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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.14.14 Hour 3

Jul 14, 2014|

Taylor, Brandon, and Andy talk

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't do any semi college football can't get -- over the last six weeks that we've been on the air and today is 845. -- a college football gets going or again. Opens up can't hear in just a couple of weeks -- three weeks I think. For yes three weeks until fall camp for the Oregon Ducks. And there are some lines that came out some betting lines they came out stepped over the weekend from obese sports book and one of those lines that. Come on people's attention was the line between Oregon and Michigan State opened up. At nine the -- begin nine point favorite it has since been bad up. 215. -- that's right now put money on that and can make his one way or another is the teens these points. Unbelievable right yeah I can't believe that it's that high you're looking at a Michigan State team I know they're losing some starters. But traditionally they are powerhouse defense of team that's what they had -- won it last year. And when I looked at what organ struggled against its traditionally Lisa was -- the last couple seasons it's been power -- defense these physical defense organs bringing a lot of talent back and I get they're going to be in that playoff conversation and it's -- to have some favored but two touchdowns RE I just I I don't know how we got to that point. And maybe ultimately organ proves me wrong and Alex do they -- Michigan -- -- easy but yet asking a lot of the ducks to beat a team that's going to be as good as -- can stay uniting this year is. To beat him by two scores I just if I'm Wayne Coyne real money. There's no way in heck I'd put it on that point spread at fifteen highway -- to go down as I'd imagine the close of the season we get. The more down -- logo. Yen -- to -- I'm not sure this is more of an indictment on organ or more of an indictment on Michigan State and people it is not having confidence in the spartans are people are just that I am organ this year and say that's a national title contender. They should be able to handle machine state because I -- sealed pre season polls lead to early polls or whatever you wanna call. And I looked at -- Michigan State's usually about what eight to fifteen range and organs in the top three or four. Mostly everybody's call also so there is a little bit of the difference there but to have two teams in the top fifteen that a fifty points for that that's way -- I needed to tell -- yet. That most bettors are high on organ because they dimension data for the it's gone up and up and up and company continues to rise. It would it would you have a quarterback that one Connor took a Michigan State's needs and he's won big games in his career that's the only thing you know. In Michigan say they are replacing a lot of starters there's no doubt about it but so is organ organs got to replace some guys. Braylon -- out for the year who's gonna be your number one ride receiver there's there's question mark surrounding. The -- -- as well but whatever you have a quarterback that's that's. You know that that's been around a bit -- big games you want a Big Ten championship game last year nobody picked them to beat Ohio State when they were undefeated. Not to meet people picked him to beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl either so while they did lose some pieces to -- the stability of a program. This is the same thing you could save for organ in May be why they are fifty point spread but the stability of the program how we start to the quarterback position. If Morgan was returning a quarterback this wasn't returning Mario did this year. I would I would be surprised that they were outside the top ten you know they'd be -- thirteen fourteen overall maybe coming in the pre season ranking. You bring a quarterback back that's whether -- top five program but to me you could say the same exact thing about Michigan State when you have a guy and Connor cut. Lot of people think can be an NFL quarterback he's an -- -- -- -- manager -- people think even. Negatively because of that but he's won big games in his career fifteen points just wait to. I've yet to get aligned to that opens up at nine points that's been nine point -- it moves that much it is early in the seasons there's not as much action on other people are going to. -- are trying take that nine points. It just goes to show you just kind of where people really are with the organizer I really do believe that and a lot of it has to do with early on in the season. How outside of -- use your ducks don't lose really that much of them to start the year to -- is dealt a blow teams out. Early in the season his teams don't have as much time to prepare for them they're caught off guard me. -- stainless opens up its desperate does seem to me it's different -- that is a 100% true or early on in the season they blow teams out but for the most part those are crappy teams those are Baylor school for the blind to their playing in a while since they stars. And LSU they lost -- and I know LSU went onto the national title in the end I think Tennessee is an example that that's your latest Tennessee Virginia on the same levels of Michigan State and that's right just history because I think would you give a team didn't and this has been a lot of people -- the reason why they lost those -- a chip -- he gave the team a couple of weeks to prepare. For the temple for the offense and that's -- look at Michigan State maybe it just this week eleven and adding -- he inherited advantage if your organ work get a team on a short week you only got four days to putting your game plan annually got a couple days to practice to get ready for that -- Michigan State is gonna have all offseason all fall camp. To get ready for the temple the offense to deeply at -- and that's why I just I don't necessarily. Yeah I agree with that disease that is what I would dispute -- I think is that you've got yet you've got off season to get in shape but. And here's a much different pace the organs practices. It even without -- help undoubtedly a much different conditioning factor with the docs and you didn't gain speed is a lot easier. After an entire season of getting in shape to have three or four weeks to nursing injuries and me to -- conditioning. Gained conditioning. Then it is the second week of the season to go out and say. Yet we're gonna go to hang with the ducks here the CI also wonder about the passing game of organ because of one -- -- they would do when they face the dioxin -- look where where I'm waiting machines these camper -- they're very similar in what they do on defense -- say these exactly so wildly that I say OK Michigan State can at least slow down any -- ringing in because you're not going to be completely stopping him Stanford's Don and -- once every twelve years against doesn't happen. If you can slow it down and you make organ try to be too through the air what are you gonna get for Morgan I know about -- brown I know about Johnny non. Eighteen -- is he gonna step up busiest of of enough to be in number one DeVon Allen -- -- -- time on the speedster. But these are unproven things you don't have a brand and NASA is not a Josh -- Marcus Marianna spectacular player nineteen doing away from him. But your machine stay I think you're looking at the -- -- you're saying. Slowdown in the run game and make them beat us through the years he does great and John Denmark is Mario it is exactly the quarterback were all expecting this season. But the spartans have got to be looking at this and saying. What is -- do they take away the run game they make the pass option have to be the only way you can be dumb I'm think in the same thing on missing insane I'm actually excited that. He claims early on as you do -- first. Area and hiding in the what are the advantages and organ is gonna happen here and again I don't wanna compare Michigan State's LSU but I do. I do believe that there is something and in terms of having a benefit of of a bit of a warmup game or tune up game I think when when you look back at that LSU game of the way they lost in DNC Thomas fumbling and in a lot of people look at that it's an organ can hang with the SEC. And to tell me there is something to be said for having that gave no organ you know your opening with South Dakota you're knocked it. Not a whole lot of excitement trying to enact gain it's on the actual network not that many people probably watch but. There is something for exactly what you're saying Spragan that you do you have question marks on this roster right now you have guys that you need to replace. In terms of giving giving them a game against South Dakota that gives everybody -- chance -- let's get to game speed. Let's see was ready to go because there's there's a big difference in playing in practice it might lose or play any sport at any level -- says there's a difference of playing a practice. But there is in the games eagle watching -- fall practice and say he's dominating you get into a game -- -- can't do what he falls short whatever the case may be. But he did have a chance against a team South Dakota you're going to be in seven need enough thinner 77 -- three -- -- the final scores going to be. But at least you'll get a good yeah you'll get an idea of who's a gamer who's not a gamer the last make. Is super book has the updated regular season win totals they've got Florida State over under eleven and a half. Alabama and origin at ten and a half and Oklahoma so Alabama Oregon and Oklahoma all ten and a half. For the over under. If you guys were betting on organ is -- according to Las Vegas they do believe as the updated totals the origin will have a lot somewhere in this season. And I you would you take the over the under their ten half I would probably take the over I think they're gonna lose a game I don't know about multiples I think -- -- -- Ron -- -- And that's -- a -- but is it in Michigan stadium you -- delay but clearly people expect them to beat Michigan State their fifteen point favorite. To me eat it if it was eleven and a half -- for sure take the under but I was sprayed on this when I'm not quite sure where a second loss comes in. In less you have a dumpster fire -- and when guys are prepared recognizing gorgeous I Stanford I mean a lot of people looking at Stanford they lost so much talent -- -- -- the last two -- exactly Andrew -- come on and yeah. Yet there has seemed to be elected miss the question I think moving Fordham mark Alpert is. When you look at his organ that team. Do you have the ability because we take for granted so much. How focused the ducks have been. The last four years though the three or four years to Cali was here but did you look at the organ that teens before -- guy -- on the Mike Bellotti teams. They've lost focus in a lot of games and that's it's hard to do it's hard to give that team in the country that you -- -- -- you're not supposed you've got to let down game that he comes up and Dick Cheney -- Amanda what what happened there where they come from yes part of the reason is the next -- is part of the reasons -- system they run people down. And there's -- you can still have bad teams but be able to overcome them because of your system and there's a lot of reasons why the dots. We're so good in terms of not having a let down game. But that's an aspect of this moving forward this season where. We can live is scheduled to go win win win win of course that's a win we did that last year -- -- for sure different circumstances -- Marcus Mario out of it but that is it under appreciated element. Of what -- did and I'm I'm not sold yet. On mark's -- for his ability to motivate guys to get them to play last he had a lot of guys check out. His ability to motivate guys been for a will be crucial in not having. In Arizona or if you do drop when he's played and not have a lot and yes sir over Washington horror Oregon State come up and bite ya. Like you had a couple times last year and and don't forget once Mario and faced Washington that seem to be the game that he got a got banged up on what they ask him to do pay gas and very much do everything in -- that -- myself on offense because the running game was nonexistent and you worry about that a little bit I think if your ducks fan. Is if you're in a position where let's say Marshall and time America on -- you -- they're backlog they're done they're not having any push if you're asking Mario do the same are ya a 100% certain that he's not getting banged up again if he does. I think that kills the ducks' chances go before he got to pick your spots if -- You already got you don't wanna have to use him up early on any game early -- the season -- -- and the only thing that I unbelievable help in this year's I do expect the right game to be much improved I do I think last -- -- banged up offensive line. It's guys weren't quite experienced he grass to backe got Johnstone back. It's an experienced group the run game should be much improved as more improved this year than. Was last all of that said I think one of the three of us are in agreement at ten and a half according to Las Vegas the updated odds. But we're all taking over on the wind tools and temporary agreement there I don't agree with the point spread but I stalling or he's gonna beat Michigan State and I like the over under ten and a half it was SEC media day today in Tom -- and they'll love ESPN had it she -- -- about the college football playoff and how it relates to the SEC. We'll talk LaMarcus Aldridge at the bottom of the hour but as CC media day. And how the SEC is going to be viewed in the college football -- went into that next. It's import dirt and Sprague served up by buffalo wild -- any defense. Tonight. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth -- spray you brought to you by black rants online at black Butte -- dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well let me get this straight people would rather watch a game that's that makes that creates the best in the world category as in the World Cup so everybody from every race is intrigue of watching a sport than a regular season baseball game. Crazy. Baseballs and try let me try to guess -- -- country win -- immigrants and it. Has a lot of viewers for other countries is that right this collect. If you want soccer today to get beyond the blowup like holocaust and on on this rant last couple weeks at a soccer taken over -- the way any reach reach people have sixty other people of Seattle last night. Wait when the MLS starts beating Major League Baseball and the NFL in the NBA ratings wake via. Does it have to be the end of are gonna just be -- bombings that -- just yet because Iraq as general never it'll never be the NFL what is starts beating on a regular basis regular season MLS games beating regular season Major League Baseball -- regular season NBA games. Then we'll talk youth sports man -- sports with the. -- that's was trying to does that the World Cup the world -- -- the Olympics I sixers super or better ratings and yankees Orioles game on Sunday night. What you faced almost as hot bodies lots and the college SEC media day it was today in the college football playoff trophy was unveiled it is a 35 pound trophy. -- 24 karat gold bronze in stainless steel you know it is forming an actual sized football at the top. It is a modern design more than two feet tall. He will be given to the -- January 12 2015. And according one Brandon Sprague it looks like lips and it has a nice rosy red inside when you turn it the right way it's gotta spend it to the right in the red comes I couldn't believe is truly be elect I'm off for the new college football playoff this trophy is horrendous this and they dropped the ball anywhere it's not with the committee. It's not who's in the committee. -- it's not even in the processes of how they get to fourteen it's simply just the trophy I'm OK would you letting fans vote logo. The trophies probably the only ugly is championship trophy I've ever seen in case I got the ones I don't I twelve trophies for -- act of trophy is pretty bad I think the pac twelve trophy looks like Lombardi trophy compared it is and I really think of that and -- -- it's pretty it's pretty. Pretty bad job. Play it -- witty as I think everybody's on board with a college drop playoffs mean sports fans in general we've been asking for this for a long time maybe 18 but for you will settle for -- -- eventually get to eight. But I love love love love the crystal ball I'd love the caution bunch I thought I'd really Odyssey be -- got several want to meet it there's no conversation there. Lombardi close close second thought I would say in -- to -- in terms of championship trophies I would have put did the coaches' trophy right there with a crystal ball I love the black eagle of the crystal ball on. British doesn't meet me in claret jug no Lebanon where it below for the claret jug of fortune as the only the US open -- -- -- it was. SEC media day today and Tom alluded -- on the coverage we're watching earlier on ESPN had a great point about. And -- the cultural laughed and what it's going to mean for the SEC because it's. It's viewed as the deepest conference and Americans viewed as. You've got top heavy talent and you do because you produced championship after championship. For a great run. In the BC yes but there's going to be debate all year long and -- ready for it. If you have a situation like last year where you've got an Auburn Alabama in the comes down to a last second play. And Auburn ends up in the playoff but a one loss order and two loss Alabama team. Is left out because. The Big Ten T -- a big twelve team. Is in. The SEC is going to constantly have a gripe in this. About giving to teams in the playoffs yet and every other conference you know who cares how good your second place team is. We should be in that play out it's not a perfect system but is it going to create. Some of that controversy where you've got the SEC it feels like vs everybody. It's exactly what's gonna happen in -- gonna get right back in that conversation that we had to have a couple of years ago when LSU and Alabama played a championship game of one of those teams didn't even win their division let alone make it to the conference championship and win the conference. -- even make it to nag me digging when their divisions so. You're always gonna have this struggling college football you -- will and that's -- -- said earlier I was so glad the Florida State won the title game none of us for rooting for Wednesday anyway it was a great to see him win a championship but it was great to see the SEC's dominance come to an end. Because they have won again that would have been what eight -- -- running or nine in a guy in a row and you're going into this new format and then that's when you sit and you say. We've won nine titles in a row of course we deserve to have two teams in the playoff. But you're always that in this is the same argument and when the playoff came out. Fans can see here it's okay great we have it we have a fourteen -- -- this is awesome there's still going to be contention over the three -- the four team that you're you're always that pretty much to clear cut one into. Occasionally there will be conversation about who those teams are. But even if you go to eight the will be at a debate over who's the eighth best he loses seven but this is always get a exists in sports and especially when you have five major conferences that are all that -- winner you're -- have five. Major conference winners -- only have four spots as it is for the playoff so you minority you're already getting -- at a major conference went around that out of the conversation. And then you add another SEC team of density of two of the men there. You're gonna not to conference champions I don't know how you make that argument. I understand look at those point was you can see -- the two best teams are -- the country where Alabama offered two of the better teams in the country for sure but to me there is something that goes into. Winning your conference if you don't win your conference it's very hard for me approaching that conversation as a top fourteen Annika. When I was reading an article over the weekend where that criteria doesn't matter Larry Scott believes that -- you don't necessarily have to win your conference million college football playoff and look I've loved everything they -- what's -- this point -- well -- and that's that's a fair criticism -- what is the point you're not -- demand that team win the conference get to the cultural playoff I think that's a very good thing to bring -- -- question. But I like so far what they have in terms of criteria now. I don't you're gonna encountering a lot of teams that did in this thing that don't win their conferences I think that will play someone a factor with committee members. Because there's so experienced they've been around for so long. But I've liked everything they've done thus far with the college football -- and I'm pretty pumped for the first year. There's tradition I did there's tradition in some of those bowl games but for me ultimately what I want is I want the best teams playing. And I want to playing to prove who is ultimately the best in the nation we've had so many years where yen may be Alabama and LSU and a clear cut favorites. But I still like to see them go against some season sack tapping gets it to CNN you're on the breezy and -- our CEO Harry gets calcium for you get some of them go against the because. We don't get to see on the regular season that's pretty much. What the BCS did is he is scheduled these taxis and it took weeks off and then have to go out and schedule a stamper to come to the L issue -- she didn't have to go out to the Stanford's. To me to college football playoff is going to be fought. We've all experienced this in some magnitude the first year -- something. You always have kinks but that's OK and I'm OK even if they don't get that the correct -- you have three of the four okay. I'm fine with that because to meet with this specific thing. Bad publicity is great publicity out one point it's going to move up to more teens we know that there's just too much money to be made. But until that point. This is so much better than the BC yes. Because you have the two matchups. And then you'll get the national championship and to me that's what we've all wanted to see we want to see playoffs they work on every other sport why not college of. Went to -- this is my biggest concern a moving -- for the pac twelve is a conference as a whole we had this conversation last week about how the parity is increasing as a conference it's getting harder and harder and harder. Last year you're you're two top teams in the conference for Stanford and Oregon both of them finished the regular season with two losses is it to las factual champion -- Gideon know over a one loss Alabama it's just it's not gonna happen. And that's my biggest concern in this is why look this is a whole another can of worms open you'd need eight so you have your five major conference winners. And he gets three out margins that's when you control one loss Alabama are two lost organ or whoever you want it yet three action spots. But this is this is a disastrous scenario for the pac twelve especially in his first year where you look at Stanford's go to organs could UCLA's good. They organ has two losses Stamford has a lot they don't when the conference. You're gonna have some problems he were potentially you look at one loss Alabama doesn't win a conference he got to Los Stamford won a conference Alabama's gonna win that debate. But this is where I think he'd come in handy for Stamford let's say hypothetically I think strength the schedules going to be a huge factors the pact calls a bigger -- the schedule of any SEC. And stamper ultimately is going to get that ahead of him. Here's the uphill battle that you're facing -- here everybody else but the SEC all -- the win totals Las Vegas and win totals we talked about. Alabama ten and a half -- -- nine Georgia nine and a half -- LSU. Nine South Carolina nine and a half. Ole miss a half -- so you've got how many teens there in the SEC that are over nine win totals as projected. This coming Ethier says you've got that deep according to Vegas that deep in the town has not gonna pass. Happened you know of course is not gonna happen but they're still leads and with that many teams you're going to get two of them. Every single year you're going to get a bam Auburn Georgia LSU and tell their dethrone the Florida yeah. That one of those schools is all of those two probably always going to be up to its top where you can make an argument for them over. An Oklahoma State out of the big twelve you are -- and Ohio State remember Ohio's. It last year really resonated they're undefeated they would the national weather is sort of state Ohio state of they had beaten Michigan State that would have been in the -- anyway got a boat race -- we got destroyed by Florida's temple and this is the other problem that you have here at in this is the biggest. The biggest beef that I have right now college football's you don't have a level playing field in terms of the number of conference games that you play. And the fact that the big twelve does not to play Canadian media even that now -- it's particularly between nine conference is everybody else except in a house it's a perfect example -- that where you could have a team go undefeated in the big Tulsa Oklahoma State or Oklahoma district go undefeated you're twelve and L you don't have to play conference title -- -- Oregon -- twelve and don't you gotta go play UCLA for the second time in a conference happening at a neutral site. You'll lose that game. It's it's an unfair disadvantage for for conferences and after that. They're gonna learn from the first year but again think about how great this is if they get three wrong to wrong how much are we going to talk about it this is going to be great exposure for college football on I I'm pretty -- everybody's pumped. Even if you think it's a flawed system LaMarcus Aldridge turned down teen USA we'll tell you why next here's Mike with sports and. -- a little. -- This is the British Open we division of Danforth dirt and spray thirteen by black yeah grants. Online at black beat grants dot com and ESPN's Sports Radio Jay -- friend. We'll -- a teen USA roster was announced coach makes esteem. Is hoping it Derrick Rose to come back to the the team I don't understand that one really -- is rejoicing everywhere I hide man I die guys don't have pretty big here grossed me linemen do not Derrick Rose I know you guys. It'd be eating dinner heroes and that's fine but I am won't understand the thinking average this nationally. I listen a little Chicago radio. The thinking of the bulls are gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We just lost her star power out of the running now part of Iraq and the next six months things throughout the -- says -- that there will be participating in teen USA for the summer they're down in Vegas right now nineteen players were selected to the summer league's national team roster. The ought to be whittled down to twelve before they go to Spain. -- so Bay's camp begins July 28. And -- that's the turn in in Spain. In the -- international is going to be the end of August beginning of September but the note here for blazer fans in the mark sauter said no thank you. I'm going to rest up and I'm not going to displayed in teen USA -- walking up. And as they split issue we've seen an hour days -- post today. At least a dot -- -- seeing and a lot of diversity at soft not -- you owe it to your country and everybody else is playing you should be playing. Any idea to have delisting and tell you rest -- your obligation is to the Portland trailblazers but it does cause. Have a rift between people on what date the guy should do with their hot season. And how it relates to teen USA. -- even -- it's an easy conversation to have and to be the easy answer as a blazer fan and I'm not sure why blazer fans want him to go play that that's on the I don't get -- if you want to bring -- the patriotic conversation and we'll tell the world games the -- got it either barely -- -- to the U -- exactly because he's not you can you can be a guy like LeBron James -- Kevin Durant -- Chris -- and not play in the world needs to be on the Olympic roster LaMarcus Aldridge is not at that point so if he wants to play in the Olympics he needed to be -- -- of this this summer on Las Vegas and -- play in -- Because I expected that he would've made the team. But I as a as a blazer fan I don't understand the argument that he should play and that he suffered up claiming this is a guided. Has been a little banged up the last couple years he's had to play a lot of minutes he's had to carry a heavy load for this team last him for the years. And to -- I have no problem with somebody who hits their offseason he's got a families got a couple of kids. I have no problem with him saying look I'm wore down I got to stay healthy even if even if the excuse you don't like is that he wants that Max deal next year. Because he is taking a considerable injury risk by not signing it this year. God forbid knock on wood something could go wrong this year he does not get that -- -- don't knock out what. Edie won't get the Max deal next year it is a blazer fan if you're making the argument he suffered out playing. To me. How how would you feel if he went over there and got her and that's the thing that people just simply can't answer it's a little bit of a cop out just a civil I want my money -- -- you know I'm not getting paid to do this. I understand if it upsets you but as a blazer -- I have it's you'll probably -- and it's a it's a players league I will always kind of fall -- all I'll side with the players in terms of what they choose to do on and off the cords because they pretty much running in. With LaMarcus is no different you don't wanna play. That's fine and then sit out rest is much -- need is blazer fan I'm ecstatic that you wanna. Focus on the regular season you wanna try to lead the team passes second round and you wanna earn your Max extension animal K would that. There's just a part of me that if I am looking at it for -- player perspective. And maybe this is just as high level Olympic basketball watching USA when the gold. I say to myself don't -- wonder don't you wonder. How many opportunities do you ever gonna have in your life to be one play on a teen USA roster exciting guaranteed it would make a lot of you don't think he even make it. But by participating in the world games that pretty much qualifies you and which into consideration and if you do really well. Coach came Jerry Colangelo -- all remember that they'll say okay he played really well with our guys let's think about between sixteen season. I'm okay -- saying no but I always will wonder when you have such few opportunities to do incredible things in your life. Any Olympics to me is one of those to get a gold medal. You really sit down and think about it or you just say man Max contract year next year got to stay healthy gonna arrest and always put a lot of minutes on. He's been banged up but he's ultimately been relatively -- entire career considering -- Portland big minute then. I'll just always one of the back in my mind the do you sit down did you think about and say yeah I don't wanna gold medal or you just looking at from a business perspective mincing no thanks I don't wanna risk. Texas at the Beaverton Toyota attacks on what would you do if you were -- Marcus Aldridge would you have turned down. Teen USA or would you have played 55305. And at an insightful thanks that I think is -- markets. This techsters says is it personality it's a right on down time in private federal. He's not eight and we know this about it he's not he's a laid back he's very laid back he's not like Damian Miller does the opposite he thrives on competition Wesley Matthews in that same -- Where they thrive on competition local crazy if they're not competing. There is hyper competitive and that's not -- the good or bad thing one way or another. If you've got guys that necessarily our -- when you look at LA and what he's done. For this team Alex he's not necessarily. Integral and it's not patriotic is to play for team USA to me it's it's not like I don't define patriotism. As playing at a sporting event on a national stage. If that's -- Is bigger outside of these -- -- -- in other words it's patriotic to need to play. And just insert a small sport in the Olympics more so than it is. Basketball I think you can feel patriotic playing you're not unpatriotic for not -- -- just for -- -- -- -- goes do you plan yet but but even then it's like are you really representing America playing basketball abroad and the reason I say that is because you're so dominant in that sport. That there's no question whatsoever who is the best of passport. So it's not. It is not even a competition when you show -- is so. It is not this they'll be like there was a best football team like what's the I know there's international brand -- -- but to me it's there's just those if you lose it in the -- right everybody makes fun idea -- way to do it good -- -- say you're Americans I think there's not that much patriotism so definite but if it's a World Cup team wreck -- in America what America is not the best under -- underdog in the overcome -- -- The best soccer player in the world -- said no I'm not gonna play because of injury then I don't -- -- Iraq but this is a little bit of a different situation to what and I I. Re completely with that and I think you know somebody brings up a point no he would have an obligation if he was in it he he was integral to winning at the tournament. But the reality is he can be replaced by any number of players have been suppressed the rest of the world and and look as a blazer fading of -- that but that is the true to the same thing goes for Damian Miller now I don't really have a problem with Miller playing he's young guy I'm sure he's excited. To me if I was a broken US trade industry -- yourself and issues if you're pro athlete would you wanna go play. If I did in the that I would be -- to see how I stacked up with you know. The Wilkins Chris Paul day in day out see how I stack up -- delegates Derrick Rose. And see how I stack up in the markets doesn't need daddy he's been in the league free nine years right now he knows three stacks up he's got against these guys multiple ties have been a three All Star Games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well whatever your what's and they didn't go political I think winnable metal. International basketball's on a down -- now it's coming back up LeBron James it once a goal is people are getting more excited rebounding team -- -- exactly but you're not going to get a deep end and a league of fans that look at this -- -- They're probably not gonna be integral parts of the TC I think. Dame could be but LA ease it in his style of play in terms of what we seen internationally his style played -- -- always do a lot Iran on the court and that's unfortunate. And you -- Kevin Love and example. Kevin Love for a while there was in some decent burn on the Olympic team and then once games really start rampant up. He played -- any play lag is a fundamental that's exactly had a glimmer of guys that anecdotally driven -- the athletic it's -- an all star game exactly in the when I look at this. Look it's not Seles of LA don't wanna sit out but you remember that feeling when you saw Clyde where teen USA when Jordan and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. It would be pretty cool as a blazer fan saying Damian Miller 26 this is his any NBA's fourth or fifth year in the league at that point 116. You looking you say you got dame on the team potentially. And you have LA I mean that something is blazer fans -- -- I'm okay with them wanting to sit out. But I is a selfish -- blazer perspective I look at it nice say. Man I really wish he would but I understand why hasn't another thing and that's Acer brings up that would be. An assumption that the markets would be in the final twelve fascinating hearing team and that's the thing too is they were -- if you did if you played the world gained a lot of people still don't think he would make -- that's true but ultimately it would help his chances a lot more he played this year. -- you got to show -- this year if you have aspirations of doing. In the Olympics on -- a couple more things on this and what we do with guys in their offseason and where -- Latin sports with critique you guys. In what they do Nazis and also the home run derby that we'll have some idea from Chris Berman. For some fun here in our final segment you've got to get tortured sprayed served up by Buffalo Wild Wings and you're listening to 1080 the thing. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth dirt and -- -- by black Butte ranch online at black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair and that. Did you miss any of the show -- the -- the show moving Porter going to be podcasts and -- to stand dot com we're also improving indeed any news Timmy did standup comic at. -- new technology that knew that yes get a roll out in the next couple of weeks. In their lives and beyond your front of -- upgraded and most likely you'll be able to listen to our podcast via the app as well we're sorry hopefully. What do they call in -- officially opens a softer open sauce and a soft line I like the name soft open soft -- we have I mean look this up launching soon we're close to a soft line can't just commit to the hard -- you know you go south -- -- you feel the water a little bit bold and he had a -- the hard launch. LaMarcus Aldridge not participating in teen USA he turned them down today and we detonates off not only off the court but in the off season. Of what we want guys to do on our teens and you are telling people what to do with their lives. But you have with training. Guys and they gave guys ever go on parties and does a grade easy doesn't it example of that you had a -- guys out the World Cup. Like I found this funny like when -- out of the World Cup. In member of the blazers -- out LaMarcus Aldridge was are not remarks a dean in the there was an Jim long everyone else was badly he's down on the hard in the off season or maybe that's a good week for re tweets is that why. Why -- why are we still focus on what guys do in the house he's why can't we trust them as professional athletes or athletes. And they know what they're doing their bodies in it they don't. That's on them like there's there's some sort of reflection that people think -- -- if they're not doing what people exactly want them to deal it's going to affect their team for the in -- years and we're. We're starting to become eleven we're not starting we have been but it's really start to creep -- -- sports celebrity obsessed like what is -- -- some of the opera -- really is as we wanna stretch it not just with the event of the sporting game. We wanna stretch this into their personalize who they date what are they doing in their off time -- against thanks for asking -- that by the way -- blew -- no idea what he did what I -- -- I -- the -- German girlfriend so you're welcome Portland for exposing his -- so he's not getting -- no he's not -- deficits -- real woman but when -- -- -- it's just it's it's unfortunate part of of kind of the time we live -- is it's fun because -- -- great technology. But she got all the social media and people become just entrenched with everything -- Miller is wearing what pairs of shoes lecture was LaMarcus wearing in that interview. And that's kind of mark culture thankfully when we talk about the mark is choosing to rest and not play in the world games according to our FaceBook and our tax. I think there's intelligent fans out there that really see this for what it is it's -- it's an opportunity to Europe for another long grinding season any year where he could potentially be. Averaging 38 to forty minutes per game. Depending on on the bench does and for somebody going into the ninth season. We're gonna need every ounce of energy from -- so I don't blame them in and that's that's the one cool parties. The more into technology and social media that we get the more obsessed people become with celebrity life. I kinda believe that's also making us more intelligence as sports fans and looking back and saying. Hold on we never did this with any stars in the past let these guys -- -- -- a break a little bit and let him do what they do for. And it's like childcare nowadays you -- -- -- -- -- this in that game makes and he can have plaster you can't in England he did in the good old and I -- out just look at chaotic -- seat belt I don't know what tweeting me as it is funny that because I've ended it last regularly before we Indian -- on. And the US's radio how would you affair is an athlete in today's day and age he basically just said no come chuck -- and no titles and a proud and -- I can't imagine what it was like playing in the Ellen in without. What are around and and following guys but to be able wait what this new age is sports does for me. Is it creates an appreciation for a guy like a LaMarcus -- to you don't hear from the markets during the offseason and I liked I want guys to get away take their time off because you expect so much you know in the middle of the season as the markets has a bad game. Or he's not doing things are right ways now leading his team to wins by all means be hyper critical but -- when you start focusing on what guys aren't are not doing during the off season. We've got way too far sports fans and that's why am I look at a guy like LA and I love that he disappears during the off season. He goes home media he spends time -- and -- -- -- is working on his game because he has improved year -- -- route. You're so right get you to trust these guys indeed. They're professional unless it's -- felt. As its rate fell Pablo Sandoval eagle. We seems to be a popular blossoms are pouring out to the season let's not -- well why -- -- why again Saturday. Is -- no -- -- -- -- -- they said more -- has just went out after -- the burritos and then you'll be ages five but yet these guys understand what the ramifications are that there are certain -- considerably easier -- felt a great example that he's gonna be the Pillsbury -- and and that's his consequence that yes exactly well. Now if you -- fan but it was an easy even you wanna be upset if not I got no -- that -- he -- your TV was Bradley was -- poorly yet or the -- -- -- -- a productive year in the New York the year before he got here in the game going up we -- downloads every lawyer and he's naked somewhere what's going on. Film home run derby is tonight at the or not this backpack -- If you play and after -- touchdowns Giancarlo stay in the is the favorite Jose Batiste is second we yes you know we there yet and it's just right that's nightly thing. So wins to his own right as early as nominee -- stand up and wanna say -- ominous stage and it's going to be stand night clothes smell my boy yes -- we don't come here please add your -- in an economic issue can be you really fun again met on this tonight the FB ED sets that is -- -- not important. And -- we come up with something and fund and he understood is they let you -- Baumgartner is not in it. It -- but it. Mean the improvement in the room and maybe get thrown batting practice. -- so I don't know home runs. We'll see tomorrow as well climbing on him. Podcast today and -- on same time same place in my get the airport there is Greg served up by the doves on 1080 different. -- OK guys we'll hope they -- so very right. Well -- later.

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