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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7 16 14 Hour 3

Jul 16, 2014|

The guys talk Tony Gwynn/Derek Jeter and the All Star Game, top coaches in the NFL, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- dirt. It's brand new content I'll keep trudging around this course within less than the best use of my -- for the -- only -- up the fairway down the days when we don't get me over the flag presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open -- -- -- -- -- -- third and -- 25 black Butte ranch spectacular. The golf stunning scenery is amazing resort amenities for your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked -- today Danforth burdensome. -- gonna ESPN's sports -- OJ navy both man. We have back and the all star conversation winds. The Major League Baseball and fox dropping the ball not honoring Tony Gwynn not a -- the bottom of the hour. Also discuss a little bit more about the NFL's list of the top coaches in the NFL. And it felt like Condit that list spray give us a little bit of breaking news. And he would like to update you. On that breaking news -- -- -- is doing -- interrupted our segment with yes greatest -- that's what our record that are -- was yours breaking news -- saw only -- said the NFL Sunday -- it was going to be available without satellite subsidiary believe everything is on the Internet it's our CBS and that's why I. I'll take ownership for CBS putting that out there on CBS he has also got Michael Jeter and a tweet yesterday to -- did you see that was pretty funny. But it is a clarification here there was another website that I saw that said it's too good to be true only certain markets. Overseas in areas in the country will. Have that available to them to do -- Sunday -- without satellite subscription. So it also wasn't. Cable package available it was a service you buy on line and yet only beaten her laptop yet. You have a tablet. -- McCain gives you can't give assaults. Senate the -- and well I didn't -- like you want everything for every Sunday could get it here I guess of Trevor you give fresh look I was still really you can go out now. Main news I didn't -- completely say I was completely wrong when I was like 30% Ryan name so good well they name him Michael you could hear. Also 200 dollars to do it and then 300 dollars if you want it on your game console whenever there's going to be free cell. I think clearly there there there -- -- this is this is that. -- when he talked about TV deals and TV rights Natalie in. They hear in the northwest because of the blazers he had great TV but it's also coming -- in knee in the NFL it is -- Starting to get to that point were you thinking about right in my going to do I go DirecTV and a lot of they have great TV for this very reason so that they can get. The NFL Sunday ticket which are now able to deal. And what will be available is that as you said for 329. Dollars and 99 cents. You can combine all services which -- to the red zone a fancy channels EU and a 199 dollars description allow you watch the Sunday ticket on apps. On phones in non computer so you can go ahead. And just by that all Clark which is Smart buy them hazardous because there's a lot of people -- included where were forced to get Comcast. Because of the blazers and pizza for a couple reasons but the blazers being among them yeah so we miss out on the NFL Sunday ticket we don't want to read some. And channel but we miss out on the Sunday tickets this is something he racist and they are allowing now subscriptions that you can get VA you or phone or computer. And I know there's been a lot of change -- -- Japanese company's new and different companies buying anyway it was AT&T AT&T but just -- DirecTV so you are getting some changing at the top into -- I'll be curious to see if that ever reaches a point where they're -- would actually giving away yes and they take it because it's -- -- -- does it did I don't wanna steal the -- the use but too good to -- -- is almost what it sounded like. Because I know a lot of people they get DirecTV just for the Sunday in just so they can watch the Sunday ticket. As a lot of people like daddy you know some people Comcast can't reach your house -- out kind of the middle of nowhere. They can't get cable out there's there's different reasons but there are the majority of people that I haven't have they -- to have direct TV that are sports fans. Get it just to watch the Sunday ticket -- to meet you just Gibson in the act out a way to Comcast it takes away your advantage if you allow Comcast to complete the air it. This is a great way to go about upping your -- because there'll be a lot of people like guaranteed to go by and on their tablet you buy it for your computer might mention to -- county put on your Xbox and PlayStation -- whatever. And you could still watch -- -- we watch stuff all the time with our Google -- -- in our house tons of go where you can put somebody computer yes -- on your colleagues and that is exactly you can watch it on your TV so that's the genius idea kind of just improving technology. But you're right in that. It Intel we get to a point it's sucks is a sports in because you basically it and this is just our position I'm sure there's people out there like as. Like you mentioned if what you're split your -- -- governor right now you choose you want the blazers India want the actual network. Or do you want to Sunday ticket I mean that's basically the decision you have to make if you're in an area that can give you both options if you have the choice between DirecTV and Comcast. You choose between those two incidents were blazer fans -- drawn up blazer fans. And we talk a lot of places on the show we can't have a cable provider that doesn't show the blazer games which is what leads us to Comcast but I do wonder if we reach a point where these companies continue to merge. You know what are you just basically end up with a monopoly that runs the entire thing because it seems like for heading that direction. One it's an easy solution go to your local Buffalo Wild Wings and you'll get satellite and cable and you can watch everything so then that's a symbol -- people that are stuck in the middle right there. But when I see this is a sports fan. I understand money is always going to -- as the world we live in direct TV's billion dollar a season purchase with with having the -- to get it and that's not going the way. But I do wish the NFL at some point -- -- -- and -- I don't know not fix -- corrected to find a way to make this more accessible for people that. Simply just can't have satellite for whatever reason what you have DirecTV paying that much money I realize that that's the thing that sucks about it is money will talk direct TV's not gonna get screwed over by the NFL because a billion dollars he's rising and billion dollars. It just it's it stinks that we eliminate -- I guess is a sports fan. Where you are left deciding is -- blazers in his of pactel network. Or do I care more about the NFL and watching my team play exclusively on the Sunday ticket I just hate having to choose that between me you know as a sports fan. Did you know everything I just want something where we all have a choice to watch it -- into socks and it's broken up the way it is yet is because what's in the best interest of the fans is not what's in the best interest of the TV providers with the think that's also not a messages of the leaks like Isabel was they would have been RD doing it they already -- -- -- wreck wreck but this is where when we interviewed Chris McDowell when the played -- president. We ask -- but that's our number one priority obviously. Is to find a way it's it's inexcusable especially important in -- you've got fans that are blazer fans that can't have access -- This is it even an issue that's unique to Portland and he got to remember as stealing music is -- didn't remember Dodgers really -- shot through the no -- there was a great article about -- only like 18% of households had a -- YC coast deals with -- -- with the exact same kind of it already makes -- New York we shut downs and all sorts of different company the lakers with time warnings and that well what is available and I would like to start seeing more and more of this it will be a sports especially. Is kind of all car packages that you can take -- -- because. I I if there wasn't for sports I don't know that I would ever owned cable I think exports is the driver for me. Especially now I think like Netflix like box if I can stand a 130 dollars or -- rights than a month. I would rather by HBO. Netflix. ESPN. Sunday ticket the Golf Channel maybe a couple of channels I I can get by at six or seven. Really good sports you know NBA MLB TV they give me those core sports channels -- and I -- I wouldn't watch anything else but so now the Sunday ticket is offering that. If you're just joining us what they're offering is if you wanna buy it ala cart when no satellite. Even get it directly to your TV you can get directly to your tablet in the of course we've got to crime cast. -- -- in our place typing just suggests tab unless you're reading TV desire read the other one it's and just tablets -- online tablet tablets or computers OK -- yet yet have a drug abuse -- you can chrome -- any easier -- easier television Sybase which are able to do now -- purchase these ala -- And -- be a 199. Dollars subscription to have always kind of felt the same way I still feel the same way you do with TV where you can pick and choose your -- you just get what you pay for. I kind of felt that way and on newspapers for a. Long time I -- I'm a big newspaper guy with the metro section. With the sports section and give me to cover. I don't need the Yankees don't want Ohio yeah yeah yeah yeah heaven forbid you read up on business and world politics and what's going -- -- dot com is Andrea. At CNN cannot promise -- often don't wanna be. I'm -- what's going on in the world William anti. And nodded yeah. -- -- the -- -- -- made your dream for the -- comics. Gaming clients -- tried hits now almost like eighteenth now. Every garage sale they -- one step further I even read the metro section just sent me the damn sports section that's all I need. Yeah -- question and it got to be able to pick and choose thing that's great points right now what do you think you -- grade our thanks -- you when it last night he had a newspaper delivered to your house. I've never had and these -- really that's the reason -- my mom's -- pork and we never had a growing ice of just kind of steal him from high school. Neighbor -- and I bought a newspaper was the dean Mueller art and issued a point 91 it was -- who adults. He's who know dollars -- fifty -- industry Martin blitzer this kind of personality -- race we go watch planet of the -- last night great movie. And we're getting popcorn and it's a medium popcorn here and I needed customers like this when I know one my business. That's not the best out of Baghdad. It's Craig is for a woman working the working the register. It's great that prices are clearly printed on -- look at it didn't let any of the price didn't yet have a fluid conversation you get to meet. Him back a -- court. -- Admit he kicked the bag a popcorn. And that's all he got he walks out he will box up. He's at his bag a popcorn beyond debate forward and the woman goes out of B six dollars and and it's a -- going to be five easy are you. We are you kidding me that's always said give or how much was yesterday and it. It was five feet. I made it -- for mark. Or and they and the movie he adds that -- card just straight faces for a woman it's like. She AT&T'S own nervous and intimidated by spray spray doesn't see eagle poorer and our rob Macy in the back is hard to. And that's why you may never gonna newspaper arm whenever you are you ready I paid more for popcorn and watch the movie. Are ridiculous. They said it's actually seemed to clarify city get the package directly to your TV you have to stream it via the Internet if you already have DirecTV. You can buy it and it'll it'll be on your TV but it you don't. You can purchase it like I've got time to ask you can purchase it all locked car. And then now you can stream it whatever devices they want a lot of it would do it that there's a baseball package even by just ML BS and tablets are computer yes and and you -- like mentally think even as an exact CS. Guess some might. We I have -- -- dot TV -- -- it's awesome -- -- its -- consoles there's apps on the new TVs that have maps you can get it through the TV. It all it's all the players so it's not really like missing convenient thing on him at my TV we can hook it up to your TV. There's an HDMI -- -- -- your laptop into and -- works just kind of like your -- cast does. You can do all those things -- At the bottom of the -- world will tell you aware of Major League Baseball with badly yesterday in the all star game coming up next nfl.com listed the top coaches in the NFL right now. Who would you rather have Harbaugh or Carroll County where they landed. On this list you are listening to -- tortured -- we are served up by Buffalo Wild Wings right here on to anything. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth -- spray. T by black -- brands online at black -- ranch style. On ESPN Sports Radio Jay Nady both yeah. Was unnecessary. Number I -- couch. Outs -- outs without -- we would get fired in late two seconds. If those comments mean year. -- guys that are these guys are talking about it. But cozy and bright red guy Blackmon over here for a little more lose and you're gonna get back on track what's -- about the all star game and where Major League Baseball went completely wrong. Yesterday at the bottom of the hour. EFL that's comment NFL -- released their rankings of the top coaches in the NFL number one was Bill Belichick and the patriots number two -- Sean Payton of the saint. Number three was Jim Harbaugh the -- is the 49ers -- and four. Was his brother John with the ravens Koppel in five of the giants' six Mike McCarthy the Packers probably got seven is Pete Carroll Super Bowl champion. The Seattle Seahawks. And ended the debate comes in moving forward looking ahead to this season is gonna be another good one between the Seahawks. In the niners there's rivalries all over the place and it starts at the top with the two head coaches in terms of who we would rather have moving -- seven to me is too low for Pete Carroll. A gym at our problem with him being in the top three they do these top three coach. When you start separating some of these coaches out you have to look at their records in big games that to me that's what -- -- look at he's been consistent. There's no doubt he's a great coach again I know he's a great coach. But when you look at and comparing guys and separate guys. -- record in big games in the NFC championship he's one into in the Super Bowl he's owned one. You have to take that to account to me when you're looking yet. Coaches and how they perform. Egypt and -- agreement actively the amended the -- when -- when one guy has a championship ring and the other guy does and it's hard to sit here and make it an argument for a -- armed pilot it's a fun conversation have because you mentioned how -- the rivalry as you mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And to -- that's what feeds that sit -- it it's what feeds for the fans is that the coaches are so close they don't like each other the players don't like each other quarterbacks are polar opposites is quarterbacks are polar -- you know it is really EE EP a rivalry made for TV and that's exactly what it is. To me I look at Jim Harbaugh and in this is just me personally I like is coaching style better I I always appreciate a little bit of a -- asked. More like guys to get India and like guys that would demand the most out yet. And to be able it what makes his arguments are great as well as -- the coaches are are are exact opposites in my opinion Pete Carroll was a player's coach. Who did it's everybody says I'd love to play for Pete Carroll is a player's coach and Jim Harbaugh -- known for being a red ass he's known for for beating -- and a screamer and complain on the sidelines. And Vijay just vary you know going with his emotions when he coaches. I do side with the x.s and Ellis got whenever you're talking about coaching that player management is a huge part of its it and having to know how to relate to your players not get along with your players not communicate -- -- players that is a huge skill. But to be gave me the better x.s and o.s guy at the end of the day to BJ that that is Jim. Harbaugh who would you rather have -- your head coach moving forward the NFL all folks think that. Jim Harbaugh is a better coach than Pete Carroll by -- -- who would you rather have those two guys -- being coaching your team. This coming up season Madison on the Beaverton Toyota -- -- -- 553 of you know the Indy it's all semantics we know who the top coaches in the league are and look a lot of them have earned the respect of of pat. Having this argument when you're talking about the greatest obviously everybody has an opinion on who's better than the other. For me personally I probably edge -- more than Pete Carroll but I think Pete -- done an excellent job in Seattle but I look at that situation. And yes he's helped coach up a lot of these late round draft picks. But I give a lot of credit to to John Snyder who yep for sure opposite the niners GM Trent ball he has really done a great job of finding those gyms now. -- ball he's had some good draft picks. But ultimately I think John Snyder is the best GM in the league currently right now in terms of what they're able to get out each draft. I remember when that the team they won the Super Bowl with. After the game they had this picture content collectively as a group. And it was this tiny was a 2012 or 2011 draft deal that's all they can't the F draft class -- it to the big picture and they have together all the guys are draft and I -- those stories are outstanding when you can find talent and rare places. But when you're looking at circumstances in sports that's what I start to evaluate with greatness now there are players who have multiple rings and their other great players who never win one. Karl Malone Charles Barkley don't have any -- some people talk about him -- in Kevin Garnett and other power forwards. But if you look at certain circumstances I think a lot has to take place here. I mean you're diamond Jim Harbaugh it's his first three years in the league NFC title game. And Estonian Super Bowl here before I got in there were six -- ten you're looking at five yards from beating the raisins and -- -- about a foot in terms of inches of beating the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Those are what yes I understand that you get your team that close after being six and ten before you get there. I think a lot goes into saying that yes he's easily to me -- top three head coach right now on the leak. I understand why people like Pete Carroll more the players -- thing -- I don't like about that. And I heard there's a lot last season I'll look at that Pete Carroll smiled she wouldn't -- have been a good time. I was in Seattle the years he got hired I was an intern at a radio station up there. 85% of the calls that they took at that station when he was -- how do you feel. Hated the fact that they hired Pete Carroll -- that season five and eleven after going 420 after Jim Mora. Nobody mentioned how great of a personality Pete Carroll has again. These are all little things that have a part to play in terms of how people perceive your greatness. And when you're winning everybody notices Myles Brand new thing right nobody talks about. And and it's very easy to -- is a player's coach when you're winning you're getting along and -- said that earlier you know when you're Smart you know everybody's -- -- smiles on the sideline he's 33 everybody's happy everybody's happy together don't they are -- smiling is there Talbot is this person out but it's yet but that's the whole point. Right yeah an and that is -- to -- -- ultimately when you look at big games and I understand the argument that Pete Carroll has a ring Jim Harbaugh doesn't have a ring does that mean he's been our culture you wanna make that argument I get that but just to go off with -- was saying when you look at these big games. It's not like it's a situation where the 49ers have been blown out I mean even the civil the only one I'll make an argument for that they should've been blown out was a suitable against Baltimore because I firmly do believe that the power doesn't go out that game. And the ravens eventually win that by three but I don't have to enter -- this is why I disagree on this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It likely win that football -- I think you can do that for you can't do that for a lot of people but that's why it's so hard for me to look at it and say he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And kinda in the conversation of a top -- ten coats to a lot of people blind I think that they job that he did in the heart warming story that he did in Indianapolis had a huge rule so we're giving him. I don't know if I don't I agree with you I'm not gonna put him in it -- we have somebody text -- you ask for people attacks and their top five earlier in the show it's a little Bruce -- -- in their top five and that's a mean look he did a good job and Arizona last year and if Arizona's in the NFC east dealer gets sent to the probably in the playoffs they they deserve to be it. But you're -- -- a tough division but he's no he's not a top five coach at our top -- coach we have found one word answer it's fat ism. Hi eating contest -- read -- Rex Ryan Mike McCarthy or Chip Kelly. -- wants to know two. Injuries and close enough nominee go Rex Ryan the ultimate competitor. I'm going Chip Kelly IDC in the way wrecks trying to tax feet -- put hi there and I think -- -- Chip Kelly wins today -- The Marines don't wave Major League Baseball we've yesterday in the all star game it's gotten a lot of attention today. Andy -- wanna do over we'll tell you what they did. Wrong next -- listening to Dan Porter is spread we are served up by about the a lot of users might with sports and. This is the British Open -- edition of Danforth the dirt and spray. Keep my -- he -- online and -- On ESPN Sports Radio generated -- okay. Correction VCR since he goes first year went to a playoff game one they were seven and 99 and see. US -- there's a pattern and they beat the same day you're right it's one of those -- It's via the achievement of the 2000 earthquake maybe it's -- -- -- topic today that is not people fired up. -- is about -- Tony -- yesterday in the lack of not even lack -- they did not mention Tony going yesterday nonexistent coverage he was not exist in the all star game ended there was a ton of Derek -- coverage in -- been put something together in -- about a minute long here's just a quick snippet in the broadcast yesterday here Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter Derek Jeter to. Jerry Jeter Jeter Derek Jeter Jeter. Alum and get the point right yeah I think his name was set -- uttered over a hundred times during a pride I didn't apple is just this. Frank the first in the third inning to yell yes that was the beginning but not Tony Gwynn -- -- to meet this a conscious -- the reason people are fired up about this because it's a conscious decision. By Major League Baseball to not honor Tony Gwynn. And my theory on this is because of cancer. And there are stand up to cancer in the head master card you've got corporate money associated with this than and they didn't want to upset the cancer because that's what Tony -- and a dying -- -- -- -- I think it's a stupid reason. And they dropped the ball on this. But they're -- Kiet convince me you won't convince me we know producers. At a really high level we know for the producer of Sunday night baseball radio on the radio side of ESP and they are too -- of guys there's a reason they've got deposition. For it not to come up to say you know what should we do anything with Tony Gwynn. The answer in those meetings was no. And their had to have been an explanation for why they decided not CIO lease deals sports have those rare opportunities where they can tap. Aside from the gimme pitch and Jeter in the first at bat I thought that game was really well played I thought I got competitive at the end pitching really. Panic came alive and after the first couple of innings. And it was too bad it was good is what you want is a great in an exhibition game yet. But the frustrating part is baseball has done this time and time again to itself and it's a die hard and even just average baseball fans. They have this opportunity to bring everybody together lift us up and make us feel even better about watching something. And they don't do it. And arm of the all star game went ended a -- that was actually really good game and great game and handler but Susan what's really while we should call on a -- yet in ninety for a lockout we didn't have the World Series I mean there have been too many examples and Bugsy sixteen of the steroid era. That people point and say you have just let the game of baseball down I'll -- in the wild card. But time and time again when you have these these opportunities to make everybody feel better or bring people in network that maybe you were watching the all star -- -- don't normally like baseball. Giving Tony Gwynn one of the biggest ambassadors to Euro gained one of the faces of your sporting superstar player in his time not giving him a moment of silence or some kind of tribute. I don't care if he does in the World Series. I don't care that it was Derek Jeter day. You still find as many opportunities as possible because Tony Gwynn no matter what senior rooted for even if it was a rival the Padres which is hard to believe. Even if -- cheer for the Padres you loved watching Tony Gwynn play I feel like baseball drop the ball on this. And I agree completely that there's you know as somebody Texan and what about Zimmerman and well it's an end on sermon about blood -- I agree completely in LA -- I don't wanna get to a point where every year you have to do you know at the Oscars are. You know -- know the war shows an end and you know on television and entertainment reality in memorial -- -- reminisce over all the people you lost the last -- a baseball -- get to that point. But there is a certain arguments he made about guys -- a huge impact on your game and I agree with Zimmerman of Welch as well. Which is intriguing to me why you wouldn't even mention those guys there were some patches and some players did some things -- around. But you guys are writing in terms of producers of this stuff for Smart guys to put on an all star game are Smart they get that job for any reason. They know exactly what they're doing and that's why -- when you kind of look into and try and figure out why Tony Gwynn. Wasn't mentioned her -- indeed didn't do leaving honor him. It really kind of starts to stink of a conspiracy theory really Odyssey does -- mean Bud Selig got some comments before the game where he had a little bit of a Q&A with reporters. Where they talked him about you know what's the deal with tobacco use he said the next -- negotiating the CBA I'm gonna try to ban it once again. So clearly it's an issue he's OK talking about with the media. But to simply not acknowledge it it just doesn't make any sense recently text in earlier you know. It's not like -- murder somebody it's like he was Aaron Hernandez he -- -- sakes OJ Simpson you know -- -- OJ Simpson -- -- completely but let's. But in he has yet I got fit we all like CI get a moment as I. -- OJ -- Aaron Ernie and go to CC you have Aaron Hernandez they on this tomorrow. -- all that is so -- straws to bring Aaron Hernandez -- -- -- Dave bring your best Hernandez prison joke we'll have some public Evans and to me you know baseball has had this problem for a very long time and it always drives me nuts when they did it is steroid era now they're doing it with tobacco. Where you try to hide from the elephant in the room everybody knows what's going on everybody knows it chewing tobacco is a problem in the sport everybody knows that's the reason to Tony and lost his life. And have refused to acknowledge it just simply does not make any sense to be it's a glaring omission and they'd better go double or not that in the World Series there better be some series coverage of him. You don't have to sit there and condone anything that he did -- when you have 70% of the players on the field doing what killed Tony Gwynn. Yes it's an issue you should probably talked about it in it's a it's a wake up call for a lot of people. It was for me I struggle with smokeless tobacco for the vast majority of my adult life had intervention with you you need you guys the viewers a seven to 10 PM show we spent a half hour on showed you guys trying to get there is -- -- -- -- after the show you guys Giroux out aside it's a dirt levees that -- This was -- this is a wake up call for a lot of people in it for baseball once again dropped the ball. Because you said it's spring it was a great game the home run derby was terrible. In last night's game made up for you at some early runs being scored yet great pitching yet Mike Trout when India BP the third youngest MVP ever an all star game very time. Of great stories that came out of last night that we should have been sitting here opening the show and talking about. -- look at how great that all star game was how fun was that it was great to watch all players young players great combination. He was -- for three with three strikeouts it was a fantastic night. But instead we're sitting here talking about Tony Gwynn and why they didn't talk about it it's ridiculous and once again baseball just looks stupid couple listener comments. On this one says the team was great baseball totally -- with going and don't forget the mighty dollar drives the world after Cody from -- another one says. Baseball can save face have been in the silver slugger award the Tony Gwynn silver slugger award which would be good they are they. The one we in this is this is contrasting and another -- that's only fair but it is a comparison where. Baseball. He may never. Seem to get things like this right -- I had no -- facing difficult situations in their game. But as he is a baseball fan dirt to -- RUN -- you and I are baseball fans on his senior brazen -- we are baseball fans we like baseball. But it just seems like on the some of the bigger decisions that they can. Face -- they do face they just as not only did they miss but they miss it just the most spectacular way. Possible the most flamboyant lady like to not mention Tony going yesterday I ever heard one person say yeah you know what they shouldn't have. And don't nobody's going to say that it's in the baseball offices it's 242 right now on the East Coast it's 542 not one word out of -- Major League Baseball office today or fox. On why they didn't do yesterday which leads me to believe that there is something else going on a couple more of your text and when he hit a little bit more on this any actual all star game. Itself you're listening to the and tortured and Sprague served up by -- -- onto an 80%. This is a British Open week's edition of Danforth dirt and spread. I'm glad he rants online at black Butte ranch style on ESPN's Sports Radio -- navy both men. One story really have a chance to just guessing you'll probably get on a little bit tomorrow. USC and Alabama are gonna faceoff in the 2016. Tablet classic makes more money for care. Mean journalists during events for the era college football fans juror likes that things are. Here's what we talked about today on the show the SEC has define where you can hit that quarterback Adam silver's got. -- new rules or some new things he wants to try out talk a lot about the All Star Games to netbook coaches listen if you missed any of our show today. You can find it in its entirety at an eighty the fan dot com we're also working on a couple other ways to get audio TU from our show very easily. Stay tuned for that in the next couple of days but he did miss our show check it out to an eighty the fan. Dot com and you can listen to the entire show all three hours will also -- out -- -- the fan Twitter account you're darn right we will -- -- -- -- the Tony going not being mentioned yesterday a in the all star festivities not even a moment of silence on on the broadcast Major League Baseball didn't do anything -- went extra points out like if Harold Reynolds didn't bring up Tony -- You've got a bad that he wasn't told to keep us about it in this about I think there's way to go we have been given. Times we say you've got to talk about this particular thing from a from a -- a directive -- I've -- the Boston Marathon bombings -- one -- -- where we -- we were -- look this is it's important and you -- talk about -- and want to -- he felt uneasy about it was -- it's a tough -- yet but we're -- so we did -- we talked about it there have been other things where you know you have probably wouldn't -- that probably wouldn't go there and so we don't. This is no there's no doubt about it -- conscious decision made by Major League Baseball and there was a directive sent down the other thing has got people. -- fired up with Adam Wainwright yesterday. Starting -- -- of the game Mike Metheny said you know what he's gonna be the starters and Clayton Kershaw. He isn't getting three runs in the first inning yeah and he gives just a fastball right down the middle of Derek Jeter and his exact quote was I wanted to group one in their for Jeter more than -- it's a triple in the Cabrera blasted two run home run mixing -- There's three runs scored in that and of being the difference in the ball game was five to three. And Yale now has home field advantage in the World Series. Then that comments that the David got in trouble Wainwright was he admitted to throwing Jeter just a pitch right down the middle because he was Derek Jeter because it was his last almost. Are exactly -- he had the outrage cracks me up because for -- of course he grooved a fastball go watch them play again he threw a fastball right down the middle that was his intention to have Derek Jeter hit a double down the right field line now a dozen times and lucky you're not when he's -- up my guy you also don't disgrace Derek Jeter you know that this is like a legendary thing of people acting like steroids make you don't runs no there's still a little bit to tell the Eagles and hitting a home run. Is there crisis gonna help you when you grew a fastball right down the middle it helps -- out a little bit used to got to put the ball -- -- to got to hit it where the eight that's exactly what Derek Jeter did. But this is funny to me than in -- backs up put a lot of people said -- I went right to study easily easily get an ERA he has pitched five or six more games and per shop which is the big argument the people's civil he has the bigger sample size that's -- he should start. But it's ridiculous at the same time -- gerchas best pitcher in baseball has been the last four years. And I haven't start the Yost our team this is karma on the CD is to destroy the National League because I think the last five years the team with home field advantage has won the World Series so. The all star game means a lot because it clearly when you have home field advantage it's a huge a huge advantage for that team. And that TV she tends to go on and win it would be funny car -- the cardinals go back to the World Series losing game seven on the road because this is Clayton Kershaw should've started -- all. Finding out Wainwright served one up to Jeter I think might be the least surprising news of the day I mean how many pitchers honestly go out there and try to thrown a curve in trying to strike him out and it just felt like I would brush -- well I think it's -- coverage I mean. I was OK with it I would've if you added a glowing tribute in there. I think it actually would have been OK and yet in New York music may be that much maybe twins fans Europe. You know other team fans to forget the other -- by the Yankees year after year in the playoff chanting of their Jeter that's a bit much to me is not and is opposing fans but if if you have a great debts in their last game -- last appearance that you're stadium. I have no problem standing out giving them innovations saluting him. And appreciating what his career was the coverage did it drives me crazy the game was pretty entertaining like I said he got pretty good at the end. But but to me it's no surprise that Wainwright tossed one up -- on how many pictures even -- I think. Tosses one right up in the gerchas get in everywhere and winning with defense and I mean he now after Terry still give someone the. They Jeter does that to me was overblown it was able we got people fired up yesterday. It's so hard to make the argument against him because of you seeing any negative it sounds like you're you're acting Nike doesn't belong in the hall of Famer you don't understand why -- little covered Derek -- a first ballot hall of Famer. Let it be the coverage was overblown it really wasn't an. And I threw this out earlier in the show I would be curious if we get this morally and tomorrow but. It's Kobe Bryant says I'm retiring next series Los Angeles Lakers played the lakers a solo career boys fans say the lakers and they Kobe Bryant. If Kobe Bryant comes to his last -- important you can -- -- -- given a standing -- -- -- -- -- -- that I stand up and cheer for a -- chant his name again -- -- -- -- -- name and we have somebody -- in the -- you know before tip -- -- form as soon as the -- is to -- -- exactly in many fans is that different perspectives on this because I would -- the whole time I respect Kobe Brian I really do and especially what he's accomplished in his career. But it might phantom takes precedent or horizontally to pay my teen years you're a giants fan Kershaw -- fifteen years now hasn't he is last sort of follows that. If I was an athlete I would take pride yeah yeah I'm wondering what does it wrong with that you're going to be pre. Orange is the side Everest it absolutely is your boot for reason you did something to make them -- without. A feather in your cap but they do it let's let's use the Red Sox the Red Sox booed him for twenty years his last game at -- Boston in the human standing oh you don't take a little more pride in that your last appearance -- -- for twenty years. And they're saying well I see you wouldn't even and I -- like I. I wanna -- nobody that I cheer and SC's Mike it's my guide your Yankee fan you're there he would each year chant his name to every one piece on really controlling what the problems. He is if these are yours Sharon Malone and he's IP -- DEB different this is actually Atlantic machine to at least hit the cart was calling it. How great is it to have a good baseball game here Reynolds and -- Jenna did a great job -- out of view -- that just -- -- there is -- coast bias in you wouldn't editor of the in the show that he that there is an inferiority complex. That goes along with and does that goes along with sports -- in Portland area is if we west to gain -- the season with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- think. 474748. PM and they -- -- on sports there was stabbed -- torches the boys -- -- well. Yeah but they were lost support the one blazers won the game and they showed I. I package that was that was also -- curry wide open shot and they -- the box score yet played -- Wailea Portland one of their higher playoff seeds so there is an. Element of just being sick of new York and LA sports but yesterday overall. I would you spray -- did Derek Jeter his view but you have to would overshadow that was no mention of Tony Gwynn and again I. There will be some digging by reporters and I hope they do a good job of uncovering the reason why. And somebody leaks it out. But that was they can't tell you that was a conscious decision the networks are too Smart these -- too Smart. That was a on purpose we're not gonna talk about Tony going here. At the all star game they dropped the ball away for the World Series two and I'm still frustrated you likely to default yeah exactly that's my civility -- I think at this point they've got so much aid on their face so many columns are gonna be some BS the Yankees through New York. We are climbing -- yet exactly where on Twitter at. Apparatus -- act Peter Johnson adds to either AD import -- podcast is that continue to fan dot com. Of our show Mike Lynch is podcast last that would let -- be up there. After the show you've been listening to get tortured and spray 1988 -- back tomorrow at noon Aaron Hernandez -- that we think. Abbas left us. We'll see tomorrow at noon on the thing. Hey guys. Hope they -- also her right. -- -- --

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