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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.17.14 Hour 2

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys have their smorgasbord, MLB says why no Gwynn mention, Drake hosting the ESPYs, and Les Miles takes a shot at Oregon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- dirt spray did well that was another sport that I think it's a what if it ever went. Like -- best presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open regulation of Danforth Durbin spray. -- you -- black Butte ranch spectacular golf stunning scenery amazing resort amenities booking your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today Danforth dirt and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. They've got more things we -- You too about the SB's some awards. -- posted yesterday at a couple funny blinds -- India Blake Griffin went back and forth little bits -- bring some audio back from that. -- guy gave a speech will continue. To evolve and discuss that Michael same conversation about him so accepting the Arthur Ashe courage awards will do that. All coming up this hour that is our smorgasbord of sports topics and happy Aaron Hernandez prison -- -- -- second Manuel knew we did this last year July 17. -- continued on to tradition unlike any other. Text your prison jokes from Aaron Hernandez the 55 look like his cellmate says when this day comes we go forward. And it's -- is on the air we'd like to you continue to have as a listening to us for the foreseeable future or hopefully get it beyond every day news and bad and we enjoyed his -- Bruce Feldman reporting and our stories sort of topics that Texas was prepared to offer nick -- in excess of 100 million dollars. To come coach for them and he's not coaching their why. Great question. And paid and how they act I guess this is like they Calipari Saint Louis Cleveland they offered -- only selling one dollar and you -- been a coach and the GM and it turned it down you can handle -- Argentines who needs to compete and who's advising that guy how hard. Yeah they already given so they were ready this is -- Paul find bombs in his new book. He said they were prepared to give him between twelve and fifteen million dollar signing bonus she has a salary package worth a hundred million dollars plus performance. CI. I don't know I don't believe this I don't I can't you -- is got to be alive or preferably album is pretty credible though the F for exactly what is this -- -- a -- time bomb or a safe 50 Indiana by I. Had a -- five -- guy he's a little quirky little -- -- -- can be entertaining -- -- that Freddie just -- straight and why is he still in Alabama I don't know how in anybody's right mind do you turn this I mean is that like your legacy -- yeah it does is would -- have killed his legacy if he went to Texas won a couple more -- just jumps that he would have had a national title at LSU Alabama and if he eventually won't wanna Texas has three different places you would want a championship I don't know how you turned -- in this was like you know Vanderbilt -- -- hundred million dollars acting -- down -- Mississippi State you OK I get -- -- by all means say Alabama I would too. But you're talking about taxes which he would -- at the -- college football most people will say it's the number one job in the country. Plus a signing bonus plus a hundred million dollars I can't believe this because there's no way that Nick Saban is ego was able to turn this down. -- I mean look I'm a pretty I think -- myself a pretty loyal guy and like to say oh yeah you know I couldn't be bot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bye guys good luck I don't know no amount of money you can get to give me out the ship -- -- either because I -- you guys and all of Orleans next Nokia has sampled each other in the Iowa you're noses and I came in. Get out here -- a 190 all I see this job for free there's a dirt I'm -- there's no way. We -- most -- December there's -- no way that this is a real offer that this is a real sir I don't care what -- -- you were. How do you turn down 115. To keep living in Tuscaloosa. Not even coaching Alabama you have to live in Alabama in your town and turning on a hundred million dollars for that. No thank -- I don't -- and easy into the dumbest person in the world the smartest dumbest person in the world what's what does -- -- I mean isn't it against me it's -- much money in his life -- -- -- what's another what's the next hundred million yet this is the Dave -- that was not easy it's not the choice is zero dollars or another you know and now is Dave -- and what's David -- fifty million to ten -- it's forty million dollars if he's made it. -- how much money is -- yeah -- and the people that and I'll let you don't think on the road a hundred million in his line of him were people don't think in those terms once you make money he obviously does -- he doesn't then why story now is is it real they say that makes seven million dollars a year. Pro and he had a fifteen million has -- learning -- celebrity network his celebrity net worth is 25 million dollars and he makes things I didn't make six point nine million sites kind of take some time now that's what it's just the Internet. There's no way he's I just look away I know he's giving a sweet deal there -- Alabama and it's nice to keep winning and dominating the SEC. But a 115. Million dollars to go to Austin, Texas yes police -- to be way worse gigs in the world. I don't care if you made eighty million dollars in your career thus far that's another hundred million dollars we're talking generations year that will never around. -- you love that generation I do I can't get my generation's oral or I'm suffering the consequences what do you know that an SEC media day today they are terrible at picking winners. Eighteen of the last 22 years they have got the wrong team -- not picked correct in terms who is going to win the SEC they take Alabama now erratic. To win the -- That's -- psychosomatic -- side maybe -- how could it be that hard with all the good teams and all the national champions like I get an -- sneaks up on every now and then every couple years to have a team that comes out of nowhere. I really like -- -- -- LSU Alabama last couple years and it's really only teams you -- everything that -- Alabama -- juvenile winner of the conference like this -- pick Alabama I don't -- -- -- it has an actual fan yes please keep keep picking Alabama -- worry about it and I'll -- Alabama now we don't know I'm you know BC -- miles comments. Yeah it's not about that's about case she's telling us let us know this easy to for later to -- spoil the show back you'd ever. Thank you Derek at the bottom of the hour we'll discuss the as the awards at 145 million of those less miles comments that there was discussing. The coming up next baseball issued a statement about why they didn't. Include Tony Gwynn in their all star festivities while that -- also a big time college football match or -- chance to discuss this yesterday but coming up. In a couple of years of big time matchup in the cowboy classic that is next you're missing it and -- -- -- served up by B -- on Tinny to fans. Time and smile for. I've come to town which news. I had visions I need. Beaten. This is a British Open we -- vision of what can afford dirt and spraying once you -- -- mean rants online at black canyon ranch dot com ESPN Sports Radio generating a friend. Soon. And. Is when Aaron Hernandez is everything again assists and it's men -- after -- and so we started when like -- Be part of this bar in years there's. You imagine isn't just laying on his got his big tears when there was -- -- -- music playing whenever I get this and I think again old school. I think -- yeah he's still only status and his -- brother's wife and. Where Nancy get a little permanence tear taxi. I think he has three or four dizzy and I was yelling sixteen dancing gangster thing Aaron Hernandez prison jumping on the show second annual. -- -- -- -- -- -- Werder we're upset and rightfully so and three of us were about the handling of Tony Gwynn in the Major League all star game. And we had a lot of interaction on -- on social media and our text machine about. 99.9. Percent of the more upset that they didn't do something for Tony to any also argue a Major League Baseball game out equally last night. And said one of the reasons are the reason that they didn't was because. Day there were a couple of other gentleman in baseball that had died and they didn't want to single any one person yet I Don -- and Bob -- exactly and so we said this yesterday on the show because we know a couple of producers high level producers. For ESPN. And they're just so meticulous. And there's that there they pay so much attention to detail that we knew. This had to be conscious decision by baseball sure enough it was a conscious decision by fox and being -- mom lose big networks don't. Miss something like -- designed we forgot how much wrangling and that's are bad no they made a decision. And the explanation they gave just made it worse Fordham will. And again this is something baseball screwed up and we talked about this originally. I didn't put it past baseball. To really just not remember elected to just not think about it is sad that you think about baseball Jagger that's it might just not and that's the thing that I hate most about baseball it's not the sport it's not that it's it's a four hour game I enjoy that. But it's the fact that. They are soul out there oblivious to what they need to do and how they need to go about handling their business the right way. -- this Tony -- thing it's really blowing up their face we talked about a lot yesterday the reaction we got on tax calls FaceBook. It was pretty big people really had a problem with the fact it was just Derek Jeter day. And that probably a better player most people's eyes and when -- bestsellers are trying to turn out hitting the ball. Didn't -- -- had a great -- let me just it is by that I don't do -- very -- kudos to Chris -- -- yesterday on the -- he talked about Tony -- for about three -- four minutes now that was probably an ESPN -- capitalizing on ABC but it was still brilliant because they understood what it meant to people. That's where baseball and I'll even kind of -- box in this because it was their telecast. That's where you drop the ball and that's where you need to realize what do people care about when we come up with topic issues for a show. We don't just say what's gonna what's gonna fire us up on everything or what's gonna get the most -- we think about the angles of conversation topics that are our finest to us. Better make us you know most intelligent in terms of what we know what we can talk about you don't just go out there blind to -- paced by an opportunity to sit back for a couple days. And say. How can we recognized one of the great ambassadors of our game that just passed away you didn't even need to mention chewing tobacco you didn't need to mention cancer. It was tied in there with a stand up for cancer campaign. But to me you could just giving him. A legitimate minute a moment of silence or -- yet agreed -- with former ballplayers -- -- what Tony -- today dramatic it was like to try to get him out it was so simple leading their explanation and you and I think it's -- set top it's come. Li BS and that's not distracted by -- -- Don Zimmerman. But -- or Don Zimmer but when I think about Tony Gwynn. Again you're talking about a legend for your game you you -- you drop the ball in -- trying to make up for making excuses it doesn't work to me. In a funny -- to be is that you know you don't want to single anybody out there's three names. The late in their statement they simply didn't want -- we didn't listen up problem to -- and arm really. Linked to other names that's gonna take up the bowl telecast and it is not like we're a situation. Yet to acknowledge everybody who is ever picked up a baseball bat their entire lives -- it was ever worn cleats he stepped on a diamond. That's thousands of people that died in the last year that -- baseball you're honoring three people here you time any for a half hour pregame post game. In game broadcast to acknowledge three guys -- passed when I'm sorry this is a 100% cop out and it drives me nuts because I Odyssey didn't even think because I was was sprayed on this. What has happened and I started to -- right. How do you let this subdue the cracks that was my first sergeant if you -- -- when the brought up on the show -- you sitting -- so there's no way that this isn't due to cracks and you certainly unite now. They just flat decided to leave him out this was a choice it was an. Honestly -- them being stupid and forgetting to mention his name. They've been having a conscious decision of saying you know no. We're not gonna mention -- Jeter did exactly it's it's in the quota singling somebody out is is the funniest one to -- because that's what he did the entire game you didn't talk about anybody else besides for Derek Jeter even when he talked about a Mike Trout. It was in reference to well here's Derek Jeter handing off the baseball put on. To Mike if it was read everything was Derek Jeter. And again I don't ultimately have that big of a problem with that he deserves his due he deserves a standing ovation but when you would -- -- into the game like Tony Gwynn. That's when you get people to stop them in baseball tries to do this constantly they do it with everything that that is ever troubled their game chewing tobacco is the newest one. They did it would Pete Rose what they try to Pete -- they've been a pro -- -- -- -- in pretend like he's not over there -- -- name Pete Rose is battling got it can't I didn't do navigating your national records don't matter if you're that guy over there out of your tactic duel with steroids -- steroid use -- -- -- an -- -- and toughest testing system and all the sports. Now they're doing it which you were -- to ignore guy Tony Gwynn. That was -- frank you don't even have to mention chewing tobacco I would actually prefer that you did. Hey guys look at this guy with a bubbly smiled and everybody loved it everybody got along with. Nobody could say a negative thing about Tony Gwynn the Dirk Johnson a -- it came easy exam and passed -- -- -- seems like he tragically died at the age -- 54 -- Use it as a teaching -- is used to sustain it usually -- to stand up to cancer has somebody right Tony -- I know somebody that was that lost their right to the battle cancer. It was Tony -- this is what. I love baseball baseball is my favorite sport I sit and watch every giants game I have no social life because of it during every single. I mean we've got a sold only got a great socialite to a watch -- another reluctant but are they will tomorrow but but -- -- exactly with our new catch stuff like this though drives me nuts because it you guys only -- I think the important thing to bed. It's that that's exam column we should be talking about the positives in this sport right now but once again we're talking about the negative -- greatest breaks having a completely different I guess I just read you make a way. To clarify a -- -- Whereas in the -- Johnson the bubbly personality and yeah yes I'm very loving him. Cheers Dan Brown's going to do it with that I literally demise but here's the thing with them with Tony Gwynn and Major League Baseball there is in this out. I'll never understand where people don't think I think it's a mindset thing. I think it's an attitude thing I think there's some is unlock a lack of understanding of your surroundings and I'll never champion -- just can't say you know what. Yeah we screwed up. That's our mistake we apologize. Won't happen again who will make it up to yet once again they don't even acknowledge it -- yeah. They -- an explanation. Yeah but there was no like yeah you know what. That's our at a Major League Baseball we finally came out it took us 24 hours yes to practice more than 24 hours yet because it was late last night than when we finally do craft a statement it is so terrible that he hits it you know ownership it. Take ownership -- -- you know what. We have seen -- we understand how much Tony Gwynn meant. And and all the other and Welch and Zimmer we understand what these guys -- We should have done a better job our sincerest apologies you know we're going to make it -- team moving forward. And that's the end of the conversation you'd defuse the situation. Which you end up doing if your baseball and he come around saying he now we forgot that we -- -- -- -- not we've got we didn't want to single out one guy. That makes you sound even worse but what why did you get people in the front office understand. You're coming up worse. But then east make matters worse and worse first. So I think lying about something ending date -- you get caught lying about it and you lie about that -- I just I feel like -- -- such an -- and easy. Concept for everybody to grass when I grew up and I lied I got in trouble. Mike Graham would say all right did you do this or not if I lied about it she tell me the -- god is only getting worse and she spank me harder and harder until you finally -- up to it. To me. Only eight yen dropped the ball and something you screwed up if you own what Jim messed up on. I think people kind of respect you -- -- say at least you'll recognize it just screwed up thank you for that you're still -- but thank you do better next I'd like to see. He -- at a baseball analogy and I say this all the time the guys that tested positive steroids does anybody ever -- eighty padded in that conversation anymore now is anybody hate any credit for taking steroids reaching age now you know why. Is he must look I got -- a bold I need to recover quicker and my back I apologize I -- golf. Campaign has not yet -- tainted but whatever rack to hold it against yet but the guys can do this I didn't do it I didn't do it I didn't do it you you make it worse for yourself regular point this out. Against an updated taxis and again you watching it to the giants game as metadata it would you don't have an ally and I appreciate -- I still do that socialites. Somewhat even -- from April to September man -- -- out there shall swing and Unisys on socialize through. And it it's. Aaron Hernandez -- day here on Danforth dirt in spring couple other things from the S -- -- we had to get a chance to talk about -- towards Damian Miller to. Looked like he was is puppy was a shot yesterday he had he had pretty sad -- somebody did tribute that was pretty cool to a former blazer legend. Also Drake as a house couple more things on the ask these when he gets you and will do so -- -- listening to -- -- and sprayed served up by Buffalo Wild Wings. This is a British Open which edition of -- dirt and spray. Once you -- black deep -- online at the last few -- dot com. On ESPN Sports Radio intimidated. Yeah. In honor of Aaron Hernandez president garrison -- -- -- -- -- taken up -- sculpting he's doing the guards taxes. We'll be out there are no time yeah ABC hockey uniform finally let's say is yeah. What's his role in prison and he died. I always equated to Shaw shank redemption -- is Jack what are characteristic in Shawshank redemption busy part of the ladies' group that teens up in the boiler room and it's a Indians that is for sure what -- seeing that there Hernandez he's not a course you aren't racist guy in. The woman Edward Norton in prison movie. Oh American history as Jay-Z one of the racist guys than the Hispanic -- -- -- stressing flexes now I -- the espy's last night Drake was the host Steve leading get a chance to watch -- he's -- and -- probably the most controversial thing in the night. Was his rap song about Donald Sterling so to kind of set this up because of my guess is most of -- -- Drake fans. But if you -- -- and he's got us a song where he goes mother blue paper never loved us. Bleep her bleep never loved since the upward. The entire time and that's basically the song he singing about his father who never raised him in and basically this is kind of charity off of that song. There's -- track means a lot -- -- knows. Is really inspired by the side piece of the year. The elegant. The beautiful. The discrete. -- -- This is this is visiting boom off that album. So I had to bring the music video I just want to let you know I'm ready when you're ready to let me know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great. Remember -- believe last night's game. You won't really work here. Okay. How are really awkward moment yesterday and I -- -- he's known -- they just stopped playing he -- -- -- stop you -- commercial -- was like a real music videos on another -- and -- -- -- that was one of his -- -- lot of areas I think that was a pretty big -- for him a couple of other -- -- yesterday him and Blake Griffin went back and -- this one's pretty and so we -- down -- message news. That not all people are equal NI I I agree with the -- -- -- this is being filmed. Anyway I'm Blake Griffin. Part of the dominant white race and I would despite. He didn't he beat you yet one more about done Manny Pacquiao was pretty it is Manny Pacquiao impression sometimes. People on the -- when -- go to buy a time there acted like but the rest of my life you know how to do it in the instead. Make me happy so. I like to seeing this. All blows flat funding amount to anything. It did it through and still be seen. On altering candidate he's good he's good and stance and is getting skits yeah he's -- -- -- stuff this is good is -- comedian would have been. None probably not and that's my -- was the worst of -- and the monologue was to anybody catch a lather up playing golf and I got -- and I saw the replay of it and it. He's just he was clapping and it was microphone jokes weren't as -- on earth is they enablers that. -- like he did this year as -- it was kind of funny and in the blowing in the year of Lance Stephenson -- funny was creative idea -- but. As a whole I don't understand why you would hiring Danica to do well and. Be fair to I thought the audience the athletes that were there I don't know if it's because they're kind of the young and up and coming bonds because most of the more except for the Peyton Manning. But to knee any sealed so yeah he went -- got honored by the way which is kind of Cochran itself but it. Even when like comedic actor human decency OK now Cameron Diaz and he said some funny. No idea why nobody -- there's no interaction there you out of -- everybody was too cool for school the moment so I guess a lot of our time you know with Michael sand but also talking about Stuart Scott in his speech here it is. Every day I'm reminded. That our life's journey is really about the people who touched us but Ellison -- Jim Bob auto -- 21 years ago. The most poignant seven words ever uttered in any speech anyway don't give up. Don't ever. Those great people didn't. Coach -- -- didn't -- to be honored with this. I now have a responsibility. To also not ever give up. I'm not special. But just listen to what demands it I also realized something else recently I said I'm not -- and I'm still here I'm fighting I'm not losing. But I gotta amend that. When you die. It does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer. By how you live. Widening it and in the manner in which -- That's jurors got the tribute yesterday. Four battling cancer Robin why are Roberts got that last year -- The thing is it seemed -- -- durst got is that he is a very polarizing figure there's a lot of people that don't like Stuart -- they don't like his style. And then he does a tribute like that where ego -- went. That's spread to any gets yet because of of what he's fighting -- but there's still it's a tough balance between what he's going through personally and what he's battling. Vs how you feel about Stuart Scott the sports center anchor that we known for what 1520 years. Yeah I'm not that -- I really -- never been that big of a Stuart Scott fan I just I don't like him posting on -- -- liked his style but that was it was -- -- beginning -- something that everybody deals with I -- cancer and in baseball we've obviously talked a lot about the stand up to cancer -- We would that Robin Roberts was great Lazarus a really moving speech and everybody has a family member father parent him. Whatever a brother or sister somebody has gone through cancer and somebody that had to survive from and so when you hear stories like that everything as -- and and it really. It gives you an insight you know like there we kind of talked before they show you know was an interest in it. They gave it to a ESPN employee year Whitley city has been an awards show and I don't take anything away from his struggle what he's gone through. But I am glad they did it because what would you do stuff like dat nation you shot -- -- -- somebody that you would not have been able to see you know I'd muted Stuart Scott was going through cancer I knew that he does a lot on his Twitter -- does a lot on his Twitter account with that and I knew he had he had gone in and I think successfully -- and -- came back and so I knew kind of the background of the story but what when you actually get a glimpse into somebody's life and how it affects their day to day in and him talking about his daughters and you know. When you get the is fighting for it really was -- touching moment out and so -- -- -- huge fan of the sports center anchor skills. That doesn't mean you can't sit there and you can't appreciate historian and what he went through because -- and it was a touching on any idea. Some really powerful lines and I don't know we just played was is pretty strong natured -- these gate did you do sponsor makes a certain feel a certain way but the one thing with -- ESP is that I've always liked the most was. I like when they're able to incorporate their own people that may be going through struggles of very -- you know if you're gonna do that award and it's centered on cancer. I would've preferred may be putting Stewart's got up there. Doing a breed if you let him do his spears and I'm going through a one thing they're great -- and it's finding that emotional attachment about something that we had no idea about I felt the same -- -- Michael Sam. A lot of people look at and say that's a great paving the way but for me -- would have preferred Michael -- going up there saying a brief something about his experience. Is and then going out and finding that gay athlete -- you know our great a person that had broad limits -- I was gonna commit suicide if he's not accurately -- coming -- you know Stuart Scott with a fifteen year old basketball player that has cancer that was well on his way to be talented -- cancer slowed him down but he didn't let -- stop them and the SBC -- always kind of been about of that. I like this speech is don't get me wrong I just thought it was interesting they kind of went away from that this year and kept everything in house -- the one award that Damian Miller was up forty yet that doctor Jack. Cuss which I was Sox -- and seven -- it out every tree is at a great point it just get -- shows that he gets -- yeah it's just another thing real look at that elect man. It dudes are similar results for the best moment of the year we embrace your ass entry -- lasagna too with the quality of the best chance for was the best moment of the year any loss doubts CU of all things. United States vs Ghana Tacoma -- where I had a little bit of a problem -- this that was a great match -- -- it it kind of set the temple for them getting out of group play. But didn't they get out of group play in 2010 in the as they -- in -- in the next round. So they pretty much got to the same point they got this year I like progress I like seeing something that you haven't seen in awhile. This is a -- take I don't care Damian Miller got us out of the first round for the first time in four. Teen years and I he -- best moment if you wanna go USA soccer that's fine it was a great talking point was fun to watch this summer I get it. But to me and I games was a bigger home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not a moment for sure -- miles had some pretty he negative comments towards the -- in ducks you know what -- hear those of fury -- and also. A former -- doesn't think they've got enough veterans. To making good run this year those two topics next you're listening. Today and tortured -- -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings right here on 1080 the fan. Yeah. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth dirt and spray. T by black people rants online at black Butte grants dot com on ESPN Sports Radio dedicated fan. It's British Open -- plays good round for Tiger Woods also Rory macro discuss at the top of the hour -- -- cooling off right now. Spring Hernandez -- if you don't like this you. I don't know probably did the teams come in. The future -- SEC media days wrapping up we've discussed couple's story lines that have come out of that including the targeting rules where they're gonna -- allow the quarterback to be hit. Let's miles came out yesterday though it had a couple with cheap shots and I'd like was miles he's honest here's what he said about -- you know what. We've played -- -- pat pat pat there was no breakneck speed. -- maybe it was. Us. That kind of did the breakneck acts old allies that alone -- that's about it. Only am I black -- I enjoy when coaches takes its not even a shot to me. He's just being truthful organ had speed in certain areas. But I'm not overall team wise LSU was a way faster than him and kind of rocked him down to earth in -- didn't help that the Anthony was his first game a -- get a -- real time on the city's three touchdowns that doesn't help but I still think when you watched that game you like -- geez man SEC speeds just as quick -- -- Yeah I guess that was an Oregon team that was that was cut way off -- they were ready to play that LSU team in and I believe that was and the team that went on and in won the Rose Bowl Wisconsin Sunday at least you know did something good that season. But you know I agree with the -- that -- can't play at less miles and say that he's rubbing it in because it was true and at the same time you look at that LSU team that was an LSU team that went thirteen you know they went undefeated through the SEC schedule. They won the SEC championship they'd be Alabama during the regular season and eventually -- in the rematch national title. Still it's not like when you say well maybe we did the break and yet you get the break -- you're an undefeated team that went to the national championship game organ that season mosque two games. They wanna pac twelve and and they went to the roles -- but let's not sit here and act like you were playing with a seven and seven and five T mean you were the national championship runner up. That's a pretty darn good season it's a pretty darn good roster yet there's -- and -- we talk about the inferiority complex that exist out here with fans I have only little SEC man I've got one with the SEC -- it drives me crazy because. -- -- -- it is good when USC is great and they got a game coming up it's Alabama. And that's kind of the test of athleticism and more of an East Coast west collect. There's a lot of power like SEC verses the west. Everybody now what degree did the SEC the pack -- over the team best conferences I think century and attacked over surpass I don't see the Big Ten and now the big twelve there's still one of those like no -- -- and we got good athletes out here on the back -- you're not giving us enough credit and take note we have. -- now we do and they need get a hate me because like less miles the other ducks weren't that fast yeah begun what's the reason for that billions worth they saw the best team they saw the speed coming from our arms and what they do. -- -- and yes the problem they don't play each other and obsolete they have this. Ideal we played them two years ago we handle that team they're not then we Yemen the conference has gotten better they just don't know what they'll put us on the other issue is speed is that. And that nobody in the happening is this happening is Auburn do is that. They're didn't maybe not as fast is the but they're just as there are much bigger and yes Sony's got guys besides the physical reality is a different yeah -- That's not just because that's our passenger this is and they don't have the size to be able to compete in use stats yeah I remember -- -- that championship game between Oregon and opera house walking around on the field and there are a -- job from players running around that were just simply yelling you know who's always fifties we can't -- -- voiceover -- they were just running around their ways that we can't stop this offense and -- Will we did -- -- I really do it and we can -- by the inferiority thing. Yesterday in terms of you know smaller markets in a city like New York in and you look at to see the new York and say c'mon get enough attention. Can we please stop paying attention in the city in new York and I feel the same exact way. For the S sees it really that got you know with the Washington Huskies are the only team in the conference and I will not -- Won't do it. But if they've made the national championship and they played SEC team I have to know you would hope it would be no I mean I know I -- -- what we saw last year in Seattle. I've made it out all they still extreme every other school let every other school I guess I would love this Ian and especially when you hear about USC in an Alabama pairing up and playing in the tablet classic I love it because I've -- those chances as a conference to -- their approved it because we talked about this in terms of making the playoffs. People look at the SEC you can have a team that loses two games the SEC. Legal attended to they don't play anybody in -- properties at 36 they had to go through the SEC of course they have two losses. Whereas if I UCLA goes -- -- -- this year or Stanford or Oregon your tenant -- when you win the conference where you don't when the conference and a ten to let me play the -- while. I'm sick and tired of that narrative in the only way you can get rid of that narrative is by beating them. When I think that's the one I -- that's maybe the only reason that I don't have a problem with the SEC Todd lucky it can be annoying to watch the same schools. Continually go to the national championship in hallways that trophy. I ansari is a conference is -- actual fan and I love me some Morgan State's a morgue in some -- instead I love the pactel comets are really do. But you -- prove I mean it's it's kind of just shut up and go do it at this point we can be frustrated about the SEC talking -- insane the biggest problem as it did they won't play well yeah and that that's -- that's the hardest thing -- I think in collegiate sports is you can't get some of these teams to schedule -- they don't wanna -- home and homes and -- state Alabama don't want -- -- to -- Corvallis but. To me overall eighty is kind of a put up or shut up now to college players club playoff fear this year. If -- in or Stamford or UCL a gets in that fourteen may the best chance and you get that chance you better beat a man that that's my only thing they are talking because they haven't beat him they have many able to stop on you beat don't you shot -- And -- -- -- planning and they -- because it will when the playoffs came about a kind of want to situations like why you're gonna lose that tradition of the Rose Bowl -- I love the tradition of the Rose Bowl pac -- Big Ten but it this creates an opportunity that. So you don't eat if you it was say last year you know -- -- -- on the play out but there wasn't a class instead you played Michigan State and in in the Rose Bowl. Now maybe you make the playoffs and you get a chance to play analysts who you get a chance to play in Alabama. And I would love them because -- that there needs to be more SEC pactel matchups were just too far separated and those. Guys will come this far west apply the quote once again is you know this is from less miles Ellis unit coaching as you know what we've played or again there was no breakneck speed. Maybe it was us that kind of did the breakneck. That is less miles that you -- depth -- want to extra points out I would agree with this on the be urgent toward its next line. He says the entity does cost in that game and yes we did we had this discussion about Harbaugh. Harbaugh vs Carroll who and we said you know some of the things you've got to separate. Is championships and victories AA in its breaking point right police cell. You look at all the situations that John Harbaugh our Jim Harbaugh was in with the niners yeah and you look at just one. Teeny -- play here -- there now -- you ended -- going on to win that -- -- and yes it set the tone early as glamorous or perhaps that might just like the final score was 48 when he sent in Oregon scored fourteen points in the fourth quarter to score at halftime was sixteen to thirteen LSU exactly an -- -- not -- the area up in the second -- you look at that game and you look at the Auburn game and -- you just got a couple bone -- mistakes and bonehead plays and the -- championship game was the role the wrist. I'm Michael Dyer but again you look at and I was down by the way he was down the next. Then the results half. Of them today. It was the gains were much closer than I think that people remember or that the results indicate that ultimately the clothes is not gonna mattered and SEC -- now does that matter SEC coaches. They're gonna -- finally see. Result willing to think about this from an SEC fan perspective let's say an SEC fans sitting in on this conversation and we say you know lot DND Thomas doesn't have that first fumble. In maybe doesn't have that second fumble. -- you probably -- -- nine game you know what they're gonna do. They're gonna scoff the notion you know why because week in and week out how many one play opportunities can they point out for their diehard team and say. Had this not -- Alabama last year that don't have heard is that it was -- we want to won the national -- they knew what this every COM we yeah so from an and an SEC fan perspective I begin they almost kind of -- that what we are hunters of how close we really are as a conference specifically -- in whose face Auburn in the LSU's. Two beating him in a game not I I don't care about what he was about -- -- I'm Bernard for the trojans to -- Allen is our journey sixty sure I mean she does not that conference exactly that's all I want I want the conference. To be represented the best way possible and that means taking down an SEC school to get an answer Jim Huber won one grade it makes it. Better and I think we got a text and Cody -- that really sums up the problem that we're facing -- his argument is the SEC doesn't play anybody out of conference because they don't have to its way college football is that up -- and that's -- reason -- is that that's changing now though -- -- is. A strength this yeah and if you go back ten years -- in Alabama you would play you a seat open at your season it probably sit and wait -- out what you see. But now you're gonna get to a point did matches while you know a Jersey other voting sets up with with the panelists and the people that are deciding to college football -- And how much credit they actually do get to the pack -- because it in my honest opinion again is by sitting on the West Coast in his if you pull the majority college football fans they would say the pac twelve. Is it clear cut second best conference in the country I honestly believe top to bottom. There in the congress I certainly think it's close and they are decided exactly I think -- in the conversation with the with the SEC is well especially with how talented they are top to bottom I'm just curious that the voters to the same way. Easier to cheap shots last goal in the Asian rose sensitive and I can see he's up the old Steve that's and British joked then wrapped up its first round of play it -- they were tiger and Rory finished how the day went to what the leader -- is looking like. And what to expect here in the next couple of days. Also unrelated but there is a tragedy that took place today. Over these guys of Ukraine and Russia will tell you about that TV quick update on that story don't go anywhere those stories to come after this on 1080%.

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