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Ben Golliver -- SI

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is our bodies from SI dot com and blazers -- been Oliver. It has always appreciate you joining us what day it certainly with the blazers are phasing it seems so quiet. More quiet and I think it ever can remember. What what do you do you think they ultimately do tonight. Yep probably. Most likely order -- significant. You know certainly -- -- you pretty quiet you'll grow evident. Are they just that would just be aware of the rumors. And it's here it's just been a total lockdown it is kind of totally crickets the last couple weeks here. -- you can understand that you major factors iPad and they don't have a rockers are the work with they've already got a lot of young talent. You know -- on the roster it is that the immediate development so we expect it expected through the blazers you know look at the development for next year. You combined out I think you have any picks to bet that the prices exceed the skyrocketing in the NBA you'd like into the Becker or we'll be that it used to be. You put all that -- -- Good formula required Japanese it and try to do a media party candidate might get -- got back with yet but he. I don't know that it pays a lot for that -- the I don't pay retrieved -- Yeah. -- that's pretty good. There are equally significant. You know fans always loved moves they like watching their team do something that might improve the roster we're seeing a lot of Western Conference teams. Get active Houston Golden State any double teams out there that are trying to improve themselves Phoenix had the couple draft picks. You feel like the blazers should try to make a move or do you think they're doing the right thing and maybe fans need to calm down a trust Nils. Yeah I don't think it could not being involved in -- necessarily mean they're. I'm sure they export and ability. The big issue I think if that happens when you look at their younger players you -- have a lot of it lightly that you cattle who -- there. I can get a tree where a picture right now I don't think it's -- called street value. Is as high as what he did you use -- -- the -- next year that exit just because he's probably not yet treat you look on his rookie year. I he's probably got more potential out that he that you know. It happened around the league the -- think it goes for a guy like Meyers Leonard you know I struggled brilliance -- couple years and shortly gotten out of putting. I immediately -- bored with the blazers in the third year. As opposed to what you by the league -- right now I'd get history values pretty low -- -- based on the the issue people he is awareness and he spent the correct thing. I you're better off which -- the bulk of herself and -- turned -- -- player. You go right -- the -- -- Portland you know bench trying to escape to distract people are so that stretch. Well if you're gonna try to treat like hackers have been. Equal rattled me you're probably couldn't get a lot hatred. Yeah of course you -- going to be looking into any trade proposals are with you I didn't wanna keep it started back together we can look at the chemistry those -- -- Of course he looked excellent. They played great basketball well into the playoffs. -- with that group -- you don't wanna stick with that if you don't have these so. You know both those factors whether the -- any kind of you know a major move. This week. I put these to open up a little bit -- -- you start yup there's the exceptions crab the play -- you can you hear a decision made from Mo Williams bout which what you Wear it. I and you gotta get into the whole roster building where our roster adding that but he is not sure that this -- did it's I'd be doing. Meg Oliver is our guest to write for SI dot com and blazers edge in any kind of -- -- my next question there and that is about Mo Williams who is officially opted out and everything that we're hearing is that he's looking for a three year deal. If you're the blazers right now and if you're able -- is at three year deal with Mo Williams the right route to -- you look at other free -- how do you see that situation playing out. I would doubt it here but that act as well be used that -- -- career is not respected when you're the last couple years. I. Feel for what your thoughts on offense. He was able to kind of do that I think you'd be able to do that again you know going. For the next year and yet that. -- did he get -- call her regional and world be better if it out from all the by next year you walk Bartlett. More next year. I you know you've got to iron and the union Miller let -- package -- maybe -- -- and it. Larry -- the real money or long term money like a lawyer you are because a lot of other -- argued that hi. You know to me I just told -- he's necessarily a huge priority -- walk -- -- in the world that it -- it just means they're and I proceeded to call additional crew. And until now as you know -- I think he didn't -- -- a two year deal. Ideally. You know not too much money that you do that there's somebody out there who's who's -- -- eat the that back -- group we eat because of the -- And it -- are real money out of package you just let -- walking eagle court. Then you've covered the NBA finals the last couple years with Miami and again this year. The that a lot of time to see LeBron James and company they of course met yesterday some reports that they may be looking at. -- bats need to hear what -- how do you think that situation plays out and do you think LeBron ends up coming back to Miami. I think that they are there are strongly in LeBron is that it goes back and actually wrote a column this week that looked at the Puget -- there. He could take a look around try to get away. My conclusion -- you know he should be should take the -- bubble like Pittsburgh. He fielded an idle mixture I don't want you all know that he'd be yet for -- you've got to be -- -- -- can you imagine -- it it out here. You're talking about him lightly he. Now I have to. What the -- -- -- the second act you know obviously you know that aspect. Probably going to be cut down on the white children now put it into the that would that would be the movement it would all be over or that your computer expert at -- It is it's not how it's been a lot and used it seniors out with respect -- yet BA but -- -- our entry area currently aren't needed. Really nice position in terms that the -- cockpit and he understands that over the last couple years especially this past he's been. He just released through the Eastern Conference period -- neatly polished media you know they're -- LeBron here and are actually operated air vehicle at Cirque. I think you'll like regain the use in the -- you are and what they were in the first round look at me I think you cure what brought you real likely. Got like Battier. Back you can find these sort of just we'll play level picture quality patient. And the power that big -- -- it completely fair to look a little bit watch that. -- the speaker so that the adopted in the Eastern Conference at which in the position to compete -- idol. That's pretty good all -- on the -- game -- -- -- what about the deep into the war platelets are. You know we saw what happened to Chris Paul yet -- made -- -- -- accurate let if you -- -- -- if you eat they -- Actually it was a better situation in the Eastern Conference -- I would not be attracted to jump on board -- college. Chicago and I -- he played -- -- you -- to be like yeah big footers that's -- can you hear rumors about but you don't actually you know. And and these other scenarios that urgent that you park bench. I think in the east so to me about LeBron. I any offers great weather in opera -- that he knows the opposite Rico's that he knows who added between title. Operative period affected our management team in Pat Riley. Any at all with the certainty basically taking. That you could pretty much and who needed the final here at the peak we come back. In my -- I just don't yet -- team out there. You know putting together because a lot to that could -- he did -- in eastern conference of course they entered an -- opportunity. What -- probably statehood. I think he's opting out here to kind of maximize the pressure he could put on the front I'll let those guys know hey don't get -- in -- ethical one on park it. -- out like he did you in the finals in a couple of games. We have some fun with this the other day he died now all thirty pages while we -- -- before Portland. -- I think it was actually pretty good principle which is but he gets -- debate with you I think I could be felt like. And I just got a real -- might strike in public but not if your if your Portland your -- -- my secret all bleaker and might not be -- -- hurricanes -- our. We've got to all certainly pleased LaMarcus Aldridge and being at Butler you've got an offense that. Spread offense to a guy like LeBron -- and -- getting into the paint. You just get you -- up that is a little speaker computers in every quarter. Included base needs some work but you know keep great -- August 1980 immediately went to couple inspection. I'm not that it equal with public key port. You can try to clear that night and of course I'm reaching due to the BP yet they're. Political and certainly in this discussion but. When you're actually break it seems -- thirty I think quote be higher than most people would think just based on the star Courtney got Hewitt with politics in there. I can -- I'm not sure that they weren't out are right it is thought I was -- like the spurs then we're kind of bring it back gallery here but I thought I would the spurs. I think Golden State Warriors are they keep themselves as the clippers in the under equipped with a top five. Public access and influence in the detonated or just that at the -- that not that I -- at the I'd definitely typical they would -- -- way -- -- package development and army vehicle here's the other four of them are kind of got that thing going back the right direction. Which I would big golf over SI dot com please -- dot com in which Western Conference team. As a blazer -- -- and away from the national perspective which which team in the Western Conference. Is making -- the scariest right now in terms of moves they potentially can make and where they can move up next year. And I think you look at the spurs just because it initially they're not particularly good -- anybody or when your biggest concerns in your side and you know that's a pretty -- -- -- -- here. I didn't see -- well. Sweetheart deal to come back into the I think everybody to be while they -- much money back or maybe it was so much let any probably -- gotten out excuse. It about a player's -- MVP candidate that you realize that was mean to the question is indeed he does them. That's a real powerful it would come to the negotiations. You know outside the spurs. I'd keep a watch I think you know did the clippers and they get this deal done. Which is huge if obviously a way you can plug them Microsoft executive guy who's got more on all our. You can plug that into -- team that are yet to start back awkwardness everybody loves to -- he. It was a legitimate Baghdad now in terms of being able great players bit. You know you didn't really happen. Upgrade to the public desperate to win and -- -- to -- that ultimate I think they're -- -- -- -- -- -- the event of -- went up like they did. I see people keep coming back in boot making a lot of noise in the July -- period -- the question goes -- it is still done before that happens. If not they could kind of be in limbo and it could be a real missed opportunity for them. Outside of those who. -- -- -- You what you like you about that but they're actually deputies and -- here at buffalo to the enemy -- decision on and you know he's probably could yeah. -- Reggie Jackson could be you know communities in real money create -- got to make a decision on hand -- and then you know circuit there are always looking. Upgrade from Perkins and never do it -- -- there's certainly look at try to actively exploited their. In her home video track they've got multiple is and how are you -- currently considering all the have multiple -- As they could be make it to -- here not only at night on draft night but also going forward right into July so I think it's the usual -- in the wet. People -- that the stage right now. Where they should be kind of metric himself and get the best he copper. I network where they sort of a finish that he -- at -- wanna -- again next year. That aren't so concerned about eight is no doubt will pick up camera or what have you. Maybe you can look at it very bad -- one -- -- in -- How can they keep up with those -- That was an Italian right now. It ADT's implants after the deaths -- money. Yeah of course there is a three week like that. In my -- -- analyzed. They'd come -- what I'm in the right after that actually that you that they are. And I could be polio angle you know with all the original book occasionally join that he'd be at an actual -- in the -- -- doubt very much biggest in the and I think it's obvious were actually this year before -- go -- to -- gonna go to Chicago. Couple other places before they head out to -- that that's what actually I'll be a lot of fun I'm always looking toward the biggest. The -- the stories are on an assembly human being go right definitely in terms of -- Leonard -- did a -- column I needed treatment and how to treat the book and we have really got a good look after it did treat what you look like. There's -- to -- -- from the British perspective in terms of what's gonna happen. Then we're up against the clock as quickly as possible you could take a real vacation where would you go off on actually making real vacation in August that brought up to a new England and at Beverly and a lot of -- out there. Hopefully get a good piece of those may be paying it and that is an object -- -- it's here it's accurate -- on. Yeah it you know yankees red carpet at our -- we hope. -- -- I think Oliver zealot but vacated as I dot com blazers -- following months that are act being -- NBA draft night. Openness talk about what the -- could potentially do what three incidents like -- as always great that we receive done. It'll probably at least that the current market.

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