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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.16.14 Hour 2

Jul 16, 2014|

The guys talk about the new SEC "Hit Zone" for QB's, Adam Silver idea's...and have some fun with audio.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then floors for dirt spray did well that was another sport that I think it up another way that could figure out where. My other best that I presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open regulation of -- -- third and spray. Plus you -- black Butte ranch spectacular golf stunning scenery amazing resort amenities -- your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today Danforth -- -- -- -- on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay -- both men will. Called the I apple -- yeah. Howard to hear on the radio programmer -- the FCC targeting rule a couple of things coming at media day ended SEC -- pretty juicy immediate end of the pac twelve media day here coming up. Is going to be just as kid also Adams silver's got a terrible idea for the NBA. Mean he's also changing their jerseys and a bit that's -- 13 champions may be at that process of fun with audio Charlie -- was drawn any Taco Bell drive -- who's never been drunk -- -- Taco -- drive through -- -- -- -- -- Taco -- drive the story for -- tell -- 140 I haven't been -- gonna talk about -- you happen with the Yankees are having -- -- -- -- any topic don't drive angry at me very now that you -- -- -- -- And I love the one where you watch through union knock on the window those college kids I can never or did. The people that work at Taco Bell and it all it's doubtful that tennis -- -- -- credit to those guys and they are dating in college students who in their friends obstinate Danielle math that's probably true as well. Lance Stephenson is our smorgasbord of sports topics Lance Stephenson signs a deal with. The Charlotte hornets on the thing is that doesn't make I just put that out there the logo corps in jerseys -- Santana got a shirt you know -- as of Narnia. You haven't -- century and it went online. Game in shape doesn't -- me. Ouch that hurt him by assured that that you I'm getting in -- chemical that he by the -- you -- it was a motivate or Florian who was now denied any interest in her death. -- him if people out there ever done that area by closer a little too small this skeptic I believe I'm not gonna name names but I had a -- give me some golf sure I mean that was me OK I thought Gulf -- and Wear a size thirty more weight and keep up their motivation I'm -- never getting a 34 play easier look at you try on every day it's. -- almost forty waste right now there's no way up into a 34 wins it was just -- -- an attitude like that I'm getting an arrogant out of thirty for a so Sprague I give spray these Gulf Shores and he looks great phenomenon jealous -- thanks for those shorts in fourth. From somebody who lost a ton -- -- I dropped one pant size yeah does he know -- drop -- -- That's the lowest remaining 4230 when I lost seventy pounds so -- derby by as we enter by -- that's -- that's it -- hey let's -- in these kind of -- and it's it's an instant topic so -- buys me Charlotte -- certainly isn't Charlotte it's just too small from nowhere to -- -- back out for everybody to see a tailback let's the only skin tight clothes and his -- every time -- Stevens inside the Charlotte hornets gave me. It's a three year deal worth 27 million dollars. Is a good deal I mean they went after Gordon Hayward obviously that got matched. But the hornets to me they're a team that's right there of being the top four -- five team in the east. They have a great coach and Steve Clifford according to what he did last year. They were one of the top three defense of teams. They're only gonna improve not happy with -- -- -- line from the enemy in this is only -- improve with Lance Stephenson in this kills the -- is because now they're gonna lose a seventeen point per game score it's gonna help the hornets is Stevenson can keep his mind right info is not only gonna get a big deal in three years because that's what this new collective bargaining agreements done. It setting up the short deals so free agency continues to be a big topic for the NBA that builds buzz no pun intended is -- to get his mind right in Charlotte I think the hornets are well on the way to being a top four or five C -- and that -- irritated -- -- -- pacers made just yet. Pacers made Stevenson a five year 44 million dollar contract he said no. He led the league last year in triple doubles that he is going to be. That's is that stat I don't know that -- -- at -- eagle on sector to -- in terms of electability look there's these that these few scores that determine how much people like certain athletes in in the NBA there is the top twenty. Include apple LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Miller out of the entire NBA those two guys are in the top twenty in terms of like ability of saint. Which is great I mean it's great as an organization -- habit and I'm sure indeed as this at their smile on eleven it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- to have a league of NBA fans appreciate Damian -- and appreciate Marcus Aldridge and like them in the top one he. That's awesome to have and I'm sure this -- of media -- plays and that a lot with dame before Friday was a genius idea and and fans jump on board and be at their NBA stars jump on board. But this is big especially when you turn into the fact. You've won exposure for your yeah and if you have a likeable players that usually means that people are gonna be more willing to watch them when they're on TV because they like with. -- -- -- I sat back when I saw on this side tweeted out by one of the blazes personnel. I just sat back and dot. How long has it been since the GO wages like how great is -- bin. And -- from organ eight organizational standpoint that we've reached a point were no longer the most hated team not only by our own city the by -- fans. And now we have two guys in our roster to all stars yeah one guy -- representing USA in 2016. You got a hundred million dollar deal. -- it's just this is a perfect our season I think thus far for the Portland trailblazers. And the exposure there had. They have a two game win streak in summer league let's not just dismiss it adding I think that doesn't yell -- again this is something that you look back on the Sox season. Along with it being a great MBA offseason it's a great TrailBlazer -- -- and they got better with their team in the additions -- they have. And now you find out that everybody around the league loves LaMarcus loves -- Which is eight to enact a no brainer to figure out we interviewed game was around it really nice guy I mean Danforth did there was gone. And then -- out to LA Alex Brown I. Nice guys sharing easy to team. It's a it's a great time -- -- blazer fan highest Q scores of all time -- stands for quotient it's just electability scores and he had seen on the text we've seen how that's calculate. There's a variety of factors that they use is an algorithm but Albert Einstein had the highest Q score of all time. He's the most likable -- and that more than he's probably yeah. Hey I liberal I -- more than Mickey Mouse so Albert Einstein came in at fifty cents. But that that kind of ruins this for me Mickey Mouse is a 44 Elvis was a third out every immediately rock and -- and give me a break -- 33 you're telling -- outward signs that is the most likable person ever walked this planet. But haven't you looked at our ninth sentencing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you kidding -- You've got to beef with Mickey Mouse yeah I got a beef with a -- team now most. He's a nobody hat he's not even in a move east and Asia and they are again talking role have you heard that Dave Chappelle do stand -- -- punching Mickey Mouse in the face and -- take something. That I sell and market takes off to -- -- it cost him if you put him in the face forget. That is our smorgasbord -- sport's -- there's one other quick note Ed Thomas Robinson. Out for the rest of summer league win at eight torn ligament in his well. Not did I mean you wanted to see him get some more minutes and fortunate to have to watch Meyers Leonard hack around the bank already great job yesterday on -- -- -- 2000 his first -- -- some relief apple liars keep on growing let's say you're gonna spend the season and daily. This always sucks because this is a good chance you don't RI and assembly bracket to see here in sable Qyntel Woods -- the MVP therefore is gonna have a long term career. But you do what is he was some guys induce yeah compared other young players that are Thomas Robinson haven't played well in my opinion. And it -- an economist at times I think he's put ice on it. Message is but I saw some it's really not -- big -- -- the SEC has defined -- where you can hit. The quarterbacks. I have a feeling a lot of our listeners and college football fans are not going to like this we'll give you the definition and react to it next. Elicited and tortured his braids served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on 1080 defend. Just a moment can be used yes no -- on the game. It's been -- right just says about it. Then they give me this is the British Open regulation of -- for a third and -- tomorrow and I'm glad we use our online I was glad you raised. On ESPN Sports Radio Canadian there. Company. According to our investigators. On any given the twin attacks like 55305. -- married his cousin yeah that's reliable op people it's -- whose family. Is that mainly manner today because Carolina animals wander someplace that I think they have to keep it -- -- -- Tunes and his cousin. They didn't have kids though I don't know -- his legacy still lives on an Einstein in Germany -- -- this Danforth. Is there while I actually read this is really nerdy now. I've got a probably a 500 page biography and Einstein I read. To -- -- Q yeah I'm asking yes is it out what's his son's -- let these kids do I it's Albert Einstein junior. There's a half pounds Albert Einstein in the present Edouard -- that's a little narcissistic little else he's he had five Q did -- he got on with. 'cause they all his cousins kids that thinks -- his second cousins. Should think about that. They -- and facts only man got somebody after me to join a network marketing company. -- time but at some point I was nothing -- -- schemes scams things like that the general on the mall for the SEC. Is defining targeting of quarterbacks if you would they get a lot of shots and quarterback particularly remember. -- -- George a couple of Georgia -- -- Murray got lit up last year Aaron Murray. So they're tired they're trying to protect players from dangerous hits and so what they did over the media day -- -- -- these dragged its video CC's defined. What they call quote. A strike zone in quote from a this is the area you can hit the quarterback. From below the next. Two above the knee in which an unabated defender made attempts to tackle quote. An offensive player and he's passing a posture. In quote the SEC officials courted officials say this is a players' safety issue. When a player is under his own power he's directing is hit and he chooses to go low that is going to be in automatic penalty. The rule change will create the player's behavior change this according to the SEC. A senate committee of officiating give me a break. Are you drink you create many of the great AMP. How how do you get away we did it look you know for the most part when people bring out the was suffocation of America argument I kind of roll my eyes. Especially when it when it comes to football but there are certain things and get me fired up and get me making the classification of America argument. And I'm going to right now. How do you possibly do this this reminds me what are the most part we've ever had listeners be used in the NFL pass a new rule changes and running backs get lower their head outside and attack. Apple's -- -- are outside of the line of scrimmage and give me a break you cannot change the way guys -- been playing this game for a long time and playing this game since they were kids. All of a sudden tell that you cannot tackle somebody -- Howard you. Possibly going to be able to officiate his and I guarantee I going to go out on a limb. And say that there will be a game changing play that is made here. That fans will get riled up about member of the that this saint to the 49ers with the hit on them why he's last year yeah the 49ers could have won that football game without for that penalty being called. Niner fans were ticked off because that plays a role later in play are seen he would had home field advantage music how to take via tiebreak exactly certainly if I think so I think it's because there and we you know we we got to go back and look at the facts and but it it does play several the end of the season because they swept the cardinals in the -- soaring Seahawks loss at home than it did yeah I. It to meet with you cannot do this this reminds me also that the rule change at the Major League Baseball struggling with right now and that's you know -- blocking home played tenure not calling guy safe even always out. Because the catcher was standing in front of the plate or what if the throw leads him in front of the play what if that's the way to the ball goal is he's is he just lets let the throw go. There are so many ways -- stuff like this can get interpreted there are so many ways. The stuff like this can -- take -- any wrong angle I'm sorry that Aaron Murray got hurt I am I I hate to see guys -- CEO. I hate to see that -- Heisman injuries with -- getting beauty is getting bad dollar in different directions but the more and more that you regulate how players can or cannot hit another football player. You're starting to really was to try to game of football and to meet this drives me nuts. We overreach is is over regulation and the game of football that's not needed and were overreacting because of one knee injury to one player. Median for the you might have to help me on this one so I'm skimming through this article and if you get tacked to the ankles is that going to be a penalty. If you -- lol on them and they're not paying attention yes -- with -- you're not playing -- -- in the -- if you're if you're under your -- controls -- -- gets blocked into somebody's knees then it's not a -- here is a -- -- -- quarterback off the -- nobody's -- you have a clear shot at the quarterback come to his ankle did you hit him in the ankles that you -- what what -- your -- yes -- another but there is there this is where they're talking about the rule where. If he starts to run. It's different than if he is why I deciding how to. This is your opening it up for interpretation is a big -- best athletes of the world were chasing after each other running four to forty you know -- an official while he's looking for holding these looking for pass interference -- -- the BBC the quarterback cross a line of scrimmage all sorts of things will also pay attention that he gambled and he circled 'cause let's -- fifteen yards. I've always been big proponent of establishing and he's very young age Peewee football when you start talking about third and fifth graders. A stab pushing a hit zone and a methods of hitting. At a young age designing that's the only way too long term wise changed the impact of your game in how people are attacking each other in terms of tackling one another. I think this is gonna be very hard thing to regularly during an SEC game you're talking about some of the best athletes in the world. Going at each other like dirt said full speed. It's one thing to purposely go away any quarterback in -- hit him around -- the idea that I get that it's thing where what if he's going -- him. He -- the quarterback turns around any -- Accidentally hit him and anybody looks like deviation is -- it. This at some point -- is going to cost an SEC team in game whether it's with one caller to calls. I'm wondering -- fans are gonna react I'm sure they're gonna be really ticked off down there in the south. I'd rather see regulations of hitting start from the third to fifth graders you and that -- those kids get brought up and we can really start fundamentally changing the way the games play. How should you officiate. I just hits in college football in a professional football especially when it comes to the quarterback once your opinion on this of the -- into -- it's a sign of 55305. The of the commissioner of the SEC officiating went on to say. The have to simply changed player behavior for the good of the I believe we started to see this type of player behavior change and last year with the targeting -- that's what we're looking for the training of how players are tackling. Is a good thing we're starting to see lesson last and -- went on to say we're starting to see lesson the last of the targeting penalties and guys tackling. And what he calls it Indian correct spots he has any time there's a targeting doubt you need to really listen to the refereeing is announcement. What you'll hear makes all the difference for replay. If you hear -- announced personal foul roughing the passer with targeting now regardless of the review of the fifteen yard penalty is going to stand for roughing the passer. Same thing with -- slash. It can't -- interview which he decide to go back on that call the fifteen yard penalty that is -- -- -- it and you screw up as an official make the wrong call you're still independent licensee Jackson call they had this year one is that one other quick thing on this same thing with the kit. He can catch interference with targeting -- it was targeting in this so what they're gonna do there is. There is economic targeting fell. But the fifteen yard penalty will stay in remember last year they had guys that. I can't remember Phil is at Mitchell last year was Terence winter -- and I think it was in the seasonal opener was ejected yes anyway after a guy it was a hard -- it was a vicious it was at their car slid -- he -- down the sidelines -- Allentown and contacts there are situations like -- but -- say they come back and seen what does not targeting their stove and enforce a fifteen which is just ridiculous. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in years the problem that you're gonna have this was a big topic of discussion master in the NFL because you had an a record number of torn ACLs last year and just went up and up and up. In a lot of people equate that to and -- it look impression numbers are down you know what are up to forty seals OK Tony seals are not easy to come by your possibly ending somebody's career. When you do that to their -- This is exactly what is happening now you're you're trying to cut down on concussions are racing OK kidded him in the head anymore so what do people start -- an historical low in their making tackle they start diving -- ankles and diabetes. Now the saudis deals are starting to get torn OK let's say you get it below an easy mark. At what point do we stop doing this a couple points. Football existed just fine for a very long time without having little rules on where you can or cannot -- players confessions are always going to be an issue and I understand that football understands that. But the more you regulate this stuff you were gonna have I guarantee you. You'll have a writing fan base over a loss because of something like -- they take football very seriously down there. Can you imagine Alabama LSU playing this year and it hit like this in determining the outcome of that game and a team losing. Or are not taking back a fifteen yard penalty to push is about a field goal range. And they lose a game because and you're gonna I had plans on her could have a lot of writing fans on your hands and out the SEC's -- and -- IMAX. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because what are we demand of players into our coaches after a game with other bad play call or a bad read on and drop back pass. We just want him to improving getting better and they can only do that by watching tape. It's great I think for officials to be able to see something. And -- find out that they were wrong right away on a call. And B make sure a player gets to stay in or take him out of the game because I think you'll learn from that as an official you see dad called me the next time you're not so quick to throw the flag you're gonna he has not afraid zest and which is all some of these guys need and they're gonna remember that instance they're gonna say I was quick to throw the flag there -- come to take this extra second and am I think about that's the right com okay with not changing a fifteen yard penalty. Because I think officials can only get better from watching the tape. First Jerry and I agree with that completely and and I love that Texas has a -- you know is -- easy especially replay to determine whether it is -- your content and to me that's the only if you really -- do regulate these kind of gets out of the -- -- and regulate head to -- its. I'm all for that I'm off for the safety of football longevity of football. They don't have officials say it is unfair to the officials to put them in this spot where you were now not only looking for all the penalties you're looking for -- headed to looking from below the knee it's. You were looking for a way to many things in terms of of of what your putting on an official played. Take ten seconds out of it having a centralized location with a look at replays with a headset in her -- zinni was that a blow to the it yes OK final throw the flag and fifteen. It's not like about two dirt mile an elected -- -- probably the only sports host an American that sticks up for officials said they do both officially having a hard job. And they did to Iowa -- of outstanding that your champion of the official media of the common. Let me fighting for the common man out there don't you in the -- anybody take that well let's. It robots are taking their damn jobs yeah. I would help lead this country steal our jobs these Toyota robot camera do you -- -- I'll -- that's if your -- catch you up is that we had a popular thanks on this the SEC is defined -- strike zone from below the -- to above the knees. In which an animated defender may attempt to tackle and opted to player in a passing posture just -- in slacks and problems. That's the -- -- -- are you serious. Or does curiosity is -- -- double anymore man his game plan is to take Nauman. It's a designed cheerleaders in their athletes do. How does not go down that road Adam silver as -- as brutal idea for the NBA and it's in the mold of soccer we'll tell you what he's trying to do there's also a uniform change coming. For the Portland trailblazers issue we'll explain what they're doing next. This is a British -- weak division of Dan poured through it and spray in my lap and online at -- -- got -- on ESPN Sports Radio virginity yeah. I still we're getting -- season drunk Charlie Sheen Taco Bell audio -- Can't -- -- and -- him -- not gonna get offense rarely seen her -- terms of a mixture like the tabloids or reminisce -- some -- Taco -- stories. The NBA is having a couple of changes to their uniforms and also having some changes and disguising. What they can do to generate more revenue for their league. And so -- not -- he's doing a good job with the with decisions that he's put that put him front and Dakota Fanning the side of the uniform so what they're doing at the uniform next year. Is every team that's won an NBA title in the history of the league. Is going to Wear this bull look. Rodriguez described as. Hatch it's a gold little pats on the neck yeah that's -- plus. Easiest times he got beat the color basically -- a caller that's on the collar area and it's just obliges a square about an inch square yep. And -- -- yellow we we have to do that -- look at it on Twitter but it did it stands out that treasure active leader got an apparatus break acting very different we tweeted out that this is something to try in. Reward the people that of one NBA championships teams have won NBA -- just by putting yellow pats on the back. This is a problem that we just got some with the NFL with the NBA things are going so well for them right now they're gonna make you're gonna have bad ideas. Is that a make or break -- obviously but he is an idea you can get. On India what are what are we doing here yet to look Adam silver to meet you -- riding high street which years I mean everybody loves -- over in the consensus right now as Andy's best commissioner in sports although it's it's extremely early in his career. This is again something that I liked about him now his. His idea with the with the gold thing on the collar. A lot of you might not like and I kind of do I think this kind of -- want it -- stupid little reward but it's a little it's a little bit of -- who though that the fans of each team I think he'd take a lot of pride in what -- -- able to accomplish does not only do you get -- angle -- But an angle that is a little trophies they didn't correct commercial I know it sounds terrible but we usually -- called patsy at the trophy and it and then it hasn't and number with a next next to -- to say how many times you've won the championship the blazes for example how one acts which is. It's still cool that they get Google patched. To me. -- it's not singles guys probably instead of the Jersey area but to me I like Adam silver for this year -- he's not afraid to have ideas he's not afraid to step out of the box and even at his. Is turning mean idea mid season is the dumbest thing I think I've ever in sports they serve pre heating up before as -- son -- -- -- an -- have you ever hurting me right I just say oh well you Lionel. Leave India I see even though he's coming up -- that -- would all like in its not gonna happen in. I like that he's a forward thinker and he's thinking of great ways to help the league and it's not for every team -- if you want it just had he won it yes or no yes you can always -- no you don't play if he mumbled. -- as an accident and the answer is numbing time right so next time you know how many -- Jersey what ever they don't have that big of a problem with this. The other -- that -- -- have a problem is it's kind of a slap in the face the organizations that have never won it like I let you Cleveland -- a good example this LeBron -- two time NBA champion he's going back on the Cleveland he's got -- championship brings. But he doesn't get old -- and you are in Cleveland the exact. It and that's another reason why don't understand. Completely why you're doing this but is it something that somebody fired up about now it's it's a goal that obvious by the latest -- -- -- so we're not one of those teams look like the loser out there without like the cool shoes on. You're the one that doesn't fit in everybody kind of points -- makes fun he admit these are cool zoos say they are medical issues that it's a badge -- -- you're gonna look at teams -- up to Portland and you're watching on TV just -- You're gonna remember all the teams that have won a championship that's -- Cleveland with -- right everyone won't forget -- one of these but it the other -- it's it's not -- big deal I was this Radisson or he is innovative and he is open to talking about ideas one of the ideas he's open to talking about. He said yesterday in Las Vegas for some early quote the popularity of civilian Las Vegas with attendance up 25%. Opens up the possibility. Grown maybe I didn't get money mid season hermit of some sort. The people like going to Vegas -- not now so let's hear what this mid season term would be soccer does this. And it would DC eight turn it where you reduce the number of regular season games basically you take a mid season break. Have played. Turning it. And then -- in the middle of the this this will never happen mark my words publicly we need to this will never happen. Owners will lose too much revenue when they make more money no that's not possible because they have parking and everything else there's no way they can make up for now game at a similar promises. Whenever you make an X amount games. I will guarantee you made it which he won't be able to. Vigna owners will be open to it. But by doing this year taking the way home games for your fans -- screwing them over that doesn't help the product. Look it's a great theory of thinking about ways to improve the game and improve the season. Right now I think the NBA's on such a hot streak as he leads. That even if you wanna throw ideas outlets not step -- with ridiculous ones and to me if it actually as doctor Tim this is the ridiculous idea but again. I do like that there's a commissioner in one of the leagues that's really forward thinking with progressing his game is improving -- in in every way. Yet it's like the old saying you know there's no such thing -- a dumb question what there are such thing as as dumb ideas on what Israel like that he's proactive like that he's progressive and like the fact that he's looking for then for ways to grow the sport to and I agree with you they're completely. To meet a really a mid season tournament and this is one of those ideas you look at ages. For the team that we -- trove of these really that -- -- -- -- bragging about able -- the all star break champion -- -- gimme a break this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard it's never going to happen -- that the problem here is is that there's a soccer high in this country everybody's excited about the World Cup. What is soccer do they have a little you know stupid mid season championships really invite teams -- different leagues that play. That's fine if you have different leagues to drop from. By all means if there was a league in Canada Italy and Mexico the garlic and -- pretty comparable to the MBA. Let's pick the teams together and see how they stack up this'll be a great idea you already got the best team got the best players. There's nobody else to pit so this would be NBA team vs NBA team in a single elimination tournament. That nobody would really care about because the winner would there would be no ramifications for the winner he would have a regular season trophy that nobody would care well. All Americas on a soccer high from the World Cup I promise you the next year ratings for the MLS they're going to be asleep because they got too high it's done man that that buzz is going to be gone the let's not very leave here. We got a little bit of breaking news and the please don't. This is a pretty big breaking news I promise you better not let it out here use that's the idea on Twitter I carried us a lot but I I promise you this is not a bad thing. So the Sunday ticket will be available without satellite subscriptions now the NFL Sunday ticket. -- It's pretty big and right so it's on Comcast as well it's on Comcast. That is pretty big news the. The right people on Twitter. Oh yeah. Is that now here's a budget first -- something and I did okay on the does that make up for my Wheeler that's the questions. Yeah I may -- on top of those stories -- I asked. This is a British Open we tradition of -- for a third and spread you Archie by black Butte ranch online at black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio generated program. -- If you noticed this song is not blurred lines it is weird Howell who worked crimes weird Al Yanukovich is game related really Smart marketing what he's doing he's got. Eight songs that he did with music videos and he's releasing one a day. Run deep three right now any new ones that you as the release is word crimes. Which is a pretty funny you rendition of blurred lines. It's a -- I it might be one of his best yet. It is amazing that those fans the music videos what makes yet the music video's fantastic value to that is where else kind of hit and miss for me I like the ideas of what he does the first three -- out of him pretty good right you're given that I thought today's news for you precisely the one he showed me today it was a here I've got a regulatory. -- For a little me yes. Weird -- again and he's polarizing -- like either love them or you hate him I have we have. It and -- rotator we have Amish paradise -- -- rejoin her songs and every time and place that's why it's so exciting it's the actual you know your paradise on -- out there -- I see where people don't like sometimes I feel this way like he has to take somebody else's idea to make something good but their funny he does do a good job of -- the parents'. -- of the course is coming here this is that Terry of course of lords royals is the big song. That was played everywhere on my fingers heal in time. -- And the other one he did -- yeah. In the greens was safe area corrales happy yes attacking any college tacky but yet like Jack Black CNV. Got a modern family -- neck and everything was named -- camera modern family on -- and the other big celebrities that. Yeah help and how does music videos they inactive he's been the best parts of partly pieces of music videos they fantastic. Then attacking this as -- that helps cells and amazing video -- -- so that's the -- They were fantastic I'm a sucker prepared and I think we should do more of them on the show we should just he's honoring mariners didn't do any song and Eric do we see Eric's. Else -- and we talked about us a locker. I guess he's back back again but locker does tell back tell a friendly go to pretty funny but they give away -- and Charlie -- audio drunk. They Taco Bell drive there is a big -- And Jane it -- ministry chiefs -- hired Coleman nice area. Champ. Tamara I. Come here rad man here's our flight. We got our own flesh was let's not do -- -- -- in Portland -- -- county. It tradition. Go read that data they. Make it easier solaris to I -- thank you grabbed gold. Jerry -- it's meant. It's going out. -- -- -- Charlie Sheen -- holding up the line it's not go -- because it got out of his car and we degree every single person in line at that taco bells say hello introduce himself to very build or. Thing to do it is -- as well as things that I you'll never believe would have Charlie Sheen to -- -- to -- and doesn't need to -- try in my -- -- -- -- -- analog delay eighties and a. This this was pretty funny that Charlie Sheen is in an interest in due to me is dissident distinct data deliberately there eight -- like him. I don't really have an opinion on and strongly it but do you think it's fantastic that he's drunken talk about because everybody's been drunk. Taco mobile for the yet there's no way you're visiting a Taco Bell. Might say 10:30 PM or later and not being under some sort of alcohol and these estates and possible that's what drives. Their product and it's funny that you go to this one Taco Bell. And name there's jumped trolley -- hit it was evident as far as the afternoon it was like a videotape it late at night at the -- it's like 2 o'clock in the afternoon my -- talk about a story that I have for you is so we were I was by myself and tallied 26 is closer trying to get home -- -- time when we live out kind of by Hillsborough. And so I went to the Taco Bell late at night discuss -- go from a blazer game. You know which a one on burn side. End. Went there and there's kind of like at an opening -- you'll let hearts go through -- didn't know the guy was waiting in lines and there was a space available to meet. To pull ahead of this guy. I thought he was just waiting for somebody who win it so I pulled ahead this guy in line I kind of in line basically -- end up happening is any massive pick up truck. He had it in -- and MMA looking T shirt on. Did two sizes too small he gets out of his car he so mad at leaf cutting in the line. At a Taco Bell and he starts banging on my window. And I think the guy he's I think he's gonna break my window coming in he's yelling he's screaming. His wife or girl offering gets out of car. Starts bang and on the other side -- my heels in a redneck family so they just kept saying so he -- you -- spitting out my window Smart. The classy guy -- great classy guy got Dellucci -- indeed I -- pretend like I can hear him and just what about Iowa for about my business I don't blame -- -- -- there's nothing more frustrating -- a week -- your state case -- the I mean that's probably the worst feeling in the world you know you're about ten minutes away but she can't just go grab video -- And is I think there's some validity why he was doing when he was doing ever does everybody at the top of those stories I think at some point and really nice accident and then drunk talk of those stories it's redundant because there aren't. -- -- -- stories that don't involve describing. Explosive. Reaction to the food -- immediately at a Taco -- viral house drawn out my mom is the worst person to take to a restaurant because she's a complainer that she wants free stuff. If you slice her in something that she pays foreign she doesn't get it. She's going to know about it case in point we can't get to me embryo when I was nine she went -- -- now in through a taco into the back to the manager. We got three free -- or are you are you the guy that goes like if you order something on Europe in your meal and you say you know I. I get that without onions and they put Iranians on it yeah are you to getting us back through the drive through. To get to sing your onions I five minute drive -- I've accepted my lot in life I'm eating. -- I'm not the greatest food in the world is that you canyons and -- restaurant I -- and I -- and people were more than they have to the attitude and accept your though they messed up -- -- I'll still lost deleted. By the way Taco Bell apparently has a parody song as well caller just said look it up rates talk about parity words about being -- the only time ago we are US. -- left to go look at. Take it out said Charlie Sheen -- in a joke and Charlie Sheen is drunk any Taco Bell drive through in talking to people -- -- in Beaverton you've got to get Taco -- story going on offense. I was twenty years old and I want to the Taco -- it is 1130 at night. I was absolutely. -- in the has little easel on the countered -- help wanted so. As an application stack right there so I. Rapid adaptation and I'm eating and put my eyes out we -- I just read about all like to hand the application up. And the next thing I know I I come to the realization that the manager is sitting across the tower from me. Are sitting crack and -- from interviewing me hands. -- three weeks later. About three weeks later I'm driving down the street and I got -- old will be doubled four -- And I went to grab something off my backseat. And there's Fisher waiting there. I -- -- intersect a picture up and I opened up you know as a little Beatles. Cheap cheap that illusions as uncle bella -- how the outline -- this is a hole and -- jaw. Yeah it's so funny that's when it was about six months brought back that talk. ES. Thanks so much. For the -- Collison and using any means that this is a good guy that even when he's blitzed out of his money he can still get it like they the manager that talk about it that -- have guys children what happened at. -- we hired this weekend that's another level. Sobriety there where you don't even realize your in a job interview like this guy eating I think. Wait a minute there's a minister in front of me asking me what's that say about the manager that's -- -- -- CIA if we can get -- -- -- anybody we -- -- another Canada story for the downfall of America can -- -- is going to make. 85 million dollars and from get this not a sex state. A new video game iPhone -- It's that -- her namesake. That's more than she's made and Oliver ventures combined the app is going to grossed 200 million dollars 45% of -- this year she is 45% of the process is that what is the apple does it's like an interactive video you act like a celebrity with Tim Graham are you kidding me yeah so what you do -- you it's a virtual celebrity but it costs real money to buy your way to the top. So it's -- competition. Where you can see how famous yeah ha. And it's the cue card dad's seen in. Hollywood. Game pound dollar people -- what you want say. Want dumb are people she's a mole on now I I I can't teach -- -- -- -- -- man she has ever -- is this tape my apartment and he's making money I don't blame -- Carter actually for this -- all this is a genius business venture -- looking -- of people buying this -- looks like -- Christ stuff why are -- spending money -- -- -- -- -- James -- with people. That's -- question here what is wrong when he banana how many go spend twelve Donald -- countrywide made. Intervention -- sit people down -- -- what do you do -- it's one thing to play video games and other -- your actual money to advance in a video game can he -- three by the expert well you know when I'm -- thinking only -- I'm trying to efforts of the game farm -- or something to the -- allows users. To control an aspiring actor are. Actress now while they quote the visit all the new restaurants clubs and movie studio. Alerts and network with other famous actors get the best roles. Customize your offense rolls like ten to -- knows the people at the pastoral suit against them -- video or he customize your home with cool designer fear furniture. Oh boy this is my favorite make sure you avoid the paparazzi. He did not adopt him with your. And get famous in new movies and television show. C is it recording studio this picture shows her. Recording all the voicing work Selig is -- is recording it means and I privacy when -- agree this job doesn't odd man are you kidding me this is what she's doing she makes video games after herself. I -- becomes a lot in that segment check out the movie the video the audio is get particular the video Charlie Sheen drunk. Any Taco Bell drive there's a big time news if you're Comcast customer not an advertiser for -- but the NFL is opening up. Some of its. TV packages will explain next you got Dan Porter is very sort of idea dubs on -- defense.

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