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Last Minute With Lynch 6 24 14

Jun 24, 2014|

Mike talks about what LeBron should do.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you like to put things off until the last minute. Let the ball well. Our -- ride well. So don't worry I'm not sure what to do my hands. -- they'll endeavors yeah right this is a last minute with the -- -- The final word in podcast formed from -- third in -- producer Mike Lynch always look people in the even if they're blind to say I'm looking you know me on ESPN's Sports Radio -- eighty okay. So little behind the scenes here and I got to use the dump button for the first time today. As dirt senate to go all renegade on us during the show. Wasn't really sure what to expect but I used it I had to make sure worked when I checked back and -- -- did. It sounds awkward middle of a -- awkward cuts in men. Who what skill -- time. You missed -- today and therefore certain Sprague dirt decided to try and -- rough guess. But then put the latter half instead of a letter are at the front of the word and that happens. We caught ourselves it was interesting but it's certainly happened now we have an awesome new drop on the show because of -- -- All. All things can put a good ending in some cases this one does his value to play that for the rest of the show's history welcome in the last minute with lynch. I am your host Michael lynch. Does that -- show podcast for therefore -- Sprague every single day I'll be posting this. At about 330 I and the producer Dana for third straight as well as the host of sports Sunday every Sunday for me till 10 AM follow me on Twitter at Mike Lynch 27. That is where I post this about 330 every day Al supposed to to the fans Twitter which is that ten need to defeat him in a -- -- to you. 1080 the fan dot com as well. So of course I -- a metal song of the day coming up yesterday I didn't even realize it when I played the song but it actually had. A little bit of growling at a little bit further than I want to bring you this fast but it was kind of a team. And that sensitive -- go back to some clean vocal there might be some growing in the in the apartment play -- have this song. By a band called -- oblivious scar it's a really hard and dispels all spoke for real later. The song called forget not another band with him genre that I like a lot progressive metal so we'll be plain mad at the end of the podcast but of course. What's the topic of the day today it's LeBron James. In and that's exactly where I'm -- take a slightly different angle on it. Malcolm talk necessarily about LeBron portly and in the -- necessarily talk about who's the best fit but. You're trying to put myself. It's -- LeBron issues if I were LeBron James what what I deal. Now -- have kind of an agency they have to. Existing way to look at it and Symbian to do because how many people do it it's just all LeBron can do this year this year this year but what's LeBron really think -- And I think it's fair to start at Miami he opts out of his contract today. And -- -- okay you go back to Miami or can try new place but if I'm LeBron James the writings -- on the wall for me in Miami. You had your run four straight years in the finals he won two of them. And the writing on the wall here bench is now absolutely dreadful. You have veterans on the team who wore completely. Over the hill and they really are gonna do much to help you anymore. Dwyane Wade it can't stay healthy. And when he is he disappeared little bit at least in the finals. Chris Bosh does the same exact thing he disappears in the playoffs from time to time so pretty much in Miami. LeBron only has himself. Any that wasn't the case for the two final round of the more than one. But it is the case now. And you can argue and say that you have held all restructure their deals and all three of them come back to bring more pieces around that's not going to be easy. When you have these three guys who are all worth Max deals it's not gonna be easy to do that anyway so if I'm the -- writings on the -- Miami. And personally I wouldn't go back there. It's kind of cool to get to explore another city. And really maybe you know in a big way you make your brain and -- You get to go to a different city. Expose yourself more of that city -- LeBron as a brand is already huge but maybe now I get to make the -- even bigger because you. Get to cement yourself in other cities -- such as Cleveland is not just Miami. It's now blank city that you're going to you mean you get to expose exposure bring him there. And another thing too as you get to actually. Play with a younger core ready to win more titles. Not a core that is aging and disappearing and and the run is over like I would view Miami at this point you get to go see. What young -- out -- ready to win you get to choose because every teams out -- suiting you right now. Because there what young core is is appetizing to you and what are you wanna play with the help win more titles. I'm really not sure that the heat win more titles without a team is built now or if it stays in any way the state. I just don't know if it's possible even if they take less money. To go and re signed with the heat. That's maybe one more player they can't add and I'm not sure that's enough to get over the hump. Are you nice to make the finals you -- Eastern Conference finals at the very least. But to get over the hump of beating a team in the west that is that is built so much better than you -- not really sure the heat. He is where it's gonna happen for the -- So a lot of the other teams are or were brought up the two big ones -- Houston and Dallas in terms of the the big market teams. They're gonna Cleveland Cavaliers obviously have been brought up the lakers have been brought up. But because -- Houston. He could work well that would make that team instantly really really hard to beat. But we saw a bad team kind of self destruct in the playoffs this year against the blazers -- Either hero ball James Harden are curable Dwight Howard and not much passing him and things just didn't work out very well. And that that might be an issue especially in the beginning member when he first went to Miami LeBron. There was -- there was an issue with the chemistry in the first year they still made the finals and -- lost but they there was an issue with the chemistry. I can see that being an even bigger issue if he goes to Houston where authority having chemistry issues with that team. Dwight Howard might not be the best teammate James Harden might not be the best teammate. LeBron going into that might just ruin everything there. Dallas I think could be interesting. They kind of appeared to be a piece awaited me this year in the -- of -- to the spurs push him to seven games for rent to the bus on the spurs were. In that first series but you saw -- dark for another year or two maybe Monta Ellis look like a different player -- you -- kind of building. That team there and if you have LeBron it's clear contender again in the west so maybe that's a little bit more treatment but you're losing and Berkshire shortly as well. There's not many years left him in -- Dirk Nowitzki flags so I'm not sure that Dallas is an option. Clearly and of course who'd be an option he could return home return to the team has started his career he got -- Irving yup and. One overall pick in the draft or you could trade the number one overall pick in the draft for Kevin Love type figure. But you have a brand new head coach from Europe where you have no idea what is gonna bring to the table so that's kind of worry your. Hesitant as well. -- -- You know Cleveland does not Dallas -- obviously it's -- -- Cleveland. There's not the hastily made Cleveland -- of the other love so much that I've played on the -- a couple times. You because Cleveland's a great city and Cleveland sucks nobody wants to go to Cleveland. I guess the lakers the last option that have been at least mentioned so far him. Not really sure what's going on in Los Angeles right now. Who's going to be there are two big city big lights but. You know Kobe might have only one or two years left powder salt probably going to be gone there's no bench there in LA whatsoever so what happens. I think for LeBron comes on to this. Are you a big market. Can you afford to a -- brought a ton of money. Without destroying your team in two years because if I'm abroad I still wanna stay in a big market -- my brand is so big I wanna stay in big marketing put myself out there. And I wanna get paid yet he might take a little bit less money than the Max deal. But he still wants to get paid a ton. And he wants to know that the team and he's going to. We'll be able to sustain -- salary as well salaries of other people for the future so that's not just a couple years and then their done. That's why for me Portland not a viable option a lot of fans today were saying why is it Portland a viable option it makes sense they've got a great young core. While it's a it's a big market I really do you think LeBron once that and he. You know they have to pay LaMarcus Aldridge next year they're gonna have to pay Willard in two years. The -- -- huge and he's got a couple years opens contract. I guess of every LeBron and they want to bring in Wes Matthews back for his contract is up in a little bit. There there's a year or two window or might work amend the team can go to hell because. You know who's -- what's gonna be left money wise to re sign anybody and yet you can work out contracts and stuff but it might not work very well. It in the future after year to satellite -- Portland is a viable options so. That's why Republican of those things money and big market. I'm I'm against Dallas makes the most sense to me. Because if Dirk Joseph does retired then I guess that's a lot of money off the bucks but. There's gonna have to be a very concerted effort on this team to build the bench because that's what the issue was in Miami this year absolutely no help. Outside of LeBron James in the playoffs and actually no help outside of the Big Three in the regular season. So that was that was the big issue you can't have that happen again it's hard when you put three superstars together to really build a bench has anything good. But it's not it's not impossible. It's not possible to do and I think LeBron really has to take that into account. When he's thinking about this decision. That he asked to make another. Decision that he estimate all right let's get into some metal music. Her on the last minute -- podcast dog too. This -- is called me hopefully this darkness they are an Australian progressive. Slash extreme slash melodic metal -- that that's how they have on the FaceBook quit violin in parentheses. I'm a condom the -- melodic and had to -- progressive they're really interesting band I didn't really know what to expect when I. First solve this being that I went out. Well they're really really interesting. This song here is called -- gets knocked. You know play you a little snippets that. That. I just found this out while researching them apparently available -- the stars means forget not. In Latin. So that is actually the name of their fans the song that is played for you forget not. By -- -- the stars off the album portal of -- which is their first album. And god if it's got a bunch of really long songs does what itself was twelve minutes a lot of the songs they play. Our our very long they remind me a lot of hope that the band that I play for you. Last week another progressive they were long songs one of the things -- like the most about them if you're trying to get into metal. Is that you could hear in the in the -- I've played Peter some growling. But it was under the singing and then came up every now and then it's kind of -- way to be used to it and realize this kind of part of the music as well as lyrics. Davis these guys do really really well because the kind of hides it but also accentuated as well. And the guys really awesome voice never really really really great instrumental musicians in the band as -- again that's -- -- the scars to any. Toby LI VI SC JR IA assets are you spell it. That's August forget not the album is portal look I. Then die there are really really cool then they've only have this one out but it's really really worth the listing and if you like progressive metal with -- long songs. I don't know for me here on this last minute with lynch podcast I'll be back with you tomorrow of course at 330 for the podcast as well as at noon. Producing Danforth and dirt and -- have a great rest of your Tuesday. Everybody.

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