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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.14.14 Hour 1

Jul 14, 2014|

Taylor, Brandon, and Andy talk CFB, LaMarcus Aldridge skipping out on Team USA, the College Football Playoff, and the Home Run Derby.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's done good tee off weekend for a third and spray cool cause. Yeah. Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is dead for a third and spread over the miniscule -- has ever seen. And they look at you and I say that is policy which I have on the -- this is a British Open week edition of Danforth -- and spread. Brought to you by black Butte ranch spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities but your perfect vacation package of black people ransacked com today against British Open week John Danforth dirt and spread. On ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy girlfriend. Does any it's time we need to update our imaging to include Portland area go cart champions you're darn right. -- fourth -- in spring we island we we had an -- integrate -- autocratic -- -- this weekend. In the main storyline being that we took home the hardware world person like yourself -- -- the trophy says fastest team then when I was first place very vast news team -- now there's only one problem here though. Burris break forgot to bring the trophy and today look we had a couple -- used to go -- deaths and at. Pointing the finger at me he probably not the best way to go if I'm bigger I'm not gonna say why if you do it again I might have to review I was the winning team of four where -- -- for the weekend and was put on my -- mortgage and morality in is benefiting the CCA. Of there we had one of the three of us and any future NASCAR driver legitimately -- just a sixteen year old twelve years old Italy dad says he's gonna NASCAR nation sixty -- -- is -- -- in the world and it during world Dirk was the slowest by far look -- -- he almost got hold the man. Guy how the track we're losing our pole position. It was a raise for charity okay in we were we were gonna win we knew we were gonna win we knew we had the best team now there's so I said you know -- even the playing field here a little -- right we got -- -- NASCAR driver on our team there's no need for me to be -- -- 42 laughs I'll take my -- -- let -- -- even -- -- -- just because you're hitting -- doesn't mean you go for. All right that's on your behavior might theater is important OK got it setup for the pitcher you don't in the lead off the next answer -- -- update our imaging hopefully soon it says world record holders let's say about that some point here in the next couple of weeks we're turning our attention. Two football as we are not that far away NBA free agency. Has died down because Carmelo Anthony and LeBron jeans and made a decision was beyond is really LeBron James. Made his decision we will talk about LaMarcus Aldridge saying no to teen USA here in about ten minutes from now. The college football playoff and trophy came out today how have they done branding themselves a home run derby is tonight. Protective Steve aspirin senior writer for NBA about some summer league action in just his reaction to free agencies we've got a lot to do today. On the show will start up though with some college football as it's SEC media day the SEC fans. Not a career they've got nothing going on they showed up to media day today. It's unbelievable but what really got our attention. Was the game between Michigan State in order again that betting line came out over the weekend it started at nine. And it's all the way up to fifteen. As the Oregon Ducks are eight. Two touchdown favorite. Over Michigan State to start the single -- -- -- sent it I'm happy that all the cousins could find their way to SEC media days it's good that -- married cousins could find their way down there and watch that I think it's it's that it's outstanding for them but. You know when you start releasing odds -- no runners on wins. The Michigan State Oregon one kinda happy -- a little bit it's one thing to have Morgan favor I'm all for that its -- game they're bringing back so much talent. But you're thinking about Michigan State and Big Ten champ the Rose Bowl champ. A team that's primarily set on defense what's the one thing that stuff poured in from winning the pac twelve last years it's been a dominant defense. I understand Michigan State's lost some players. But fifteen point -- telling the ducks are gonna win by two touchdowns. Hey if it happens maybe happens at the end -- -- just kind of run away with it as they usually do with most teams in the pac twelve. But upon betting -- on lanes and series going on that and I do not feel comfortable -- that kind of money on Michigan State to lose or in my more -- does sounds it it's kind of crazy to me but. Hey maybe that says what what Vegas thinks of the organ -- this season. Yellow what they think of Michigan State and I just think Michigan State maybe could have that drop out as you mentioned and losing some big pieces the biggest reason it was a surprise for me is because it Connor cut -- -- back at the quarter as a quarterback at Michigan State. Think guys got some big game experience to meet with a Big Ten championship last year nobody had been beating Ohio State when they were undefeated. -- beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl not a whole lot of people picked Michigan State to win that game either so. To be up with the guys I don't know how you cannot have this big appoints Fred I know it's early in the season and I know the games and lots of organ. It's very hard to beat him in lesser Stamford who comes in their rarely been in finds way to let Saddam. It's -- -- this is the easy bet for Michigan -- Lisa splitting the season Braylon -- injury concerns you a little bit. Let's get to step up as a wide receiver for organ that fifteen and happening. -- -- -- It is funny when Vegas starts to set their odds right now and you start to look at this -- LV's sports book. An -- expectation that people have for this game because they you're asked the standard the average college evolving -- the average -- man. Extremely nervous -- this game because that's a swing gaining your season it's you it's a pivotal game you WiMax immediately and national title contender exactly and that we begin that we talk about because of their performance last year in the Rose Bowl and and the way that Michigan State is kind of position themselves. And the way they beat Ohio State -- their defense is stout so it is a defense of senators and offensive match up when you when you look at it at Oregon hasn't. Necessarily fair to all that well against defense is like Michigan State bigger faster stronger defense says. And but they do lose guys coming into this year but the surprising thing about this in the fans and the public have become way more educated on betting lines. But starting with the organ -- minus nine and then bet all the way up to a fifteen yeah there is some serious money is being put on or again. -- to cover that spread they also did some over under is the OB sports book. As college football we're turning our attention their Florida State. Is eleven and a half over under so there either gonna have a perfect season you're -- bet -- them have a perfect season or not. Alabama and Oregon right there at ten and a half so they usage you want the over under the ducks will be eleven and once they do think. That there will be a lot somewhere on organs scheduled here. -- it's a tough one to be designing the pac twelve much improved but look this is great to mean I think all you guys can agree this is some of the greatest days to talk about football yeah. Because you realize how close and close the season coming to me this is the equivalent of your wife or girlfriend buying Victoria's Secret bagging coming home -- You know surprises coming. It's human body now it's just a matter of time until that day comes into the meat kick up they rapidly approaches steel runners continue to be thrown out there. People baton you know minus fifteen spreads are released what it was a Ross dress for -- that well you know you're not quite as exciting unless you live in the trailer -- in the -- take it from what ideas that's victorious there's a holiday -- write exactly its Merry Christmas to me it's over that. To me that's witnesses. Over under his. Betting lines I don't I don't put a lot of stock in but they give me pumped for the season that's only. Well -- -- in the game there's a lot of track record for its facilities over underlines that these casinos know what they're talking about. I mean they they're usually pretty good at pinpointing where your over under is going to be in not to be is that major selling intriguing because when you come out with a number like this you get a clear cut snapshot. That was the majority of Vegas thinks most college football teams are going to do. It to -- I think we've reached a point of sports fans were we love you look for breaking down these new processor -- Canadian footwear you know since our show has started. There really hasn't been a whole lot to. Indian action to break down and in any sport baseball's really hard to break down. We had -- adding to the very tailored to the NBA finals but we don't know how that series and it's -- wasn't a whole lot there and obviously football season is yet to come. I think it's sports fans we did we get so -- out this kind of stop thinking you always feel the tapering down like at this point. If they get somebody would show you just a random college football game it's able -- game right now for everybody would sit down and watch it -- the get the world's greatest rankings. Things get two weeks seven rate this season years in -- I can sit out watch Washington State Colorado on a Saturday afternoon. I got better things to do that I think is sports fans. Your -- -- just the anticipation for one you begin the year to meet is almost as big as it once it starts I think it's just a gradual down down slope. But the buildup and anticipation to get to that -- team. We -- 45 days away from college -- on the over under is in the betting lines have been released some of the bigger games. Alabama has a seven point favorite over I -- And Florida State eighteen and half against Florida that is going to be but one -- the SEC media day. Is today will bring you some audio from that top -- and they'll have to really get things on the college football playoff. Which will discuss the bottom of the hour also NFL camps start. This Saturday football season. Is upon us watts funny year on the show today in the next couple weeks and next 45 days obviously -- -- that's a little cup war. I think he's got the NBA including LaMarcus Aldridge saying no. Two teen USA in Vegas should the markets. The on that team we'll talk about that next to get the importance break served up by 1080 different. This is a British -- -- division of then poured in dirt and spread plus -- by black people rants online at black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio -- maybe those prayers. The college football playoff team that was their trophy today we'll discuss how they've done for leaving. And what the expectations are going to be moving forward -- at 1230 SEC media day we'll also discuss Lebanon -- -- that the SEC media day at the bottom of the hour. Today it was announced -- these summer league or. Yeah we'll call -- a summer league roster I guess for teen USA as they get ready for the beat the competition in Spain that's towards the end of August. Beginning of September -- -- He is on that team got in Las Vegas that's going to practice here a couple weeks but LaMarcus Aldridge said no thank you I'd like to rest that's the reason that he gave. For not being on teen USA -- part of the thing reason they've got this set up Michelangelo and shift in looking at teen USA roster awhile back. They'll look at this and said we need guys playing a magistrate in the Olympics yeah but year round basic every offseason basically -- -- guys involved. So that when we get to the Olympics were good in international play and we can't disassembled guys together. I say I like Lamar is not playing. In the in this kind of round this Steve around the not Olympics and I I'd be fine if he said no I don't wanna play the Olympics and I've got no problem with that I -- Your problem that as well and if you 1000 comments -- -- we put a face the -- up and ended and this is an issue that I think a lot of blazer fans get fired up about because it you know it's obviously your big horse and in the markets has been a big topic of conversation this entire offseason about his extension next year and him wanting to play long term here in Portland. I couldn't agree more of an -- you know look if -- teen USA basketball and you want these guys to play year round and you want him to jail I get that completely as well you don't wanna come into the 2016 Olympics and have a group of guys. That have played together in four years you want them to have some cohesion. I get that completely but if you're LaMarcus Aldridge. Your dad has been in the league 89 years you've been around for awhile everybody knows your senior in the conversation as the best power forward in the NBA and then look there's something into that they do believe that you are the best power forward in the NBA. Why risk it why would you go out there especially at a contract year where the markets is he's taken a little bit of a -- this year I've ever will we have a conversation about. You know we should he signed this year should he -- next there's a handful of fans to text and it said. Whatever city gets hurt this year I mean god forbid but what happens to be terror is an ACL what's gonna happen that Max contract extension -- and yes yes we tell our line. Not all that out right well we're not help but to me that's why this is a genius idea not only for him in as a blazer fan perspective I don't want him to have more wary terror that he needs to have in the first place. And second it's Smart for him career wise because if something did happen to him playing in -- and he missed out on getting that Max deal that would look like a terrible decision. And -- other case I get a you're young you're trying to make a name for yourself two years in. He actually today it probably both think about -- and 24 tomorrow I believe that he's still that young. A lot tabs on him and I guess I'm just make it surely is up to his friend would get hammered burned them. I got to me and return a request to come back on our show that it's it's a good time the first time but he's he's a young guy in this league he's trying to make a name for so I understand -- he wants to do is -- and I wish none of them didn't eat and be patriotic -- Wear red -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is more important. The markets don't do it at game I had no problem. It's the I'm a big fan player player choice it's a players league let them decide where they wanna go so I never I guess I never -- set with a player they choose money are they want a team up and try to win championships. You make your own decisions but I'm I'm a little surprised here. Not because he wants to stay healthy I think he's done a good job of that thus far his career I'm surprised he doesn't have more of that. Wanna go get a goal now have the opportunity to achieve something that not a lot of trailblazers have been able to I mean I think back top -- and -- might be missing somebody. Drexel with a dream team -- and 92 yet how great is it to going get betting you have examples assessing the NBA of so many players. That are in the middle of their careers in the middle of their prime. And they'll go no go play on the Summer Olympics now the big par reading up on this is it seems like to be doesn't barges being this year. He's pretty much not gonna make the Olympic he's not a big sixteen named -- exactly but that's where I kind of draw little question mark and say. Do you not curious enough to wanna go get like how -- I have always thought if I was a professional athlete and I had so many opportunities these days and that. I think the Olympics would dry nothing tree in my mind where I'd wanna say. I only have one career -- -- in this one time why not try to go get a gold medal I don't you make he would even make the team and that's fine. But I'm a little surprised he's not eating and had tried to approach it. Just because to me it's such a great opportunity in your life it's nineteen and just about sports you get to represent your country. Playing the sport you love the most she paid the most for. I'm just I'm just a little curious why he's deciding to pass it up completely if you're the markets would you play. This summer or would you rest 55305. You can -- call us. 50325. Votes in eighty K in Portland -- on the fan go ahead. -- programs on. I respect Martin's decision not to play. -- if you want to -- healthy going into a contract year when he got a hundred million dollars on the line lecture our respect that. And that's where incumbent from the other side of it is that mean. We are one country that stand united in. To even have some might suggest that the they would represent our country because the money because the protect narrow self interest in little bit soak this in itself. That would double it sort and it is something else to replace them cattle market loved being call on the top forwards in the league but I mean it's like Kevin Love. It's considered better and maybe it's because he plays in the Olympics he played the world game play at any time he can win so that even exhibitions. Is a monster and LaMarcus sometimes it is is due out. Period there were to come summer play or exhibition which you don't really get paid for and restrict it would be but I would love to see. Our country. If -- -- and piper didn't permit you to -- you worried about contract you know we'd be saying right now why didn't play EU want it forty million. Yeah that's a tough one -- -- appreciate the phone call it like it's a great pointers here's the issue I have and I've got a prior got a real problem with -- is actually. -- very big problem with people who say it's not patriotic. -- LaMarcus -- to play basketball we're not talking about military -- yeah that's not talking about -- -- doesn't -- ago -- you know we also don't know the reason he's not playing is because of money he -- said no opinion doesn't -- he's -- -- maybe he did go through some injuries lassie -- that's just the notes because we've got this a lot on her face but I am curious reading on the -- into -- attacks on five factories Arafat. Because what what ends up happening is we turn this interview he's like just the royal we. Turns it into you he's soft. The he's unpatriotic is there he goes again -- not -- yes you've got an obligation -- sports on the Internet international level. I'd just as an American sports fan I don't hear I think I really don't and I understand why people do. I don't care about international sports and I just look at ratings -- he's gonna get I just don't I don't care about international events I care about the Olympics -- talk about the Olympics in the process that's up. Fine you welcome but a -- eighty kind of international competition. Outside the Olympics I honestly could care less done -- -- left it doesn't matter to me so the questions and he's patriotism. Bob I whether or not they play in a -- thought he had come on come on that's not the case here. No it's not in also yet to look at the point that Enola -- as a blazer fan do you want him to represent would be cool to see him out their absolutely you know -- tracks are playing and the dream team -- -- -- and that's a feather in the -- of the blazer -- were you could say you know the best basketball team ever assembled that nobody will ever come close to. We had a guy on our team that was a part of that roster which is pretty dark when I don't disagree with that at all. But that was also a different time in terms of you know international basketball competition that was the first time. The pros -- allowed to compete to mean that that the dream team is never gonna be topped again. It to me if I'm a professional athlete I look at this let. You want everybody wants to do something patriotic for their country if you're called on you wanna serve you wanna help out anyway she performed. But there's also the point that it's LaMarcus Aldridge doesn't play -- they can win the gold. Of course are still gonna win the gold I mean they don't need LaMarcus Aldridge to go over there to win a gold medal it's -- and I look good if he did it what it would look -- -- a blazer fan you'd love to have that but I agree with the game for the terms of international competition. I don't get hung up on it as a sports -- -- they don't it's cool as a blazer -- don't get me wrong as you know especially in basketball you know America is -- as have the best basketball's -- immoral it's not gonna close we will dominate I guarantee will dominate the world championships will dominate the Olympics -- 2016 units in -- the end of conversation now in terms of the Kevin -- stuff. OK that I understand a little bit in terms that argument catalog is considered a better power for because he's just on display more. I get that to a certain extent I also believe that when you look at a guy LaMarcus Aldridge. That doesn't bother him I mean did it every interaction we've had with him the obvious to everybody was to be the best of what they do when he said he wants to be to -- blazer ball time. But I think if you told him -- to be considered the best power forward in the NBA got to go play for team USA eats it and now I did it just is not that big. A deal to line how many players in the league -- just in your job your own profession right now you know you're the best to your set is that he's somebody -- need all the accolades he doesn't need Charles -- come on Kong coward -- a yeah LaMarcus Aldridge is the best power for -- you need that because he knows probably in his heart of hearts. He is the best power for now that's a debatable subject but to him I bet you -- he thinks absolutely and look I'm not I'm not -- him at all I I don't blame them for not playing but to me. I just look at it from me if I was -- Gasol and I had an opportunity if I was at a career. Be really hard for me to say no because I just winning the gold medal it's one thing to play the world games yet I usually get for going to play in that. But if you have a shot into when he sixteen eagle there represent USA. Play with though you know loaded up and coming guys that high -- rings in the world. To me that such a great opportunity did you imagine is somehow gain made the team and maybe Olympic roster he had -- -- -- whether the -- elegant app from a city perspective. How great is that if your report ignoring an organ native your TrailBlazer fan. And you're watching US -- Spain in the gold medal round. And LA he's getting a lob from -- their clinch in the gold medal game I look at it from that perspective as -- fans obviously I'd like to see that. I understand why he doesn't but. -- there are rare opportunities in your career you're gonna get to me this is one of those opportunities I look at and I wonder if -- -- -- really really thought about this is again you know what I'm a forfeit the gold medal I get it but I still wonder if he's thinking about it. In the in terms -- going to compete for gold medal I guarantee you if if we sat down in the market solders -- it was in this room right now and we send the markets have you had to explain it 2016 Olympics would you take that opportunity act guarantees answer would be yes. The problem therein lies that you it's it's a process it's not just this offseason is gonna be next offseason in the offseason after that. This is a process that happens every single Nazis in overseeing this a lot of -- machine. Here's just the most threesome on the markets as a Family Guy likes his time off of the -- the real story is does he return next season and and that's the we've seen at a time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In and you've got to understand what the market has been through the issue that he runs into as you've got other guys. Like Derrick Rose were coming off an injury trying to get back into the USA uniform. He got a lot of a lot of other guys that are playing. In this particular format Blake Griffin being one of them Paul George. You've got by our great Germans gonna be there clay times he got some younger guys in this list on team USA. But you look at the markets and don't hold that it's taken on his body deeper you go -- African you. He's a professional athlete who cares a lot as Charlie makes a ton of money look at how much money he makes every IE I completely understand the thinking of now this my off time but my job does is show up for the Portland trailblazers -- -- team USA. They're my employer patriotism it doesn't. It it's not unpatriotic to say you know what I don't wanna play for teen USA is is not that's not. It has nothing to do with patriotism. To LaMarcus Aldridge not going to be on team USA citing. Rest its SEC media day today and the college football player after he now what they're new trophy how they done thus far marketing. And what can we expect from them moving forward you've got to get portrait is Greg served up by the dubs. I don't know -- -- but -- like that happens boom -- the dark side among matched. Against a great -- to set. Hope celebs almost. This is a British Open recognition of this morning -- -- in my arms and I -- his rants online at last night -- dot. On ESPN's Sports Radio originating Internet move and afraid to discredit every one case -- John medium markets are yet or is any need Manning passing academy are now. -- -- may be better -- -- he's gone and in your daughter right and we -- column ended up when he's not a doctor I like how -- the mandates just yet we're gonna throw on AM pass -- academy okay becoming quite tell me you don't see any Hasselbeck had -- test your skills -- CD it's the exact definitely anything can you tell you when you go first I -- -- sacked once he got five Ed -- -- means -- was drunk last year in the making now -- this hollow underneath -- lean but a lot of people were saying he -- -- and how it was so real already showed up later sent to work at a -- none of us now what happened they've got them he has the most -- the most -- act again if -- Johnny where the Manning can't pay no sudden thing and do about it hang. We don't go for that -- SEC media day today in the places just -- we've been watching on television and there's some good quotes that come out of that are coming out of it will must Tampa Florida. So this is the most complete and deep team he's had yet to work toward a country time -- greatest team is -- he's not say in much there. But I had it what are the things that comes out of this is Tom -- those ideas being earlier was talking about. The college football playoff coming up they came out their trophy today which -- things looks like lipstick doesn't like I -- -- crystal ball. I wish I like that is it -- let them -- I think it was and you could take the ball awfully -- case it you'll like that was you haven't seen the new college football trophy you've got a Google this thing I'm telling you it looks like when you take the case your lipstick being -- bombing a Twitter at -- -- -- out. You feel looks like a lipstick container that you turn in lipstick comes out a little hole that's with the new trophy looks like title nine title nine let's get -- well let's get example is that -- to get quality for all right the good illustration painting the picture. But it what -- -- talked about the -- analysts was that. When you look at it get to the end of the year. Because the SEC has this notion that it is a deep conference and look they churned out national champions and no doubt about that but when there's this notion that it's a deep conference. He said he would have no problem if there's two teams that come out of the SEC. If they are -- too in fact best teams out of the four. Which you're gonna have a lot of people arguing all season. That two of the four will be in the SEC is gonna create a lot of people think his college of all play out that -- is deriving and -- have any issues there are going to be issues but. I will say this for the college who all play out. They had -- good job thus far marketing -- -- you have they had the logo where you could pick which logo up the name. Then the trophy today maybe not great ideas but it's off to a much better. Are in the BC yes was initially in the first year everything is people knowing -- for the first year everything you're gonna be gonna figure out kinks are gonna figure out what can you improve upon to make better and to me that's with the college football playoff is going to be this year I'm -- -- I think there's been just the right mix of not over hyping it not over selling it and then just giving the right amount of -- by the way this is the first year college football -- here's our trophy space this out you can open the new -- space this out the conversations about the committee I mean everything's kind of been plan imperfectly for them. And I'm getting really excited about you still be your ball games you get to find out the top four teams in the country. The controversial stuff I think that's the one thing big -- knees I mean if there's anything that's -- that drove the BC yes aside from. It just being football it was that people never agreed. Who statistically should be ahead of the end of each other and to me when you sterling at the top fourteen in the country. You're gonna have a year where there might be a conference with two teams hopefully you don't I -- every conference is represented. But if you do. There's going to be a lot of people out there that feel they got it right there's going to be a lot of people that feel there's a bias committee. I mean whenever -- cases I think this is kind of a win win for for college football because people can talk about is backfiring to me. Bad publicity in this case is great publicity for them because they'll hear that the critics out loud that you'll hear all the kinks they can fix it. And they continued to have the ratings behind him it's the perfect system. I just have a problem with think last year is a perfect example of this where I burned. -- a yet Auburn goes on to the national championship Alabama most likely would have been in the college football playoff last year -- yeah -- like data so that even -- they even have to play in the SEC title -- what they -- because yet -- -- champion Stanford he had Big Ten champion Michigan's status so yeah there's going to be somebody on the outside looking in when you've got. -- Stanford for -- deserved -- Michigan State deserved -- Ohio State only have one -- I was sponsored conference champions last year obviously Florida State's going to -- in and then you've got I burned so -- -- tell me Alabama's outlets are -- the country yet as the enemy are -- if you know on their ground right in the exact SE VE got this whole dynamic and it's going to where it's really going to be an issue this year. Is the SEC. That's where it's always an issue college football and and -- -- eluding an SEC country in this is music to your ears and favorite teams and once they got popcorn state by the way yet to end their run finally India had a great way to go on the BCS -- a Nazi the SEC win -- -- look. The SEC is the best conference in college football we kind of talked about this little bit last week with the upcoming pac twelve and how does a lot of programs. Out here on the West Coast that are on the rise and you look at the UCLA's the years on states that there's a lot of teams that are up and coming. To me though this is a problem here is gonna run into because Brady talked about the controversy surrounding a number one and number two day over the right there's always that. You could have an eighteen playoff there's going to be controversy run number seven number eight number nine -- in nineteen -- families getting left out in this is the problem when you have these five big conferences and you have four spots I mean you're gonna have five major conference winners the big twelve by the way which does he got to play conference title game so there's an inherited advantage for them right there because you look at -- Ohio State that's your house they would undefeated during the regular season. They lose to Michigan State in the Big Ten GMT to give boom there rob a sudden out of the playoff they of one loss Michigan State loss gain during the regular season so. There's a lot of different things are gonna play it here I do think if fans as they hole will be happy with this because you're gonna get a playoff and should be. At the at the end of the day. To -- you could almost always look at the top two teams in the country pretty much identify okay. Last year was probably Florida State Auburn Alabama was your top three Michigan State I'm not sure they could hung with one of those teams -- great team nationally could harm with one of those teams so there always be controversy surrounding the number fourteen gets in. But some in my opinion -- number fourteen not gonna go on to win a title that -- -- -- gonna be one loss team. From a different conference but you're always gonna have controversy even when you if you expanded to eighteen there's always going to be controversy surrounding this but they have gone about it the right way even with releasing the -- starting in October it's gonna be great. That way it's not to median of the season bloom here's where you are your two top four teams you're going to be able to track it week in week out starting in October you know exactly you're adapting and Stanford fan. Whatever the case may be you're gonna know exactly where your team's stance of by the end of the year there's a huge surprise when your entering Iraq. Think there with the winner of the trophy will take an act like they're putting lipstick on their face that actually be pretty sex you where you have to line the cheerleaders up and the need to -- is run along with them across the whole face with -- drove me all there's the opulence there's a lot of -- -- that's probably why they did it. They get crystal ball -- with a currently on form all the ladies now and that's what I like equality for all and when I think I -- creative which -- absolutely will there come a day -- we won't ya want. The BBC yes back. Now known and no and that's the one thing that I liked most about this. Even if you want 68 whatever the number is to get to some point the playoff is the best system every sports look you can complain about which sports have the worst playoff which ones up the mess whenever you wanna talk about. But the overall feeling to me is. You you organize you put the best teams against the second tier and in the third tier and -- play I don't I don't ever wanna go back to the BCS. It worked fine a couple seasons but give me the playoff let's make these kids play against each other -- -- -- the true champion. The funny thing about it BCS everybody complains and I I understand the complaints but how many years it -- it look I'd have to go back and look at all the champions as well but how many times since it started in my 98 or 99 could you go back in the concede that he was an illegitimate national champion and doesn't happen very often now that was sometimes a conversation should organ BN over Nebraska. Those were always a conversation but was Miami the best team in college football out here yet that was an NFL team playing in college football so to me a lot of that the complaints about the BCS were overblown and I will say this I am. Going to miss the tradition I will -- the years that the roles bulls play in game which I believe is this coming year it's going to be playing game. You're not gonna have a traditional -- -- the pack two over some Big Ten champion I love the traditional bowl games like that every so often you're gonna you're gonna miss out on that that's the only negative to me about the playoff. Illegitimate is a really harsh words. So there isn't really diligent lol okay yeah they're legitimate champion here and I illegitimate here it is an insult because these -- don't use the trailer did it over there look at cases banks. You what else is illegitimate the home run every now. How long and really that is damn did I relevant movie that irrelevant. So are you relevant in the slam dunk contest is it a senior was the ratings let's look up -- he -- on watt senior united -- some of the favorites of course Chris Berman is going to be the sideshow but. -- gas yell what do you make you watch your home render you know those guys that next he got he had ordered his break and these are done by -- on offense. Yeah. Home. Mobile world. This is a British Open -- edition of the end boards and dirt and spray proxy by black people rants online at black Butte ranch dot com on ESPN's Sports Radio T and eighty the fan and I mean. Pilgrim what's necessary here and I don't know that it affects the lives and a -- didn't seem crisp. Herman is on the call tonight at -- and I would assume they need this yet in his contract for the seniors now. -- seen -- this might be a stupid question on the thrown out there anyways because there's no such thing as a stupid like exactly there is even more known for his Sunday night stuff. On ESPN or the pac man. My hands on how all of you -- I'd say Sunday for sure either excel I think home runs close I think me at least say he's -- known for the bullets and a home run -- his predictions I think -- -- the Buffalo Bills were better pictures -- -- three -- experience yet -- yet that's what he gets. This seems to be at stopping every summer when this rolls around we all talk about Chris Berman but it but it -- say what is that it signature Chris Berman phrase. Yeah he's got a bungee got a bunch of nicknames for guys and -- very -- my million viewers say the signature phrase it would definitely have to be there. Still play at that meeting also. Until you go hunt diocese will find Chris -- my -- Chris Berman story is a work with somebody who ended up going to school with his daughter. And that easiest he's a really really tough guy or not that is surprising anybody they tell -- a couple stories about Chris Berman. And just how tough he is to Iraq where these is not very good -- -- acting up there in the people you've seen all the videos where people continue to camera -- eighty freaks out -- and any loses it -- guys standards and but yeah just it's universal people that run across that guy just don't get along with him the keys over to you -- -- the home -- we -- he has at least in my -- the last four -- five years and there have been some great ones in their -- it will give -- that her but to me. He becomes the talking what -- he belie its Saturday and under read in the army backed -- any -- Vegas has an over under I'm pretty sure they how many -- -- you can -- on and to me that's the sad part about it is you don't wanna you don't wanna play by play guy. Becoming the main narrative here you wanna talk about these hitters in who they are up and coming guys how far they aggression but he's interesting to me because. I despise him like he's the most despised person in into mean sports when he does baseball. Actually don't mind him with Tom Jackson in human Tom Jackson have pretty good chemistry but when he steps out of the football scene. I can't stand -- man. Yeah this is actually get my -- I forgot about this phrase he could go all what that's that. I don't forget about their program move yet Malaysia's -- pays the bills in the niners are -- to be an inseparable that might be a better catch phrase that are maybe more recognizable. But you're right spring you know look I'm a baseball guy and you get the data on NBA all star weekend I -- -- around Major League Baseball all star. It's just it's a fun it's a fun time for me because you get to see some guys and especially this year when he got a really great classic I'm not a big -- guy but. Watching that home run tonight it's gonna be fun watching stand it'll run tonight. It's gonna be a lot of fun and I love the all star game because you got. You know and then knock on the NBA all star game is you got guys who don't play defense is basically pick up scrimmage you score 170 points the editing is always exciting the last couple of minutes when guys see the score -- retirement and down. Then you get this RC real good basketball. In baseball you get that the whole -- I -- guys not like guys -- throw 180 miles an hour -- are afraid to throw on a noble louder guys are striking out our punting you know. You get guys playing at their highest level and it's a great competition and I'm -- do. Love the aspect of having it play in a home field advantage for the World Series and look there's the audiences is all the time. When it's unfair media team wins you don't east 81 games in the regular season and finds a way to the World Series and their hosting because they're they're division one that. What -- the at the all star game but to be I'd love putting something on the line because if your baseball fan. This is even that long ago but we all remember the black guy in Milwaukee when you couldn't finish the game they ran out of -- that was almost a really low low low low low point. For the sport so to the need to have a little lecture incentive they -- I think the guys really buy into it. And that some camaraderie when you know that you know hey if I win this game tonight if I go out and play well there's a chance my teams in the hunt weakest host the World Series. That's a huge advantage to play for but. You -- when you talk about Chris Berman and a home run derby it would he overshadows and it's a sad day because it still is a fun event and you never know what you're gonna see every single year. RUS. Farrakhan. He's got some sneaky good ones I think people forget -- he has been a legal dislike him but does that thing with Jason this is this goes for a lot of things if you got a bunch of he's got nine great -- rages. But one that people mock though it always go back to you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- here -- question now for for both of our bears Chris Berman worse for baseball or US open golf US open he has hair removal would rather listen. An -- and -- Collin college golf tournament. Yeah yeah prowl and that's. -- anatomy in the gulf leaders a little bit well because the you can -- -- home run derby you get some sort of you get breaks yeah it is not every single one of them -- back back back to. -- -- -- -- -- You don't get every single Randy called it like that you don't get an off time -- did you notice what they did with him this year. They put as the pianist chair and they started breaking up heavy Chris you're gonna do thirteen 9818. Are only an hour and have Scott he's gonna be won the rest of those all liberals liked. Chris Berman now I think he is widely mocked in the when -- just -- -- music and that's the espy's and he trying to get booed by the people on the other 300 level. Look -- football season. Trying to get into it limits -- -- I look income for policies are -- little annoying over the -- -- -- watching the blitz -- him anti carries in him and Tom Jackson -- chemistry it's been around you're talking about twenty years now I'm OK with the man in that role. When he steps out of it dull and when he starts don't want to be the celebrity -- and the golf tournaments the celebrity golf tournament. It's famous 'cause he is commercially clips of him not being able -- -- insane or he'll present at ESP because he demands to. And when he goes -- Chris Berman is -- to everything else but football. That's right dislike -- little bank but I enjoy his that is football war is -- nice to have that much power and control these grandfathered in everybody talks about -- like kind of Bill Simmons runs ESPN gimme a break and Chris -- can do whatever they -- you're on hilly area channel he's doing just fine -- the home run derby is tonight here is the same -- GO Carlos Guillen is the favorite in Vegas followed by Jose Batista. In any it is yes Yelp Wiig and UN assess that so that's them in order. Haven't had a back to back champion since Griffey I believe in 9899. Was the last time somebody won back to back yeah and you can't -- says there was -- Didi exactly what he's done that from now. -- about. It is not as cycle he's ready to go there yet they -- today he yes don't we moves the needle for people you know look this. That is the most intriguing aspect of tonight premiere -- is an -- if you listen to our show for a long time you know that he's kind of a pair of -- in this was a topic of conversation last year when everybody said we should be in the all star game and not to get ratings and -- he plays and I I said the gimme a break you know either guy's gonna get in the seventh inning and have one -- that you're gonna watch for one at bat. -- you're not a fan based -- don't want you watching the game period. But to me I will be curious how he affects a home run derby because there's no doubt that he's the biggest name in baseball right now him and Mike -- -- the two big guys. Mike Trout unfortunately not not participating middle of the see him go as well. But if he could move the needle in this is almost -- I don't know what to say a landmark night for baseball but it's something if your Major League Baseball you need to look at and say as much as I would like it you gotta look at it from a general sports perspective and say. We need to start marketing this guy because it weakens an -- and dirty use he would say it 1015% spike in ratings. You can pretty much directly tied -- India -- we need say hey let's get this guy had some commercial that's hitting the courts. -- -- -- have market in the home run -- on -- well pat well I -- -- started today until this morning on sports -- yeah it -- of comes out of nowhere I think that the way the all star week is structured I would like to have it a little bit more spread -- I don't like -- you played yesterday in in this home run derby tonight and he also against tomorrow I just I don't like the structure should be a whole week long week and would be exactly or even -- -- Saturday -- exactly to get some more eyeballs on it but if you can't get ratings -- -- The baseball need to look at this is able. We're gonna start marketing this guy he's the face of -- Portland and let's not forget about sand and I'm really afford tonight for those two we stand now wanna see who can crush the ball furthest I am in this excited for a for a home run derby a long time. Hopefully Berman doesn't ruin it but. Look this is one of those it misses for me hopefully tonight can be hit I'm like that miles. You. Chris Berman. -- -- -- -- And they. Aren't we got a good well what he brings it to play Texas she'd go home run derby is what I golf coverage that's two days. That's fair so he did he get the extended Chris Berman when it comes to golf baseball you're -- them and one night can you handle the one night oppose the do it back. And they're better is a long home runs getting hit because if there's not then you're just listened to him. Act act act act Miley gracious professionalism at all. After this on to me the thing.

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