- -- gotten a story that we'll discuss tomorrow is the most popular athlete in sports right now this according to a new Harris -- LeBron James tops the list is the first time he's been. Topped this list Derek Jeter of course there Peyton Manning. Kobe Bryant made his list of some may question where's the end I was going meetings tomorrow it's broken hand and NASCAR Minnesota voting NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt junior also meet now are rewriting game. Real athletes on our real list -- -- vary her release that are going left arm. Very nerdy very high level joke by -- -- like that I can get -- I connected that. I may be the only one that did and pretty sure you -- that line of -- -- well first job that's -- matters say this is a kind of a serious story. Today that happened in the world -- couple things going on Israel invaded Gaza that's going on but as women having her along to the end and AM pretty intense attack today in Malaysia airlines plane was shot down earlier today. And there was a radar system that side they're calling it's a surface to air missile system. Turned on and in that the plane ended up going down 295. People. Were on board in the broke down like this 154. Were Dutch 27 Australians 23 Malaysians eleven Indonesian. Six -- from the United Kingdom for Germans for Belgians in three were from the Philippines one of them was Canadian. Where's so trying to determine if there's any other people on board may be possible Americans they are saying this was a terrorist attack. And not now obviously not a good situation. I think we need to start incorporating things that distract a lot of these people we need to give them an NFL season. Maybe we bring the swimsuit calendar additions over there -- something we need to give them something to live for -- clearly they have nothing right now and it's really start to affect everybody around the world. Ideally you -- this break you're literally -- as honest dialogue. What it might not right we've played him on an NBA season how excited with navy. Recovered until we get -- we got fifty Saint Louis. So I don't live for me try to make it another 52 not all love everything that you don't like giving LeBron James do everything it's been twenty praising a lot of thank you -- thank you please thank you. They're training games to kill people what's distract them a little -- -- back in Portland dirt scrappy Friday. This. -- guy here. They have followers on Twitter act Peter Johnson ad rate is frank I'm ads tailored aid imports from. Meanwhile as large sports days of the year into the British Open it's good achievement to begin when got a feeling what time will tell us. Popular player in sports there -- poll came out and the most Seahawks news tomorrow as well I'm sure. -- boys that was the effort. I'm brand and strength as it did well. I did it and -- change at any additional castaways to break Danforth and they're now apparently you out of right on the last even listening to did force. Glue guys are glue guy -- And spread we'll see tomorrow at 12 o'clock same place same time. Even listen to 1080 the thing. OK guys. Grow big also her right. Well -- later.

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