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Jeff Goodman--ESPN

Jun 19, 2014|

Jeff joins Danforth, Dirt & Sprague to talk NBA Draft, Kevin Love, and Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff Goodman of ESPN joining us now to talk about the NBA draft in free agency. Yes we had pretty busy day freeze -- -- taken the time web Jeff. But -- knows what's the -- latest at the top of the draft with Joseph well imbued. Well he's got a stress fracture in his right slow it and now or would be concerned -- is back. There -- somewhat alleviated by his visit last week -- candidates go to Cleveland. They thought his back checked out pretty well our medical personnel. But now when you when you add that in there with this foot injury. I think it's going to be true Mark Kirk Cleveland. To roll that I -- Indy and new GM Dave recruitment terror. You know take a chance that analysts and he gets hurt. People up or integrity you why did you do this knowledge with -- history so I think he's in and out Cleveland's gonna end up playing it straight. And don't -- -- Parker Edgar Riggans. And really. Parker is -- guy who fits their needs the best anyway. They need -- shooter. They need four small forward any account I've basketball IQ. And a guy who stopped and Bart Parker ships although it was I don't know abruptly go at him. Because I -- not gonna try to figure it out. I've been told. They were leaning heavily since they won the lottery. Two taking MB but now again this changes everything and now the most interesting things going to be where does -- fault. Jeff all this news's kind of it's still kind of you know coming out it's still breaking -- getting information from a stress fractures thrown out there now but in terms of people you've talked to in nearly you know the early stages of this story. Do you feel people view him as. Every other senator that's coming in this draft herder banged up people take him and end up being bias or. Is there you know couple people out -- and economy -- view him as a -- Griffey comes and he's hurt sits out the hearing comes back in as the player but he expected. Well I think that's a big question you know it see it got its gonna live up the potential. And the skill that he you know he's a little different than a lot of the other seven orders and you hear the young team a lot on comparisons in the speaker's. He's extremely fluid. He's -- on both and GQ really stepped out and shoot the score in the paint. He's only been played for years -- real high character created great top. Not killer but it certainly often are. Struck -- had everything to all of war and now. Again the issue -- becomes whether. You know he's got a rebound for mutants they held the because if he gets one more injury. You know she just whether there's there's not a huge disparity. Between two Olympian and in Parker and look at -- all. The other kind of what they want you want cease and how would you wrote this simple equation. And yet that you got him relatively healthy -- are actually got hurt this senior white school missed most of your way to sort of injury. I -- a broken foot. So -- -- -- -- Football together in the stretch of people's minds and it makes anybody. On the second guess themselves and wonder whether it worked terrorist. -- -- -- Jeff Goodman ES PM diamond -- well indeed he had his foot injury come out today allowed people saying that it's potentially stress fracture and Jeff. It is there a big fall for him then if this comes out in and people are kind of weary about the back in the foot is their big fall for him in the first round. I don't think it's going to be huge ball you know like we sort carrots on alt a lot like him what he raised so the back injury eager to go. He's been LP. Last year or so. I think -- beat. Probably falls from where he went away at law and I bet he still goes between story and spot about I think Parker -- won two. -- some order to Cleveland Milwaukee. And I still think Philadelphia -- it it would take you know take be prepared a little bit PGA -- over trapped in -- well as a whole year. With a knee injury so keep it on GM air waves roll the dice. Taken another injured PPI. If not I think he ends up or or oil -- Jeff we've heard a lot of talk about his straps and -- feels like it's almost a storyline every single year but more so this year and any others that it's the more the deepest draft that we've seen since 2003. Anybody -- elicit a bunch of big names when you look at the players that are coming in this year's draft class. Is this the deepest class that we've seen in the last ten or so years. I'm not ready to say that I have executed draft but we overrated cabinet to the year myself included. You know based on our power. And now let's patient Andrew Williams didn't live up to the height I'm pleased prediction I could. -- -- Parker was very accurate but it is up and down he went through some upstate YouTube sat -- key -- -- lack of heat bench and you know -- and B chart now Jewish Randall. He's got out of authorities -- that NBA teams are a little bit concerned about down the road. So there's a lot of there's a lot of things going on right now. With this draft class that had taken a little bit lost her weight from it I still think it's going to be pretty strong. It's solid it does mean not -- star power that we ought. But you've covered all levels of basketball. What are your personal feelings on the rules as far as eligibility for the draft. And the one and done rule what are your personal feelings towards that. I mean I deal would be out but see him either -- high school respect for years. -- baseball it's not gonna happen and now we're talking about in Spain two years no matter what. You know I think -- disappointment BCA. For the fact -- cute the option to all I mean it's work it's pretty good fighters they've brought in drove period. In some other guys like cowards that -- well so. I think. What I would do is letting go high school horse for eight years in -- you'd go out of high school and don't drop it. You about the opportunity to go to college so it makes a mistake because maybe he doesn't -- people around him yet. -- to give him accurate information. Maybe even -- a second round. You allow them to go back -- go to college so it protects those types who keep it don't have the bodies of don't have -- college -- to random order of people telling them hope we you don't read all the Asian. To be able to make a mistake. And not have to live with the rest of their lot. Who's the most overrated player in this draft you Jeff. That would be debate. Jack Levine who can promote up in that mid first round ranged. Great great great Utley. Play he's -- about the bench averaged about not point to gain. He is a freak out. But I'm not sir about his feel for the game and -- an average shooter. Doesn't put on the -- out well and he's moving up right now. You don't to -- some people picking on the up and well. -- when you know one of the big story lines is that -- and other than LeBron James and in Carmelo Anthony in the big Miami situation it is Kevin Love he's a local products from Lake Oswego out here. You know we've heard Boston thrown in there we -- Denver thrown in there was some offers potentially Golden State now sounds like they're jump and in the mix. How do you see this -- a situation -- out. This is you got a capital pretty well. From around there are okay he's he's pretty bright Katie does not work the situation pretty -- Robert first -- I've met a was at AB CB champion epic 1415 year result. And not he locked away we got there about EM reporters. Any group armor and walking away problem and -- just fourteen of fourteen year old that. Chad's at the end of it nice to meet you just -- You can -- to regain it you're just blown away right -- like you got he got me forever. There are polite about out -- everything and that's out of work right now is not talk much he made pretty clear that you would like to -- or other situations. But he's not tip it's got to let it go because. Frankly doesn't know what the best options are going to be in terms of entry he wanted mr. -- Austin is that it becomes that worked -- spots and that sort. Well it appears to emerge straight on the table. He wants to keep -- -- -- which is why he's not likely but he's not ever Austin he took that trip to plot that. You know we're pretty cute but we restrain her as well rob Andrews from Rhode Island in the kind of spent the week bought into what -- a -- What we're -- about it is it's like -- I'm prompt options on bias. Input into that. Like you don't yet she even knows he knows Canada that it healed and he's in right now. I don't know if it slipped -- and at the end I don't know he gets them out. To deal. But I don't see Kevin Love coming east ICM going west to Goldman's 8208. Something like that. -- -- to trade you know it's -- comedy teams we read about Sacramento -- straight for Kevin Love anyway. Even if he doesn't -- -- what are stupid news. It's a bit dull. That's cumulative -- a year or so most people that haven't a clue here are not to retreat for him. Without having a pretty good knowledge that he's gonna steady long term and I cannot think for him I'm not sure he stays long term with Jimmy -- and East Coast. Unless -- Packers and so maybe you know abroad. If they could find a way to get in Italy where it -- very -- -- -- -- -- -- like Miami but. I think otherwise he has the you know at LA gold states like bat. If they can put together the right package. -- -- -- I guess he's an ESPN basketball and Saturn -- local and state and local the blazers little Hampshire on the you know no draft picks this year and not a whole lot of -- based on a whole lot of roster -- available. But there's been a lot of conversation about that kind of wanting to get into the draft Paul Allen -- -- they're always very aggressive. Do you see that make it played it should trying to into the first round next week. Well I think it just depends you know -- -- And week out and seek out a -- they're at that time. I'm not gonna cheaper for. A late first round pick. Not knowing who's going to be their rights and fight top guys if he's slipping to really like killed. Did you see what you got to -- -- whether it's a future first rounder -- up like that. Just Portland should be pretty cute here in the future so I think you beat Detroit due to first rounder to improve your team out when you know you get a a window I mean you got a pretty good when you get some good young players and they keep him called again to get better dust. -- -- remote and tremendous. Nobody saw this -- anybody can tell you they did. But nobody saw this comment and LaMarcus Aldridge just turn into a full fledged argument to. Well Marcus Aldridge who commit to chase that you deserve to be in the first team all NBA you got -- about it yeah well that's up to the thirteenth. And I said there's not much disparity. Between a first team got a LaMarcus Aldridge and sees India. Agreed. We with Heath it's funny we played -- Kevin Love and high school. Our strategy was don't keep away it was basically keep -- all the all whoever shot clock and art and it does pull -- the ball as long as we can't don't let it -- a couple good questions. That's Boston movie. Movie about last. You what's the one you know I like the one with -- that's -- he's what's the name -- the one recently were the fighter we've. Well and that's longer than it is called right and -- it. Fire is suited to note all yeah. Yeah yeah like. -- the same target you know top. Are obvious like top you know he would split about the attitude or city or. The year mob movies and. We text messages you get today. In the middle like. Yet at worst -- permeated IKEA mark people mandate thousands top 101000. I can get cute brief 400 some. Some little -- we got an unlimited plan. Fifth Jeff did and as our guest is on Twitter at good -- ESPN joining us here he is he radio in Portland -- we appreciate time great stuff. And all potential -- on the road into the conversation. Gotta take -- me doubt appreciate.

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