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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.15.14 Hour 2

Jul 15, 2014|

The guys do their "smorgasbord", talk Chandler Parsons, Derek Jeter, and "golf addictions".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then floors -- dirt spray did well that was another sport that I think -- -- -- -- if it ever went. Like other best presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open regulation of Danforth Durbin spray. -- you -- black Butte ranch spectacular golf stunning scenery amazing resort amenities -- your perfect vacation packages black people ransacked com today Danforth dirt -- -- gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 friends. Is there smorgasbord of sports topics he starts every. Pretty 1 o'clock with our smorgasbord of topics here's what's coming up this hour though we've got some fun with ideal outside the lines of the piece about being addicted to golf. They'll make you laugh it's pretty funny. Now that addiction well to a point in the you'll realize you are becoming it's -- to the -- did you realize you're heading down that -- -- -- lose my wife and kids -- -- and this -- I -- -- And NE SP NDD Rudy parity about the college football play awful play that for you at 145 as well be abroad the amount of money the LeBron is bringing in the Cleveland. Was announced today estimated. -- employer or mine how much money years bringing into Cleveland and I never really knows he brings a lot of money to a near the exact dollar figure you don't yet. LeBron is definitely the worst of the assembly while it's funny you bring an insult those stories to come this hour are smorgasbord of sports topics starting out with one of my least favors. Favorite if not my least favorite player athlete in all of sports crazy -- why he. He is a former -- of cynicism slicing the specialists call assets with its fighters -- people to -- but at at and where he he's going to as soon -- the Minnesota Vikings for their refusal to release the result of a six month independent investigation -- -- -- these claims. That special teams coordinator Mike piper made homophobic remarks during the 2012. Season. But the vikings in the attorneys conducting investigation released statements Tuesday. Today saying they told the clue he's attorney that they would not release the findings of the report to him or the public. They still plan to meet with the -- on Thursday to discuss. The investigation but he is suing them if you remember in back in January he wrote the dead spin piece. About the homophobia going on the in the NFL. And in the vikings locker room I IDs. I find him to be an attention seeking. Person switch hands and put it nicely here -- and he drives me. Not so I can't stand Chris Kluwe I'm right there with. JE bothers me and Emma gave if you in your personal life you wanna pick up social issues and fight for them and in and pick up a cause and have that be. Your life's work especially considering that he's done playing it sounds like in the NFL. I have zero problem with that whatsoever but I do have a problem like he said it for the with the way he's got about this it seems like he's seeking attention and asinine that I don't like in this. And I'm sorry I really don't mean this to sound insensitive or callous but. -- shocking news or homophobic things said in a professional sports locker room in an NFL locker missed homophobic things -- workplace in general yeah how about you walk down the hallways of any office an American I guarantee you're gonna find some of -- -- and that's the only reason words it just really. If you wanna start a charity you wanna be outspoken he would write articles you wanna put on events he would raise money for awareness of of of of gay issues in this country I have zero problem with that whatsoever. But. To simply just keep going after and attacking your former employee here. Especially being somebody I don't believe he's even gays I know I usually am so it's it's a very touching story into me -- with a different did it sound owns 100% -- somebody who's going after attention. So usually we like our athletes to be very vocal on honest but to me he does does it the wrong way so that every time he says something. -- even if you're right a a pro gay staying on dead spin. Great I support your movement I had no problems whatsoever but it's the way he goes about his business he member of the tweets a couple years ago Owen in the off season. He's attacked people before in the NFL. Look I get your opinion needed every I think everybody's kind of an opinion in their own way I mean obviously we are. But he just doesn't do it in a way that when I see -- year of Helm. I -- all I'm curious what he says I don't care guy is an idiot and look a lot people have that feeling about certain people but. For me in sports it's Chris Kluwe he's one of those guys that every time his name is brought up I think attention seeker Smits guy who just. He doesn't go about his business and handle it I think in the professional manner. That I would I would prefer an athlete he's going to be open honest. To do so and to me this is another thing where he's drawing attention to himself. He's trying to point the finger at an organization that cut and gotten you know released him because his career hasn't gone exactly the way he has. This is why people talk about meaning taking not only does that impact -- came to hearing him at but it impact. The game after and it really pisses you off when he -- -- yet as you said his approach is really really bad and they cut him because you look at his numbers. Cheryl is not gonna potter now he's not he's he's averaged yes they said that if you're an average partner. And you're -- industry here is causing a distraction for us we yet know why why -- -- -- -- distraction you'd better hope the Europe for a bowl caliber player though Chris Kluwe the of the Minnesota Vikings is suing or former -- how do you even -- so anyway I said bad comments they -- -- well we -- point your stats and say you just -- into -- Minnesota -- -- -- Also in the NFL they are more sport sports topics the saints reach an agreement. With I gained Jimmy Graham and -- a four year deal. It is including 21 million guarantee the deal is worth forty in so after all of that to the back and forth between whether or not he's a wide receiver. Whether or not using tight end. To the -- treats out it's official I'm bleeding black and gold thank you who dat nation for all the support. After all that the deadline is coming up they decide yeah you know what will reach a deal. -- did this is a great movie you're the saints this is a great move in not only because he locked up arguably one of the best tight ends in the NFL. But at the same time to me it's always important that you see this all the time in baseball -- when you have kind of arbitration hearings. You have a team that says they were gonna we wanna pay this much he knew the players is no I want this budget you have to go against each other. And -- TV's gonna have to point out reasons why I don't deserve to make that kind of money. And then all of a sudden it's fall camp welcome back everybody we're just -- -- -- did it mean to say that's that's not a good blocker and I could hear there don't forget why we're gonna light you up yeah yeah yeah. Just get 60% of the tiger not. I can't anymore as I had never we thought it tied into the offseason that was great that was funny we pointer Twitter account but this is great because you never wanna go to that as an organization and he literally is. -- perfect fit for the saints he has have a Drew Brees have been a dynamite combination. We were watching the NFL I -- a lot -- -- of the NFL shows ESPN -- you know earlier. They're put -- numbers and you look at his numbers -- the last couple years there unbelievable he's in a perfect offense and -- support Weston now integrates a great fit for him so you -- -- it's the highest pay I think the most guaranteed money is tight -- ever gotten. Which is good for handy -- deserves. He's one of those players all he was doing all he was fighting for with arbitration -- wanted to do. Was he wanted to be paid fairly and today that's what that deal represented him. 21 million guaranteed. There was never questioned the saints were going to offer him big money it's too much talent to say goodbye EU and tag was a franchise player for two years. It was just a matter of could he get over the fact that they were pointing at his Twitter account and saying now this is why we're gonna pay in this might. And get over that and say -- commit to this organization. He did it. And you read a lot of comments and Aaron -- Archie Manning yesterday's in this the most talented saints team ever lose a lot of you -- have expectations now with their draft of branding cooks. Their offense is already there -- defense is continuing to get better. I think a lot to an expectation the saints can legitimately won the Super Bowl this year there. Pairing of the images on the funny one way -- like as you said dirt because you get do we go through this in negotiations to anybody that has a contract situation. You'll go up you know you know what. Yes I'm very good here you're not very good -- this and you Zach hit this here's why we shouldn't pay you yet they need get a deal done you're like oh -- -- -- we love you -- they -- for our car back for great to have ya all -- way let's send out a press release always leave the US backed up -- lumped together. At all. It really does create opportunity wasted to end I think a little more so in baseball just because he had the team that puts in a specific number clear that puts in a specific number. -- get to debate back and forth which numbered and he obviously have a judge that decides okay whose number you get a site with. But there are a lot of cases re looking baseball where it has created. Terrible relationships and have just gone south and hurry because the did the judge a look and say yeah you know what teams right. You don't do this -- to this one you don't deserve an extra two million dollars a year and that's players take for the per. And and the beauty of this too is that you just deal with the coach and players your agent deals with the management that's something he doesn't have to get involved in so yeah eyes and a little awkward it is because stories being floated out there. But ultimately for him personally he never really had to deal he awkwardness in addition to the Jimmy Graham -- one other deal in sports today is Dwyane Wade makes it official he signs a deal with Miami. The deal is worth about 34 million dollars from. It is important dose years knows -- -- -- I'm -- else sees. I knew that anyway not a surprise stay with the heat. Flirted with Chicago but in that's deciding that he was going to stay. With the Miami Heat which is a Smart move by hand he's been he -- entire Biden's state -- In an end up there were -- but Derek Jeter. At the bottom of the hour and his impact on the all star game in just in baseball in general as you all star game is tonight coming up next we'll get a little bit more into the relationship between owners GMs and players. As Chandler Parsons is not happy the way the rockets. He handled his situation and we feel about the blazers management towards players will discuss that next yet get tortured his break and we are served up by Buffalo Wild Wings. And run 1080 the fan. This is a British Open we give edition of Danforth good and spray. My last name brands online. It grants dot com on ESPN's portrayal -- 1080 I -- very. One note about Chris Lilley we tied for the three of us don't like him as a person -- -- that we -- And the reason that we got a problem within an hour to clarify something in the last segment is not about his message. It's the way in which he goes about disguising his message there is an effective way to get your point across and there's an ineffective way of getting your point. Easy comes bigger than this story cities he becomes bigger than the issue that he's fighting for that's -- I have a problem yeah he puts his name and his celebrity status in the attention that he wants. In front of the issue that he's finding he's the head case that's shouting about something but you're forgetting what he's shouting about it because it's all about what he's doing there's a lot of Americans -- know Chris -- today yeah I would that would be surprised if the majority of those people knew exactly what you. Fighting you get is on both sides of the political idol where you've -- you get so much noise surrounding issues that the issue becomes dwarfed and it turns into a bigger ideological. Discussion. And the the actual issue gets lots -- that's our issue with Chris Kluwe is not is that you turns it into a mean moment he doesn't turn into legitimate. Conversation that you can have an an an and it legitimate dialog and lose the conversation forward but he's suing the vikings if your outlook for two trying to change something. And Dick I think it's better approach is that you can take vs other other than Sunnis as a story starts on -- wanna clarify that is not the issue it's not. And the -- homosexuality. Were or sticking up for trying to defend bigotry that we got a problem when it got issue in the way in which he goes about it in some people say. And regardless of the issue is at least he's sticking up a bit. That that -- -- anti doping Euro yet but I've. There that the vehicle in which she delivered the message is important in today's world and he unfortunately in our opinion is not doing that. Very effectively the all star game is tonight in Derek Jeter could be big focal point we'll discuss that. At the bottom of the hour but Jim Parsons. In the deal -- the mavericks when he got the offer -- you end up going there. He has a pretty strong words about his all GM Daryl Morey called a genius but said he felt very very disrespect did. And this is that something more I think with a blazer and really get spot right now with their relationship between. Order GM. Front office. In the players -- feels like there's a did synergy there Chandler Parsons sounding off yesterday against the rockets and that he felt disrespect to publicly. And it created a bad situation I think the blazes are very good and have been very good. And not putting players and awkward positions like the rockets did -- Yeah and Timmy Chandler Parsons is in the right here it's one thing to take shots -- your team you're going to win I get people to get frustrated -- athletes that do that. But if you got a red -- Mori's comments he pretty much said. We are in better position to -- championship contending team today. Then we were three years and obviously he's talking about taking off Parsons and adding a reason Lily a part of that is he's -- job to your -- you -- it's you wanna sell it you're still right there is a title contender. I understand there's a way to go about doing it -- to me again this is just like the Chris -- conversation there's a better way to go abouts conveying this message in terms of still being. -- championship contender other than taking shots any former player because you didn't -- match is contract losing your opinion it was too -- I see were Chandler Parsons is coming from in the overall with employees -- prospective. This is something that when these stories pop up in any other sport doesn't have to just be basketball. I'm grateful I'm grateful that we have a guy like -- -- and Terry Stotts who are. Players coaches and GM's in guys you don't feel comfortable around they can have honest dialogue. Pollen seems to be a great owner by everybody that's played form whether it's the Seahawks are blazers. So to me -- I'm just grateful that weren't a time now where not only do we have a team that's in a position that they are in with a playoff seeding in and trying to push to be championship contender. But we're also won a place where if you lose a Mo Williams -- any or negative thing and from Mo Williams are all well you know. You'll say he's just -- no he's not she -- negotiate we -- -- like what he offered making his harshest exactly you make in the great decisions and to me there's nothing better than knowing your team. Is being run by the right people you can look at that with the Seattle Seahawks right now John Schneider Pete Carroll all you hear about. Is how they are players -- player GM a player's coach. And people eat that -- -- -- I big -- players start to buy into that even if they don't know woman alone and that is a benefit and to me. That -- added benefit for the Portland trailblazers. Daryl -- by our reports the Billy being a basketball I think is what we are told a couple days ago these genius guy who knows how to build a team. That's great but right now he's already burned a relationship with Chandler Parsons is because he didn't wanna match. I feel grateful that we least -- say that hasn't done. -- yet seen -- the I -- history when sense and that Gemma Parsons I don't think has any right to be upset about the situation I need it when you reached a point of being a professional athlete you'll understand that it's a business you understand that okay. They're gonna make the Smart financial decision in Houston for them to Smart financial decision was not to resign Gemma Parsons. He got way too big of an offer sheet for doubts in and this is nothing against him or his scheme. He's one of the -- best powerful Erskine -- small forwards in the NBA got nothing against him. But when you have a situation like this in -- Portland -- -- the same thing with NIC Batum in Portland. With salary cap strapped and they had to Max contracts indeed be able to LaMarcus Aldridge in that the -- was just offered that contract in Minnesota. They probably don't match and it probably find a way to figure out a sign and trade they emerges in a financial situation where they can figure out a way to bring him back you know. It's easy when issues on the other foot to say hey don't get upset about it I've never been to a situation where a team or a business or company wanted to trade -- to another team or refused to sign you know I've never been through that situation so I understand there's always some hard feelings and there. But to be at the end of the day you viewed your pro athlete you have to understand that it is a business and as far as the blazers go I agree completely for now. Because you're gonna get to that point where it's gonna happen audio player that from west about this contract is up at the end of the year Robin Lopez this contract is up at the end of the year. Those are two guys a -- -- president a year this year like he did last year you're gonna look at he's probably say I -- bad back to back career gears a bit my prime as a setter in the NBA got maybe. Wes Matthews had a great you're Lester I used to be really hard on him but he's developed his game a top the last couple years. We saw that and Houston series were he was. Posting updates aren't I took -- four years ago what do the pivotal matchups and a playoff series. Would be Wesley Matthews down on the low block -- -- when you look at me like I was an idiot so he has grown his game -- time and he's gonna command a lot of money this off season so. The -- -- so far I -- that he is it that he is a player's coach I loved that he listens to what his players want. It even when he -- when he doesn't listen it doesn't seem to be a problem because daily look at some comments here today saying I want it Mo Williams back. But he understands the way the organization is run and I'm sure -- O'Shea told him look this is ever going this direction pretty gusty Blake instead an -- he understands and he trusts that. I just hope that there aren't these nasty break ups because to me. These cause a black guy for everybody involved not only the player but the organization as well you saw with -- his kids learn the Rangers in baseball this happens all the time we just hope there's no black eyes after a break. Yet the nasty breakups and sports are always stop where you don't feel you know there -- respected if you're the player in the NBA and this is why. We got some in this during the LeBron James situation LeBron James. Decision people would criticize and say this is why don't like the NBA. Is because the players have too much coaching here that the prisoners running the asylum right -- and so you look at a guy like Jim Parsons is complaining because he feels like he was disrespect it. And he wasn't taken seriously by Houston there is an element to this free agency period and there is an element. To hearing guys like -- in the parts in stock where you let me go yet I can kind of understand where he's coming from. Where people are coming from when they say. This is one of the reasons that this is one of the problems the NBA suffers from when you build up stars as perfect for market dip marketability. But you also as you start to build those stars. They become bigger in the game they become bigger than the team -- and they begin inflated egos everybody's got an eagle on some sort of level especially athletes. And and you've got to deal with that you've got to understand that was below state as a really good job that. He understands that the players the ones that ultimately make the team and he got that approach and you don't let your ego get in -- way is an executive. Then you're able to live and dissipate and kind of give it up to the players yeah that's where it's gonna be most beneficial. The more you dig in it's not the NFL you -- -- -- is NBA guys and say it's my way or get out of here -- contracts -- that right -- Popovich can do that. But that's so rare because Tim Duncan allow was indignant it's it's grayer and that's when the prisons in the NBA -- he -- like -- Parsons go off. And and feel disrespect did. That's the criticism. Well and we remember when -- was on this show he had talked about that specifically when we say you know what inputs do you have in the offseason. He gave mile -- Terry Stotts a list of 56 players and this is who -- like I mean this is a planning I'd enjoy playing lady. Annual saint Terry says they take that into consideration is great then they move forward and make the moves they make. And that's all you want -- you're gonna have a player. That at some point they're gonna say a comment and you're not going to be able defend them nobody will be able to defend them because they're just being -- -- need to testicle lose but to me it's just a comforting feeling especially in in the -- climate that sports is in right now where you know your organization is kind of in good hands and -- Satan pretty they have good relationship with their star players. -- going forward they're not gonna jeopardize that. By putting on a player that maybe the whole team hates or right or doing something that you're stars really -- that's where your downfall easy fall sports is. If -- stars don't like what you're doing the rest of that locker rooms not gonna like you -- right now it feels like LA and gained based off their offseason comments that we've heard thus far. Really do trust -- a -- Terry Stotts to make the right decisions going forward for the organizational. And if I'm Jana partners to pilot -- Tennessee and I see first off I'm overpaid so thank you Dallas for over paying me I appreciate that I'm making more money than I should be. And some -- -- the deployment text machine you know they could catch -- a -- around very cheaply and they decided to let him walk for nothing to it was it was at Houston bone headed decision just not as they were banking on the fact that they were running any -- -- exactly exactly so they were trying to work some salary stuff around so. That was -- mistake in the first place and it the other thing a country and a Parsons you -- Dallas has talented roster in place right now they were a team of people forget to San Antonio to seven uniquely San Antonio tougher in the playoffs. Did anybody else did and he got an aging Dirk Nowitzki there he got he he could be -- pillar of that organization will be forty ready could. He got James Harden he got Dwight Howard in Houston to probably get add somebody big next offseason in the offseason after that. You can go in the face of an organization -- forgotten third or fourth man in Houston. Where is in Dallas Dirk Nowitzki is coming to the end of his career you could be a cornerstone in to me. That's the reason why look at it he wouldn't complain about -- make him more money that you should in you're gonna be a face of an organization for a long time medallist it's a great organization a play for stop complaining. Got some fun with audio coming up at 145 you'll wanna hear it -- route ESP ended a spoof of Rudy. About the college football playoff also outside the lines of the funny piece. About golf addiction that audio coming up at 145 but it is the Major League all star game tonight and they're going to try out Derek Jeter. Should today and what their approach -- watching your own direct T top ten nights into -- dirt in -- served up by B -- This is a British Open -- division of bends towards dirt and spread watching my. -- grants online at black Butte ranch style on ESPN Sports Radio generated girlfriend. How we got a family for crack of a ringside tickets to the overall. At the beach WS EC 25. Saturdays like 26 that chinook winds casino not grown. Larry beside the green side. Correct yeah pronunciation there the main event will feature right indictment -- -- is George and it is sort for a whole -- dinosaur told -- us which is one of the biggest enemy -- in Oregon fighters he's my third hearings fighter and organize many beginning -- sort total us. For more information or to purchase tickets -- visit chinook winds casino to grapple -- but. If you call 5032501080. Does the yes. It's it's way too easy yeah question yes yes yes yes -- health. 503250. -- the first person to let Mike Lynch know who does the yes chant in wrestling. Always a family four pack a ringside tickets to brawl at the B. Don't -- -- -- and that such good value mean Tora Paulus is I'm telling he's one of the low grappling. Fighters right now on or he's -- coming yep yep I know the USC's been looking at him had to -- he is is a guided -- could be the champion of the world. I think it's underpants is -- answer right. Now anybody who calls at 530 yes. Right now all we think yeah. What is snowman people now lead that's not a I -- -- -- -- -- -- the commercial -- say we needed trivia question I said who is the NDP is at its way to a World Series it would have been great question only to -- could probably 88 World Series can. Your mom does the guests can still uncalled for -- to resolve -- she has not seen it yes all right that is pretty funny. I doubt we'll have some fun and audio here about ten minutes from now got some funny audio from outside the lines India's yen. As well clip for you in ten minutes or so it is the all star game tonight less -- as the home run derby and it kind of fell flat. The all star game hopefully gonna be better tonight but one of the issues is and I've been pretty outspoken about my dislike for Derek Jeter I don't dislike him I dislike the coverage of him. Mean he is using above average player who -- good in the post season anymore not series I think he's above average player who was good in the post season. And his post season performance gives him a lot more run. Then he -- And and I I just I am don't have the stats in -- yet the read an issue is he played in new York and that is 100% the reason why he is popular he is there's been plenty of declared Turkey talked about sought time. Two -- Jones and certainly and I was just get. I had no problem with him honoring him tonight. But this whole tour and the commercials. And a little tired of Derek Jeter I do think he Roy did and I think he gets a pass for it. Andy's is a guy that played better and his lakers I've been very outspoken about Derek Jeter not expanded in the end tonight in the all star game they're going to honor him. And I just I I understand doing and I deal blades it is to a point where it's like all right I'm tired of this. Let's move -- please just to be -- quick as -- -- -- Chipper Jones he did his tour as well his -- it just wasn't covered it was well publicized and -- that is because of New York but also that commercial -- -- -- -- that mean he's -- Jordan -- I -- he got on -- for Jordan and really really exploded it was sort of -- -- -- did you exactly I used to -- Jordan -- because you're darn -- him in Andruw Jones and -- it. Yeah but you know looking to to call him an above average player to me he is that goes a little too for you know bid Derek Jeter god don't give Iran I believe a lot of this stuff -- a little over hyped and -- 100%. Agree with you that -- Derek Jeter was not a New York Yankee. He's Barry Larkin you know if he plays his entire career in Milwaukee or Cincinnati. And he doesn't have those historic post season moments. That people don't talk about him as much in this heat he maybe he does get a tore elected Chipper Jones. But it's not covered Burnett possibly you know what do you know -- Derek Jeter thinks about playing in his last all star game. And to be Nolan column went on a rant about this he told me about -- does this morning simulate. The NBA it's his last all star game everybody wants to see and everybody wants to watch look. I'm glad that he's there I'm glad that he is going to play in the game does he deserve to start at shortstop for the American into the austerity -- be absolutely doesn't do it. And there comes a certain degree to look at situation like dancing really that you're gonna let him play. He's not the best shortstop of all time in my opinion there's a lot of other names -- throw out their Ozzie Smith on -- Wagner Robin -- Mentioned Barry Larkin thirty Ernie Banks you know -- trail that there's a lot of good source apps to come around. And -- -- -- if you're exhibiting their hearts and write these first -- a top five is -- -- -- top five shortstop of all my 400 -- mostly freelance career and absolutely if he has benefited in his career from being healthy you -- when you look -- him to be easy Hank -- of it you know he's a guy -- -- never never -- hit fifty or sixty indices and. He just played twenty some consecutive year Israel about forty civil -- every single year he was consistent. And Derek Jeter benefited from that completely. But the only thing that bothers me and this is something that you could not say about Mariano Rivera Mariano Rivera was the best closer. Indy history of baseball it in its -- and John small -- for not vote for a couple of years and again it's gonna take a long time for somebody. To overtake what Mariano Rivera did it at the closer position. It's a beat no matter what team he played for he still gets the attention he still gets -- it's maybe not completely because he would have had policies concedes. In the World Series season any page she would have had that's definitely was with another organization but people still consider him the best closer of all time. You cannot say that for Derek Jeter you put Derek Jeter and I firmly believe this and you can -- and if -- -- I firmly believe -- Derek Jeter played his career is a Cleveland Indian. We look at him as a great ball player nice ball player a hall of fame baseball player don't get me wrong. But to be that indeed the publicity would not be quite as overblown. See that's and look I don't wanna go you guys too much but this is the one thing I I think at least like about sports as we don't we do this with some players where. If they have sustained success. And obviously may benefit a lot from the organizations that two rafter take them. And the position it puts them in as a player -- young he's like Derek Jeter got a -- a World Series in 1996. He came on the scene he starts off it was mr. November you know actually I'm constantly diocese are. To me it's almost unfair notice a he easy relevant if he's eighty and I don't I don't just say that he's a -- and I like it does not think there's a certain there's deciding -- other -- did you look at guys like. LeBron and Kobe no matter what organization their -- yeah that's true is that oh absolutely. I'll say this I'm not talking about LeBron when you throw a name out like a week. Is any another one where you could say you can -- it was a -- come up with Shaq in his prime yeah Phil Jackson -- Young -- eat it all out with Eddie Jones and Nick Van -- and early career to -- yes and then once that but I'm really serious meaning -- but experience but because I think when people watch -- -- -- -- -- watching. All of the -- when you watch Derek Jeter and you watch other athletes and it's just it's a subjective it is and it may not be fair to do that. But it it is a subjective look of where you look at other baseball players and you put him in that position. Are they doing the same thing in and I think that's quite yet -- yet it's a sliding scale is like Robert -- is a good example the guy who clearly benefited. From the teams that he was he came up in big moments but he was got a clear shot up from the situation that he was placed it. If he is wins in -- an obscure team years and the titles that he does on the other side of that. You've got a guy like LeBron James there's always -- sliding scale in terms of talent. As it relates to how much they benefited from their culture and how much they benefited from the climate there's never an easy answer there so that's -- to -- people partly due. -- -- and it's just a personal preference they would see for me I can't look at his numbers insane and like -- you have 3408. Senior career -- -- still going your piling them on. I you just say you played for different organization you would it be half the player that you've been known to be you have to give some credit to an athlete. He's taken by the Yankees he comes up as a Yankee. But who makes those plays as a -- it's Derek Jeter the Yankees didn't make those plays -- good -- point. And have that -- played it -- do the Baltimore home run the game winning -- increase over the fence and got it don't matter compete at this hour and you. Senate candidate I don't accept that and Oreo. When you look at Derek Jeter and I think there -- some semblance to me when you look at his numbers you can't take anything away from his career to me and above average slightly above to me that's the he's a top five shortstop of all time. He deserve industry he deserves a tour and I act like all great players in baseball. Just because you're not an immediate time containing your sad position. You can still have an incredible career where I believe you deserved kind of that farewell tour you deserve some accolades and -- the all star game. There are some great young talented players and tonight. But to me this is set up perfectly for Derek Jeter. Because he's one of those really old veterans whose calling it a career this is the perfect opportunity for him to finally go out he deserves this to me I judges can't take something away from him. Because of what he did being on the Yankees is to the Yankees by championships -- a lot of people's opinions doesn't change the fact that he still put up those numbers and still perform as well as he did. When it mattered the most for the organization. I think it's actually key -- bring it up the way he performed in the playoffs is he the best shortstop of all time no the two top five. Probably because -- argue against it as well yet but he's arguably. The greatest post season hitter of the last twenty years. No -- I don't disagree I don't think and that should be his legacy but not this is that the but that to be addressed the issue because I agree with you and I and I think we look at policies that's all the time in sports we do it all the time a quarterback to Super -- LeBron James -- -- -- we talk about that all the time. This is my point -- if he was not -- the New York Yankees -- not that -- not in that position to do it -- -- -- how do we -- made it look at UK it's its -- you can't say that -- don't know -- and it's -- -- -- -- to hold that against and that's the organization he was drafted -- he came up -- he never let people talking all time -- you have. Have to pick apart things in baseball to me is a sport where. You don't. To meet rings are overblown in baseball they are. Are insane thing of policies and success now with your complete good you know just terrible policies of player you -- a Barry Bonds had a prolonged time in his career into the two to 2002 World Series run. He was terrible the post season in Pittsburgh in -- San Francisco and people used to bash him for so there's a scale their resale Peter you're terrible. Are you go out it's 350 to post season but you never win a World Series in -- in the postseason every year. I don't hold it against the guy because you you can't win a World Series single handedly is my point. And that's the only thing that I I can't look at him and say he is the big one of the best shortstop of all time because of what he did in the policies at. What -- -- the most clutch hitters one of the best postseason hitters of all time no disagreements whatsoever here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that does not mean that he deserves all of these I don't there's a sliding scale -- regal wanna go too far in rewarding guy for for just 3400 how do I. I like the -- -- the commercial was done really taste more than -- -- great idea and look he we're talking about Derek Jeter but this is really alas you're gonna hear about this until his final game I really think about this. How often unless you watch baseball tonight every single night where you live up physically wrong with that how much have you honestly heard about Derek Jeter's. Maybe final stop and an NL city I haven't heard a thing I really haven't you heard about a little bit with sports and over the tees and -- for the -- if you will tonight for the -- here's a great point -- to make to -- -- is a great -- -- -- -- how many basic Craig -- have. Over 2000 -- -- I don't do we cover Craig Biggio the same ways we did Derek Jeter and then -- -- yeah I do is you have to admit some level. That there is a a bias towards him because of a little bit yes I'll give you that but also have we were talking about said positions and we -- time Craig Biggio and a conversation. I winning design is really does not solicited based -- there is a bias when it comes all sport he's out about how we view athletes that play for certain teams. One -- -- biracial Angel and you can -- and that's exactly right I guess some fun and audio next a fun or Rudy cats that ESPN did as well as outside the lines -- addiction to -- that's next. If -- there is break served up by beat up on the -- This is a British Open -- division of Danforth dirt and spray. -- went black people rants online at the last -- grants dot com. On ESPN's Sports Radio -- navy offense. -- home. Derek Jeter -- It did that was fun we'll discuss more of Derek Jeter and kind of where he -- with the all star game tonight in the 2 o'clock hour ago may my finger of the seven college Danforth economy hits. It's it's Erica. Honest I root in a little infant I just -- let's be real he's working like Renee Zellweger nobody's -- -- how are wondering though I. It's got an average ginger on his side nobody's doing anything -- his high school sweetheart I noticed about here is Clayton Kershaw and everybody I'm saying nobody cares about Derek Jeter's -- real. I so yes that there's a story done in outside the lines. Over the weekend leading -- has talked about yesterday but it is. It is worth bringing to your attention and the way that addictions not funny. But there are a couple of stories here some addictions are funny so yes there are that will make you want -- to the sacks this is it is they try to do. He read more news. We need to their legitimate report about addiction to golf here a couple clips. She started writing the blog when her husband Darren began trying to perfect his game -- When you're out there understand our energy shouted they -- she's kind of marriage -- Arafat should be here. Has brought you pretty good indicator that should be somewhere else. During that time. When I was feeling particularly like a golf -- -- I started meeting other women who felt the same way I putted out there and I started getting comments from women and I found out that it wasn't really a joke for everything. Scott and jumped from -- An east salesman goes on to talk about his addiction you're traveling around and see golf course I'll just go to the range. And I'll just go to the range turns into it I can do nine holes. And I can -- nine holes turns into well I can do a piece. For an addict the worst thing you can hear is something like what honey what did you do today. Johnson couldn't say what he had really been doing so he made up stories and soon the lies began to catch up with him. You come home in 2000 you might smell like onscreen you might have. Grass on in the cups and your -- And it caught up with yeah see you after he made a hole in one and the ball kid. Right and he below the pin jump forward -- -- -- went in the hole words told life and an intruder. And now in the Minneapolis paper sports section the next day they published. -- one. I gotta keep data that meant you can't smell like -- three smell like address -- like international and senior aides are quite -- see that it. Rule number one of cheating on your wife will call you got to change Japan's before you go home but don't let them banana boat SPF thirty and getting your house and your golf shoes on you gotta be smarter than that surname what is your name I promise. Percent and country club I promise act. And one more it's times when I can literally play. Every day but do you know what alliance you not to he had no right up to -- -- -- -- to Google from nine -- eighteen that's funny seven. And -- run pass the time that I need him to be home. -- Coleman is Riley's wife. I think I really realized it when he actually able to sell the clothes and so them to a place to get the handles so I guess 'cause everybody collapses. -- that's when -- in this area. Commonality here ESP hands -- and there's an epidemic of men Saturday. Football watchers -- if I knew it was a bad sign when my husband brought home a 25 inch flat screen TV. You put in are better -- Jason Miller -- and our bathroom. I summit on every. Room in the house -- can never miss his football. Sometimes I forget the dust my bed for pork rinds that he finds out when -- -- new and this is fantastic read I will admit Angela I just got and go pro a year and Avago once we started doing our shows here. You guys are pretty big golfers I started playing more more you guys. I've got since I won I mean like playing golf for eighteen holes into that when bars and clubs. There was a part of that video -- watching an eight minute long video there was part of video sit next the weather watch in you -- I don't know why -- vary on come on line column July. I do this I do that check check check check you received a cardiologist said she got how many -- and she looks at me like brand and I think your didn't addictive here a little earlier on the course in today's race at eleven be home by five. And we're -- 127 to eight bloody good. It shorted ATP about yet the daughters off to the -- in laws thousand Mike. Harvick dale let's go to person and yet not a soul out there is twilight now verdicts -- hot 36 A today Morgan 36 and it's like 9 o'clock the sun is damn near the set and you guys like you need to go home. So I am going home meant more to play another -- and media. That would have made -- the worst single or the worst narration of the like it's not an addiction whatsoever but it's turned into like. A problem is football one I think football action on Saturdays or Sundays could probably. This is our biggest sports fan out in general idea being that light cycle fans that doesn't talk to your family her only owns close from one certainty now is that the team tattoo again. I knew what was probably wouldn't attack to its chest and -- -- I think there's serious legs and a -- crimes in the bad didn't. They -- it smells like spicy nacho and I didn't know what to do -- you mention it what you do who Tom and all the PSE. And at. Our presets are ESPN ESP into the SEC network where do you where do you draw a lot and I'm sorry -- I'm addicted to. A terribly often I forgot to change your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're getting on the lab -- in the next 24 hours and were going to do a promo. For tomorrow we're gonna come up with -- and we're gonna create our own outside the lines piece. About the addiction to football like that for you tomorrow hopefully we just thought audio coming up as well ESP entity would -- Rudy spoof. College football play apple play out for you next but will leave you with the salesman who ruined his marriage with the by -- and he is it takes. Activism go to commercial break here is one more time listening -- the airport there in straight served up by B -- on Sunnis and into the. You're traveling around and see golf course well I'll just go to the range and I'll just go to the range turns into it and I can do nine holes. And I can -- nine holes turns into well I can do eighteen holes. For an addict the worst thing you can hear is something like well honey what did you do today. Johnson couldn't say what he had really been doing. So he made up stories and soon the lies began to catch up with him. You come home when -- sunburn you might smell like onscreen you might have cut grass unknown in the cups of your pants. And it caught up with him out working tube. After he made a hole in one run the ball kid. Great and below the pin jump forward curve to the left went in the hole. I'm supposed to be working. And now in the Minneapolis paper sports section the next day they published. Holes -- one.

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