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Rex Hoggard -- Golf Channel

Jun 11, 2014|

Rex joins Taylor, Brandon, and Andy to talk US Open.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And joining us now on the -- mortgage mobile hotline is Rex Hoggard. Of the golf -- is the senior writer for the and he is on Twitter at Rex Hoggard GC Rex thanks for the time. You wrote about some of the changes taking place at Pinehurst number two you. US open obviously their last time in 05. What are some of the differences in the course this year. While I mean night and it looked back last I checked -- you have like your back out but again I'm not. It is completely different golf course and I heard -- -- this morning on the morning rob Stewart air under it said. At what they played the last he lets open not a ball -- colts but look they'll play this week really -- and what they'll Corbett. Ben Crenshaw did when they were sort of given the chance resigning with back toward Donald Ross intended -- -- -- top court could. It what it ended up with it ever liked fairway by comparison normally your -- to. There -- really they laughed at it solar companies like semi APEC. Happy that's where. That are dotted with a lot graphic kind of a copy count perhaps but it's going to be etched in the count -- tactic stopped them -- still talk about. Playing it very America. In trying to -- out -- -- and it. Whereas a lot David upon Marty I'm not signing tackle at cherry point from the fairway -- It's like Arctic making it approached it. When you talk about guys taking a different approach to discourse in it really has been fascinating to kind of follow along with a lot of the different changes in your piece was great you are there any golfers you mentioned -- He mentioned Bob are there any golfers to come to mind for you when you look at it and say okay this course should fit their game perfectly and give them of the chance to win. Well I -- out -- chemical. I think it's you keep deployment concourse while you have to belong not to keep -- being accurate in new Egypt that Packard and eventually it. In a club and a -- Gretzky may not get out and actually keep your premise that played yourself. I think those few things factoring it in her -- and acquire a lot they'll accomplish its drive eco like he chatted about all he has been. In years that you know it's not maybe all the way back -- due out by itself. I think it's a very very good indication the other captives -- a lot of imagination around the green -- -- the change. That they made around you know -- green. The one thing he didn't change in the armed. Bombs and -- they have around -- the net Egypt and create a lot of them are you going to need a lot of imagination you know. The score here. Rex is is another major without Tiger Woods and kind of being around the golf community being his entrance and as you are. Is that kind of get tiring hearing more and more about all of tiger's not playing I'm not interested on tiger's not in contention -- stop watching does that start to bother you -- Wear on some of the other golfers. I'd probably a little bit and but -- -- it came to look at her and stand I mean you're talking about a guy. Tricked into the sport having any contact not meant that he normally like he's going to bring people. Don't like opt in Toledo locked up but the point evident is intervening tigers start. You got appreciation but what he's been able to -- It didn't do it you know on -- mean. It is a lot that's what tiger tiger has done a year like fourteen major championships beat -- -- he had been that partly understandable. And right now I would take office probably in that transition period where you -- tiger probably. -- a couple more figures and number you're gonna have to start looking for that next car. Rex Hoggard is our guest he's on Twitter at Rex Hoggard GC you mention it. About the women's US open being there are kind of following to -- -- he backing gained some steam off a bit. You'll like what the US GA has done with that and just in general the way that you think they've set up the course this week. I do like the idea and the concept of -- is that it became more interest to the women opened Abbott. That's an iconic late but we get then let there -- a lot of don't eat I mean there are a lot of concerns sickly among women playing next week. I'm happier in adopt -- Monday at the US so -- there but it's pretty beat up. Indicated pretty much take it out in the golf courses next to debt by the time the associated tablet itself. They're going to have to be very very careful that's -- -- -- and -- -- we don't get much rain I'll have to keep a lot of water on it -- -- -- make sure that. It would be ready to go next week for the women out. That's one part of it had a part admitted it. Something you just can't -- going to hear it regardless of what he -- but the women from the men are gonna beat it. In an elderly next week someone indicate it would give it a political debate a week or where it's been a lot of time talking about. -- when you talk about this tournament being at Pinehurst obviously one of the biggest story lines this entire week has been Payne Stewart were were fifteen years removed from him winning the US open air in the tragically dying. Soon after that there's been a lot of great pieces a lot of reminiscing this week are they didn't do anything to the course to honor him or anything during the broadcast -- we honor his memory to this weekend. Well week in your pocket. It should be and -- -- and Richard BBC sports corn pictured admit they are acts in Ramallah now it's -- their rhetoric is very different. We're kind of watching them all but yesterday was really special moment as they just about getting toward the tactic -- -- -- that annually it. At negated it -- -- yes indeed daughter Chelsea except the war on it was a very special -- -- -- -- -- -- between her dad. And Bobby Jones. An eight point that she pointed out that looked at both -- little upfront editor under current account and had grown people that it will hurt. The saddest part the having lots and -- -- open in 99 we're tracking all the -- and I'd like -- that. Paint -- Iraq that I want them in their -- that would like O'Donnell the opt for that. Our integrated strategy at all. The way the course is set up in Vegas is released their -- they like roar read. Adam -- Hendrick stands in is there a name that you've heard or seen that with this course set -- you you don't quite understand the fascination with them being a potential winner at this scene and in terms of Vegas -- -- It Beckett got a pretty Smart -- -- That yeah. Well I talk about a lot in it and I would not -- Among my favorite and it is the most slap on about but it's simply not -- about what -- -- in a whole lot of trot. In that if you look at it got -- where he clearly -- -- gain an advantage in the corner lot that cop court date eighth fairway. There's room under cover what you missed those fairly light -- uncharted life. We treat -- on foreign numerous occasions. He you don't have that -- these targets and fairly accuracy in early -- an in depth but rat out our our. But it put yourself in the position that -- simply can't recover on the but he taken any big numbers that you're you're not aggregate it yeah. -- is our guest of the Golf Channel about Bubba Watson is he seems to be kind of not hate this week a lot of people are talking about you referenced him playing it when he grew up. I do that I've watched a ton of golf and for whatever -- I just don't like bubble that much I don't like his antics. Necessarily. Covering the sport. Do you what do you see what is your personal opinion of Bubba Watson. I I think Butler well I that we had -- -- elected and in but you can sort of -- -- themselves. I don't think bank on having a speaker in his earners heard that your. He can't you can't you come about -- probably did -- lot of people the wrong way I think it's candy it's gotten its arms to get some sort of battle. -- percent died in that it -- cute but at same token you don't -- it 11 I'll return units that nightclub per night three out. I don't think that that's not our air about a lot of times but he's really change and the CNET that he won the masters in -- I had been where you -- more comfortable with it why you know -- not in the pocket and out. He's not winning it urged major so the first time and you're seeing any you know at CNET about it adapt eventually ending -- -- -- other big -- -- Are on -- -- -- kick it back after the first matches -- -- that we're looking at your Twitter account right now and I -- -- -- a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fans I got to ask you did you leave the may be unattainable task of his or anywhere he can defend your blaming the child after his antics last weekend. All of that the -- yet that it is great job that you look at -- -- we -- I wouldn't that would -- out of Portland Monday night out at a bar watching hockey gated community. It -- -- in -- to attack it or they're just hammering man and I thought well I thought any it'll pretty well where he should've done it. -- that -- to prod the neighbor Iran celebrated that the that we situation that wasn't a good place to -- what can we want a. Diego Rex you're your golf expert and we just went out we played around of eighteen and there was this hole and other women Steve was about since I think about 41988. The men's team was about four. Or he's out tried a 503. And the men's was a par four in the women's it was a par fight and I get robbed on that should -- -- solution that have been actually been a par five for me. The other that's circuit job. Yeah our our democratic job security on -- would he. Think yeah the red state looks like the -- puts unity Cambrex it. All of a fifteen going on doctor -- and down ticket back top like it a lot of quite. That's a look I get a accused the -- -- and got. -- -- -- -- Rex -- is our guest he's a senior writer for Golf Channel you seem a lot on the Golf Channel morning drive as well -- Rex Hoggard HO GG AE RD. GC that is Rex Hoggard GC on Twitter related piece today about just the kind of the general set up. Of Pinehurst for the US open -- we appreciate -- time and go to get to the -- and. Urgent and you got to negotiate on bursting into game. I don't do it we'll play we'll play to attend it. -- -- -- -- --

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