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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.16.14 Hour 1

Jul 16, 2014|

The guys talk about Derek Jeter overcoverage, no Tony Gwynn mention, and which NFL coach is the best?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's done good tee up -- Dan for a third and spray Q school plus. Presented by buffalo wild news this is dead for a third and spread over the miniscule little -- And they look at you and I say that is policy which I -- okay this is a British Open -- a nation of Danforth good and spray. Brought to you -- like Butte ranch spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities -- your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today against British Open week John Danforth dirt and spread. On ESPN's Sports Radio. A whole weight hey happy hump -- issue here at the airport during spring. Dirt wound up he is there ready to go -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm upset the world neighborhoods and upset and everybody you walked in it's 9:30 am enjoying a nice little morning sunshine meaning now to an import and you walk -- yeah star. He's so old team meeting without -- -- senator production -- -- walking around talking about everybody's locked off their computers I don't see any deal for the east Reyes is up -- this year -- Coming out swinging today some of the topics on the show included the nfl.com. -- -- their coaches list. They rank the top ten coaches in the NFL which will discuss. The Seahawks got snubbed on this list it's again one we'll discuss that at the bottom of the hour USDA is scheduled game against Alabama that's coming up. Here in a couple of years the SEC also defined. What in their conference games the hits to the quarterback. That's been a big topic of conversation that he was a vacation of the game if you will -- food and the SEC -- -- -- define where the quarterback CNB hits. The Portland trailblazers have two guys in the top twenty in terms of like ability in the NBA and Adam silver also has another idea. For a mid season tournament in the NBA also some fun with audio. As Charlie Sheen was drawn at a Taco Bell coming up at 140 -- it is a good show for -- topic perspective especially in the middle of the summer. And yesterday the Midsummer Classic the all star game was on full display. The AL winds five to three over the you know there's a lot of topics that are gonna come out of this all star game will start here though where there was no Tony Gwynn tree view whatsoever. And that has a lot of people pretty upset at the broadcast in Major League Baseball. And rightfully so Italy and that was something that you know I I did regret to say that I didn't realize until after the game was over and I saw a couple people -- out and -- wow how was there no mention of Tony when it all -- -- it didn't hit me I sort of taken. Watch out gets right dated even bring up Tony quick as I sat and I watched the whole game and look it was a great game it was the best all star game I can remember in recent memory. Yet a lot of runs early on so it captivated an audience and and you had a pitcher settled down we had dinner tweeting me that. It was great a couple of runs early pictures settle down great game five to three Jeter got the kids. It was great it was exactly what Major League Baseball needed especially coming. All the terrible run derby but it had not mentioned Tony Gwynn to not pay tribute to Tony when you brought this up earlier Danforth asking the question. Is it tobacco issue because he you know that you can link did the cancer today and his tobacco use. And that's a black eye for the game of baseball something that they don't like to acknowledge they don't like to talk about. Even though Bud Selig had mentioned before the -- about trying to ban tobacco and an -- BA you know when when they're discussing an -- BA agreement. And not mention Tony when no it ready to get me fired up especially in that once again this is unfair to Derek Jeter it is because he deserves a sendoff that's -- -- when to clap cheer and chant his name all itself that's fine. He deserves that but when you were just sitting there worshiping one player and you don't bring up a guy who in my -- was a better baseball player a bigger face for the game. A better person in Tony Gwynn. And not mentioned him along with not mentioning Don Zimmer who was a great ambassador to -- a baseball Bob -- you don't want it in the -- -- like to do with the Oscars -- you know the grammys -- you you know recommend a picture with exactly and I'm not. Asking for that and asking for a twenty minute he's Ramona silence about a moment of silence about Betty Tony Gwynn passed away tragic at a young age of 5354. You need to acknowledge -- if your Major League Baseball and it once again is another instance of what should have been a great night for the sport. If -- -- saying what Heller you do. Line how many baseball fans sat there and once they realized that Tony when tribute never came in nobody mentioned him. How many baseball fans -- maggots and I'm so glad Bud Selig Don because this is something. You can point and you can say how do you drop the ball on that you're talking about somebody. That impacted every baseball -- life even if you do it like the Padres. Tony Gwynn was one of those rare players that he was a superstar talent. That everybody loves you don't always get -- in sports and with a player like Tony Gwynn. Sticking around the game his son played in the bigs played for the -- very briefly he coached at San Diego State. I just don't know how you have nobody in that brain trust in the commissioner's office on any level of baseball. On Fox's broadcast mentioned and say -- -- -- -- Tony Gwynn passed away about a month ago -- -- content -- it's just they stand up to cancer center that baseball does member at the -- leader don't run -- status cancer somebody we lost because of cancer -- baseball -- lots of late because a candidate you -- -- -- to stand up -- cancer -- they're -- that kind of goes back to -- force may -- -- conspiracy theory -- real theory of why they didn't do -- because when you bring up -- standing up for cancer thing. And you mention -- Tony Gwynn it's not fair at all the guy deserved a twenty minutes moment of silence in my opinion for what his career wise. But when -- we -- core relating to answer in standing up to it. And Tony Gwynn one of the beloved players nearly died from using tobacco and having cancer. That's where you wanna bring up that theory about separating yourself from it. That's Ross start to listen but to me a completely. Terrible job on baseball's efforts I'm not even thinking about Tony Gwynn. It was a great game -- dimension it's fun watching the young and up and coming stars. But again you walk away with that one thing and I believe that one thing could've made the night absolutely perfect. And in this is another instance of baseball trying to hide the elephant in the room they've been doing this for twenty years it did it was steroids they continue to do with steroids and never acknowledge never acted like when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa hit Nablus home runs. Nobody ever wanted to acknowledge the fact that they were on steroids because that's bad for the game. This is -- another instance where everybody knows tobacco was an issue in the game of baseball Bud Selig has acknowledged it. Multiple times so that's the case. You're turning a blind eye to what is a bad elephant instead get out talk about it -- I'm somebody who struggle with addiction -- smokeless tobacco firm the majority of my adult life. Tony Gwynn was a huge wake up call for me and I've got about 34 weeks now without taking a dip because of -- going to use him as a learning point. Using as a teaching point for people out there to say look what could possibly happen. If you continue to do something like this you can't sweep everything under the rug and pretend like hey -- nothing happened and -- to see -- let's just acknowledge Derek Jeter. What are your thoughts on the -- that only Major League Baseball but fox yesterday not acknowledging. That Tony Gwynn and Tony -- passing gag reach us at the beavers into -- attacks like. At 55305. Years where I come down as does. It's a conscious decision but there's no way you you've got that many executives and ball he got that any producers we don't producer we know the producer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Major League Baseball on Sunday nights we've worked with that guy we've talked with him we know how Smart these producers are -- that level. There is zero chance I mean zero chance that nobody said he should we honor Tony going and so what this leads me to believe is that it Major League Baseball and the all star game. You got this great festivities here. And they made a conscious Assisi you know what no. We're not going to honor him here with a moment of silent. When I -- -- meeting and there are players that put his number anonymous on their hats there -- players honored in his own -- same thing with Don -- where there were patches for Don -- -- exactly said to me this is a conscious decision organizations are too hyper critical and to focus -- -- and not know what they're doing. We a lot of marketing guys a lot of sporting -- teams. And it -- they're way too Smart not snows so it's conscious decisions that leads you down the road why. Why did they make a decision. Not to honor Tony Gwynn -- and the all star game. You I think I can think of it just goes back to cancer that's the only possible thing I can think up because there's no other reason that you wouldn't honor somebody. Who is that great for your game. One and look there are moments in the I think each sport whether your big fan of one over the other to me there are moments in sports where. Does the leagues have opportunities to jump on something. And really -- people in in the all star game looked and might not have been trending on Twitter I still believe a lot of people were watching and I don't know the exact TV ratings and I'm sure it was okay. But did that title of this article lettering is on SB nation. In ignoring Tony -- Major League Baseball failed to understand its own appeal yet this is a child's game to -- this is labeled America's pastime. And you -- one of the greatest players in your sport ever on any level. Pass away from me sad sad state of cancer and look part of that is chewing tobacco. But Adam passed away and you. Of how clueless baseball and Bud Selig have been yeah I think the last fifteen to twenty years really since he took office now. Thank god for the wild card I'll give you that other than that you have to strike he had the steroid era. I mean is just falling on your face over and over again and I -- dirty or die hard I like baseball but I would imagine as a die hard baseball fan it's got to be extremely frustrating it is it. Always is because this happens time after time a Major League Baseball where you have a good instance of something that you should be proud of as a sport again I go back to the fact. It was a great gave us and it really was I was captivated. And a lot of time to -- games that are boring a lot of times are low scoring hits home runs triples it Trout -- in big click my truck was the MVP of the all star game. That should be a shining moment for your sports authority youngest MVP ever in an all star game. And as we for the ridiculous headlines last swing for hours Jeter passing the torch on -- -- -- bats whatever if you what is it like that it is ridiculous but find. But to completely ignore something to fail to acknowledge something it really is a joke and once again it's a situation where people around the country today. If you're starting to realize that they did not do anything for Tony -- its once again you're turning back against baseball. Instead of sitting here and acknowledging the good of the game that was that was nice to say a Jeter out of a good nobody -- -- leadoff double there are a lot of positives out of last night yet what are we talking about to lead to showed today that they didn't even mention Tony -- and their knowledge but now. I hope they go double or nothing in the World Series they better they better come I have to they'd better come out with a montage with the twenty minute pregame -- they better do something big in the World Series. Because you noble fox image based already hear about this and say wow we've ready dropped the ball not only did that but again -- just leave. -- that do it's a conscious decision that they made and they won't give the reason for because they know they'll get roasted there's been no word. It is 3 o'clock on the East Coast in the Major League Baseball offices. There is no word. Today about not mentioning Tony going. -- a lot we regret to inform you that we should have when we should have done us some sort of PR spin from baseball some sort of PR spin from fox. And there hasn't been anything -- a couple of your text on this we're also getting into the G Jeter slaughter fest that was yesterday after an Adam Wainwright. Six and ideas very well that's regatta practiced that that act I. He's got to Adam Wainwright and he spoke to reporters yesterday about what alleviated. For Derek Jeter unbelievable. Again not get they not go there is hearing now. That is next you're listening to import -- -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN Sports Radio it's an eighty the fan. This is a British Open we tradition of Danforth dirt and spray party by black youth ranch online -- you -- dot com on ESPN Sports Radio generated both Israel and. Nfl.com you know they list on the top coaches in the NFL. There's -- controversy with -- I think when they put these lists together they do it on purpose. Let's get -- at the bottom of the hour also the SEC came out with. -- -- rules for hitting the quarterback. You wanna hear that conversation coming up at 1245. So here alas at the all star game which I -- -- Tony Gwynn read your couple your tax on it. As Zack says it's not like he died in prison after murdering someone. Or that he had a shady past him he dipped so does have a Major League Baseball media make huge baseball fan it's tiring to have it's tiring. Having to constantly shake. And my idea. Shake my head trying to rationalize stupid choices Major League Baseball keeps making that's I think that's what Dirk experiences. Is that most of the conversation we have about baseball on the show are negatives -- and that's that's partly yes that's but it's a lot of baseball because -- they serve up. In his native story after negative story where you can go after them and this is another example. A one yesterday when he talked about the all star game in Jeter's a dad's been Isis short -- dad's been put this together it's about a minute long bit. Here's the broadcast last night Jeter Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter to. Jerry Jeter Jeter Derek Jeter Jeter. -- -- -- dear dear dear Jeter Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter. Over a hundred times yesterday yeah. And broadcast on either an eyebrow got to hit dared do yeah. Incredible influx is -- on the top -- passing on the torch and of course the controversy that ensued was Adam Wainwright who is the beginning the start over Clayton curse after the NL. Had this to say -- -- handers afterwards. The comments he meets their reporters after he pitched quite well without all out. I feel terrible about this anyway. There was this. It was miss. I made a mistake by the hope people realize I'm not intensely do. It's out there and this can mean. I'm -- people think I'm. -- said yesterday at the politics you can do I -- has been. I just it's it's a distraction that I did not want to be a distraction now. We all -- -- -- We appreciate declare that I don't celebs social media and I don't -- just. Until you do you've got yeah. -- air -- inserting yourself and a story once again this year it's get old Aaron but added a comment that he got in trouble for yesterday it was a he said he grooved his exact words -- he grooved one for Derek Jeter and he comes back as he didn't need to -- All right don't -- I threw one from McGill no Miguel Cabrera is a damn. He's been torture used his problem was he admitted that he did it but this whole East Coast bias thing with Derek Jeter has really. It resonates with us out here -- land. Because -- the East Coast bias and we've got. Your you set up perfectly adding there's an inferiority complex and its culture and needing Wanda. But yesterday was it -- unless you're a Yankee fan who cares about yesterday. Yeah Emma you know you don't wanna go too far to say that Derek Jeter is irrelevant because he's a first ballot hall of fame player -- one of the knowledge guy like that Chipper Jones had a nice animal when he retired in the all star game wasn't as big as this. The fans and stand up and -- Chipper Jones. To me though that the reason this goes back to the whole segment that we had yesterday. It really gets to appoint a bothering the that we just -- -- is a country we just how down to major markets and I don't know why that is. It is because they've won 27 championships or Babe Ruth and all the legendary players have come through. I understand why they're always on national TV they're gonna get ratings everybody's front runner in this country there's more Yankee fans and a fan of any other team in baseball so I understand that. But I really hit a point last night where I was sitting there watching you practice at Davis a great point for the show. Dupree didn't do people of Minnesota not realize the Yankees basically knocked them out of the playoffs seemingly year after year after year in the last decade every time. Joe Mauer Justin portable in that group went to the playoffs and felt like it was the Yankees or bouncing them from the playoffs and I pose is do you spray it out you have a different take on it and I do. But I connected it with okay say Kobe Bryant comes out this year and says they are retiring my last -- my last -- I'm done after this year if he comes to Portland in his last game as a Laker. Our blazer fans get a standout project code be brawny way they've both out of his idea. I don't know -- know there's going to be -- -- is that what you're gonna take a chance I don't agree on the -- but see it to me this is assuming you can -- you can appreciate a guy without standing -- -- for somebody that bounced you from the last year -- -- year -- -- I really do you honestly they're very few things I'm a -- about him it's the giants baseball is one. In the city of Portland is too. I have a very large inferiority complex when you constantly are just hearing news about the knicks about lakers about the giants about the Yankees about the cowboys. Every two point right to say who gives a -- I don't care about Phil Jackson Derek Fisher in the New York -- I don't care that Derek Jeter is retiring I'm sorry I don't if you want to acknowledge it that's fine that's your county go ahead give a standing ovation. I would not do that aren't on its own and to me it was almost a little embarrassing for the city. Well you know I had a good point to Felicia when neither one you guys -- knowledge and my point. It's a great comes to your city though it has been kind of a rival for ten plus seasons. I think there's got to be a part of you even if you hate that team because I hate the lakers if there's one big market team in any sport that I hate. It's the Los Angeles Lakers don't mind the Yankees whatever I know they're gonna get the attention because of who they are -- about the Celtics or anybody else. But with the lakers I have a special agent when you grow up in this city -- yeah I don't know how you become a loss and justly ask fan when I was totally arena and a co feature is exactly I don't understand that whatsoever. Bought it it was cold -- the last game in the MBAs and Laker import wind. Winning chant Kobe Bryant but I would -- him a standing ovation give -- a minute applause and say you know what. I hated you I hated everything that you did against us. But congratulations you had a great career and as a basketball fan you step back you acknowledge that I didn't -- Minnesota clapping for Derek Jeter. Idea they've knocked him out the chance that a little much you don't need to change it -- Jeter you didn't even -- Justin Morneau is actually his returns. -- -- appreciating is it okay chanting is a little much is guessing the treatment towards Derek Jeter yesterday in the all star game Darian. In -- you -- and 1080 the fan go ahead. -- -- guys that I call an end on that Osama no one days spare -- you delays. Do you guys are you still it. -- may -- and so I'm not like a yankees supported by any means but I think the reason why Jeter -- so much love -- nationwide not so much -- -- needs clothes I guess situation. It's going to be the guy play quite and the steroid -- he never got popped his name was never imagined he'd never within the tabloid scrutiny appealed distraction just -- now. Will be brought -- would that rape case you know about so what you know my son plays baseball he's sixteen Allen he grew -- now we use Jeter -- -- got a -- -- diaper can be you know to have bases came -- and has a problem besides myself of course -- -- and everything so up so you know I think there was a lot to do whether it's not so much you know just the baseball aspect of conduct a considerable -- I played the game I have -- and then you know and all the the peeled now he's kept his nose clean on that it. Year I think you -- I I would agree with some of that I think one of the things that people forget about Derek Jeter is that we get is that athletes it's fine. He did he's a womanizer it's it's funny. Yeah it's funny how many got a -- he's hooked up with then we would all do that if -- -- in the same spot as him yeah for sure but let's not pretend like you Johnny -- Zell is doing is we're not going after that I didn't invite -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it and -- it was the supermodel -- supermodel we sit there and say what it careless it yeah this is young he's -- Clearly you actually it was not Derek Jeter's fault that's I think the crux of this issue it's not his fault. But he is he is trotted out there yesterday in the all star game and you -- -- you go. Are right what will the coverage of him. Ends up taking away your enjoyment. Is the coverage of Tim did not comparing the players please hear me out. The coverage of Tim Tebow ruined Tim Tebow yes the coverage of Brett Favre ruin Brett -- Johnny man's timing and Zell. Jerry alien yes whenever you over cover athletes and you put -- higher than people think they should be. Then that's where you're gonna get the dislike for them. What you think about this to Derek Jeter his relationship with the New York media I've never heard a bad word spoken about him how is that played India -- You know the amount of press that he gets on and off the field you hear about -- may be occasionally on TNT dot com. But Johnny -- hooks up with somebody and it's -- -- number one story everybody wants to grown out and ridicule on. How was his relationship with the media overall impact and his -- his I would say it's shaped everything in terms of how we view him. How we feel about -- the you don't like the Yankees and most baseball fans feel she rooting for Derek Jeter right. Ages two final things on his first stop who what when you bring up the clean arguments that he did at the right way to look I eight -- I do believe that is a large part why people look at somebody and Derek Jeter and say let's appreciate him because -- -- uncle -- at the right way. -- just much more jaded as a baseball fan because the same thing happened when Frank Thomas was inducted in the hall of fame last year. Everybody said that about frank -- who are we to sit here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of it does happen because he is in New York I'm sorry -- it just is and I think it's -- which are about this yesterday. Would you do with a baseball reference to compare him to players he compares to lieutenant Tim Roberto Alomar into Craig Biggio. That's that's the end of it that's the end of the conversation right 3400 -- is impressive he's a first ballot hall of Famer but let's not act like that I was Ty Cobb. That's that's right leave off on this argument as I honestly thought last -- you're so right that the coverage of him. It completely overblown with the entire story I'm off for having a nice moment for standing up if you little plot going to -- do a little video montage. Ask some of the younger players about watching Jeter when they were kids. I am fine with all that but it was way overblown last night because we were for some reason pretending like Babe -- they just retire from baseball we're never gonna see another player like him. I apologize from my womanizer comment he did give him gift baskets and that's exciting and Derek -- -- that's a true gentleman -- -- calling them back in being in their life you given the gift basket everything he cares about meeting in quitting as long as you majority -- exactly right everything is -- given FL -- came out the list of the top coaches in the NFL. The Seahawks got snubbed -- they were Pete Carroll thought that on this list. As well as one John Harbaugh that is neck well. Yeah. This is a British Open -- edition of Davenport's third and spray fourteen by black people rants online at -- -- dot com. On ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- day. This I know that Derek Jeter is a topic that people have an opinion on one way or another you don't love the guy or -- -- over covered there's no. Which he why she opinions on here -- and also there's nobody playing devil's advocate. It really did drive me nuts last night to down play down my Snyder -- -- -- felt that guy came out their list of the top coaches in the league. And now we're gonna count some of these down at number ten is Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs number nine is Mike Tomlin. With the Pittsburgh Steelers eight is John Fox of the Denver Broncos in this is where things. You don't have the debates with NFL fans as the top NFL coaches in the league number seven according to nfl.com is Pete Carroll. The Seattle Seahawks down okay now are eight numbers top seven number six is Mike McCarthy. Five is Tom Coughlin. Four is John Harbaugh from the ravens' number three is Jim Harbaugh. From the niners to John's brother. Number two was Peyton gets on -- number one is Bill Belichick would talk to I don't have a problem with. The issue -- to get in this -- you're -- Iverson -- it was Shar-Pei Ambien and absolutely I am now why is that because he went away from his team they were terrible he came back to me to play out. -- -- the ultimate question though when you're measuring this is a consistency is it rings is -- mean there's a lot of different I don't army you can choose one -- -- should not be the sole factor here because he only has one race. Who would you rather have as a coach in this is a man made for Sports -- topic but who would you -- rather have as a coach moving forward would you rather have Pete Carroll or would you rather have. -- Harbaugh -- which one of those would you rather have 55 threes and that's an easy question to me -- Listerine and you don't like to see -- I I'm pretty confident it's going to be Pete Carroll attack machine everybody was the label be targets. Play years as coach players -- gonna play Eminem get to you Jim Harbaugh doesn't have that now he's -- a lot of his key players like Camelot they like playing foreign. And he's an incredible job this is far -- the easiest question answer for more sports fans because they wanna play with a guy who's not gonna get in the grass. Who's not gonna always hold them accountable and that's Pete -- -- -- -- yeah all I'm not in ranked. You know no -- about it. And I like Derek Jeter is the best NFL coach but he's he gets requests have been -- is only doing its. -- -- and -- you know I do think that a lot of fans will say Pete Carroll. And I try you know I've really you know people look at us and we'll say we're biased because I am a San Francisco 49ers fan. I do think Jim Harbaugh is a better coach I really do now. When it comes to ranking these guys are putting a minute top ten currently right now it depends on what you wanna have a basis beat me Jim Harbaugh has been in the NFL for three years he's been a three NFC title games. That's very impressive now did he fall short the NFC to out of him deputy thoughts or the Super Bowl. Yeah he doesn't have a ring right now so therefore I would not have a problem with Seahawks fans sitting here and getting angry insane how is Pete Carroll not higher than Jim Harbaugh. Because to me at some point you have to play in a Super Bowl ring and I thought you brought up a great point import. The fact that Jim Harbaugh is headed John Harbaugh on its list. That to me is almost as is as egregious as Pete Carroll being behind I don't I don't get the -- right now because to me because we were talking about this before the show in in terms of did Jim Harbaugh -- out -- in those big games of the Genesee -- agreement in the Super Bowl in in my opinion you can disagree. He did not get out coached in last year's NFC title game it did when you have a gimmick is that close in -- sat down to the wire. Did you can't say that Pete Carroll Al could you just can't if you're CI -- and you would disagree that's fine. But when you look at the Super Bowl between the 49ers in the ravens if you don't have that power -- what's the final score that team that the 49ers were getting absolutely pounded -- until the power went out so -- can look at that game and say yes on -- large -- on on the big stage indiscernible the biggest stage of football John -- out coach Jim -- therefore he should be higher but to me it's obvious -- is on the safe FaceBook -- appear -- the top ten it's pretty darn good is -- don't become. Gasoline is like to meet you really were being honest about NFL coaches. I think you'll find whoever you take your except maybe any reading and you re always make me a little owners -- -- we did a good job in Kansas City last year but he still makes -- there's going to board but. You know it would -- about the FC title game in the Super Bowl would Jim Harbaugh. I don't know why you sit back -- and you can claim to know as many -- is -- you want. I don't know how you watch the NFC title game and honestly walk away feeling like all Pete Carroll wasn't easily the better coach between two. It came down to being a foot away from the niners winning a game in Seattle which is the most impossible thing to do. By all media's predictions in terms of who they pick going into that game. This Super Bowl look I get it may be the first half I'm with you there. The ravens -- more prepared more ready to play on that stage but you also factoring that was contact predicts what -- your game of his or order a rookie -- that's a -- that was a really young team in terms of their playoff experiences. And look how that second half went I know they had the power outage. But again the niners near six yards away from winning the Super Bowl and that's that to me that's Mormon -- -- coordinator system. Our situation in India is a head coaching situation now Jim still -- I had some say in what play the Iran. But I still look at Greg Roman get very frustrated as a niner fan I just look at Jim Harbaugh your first three years in the league and you take it -- to the NFC title game at least. Every single season sure you haven't won the ring like Pete Carroll sure -- flamed out a couple games -- just haven't met expectations in terms of winning that title. But you're looking at a team that was six and ten the year before he got there. I don't care what pieces they had. To take a team from six in ten. To twelve and four in the NFC championship game the next she dropped punts away from making the super then next season and then two years after it's an incredible run he deserves to have some kind accolade of being a top five coach I don't care these 543. I like where they -- decency act. Effectively there access. You just acting like -- year old what are. Our blue collar Raddatz hey here's a twelve right here we got to slow getting there may -- yeah spirit let's go on on twelve UN matters for coaches what they do in big games. Our -- once you NFC championship games he gets there he gets there it's great that's accomplishment in itself yet he's one into an NFC championship -- -- -- one consumables. When your again this goes back to the Jeter debate when word. When your take it apart guys -- pick it apart guys in the top 567. Of the coach here beyond that the list of coaches in the NFL. At some point you have to start looking at how they produced. In in the biggest states in hardball while he has been a great regular season coach and he has to he has done well to get into the NFC championship game. There's he has not performed well in the biggest moments he's one in four. It or one and three in the big games he has played it. Ansari plea either one -- three in a bigger gains for whatever reasons bring you listen very valid reasons you list all the does though all of those things you listed are credible. And legit point of conversation. But unfortunately when were when we're doing this it's a results based business. And you Pete Carroll has the results. That ends up smattering. Almost a -- cup read a couple of your tax on this panda a couple more points on the Harbaugh. Vs Carol debate as the NFL came out what they list. Other top coaches in the NFL what our top five -- what would your top -- will discuss that next also coming up here shortly in about fifteen minutes from now. The SEC came out and to find where you could hit the quarterback. While that for you to you're listening to the airport there and spraying on ESPN's Sports Radio -- need to. They're really long time no. -- And this is a British Open -- edition of Danforth dirt and spray it. Watching my black -- Rants online in -- -- dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay -- Live. There's two things were seeing on the text machine in terms of Pete Carroll in. Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh the reason we're having this conversation is that the nfl.com. Released a list of their top coaches. -- NFL number one was built ballots tech mom number two you -- Sean Payton. I don't from a either of those two number three was Jim Harbaugh for was his brother John of the Baltimore Ravens five was Tom Coughlin. Six as Mike McCarthy the Packers and then seven was Pete Carroll and the two things are seeing as. Pete Carroll -- a player's coach and -- I'd much rather play for Pete Carroll -- but Harbaugh as a much better x.s and o.s coach. And I do wonder which one of their routines wears off faster with their key players because -- of them already opposite ends opposite extremes. Where Harbaugh it's just. Grind grind grind in your face you gotta go my way and I there's players or respect that and that there's Pete Carroll who's happy go lucky create competition all the time. This -- they can't Wear on both sides can Wear on you. And it's gonna be a matter I think a lot of of of what runs out first but while the thing we're getting on the text machine is. He carols a player's coach. John Harbaugh is an x.s and o.s guy you know what's funny to me it's funny that when you have the right amount of talent. Your coaching style always works as NI CP Morgan and a previous -- and yet you think karma is gonna flame out this year and next year because. He -- people law is an. People are gonna -- MO. It's funny that Pete Carroll smiled to have been -- at -- -- every game like oh really they're thirteen and three no crap -- was smiling comments when he was 511. Violate these -- kind of bring this up. Four -- twelve Pete Carroll comes thing when they go five and eleven I understand this verbal argument props the Seahawks they were obviously the best team last year they beat the niners they destroy the Broncos. Congratulation I really am legitimately happy for the city Seattle name on your mind not -- yeah. Seattle. -- -- And -- kind of sitting. -- -- It cracks me up that we -- point he's such a great players that they were five and eleven in his first year he wasn't smiling nobody was making comments about it yeah but once you start winning because you get the right pieces. People take notice. Look at what Pete Carroll started with a Seattle I understand there were a lot of holes there and they did a great job drafting as did Josh and I -- -- I look at the sea -- and I give a lot more credit to John Snyder and where there as an organization. Then I knew Pete Carroll I think would Jim Harbaugh has been able to do in one year turning that team around. I don't care do you think the niners are not gonna make the playoffs this year and not give back the as the title game. That the facts remain three years in the NFL. Three straight NFC title and championship appears is to me that that's not the ultimate goal. No it's -- tell -- that the when you don't make the playoffs for ten years but the goals not to make anti you know I have no idea how long it will make it is -- the was the first year when you don't make the -- in his first -- It -- here I think here's an example and I don't uncontrollable at the breaks but to me you know because we've had this conversation a lot when it comes of the Marlins -- the Marlins are obviously nowhere to be compare apple to -- to Pete Carroll but. What Jamar -- point two and of people that would argue for tomorrow by say consistency look what he did took over six and ten team. And it's data being Super Bowl NFC title game that's consistency he's never had a season. As a head coach in this league where he is not at least made it to the NC JP two gave it to be there is something to be said about that there is something to be said. About consistency because if you play that Seattle -- just a game on a neutral field you played ten times. Seattle wins the majority of those games but to me that's a coin flip a coin flip on the gain. And to be that's -- you to look at these two to me there's not a whole lot that separates either of them. It when you compare acknowledges compared to baseball because we did this with the Marlins. Would you rather be starting and say look let's say 1997 would you rather be the Miami Marlins -- the Florida Marlins. With two World Series rings in about thirteen years as an absolute joke is a franchise. Or -- embrace what's more impressive organization to you and it's a difference in opinion I see the Atlanta Braves I -- to do it consistently in the -- division title after division title. After division title is harder to do it to get hot one time when it would and when a couple of World Series to meet -- it has to be something about the consistency. If you wanna say Pete Carroll built his team that's fine. Look he has the re right now therefore I understand the argument he should be higher -- Jim Harbaugh but let's not sit here and act like Jim Harbaugh is a joke with a coach because he doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. The guy has been fantastic in his first three years in the week. I think another example is who would rather be the pistons from 94. Until 2014. Or -- in Portland trail which like the -- always had a great run yet. Of going to you got to the conference files you you've had you've been knocking on the door you haven't won a championship to meet. I'll take championships every single times he'll take years of decoding completely irrelevant if it wins the easiest and one champion gymnast that. That that's -- that's why you play -- the ultimate goal is no doubt about it but when your team's socks I mean -- -- a -- then I think -- yet if you -- that you're -- let me -- -- -- -- a question I -- because -- there's been a lot of -- champion teams -- have struggled to repeat we've seen -- last couple years with the champion hasn't even made the playoffs the next year we saw last year with the -- so let me throw this out -- It it does does it changing your mind at all say Jim Harbaugh makes it to the suitable loses this year when the NFC title game they lose and -- suitable. The Seahawks don't make the playoffs does that change your mind at all now. And yet not out of it does because I you have to look at to me you have to look at how you perform. When it matters most -- ended the regular season while the regular season in the NFL matters most in sports no it doesn't need it absolutely does more than -- didn't have a great regular season they're not -- it -- more in the playoffs -- and it was played -- -- your dismissing the Reagan was not not I'm saying the post season is the big games. Yeah like the Seahawks don't have a great regular season they're not playing in the details however that's not true San Francisco that's not true than the giants in the packers' -- had an average regular season and -- Super Bowl that is so I mean heredity it matters but you also I mean in matters to a point. But what matters to me the most is and is why Bill Belichick is considered a great coach. Is because the consistency that's Clijsters -- one of -- is consistency. But no but he's also had a good record when it comes to Super Bowls as I think that's when you look and getting there that's that's when you're looking at the -- checked. As one of the best coaches and Sean Payton number two -- who would be your top three coaches in the -- now you're starting a team. You get three coaches. I would probably go -- is. I'm starting a team. I'm going Jim Harbaugh is in my conversation. I'll go Sean Payton and I think Sean Payton and -- is a little -- I think there's years where people talk about the saints theory team and always flame out. In my third one -- and again and as a wondering too yeah me and my third when I I I wanna save Belichick but I -- I might go Mike McCarthy. And I go Mike McCarthy the Packers and -- respect for what he does in green. My top three would be Harbaugh Carolyn John -- I -- just -- my top three -- Bill Belichick and yet that the thing that always gets lost in all this in you could do we were kind of doing it with the Derek Jeter in -- we do it all the time the players were guys have to come into the right situation and that's always fighting to me about. You know we consider and act like bill Belichick's best coach in the history the NFL he flamed out Cleveland. He was doing a lot New England all the sudden Tom Brady comes around and he's he's a genius in -- could -- you could use that same analogy. Would both Pete Carroll because you look at Pete Carroll in Seattle where Saturday if if the Jacksonville Jack wires were competent organization and they drafted Russell Wilson. The set of drafting a punter in the third round whenever they took him. Where what do we say about the Carol right now and give Tarvaris Jackson as your quarterback to to be allowed this looking at coaches and acting like they're the best in the -- same thing with Jim Harbaugh and Jim are -- us Alex Smith right now but did they make a -- -- the suitable than extra probably not. They go to the NFC title game last year probably not because we've seen Alex Smith is limited as a as a quarterback so. We also always lose sight of the fact that coaches I use the same thing with Phil Jackson all the time if Phil Jackson didn't have Kobe Shaq. Michael and from an in -- then he probably doesn't have eleven champion Jimmie -- it is a player driven. It's just interesting to me like -- force point about you know about how you do in bigger games I think there's almost a study there in terms of how we view athletes or coaches and sports. Like what is the criteria in your mind that -- and I see somebody bad right and I think part of the reason for that is. Because we're picking apart -- picking apart but you leak coaches right -- and so again it all comes back to if you're doing the Elway vs Marino vs Montana vs Brady vs Manning like those quarterbacks. In a lot he would say Peyton Manning. Or Dan Marino might be the best quarterback for me here irks Warner acts you -- respect until they quarterback and pick one those guys are in the conversation right but you look at a guy like Joseph Montana any I would even there Tom Brady in this -- yeah. They're there were -- they went earlier this brave for rings respectively right and there's a lot of the NFL is tough because you've got so many other players on the field the same time. And you look it it's the giants' Eli Manning don't go into incredible runs and end power reviewing Tom Brady's there's a lot of bloodiest that can happen in sports. But when you're picking apart guys. It's the media ultimate trump card. Is all things being equal I have to look at how you performed in big pull and I think maybe this is just me kind of getting older is the sports fan that when I step back -- -- we had a conversation with quarterbacks and I kind of left and -- my top five just because I was thinking about championships. But he -- because I've gotten older I look at this thing and I say. There are so many moving parts in sports and that it really especially for all it really is hard to identify one person. Being better than another when it's a game of 22 players on both sides of the ball you look at the giants particular when they -- did the patriots the first time and and stopped and defeated season. Had they not play the patriots the last week of the regular season are they able to beat the patriots in the Super Bowl. I'm not so sure a lot of things and a lot of criteria fall into place in sports where I don't just look at championships anymore. I look at the skills and and I say what India have around him. What -- what was a conference like what was is diffusion idea I think their a lot of moving parts you really step magazine's sportsman -- you realize is a lot of great news. Just as you know a marine doesn't mean you have an angry right and that yet and that's not necessarily out of greeted differently got a text like Robert if that's if what I say is -- is Texas says -- Robert Horry is greater than John -- and that's -- what I'm saying. What I'm saying is when you're talking about elite level guys what's the difference between Ko be and number Michael. Look like when you're talking easily -- level status you're comparing guys you have to define. What you think makes them better or worse than than the other than their competition and one of the ways the easiest way for me to do that. Is championship rings will visit this conversational more later on. In the show we're also going to talk about the SEC coming up with a rule. Of where you can hit quarterbacks coming up next our smorgasbord of sports topics the Charlotte hornets signed a guard in big time guard. In a couple of the Portland trailblazers or some of those top in the NBA in most like. While that for you are smorgasbord you listen -- portraits break. I've served up by -- -- on -- different.

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