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Damian Lillard -- Blazers Point Guard

Jul 2, 2014|

Damian joins Taylor and Brandon to discuss NBA FA and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest is the point guard the Portland trailblazers. He is Damian Miller he's got a basketball camp coming up. As a Damian Miller fast talking and sponsored by a deep as you can register at the courts in organic dot com it's in the east more than courts. As can be Saturday July 12 through Tuesday. July 15 -- tacky about the camps. Here in just dissect it in terms of the off season. Any kind of after the out as season was done -- looking ahead to your game or what have you work done that this offseason the most. -- pink -- the biggest there that a vote early this summer like this. China didn't. Better shape or that didn't do it yeah. -- on them or shoot on the outer orbit today regular Big Apple have yet it's the outside burns off not your dance so. On the race. An Asian voters all of jumpers. -- it erodes but a lot of. Dame it was pretty evident obviously the spurs were the best team -- they played incredible team ball but it seems like in that round. Because the business silly didn't didn't give you guys that production you needed that guy's got a war downing got -- was that the series reassign your head. I got to work on my conditioning. There was -- They always played on our competitive nature -- elements that we. Do not plan well enough or you know we've got to play harder. Stuff like that -- -- -- -- spurs. The gangs and again that was they played great and all the -- dark -- that it straight and rest well. Are they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- entertainment. I think they overwhelmed swear I would if you do ORD place. Exit in the and -- remote borrow. Damian Miller does our guest he's got to Damian Miller bass booking and sponsored by deed is coming up July 12 through July 15. You energize the entire CD sports media everybody in this city with that shot against Houston to close out the series. How many have you recreated that shot sense and how many times have you actually watched it. Borrowed witnessed -- and -- I had at the end the war. But aren't. About you know and -- ago -- you know rely on other things that have. There are about -- -- where it happened on that day and then move on from our did he get it at element back. Where are playing with that would accomplished. Lagarde it would accomplish and it would be probably get that shot. On the -- he was reacted to promote and fans reaction. And expect that that missed the older -- beat it to the next round which is something that we had a working years. You know it was a great -- every Carter not -- when -- and developed. While that ruby had. Did you see the -- -- -- view coming I was I think is somebody to get a courtside it was of mine. And you were coming out Z I think people realize how quick you got that shot out have you seen that -- video view on the baseline. Yeah it out their equity current leader saw. -- that Europe are. A well I was pretty pretty pretty unique situation. How many grown men came up to you after that -- told you that you made them cry because I don't think I've ever seen a city. So excited -- -- of -- earlier in this video game because we were doing the post game shows. And we watched that happen on our big screen and we all ran out of the studio screaming and hollering what was the reaction like for you. Within the city FDA at that. There was current pain you know we. Yeah a couple of teammate you know based on that we all got together after that it that is shared a moment. You know not take a moment I'm -- You are just -- the city everybody is now but it's not everybody uses. You know complement not saw how how well we have laid open -- he's not an -- or -- much they appreciated that and it was right. This city was alive. I've never I've partner that he and artistry it's terribly concerned certainly aren't there. They get a lot of -- competent or it was a it was a great -- -- -- it. Blaze at point guard Damien Miller joining us here Ernie ESPN's Sports Radio it's -- eighty the fan. I think you're one of the best in the league at marketing -- one of the reasons for that. Is because it feels authentic I think LeBron is great at daddy you're great. And it feels authentic when you. Align yourself with the product how did you come up with your strategy to kind of be able to market yourself. Me to be -- it to do what an early start. On. I think eat eat eat a marquee. Someone that you can relate to not think. He knows a lot of underdogs in the world there's a lot of people who -- our property and a lot of people. Enjoy. You know people really appreciate someone don't beat themselves bring autos and light. Well think about you it relates. What I come from and that type of person. They can also appreciate so. Camille when it started it was due to meet current market out there that you've -- it -- once more to do that up later today. I'm not just some repressed and asked the you know people look up to what some might connect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ambient -- of people and that. At the big thing to me because not like to be it would he wouldn't talk -- into a regular person not at should be. Awkward and like economy like I'm not a human and on does just -- pros that are expressed the social media outlet in as such a brand -- up like that though. I don't like about -- -- that and it been -- so. Do you feel like you do you like if we get one bad thing and that that takes advantage of your willingness to do that. How how do you -- our allies that -- like -- your had to happen. And have a lot of -- in light are we better while Martin and Dan as always it would no one. -- -- on this on the war but I'm spelman at the way to say that I'm accurate on about -- I'm aware. Not. Like that it. People aren't -- waiter -- are about the you know something that is in the game register. Some weight as art critic are on -- I'll response. Narrow minded arsenic but desperate on the back me in and around the yard it'd be what it is. Just like if somebody that the what a lot of that streak in opera like it was inevitable some will probably response so. Nobody -- urban commuter saves -- America arms are there. I think that is two -- you -- do use. On people so at some positives. He's sick thank you. I mean I appreciate it there was some might take some negative you are sick of negative back -- up like. -- -- Entertained. Somebody else compensate them get -- -- art it would go well somebody they are back on it. Dame this is a big time right now for the team I mean you guys -- you over achieved a lot of fans expectations and our expectations he has had a great season. But now there's a lot of moving pieces in free agency how much are you keeping tabs. On what your teams doing you talked to kneel or Terry about moves potentially that could help the team. -- Obstinate and players alike and you know -- -- help our team would. Not -- my doubted -- -- just show up yesterday improved and rated player -- mark. And has that while our intro -- it saved my opinion on what I think it. -- great -- -- -- close that there is that what you buyout in his earlier what you. They brought me here played basketball so are. Not whereabouts are prepared to do. Or deputy Damian Miller -- point guard he's got the Damian Miller -- Buckingham sponsored by AD is coming up. The first one sold Alison they decided to do a couple more is at the east Moreland courts Saturday July 12. -- Tuesday July 15 wanna ask you about that in a second -- But it carries in terms of a lot of the talk in sports media has been about. A -- taking less money to come together and form he's quote unquote super teams. What do you think of people who say that guy should take less money in the NBA for the sake of the team. On. Our. You can say what you want about taken less money or say it is game -- Because -- you know my agent and editors that worked for him two years it. You don't nobody on that. A year ago less -- Iraq remember and they want championship. San Antonio. You know second -- -- -- no matter what it works. -- and now I just played it ain't it. Declared that same menu as we lead. The RP anybody in beauty Norris. I think that's kind of overrated -- we're -- stars that are taken less money because I want away and anybody away you know we. Are going to want 181000. Play out that -- it is I don't really know too -- -- it that it. What peace -- you guys are missing when you look at this team it kind of felt like the bench but was there so -- was there anything in the starting line up or did you feel like it's just one player may be -- away. From giving you guys Gerald -- You know. -- -- Mark aren't that aren't what they. It. I expect. Remember -- Nazi -- will Barton. Oxy and -- -- -- -- -- is -- ability know what you do and -- think these problems I think our problems are elect. They can do it where our team needs. And -- Like that's the problem down to ultralight it. We have you know we have right now that we can't be that it -- these are saying how hard they work. And not my belief in them at that. They can't come back and they can be they can give us that contribution that we need that people think we need for somebody. -- million. We get that from guys that I think ability. You know of course but it not Internet that we could -- the commitments are urging Mike. You know like I -- -- -- -- that -- who is that some credit and it it would have been prominent. You great -- I'll -- it's not like Spencer -- -- really shoot the ball. And -- in Adelaide garden and that's why it or not out shooter. You know dialect and try to bring the same thing. Our -- not so -- that is. It is a lot of that is our man at the airport. You've got your basketball camp coming out as slated for July 12 through the fifteenth that's out of sponsored by indeed as. At the east more than courts is for campers ages six. To sixteen people can sign up our listeners can at the courts in org and dot com Amy what do you hope when kids go to that GM. What are you hoping they they come away with. Our Honda the biggest thing about what they're similar on the understand. Our workers import. Not only on the basketball court but it. It's our or cute yet but that day China sent. Who are -- and rogue north are gonna keep wanted to do. Talk to him somewhat -- skewed the party's he would DelHomme out there are the ones that would it. You know pocket I have learned what hard work really meant if not I know or back about one -- gig was out there. I would highly guarded it. Once that knowledge depended on what work hard so. Bill -- bet they're a Big Apple ought to be out there aren't as one on court. And around. So imagine that'd be able to bring network that I worked somebody day in day out regarded you have now -- -- where basketball player. You teacher whatever it is our hope that they expect our work with -- Much and that's the biggest thing about our -- so on the outward to beat out more energy. Is clearly it would meet in a march cancer understand how important audience. Dame I'd be remiss divided and ask you for the ladies do you have a girlfriend right now. Welcome I'm. -- me that live there there -- our -- has got a deep in the other -- hooking a sponsored by deed is check it out it's the courts in order again. Dot com it's a great bass -- -- it's going to be Saturday July 12 through Tuesday July activity. I'd AM to three team -- we appreciate -- -- best of luck with his campaign Indo with team USA we appreciate your time thank you. --

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