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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.17.14 Hour 1

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys talk the British Open and Michael Sam winning an award at the ESPY's.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- good tee off with Dan -- third and spray cool -- He did. Presented by buffalo -- news this is dead for a third and spread over the miniscule little -- And they look at you and I say that is policy which I have -- okay this is a British Open -- addition of -- -- -- and spread. Brought to you by black Butte ranch spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities but your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked -- today it's. British Open week John Danforth dirt and spread. On ESPN's Sports Radio. Can dig every ounce of town we had to back. -- it -- -- segment here we've got a couple different things including Aaron Hernandez prison -- day. City area and of the second anniversary we're creating our nasty awards. And is there really isn't terrible strategy that has happened in the world sorting it all three of those is a good balance is that Howard -- we're gonna laugh. We're gonna make fun of people but at the same time we are also sending our condolences you they don't see anything -- for us and I say sometimes do a lot to talk about today are just an FBI is a busy day in sports right now. All the things going on -- -- are amazing not a lot out there there's a lot to get -- today we do you have a good show lined up for you go regardless we're gonna talk a little bit about the SB's. Release of audio from the British Open is Rory and tiger got to get starts it is a nice leaderboard there. As an elitist edge to bring to your attention if you haven't been listened to new user -- Vera work haven't seen this. There was in Malaysia airlines. A jet crashed in Ukraine. The official says 295. People were on board. And the plane was shot they own over the Ukraine and Russia border they believe terrorists were involved there were Americans on the plane. Trying to figure out President Obama and Putin are talking right now to try and figure out. Exactly what happened in the Andy exactly how many Americans were on board but it was a terrorist action that shot down. In Malaysian airline. Cruises and good for business I mean you're looking at the time space between them the missing flies in the flight that's reportedly shot down. I can just tell you as a traveler I'm not a big flyer anyway didn't matter in the airline. But I for sure will never be flying Malaysia I don't know what it is about somebody and they're not right now hot streak right now it really is a sad story. Because I think as us that the said this is the second biggest eighty Asian since -- -- -- not -- since nine LA handy when you see that stat we all remember that and just really puts it in perspective but. You know I look at that coming I -- -- how do you rebound from this tonight I just can't imagine which way you go. No and yet the missing plane a couple of months back that everybody talked about now that this tragedy in -- it is terrible and is it really is -- -- to try and have some fun on the show today but this is always you know you never know what's it like this is gonna happen I think whenever some big breaking news story. It just kind of hits you in the face it we were sitting there -- get ready for the show when I got the update on my phone was the second lol we don't and -- are watching the news is our data into it a little bit distracted from the British Open. It's tragic news in its very tragic that they were Americans on -- it's very sad story yes there's a pretty. Common flight path that they were taking us from Amsterdam to Malaysia and it was just it's. Is -- typical -- they were cruising at a high altitude there's no way that you could have mistaken it. For any kind of any aircraft that they do believe it was a terrorist attack. That ended up shooting on a plane Malaysian airlines it sent 295. People shot down. They believe Americans were on board they're trying to confirm now so a lot to come on that story begin when you let you know if you haven't seen the news today that happened. A couple of hours to go again no transition year but. We will do so we -- last year on this time was July 17 July 17 exactly the -- -- when Aaron Hernandez went to prisons that we had a whole day on our show dedicated to you Aaron Hernandez prison -- We did and it was a lot of fun and you I think and that's why they have to act because look all those stories you read in year about. I think there's nothing better than making fun and -- By all looks of everything he's going to prisons are an awfully long time so bring on the jokes at 55305. On the the BV -- Tinto and attacks like we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is one with Aaron Hernandez where it's it just keeps getting more bizarre bizarre but because of sterling in there has been some good stuff going on with the NBA. -- -- -- some of the story -- we have that Aaron Aaron Hernandez case. Has largely gone uncovered. And largely gone on talked about. In it is one where he is growth for an hour his fiancee. -- it is reported this yesterday lied to the grand jury so she can be going to jail for perjury charges because she lied under oath about Aaron Hernandez. It just keeps getting worse and worse. It's a case that I saw lawyers say this morning. That he is going to court date. For Aaron Hernandez it was is pretty much set it's gonna be the first. Or second week of January. So potentially right in the middle of a playoff run for the patriots yet lie that -- that the aren't they yeah and a lot patriots are going to have to testify about his care about here during and so there's a potential that while they're preparing for the playoffs in the playoffs. That they would have to go testify in this -- and an analyst. Think you get really interesting especially as they call one Tom Brady to the stand you throw a lot of pass -- time I've just seen this coming when by the way. Have you seen how many people continue to come out of this story with him. That have been murdered a three day he's links like half of the Boston murderers that to me it's crazy. That we had a pro athlete he had just signed a monster extension he was one of the best athletes in the league. And he's -- for murder and any pop or murder again double homicide and 2012 he signed his contract after he murdered two people reportedly according to the the charges against him so there's nothing more than -- -- in making fun of somebody that doesn't deserve to live in society. After the first that we got in -- -- from -- -- reset my fantasy football team name is they're Hernandez's because of killing everyone that's fantastic it's a good start it's kinda sad and -- never juiced from people that he's that I wish Nike would have added Aaron Hernandez nodding from jail lieutenant -- You're urged all groups -- That's it that's so you'll have thought that they would do last year including Indy series we watch the espy's last night and another thing targeted youth throughout the show today. Is we're going to create your own SP categories so we were talking about as last night at where you could have like for example. The he the Wilt Chamberlain award for the most kids by an athlete or they didn't -- -- year old -- if it. And similar mortgage -- throughout the show today a running theme will be. I think the best the best. Frontal photo. -- India -- actually -- and asked earlier so you can submit your own category in who the winner of that category would be. And and again out of your running theme throughout the -- it. Yeah I am looking forward to this I love making fun a lot of these awards is I'm a big fan of the Oscars and I like I like watching the espy's. But it's funny kind of make up your categories did you do get to a point having throughout these awards shows. Where you have this stupid is categories low because everybody's a winner everybody has to get a trophy like when they do best animated feature. Don't you best animated feature with a title it starts with the letter -- there's like one winner because -- only move anyway yes so for me. I enjoy doing these things making up fake awards I'm looking forward to doing. Look at -- any of those awards they hand out IDS these I'm not there is also due to some -- thought process going into the ST thing is that something that a majority of sports fans watch because I do enjoy I enjoy watching it as a CEO at -- fell flat last and I thought his opening monologue and if you get a good comedian area that was -- rebuild it dated last year the year before is Larry -- -- people I I really did -- -- the -- but I don't feel like it's quite as big as ESPN. It's on when I'm really glad the one thing with Aaron Hernandez going to prison he's been classified now with his pay scale to be by the -- receiver and I say it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are going to get in a little bit of a more serious topic at the bottom of the hour. I'm Michael CN yesterday except to the Arthur Ashe award for courage. In there's I've got some pretty strong comments on this -- -- were all pretty fired up. And waited she might not expect we'll talk about that at 1230 the British Open got under -- is a great leaderboard including Tiger Woods less than ideal from a now royal Liverpool or for. Hoy lake rather in baggage got up on the British Open leaderboard next you've got the import -- -- served up by buffalo wild things on 1080 defend -- It's. Okay. OK okay. Yeah I'll movement and. Mean this is a British Open recognition of bend towards dirt and spread plenty bilateral meeting rants online at last -- Ramstein. I'm on ESPN Sports Radio generating enough fan you and I can. When a lot of fun out there and Hernandez prison joke. Day last year we're also doing and you ST categories as -- are very techsters eve. Great commercial break and -- Morgan City and kind of nasty category from best shot from a moving vehicle and put her being here and -- -- little sensitive today. That is next locals thinking and enacted -- -- because what you did there is he combined the two jokes that day at the very best meal or an iron and it's -- fantastic out. And I also couldn't help but think who else would be in that tech category like wells do we nominated there and it's pretty hard to think of anybody -- Hernandez eight -- and it. It's guess Michael -- going in as the last night for courage at the bottom. Of the hour of the British Open is going on right now Tiger Woods got off to a slow start he bogeyed the first couple holes. But he ended up with six birdies on the day to three bogeys and he discussed how he felt today on course after. Gresham who was was big for me because I was able to actually go out there and play golf again and I got stronger and and faster and -- today it was the same thing. I'm ambassador was a congressional which is nice -- so where he stands renowned leaderboard Humphrey back in -- the next. I'm in the top ten and look at whether -- not expecting it no more so the next couple days. It was nice to get this from them and mobile in a spot where I can go and then played not a good solid rounds. And the big question with tiger finally was how he would hold up physically you address that -- -- I'm I'm I'm going to be a stronger faster more explosive so. The fact that I came back in -- four weeks earlier than we thought. And was able to play at a competitive level beyond missed the cut us go to compete. He gave me a better opportunity for the spent. Tiger Woods three under par -- three shots up the pace is bring that Wright is a great leaderboard. At the British Open right now on this we're talking about where. Yeah did you guys in that you get viewers in because of tiger and you get to start to see some of the guys up top. Sergio -- he has gone back at four under Adam -- go back at four under so it is again it's a -- serious threat therefore under. You got some household names and their but the whole point of tiger. He's trying get people's eyes on the tournament yeah that wouldn't normally watch it and then you become familiar with some of the other names in golf. And that that helps you out with which your game but there right now right leading right now 600 great leaderboard shaping up. And then that's avenue for Rory I mean he's been unbelievable and every tournament he's played -- -- on Thursdays now Friday's have been a different case I mean you you look at his score averages from the first -- in the second day determinant in it's night and day so it'll be fascinating to see if he can hold on to what he did today because you go out shoot early 66. Be a leader in the clubhouse -- of the morning was a lot easier to score in the afternoon and we saw some graphics and in the morning groups combining be twentysomething over. And the afternoon groups combined to be something. Played early in the morning they're gonna play in the afternoon tomorrow so they're gonna be somewhat of a disadvantage and I think -- -- it's agency to talk about kind of the effect attack it would sad because you're so right that you. What tiger was being determined that we -- set up on FaceBook page today -- -- to get more eyes on the sport you're obviously to get more eyes on determine which is great for golf. But I always thought there would have been you know kind of a domino effect there where to go along with what you're saying -- -- where you you start -- a term because tiger that you see Jason -- you -- -- Rickie -- you follow what the Rory McIlroy it and you really start to appreciate how much young talent there -- -- sport right now and -- -- Scott there's so many teams out there. That you could be a stand up and that's why it was so surprising to me to see the ratings down of the masters twenty some percent. Ratings were down -- the US open. Now we're gonna be back up I just did to me I -- golf fans start to appreciate some of these other at a young age -- -- notably the tigers can win this tournament there was a great start for him and it's a good sign he's able to go up play. For that we talked about this week he's taking advantage not hitting his driver he's -- -- he sunk a lot of deep -- putts today which is exactly what he needs to do. But you need SR also appreciating some of these other young guys because there is -- grow -- great leaderboard right now vote in. Friday when I remember we had friend of the show Steve to Magglio one of the USA today and we asked them out Tiger Woods in and trying to replace him and he said you know realistically. You had so many great golfers and people always ask that question but as time went on there -- more more names that you could find to replace them. He really believed and east price still does believe Tiger Woods. Is probably not going to be irreplaceable for golf ever in terms of what he means TV ratings and revenue of tournaments. And when you're watching this two -- comic tiger groupie it's interesting to me that when he is. In the leaderboard are asking if she ever running tally -- the number identity said tiger group -- and this comes cars today -- -- tiger groupie but I I I it's inching to me that when he's on the leaderboard he's in the top and even topped twelve. It's interesting how much more intrigue you are by the other names and that's not to take anything away from to say they're not good golfers. The Rory McIlroy he's the Adam Scott's the Phil Mickelson whoever's up there. Those are big names in their own right to a lot of golf fans but when tiger's in contention and those are some of the names in front of him. I think people start to appreciate their game more and more in terms of who they are as a golfer I think that's what helps -- Fans to new golfers when Rory wants to build up a bigger fan base. I think having tiger kind of go one on one with him having Rory just above tiger. I think that helps tremendously now I'm a little nervous is a tiger -- got -- -- is right on his tail. And there's a lot upping coming -- you that nobody can identify but overall I know this is a really good start for the British Open -- Matt -- got doing another great start he's been great -- opening day around of turning me discuss today's conditions. Pretty stress -- to be honest I'm. I got myself out of position a couple of times on the course but that was really had com and and obviously no bogeys on -- to get myself out of position I was able to get an up and on my winds. Yeah it's really sold on the -- -- now he does he has had a really really tough time on second -- eternity address that I don't know a lot of visits Encino made him put a little bit too much pressure on myself. I just -- myself this week just take itself myself wants out of time I know everyone says that but it is true. I almost see Heidi of tomorrow. And I'm not gonna make any inferences here but. Rays got a new girlfriend in dad's got into our yeah volatile Friday for him though I would say yes you better I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- better off without a woman in his life is he better playing the field because we saw what tiger did me and the marriage -- is great for couple years. But I you can keep in your pants and a -- ultimately you're down I just doesn't seem. I just I just know I guess the only I just wonder if that's what we had a good -- -- Spragan -- yeah -- tell me. 5000 miles I didn't think I was saying very -- I'm just wondering some golfers you know he had you react with sixties today though is Rory discussed. Conditions like there are just perfect even -- OK the wind got up a little bit fun. It's still very scoreboard that. The course that they are playing is in phenomenal shape and a little golf club. Is is it's amazing it's an amazing shape right now we had a but people come out just because the British Open and only baked out. And you look at Pinehurst and it looked like he was yeah -- actually -- you let it look like a British Open isn't a US open. And you look at did the kind of conditions here the wind is normally what gives players problems normally it's cold it's damp little. Little moist the ball doesn't fly as far it's Britney exactly well yeah. But that. But it was really get a -- scoring conditions were good in the morning. He worse in the afternoon but he's seen a lot of score low scores and leaderboard today. Because of the good condition you really haven't and I'm curious your take is on this -- for because we've seen as setting a lot in major tournaments especially where you have guys to go out early on a Thursday imposed a low number and especially a regular -- you're talking about a Rory Mac right and struggles on Fridays as it is. He's one of the first guys up this morning he takes advantage of those scoring opportunities. I do I I'm Jerry Steele plays out tomorrow though because we've seen guys in the afternoon struggle with soft still struggle. He fell apart Bubba Watson playing in the afternoon not to say to everybody that played in the afternoon today. Fell park is -- -- Scott put together a great round that you finish at four under is only two shots off. Duff and are had a great afternoon rounds -- not everybody they did but Patrick do you see the afternoon round tomorrow brooding rounds for guys like Rory and tiger -- the conditions that bad yet yeah I. You see I can see a point is that this does happen especially that the changing conditions of the majors it's the worst of the British inciting close. And a lot of times is just pure luck of the draw especially when you do in majors. On win UT off to be talking to -- here yet the wind is the toughest part because. In that I mean that's the type that's gonna wreck Havoc on golfers because you're not going to be when you've got wind. You can't be as aggressive depends. And you can't go what the flag because what ends up happening is if you do and you guessed wrong on the wind. You put yourself and really really bad positions. And instead of getting a routine par you're struggling to get a bogey which can turn in high scores really really fast and renting Rory struggles with. As that's why tigers so good historically. Is because he's able to put himself in positions where even if he misses a shot. Easy those kind of little technical for -- even if he's able to miss a shot. He puts himself in a position that allows him to escape more -- -- times. They're not EU type -- -- -- golf gods and that's a good missed. But there is such thing as a good miss you'll see a lot these guys have a lot of those yet there's bad bunkers to -- -- then there's good bunkers to begin and so. What what happened with the wind as you've got to play a little more conservative because if you do test certain pins and you miss -- in trouble and it's not because of the shot you hit. Is he is how the wind affected the ball so that's. That's really the issue is not the wind necessarily. Raises the scores it just doesn't allow you to go really really low which is what you saw this morning because there wasn't when. In golf I mean like everybody knows this but golf is really that rare sport that you just need a couple things to go your way and if they do your confidence can skyrocket I look at Tiger Woods right now. You're atop the leaderboard a lot of people think tomorrow once the weather changes and you have the -- image you have the rain. A lot of people are gonna fall back I'd be willing to bet five cigarettes and Aaron Hernandez and if tigers in contention by tomorrow he's going to be either into the weekend. It is a good leader boards. That is shaping up under his -- all -- you can't out of -- again and I was nervous before -- jobs again that's a look at its rays -- -- -- -- police violence I love this day re athletes updates like our love iron in his prison joked that he's been talking about this for about 364. And -- -- -- yeah that's good reference somebody times that are show. Every time -- -- national Ottawa July 17 -- exit -- 78 at duly noted terribly -- of the weekend we should give him money is the our resident golf expert here at the station he says that one era in a war called. Danforth dirt and the other guy award -- -- the -- -- -- that's not talking about like the the S these were last night and there was an award given out. That I -- take exception to you in the ninth avenue -- with -- -- you what that is next you've got to import or despray served up by about a lot of things. Mike castle and it went down and makes us real. But this is a British Open which division of bends forward -- and spread the gloves but black if you grants online at -- -- grants dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio generated friends. Try to keep the show afloat here I was steered in the right direction by. Sprague says to user and commercial break and when -- -- -- and got them. Maybe there's never heard of those like from meetings you can go to -- where it makes you feel like Jeffrey. A freebie Casey had a failure to do is go to the -- -- it's got to sit -- flight hours to get a free -- -- -- -- -- -- sculpture out of seven a great -- they try to sell you on these like condos these town houses these time shares and if you don't -- -- one they say okay food just like the hands of and they give you free making yet does that make sense that's what I was -- over the phone. So. I decided to go not go because of your God's eyes. But I'm gonna be disappointed if I find out somebody got a pretty vacation we're going to stupid meeting. Here is Arizona here's what we're gonna do it this segment and I wanna I wanna set this up because. Normally when we get opinions it is give opinions but I feel it's necessary to kind of book ended. My opinion coming up in our opinion coming up a -- specifically which they qualifiers statement and my qualifiers -- -- we each have. Different political beliefs here on the show and might. Believes we don't talk about him for obvious reasons -- -- and I'll play -- I believe in America exactly. So but my general opinion on life is. For the most part don't leave me alone that's typically kind of mind believes towards everything -- wanna do -- that's married no matter it doesn't bother me as a matter me one way or another so that is where I'm coming from in this opinions -- please understand that yesterday the -- gave out. Eight courage award the Arthur Ashe courage award to Michael same. And here was his speech. Recently a friend asked me to talk to your sister. A young woman who was concerned killing herself. Rather than a sentiment shared. With her love -- at the practice you just get it. We didn't we misspoke she told me that she would never consider hurt yourself again. And just somehow my example. It's the fourth so there. It was my decision today about what just doing what we can. With an all touch. Change. Commuters save lives. Sitting here tonight looking out on all of these legends moved the -- It's one of the thrills of my life. The -- suspend the rest of my life trying them my best live up to this honor. From the best football player like him. And finally. To anyone out there especially young people. They don't -- -- like it don't fit then they would never be accepted. Please note this. Great -- Thanks so our great things can happen. You have the curse of the yourself thank you in Dublin. Where you act and Wear your thoughts towards Michael Sam right now want your thoughts on this is the be urgent way to tax line. At 5530. -- look this is a is is the conversation that I think a lot of people whether -- on the radio television or just I think person to person and somebody will have to address beliefs or views on some things before they just give an opinion otherwise they can look very JD and he can sound very ignorant yet. Furman I have a problem with that word too by the way. Because just because somebody via as a different opinions somebody else -- I can rant on this forever. Just because somebody has a different opinion. Doesn't mean that they're ignorant like that bothers me turnaround Tbilisi -- there are people that will say. If you've got a different opinion on something that you're there for ignorant yes and they are a million people in the world that are way smarter way more educated. That are that are much more savvy. Then that person who's calling somebody else ignorant like to say somebody else has a different opinion and you is ignorant is by the very definition. Ignorant and I didn't okay well -- your -- -- so I got to become. What I meant by that was it's hard to have conversations. With people because they will call -- I am not saying Knight is counterproductive to the conversations -- he's he did you re area you're you know you're ignorant indeed data are indeed he'll yell and there's no progress to a big terrorists. Tell me when I -- when I talked about right here about the Michael sand story. I'm actually okay with -- and I get a player perspective and efforts to talk about this a little bit in some other athletes on on sports center. But when you hear the play your perspective it's not about being gay it's about. What is your -- going to cause you to do outside of our locker room in terms of obligations commitment and how does that impact your football playing ability yet and by all by all accounts because Jeff Fisher in the -- Sam Snead and the GM. Of the St. Louis Rams they were at TSB's to support him and they actually games standing ovation as well. I agent it's seems like he's going to make the team and to me I mean there's really shaky ground with. It's it's great if you wanna be an advocate for gay rights in young athletes who wanna come out and be themselves a mall for that. But I think it's very shaky ground that if you're not being productive for a team and you're not helping them in a positive way but you continue to commit your time. To advocating for -- post may be watching game film with everybody every single time or maybe helping yourself in the offseason. By training with a couple teammates but instead you choose to go around the country and speak which is great is great in its own right. But I think there's very shaky ground from an athlete perspective where he can really rub people the wrong way and to me it's not about sexuality. Because I feel like we live and ended a day in age now where sex out sexuality really been amp up and talked about for almost ten years the point yet. I I don't know anybody personally in my life that's uncomfortable with some with a homosexual. It's about what are your priorities. Do you want to advocate for young athletes who are -- scared about -- possibly thinking about suicide. Or do you wanna be professional football player because I think there's a delicate balance there yet and if you commit to one opposed to the other. You're gonna get a lot of of negative backlash. I'm OK with him getting the SP because I look at it from the perspective of how many of NFL players. Have come out before a draft -- second it -- -- me a lot of financial money but he can also save distressed I -- also yet but either way there was a huge in here risk I think coming out more assured the draft -- -- And I I I agree with ESP and they probably -- a little more but I agree with ESPN's notion that he did take a lot of courage to step out knew we needed. Am I can't speak on the courage it takes a decent -- the -- sitting on the other side of the fence and somebody that doesn't have to go to the issues he has to go through I don't know how much courage it actually takes to do that so to say that he was -- was not deserving of the courage award. To me is out of place and we got a coveted tax on this you know he's the first openly gay player and one of the few bastions of bigotry left he deserves the recognition even if he isn't -- a player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he could do both maybe he turns out to be great player he's able to do both throughout the into parity of his career. But it's a very tough prison position for him to be into because I'm sure there are people in the gay community. That look at him and want him to be that role model they wanted to be that guy that's out there that speaking that's winning awards like this that's doing a documentary series with -- Oprah. Because what Chris what that does is it does make people more accepting of people that are gay it to me when people talk about and I'm tired of sexuality. That's what I hope Michael Sam accomplishes because I am in the same example were I want to get to the point. You know I hope we have a long career here I hope we continue to do this for the next twenty to thirty years and I want to reach the point in our career. We're wiest right outside -- -- player or basketball player or baseball players get a and we say you know so and so okay well how about that. And and that's the end of the congress don't even say anything you don't even say it because I feel like we have reached that point and pop culture now where you find out somebody's Anderson Cooper. Because Saudi if I -- Anderson Cooper's get a and you -- -- say don't have a Daisuke and an eagle on what the conversation. And that's where it ends and to me that's what I hope Michael Sam is able to accomplish in that because I do you honestly believe they got it says this is the last bastion that bigotry is still allowed. I do agree with that we have not seen gay athletes to the level that we've seen gay Americans do other jobs whether it be you know rising in the company or whether be acting or musicians or can be. Whatever the case may be we've seen gay people succeed in a lot of different fields and a lot of different industries that one field that really we have not seen yet. Is male professional sports and that's what I hope Michael -- accomplished in if you wanna get. -- courage award for that and I'm fine and again please understand when we're Warner giving out these opinions it's not my my biggest issue it is not preference I. That's what does what. I think a majority of Americans in this just my own personal belief of where were applicants I think a majority of Americans -- at the point where they say. You can do whatever you want. You can beat whoever you want. Just make sure that I think this is the the what you need nature that you fit in and you don't bring attention to it. And so we -- going to get people that say no bring as much attention to it is possible. This is why you're in this position. So that other people after UK yes well that's an easy -- Corretja that that they can learn from your example and they can see you get the Arthur Ashe courage award yesterday TSB's. And and they can get some sort of confidence out of seen you do it. The inner beauty together sighted people and and that that side of people is going to says say. If you want. To be taking. Seriously and you -- fading and then don't draw attention yourself the best way to do it is come out and say what what is taking place as you said dirt. And then just stating he's getting along great the locker room yet there was a piece that -- Dave Fleming did about passion showering. End in instant. He's really has been -- -- admit the reality TV show was a huge mistake yeah everybody is -- -- is that still is that gonna have known that they've -- and all that out but since that happened Michael Sam has not been an issue and talked about it we haven't heard about them and the -- and yeah I -- -- -- having -- -- come they -- things I wanna say. On this a little bit more and it's not it has nothing to do and this is the issue that we get into it isn't -- when -- Michael same thing first broke. You said look this is not -- marriage issue yet you've got you've got to make that clear this is not a position. Do you believe in -- with sexuality do you -- Do you believe dew so yeah I don't he's married he's pushing something on. Is what should Michael Sam's role be as a member of the St. Louis Rams should he be out and promoting his costs should he be out accepting awards and giving speeches. When he hasn't played it down in the NFL and that's that's that's kind of the centralization will pick it up there next. Hillary couple more of your tax on this keep the feedback coming it's really get really insightful. Out of the person try to text like 553 up like a more things on Michael Sam next. You listening to -- for turns break served up by -- -- on -- -- defense. Moon. This is a British Open which edition of Ben Gordon -- and spray and it hurts you by black you rants online at black Butte ranch dot com. On ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair. Takes -- going out -- Tom Brady should get the courage award next year for choosing to throw the ball to go wrong incentive for Aaron Hernandez and -- Biden ticket. Iron into prisons today on the ballot only now isn't it coming -- -- come on Tom. Or discussing Michael CNN him accepting the Arthur Ashe courage award yesterday at the espy's and -- to centralize is around. For a lot of people is what Michael -- again this is not gay marriage issue this is not -- do you believe homosexuality is a choice sorts of neat that is not. The US USA the Basra that is about -- and that's not waving -- Uncle Sam comes up in -- properly say hey yeah -- -- -- Jason -- it turns in the world should you should you allow gay marriages and dig in and religious thing into his -- a little too he never said you have to believe in Jesus and -- -- price right thank god -- -- -- his religion -- -- -- And the -- of the issues centralized around whether or not what Michael seems role should be as an openly gay athlete should he be a champion. In a force the issue and go around and accept awards like the courage award or you're of the opinion that he can do whatever he wants in terms of going on -- do you do every once in his personal life. To show what playful all and nobody will have a problem with you -- the because you're playing on the football field and this is the example that people will draw to it is Tim Tebow. Because Tim Tebow was very very religious and a lot of people that they are religious feel like. He was unfairly. Criticized because in his religion because it is a religion a lot of degrees and look Tim Tebow had an agenda a lot of athletes have agenda Tim Tebow. Pushed his religion on people and he was very open about it. Why can't Michael see him be just as open. But here is where to meet the crux of the issue becomes is it seems evil wind Tim Tebow expressed his religion. He was made fun of him he was roasted by the media. And he was gone and people went after him because he wasn't able to believe he was a good football player and they even done yet. Tim Tebow was dismayed by he still has made fun -- because he said he's a virgin gap between you. Have Betsy there's no political climate to have that same discussion about Michael -- The same comments that were made about team Tivo are not warranted or not allowed for Michael -- and I think that's the issue that I have as a Michael Sam must do it. That's fine much you've got to understand what's going you are right side of that. You need a lot of people to say shut up and play football just like they told Tim Tebow shut up and play football. And to me there there is room for some conversation here into the -- -- -- line in we've had this conversation before you drop -- line with me especially where were all say no you can't say that. Is it somebody consensus Michael Sam -- in the NFL because he's get it and that's the only thing that I believe. You when you start delving into the issue of gay marriage should be a lot that's not over -- -- and that I knew you do it and that's why we're not gonna touch on that subject or sports talk radio show. If anybody says say he can't play the NFL because he's gay that's redraw the lines and I duties drew to a certain sentiment has. I think you work you are you or you are putting forth a different -- put forth a different argument. And there's not a whole lot of backlash to what you're saying I do believe that there is some room there now when Michael Sam my biggest concern from him in people might say this is stupid and -- you're an idiot. My biggest concern from him from day one since he came out and an acknowledged as. Is that he fails as a football player which I think will be detrimental to his -- -- you're an -- yeah I -- I get that on a daily basis I kind of expect that that's. That's my only concern for him because if he really does wanna be and look you know Michael -- set himself up in a position that even if he does fail and he's cut this year he -- two years of the St. Louis Rams. And that's CA's he's done he's gonna be he's gonna say in the limelight around drop you'll find a way to to get involved -- the -- and continue to fight for it. But to me his voice would've been best used. After proving that he was an NFL player I mean did you did that the voice of a guy who's a Pro Bowl. A pro bowler who everybody looks up to and who everybody thinks is one of the better players at his position to me as a stronger voice. The Michael -- has right now it might be unfair to him. Because it because ultimately. You you can't look at him and say you have to choose -- I just I can't tell him that he has to choose either gay rights. Reais to choose playing in the NFL because I do believe they can both existing and yeah do you believe he's genuine. I do believe he's dead -- -- the idea he -- he going get through the speeches I -- only you can think now he's -- you -- -- -- but -- my concern is is that he does this -- -- he -- as an NFL player and then there will be people out there that will say you failed -- an NFL player because he didn't take it seriously because you're spending your time doing documentaries -- -- whatever the case that you respect -- time focusing -- the gay -- CC the only game. Although that they'll look at what you say and I I kinda ask you about that. The crux of meeting a controllable or superstar player in the league. To be openly -- like why is that the criteria because to me when -- when I think about Michael CNN it's -- treated well I just think you always would have more power -- -- and that's -- -- that's for me I am saying and in our society and that's why don't disagree and I don't disagree with that notion if -- say that because. I think the position he's in is actually the best positioned for this I mean for this climate tock of you know how do you handle a draft being homosexual in your team has there been a lot of gay people -- sports we know as they come out at the end of their career. But we haven't had one quite like this where he comes out before the draft teams are kind of put on that clock and say. Yeah we are gonna draft -- we don't wanna be apart of in part of it's not about sexuality it's about the media circus you don't you don't Nancy Lewis yeah blow up during training -- of course they are your savvy -- everywhere for every training camp practice every pre season game everything what is in your luckless. Emmanuel is -- -- lucky accepting this -- becoming out before the draft yes. Dean yeah I think she thinks the way changes things and I think it think it has a bigger impact because Andrew -- the superstar. I think this is actually the perfect exit he studied -- half for this food because he's somebody that barely made our roster and he certainly hasn't even made the roster yet he's now training camp. But this is a seventh round draft pick he was drafted since sat seventh the last in yeah I went undrafted. But this to me is the perfect guy for the is because now we have an example that it doesn't matter what level you're on. You have to be yourself except to you -- and put it out there because I think having a lower. Ranked type player player that barely makes in the NFL. I think that's better going forward because that makes everybody else I think feel better does it is their bigger impact of the superstar. Maybe both for me having Michael Sams is the perfect stage of a player who barely makes the NFL yes -- still voices who he is a personal. And I I agree with that I just come from a point of that -- worry for him in terms of that he fails as a football player because you know it got back and his senior and say he failed because he was focused on gay rights. Activists say that but you know that guy's gonna be out there -- all there's a parziale Texas -- right now play football don't worry about that practice as people. It's it's this conversation -- gonna have around Johnny for bonuses to see -- damaged by joining me and so attendant got half on the part of whatever you're young kids enjoy it go out live your life as soon as he sales as a football player. Everybody look at joining me and Johnson what you -- in baseball redo here why are you hanging out of the girls he should have been focusing on football and I'm concerned about that for Michael's. -- one thing with Michael sand to in this is where because again that the conversation we're having here is now is about. How he should be moving forward and yesterday. In bringing it to is -- bringing its intimate yesterday he accepted an award for the Arthur Ashe courage award. And there are people out there in this is where height I'm not doubting what he's gone through I am not. But when I looked at the political climate that Korean across the world. And I look at things that people go through it's not to diminish what Michael Sam has gone through it's gonna come across that way. But I think he millionaire athletes. And I think there's better ways for him to handle his situation so -- it's hard I know I'm not there I'm not him I just know my own personal. My own personal police on the situation. Our I think it's going to be most affected I I didn't have for Michael seem to be most effective. He should assimilate as much as possible and let other people do the talking for him. And let other people bring attention to him he said I wanted to Michaels in the football player and not -- accepting awarded espy's. Is taking away from that 'cause there's plenty of other athletes there yes accepting awards -- beauty beaches. I'm missing the climate in which we're in right now. Mike if I -- Michael Sam I would focus is much my attention on football and that's the quickest way that you're going if you really want people. Did to be. Accepting of your position. The best way to do that is on the football field -- agreement and then let other people speak for you let other people bring attention to it. And then you'd just do what -- did the best thing about and that I'm not comparing it to refuse when Jackie Robinson did the reason he was successful is because he was a great. It's because he's a hall of fame baseball -- and Jackie Robinson -- -- -- in league city Texas say can you compare that to -- -- and you can't because noon because Jackie Robinson was a legitimate based he was in absolute -- and there was no doubt about his talent to match at -- in Iowa and I've actually would've liked to seen and I kind of felt this way a little bit about Stuart Scott I would've liked to seen Michael Sam on that stage. Give a short speech and talk about the impact he's had his own life and touching other who lies. And then handing off that award to somebody none of us know about that came out after him or been impacted by his results and hand him the SP. I think that is a much bigger mess is in just sending him up there and giving awards in saying all he had he better make the NFL because there's gonna be backlash if he doesn't make. The NFL by a lot of people we've got a couple calls on this is acting tiger we're gonna get to this a little later couple other people called in and text as well we're going to tie touch on this topic. And end discuss this topic more to come in the shows we'll get back to it is a good conversation to have -- do you quick update. On Major League Baseball they release a statement about not including Tony Gwynn. Texas wait until you hear the amount of money they offered Nick -- become coach and the SEC media takes a winner. The problem is they're terrible at doing so all those stories for -- smorgasbord next year listening to the portraits frank we are served up by buffalo while knowing that you're listening detaining the thing.

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