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Kurt Helin

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now. -- mortgage mobile hotline is -- you in a pro basketball talk -- We appreciate -- probably very very busy day for you win the bronze decision came out that he was opting out. Always you were first reaction. It just went yeah. -- -- Both expected and I don't. That you can ever be April true prepare to -- that so that everybody knew LeBron was going to. Opt out because they can't do anything -- -- they are dead and then they bring back big -- in England and they knew Pat Riley knew that this wasn't gonna work. But nobody's really prepare for just and once that door opens. It seems -- try to rushed -- and this is the and it can be like that looked -- the -- ya out a couple of years. Early a couple of players in the league you can instantly plugged and in virtually become a contender he has the best player on the planet -- since the war. Strictly with the best player in the final as -- Obama team. So you know people don't match and it more to score more -- and I expect and just beat the wild trade scenario. And not just it's great you're not just problem. You know fans on Twitter it's it's -- and our -- -- -- how I clear out cap space just in case. You know -- a lot of people were talking about 2015 with the guys that we're gonna be free agents next year now bigger class that is for a lot of teams. Has it -- that surprised you of all the madness that's come out this offseason with Kevin Love start to be in trade talks. Now you got Melo maybe Dallas Houston New York you know we know is LeBron ads and and it's only gonna heighten everything. How surprising guests are you that Tony fourteen seems like it might be way crazier than 2015. -- -- -- -- -- But a lot sang and surprised me a little bit just because I thought Minnesota was in -- fight harder I guess. Not the picture that ultimately you know. If it's essentially leaving you you've got to get something for him that that's certainly have to do by the draft contracts. More morsels like that we talked to or probably they're gonna sit this one out so it's something they really liked that set. You know it has been a little -- and I expect I really thought this was going to be game -- -- Carmelo show. And it could gaps in its he's in Mexico relishes being in New York I didn't really think she was going to be. Well I was shocked to see -- I didn't know that he would be if you would be willing to -- I -- on that money. It's the being commander in New York like having thirteen -- around you in the nation's biggest market armed nation is terrorist. You know people say that about Madison Square Garden but they're certainly -- came here it's a different energy -- It is a fantastic place if that's a hard thing to walk away from. You know even if you're going to another major market in the contender and so I was sure he was ready to do that and and honest. We're chatting with -- he when he is he causes of the blogger in chief he's -- -- -- pro basketball hockey is on Twitter at. Basketball talk current -- we had some news has blazer fans today as Mo Williams has opted out of his contract in you know that there is reports I've read that he's looking for -- three year deal not sure that's the best fit for Portland -- if -- -- yellow -- you look at the situation in the -- Is that an idea to bring him back at three years are there other options out there that you look at and say OK maybe we can go signing at a mid level exception that'll give you more production as you know coming out of that second unit. Can I can make it to an optional the last two years about. Yeah sure -- yeah I think has played a GM game like it. -- come otherwise I'm would you three years from Mo Williams are after the last season and after the injuries did everything he said the deal and I just. The president I don't look in words. Good last year your bench. Am was improved over the previous year which is an -- statement but it was a group I mean. I don't wanna knock wood he hit I don't know Tyco there I I think that there are some guys in the mid level. You -- you you know it OK Kyle Lowry you can. Built available as a free agent no backup point guard as a person got a pair who -- interest and -- more in apple and and so I think you can. I think you know I think it's one of the great things -- you know I don't -- him a little apparent Los Angeles -- -- -- clothes. Orchard and I think he's aggressive and generally you know pretty Smart about what did you -- and she can to seek aggressive all the time not try to make -- and I think that's a good side. Pretty human pro basketball talk Allen -- quick question for you in terms of what did blazers -- would be joking about it today about LeBron coming of Portland it's it's been a joke is. There are fans out there like as you said every single time he's so big time free agent comes up every team things they've got a chance in the fan's view. But in terms of the court that Portland has with little heard in Aldridge in the tomb. Do you ever see or I guess what would it -- to get a big time name to play along those guys. That's the challenge is really every night and I think. Aldridge is. On the problem being one kind of a 11 a guy got to have a little what will lurch right here to NC a lot of games to get somewhat like broad. Don't have a cap space on -- -- right -- gonna to move some nice to cable or treason. And I have to remove some. Relatively big pieces to get that cap space that just it would be difficult. Is you can't -- a sign and trade is if I'm Miami you know what I asked for like that people what do you guys that you're not gonna wanna get -- so. You know it I think it's a little different if you're a clippers you wanna do is -- trade and then they come and ask -- -- and you -- elect elect Chris Paul. What LeBron James and -- And worst we're still really right there in the west as we got some other pieces are not sure it works as well import -- it's that it. If I look at Walsh and at least sitting down and with the white border where she and canceling this out and try to figure out. Well I have you and and make some overtures -- Here's the other problem for the way I mean I think ultimately. That's the problem for Houston or Dallas or -- and the lakers or clippers frankly anybody -- want to get and that's not Miami or Chicago. It's much harder route is actually Kabul and it's a brutal conference. I'd like to take the path of least resistance I go to Chicago I'm really good. Plus and I'm like what passed in the conference finals. You know there's there's a lot of speculation right now I know it's really early to tell but you look at some of these teams. That have been rumored to go and make some of these moves Golden State potentially getting 1011 parent him up with stuff Currie. Cleveland if LeBron comes back and they can somehow swing Kevin Love Chicago with mellowed -- -- is a handful of teams right now. That if things can go their way they make big moves which team. Do you think in this is kind of I guess I guess from you based on all your sources and information you see right now which team stands to make the big used. Kind of splash this summer in terms of what you feel the free agents are gonna do. I think Chicago right now I don't pick -- goes where it could very you know I think. To trust rightly as as would I trust that Riley to recruit people would come play in Miami like -- you trust and Gilbert to build a team and -- or. Riley Miami probably gonna take at where we -- now. I I I don't think she leaves Miami I think Chicago is well placed because they are wall piece away. And they can make some moves to -- -- offer. Carmelo a a nice chunk of free agency that made their offer about and they gave it through and Taj Gibson which visited you know. It's quite likely -- -- that are Utah gets into a nice player so I -- I still think that that's the team what is it is it is -- it. Classic Derrick Rose as our health. That team instantly walks in and I think even perfectly built we're loved or Carmelo in this sense -- those guys. You got -- that defensive minded -- any center who can clean up the mass behind them. Because neither of those guys are really could potentially. You've got that Chicago what you start. You know what can handle the ball to center can't score -- got some shooters around the -- and there's a lot of things like Chicago -- -- -- just one more piece. Currently see -- little bit of a shake happened in this week's NBA draft for the -- and beating injury now we're not sure exactly how far he's gonna follow it sounds like it's between Wiggins and Parker to go number one overall. Who are you expecting to go number one overall in how far do you see and beads injury are pretty -- and following the first round because of that injury. Yet normally I try to make a really solid prediction here but Cleveland so -- -- teach about -- here. You know not. It's interesting and I -- and and and we were about the addition to integration in the are not to. Different things are coming -- -- -- -- different things are coming from different people are hearing that they want Jabari Parker returns. More NBA idiot is more -- BA right right now. Now he can come into effect and scorpion BA level yesterday at the Latin practically probably start the season. He can walking and and put up points and grab you recount he's he's obviously not good defensively it has a lot of work to do. But he can come and -- viewpoint and we went on this like I don't wanna be in the lottery commission we gotta get some guys can help us which is why technical content they may trade down is actually pretty ballot. -- need to keep. If you got the number one pick capped it a shot indictment potentially transcendent. And that is potentially and -- I'd love to part Parker. Enter weight attached freakish athletic ability really good skills -- more than that option is like between the coach really urged. He's not a big ego guy you can. He's a guy in which world well lately that case. I'm willing to -- -- on and it's just you know a wing who can act. And if you you know adding that without a shot and -- and that well already I just need that we gotten long term work. There's nothing that we've we've had some fun with this story being in the northwest and and semi close. But it'd be great for us is radio host but he -- the Sacramento Kings. And Doug McDermott is. Who is on the board. Do you hate Doug McDermott under do you aside and you know we're not getting -- -- into the white guy were passing on him. That would actually be pretty -- and actually I hear they're gonna move the -- again one -- -- in shopping. You art right now -- if you look at prickly they'd be in the top two or three teams to move their picks for sure that they chopped -- per -- But that would be an interest in that tournament. You've got Rudy -- -- -- -- and distract -- likely image and interest and that you stack. Marcus walking up the middle. I argue I guess it is now to our soul on the permanent and it's certainly a divided which candidate can translate question and and it's divided amongst doubts engines like there's people that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But everybody -- you know. There's questions about how far has -- transcript I'm kind of -- you are not sold camp -- -- an artist. I like it better and the -- trade rumor out there that they. It's they've actually talked to that torn about Josh that I want judgment in Rudy Gay on the same team and watched the rumblings. How do you feel about Justin Bieber. In general potter like this conversation I -- in the dark. I. Heard he when he is on Twitter he's a great. Follow up act basketball. Hockey is the head manna pro basketball -- on in DC sports does a great job follow him there probably NBA step as we head towards the draft and free agency great it's -- Appreciate you taking the time press here Borger will look for that follow back onto -- things -- -- well I'd -- -- it was great to -- phone interview I didn't you know if a particular person or -- to -- -- gigabyte chip yeah. Why -- -- in studio sometime I think you expect. That think your -- your --

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