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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.14.14 Hour 2

Jul 14, 2014|

The guys do their "Smorgasbord"...talk with Steve Aschburner from NBA.com, and introduce the listeners to a new TV show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then -- -- dirt spray did well that was another sport that I think it up another way that Virginia where. My other best that I presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a British Open regulation of Danforth Durbin spray. -- you -- black Butte ranch spectacular golf stunning scenery amazing resort amenities -- your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today Danforth -- -- -- -- on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friend. It is British Open weeks here we'll have plenty of time to talk about the birdies as he gets near Tiger Woods in the field they're accidents -- the really cool ESP NN news. Wins Tiger Woods had unfair tees would say that is tomorrow on -- likely has. That that's 24 hour -- like -- vertical and horizontal seizing its steel greater gonna happen but it's going to be tomorrow yet that is that brings the audience packed. Appointment radio to get -- no wonder he got that for. Steve. -- senior writer for the NBA joins us in fifteen minutes from now to discuss the Marcus Aldridge. Deciding not to play for team USA will also ask him about a million -- BA free agency winners and losers and what he thought about the LeBron James. Going to Cleveland that happened on Friday eight. And it was a reaction for a day and they need these kind of died up to -- because of when it happened that have happened like on a Monday or Tuesday. It would have been a whole week long thing that. This is that I got as people are pretty happy with it hasn't been talked about a ton today. And as I think people are at a good spot -- -- where LeBron James ended up and and how that the whole process unfold. Yeah I I agree with that I think he did take time out on a Friday it was interesting because you're right it is so -- that came out Saint Francis today you know that was announced the -- James going back to Cleveland and we were reacting to it this afternoon. You're right that would be a topic of conversation for the rest of the week I mean that would be -- probably our lead story the next three days and how this plays out what happened to Cleveland. So -- to tap it out on a Friday to be it I'm practicing was unselfish for doing so. But it -- into the World Cup final -- people and it did it kind of just faded away and it almost felt normal again like he's back where he belongs and he's back where he should then. The entire time in every four years stand now looking back on let's get back to playing basketball. And to be that state that kind of answer that he wants of the old curiosity for me moving forward there's two with the situation. One it sounds like they don't -- moving and you wigand's for Kevin -- which. You know we were reading -- Jeff Goodman piece earlier. There are a lot of pitching points brought -- about Kevin Love and how he's never want to needs is kind of compile their -- executives aren't as -- -- exactly as a lot of fans -- sit out here and say oh there's no doubt he's he's the best power for the NBA but they're clearly not -- as of now to give company and you Wiggins for that. And the other to me is I'm curious to get the first sit down interview with the -- I am you know is it sixty minutes piece is -- Michael will -- -- Eastman Stephen bass man Sunday conversation you know because you know one of those interviews is coming in. And I really am excited for that because -- -- grip what import on Friday -- said. -- releasing it writing was a genius idea because it you can read it through your own words of mr. listened to Sports Radio holiday that you heard it through -- words in your -- you can't analyze body language exactly in and there's no -- take my you know you don't look at it it's just it's a much easier to have an authentic reaction to it what he's saying. But I I do want the -- what the extensive interview I do you know he's not -- dish on what went wrong in Miami. And if there was anything that Miami could have done to keep him -- -- -- and give those kind of answers. But you know lengthy sit down interviews coming industries who gets. Line you got I think -- -- Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh both came out this weekend and pretty much said look in and it's what he had to do we don't hold a grudge against him back home you -- -- yankees why did you change -- went just four straight -- two Marines he did it was a contributing factor in that quick. You know the thing for me is it was such -- -- I'm not a lot of players get to write a letter but to me it was the most normal thing a player of his magnitude. Could've done and the best part two he didn't have a press conference he didn't have a party he didn't do anything extravagant to draw more media attention to it. He since he released that letter. And like most Americans he went on living your life the rest the weakened yen on his NC Graham he filmed some streaker kind of -- and pretty funny yeah it is a guy that made one of the biggest decisions we've seen in sports any long time a generational player. -- just goes on live in his life and I think that's the thing that people can identify with him now is. He's the best player almost everybody hated him but the way he -- about business now oppose what he did four years ago. That makes him more likable more easy not to -- because he's not a limelight not soaking it up I'm jury's gonna have a Robin Roberts one on one because you know he's a big fan errors. But I'm also looking forward to where does Cleveland go from here and again that's an NBA free agency -- to me as a hoops fan. That I love to follow I exceeded dominoes fall the impact of a player going to another organization. Do they -- you'll be Andrew -- -- are so many questions and he can really change the landscape I think of basketball. Because the west has been so. Dominate that if you put it Kevin Love in Cleveland. And the east continues to get better year in year out you start to balance out here a little bit -- yeah that's what makes the league better this is a yeah. Smorgasbord of sports topics here on Danforth -- in -- a lot of people that you we talk about this all the time where. There's a lot of things that go on with the production of sports that ends up being stories from people. And you start to develop. You know other relationship and a bond. With broadcasters. In the NFL and college football and Andy got opinions we just innocent and Chris Berman -- people have opinions on Arthur -- they've got opinions on Bill Simmons. And also they've got opinions about who the reporters are especially -- line. In the NFL so Pam Oliver who was working with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman is going to be off of the call on the sidelines and she will be replaced by. Erin Andrews of course had the exchange with Richard Sherman. Can't Oliver who was brutal last year's -- jets out the year he is going to Spain this year with the number two fox team that's Kevin Burkhardt. And John -- they're really good team and an -- that they're firing her and says she's just got. Warrior in and that's day walking away and Oliver is done I mean look you have eaten. We we've been watching Pam Oliver for a long time she was my crush where I was like ten yet she was innocent and -- yet she had she's been around league for a long time in inside that reporters are always engaged in conversation -- for sports fans because. There's always the ones that there's Clinton let us for this I don't distance -- sexist but there's some that have -- legitimate talent that you sit there and you say she knows what she's talking about she asked great questions I'd like lovers a sideline reporter and there's somebody look at you say. She got that job because of the way did she -- until right Chris Myers is on there you go Chris Myers as good looking guy -- -- that's what happens but. To me this is the right move -- and -- you can say what you want about her I do you honestly believe that she has talent she insert yourself and the story wait to watch and sometimes yes for the gimmicky questions. But it -- I do believe that she is more talented and Pam Oliver that's an analyst's take I guess analyzing analysts which is just a weird thing to do. But this is the right. For -- you know -- all are really hasn't been the same since she got -- and with that football and she got back -- -- senior member that -- she was that you can just sit out a -- -- -- I don't wanna draw too much from it what you got to think about where she was -- where she was. After the football collision and to me she was never zinc is used to be pretty damn good at her job. And there was too much of a drop off here now this not try to correlate everything back to the NFL but the concussion lawsuits. Under there certainly were here he named that Fox News and try to get a claims she got it reading aren't you like about you guys. And I just throughout do you -- topics. And we get you know people talk about is giving and you legitimately broke gallery analyzing the sideline. -- -- -- to reiterate it -- is. It cannot argue delegate joked he thought. Here's what you guys are giving me an x.s and -- break down this -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- again. -- is conducive if you're going to the play that's like. Well done let the rumor. -- grown up -- -- mature and we got a handle serious issue that's there was call axes and knows of -- morning analyzing analyst is a really weird thing to -- I just wanna throw that we have because how I always think about this they got Baghdad SI easily easy to media critic what's his name Richard Judy back yet the magazines like how would you do in any abut anybody else's job you would probably be terrible so it's funny that you need to critique everybody below. That's the beauty sitting in this chair -- a look at some people we need to make judgments I have an opinion on -- handers in terms of how she got where she got. I'm not gonna say what that is over the air it's an artist talent and sense of videotape and America's dancing with stars. Her career took offense on this thing nine minutes is a victim via air handers -- places Pam Oliver on fox is number one NFL team AM all liberal no longer. Be with the eight -- but you'll be a little lynch and Kevin Burkhardt and they should be done with sideline reporting. They call the number one team in a number two team did you get done down the duty was like going in the eagle eager to see you later I am your only got a small regions of America the rest of us are gonna watch Erin Andrews. I am curious though who who -- like. The country likes the most as a sideline -- like who's replaced favorite because it's. The -- injuries and I am done growing pretty fun -- and Anderson really him. Joseph -- -- -- Anderson wanna and wonder why not let that doesn't surprise me at all that in an accident and just in just seen -- -- handers is my capacity to handle it and -- -- he's break. Steve as. Astro bio it World Cup in Germany 11 to nothing Steve asked -- -- -- -- outside for the messing lost again. He got -- -- senior writer for the NBA dot com joins us next to we're gonna ask him about LaMarcus Aldridge not playing. In the summer for the end after the USA team also asked him about free agency. And what the Cleveland Cavaliers can do next with LeBron James got the airport turns break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on -- -- to think. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth dirt and spreading proxy by black he rants online it's black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN Sports Radio generated program -- -- -- It was crazy couple of weeks trade and free agency we're gonna get caught up on everything with Steve. Gas burner -- senior writer for the eight dot -- deeply appreciate you joining us here. If these corporate entity -- -- this free agency period compared to others that you've covered. You collect the critical question because. This is also generally unpleasant in terms of the waiting in the Australian. The agendas involved that you try to purchase your memory as quickly as you can shall. You don't agree I can remember this year a conspiracy -- seem. I'm actually voting because -- good patch this year was. I'll hold a little bit you know all on wasn't because of the way it was involved we get what you -- -- -- mind. It away for Carmelo Anthony's you know he -- what most of us expected he would do. And then you're only a logjam breaking after. The constitution the bill back to Cleveland things really a trickle pace over the weekend. You know four years after his original decision on TV and that was you know obviously that was kind of a flop decision on his -- LeBron releases the letter -- the I'm coming home article and SI what were your thoughts on that approach. In announcing his free agent decision. Why didn't -- you know obviously a lot more -- I was in the gym in Connecticut for years ago and and it was a bad to witness in person as a well that it was on not on television calm because I was closer to the boys and girls will be used as props that night to a break we will art. All -- -- -- which data is a pure -- in Cleveland so yeah it was a terrible. Our strategy by -- -- and use our marketing people. This kind of calm throughout it was handled very. Actually -- a ball to cup points across our pick moderate underplayed. These basketball. All elements of his return to Cleveland country. If that you had a roster look actual well can somebody charged right now I'm not so sure. The problem would be -- -- be introduced as hearkens roots right now. Trickled back Cole blocked it's a good combination turnaround here corrupt Politico. -- state that the Miami or European -- NBA finals and the the potential. Of the cavaliers true. Start to women in pretty short order. Let's stick with that topic in the run James and and back in Cleveland and I think one of the things we've all over the last couple days is that they're you know reluctant to moving injure wigand's -- Kevin Love what you see that roster taking shape and how long do you think it actually takes to. -- championship contending team in Cleveland LeBron James back. Well apparently get -- from Minnesota and and what I understand it will infantry commander Williams and in a package well -- such. I'll be in the control include Andrew wigand's I don't think that that -- happens. All so look so they'd make that move along comes in our own awareness. He knows his reputation on the line on the -- able to make shrug off a little at -- responsible in Minnesota. Or you don't do that hasn't cut his next stop -- PP enthused. And he beat driven to to do whatever it would take you to win next season so you know lawyers -- if it can't carry our. And care law and LeBron -- together. I mean rig potentially prominent players at their positions are obviously. LeBron James has. Multiple MVP so you know I don't think it would take so long at all I mean when one -- each other in Miami. And they get it to the finals first here and -- got a chance to win and I don't. I don't see any reason why Cleveland couldn't get it -- Use the regular season as a learning curve there in the east. That helps and and and who knows what all the old social gunmen in the post season. We're talking with Steve gas burner NBA dot com and Steve before we switch to local team with the Portland trailblazers -- -- -- who which team does porn free agencies kind of been. I guess in your opinion the loser a team that needed to make a couple moves it just wasn't able to land players that maybe they were thereafter. Well I tried pictured earlier -- -- you -- -- -- if your inactivity. I was able to -- lakers and you we've come to expect big things from the lakers you're you're out and and they just sort of then you know even more. And and really out of the picture and usually it's Randall remains depressed acquisition of the summer he's -- rookie coming in the draft. It would interest summer league game last night if it's a matter of being true to our -- -- Houston Rockets they thought that that's a little problem. Well -- army of the pure -- in the land Chris Bosh from maximum salary ordeal. I decided to stay in Miami that was blow them he would've been a triple rockets are trying to do and and and of course. -- partially -- arising. You know young lawyer -- -- -- -- I became available I guess they have a restricted free agent and that's our college China Google really take money off pushing each. That he used to and finally blinked not not reassure. He's -- Iraq War. Would agree to put America. He had a contract year and he played extremely well in the Washington Wizards host so would John Wall as a point guard to help social traders -- I'm not sure that that Houston. With the regional locked into a long term you know an optional only motive without -- -- cart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steep gas burners are against your idea import dirt in spring NE SPN's Sports Radio to need if any is a senior writer for NBA dot com. He's on Twitter at -- NBA that's ES. CH we got some news today about the world the United States roster. Damian Miller is on -- for the more than jail blazers and LaMarcus Aldridge declined. What do you think guys yet from playing on the United States roster on the non Olympic year. Well in order to win -- -- structured you have almost put in the time. If you wanna compete in the Olympics she's beauty -- to put in the time in the off seasons. And so that's. That's one reason why people are speculating that LaMarcus Aldridge did not. Choose to participate this summer where they have a hard time I'll make an Olympic dream in 26 feet at most there's a real each situation arises. Are you know this is the kind of thing what they want contrast put -- side. With a personal agendas aside and and commit. To displaying greater than themselves. All -- that's sacrifice. Counts probably as much as independent thinking one more. Earned their response when it's time for the Olympics -- A ticket guys get their -- Italy could be exposure picket the experience. All they get a chance to come together and play alongside guys that they pay. Mostly compete against. In. It all all little which ultimately goes slowly approach to a -- that's pretty. Great -- We need to be looking back and address book where. Steve looking locally in talking about the Portland jail blazers they've been a couple of -- this offseason Chris Kaman and Steve Blake. What are your thoughts and -- and obviously surprise some people last year and beating -- in the first round and and -- kind of peaked a little earlier than some people thought around the league. Did -- came in and Blake addition make him that much improve in the second round third round team in the Western Conference playoffs what what do you think their offseason. Tom you know it's strange to me like it's pretty. Pretty basic go you know surgical site additions not not real big. -- you know law I -- my grass stores on the way to work sort of match great I know that there's there was some speculation that. In America Portland can acquire guys the way the markets are able true. You know what there's. Actually the leak probably has that entry already chip on -- that you know all the -- to treat people like coached. And all will have to ship some off -- -- the way to succeed without. -- PA clamor markets so you know Portland is not I'm not alone -- commit to a local state and -- so you know it's. It's tremendous city with a great NBA traditions on the actual war. You know why it it would be a given torture especially these guys bought it and make decisions OP a school of contractual outraged. All I don't know the Portland me a lot. Anyway because -- The makeup of the roster usually mild electric sheep you know -- other pearl. You know what a lot going forward and -- because this -- I'll help in the backcourt and you know all walls will do next go around again and you and I are okay. Treatment that the risk corporate and -- and his most recent stop when people beat the beat trip into our travel more and actions I think -- -- -- -- or not. Are not great -- shaking but they'll need all that -- that much help -- -- just needed more time ago. You know Tony fifteen -- their -- around -- been talked about as the real offseason for Portland to really strike in and maybe make an addition that. Sets this team over that hill where they can go try to be that championship like contender. And you just talked about those small market teams that there are able to lure free agents. But are we at an age now with the NBA that if a team has enough success and it's shown stability and and a great offensive scheme. That it did in the city doesn't necessarily matter where you know get maybe Marcus all the come to Portland Oregon. Everybody's got a different agenda you know and and all the all of these players -- different -- just like you and me. On I think that the NBA. Is. One that permit a by product alone working on shorter contracts all all you -- -- -- and seven year deals. We're gonna expatriate dominant commit to this play as well I'd like -- I -- a lot of pressure to compete. No people are capped at work I'm sure appeals and and apparently the players are -- -- The Olympic -- you -- -- -- your cubicle somewhere on the economy like that the war technical somewhere else. All. A possibility that we see play out here -- I don't. I don't see any reason why Portland that are poised to strike and they have the right direction interest somebody that they wouldn't be able to get -- -- Steve gas -- our guest is senior writer for NBA dot com on your Twitter profile you -- you photo bombed will in 97. What's that story. We're trying to have a charter that will graduate are under armed Shia. It was via the fifty greatest. Or celebration at the league put on in Cleveland at an all star game in -- solid. As part of its fiftieth anniversary and the Friday before the all star game. Should British players all the that could make April. A couple of weren't there are. All Jerry West couldn't make it and Shaq or else was there but. But the extra it was a rumble in jail -- -- all of the stories and I have -- position where. And that a production photos that was behind him a great place stricter. Which recorder you don't need to video and yeah it's just a pure -- player when I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put he got people will will probably catch a little short shrift which is you know I'm sure the China amendment he caused people a little bit about Al. Dominant he was he was paper route via the NBA. And -- future will be in my starting Osama spot on the top five. It's a great -- you are way ahead of your time Steve is ninety back in 1997 your photo bombing before it was popular. And media and I the great photos Steve asked Bernard check it out on Twitter at -- NBA that's AS CH NDA Steve rates that banks for the time. It really is a great picture you gotta check it out on Twitter. And I gagged I -- -- at -- NBA's of Wilt Chamberlain named is kind of creep really looking over. His shoulders really funny it's worth taking out Steve -- a couple of things about this -- B -- free agency period that stuck out to us. And what it means for the NBA moving forward will discuss that next he got the airport there does break served up by B dubs until needed to ban. Okay. This is a British Open -- edition of Danforth dirt and spread proxy by black people rants online it's black Butte ranch style home. On ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair. It is our interview -- steep gas burner it'll -- -- -- -- -- -- dot com more also podcasting our shows now we've been working on this for quite some time. We will podcast our shows you miss any of it they'll be available at 1080 the fan dot com excited about that. That's the fun podcasting in an interactive -- for you guys moving forward here next couple of weeks. In ten minutes from now -- we got a brand new television show that if you're not watching. You should be. It's must see TV high quality entertainment that's not even an overstatement it's must see TV Blaine looked it can be fresh three B teases -- listener because these guys tease me during before the show in the -- But I'm telling yet it's well worth the investigation on this thing -- a couple of things that Steve talked to us about in that interview that resonated with me in his free agency period and is not across the board. But you started to see guys take strategy into account in free agency in terms of how they structure their deals. Mostly -- the most notable one is LeBron James and you had and tapped out after his first year of his contract. Eddie can cite a couple of your contract that way he makes the most amount of money some LaMarcus Aldridge turned down a potential contract for a long. -- a contract that will pay him more but he's got to take the risk on. And the more teams in the guys like LeBron starts strategize. On win they could make the most money the more more you're gonna see. Creative deals being done is that could be your standard. All right this guy signs of the boiler planes and deals and a lot more flexibility in guys' contracts. Moving forward. In a cool thing about LeBron contract if people don't know silly TV revenues gone up so much that in Tony sixteen. They're projecting right now that they're gonna raise the cap LeBron getting getting bigger tax deal when he does ultimately signs of people that look LeBron James. And see the two year deal with the opt out after next year and say always get these same days he'll leave Cleveland next I don't buy that at all I think you legitimately wants to be there and just. Financially it makes the most sense going that way going forward. But for me look I. There are so many different angles to take with the NBA free agency. Then I'll just say this is a is a lifelong NBA fan. To me this was the greatest offseason the NBA's had in probably fifteen to twenty years I really do believe that. The attention it's gotten it's been mostly -- you know positive you know a lot of backlash against LeBron sure -- some days where it was LeBron LeBron LeBron. But he didn't say awards and that is really media driven Carmelo was a freeagent he had some big other names sign dig deep decent deals to put their teams and Tim Duncan and -- -- key. And an off season win it. The NFL is -- and it will always speaking with TV ratings for the foreseeable future but for me. This was a perfect offseason to have your best offseason for the NBA. Because it was so negative from the NFL and look there are so many great angles from the -- a perspective and other team perspectives. But just as a basketball purist to mean this was something the league needed. That they hadn't gotten in fifteen to twenty years I really do believe they capitalized. On arguably one of the most boring and uninteresting are seasons in NFL history FBI and had their best offseason so that just makes I think every move that much better. Because of the attention at an all. -- and -- especially when you look at the NBA finals were a lot of people say that was basketball at its highest level of watching what San Antonio did but it was not a compelling series -- a year before. You're one of the best NBA finals in recent memory going to game seven and in Ray Allen at the game winner in game six. This year it was and it was over and five in the last three games weren't even close so. Coming off that in the NBA really needed this offseason and looked at the obvious statement here is that LeBron James is a free agent whenever he's a free agent people are going to watch if LeBron James. If you everybody else exactly the same he took LeBron James at the equation. The excitement level is it what it is and that's just what a guy of his stature can do. And that's the other good thing for for the MBA in in the fact that he -- -- -- deal is that public yelling he's going to -- -- he's not gonna leave Cleveland but at least you'll have that they had the option on the table they are two years from now. Only wrap up the NBA finals LeBron James will be a free agent again and he will be free to do what he wants so that will be again a topic of conversation and I think another thing to look at with his two year deal. As there's also a very impressive list of names are going to be freeagent when he sixteen including Kevin Durant now. I don't I don't expect Kevin Durant LeBron James to team up but it's also a situation if you're LeBron you could look at it say okay. I can restructure my deal to a certain point where may be weak glut get a couple other guys. Bring in some other big name players and then we can all sign long term deals together so there's a lot of play there. With a 2016 thing and I really do believe and I've had multiple friends text me this I was talking my brother the other day who's not that big of an NBA guy. To me this was exactly what the NBA needed because IE the. I -- the NBA I'm a Portland TrailBlazer and I are adamant -- my entire life this season this upcoming season is the most excited I've been for an NBA season in a very. Very long time since -- you know it looked at the big four teaming up for the Big Three I should say teaming up in Miami. That was big news but it was negative news nobody wanted them to win in this humorous front runner you -- LeBron James fan -- you repeat fan. Nobody wanted to see that he won championships but this is a good heartwarming story with him going back to Cleveland. It was exactly the good PR that that -- that you needed. The only regret that I had this is there wasn't more of a shake up I would've loved to see bochco civil or else even it even if the west to the detriment of the blazers have him going to Houston. Carmelo going to Chicago I would love to see a couple of other shake -- But what ended up winning out here was the new CBA and -- guys can get more money where their current teams. And that's what he's so Chris Bosh and LeBron James leaves all of a sudden he's got five years 118 million on the table. He had turned that down to go to Houston and same thing with Carmelo got in the neighborhood of 120 million dollars so. At the end of the day -- -- as good -- bit of free agent period this let's for the players the owners are still the winners here because he got guys that are not colluding and they're not going in teaming up because they want those Max deal. Yet the whole goal of the CB last time was to -- and even out some of the talent -- with the draft and with deceived Yates. They're still gonna be the who's who in and there's nothing that you ever do. In basketball to be able to eliminate the advantage with only five guys on the court. Although LeBron James type basketball player you'll never. And that's it's been that way for the history of basketball it'll be that way for the future basketball there's a message you can take to try and make it more competitive and they done a good job of that. It's extra points out on the leveraged into it attacks like. Helps that there's no David Stern -- -- -- -- so -- like you are isn't over here yet you looks from the very beginning until where they're -- now with everything the NBA could have done draft everything exciting news you've got established. Teams here and you've got a good crop of young players cultural Willard in that category all -- weekends all the Parker I read. Staff curry thank you just got -- crop of really good young cut Kevin Durant Westbrook of guys that are under the age it's amazing to think. Many great basketball players are under the age of 26 years old you are gonna be in the NBA for a long time. What is ready -- don't -- -- point two -- a key thing they came out this offseason -- -- an offseason as well as that I believe the Eastern Conference got tougher and that's -- that the league really needed because the east was a joke last year and there's no doubt LeBron James the last four years has benefited from having a weak conference and playing and. And he he would make the argument may -- does -- make the finals of the west of Miami I'll listen that has a lot to douse the loss to San Antonio. But to be that was so -- get the NBA desperately need you cannot have nine or ten legit playoff contending teams in the west. In one or two legit title contending teams in the -- now you look at Washington improved a little bit. He he got Indiana still don't know what's gonna have a Stevenson Cleveland obviously up there I still expect Miami to be in a. Boston's going to mosque in Philadelphia is in fact more so they're ready this is improving -- that's important for the -- and I'm with you I I just want both sides because right now the NBA's riding a hot streak. And to me when I look at the young crop of talent. You -- makes looking got some selfish -- guys out there but a majority of the stars the league in this is also the best thing. These are guys that are being in their communities they wanna stay with their organizations share some some guys flirt with the other teams Carmelo did with the bulls and lakers this year blowing actually the money doesn't hurt you -- the -- where he signed he signed with New York -- stay with this franchise Kevin Durant went about as miss a couple years ago. Quietly signed an extension to stay in Oklahoma City Tim Duncan -- awaits the -- even LeBron James he went away for years he came back to Cleveland so. I think that's a big thing to with a lot of fans is. When you look in the NFL the top of the top the stars they usually stay with those franchises. That's which are starting to see in the NBA yet that with a mix of nice young up and coming talent that's added in there. To me and you just a year even things out a little more the Eastern Conference with the west. To me it is a perfect is about as curbing these you can ask him to be right now the next kind of domino in -- PC if you will inside hopes dot com just weeded out. That according of one of their sources the Golden State Warriors are working extremely hard right now. Behind the scenes to try and land Kevin Love before Cleveland is able to do so. Is lucky he's not gonna go to -- without -- that's just not have a day as an enticing and a deal as you could throw out -- -- -- Dion Waiters anti bank -- anybody you lobby scene of the carrier means untouchable. If you're Golden State you gotta be licking your lips and -- got a chance it is not great news for the blazers because it makes the west that -- I'm not even if the even if you do have to get of the Klay Thompson but. The other thing yet remember there's -- -- this deal is up I believe after this year so I'm juries in order from Minnesota to pull the trigger on that deal. The -- one at a commitment from him to stay. And that's intriguing that they wanted to be and they were pretty firm on keeping Thompson I also wonder though even if they -- Kevin Love does he sign on long term there is his ultimate plan to try to play with LeBron James -- must watch television show in boos at the Little League Baseball games he got. But I about that next on -- -- Muslim I'm not alone. He -- -- -- -- Does does this is a British Open -- edition of course dirt and spread. -- my black people rants online -- last -- grants dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio generated a friend tell. The and coming up in twelve minutes from now we will talk about the betting lines coming out. For regaining in Michigan State as well as an over under wins total this season and get back into the -- all play out and of course we'll talk LaMarcus Aldridge. And -- turning down his team USA all that's -- -- in the 2 o'clock hour dirt IE are big TV watchers on Sunday night. Since our dvd yeah I didn't global life yesterday that was you know as a whole lot -- the -- guys are such good friends that you sit on -- -- together wells and I -- like now -- hours easy he's got the lazy -- I think at -- got to tell yourself simply separated right there's a barrier there -- you guys have set times and days and everything we say hey we want to sit together and need to -- -- we -- our -- I mean that's -- We've got just together you play -- really cute I'm just I'm -- a con man man. There's a news show that if you're not watching you should be watching yes he should and it is called botched it and it is on the entertainment network otherwise known as -- it's -- -- -- five program of keeping up with our national all man that must be outstanding -- -- see it is that it's it's almost as good as there spoil her idea that they did this last -- right -- -- as you -- the Seattle welcome into stick around there. Innings very knew it was like they had me to give -- does it is room and an eight day came on and it started with a guy that was looked like he was probably about thirty years old. And he admitted to having spent a 100000 dollars in his lifetime. To look like Justin Bieber he had a forehead job he had a white gang is what he was German he's a white German -- Indiana yet hair follicles replaces a nose job and -- job. And he tried to -- they showed -- -- in the studio and means paying people to tell him he was doing a good job of singing. And I was there there was no turning back from apple and I. Look likes to putter were sit here for an hour watching this thing was his ultimate goal with -- that needs to be looked like an -- ones to be Justin Bieber. He's -- that's -- like -- I got here he just wants to look even once a look exactly like a seventeen year old Justin Bieber. So the whole show premise is that these people had plastic surgery done in just these Third World countries are right it's terrible doctor. And their bodies are ruined and can't he can't you -- and their body won't be the worst play it will worst like malfunction. Of the plastic surgeon what body part will be the worst to have that Delphi factories -- of. To me it's not even close it's gentility you don't wanna get anything down there your body parts messed up because you wanna pro create some day orient you only enjoy having fun with. The same or opposite sex to me. It's far away it is your genitalia because like you can get away with your face -- -- -- yeah she can't there's no sharks for your faith. Yeah there is there colorblind people tell me they're people out there -- can overlook flaws and be with you for who's done this earlier phases basically the ultimate goal as he got to go find a blind girl -- or person looking for an Indian American -- I mean either way doesn't matter there are better there -- ways to go about even if your face is messed up. But my fascination has always been botched surgeries from other countries I'll never understand. Is saving the dollars what is that what you're I don't think that's yet there was a woman on last night showed in the -- spots on the it's well worth your kids and clocks and an ice age when television she wanted to have this white vote done and this is gonna be very average kind it is the best way possible. Her. System her style make endear her -- everybody's got a strong enough by itself in that region of a tummy tuck right so there were body parts in her Tommy Turner's -- make that should not have been right -- up holed up there yeah cold exactly so they had to go in and basically kind of -- -- skiing and she cracks. Like she did she went to -- wanted to get this surgery in this surgery in America -- 6000 dollars -- great things happening is that on the surgery to -- cost 2700 dollars -- -- -- -- -- she got the surgery that the nurses just brought about two blocks of peace he didn't put her under it and he put a block I saw her -- I didn't know. Like soccer practice I said are you ready to go she says eight does start it's like an epidemic right now is buddy injections -- the big things for a lot of women. And painting -- aren't going to guys. And I'm telling you they're showed me this thing about this where. Women are starting to go to foreign countries. Because they -- -- they can't afford anything they can't afford to do it in America but it what's happening is. It's backfiring in their face and now their bots -- ultimately depleting. Would you forget Katherine Jackson had complained the -- -- -- -- regularly -- go walk the stairs a little bit working muscles the best one of last now we're kind of -- lead in this show -- was a woman who. Her dad in that at seventeen years old yes her dad decided that he was going to buy her breast implants yes and he sold his bolt. To pay for her why do you play them by the ways -- so she goes under the knife that -- except that just by his chance for yet you don't worry dear I -- it's his. I would never do that is his policy could not stop crying because of how much that -- meant to her dad. Was like a slap any silly me trying to predict and are you kidding me the Internet being tripled the way bigger -- -- -- -- -- tripled the with a the plastic surgeon put a -- upside Dana. So it was wrong they call her grandma out. And that -- the name of I was there -- she's 25 you know him they called her grandma's they show the actual surgery being done. Which they discussed a sedate cutter open. And then they -- -- these tweezers. They pull it out there's bad of -- silicon. Watch this show or talent I had to turn away there was certain -- whatever it was captivating television there were a handful of moments where I said it for the you know what it's done will let you there are web sites. I'm sure a lot of people out there are no bottom where they show these random funny videos or just rain and disgusting videos and I'm telling you. The body injection has blown up to the point we got this text in. People are putting much putting liquid cement into the -- because they think are you kidding me they need to look like Kim card -- -- -- had one -- she filed a lawsuit. She got -- job and I forgot what country but she was able like a month and a half after when she was OK to start you know working her but. She showed on camera she took her in points and she flipped him completely around. So her but it had flat implants that stuck out and she was able to flip them over and over because what they put her body was in the right thing in blows my mind. That people -- such great links where after the foreign countries. Just to save a couple thousand dollars I as -- is last night like say hypothetically -- for whatever reason your wife team do you. And what -- some sort of enhancement mean. What would you say. We have a series if he had the money to do it yeah money was no eyes again in no big deal. If she really really wanted it and I benefited from it. We need to do about it -- -- we talk about it and just I like natural women I don't care what your flies I would -- like -- I like -- who you want to meet the funniest part is afflicted jury's still out we don't know what these girls look like thirty years from now. There is pretty much a new trend we haven't -- these -- and charted territory years down the line like yeah it could look good now at forty something years old -- till -- sixty outlets all those silicon things are just -- I don't blame him check out -- over the weekend is riveting television thank us later it's well worth your time you're welcome a busy final hour we'll start with the -- -- in Michigan State betting line opening up. It will surprise you if you have heard it. We'll tell you why is there next -- turns break served up I'd be dubs spontaneity to.

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