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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.15.14 Hour 1

Jul 15, 2014|

The guys talk Home Run Derby, British Open, Steve Spurrier, and the DEA looking into the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's done good tee up -- Dan for a third and spray Q school -- -- Presented by buffalo wild -- this this is dead for a third and spread over the miniscule little literacy. And they look at you and I say that is policy which I have -- okay this is a British Open week a nation of Danforth -- and spray. Brought to you -- like Butte ranch spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities -- your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today against British Open week John Danforth dirt and spread. On ESPN's Sports Radio. But people complain -- I -- is -- cranes. But obviously. The home run derby last night. Literally did -- -- now holed the -- needlessly first off okay if you want to criticize a home run derby you are you have every right to do so but let's be factually correct your name for the EU took a nap before the home run derby began. So technically you are asleep appearing on -- read their for the home run derby did not technically pretty -- -- sometimes you're used to literally was not was just very -- they'll all run there he was taking place. I was asleep -- you woke up Saturday backed out at the home run -- enemies and sometimes. When you invest a lot of time and watching something that -- I think this news -- -- you stuck it out I don't -- -- threats the first page until the last pitch sometimes you need to watch things to up lift your spirit aluminum watch a little dog rescued from the streets -- laptop a year -- they don't feel OK that the home run derby had me down for a while but now I feel better because our dogs out -- being rescued. And it saved me from thinking about how terrible that home run derby -- I. I don't know how people didn't find more entertainment -- -- rigorous check swing I mean that's all I needed for the night that that made up for all that rain delays and knowledge of the down times -- actually was fantastic. Well this does the home run derby here is that let's set up this show SEC media day continues Steve Spurrier spoke today he's always great for motor -- was -- idea from him. About fifteen minutes from now he had a couple things about DVR cloudy. As well Tiger Woods is back at Hoy lake he's practicing now he has spoke to the media as well today the DEA is investigating the NFL. For painkiller abuse is going to be a big deal discussed that at 1245. Funny you come today LeBron economy. Glad got to get shown lined up but the home run derby last night there's couple issues there -- a lot of issues we tie the thing is one big issue -- -- -- about all star teams if you watch the home run -- curious what you just in general. If anybody -- -- 55305. That -- -- -- -- -- -- line. Because in my I don't think there isn't one person and I've talked to that enjoyed watching the home run derby there's a lot of things I had a problem with including the way. You guys know me I'm very cynical about this including the way they handled the stand up to cancer -- -- baseball's done that for a long time I know what they do it -- every big game every World Series NLCS sales I saw a problem with it because those are the signs they had. You've got the MLB logo and you got the MasterCard logo. And then if you really want to do something special as a tangent Pollack dies you really wanna do something special. To stand up for cancer don't put your logo on it. Yeah I mean if you really think that's what you like in -- accomplishing something. Put that on there that also the Crockett Berman got caught an awkward situation here -- Yeah I was. -- And get yourself I don't know if we can't just. They are debating whether -- they wanted to stand up for cancer unlike -- I. Do we have to participate in this American and yet we need -- -- but overall overall that aside it was maybe one of the worst home run -- in a long time is so it's the worst one -- Member in in recent memory and and I loved the home run derby I love baseball I don't remember. I watch him every year I -- assessment is going off at Citi Field last year but. Yet to be it'll look when you start with an hour rain delay in a home run derby you're gonna lose a lot of viewers just ran off the bat it to me. I was sitting there watching -- it really announce when it was gonna start they didn't let you know what the situation was it was those sort of five. It didn't start until 6 o'clock so there's a 9 o'clock eastern start time for the -- under me. You lose a ton of viewers there it doesn't help the guys -- -- I joke joked about weak but it doesn't help all the legal he had zero home runs -- check swing and NDP was terrible. He was a little too excited didn't perform very well statement also had a grammar he put up zero. The biggest problem I have with it though. Well first stop -- said having Brian Dozier and it was just ridiculous it should have been Jose -- but -- -- you put everybody to sleep right away so did Todd Frazier. It was a terrible start with the sort of -- -- -- yeah Justin Morneau was badly it was cool to see him back in Minnesota but you're ready he didn't perform well at all either. The biggest problem I have what did it and I sent out a -- to this effect last and I feel the same exact way about the slam dunk contest. Eight the home run derby to say about contests that they're they're done in terms of getting mass viewership they just say it is it. You're never gonna go back to days of Griffey with a backwards hat going against bonds and McGwire and Sosa late ninety's this is never gonna happen just like in the NBA you're never gonna have Drexler vs Jordan. Vs comedy it's just you're never gonna be able to get back to those glory days. And it drives me nuts every time we get an MBA all star weaken our Major League Baseball all star weekend they try to tweak -- the -- new rules are now there's a clock now you're on a team. Now we have brackets -- pretty. Gimme a break just let the guys don't don't. Let the guys go hit home runs in just have fun and enjoy it for what it is. US situation the first bomber Jose Batista got to ten home runs he just stopped it and use up all the -- -- dominant second -- Aussie guys later and made it know how to to know -- -- -- -- he done -- he's still hitting. The formats are absolutely ridiculous you're never gonna be able to widen -- -- to get the same number of viewers that used to happen so just accept it for what it is keep it in the same way used to always do -- let it hit home runs and if you wanna watch a great if you don't you don't have to. Look at me it doesn't matter what your favorite sport is you know this -- you follow this work closely baseball basketball football. When you have things like home runs and dunk contests. There are always people out there that can do it the best but they're never superstars and India I think of a jeans white in the game played the knicks for awhile. If you YouTube James White doing dunk contests -- like China are way every European country played in. It's unbelievable he jumps from the free throw line angle is between his legs from the free throw line. But because he's not a big name he's only been in the dunk contest one time the leaders to me I they need to take big gulf format approach to the home run derby and to me that means. In golf they have these long long drive competitions and it's always -- known name golfers but that's what they do. We need to find a group of ten guys who should tell me did -- use a month. From like every measure -- and I mean -- to say. -- out there it is as far as just -- as far as you possibly can't get -- -- of the baseball -- ticket out of its -- there I never thought I'd sit on my couch by the way I'm never -- than three hours in my life how to make it did the week that he could even make -- -- -- probably try to add some -- I had a couple -- and I ended up having to turn -- -- whose -- yeah it was it was pretty -- I -- my family's -- effect but I have never set on a couch before. In the game of baseball and begged in my mind for somebody on steroids skeptical happily. Just started in 215 homers and -- Ramirez when you need you should've seen my excitement when -- almost hit it out of that was awesome I almost lost desperate crying and -- And Jesus. This is why I wanted to tune in and Nina had Todd Frazier going for -- -- and -- -- -- -- morality these basic look but I know it was unbelievable so Jonas says that as goes back to back in the home run derby the first time since the great feet. And a Eva you play -- mean hit the hits and get on runs but it should be. It like you shouldn't -- the broadcast was awful in the broadcast was terrible the camera angles probably every board yeah leader John Chrysler now in now. Yeah as is only disagree that should be your opportunity to showcase your stars and especially baseball can you got eyeballs on it. Issue should be able to highlight some of your young up becoming stars they didn't have any inner -- now what guys are hitting -- a -- -- light can stay in space -- and we'll let me give America get to know yeah that's a whole other thing because this is semi a racist not me but I didn't know -- that Stanton. And I put. Says that says and we get in Stanton. I like a lot of those guys Negroponte I just think there are similar and I I don't really know them personality -- as -- Sam was born in California -- told -- yesterday I had no idea is because -- always disassociated with him as a Cuban -- you -- is -- is Naimi -- playing in Miami inside -- and -- -- so yes we've always -- this and this is an issue where -- You to win this out yesterday where you've got we doing an interview Pedro Gomez and he's translating and Bud Selig came up this morning and said. We need translators for every team to be able to communicate with these guys. We should also another professional athletes the LPG eight dealt with this with Korean players coming over absolutely and that and the commissioner said they need to learn English he got -- -- of trouble for. But there does had to be some sort of marketability at this and it was just it was really really hard because there's no personality -- -- that eating you got no personality out of the home runs he's got a little bit of guys cannot dance around with some. Would hit a big -- agency -- reactions in Hugh McCutcheon was pretty had -- -- was very animated over there but you're right the -- in -- -- you don't you don't want to sound insensitive when you say it but his Major League Baseball if you really do wanna grow your sport. You know I've watched that the Pedro -- interview a week week is the biggest -- baseball has going right at him and Mike -- first up -- -- you -- -- what did you interview Mike -- he would sit there the whole night watching -- -- what did you send somebody over in my -- what did you participate -- you look at Florida they are doing arguing gains -- you guys in the bottom of the fifth setting the you know put blood had. Headset on Clayton Kershaw on the dugout but he can't do it your home run derby it's ridiculous it to me there is something -- you as a corporation is a business. You can never mandate guys learning English you can never say hey you wanna play in our sport yet to speak English and that's not -- saying by any stretch of the imagination. But there there comes a certain point where Major League Baseball should go to certain guys like a week like a Miguel Cabrera. It's that you should sharpen it up a little bit because if you could have them do interviews where they left upper week has a great personality yep he's like a little market out there -- Didn't -- our net as a kid he's like a little kid out there he's exciting he's always -- he's running around his interviews would be fascinating to listen to but instead -- Pedro Gomez ask. Asking the question in Spanish hearing the answer back -- him translating it just it's too cluttered office. I think what we can do to fix the home under -- take those collective ten guys that volunteered to be nothing but muscle bound for this. Police say the man -- And we inject steroids into their -- and the first one with Roy raised its its step up to the plate and that's how the derby -- is -- raids hit the ball aren't you can go -- ravaged before its -- kept going on these reds at great to watch this knowing that it's clean. Because they've had this like my god. I phrases morneau. Trade -- this montage of the less like 20/20 five home run derby is all the big moments of the big names in it. Is -- Dirty like to highlight package it's great to know these guys get -- if you should wait what was going on -- -- the home run derby was a background noise while like cleaned and he won dinners and I like the home run derby they do it every single night to get to sleep faster -- in a -- half. Steve Spurrier spoke SEC mediated add date today gets in revealing comments about -- also his role in his legacy. In SEC football some pretty revealing -- Steve Spurrier -- that next also coming up the DEA is investigating unit fell. We'll talk about that this hour as well he got the airport there does break served up by B dubs on -- need to. We got a great personality up. And then he moved. You were home. And then -- the and and it's have been -- -- Knew the damage that's. This is a British Open week edition of bend towards dirt in the spring proxy by black and rants online at black Butte ranch Dottie yeah. ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy. Yeah me. SEC media days continues today in the old ball coach Steve Spurrier spoke this morning -- -- couple jabs Alabama course. He's in fine fashion for -- been coaching. The gamecocks for ten seasons. Doesn't it blows me away he's been there for time advising him fine man and I'm enjoyed every minute in the united -- -- deserved better coaching nickname in the old ball coach. I think you'd be hard to press I can't think of when I love I love seeing -- -- -- at all. Spurrier said Alabama today arguably they got the greatest collection of football players ever assembled on a college studying. If the recruiting services. Are to be trusted. It'll getting married and I love that it is a -- yet a couple other quotes is that the one album I'm talking about DB on cloudy -- First of all about today here on. He did not even have to play last year South Carolina you know a lot of people are advised him to sit out the season my wrist injury. When you don't really the first pick in the NFL draft and 22 million plus is waiting for you. And then you are deployed he wanted to come back and help this team and -- -- you -- -- three years and we want 33 games since the best at every three years and history this true. -- -- different element he took with him during the season preservation obviously settlement. But it isn't -- the people advise -- not even the play. And he'd played in any pizza -- got -- all season long destroyed him because he's getting triple team -- saying why is second somebody every -- is ridiculous to me and -- including Steve Spurrier he talked about you when I decide about this coming up coaching season. That's all we're different sort of understand a year just talking. Sort of come out to talk in season and have season I generally don't say much you know I'm I'm pretty normal talk like all the coaches top. During the season. But season and it's a little humor these swing the other. And you know back in the days 3% -- was gonna use that -- -- doing them -- They don't use it against a decision when he talked about that last thing about Georgia. Haven't been suspended. And I so I like playing America's -- gas and gas suspension. And again in November. It didn't. It. -- -- Athletic director grow in density that some of these Spurrier said -- -- can be upset when his sister. Steve Spurrier pretty got a good show he is a coach I grew up. Early early I was an organ fanned to end a -- save him obviously but I was -- Florida Gator fan and yeah anywhere for heroin out. Love those teams a love Steve Spurrier and he's great for college football. And he's getting gets overlooked a lot in the -- when he's out of the landscape and the coaches. In the in the SEC you've got that the last miles the makes a visit to bring up but. Steve Spurrier is never on the top of the mind when you think of SEC coaches now and really understand why has it been that he's been nothing but success. Well and the last thing you wanna here's a pact will fan has not SEC football teams in media day comes up into ones are about how great Alabama's gonna be again how. How good Alice she's gonna be George is gonna rebound. But for the last ten years since he's been that you South Carolina. -- Steve Spurrier has been a mediating dot I mean he's somebody I can listen every single thing that he talks about he's a sneaky good picked. When people talk about it you could go have some Beers and play around a golf to be here he's somebody I always forget about the once his name's rod up he's summit always think about wanting to play with and hang out with for a couple hours. And let you look at what he's done it South Carolina just because they haven't been to a BCS game or 11. Don't dismiss that he hasn't had success I've forgotten to until today when I'm looking through the and a magazine in the back. They were eleven to actually just three straight years at the -- went into they've been in the top ten last three years I mean you're looking at a program that is the right there they're right there with Alabama finished top ten each of the last three years they won all three -- clay in the hardest. A division in football to me and the in the unfortunate part about is they lose games at the worst possible times and jump to win rankings come out. And their most important -- Steve Spurrier to me. People talk about -- miles they talk about nick Sabin. The consummate demean and consistent is a really Steve Spurrier that's a guy you go back to Florida. I know we flamed out the NFL and it was quake and experiment didn't work. But look what he did at Florida he dominated for fifth almost fifteen years it felt like he comes. This is a guy I think we're all gonna miss once he's gone not only for his funny quote because -- he's really honest about stuff. But for the in his ability to recruit Houston and win football games I love seeing him in college the. Way and there's a lot of talent coming out of the state of south Carolina's will need and you look at some of the big name guys -- put in I mean obviously anybody talks about -- daily on cloudy but also on Jeffrey seven had a great career in Chicago so far. Niner fans are hopeful Marcus Lattimore did the same thing for them you know he obviously the tragic injury to end his career. It -- the instinctive thing to me out of this is your so right with when you look at him and and kind of just been on that underrated coach -- that there's a lot of college football fans after the probably did not realize. He's got eleven into each of the last three seasons and they finish in the top ten needs the last three seasons. But the one thing that would that was really intriguing to me that he said was it any kind of commented you brought this up earlier spring. We're talking before the show but he said I don't care we lose to Clemson Michaels to win an SEC title because that is the one thing. In his nine years now South Carolina but he hasn't done he doesn't have that national or exceeded the SEC championship. Under his belt in to me it really speaks of the volume. Of not only Howell says narcissistic I guess people in that area are because I I honestly do believe. That they view the SEC title game is the national championship game I did they have gotten so full of themselves look rightly so when you went eight straight national titles. Of course you -- behind yourself and he you know if you go to an SEC championship game. An idiot win the national championship eight years in a row using the SEC champion was -- that national championship game sometimes he had to be unit to make it to the national championship game. But that's it really speaks volumes to how important that conferences and how much rivalry there is an act -- to -- is something to me. Maybe it exists elsewhere you know I I don't know a whole lot about Big Ten country -- big twelve country I know they're they're very passionate fan bases Michigan Ohio State -- how -- -- in I don't know brass has diehard fans mean that there's -- and Texas you know I obviously. But I don't I don't think that exists in actual country and I'm not sure exactly why that is you know I -- the US and -- in a if you you know can play in the Rose Bowl are played -- BCS game and not when it pactel -- is it really hurt you that much and they -- a -- is going to put in the Fiesta Bowl. Didn't win the conference but they still want to BCS game. And the prestige -- not played in the Rose Bowl wasn't there but that wasn't that. Maybe just the importance in that area of the country to -- winning the conference it just speaks volumes as to how much David. Care about college football this -- I'm receiving Steve Spurrier is spent on players in his. Professional is coaching like you have to set the over under 500000 I'd say a million all ideal hire an iron -- that he had like total in his entire gallery or the forty years at the sneaking in want to hear ye -- dish out -- -- here honored and your first. Players have a look I put it only got eleven years at Florida that's a lot of money spent bloody years of Florida another ten minutes. And South Carolina took twenty years combined. If they hear an average of honor -- he's an over under though for campaign colleagues who now. Two mil I it's I would say so -- under the break in the bank players that played for Steve Spurrier have received over two million dollars. -- alligator might not illegal in effect yes that's unofficial stat -- what else is get about the SEC in the I wish. I hope this develops in the pac twelve. Is that you have legitimate rivalries. With coaches you've got coaches that go back and forth to each other you've got coaches that don't like each other. That hasn't a lot that's ten year. And a lot of that is fan -- has been you don't really have that -- we have -- wondering now you guts d.s are he's an Indian shop. Member they went adding to last us right now yeah but for the game went along he said Harbaugh and Carroll when it was Stanford USC but he nothing like everybody's break or not at that level known now. Hopefully gets one exploited a yeah I didn't I enjoy that I mean that's the one thing I always think about two -- somebody who's kind of competitive and everything I do. I would seem how how these coaches can never get frustrated each other or see something you might come on me you're doing that the wrong way. And not wanna call somebody -- if you lose a close -- a loss to USC yeah US he has a Reggie Bush and you know for a fact that something's CDs going on I've always wondered how coach has been able to -- Closed mouth keep his live shot and not say were exiting I'd get to a point where I'd wanna sing anything and look I think college football's better off Ford there's competitors not only on the field. But on the sidelines. That intrigues everybody else that much more to wanna watch food intrigues you the most of Mike Riley were unified somebody. Who would you want to see him go after well I can tell -- -- coach that I've heard it I'm not saying it's fact announcing and we were in states confirmed inning I know coach in the back to only he's not very fond of -- when I -- elite. -- PX he really likes my clean my -- have -- that upsets a lot of him in my -- are actually pretty pretty cool and I heard him when to tell it was a Dorgan my ramblings of -- great relationship yet they like to just he had the new ball -- USC. So are these. Steve -- he's younger one I think they should get a lot more fights is David -- David just very fool of himself he's very full using so yeah I get a very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The DEA's investigating the NFL for painkillers those guys that about fifteen minutes from now coming up next Tiger Woods is back in -- hallway late. And yet they're ESPN is doing something they should have done a long time ago with him. We'll tell you that next. Hi James is now. This is a British Open we can vision of Danforth -- in spring -- I'm glad you rants online at. You -- and got it on ESPN's Sports Radio generated yeah. In this. -- is pretty jokingly here I don't see any need of pain and ex British Open his head south for fans because of the time change obviously. It's a fun tournament to watch them because it's old school golf that's been around for over a 150 years there's a paternity watch the tigers back this week and that's and the main storyline. Hearing golf and what ESPN is doing with him. -- they should have been along time ago as they're dedicating ESPN three to nothing but Tiger Woods they will be following him around the camera. Any and every move that you make if you wanna watch it you can do so. Online and it's one of those ideas regal why have they been doing this. The entire time yeah Tiger Woods is -- golf discussion like this Tiger Woods channels and there should the other really should be a tiger which and where you can follow nothing nobody but -- kind of started do this with feature groups online. But just in sports in general. And I know some athletes it would drive crazy but you should have a camera following guys around dedicated to this particular player like even after the blazers you can have. Five cameras dedicated each starter. And just watch what they do when you miss you give us access. We mean if you slimy your follow in the markets for an entire game that you miss the rest. The action -- may have bad there's something so I know the NHL does this come playoff time when weather is USANA can play out of the Stanley Cup final hearing the game -- -- during the game that they have it's all online -- go online and they have cameras and just follow certain players up your dad just wants to watch and you know Sidney Crosby for an example play for an entire game is kind of see what he does you can't do that I. You -- I don't know why he would've started some like this earlier. It all every except a little desperation for ratings -- does BM but he can't really blame a monument we all saw the ratings and a masters and the US open and they were weighed down. Any any golf tournament without Tiger Woods and we we all know the ratings are gonna be way down it's going to be fun to watch that this is a genius idea nobody does kind of make you question. Widely evident this -- reminds -- most of what we have a conversation a while back about the NFL -- demanding that the fantasy football channel right next to the red zone. It's eight -- you hear what you think to yourself that's a great idea when you -- just been the last couple years 'cause you know it's gonna get good ratings. It's online it's easy to watch you can roll over in your bed he could just turn on your laptop you don't gotta -- lot living room if you do when -- wake up at 1 o'clock in the morning to go watch tiger. It's a great idea they said it -- long time. And for somebody who's not is -- a bigger -- die hard and his seat you're like me I'm just not a -- care about everybody else in the field I just wanna know what tiger's doing I have moments where. He'll be on fifteen and I won't know what he's doing Intel he's putt on sixteen and I'll get frustrated -- -- why did I not know what he was doing. Between those those shots and for me I'm excited about this because giving fans as much access is possible to what they wanna watch. Is exactly what makes you feel okay about paying all these high prices for cable packages. Sports channels everything else everything you're throwing dollars due to me. Those providers should be doing everything imaginable to make the experience that much better I hate paying. -- 130 dollars a month in cable fees there is nothing more pisses me off. And I always like icing get more for what I am paying via giving me a Tiger Woods channel option makes me extremely happy as a sports fan because look I I I get prompted there's a player out there it's. On course and on target to break a course record or whatever but for the most part of Tiger Woods is playing even if he's up plus eight. I wanna watch his entire round. Because for me he's what draws -- golf so yeah I'm surprised they haven't done it sooner for awhile there and they kinda did just following -- that he knew he was gonna win a tournament. But since the injury they haven't done it is much I'm really happy they they've been able to do this now and I can see if he's gonna get a birdie or he's gonna four with a waitress whatever it is I just -- thought. But that is the one thing that I love watching tournaments shuttle with on a Sunday is when Tiger Woods is clearly yes contention he makes it that he plays Saturday and Sunday but he's 78 strokes off the -- -- -- -- you -- the final group of battling it out for the championship and he got tiger eight strokes back and they got to kind of try to balance okay. How often do we switch back and forth -- while you're -- -- with a birdie exactly I loved watching tiger -- struggled all night. One of the things with golfers to use it veered into a golf -- earned -- teammate -- to -- -- PGA tour events what they end up doing is a lot of -- There's groupies that'll follow the golfers and the following from pulled all the pre -- easy to spot -- at a place. Some are pretty get blending in -- but you'll get the caddies that put their they'll get open golf glove. And the put the number of the player and not act like there is giving it away to somebody. And when in reality and had a lot of out of -- on the player where you get my golf ball or you're given this lever a sleeve of golf balls you've given something. To the group he's got a bunch of guys that dream in the China I did you guy guys that smoke he got a bunch of bad habits in golf -- you probably won't want. People picking up -- -- -- -- -- thrown at me and myself but -- exactly you gotta go below -- Ian isn't the Golf Channel dedicated tiger to say not enough -- that I have to repeat gimme more -- tiger's press conference they talk about his body. There was a point in time when. You know when my knee was bad -- It was tough but I could still don't chicken products still gonna go out on the golf course. That this particular injury with the fact. I didn't wanna do anything. -- couldn't get out of that could move around the house I can do either. If a woman for -- group -- would have moved here is tiger talking about. How is life has been -- As a person of of golf for a lot. -- loss of apparent than. Having two kids. You know life is about life is very different than was spent. Got a complete different Gosling ended in 06. A lot of lot of aspects of -- on my game and then -- the case until -- And one final line worry is guess is this coming up week I've been in circumstances like this before and I remember and always had knee surgery around the masters I didn't you have to leave us open and wanting us open. -- pride in playing more than. Nine holes and the Sunday before the US open I didn't -- 58 for nine holes and still that the winner and playoff. That is -- and almost -- tiger and I you know I did that was one of the best performances in golf delivers he when he won at Torrey Pines but. And I -- to -- against tiger this week it is a course that he dominated last time I played. Don't watch you go even -- -- -- weeks -- here's the reason why he is the best iron player in the world and it's not even -- fifteen to one -- by the -- where tiger struggles -- when he arrested the driver and used to be accurate -- -- -- -- putt as -- is that the -- well that British Open greens aren't necessarily like most greens that he plays in our face -- I not gonna win but I like him that he can -- the -- and -- yeah I -- -- this year. I didn't know you say not taken against -- into my -- strokes market Danielle finished top five odds. Now what I mean that's -- -- that guy that's not a cop out that's put it into a winner all right he finished his third yeah happy. Happy that's atop the things -- yeah. You're so right in terms of me watching him the last time they played there in 06 and -- him only adding it's a huge benefit for not -- music it's huge and it helps his game at time in in years already in the -- aspect of things it's a lot easier to -- and open. That is that a US open or masters. I just I can't trust he's not the -- guy he was -- mean he can see here all he wants and say hey. Not once -- knee surgery came back and only played nine holes and then next thing -- -- -- winning the US open you're not. At the same golfer that you were ten years to go right there that's something got a lot of golf fans and they need to realize as well that look he's still one of the best players if not the best player in the world of rocketed doubt that at all. But he's not head and shoulders above everybody like he was ten years ago I can't believe this tournament after watching it a couple weeks ago missed the cut I know what was the first time you played since having back surgery. Look yes the benefit of using irons but to take him to win I still want Wiig in nine you know -- days we got me -- -- why it's great for the game of golf I love golf it would be great for ratings to watch him what it would be great entertainment to watch Tiger Woods win another major tournament it absolutely would. But I hit a typical Donald bid -- it would not take those Parker there's a lot of people say yeah. Hello I'm back now the L odds ahead I'm not -- I bet -- -- the clippers he's hedging. There are a lot of people that are saying he's not gonna make the -- now nobody should go that far I do fully expected to make the cut but no we will not finish the top five and his -- you're right there he's not saint -- he's reborn it. He believes he believes in good karma -- background he's committed Miley and I talked about this the reason his missed that cut the last tournament. Lindsey -- really wanted it kept accident when stock hasn't had to forgo the rounds or just being a loyal boyfriend it nudity at Phoenix Phoenix the rise here we go what's this week win in this turn him out by a stroke if we went down I -- -- -- that -- -- -- week I bet you he's. Only -- get this -- These are the -- nearly -- biggest name baseball has going -- -- -- easily pleased how easy OK what I want out of eleven I said Tiger Woods will not won a major championship for five years have made it through over a year now and I said I would pay -- we Jersey on my chest defeat if he won. But you guys you gotta pony up to the table here you're both predicted top five finishes you've got to give me something you're the one -- went -- -- -- you and if there was. -- -- -- will -- unfair let's find -- now he winds up paying if you -- he loses like he's going to you guys. More about him we won't there's no consequence for you whatsoever you're exactly right if there's a followed around I bet it would be dirt seem like just -- -- in your daily life for his show bulls daily life in the show. Yet one I'm going deep combat numb myself -- you don't -- -- follow me you know on an island in and do I mean gets sacked six times and not really -- -- Pushing a lot of -- Her that you can think that the NFL is being investigated by the DEA that's never get they will give you some details on that coming up also Jimmy Graham signed the deal. Dwyane Wade is back the Miami Heat Chris Kluwe Lee is suing the vikings. That'll come up at the top of the hour in our smorgasbord the NFL being investigated by the DA is next. You're listening to the airport there in Sprague served up by the -- on TV the -- room. Long. Yeah. And I'm an ethanol. And then on the left. Is a British Open which edition of Danforth dirt and spread proxy by black -- rants online at black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN Sports Radio generated both Israel. Took the gun there was left and but that was my time and time again it's funny things that commercial break big cameras it's a good idea. We have we call reality TV is what it did well the last the last -- forgotten hiding -- Every attacks again there and it's fun and now. Extracurricular activities -- -- -- bedroom activity in the TV real world where it's like night vision following what you're doing. They win the blanket and we -- -- noises it all right was that I was -- in real world and they did that well this lot I mean like Purdy do you enjoy it but yet it's very awkward. The DEA is launching an investigation into claims that the NFL players a legally have been given. Powerful painkillers among other prescription drugs to keep them on the field. This according to. Approach Christian drugs handed out to players by trainers and doctors of those records. Included visits exams. Diagnosis is prescriptions written for the players. And the being -- is strides in the very early stages but basically what they're going to try and do. Is there going to go after the doctors for civil or criminal case. And the doctor would potentially go to jail if convicted him. Of the drug related offense there's obviously the thirteen hundred other players. And who claim the NFL intentionally recklessly in negligently created -- -- a culture of drug misuse. Substituting players' health for profit. In the class action lawsuits so again. Another NFL story of players going after them this time for prescription drugs the DEA and paint sniffing around it is never a good thing. Look it's it's never gonna in my not change Haaretz he speaker of the -- gonna want. It's it's not gonna change may be our TV viewing habits for a long time. But to me when people talk about the downfall of the NFL's being number one sport it's little things like this if all you hear is negative things continually from the players. GM's teens DEA FBI now iconic crap keeps sniffing around. To me at some point we're gonna look at other leagues and think -- the NBA's two and a good job don't positive -- -- -- races players are sticking with their teams in being loyal it seems like -- greatly I think at some point if any innings to bring it down. It's stories like these now -- me as a football fan. Again I like to steroids NFL's the one sport I don't wanna see steroids disappear it's a one sport and is looking extremely selfish of me because of everything that comes hermit. But watching these players continue to get bigger faster and stronger is exactly why tune -- I loved watching those jar. This dog bone sadly saying it's a baseball exactly and Timmy I worry a little bit going forward if the DEA continues to sniff around. Do you find the right Doctor Who will snitching needing to -- testimony in order to take less years in jail or whatever it is. And start outing a lot of organizations. May -- owners. Coaches whatever it is does it ruin your game and turn your product where. HGH in steroids are not gonna be ramped anymore like they are right now that stuff going to disappear I know they have testing for some of -- stuff. But come on get out your baseball at the same kind of testing and guess what players did they got around it. This is terrible news for the NFL especially the DA finds any thing which they well but it also doesn't surprise me I mean this is something that's been building up three year weird Suk on the station for almost ten years now talking about. Exactly what he was forced to take in the NFL what people expected of him as a player. This -- time and time again you have so many examples. That again it's a lot it's a like Tiger Woods television I'm surprised this didn't come sooner. When you hear from a lot of Bennett former NFL players as well little's say this is a bigger issue in the concussion -- this is kind of the the let you know ugly underbelly of the NFL that nobody really talks about in terms of how beyond it sounds like a lot of former players current players are addicted to pain pills. Which is never a good thing as a sport and to me you know we had a really good discussion and I thought on this when it first came out in terms up. You know how much of this responsibility was on the NFL and how much this responsibility was on the players because they're choosing to take these drugs. You -- have a team or league save eight if you believe we need to be healthier we needed to take this and as a player you can always say no it creates a very interest seeing cannot. Pandora's box of personal responsibility and who's to blame in this case. To me though when I look at this I'm glad that the DEA is jumping on board I really am because I don't fault the players necessarily completely. But the things that they did and I thought you know Marcellus -- had a comment in an article that I was reading and I and I -- -- highlighted. What the major problem here is is that first are you happy warrior mentality where these guys don't wanna miss any time therefore you get if you have a nick you have a Bruce. You -- get through a day of practice you need to get through a team on a Saturday or Sunday. What do you do you're gonna juice up you're gonna shoot up you're gonna take some pills to make sure he'd get through that game. Entity that you know one of the prime examples that I always think -- in the -- he's still playing thankfully but is Alex Smith but what happened Alex Smith who got a concussion. And that's what two games I think when two maybe three games when he was in San Francisco the year after being a quarterback leading his team to an -- championship gave -- this is too. Two games because of a concussion and then he was replaced as a starter and that's the scary reality that exists for a lot of these players around the league where. They know there's somebody right behind they know there's somebody that's looking for their meal ticket that's looking for that big contract it's look at. For any break in any possibility that they can have. And that to be leads in this vicious cycle of guys say okay I've -- I probably shouldn't be practicing today I probably should be playing today. But here's a team doctor that's gonna give me whatever I physically possibly need. To make sure I'd get through the day in the practice because if I don't. Somebody's right I mean he's gonna take my job and is very few guys that don't have that apply to them IBC Peyton Manning or some of the bigger names it's never gonna apply to them. But there's a lot of guys out there it's it's a vicious cycle where you got to appoint someone at the players and saying you could have said no. But at the same time -- this a lot of this blame to -- falls on the NFL. For pushing these pills down players -- because it's in their best interest to have their best players healthy on Sunday afternoon. Yeah when the DEA is involved obviously in there pursuing this with the NFL the NFL's going to do everything they can't. To. It still under flat here and -- trying and I -- response and only for those doctors know they're not and they're gonna say it -- -- -- -- -- of the -- -- UPS there -- in his doctors were acting on their -- -- and -- the doctor and back is a -- and -- not so -- this is gonna -- bat this -- yeah especially they start -- -- yeah absolutely and you ask -- you'll -- BS they're gonna say they put them they put me in jeopardy by saying. I had to do this I was forced to prescribe. These pain medications or my job would you. Imagine this is it just said and other business like say for instance -- -- just use our business same we we were -- you know they need us to -- eight our show is for a couple of months. We said we can't get through it may just sort of force feeding is off for example human speed did you imagine how much trouble our company would get an Indian this is the scary -- -- if you feed these kinds pills and medication. At some point the finger at any point -- match again. You gotta worry about that is a league and again this is where I point to you and I say. Out what went easy NFL going to come crashing down and -- crashing down but come down low level where people still love the game. But there's so much negative publicity we hear all the time in sales people talk about they go after the mom in the relationship to go after the mom and household because they're the wanna make decisions how many negative stories to have the year before finally the mom says. You're not -- Opel or not to allow you watch -- -- on the bad things that Lee does at some point is going to get affected in the mean this is a is not a silly tipping point. But a point where you look at you say if they find the right stuff. This is where we can look at and say NFL's being brought down a little bit Chris Kluwe eighty for a punter for the Minnesota Vikings is suing the vikings. And Jimmy Graham tied -- for the northern saint gets a new deal are smorgasbord of sports topics. Is on deck you've got -- tortured and Sprague served up by the dust on 1080 --

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