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Steve Aschburner -- NBA.com

Jul 14, 2014|

Steve joins Taylor, Brandon, and Andy to talk about NBA Free Agency.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was a busy couple of weeks for NBA free agency and we're gonna get caught up on everything with Steve. Asked -- he is a senior writer for -- BA dot com Steve we appreciate you joining us here. -- ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 the fan I did this free agency period compared to others that you've covered. You know let the very tough question because this is also generally unpleasant in terms of the waiting in the string -- The agendas involved that you try to purchase from your memory as quickly as Kenya and shall you don't agree I can remember this year. Here's the intellectually. -- annoying because there and actually sure was. I'll hold a little bit you know all on us because of the way it was involved we were -- and make mine. Away Carmelo Anthony's even though he did what most of us expected he would do. And then you're only a logjam breaking after. Well -- decision to go back to Cleveland he's really a trickle pace over the weekend. You know four years after his original decision on TV and that was you know obviously that was kind of a flop decision on his -- LeBron releases the letter -- the I'm coming home article and SI what were your thoughts on that approach. In announcing his freeagent decision. Why do you know obviously a lot more classy I was in the gym is not Connecticut where years ago and and it was as bad. Witnessed in person as a well that it was I'm not on television calm because I was closer to the boys -- -- accused cops that night to a break we will art. All of a -- -- way which dad as a pure -- in Cleveland actually that was terrible. Our strategy. -- LeBron and she is our marketing people. This kind -- -- -- it was handled very. Actually it's a bomb it got a point across the united underplay. The best ball -- elements of his return to Cleveland country of if that -- have a roster -- actual location of -- actually right now I'm not so sure. The problem with PR. You'll be -- news as hearkens roots right now. Trickle back Cole blocked it's a good combination turnaround you're up to New Mexico. Via state that the Miami or European -- NBA finals. And the the potential of the cavaliers true. Start to women and -- pretty short order. Let's stick with that topic in the -- James and and and back in Cleveland and I think one of the things we've all over the last couple days is that they're you know reluctant to -- -- -- -- Kevin Love what you see that roster taking shape and how long do you think it actually takes to. To have a championship contending team in Cleveland LeBron James back. Well there are able to get love from Minnesota and and what I understandable -- Andrew Williams cannot get a package of trucks except. All in the control include Andrew Williams I don't think that that -- happens. All so let's say they'd make that move along comes in our home away and he knows his reputation on the line on the eastern able to make shook off a little at all responsible in Minnesota. And you don't do that hasn't cut his next stop a PP enthused and he beat drove it. Who to do whatever it would take you to win next season so you know lawyers -- if it can't carrier. And -- -- and LeBron together. I mean those -- great country prominent players at their positions are obviously LeBron James has. Multiple MVP -- you know I don't think it would take so long at all I mean when he won big -- in each other in Miami. Our and they get to the final first here -- -- got a chance to win and I don't. I don't see any reason why Cleveland couldn't get it on. Use the regular season as a learning curve on there in the -- That helps and and and who knows what all the old gunman in the post season. We're talking with Steve -- burner NBA dot com and Steve before we switch to local team with the Portland trailblazers -- wanna ask who which team those born free agencies kind of in. Today I guess in your opinion the loser a team that needed to make a couple moves it just wasn't able to land players that may be they were they were after. Well I guess I pictured earlier and I need to try and lose or if it's your inactivity. I was able to impose lakers and you come to expect big things from the lakers you're -- you're out and and they just sort of then you know. More. And and really out of the picture you Julius Randall remains depressed acquisition of the shall burn it will be in the draft. It would -- for summer league game last night if it's a matter of being a true who are actually Houston Rockets a lot of dismissal product. Well I mean that they were reliable and Chris Bosh from maximum Sharia deal. I decided to stay in Miami that was a blow them he would've been a triple rockets are trying to do -- and and of course. -- partially assumes arising. You know young player -- -- came along. I became available I guess they have to restrict free agent and that's our college China Google really take money off pushing each. That he used to and finally blinked not reassure. -- -- war. Would -- to demand that he had a contract here and he played extremely well in the Washington Wizards as well. With John Wall as a point guard to help too short traders -- I'm not sure that that Houston. Would believe so locked into a long term you know I'm not similarly -- without its point cart. I don't know our Asian region can match -- he had with Washington apples and see what a real beatle will virtually. Steep gas -- our guest here on. ESPN's Sports Radio -- need if any is a senior writer for NBA dot com. He's on Twitter at -- NBA that's ES. CH we got some news today about the world the United States roster. -- in Millard is on after the Portland trailblazers and LaMarcus Aldridge declined. What do you think guys do it from playing on the United States roster on the non Olympic year. Well you know the winter -- structured you have to almost put in the time if you wanna compete in the Olympics you -- need you to put in the time in the off seasons. And so that's. That's one reason why people are speculating that LaMarcus Aldridge did not. Choose to participate this summer -- -- have a hard time I'll make in the middle of Katrina and 26 feet at -- there's a real each situation that arises. Ali you know this is the kind of thing where they want -- -- -- -- side with a personal agendas aside. And and commit to this thing greater than themselves. All -- that sacrifice. Counts probably as much as independent thinking one more. Earned their response when it's time for the Olympic actual ticket guys get their -- Italy can export your -- beat the experience all -- get a chance to come together and play alongside guys were paid great. Mostly compete against. And it all all well which ultimately goes -- -- and that's that's pretty. Great thing to we need to be looking back in the past where. Steve looking locally in talking about the Portland trailblazers have been a couple loses -- seizing Chris Kaman and Steve Blake. We are thought to be important obviously surprise some people last year and beating Houston in the first round and -- -- peaked a little earlier than some people thought around the league. It doesn't cave in and Blake condition make him that much improve in the second round third round team in the Western Conference playoffs what what do you think of their offseason. Tom you know it's strange to me like it's pretty. Pretty basic -- you know surgical site additions not not real pick. Call me you know law. And like wrappers on the if it works for -- -- great I know that there's there was some speculation that. In America Portland can acquire guys the way the markets are able to -- you know what there's. I actually took a leak probably has that -- resort feature on ritual that you know all the -- to create and people like coached. And all we're gonna have to somehow trying to succeed -- way to succeed without. The EPA clamor markets so you know Portland is not so I'm not alone economic -- skate America -- -- you know it's. It's tremendous city with a great NBA traditions on the actual war. You know why it it would be a given -- especially these guys look at critical decisions shall be at school I am trapped shall outraged. All -- look look at Portland me a lot anyway because the the makeup of the roster usually mild electric sheep you know the -- other pearl. You know got a lot going forward and -- because it's great I'll help in the backcourt and you know war war will do next go around again and you and I are okay. Treatment that is enjoyed in this most recent stop and -- people beat the beat -- -- or -- more and actions I think those -- put rules were not. They're not great turnout are shaking but. You don't let that much help I could just needed more time together. You know Tony fifteen -- -- release around here's been talked about as the real offseason for Portland to really strike -- and maybe make an addition that. Sets this team over that hill where they can go try to be that championship like contender. And you just talked about the small market teams that there are able to lure free agents. But we had an age now with the NBA that if a team has enough success and it's shown stability and and a great offensive scheme. That it did in the city doesn't necessarily matter where you -- get maybe Marcus all the come to Portland organ. Everybody's got a different agenda you know and and all the or at least attempt to change just like you and me. -- I think that the NBA. Is. One that I'm a by product of working on shorter contracts -- you don't have 67 year deals. Oregon I appreciate -- come back to this play as well -- like -- what I missed a lot of players compete. No people are capital -- I'm sure appeals and a and a trio of players are unsure appeals. The -- -- -- to your cubicle somewhere on the and I don't like it doesn't -- technical somewhere else. All -- Possibility that we see play out here although I don't. I don't see any reason why Portland that are poised to strike and they have the right. The right interest somebody that they wouldn't be able to get -- -- Steve gas burners our guest is senior writer for NBA dot com on your Twitter profile you have that you photo bombed will in 97. What's that story. I have a charter that we will -- under armed Shia. It was via the fifty greatest. Or celebration at the league put on in Cleveland at an all star game in the -- solid. As part of its fiftieth anniversary and the the Friday before the all star game should you British players all the could make April. A couple of weren't there are. All Jerry West couldn't make it and Shaq or else was there but but the crowd was -- -- as he -- jailed. All. Well all of the stories and I have computer position where. And that a production photos and I was behind him directly secure. -- recorder -- you don't need to video and -- interest it was -- player when I was scared and I thought they are the most in the trailer and the lakers era of his career. But he's got people will that will probably catch a lot of short shrift switches you know -- the China a man that he was triple a little bit about -- Dominant he was -- paper route via the NBA. You know and future will be in my starring -- spot in the top five. It's a great but you're way ahead of your time Steve is ninety back in 1997 your photo bombing before it was popular. Her current social media I don't know. I know the great photos Steve has spurred check it out on Twitter at -- NBA that's AS CH NDA Steve rates that -- for the time.

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