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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.15.14 Hour 3

Jul 15, 2014|

The guys talk Derek Jeter, have some fun with audio, and

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- dirt. It's brand new content keep -- around -- -- within less -- the best is upon us for this not only does up the fairway down the days when we didn't get me over the flag presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open regulation of then -- third and spray it brought to you by black -- ranch. Spectacular golf stunning scenery is amazing resort amenities for your perfect vacation package of -- It ransacked comp today Danforth burdensome. -- -- ESPN's sports ready OJ navy both man. For those who either don't know we just did his golf -- Any it is an outside the lines piece which I just tweeted out it's acts Taylor AD influence hilarious to throw it up on the -- FaceBook pages wells of your interest in one of the go to one of those two places on my Twitter or you can find it. On our daughter basement they defaced but dot com -- -- -- and we enjoy that as we all play a lot of golf and the way they treated golf is an addiction was pretty funny. Study where you have to I hit the old recording studio in trying to come up with some addiction stuff of our own for tomorrow -- trying to find a way to make. It goes so deep and we chose football I've been very how deeply you're really go with this stupid little nuances like when people have. Porn addictions they delete their their Internet history you can do you do you erase the last button from your -- like get your -- and obscure network say it's I don't know fox. Work won -- late at night. You gotta go back to and I think normal that he had to go to CNN YTBS your app. AFLAC hits last Eagles did you see I was watching every day and a half an actual network don't know what that is what sort of like seven -- as well as -- Satellite and I can't figure it out yet. This is also -- -- -- to the last segment but it is pretty funny the Iran ESP ended a kind of -- video of Rudy -- favorite movie. For some reason -- -- for summaries about a -- -- -- college football playoff so unlike Rudy this is not real but it is fun. Now this is all I've wanted to. Play college football. I love this game. It's almost perfect but I believed frank do me a little bit better. -- You play. How easy out pretty well okay he's Rudy take the top four teams in the country regardless of their conference they play to the semi final games and the winners advance. To a national championship. The teams will be handpicked. By selection committee. -- some beads weren't certain -- more confusion about computer calculations. These two playoff games they're gonna rotate between the six classic holes he got the Rose Bowl the sugar Willie -- -- -- comparable painting what can't. And Fiesta Bowl. And just picture and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Over the course of 36 hours you're gonna usher in the new year being glued to our television -- watching all of the best games on the and that's what college football's all about. They're planning a huge win the national championship I. And this is gonna go to affect about forty years you. Get started working. Guys you may want to tell me me. Father. -- you pick me up on your shoulders. It's -- don't give up now it's. We're so close enough bodies how the -- you Rhode. Meanwhile it's a diamond is a wide scale is not Sam lies -- Indians when you would have pictured him pops up the first it becomes everybody's mind is Rudy nightclub now I'm thinking duties -- lord of the ring I'll Barbara all the winning -- Miller. Shot I asked him John asked -- was also. The -- and he said though. Yeah AM on the F fifty -- differs that you Anthony first day it's Steve Spurrier spoke to SEC media day today any had a couple good quotes had a couple bad Michael it is amazing this Steve Spurrier has been. And South Carolina fourteen years now he called Alabama the favorites to win the SEC -- kind of a cheap shot Adam. He said arguably they've got the greatest collection of football players ever assembled on a college team. If they're recruiting services are correct. Steve Spurrier went on to talk about just kind of the general landscape of the SEC said look sans. Want me to be claims and every year that's what they want. They would rather have that and an SEC title but what has eluded him so far he's had great seasons. He is not able to get that SEC championship -- Steve Spurrier is. Awesome for college football I'd like to see South Carolina be able to get the SEC championship before he's done. And retire when you look at his record the last three years three top ten finishes 33 wins to meet this guy is he's not only one of the best coaches -- we have in this country. He's a media day got I mean if there you -- -- a a selection of coaches you could pay to just hear quotes about going into -- season. To me he falls under that category I would pay money to go eighteen holes -- play golf with Steve Spurrier just steer him sound off. And look I it's great that his perspective is in the right direction a lot of fans. Get so wrapped up in a rivalries or teams -- -- in a while yep that -- forget -- the bigger picture big bigger picture -- me. Like org like when you looking Georgia Mark Richt for example. They can't beat Alabama can't get over that hump and win that ACC title. A lot of fans in Georgia get mad that they can't just beat Alabama or it's not about just Alabama it's about winning your conference being the SEC champ. Being involved in a fourteen playoff. I love how on -- Steve Spurrier is about almost every single thing that he talks about to -- he's great for the game who cares he flamed out with the Redskins it doesn't always work on that level for a lot of guys. But he is being a college guru I hope he sticks around for another ten years he is fantastic for the Gail -- -- and every time detox you cannot go back and you look at his record -- and everybody forgets that he -- it says he's won eleven games each of the last three years and I've won a bowl game every year and if there's a top -- to the last three seasons. They just haven't had an elusive SEC title any creates engaged in conversation for me. Because I I do believe down there they -- republic it's just a different animal you've ever been down south and you've ever traveled and seen some of those stadiums. It's just a different animal than it is here and it's nothing and knocked at the northwest fans of the West Coast against. -- just did say they live and breathe college football in the south and that's just the way it's always going to be. But I Odyssey would be curious thing if US ducks in a beaver fancy beaver fan. I'll tell you lose to organ and you lose to Washington that you went back to -- go to the Rose Bowl. Are you OK with that or would you rather have a season beating Washington and beating organ. And going to say the -- mobile -- the whole table and ended it creates a very easy conversation because I think -- -- -- stands on you know on both sides of the fence that is say -- obviously we want to championship we won the conference title -- him but I I do know that duck fans love the feather in the -- -- -- -- we beat Washington ten years in a -- amid what it's for years and are now I think with -- -- -- -- five years in a -- So they look at you as a as a program you love having those bragging rights is sitting currency and we beat -- the last five years eating you could just what it scoreboard look at the Seahawks right now with the 49ers. Richard Germans done at the entire offseason now we obviously got the Super Bowl on top of that. Which helps but anytime -- can beat your rival it's huge it is curious to me though because the the fans down there. They honestly view the SEC championship game asked the national title immediately did in maybe it's narcissistic maybe it's just been any Ahmadinejad. But when you -- a straight national championships you can sit there and say hey when the winner of the SEC title game goes on the majority of the time to win national title game. Yes when you when you when the SEC more than likely that is the national championship game and that's just the way they think down. There when you're looking at this kind of rivalries in coaching rivalries. There's not as much in the pac twelve is there is in the SEC and that's just another element another layer of the onion when you look at the SEC is a conference. And I hope that develops in the pac twelve part of the reason. We have had a tenure in the pac twelve is a different brand the fans that is involved now are remembered doing the show. When Chip Kelly said you know he didn't acknowledge the rival reaching Washington. In Oregon and he just refused to -- At some of his later -- -- any primaries really know some of his later years he kind of acknowledged I was loves to hear him -- I said it's another -- to discredit this is why what made in good and he said every opponent the same every -- -- -- face -- -- doesn't matter which is credit. Worked for him very very well but there is Elena or -- one -- -- to get involved and fans want their coach to take a cheap shot. Maybe Mike Riley in the -- state beavers are tough to take a cheap shots out of your organ. But if your mark health for its take a cheap shot at Washington if you're Chris Peterson take a cheap shot at the ducks like that that stuff is -- That's what takes place in the SEC and it doesn't in the pac twelve and to meet elevates. That level of a just competition in and Steve Spurrier is that the front and he's won the best at doing well it's going to be funny the day that Mike -- sized to fist fight some. To say that. Right now I just -- one it and go from now that's guy's yard line after he needs actually Punjab such is playing in his -- challenging the other coach like he's this gorilla and planned the -- is -- let's go out this by the way we watched by what I've been waiting for Dirksen. To watch plane into the Yates I'd I'd put off watching the new movie. And dirt doesn't like it he thinks is the terrible movie particularly I didn't say it pretty much decent Mark Wahlberg version is better easy at insane and he's not and go to the new one with the -- Party market he's playing now he -- -- it. Using now -- first -- and second up using this same Charleston Heston line are you kidding me. That was the low point of any movie I've seen in quite some time yes some fictional football player -- -- waste on the shoulders that doesn't euphoria I got -- my -- blows right ES low demand now. ESPN is doing something new with their coverage of the British Open with Tiger Woods. And hopefully we'll see this more and more in sports in in golf we'll see what they're doing next. You've got Dan -- -- we are served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on Anthony's defense. This is a British Open week's edition of Danforth -- and spread -- by black people rants online -- black Butte -- dot com. On ESPN Sports Radio intimidated girlfriend. For his -- New York's Darlene Derek Jeter at the bottom of the hour. Lot of people talking about that today in our office and a lot of people -- as it inching ever take naps. And that any conversation that we will have it will center around how he would be outside of the Yankees is that I think that's yet to evaluate. Derek Jeter that conversational take. Place at the bottom of the hour but ESPN is taking approach to Tiger Woods of course it is British Open we hear on the -- their -- late last time I was there tiger won it was an 06. Easily -- driver one time in a bunch of irons but what they're doing it with golf and with Tiger Woods on ESPN three. Is that they are having it basically a camera devoted. Are watching is the end zone basically tiger and nothing but tiger and they're gonna follow his every single move around the course to try to get people exposure is one of those ideas or -- Why not sooner and it makes so much sense to be able to allow people to watch tiger for his entire round -- most people do think. Most networks will be that but if he's out of contention. They won't show him as much she -- makes so much sense and is a -- of those ideas regal why. Haven't they done it sooner or number one and why don't they do this in more sports never do that if you had a camera devoted to Peyton Manning and he was -- up. I'd pay money into the watch that channel. -- LeBron James and then there's certain athletes and obviously your head and shoulders above the rest in terms of entry -- guys he would wanna watch. And especially when you tie and the -- dot part now -- bet that to me would be the only part about this -- was saying that it would be a little bit hesitant about. And passion that he would completely sign an -- we know the facts -- that if you will be able to hear everything that he's going to say. Because that's the case in this as much must watch TV or must watch in a matter when every one college. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Especially -- Stanley Cup playoff time and in the Stanley Cup final the have a -- to cameras -- go online and it's easy to the NBC sports network -- you can watch individual players which is cool you just see how they played in an especially for some of the younger guys that are trying to -- the sport. Learn a certain position on the ice where you wanna be in certain situations -- I think it's a great learning tool. But you're -- right there's a lot of golf fans and -- your wanna bump. Bet you -- a tiger groupies I mean people are intrigued by Tiger Woods they wanna watch because Tiger Woods I feel kind of offended that you said that not me but I'll let that's -- I'm Lebanese tiger -- -- line I know you like using a -- group relies sound defensively NAS. He would there's another problem beaded tiger group B because you can see with the ratings happened -- the masters -- out even -- got a -- great final group Bubba Watson in Georgia beat. Ratings are down twenty some percent look at the US open the ratings were absolutely atrocious Smart cover running away with -- on Friday gets up to deal with that. But it's your golf you know that there's always the the ever evolving question of how do you get more eyeballs on your sports -- this is a way to get more people who watch special because it's gonna be at 1 o'clock in the morning -- on Friday more Thursday morning. You wake up roll over a bad turn -- open up your computer watch it'll be fun for a lot of people and I hope it helps out the ratings and tournament. Lion when I think about golf in terms of following one play around it just it feels easy I'm lazy and stupid like he'd given me a hammering on an MBA player -- NFL player easy I'm not sure I can really nasty game man I am pretty down I got a bad -- they do square behind my name. When I I think about -- one player in other sports he just doesn't. It doesn't sound like it'll work in my Miley and I wanted to follow Tom Brady. Yeah I can see what Tom Brady's doing the let's say there was a fifty our press and I'm just watching Tom Brady stand there. I don't know if I have to comprehension to learn to look on the channel and some conferences aren't exactly that's why I'm stupid because you can see where his place finishes with golf that seems easier to just follow around one player in -- Die hard Tiger Woods fan I don't really like watching golf that much unless tiger's playing in it. I enjoy easier now tiger earthy I am a tiger being that I can admit that it's okay I've been attacked -- for a long time now. I can't get enough Tiger Woods and for me this is the perfect channel. People joke all the time the Golf Channel except. Everything else is Tiger Woods driven idea but this particular channel for me is what it is is the tipping point for me this is where Tiger Woods a -- get enough of -- man of course we've got a couple of these how about a camera off of the course on tiger loyalists attack it was reality show. I know as buyers show everybody goes and that's the beauty of tiger vision when he's selecting the club what's he really doing he's looking in the grandstands and no -- Garcia -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got a dry he's got a what do those cameras caught him not to go now let's go -- -- -- We haven't even ever used those cool glasses you know it's I'm talking about the idea that big. -- alienate Nevada more so was it minority report the -- you where they've got like the whatever contact her wearing it like record -- as that of its time it was ahead of its time I'm not really -- nobody but those glasses to -- actually think they have I think new -- actually -- -- really -- kind of expensive I -- and -- it's an additional porn industry a deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was a point in time when. You know when my -- was bad and if it was tough but I could still don't chicken products don't know about the on the golf course. That this. Particular injury with the fact. I didn't wanna do anything. I couldn't get out of that could move around the house I can do it I. Any discusses upcoming chances here I've been in circumstances like this before you know if -- member -- and always I had knee surgery around the masters I didn't you have to leave us open and won -- US open. I didn't play more than. Nine holes and the Sunday before the US open I didn't break 58 for nine holes and still live in the winner and playoff. Nice and it's already there by tiger there's nothing going on in the sports world right now there really isn't worry about a week and a half away from camp skating started in football songs are at this for us. This weekend some breaking news right gets a zero did you diseases are right -- SA DNC game went on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- last half hour of the show Mike Miller has a destination two years. Five point five million dollar deal with tax Mike Miller scientifically and count. And besides that big news back back back there this is the perfect time for tiger to elevate golf it is not only got him in contention you get some of the younger big names in there. And you can and -- from -- your eyes people which some of the other names in golf with tiger being its top again there's nothing going on this weekend. He's got a great chance to to be in contention and have eyeballs on this and say -- you right -- and I I hope that's not just wishful thinking for. All because you know allow a lot of people look to the US open -- -- this is a great chance market -- great golfer but he is not a household name William Martin camera running away from intern at the weekend. It is not to get good ratings so wishful thinking that the wishful thinking golf fan in me. Says I don't Tiger Woods in contention I -- finds a way to stay around this course obviously like you mentioned. It plays to a strength it -- an update driver -- and irons off the tee the putting is not going to be as difficult. In this is a Taylor made golf course for his swing currently. But the only thing I have problems with his lucky and tiger was the Hubble Bragg probably more than any athlete out there and elegantly with all the accolades that he's piled up throughout his career. But let's not sixty or pretend like when he has a comment -- had knee surgery came back him in played in the US open and only point finals I'm one. He's not dissing golf -- was ten years ago -- -- he's getting older he's got a lot of Wear and tear on his body is the hardest most violent golf swing. In the history of the -- sport and he's been doing it for twenty some years. He's not gonna recover the way he used to and that to me look there's some people out there saying he's not gonna make the cut I'm not gonna go that far. But I did not see enough from him in the big it's unfair maybe he's put in plenty of time cents at -- and -- played in a couple weeks ago congressional. But he was not in a position can be that tournament he did not make the cut in that tournament and I can't sit here and say he's going to win I understand why he's the favorite. Let's act like he's just gonna bounce right back days and I as a that is gonna wind -- going on that limb. They Danforth what is the Phoenix deal. Rise from the -- maybe time Elaine May be time to win by five strokes of -- my bones during make a pact with each other. OK can we never say breaking news and Mike Miller again on the -- how senate breaking -- is extraordinary newsman. Derek Jeter where would you rank for you if not on the Yankees is that the conversation with him the all star game tonight. I tend to lean on the side of him not being one of the all time greats because he benefited. From the Yankees and I think we view him through a delay ends that is unfair. To do so we'll discuss this next. I. This is the British Open we tradition of Davenport dirt then spread to fourteen lead -- Read this online in black and grants dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 day of -- The all star game is tonight against it a year on the fan at 5 o'clock -- certainly taken on the National League site. And dad Derek Jeter is his last all star game tonight he is forty years old. -- discussing today on the show who benefited more from this relationship. Did Derek Jeter benefit more from being on New York. According to yankees benefit more by having him as a member of the roster 55305. And does this conversation centers around because I'm of the opinion. Derek Jeter benefited. Are more from the Yankees and being a part of that machine. In the late nineties early two thousands that benefited him far more. Then yeah yankees benefited from him look at what the Yankees have done before they'll continue to do after as long as they can pay people. He's just a team to me he's more a cog in the -- eight great caught. The more they cog in the wheel and he is somebody that stands out is all they've got. That's exactly right Al they've got but not somebody that you what you so you so you put on different team. He doesn't he's not as well known because there's examples of guys have the same numbers in similar numbers to him and we don't discuss them in the same way. Yeah it and I I can I agree completely and and I think you know whatever you say something negative about Derek Jeter fans get very defensive end expressing Yankee fans and to me you know that that's not the route they wanna go and having this conversation because we are all on ingredients. They Derek Jeter I'm -- -- maybe you guys don't agree with this he is a top five shortstop in history of baseball with the PE DS. Let -- -- has no positive test by any LA gay and I know positive year in -- neither was there wasn't one from bonds either so there's no doubt that he is a top five shortstop of all time he's in the conversation we all agree with that he's a hall of fame baseball player. We all agree on that just to be the coverage of him is the only thing that bothers me a little bit to it it almost delves into a. This is an unfair comparison because he is at least a legit athlete can it -- -- intuitive to people where Johnny -- cell where. Derek Jeter is bigger than this Boris bigger than the team. It's NBC benefited. Absolutely demolished and a New York Yankees I'm sorry you cannot convince me. They -- you -- -- Derek Jeter off of those that's three. 2009 yankees GP two team. You cannot convince me that he took Derek Jeter off of that team that they don't win you don't -- -- you plug and play another good that it's a not a good above average shortstop. The Yankees more than likely are gonna find a way to win a couple of -- leadership maybe not every single 15 -- that but you cannot tell me that they don't when a couple of World Series with the talent that they have in in the money that they had to go out and spend it by players. And that's why look at him and I say if he was drafted him brought up by the Milwaukee Brewers. Are we doing this song and dance right now because to me or not he is Omar Vizquel or he is Craig Biggio. This that's not a knock those are hall of fame baseball players he took me though is in the same class as those two guys he is 3400 hits. Is impressive and you don't want to take anything away from what he accomplished. But to me he absolutely benefited from having the pinstripes on his back and let's not our. Like the women didn't benefit from him playing in you're again how many women think their lucky stars that he was yankees' entire career but. You know look this is the conversation that sometimes in sports can be a little frustrating to me is when we look at a player. And they do really well on a team that has the the pedigree of consistently being a championship winner and contender. We kind of knock them down a painting will if you put him on this franchise would get beat -- -- and it's unfair to him the eight days it actually isn't very and that's why habits are such a hard time is even if you think the Yankees kind of made him into what he is right now. That's fine to have that opinion but you can't take away the fact that he still produced for them. For -- near twenty years 3400 hits and 311 batting average we know -- he did not October for that team. Timmy you can't take that away and it's almost silly to kind of put that scenario out there that if he played for this team would his career be the same it probably wouldn't be. But how many other athletes can we do that within a lot if Kobe Bryant's -- the Charlotte hornets opposed to going with Shaq when Shaq gets into his prime and asked Phil Jackson. We might not have this same Kobe Bryant -- time of great examples out there and sports. Where if you play that game it's not fair to an athlete and what they're able to do yet the Yankees are a great organization. We know how many World Series titles they have. But what was he able to do to help them do you know while he was on that seemed to me that's completely unfair I think everything all the attention he's had is warranted. And he is a top five shortstop. We've got a text here that says I don't care one way or another but what he does bring the Yankees and their organization is a great marketing tool yet. I'm New Jersey sales and caps were sold for longevity. Is Texas said he's kept those numbers the same for that long says a lot more than is having those simple number comparisons to other players year in and year out. From year a year and I think part of the reason that you get. With with Derek Jeter to get the same song and dance where -- ask okay you look at. And I you look at -- and what he was able to do you for this team yet there is -- was. Integral into their success is what it's absolutely but at immediately when you look at Derek Jeter and you -- interchangeable parts and sports and the reason that you have to do this. Is because of what they're doing tonight the all star game in the and the pageantry surrounding. Derek Jeter farewell tour commercials that yes yes and when you discussed in this is an all sports he discussed Marino Montana. As some of the reasons some of the ways you do that -- -- -- wanna do that its titles. It's naturally that's what it's Reagan that that's what that's the ultimate debate is -- one of the greatest of all time thank you brought up a great name I thought earlier in Kobe Bryant and I I think the argument for a lot of years of those Los Angeles Lakers teams that I always thought I always felt that people can Caminiti who disagree -- they want. That Kobe Bryant was interchangeable on that -- that if you had eight if you add another also not saying you that you have to call unity that would not not saying Ron Harper but if you had another all star caliber should -- shooting guard almost lakers teams it's repeated. In my opinion they still find a way to win a championship because Shaquille O'Neal was that dominant that's the way that I look at Derek Jeter. In New York Yankees -- Shaquille O'Neal did indeed play a huge draw that absolutely Mike Bryan great point earlier he's one of the best postseason hitters of all time he's mr. November. We all remember the play down in Oakland with him you know the cut off throw when he scooped it looked at home plate in Jeremy G -- Giambi was an -- he didn't slide he was out. We all remember those home run -- a fan -- in new York and reached over the fence -- against the Orioles we all remembers those those moments and I don't want to take anything away from what he did in post season. But what I look in terms of all time greats in baseball he might disagree with this as well I don't count the post season I just simply don't. Because it's a sport where uniquely one guy cannot dominate you can have a picture go out there and throw nothing but complete games in the post season. But ever get three other starters could lose your -- rally post season I do in this is the unique thing about baseball that it is it can be compilation of stats are released 3400 hits is impressive. And again stop architects like say -- were acting like Derek Jeter is this joke of an athlete who doesn't belong in baseball we should be. He is a top I shortstop he's a hall of fame player he's the shortstop several walked the face of the earth. I'm just not. I feel almost dirty. That we're doing the same thing that we did for Mariano Rivera -- because smoke was undoubtedly the best closer in the history of the -- we will never see another one like him you're gonna see another Derek Jeter is a couple of them in the game right now. As a biracial Angeli LC one of those in a lifetime there's nothing wrong with and I watch the interview that Jerry Seinfeld did with Howard Stern. And one of the things he said is look I'm not arrogant enough. To think that what happened in my career. Was my doing not necessarily because I got caught up in the perfect storm I got caught up in the right timing. I got -- up meeting the right people like I don't understand where would people don't. I have the ability to say yes I am talented and yes Derek Jeter is fundamentally a great baseball player. But to say that Jerry sighed closing most people would say -- good comedian. And that was a great shows can be considered the best of all time insight -- but why can't you say I benefited. From with a position that I was put it doesn't take anything away from me. But anybody that gets to a low level of success. In sports usually benefits one way or another they are very few players in all of sports where you can say. That particular player did not benefit from the situation with their put it we look at AFL Russell Wilson's Russell Wilson did -- -- wires -- But he did with the Seahawks because the pieces around him. And so there's nothing wrong with -- Russell Wilson -- the perfect fit for that system absolutely there's nothing wrong he's a perfect fit for what Seattle did get out there is already perfect -- -- -- -- a great fit for the Yankees but don't pretend and make the case to me that Derek Jeter would have been the same player had -- not been. In New York Yankee and because of that when you go -- and honor him in the all star game I don't probably mentioning it but at the pageantry surrounding it. There if you're gonna do it for him that there's other guys that are worthy of it but the reason that is for him I believe is because he is a Yankee and that is. But when you say he wanted to be the same player -- -- and in terms of just attention are you tied -- -- -- I suspension notice I think you'd get the same stats. And any argument yet -- -- -- -- but I heard there are guys that can terrible stats to Jeter. They're just not viewed the same way I see some guys like you have these opportunities where great organizations. Historically draft due I think Paul Pierce in this sense. He goes the bosses all things obviously -- the crap when they took him -- but historically they've been a great organization. Sometimes you lucked out and you go to the right team. But it is still up to the athlete to contribute -- numbers -- to become mr. October of your -- And that's what Derek Jeter was you can look at some -- may be some championship seasons and say. Yet the 2000 yankees that was and any -- team maybe you don't maybe they do without Jeter who knows. But you have to look at those plays in the post season nanny -- this why can't dismiss a dirt. What he was able do gearing policies which -- -- it AdAware and time Yankee fan yeah for sure what he would sit there every year is what helped him get his huge contract. Become this big icon on and off the off the field. And to me you can't take that away from him he might have been if -- benefited from going to the keys. You can't forget and ignore what he has done for them win in his mattered the most to me that resonates the most with fans we think about this all the time with Brandon -- Brandon Roy a lot of people's eyes save the blazes from the jail -- -- elevated him to level the rat now. That's fine if you wanna think that but why can you think data about Brandon Roy. And and saying the blazers benefited from -- Roy but you can't see the Yankees benefited from Derek Jeter. I completely agree and I went to you whether that there's two things that are funny here first -- -- about a great plain text machine said even if he started his grammar lockyer clear when he probably ends up in New York Yankee -- -- very -- all eyes and a easier yankees. India they they cracks -- -- -- the outrage on the -- machine. This just highlights how bad of an epidemic of front running fans that we have in this country you're from Portland -- Yankee fan what's your connection there. They think three lead in the ninety's -- OK go back to mediate defense enjoy it. I see your point Taylor that there wouldn't be all this glitz and glamour around him he wasn't a Yankee browbeat you should take away the glitz and glamour because he was Yankee. Chicken any negatives to it because his legacy is based on being the face of baseball for the past ten years old face yeah. Absolutely and it some -- that came with being on the Yankees are marketed tonight but no I think a lot Mullen majority of that team whose occasionally eighty's that's for sure what he was the he was -- yes but you but the pace for baseball and that should be part because he was in new yeah that's that's right -- -- Craig Biggio was not face a baseball in on Chipper Jones was not a phase I don't know I don't disagree that the fact that he played on the Yankees helped him. You shouldn't take it away from this point -- say all these other players should if if you're gonna need to Derek Jeter. He became Derek Jeter who he is now because of all the things including his post season success. All the hits he had and being on the Yankees in being in the World Series every year for sick. Here he was the ultimate sexy to me he has played shortstop. He had black and white is blind if he was a decent -- 311 has averaged 3400 hits he lived in New York it really was the perfect mix of sex yet I mean there's there are guys and add. Athletes that we do that we do this witness in the Tim Duncan is he's implement god doesn't get the credit that somebody else. Claims the lakers or the Celtics -- that's just what we do in sports. We take big time organizations. And we do you guys that are successful their higher than we do other places -- more notes on this. And we'll see you on your way to prime time he got Dan -- -- served up by beat up on 1080 defense. Taylor yeah. You know you just an aunt and uncles and I think -- you might. It doesn't. And you don't need some -- don't -- that my urgency hasn't exactly. Wanna try this is a British Open -- traditionally tend towards greater then spread ideology kinda crazy. Online and -- and didn't read -- -- -- and ESPN Sports Radio virginity. Yeah. We got a text on this one says oh yeah. That's Derek Jeter who dirt that wishes the giants had a player like Gary Snyder. Instead they had. Fell flat last night is an understatement. And the American League team on a nationally ECB here on the stand at 5 o'clock in the -- a lot of stuff with Derek Jeter and the larger point that I think dirt and I am making in. -- is not a huge fan doing this but. I did you take him off the Yankees and you put him in another situation I think that's kind of the fundamental level how you evaluate talent. The easiest comparison is to try to basketball where you look at. If you put LeBron James basically anywhere in the league he's going to change things. If you put a EE any guy he's put Peyton Manning had seen it there instantly is Super Bowl contender in his prime Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers -- you know the names. Would you look at Derek Jeter. He benefited from the marketing machine in new York and I don't know why that's so hard for people to admit. That he benefited from the talent around him and he benefited he is legacy. Benefited from the steroid era because he was people view him as clean. And people view him as the guy that did at the right way -- -- a lot of benefits and -- if I don't understand why people can't get to that point of admitting. That he was a beneficiary of the new York system. Because sometimes Danforth in this is kind of a thing where -- fall and in line with. It's one thing to have something behind you a big machine. I Wheaton College towered to great example this somebody went national ESP and from Portland right he had machine and ESP it. But now he's kinda at a point his career. Where he's driving the machine he's the one pushing ESPN radio because people listen specifically Justine here he's takes. I think you can equate that to what Derek Jeter's done. Yeah he's given a great opportunity -- the Yankees a team that ice championships and a lot of people's opinions. But he also sustain an eighteen year career he's hit 3400 hits he's batted 311 in his career. Like at some point I think you have to evaluate the situation in you can say. Are right they pushed it at this point. And being used to cop -- you -- -- my he had been an MVP might not have been World Series MVP every time they were in the freaking World Series. But he was a huge contributing part of why they were in that position and her -- -- in the past they had some great role players some hitters. But he was a huge part of the reason that they had the run that they had his entire career how many plays we think of in the post season. We go Jeter Jeter Jeter they made a minute commercials forgot season. You can't take that away from me if he doesn't make some of those plays where they stand in the post season. I just think there are times. Where players do something for organizations and it completely changes everything -- and see attitude around in the clubhouse it's the mindset of how to handle yourself. Look at it right now he he sees no facial hair on his face. Every other player that comes in New York no facial it. You know over Anderson -- leaking any of my recently clearly wants. Steinbrenner says no -- here. How does he conducts himself on and off the field I think all that translates. I can't take it away from what he's done I think. He benefited at first from the Yankees he's taking all the madness yeah I think sure I did and I can't sort their -- Oh man it's me back tomorrow as soon in. Up there everybody else Blair nominated. It's fun it's bubble lasted quick comment we get to about forty cuts second in all seriousness hey Yankee fans -- of global minute half again. They're easy to -- I will enjoy watching the ceremony that night you know that there's nothing wrong with being a hall of fame baseball player to top five of all time list does not get over our -- Act like he's the greatest thing that God's gift to baseball pitcher Michael have polonium Derek Jeter to send your love for their -- Thank you Jesus and god. American League -- -- and actually -- our game tonight at 5 o'clock we gotta give -- the NFL network did a list of their top ten coaches are happy to go to the debate that tomorrow. Our podcast is -- team needed me and that can't even listening to -- -- dirt and -- back tomorrow at noon on ESPN's -- radiant -- anything. -- OK guys. -- -- also her right. -- -- --

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