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Jason Beem -- Track Announcer at Portland Meadows

Jun 6, 2014|

Jason joins Travis to talk the Triple Crown in horse racing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Davis is similar in California April has shot triple -- opinion seeing Dave Barry. Joining us now from Portland meadows track announcer Jason being Jason NATO and they've done. I don't. It is great to talk to you sir and what better time to talk horse racing and the Triple Crown actually happening tomorrow. Just explain what this means for horse racing and why this is such a big deal. First broke -- -- a rare deal and it looks. Just the -- or so and about 440 years to. All Triple Crown and it's truly demanding early or. About -- -- -- tree and all you all are being asked it'll be critical time that the course a quiet week. And the last race the Belmont Stakes at the shortlist are. Our -- and -- -- the track opposition or should I try so. Heavier deeper so I mean you know at all spoke -- architectural. -- now that is what it's you know Malaysia out and -- -- -- and the dual hot start to get pretty good horse but he's certainly got a big check that not a beer party. You mentioned the mile and a half track analyses the longest one but how much of the fact that it is so much longer in horses run differently on different surfaces in. I -- different distances. Then the then -- other horses so it's really difficult to get one horse that can do everything. How much of pity is that how much of it is the field what are those other factors that go into. Well California -- -- you know you're derby when this first -- at Churchill the company shall there. You Grand -- -- his first are running electronics -- area and you know -- teleport which almost urged to start -- You been trading Antarctica Belmont that's the only. It sure -- -- like -- not. Well steeper and it didn't work out on eight. But he's actually quite a little bit and they should really could have been stripped out any edicts. Were all. More mature than even just four weeks ago in the -- so. -- can't audit report -- Oprah national coach just. You know now he's got to do it again and appreciate it all right during the best the course of trying to get to orbit via a little bit and the current derby. I watched quietly had a late that Iran Contra -- -- there's much to do it right at him by. It might change is because so much harder to -- you might -- everybody chat about ghost -- -- And I eventually even out yet okay. Can you are shown more heart grow up there's a picture. Jason beam is our guest he is the track announcer at Portland meadows. He's got the number two position tomorrow -- -- the number three I believes at the derby and number five at the I had -- users that backwards. Or. So with him running the number two position how does that affect him racing tomorrow. He adapted that -- attitude if you watched the preakness and the Belmont earlier in the -- -- pretty early street or panicking really well. Should he can. -- -- -- -- I'm actually intercourse -- Just watched it. And do whatever -- -- discriminatory to be trying to almost derailed because it's all around the first turn. And you know obviously the further out you -- -- -- -- you know you heard about it. -- yeah well. You don't have. There's artistry and I would eat all they they -- -- -- Shaq ever early should be -- the -- Urquhart. Does he have the gas in the tank to be able to finish that mile and a half Melanie we catch him. That's the big question. That you know that put the pattern straight back themselves. I mean use. I got everything right so art it's just it's such a demanding hey and you know he gets a lot of course and who. Wherever the derby you know -- it. But now try to predict the top of their low pressure -- -- you know people think -- been a bench why is that he's just too. Flat out faster and worked -- had -- an artist petition at every -- this year. And I could be a matter a much better about it if that changed until they -- So this question just came in on our text machine over here obviously we know the back story him in and how he was you know. You still there Jason. We lose you lose Jason. The penalty if we can get him back but did did the put a lot of what he's saying is that it's so difficult for. Triple Crown winner because you have so many different horses that run at different speeds and being able to do that you have to have a lot of things being opportunistic being one of them and a lot of times you just if you get a feel that's weak sometimes you might have this opportunity. Jason gets back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I've got this question of the text machine so if he does win the Triple Crown how much is that it raises Studds. India Independence -- I heard the numbers are a lot of people seem to think he'll get his. Is 30000 dollar per reading and so you know can -- -- -- Eight here under -- you know that three million a year. I generally that forecasted by a few years I've heard is he's probably worth about ten to twelve million dollars right now. You don't owners originally it you know they've they've been stretched just cool people and you know their first time owners and had they not spent a lot of money -- There is that it is bad -- -- -- you Brad. Is less than what a lot of horse to Portland meadows are -- -- insult. It's it's pretty staggering that it hadn't come to accept but instead agreed not to Vietnamese you know later that right now I've heard it. You know pretty well whatever somebody great form but the number -- drug arrest at twelve million dollars. And you know I mean it's for his owners they keep saying they're lucky -- that could easily transported to America or that's you know so we protect -- money and Freddie and they're not. Well see people are saying -- pretty hard to turn down. So it's sort of Portland meadows tomorrow I know obviously every racetrack in the country's gonna have some type of viewing party what are you guys doing up there. -- -- qualities -- where we're California -- merchandise Belmont merchandise for sale that looks good food drinks about special -- bottom. Basically we're there where the one place -- talented and RO TB -- Rialto where each and that's watch and wager on the race absolutely a lot of -- -- early in any such. -- it L article about three feet deep to promote stage yeah. Well Jason always appreciate the time and -- your book out southbound and -- -- -- kimonos next week get a little bit about that book and I haven't ready yet deserve a copy but he's very intrigued until about for a year. I gotta read this book so I got to get a job. -- that's what you want to recover in the studio real reason to go hang out with you. This should -- -- can let our area no problem looks forward to enjoy the raised more out but -- Portland that we'll talk cement. Extra --