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Steve DiMeglio -- USA Today

Jun 10, 2014|

Steve joins Taylor, Andy, and Brandon to talk Payne Stewart and US Open.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a backseat to enforce dirt and sprayed our next guest is Steve the Magglio USA today sports he covers golf for them you already really really good piece on Payne Stewart. The US open of course returning to Pinehurst. Fifteen years after his unlikely US open victory eroding great article in which he talked to people close. To Payne Stewart's life. What what kind of prompted this whole article Stephen and how do you go about putting it together. Well it is you going you rely on revenues that are out there are sore lower back over to order. Or fiscal rule officials. We do we're going to be a big story it is here anniversary. And of it untimely death which it or -- factory want. The US open and we get it. Apple regenerate in the past and that people would like to read about who truly what fate similar. And what gathered was you know it was. Up perfectly imperfect man. Mediocre Camelot. In light included thought personality. But the change there at the end of it is stated there is a great reward. On the PGA tour and -- -- -- amber foundation over their car world. And especially in the country that. It was an inside look on a pertinent that the world. The and you really generally never get. The court what people we talked to open about it and there are critical Spain and they were it freight train. And -- definitely it -- so. I'm glad people are getting on out of that about pretty good read and larger jet while other you -- L. This is going to be really good their tab will be brighter. Here's something you usually go that could recruit somebody got a lot of read that. And integrated with about a 152. -- over -- -- and about. Are open and the law. You spoke with his wife his daughter and his son and when you sit down and you have it's you know you kind of some flashback memory conversations in taco bell Canada. -- a man he was is that hearted all from your perspective in and listening in because I'm sure they had moments were. In the they really wanted to get that story out and sit down with you just give you as much as possible. What bit bigger and networking got the band are not always figure what is that earned the act and and so look what always -- that's right light and it was that it would hurt all I thought about it. I hurt it hurt mark -- -- up about it. And I'm Brandel certainly it -- him get a lot of old friend. As their -- as well thank god and I had you know my background. You know one of -- some of -- -- -- that I ever done that -- -- cover a dual credit eighty. You can Google product is spent remember to outlaw spam remembered it that way. And you get through experience. And through common sense you walk the walk a fine line and you make sure you don't go. And the whole Stewart family -- They'd do coming you know we were guilty on that start to them they -- are -- look -- And they -- could very well and it faced that -- They put your adrenaline. It albeit brand. And -- and you know early on right away but we know love it what you're going to be ecstatic he feared it might be it hit every technical. We're dynasty to -- of the USA today wrote a great piece on Payne Stewart who tragically passed away following winning the 99. US open -- Steve you know were all kind of covering how much was actually in this storied it was a fantastic reading you covered everything from his personal life. To a Stanley to his religion you know his religious -- softened the course. Was there any thing you know -- anybody see covered the PGA of prolonged time when you see you've been around -- a long time was or anything that you found out while writing this story that really stood out to about Payne Stewart. Well I think part I didn't know him earlier on the only time I ever covered him. What is basically in the U late eighties in the early nineties pop all Arctic Arctic where was my first job -- the alternate that I'm. And I never we talked to a bomb. And so I didn't know. That he had gotten -- time you got to Baker's own britches and that as well as Brent said investor. Yet I'm not a guy wanted to be Iran record Kurt put that evil -- you and at times you look at the wrong kind and he finally realize and at the story goes it was. They saw him his daughter's son. That really helped them turn around and always your staff. I mean not always figured. Battle with cancer is successful battle with cancer by the -- he's still alive and -- -- ninety you know in the nineties. It really that that that Tom -- Because he saw -- young and how great pain. All it you're what outside he had about life. And -- you know record -- And he changed. You are going. Making it buried or murdered and -- It was actually on the effect of school he was when he unfortunately guys on me as some of -- I'm -- -- -- best. Ain't Stewart has ever been in his life. On that final day of his life and I didn't know he would change. You know it took a lot of -- could change that much. Well that's that that won't figure it out and make. You know a lot of people right these these kind of pieces and you know they wanna -- about the negatives 'cause you're you're reflecting on someone's life. You included some of the negative parts the aspects where he had a drinking problem and people talking about how he was kind of a jerk at one point. Was that summing that was important EU -- that is kinda. Come organically talking -- to his friends and his family members. I thought I thought it came organically and if that was the only thing like that then we wouldn't have a story. Armed but we wanted to get the truth will take on it and I think as one of the guys that I've put in would want to. Pain already given oral history of who aren't so lucky certainly would have talked. About one Hewitt jerk on him when he director markets are good ones he went over the top too many times and independent victory. And it's unbelievable at the end of his career he was the most gracious in defeat at the weekend in part about Bernanke's. 9998. US open. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The 1999. As -- caddie Mike except that showed me that it come along way because you'll and so what -- cared about it. -- -- record in the Ryder Cup. Before he cared about you know what you want out need to hear about the -- morning com. And I had thought the show the growth but the man you and show what he was out and they. Almost -- all The -- personally Cutler. You know all part of the asphalt. You look -- perfect. But your -- call -- over in those and he became a much better and because what you can't. -- Magglio joining us here DN port there and spray on ESPN's Sports Radio retain eighty to CNN a visa USA today's sports. -- a tremendous article on Payne Stewart we will tweet that out. You can also follow him on Twitter at Steve underscore. The -- Leo he also wrote about the changes coming to Pinehurst then number two this coming up for this coming up week for the US open. How do you anticipate it being different than 992005. Oh it's it's it's completely different and it's since the great to a very know well and players are rated bank. With a rock come back or they're not gonna get it ever again. It would into it and you're gonna see what the future call that's going to be. Because they eliminated -- collapse of -- And replaced it with structural. Andy. Wire grass areas with a lot of reputation natural vegetation -- -- And that alone -- it golf course forty million gallons of water year. And so. With water being a critical going to be in the future golf course he's -- -- all the way. So when you turn on your -- accuracy and what economic sectors throughout. But it might be checking out of a -- wider perhaps. Natural vegetation. Amal a lot to the airport. But they also can get off the fairway and then have a critics are awful hard -- going to be hard pan which -- you guys is almost as. -- is sitting up perfectly manicured fairway. And so about a -- As well. Even other were there in 1992005. The turtle back greens are still going to be profit earned a record believe what these greens are -- at -- Terrific upside down old. Back with the greens are innately felt bad shot and they send them down slope and all of a sudden you're facing. Either other chip from twenty feet below the parties -- it. And Erica White it's just it's it's going to be it's going to be a US open -- never to -- or nobody has ever be a US open about it Iraq. And yet if there are going to be very very. Steve via talking about the changes to this course and it sounds like it's not gonna be easy for anybody out there but when you do talk about these changes and in kind of the way the course is gonna play this weekend. Are there any golfers they come to mind that you think -- say OK they might be able to thrive in conditions like this. -- immediately pick of whoever the press shippers and Carter's law. All of immediately come upon what you gonna have to shift your ball in you have to be able to put the ball to -- up between Europe from law degree. -- so whoever's playing well. At you know at -- group alchemy. I select the ball striker Adam -- Sergio Garcia. And out so right. I was player in the game right now with Bubba Watson. Bobby you're gonna see if you are not defeat were very it would not be so gonna have a much shorter iron going into the grain. And that means you can control your ball a lot. Easier. It will no longer green and -- -- great imagination around the green so. I you know I like Bubba elect Luke Donald art and and are not going not problem with those aspects that -- older guys that stand out. How is golf -- Steve without having a Tiger Woods this year it's kind of feels like you need somebody like a Bubba Watson to maybe win two major change -- somebody to stand out. Amongst golf what tiger is -- do you feel that way -- golf done okay without him. Well I was done. When -- a bubble watch and -- be. In the final group for the masters. And here -- still at 30% lower QB rating the year before. If you curator players championship tiger won last year targeted -- it this year there were down at the our ticket sales. Are now on this bill -- available here and on topic and -- our people and Erica Allard. Peace all right ever seen on -- quotes. By. There's some tickets available in the united -- circuit there are people right now the 200. Painting that was the same thing at a -- Where ticket normally would copy 2000. Well we don't 200 mistook an Al. Armed. Tiger in different basic and -- on how people say well on the your quick technical of the report are up almost on the replaced. And Hogan somebody replaced. -- terrorism phenomenon. Well. I'm not sure you can replace tiger I really don't because. He brought in the greens you bring in the spring. Sports fan you bring in the friends you sports fan. And it by the -- you're increasing. The anecdotal evidence the tickets are being sold ticket prices is being drastically last. It's so it talks to -- gave tiger would it. And -- all the present value. Every turn in their thirties and it's much better because -- -- Aren't they wanna beat the fact. Armed babe what they feel bad -- And it's it's lacking without tiger and so on I hope. As a golfer. Or you know. I hope -- come back -- must. And let them later. Steve did Magglio with greats. In sight for as you can follow him on Twitter at Steve underscored the Magglio DI in. EG LIE oh he's a great follow for all US open in golf. Information will tweet up that article that you wrote on Payne Stewart this week Steve we appreciate your time and great stuff. Thank you very much felt though the times.

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