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Derek Anderson -- Panthers QB

Jun 5, 2014|

Derek joins Travis to talk QB's and his football camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest was a pro bowler for the Cleveland Browns in 2007 he's now the Carolina Panthers of course former staff whose high end. Organ state beaver Derek Anderson returns store showed -- afternoon radio and we're doing very well today so. Tell us a little bit about what you've been up to lately you know ETA's this past a week for a lot of teens vote for you what's this offseason -- like. It's been a little more accurate legal barrier it's out there that are considered a cool moment or sort of Jim. A lot of -- and so are student in each -- in China to better every day and that probably 1012 blocks. Other roles played a little golf whether specially appears been awesome lately sold for Ewing in your situation Carolina you were starting quarterback you went to the Pro Bowl. Now you're a situation where there's a guy who was number one overall pick they got paid a lot of money yet that's playing in front of you. How does that situation for you like how was -- deal with that on a daily basis knowing that you're not going to be to guide their but maybe there's a chance somewhere else maybe not. Paula -- sport as electric monitoring well distraught Putin's supporters are cared for him. You know copilot there we're just a question National Research or able. Spirit forever nutrient that is until Arafat would -- Already brokers and -- When you when you get to those situations how difficult is -- is we -- you know whether it's telling Clemens we saw with him last year guy like yourself when you are thrust into those situations. How do you keep yourself ready when those situations do come up. All I'm trying to do so -- -- there's a group. Tired -- that you are there some sort of about work better. Don't actually mean -- directors. You know I didn't know it is trying to go work and you're trying to you know I mean -- -- and simulate game -- just running routes -- mayor -- You know mentally you know in the game plan in their original outlook for orders. Two. Derek Anderson is our guest former Oregon State beaver of course -- -- high school graduate will talked to him about his camp you're just couple minutes. -- Derek for you being in the NFL as long as you have you mentioned is your tenth season you've been with a couple of teams have been a lot of different situations. It's easy to kind of forget where you -- in the moment and app. After the fact look back data but have have you had the opportunity to really do that whether it's the offseason reverend just say -- an NFL quarterback is what I always dreamed of. Korean tremendous youth sports and you're not in -- original law and order voters organized -- portrait of your nerves during. The last hundred meters. During the reset all the -- torturing and start from the bottom. It'll really help you bought an original work much excluded autocrat iTunes comes through routes. So -- -- -- to do so but your record look -- you know morality you're trying to extend markers much lieutenant. So for you you know the situation you're in Marion you have young players come up in in in of that kind of be in the -- troll your because she kept this weekend. Have you thought about that it always gonna do after football whether that's two years now or ten years from now is coaching an option the thought about. All right galleries. -- through. I do you know I try to -- the point where you've done. I'm proud of the motor -- quote a high schoolers or whatever. Breached. Well -- tumbled a lot of -- cute kids -- regrets the comment in order to know all focused on masking. Got to get a word I don't know maybe they -- -- spiritual law might decide that I. -- and wanna be around children's producers and grinding and that's -- -- -- where Israel. When you look at the money talent -- it got yesterday and in cam -- gonna be in that conversation your really soon and a lot of guys who who haven't done a whole lot as far as championships are concerned are gonna get paid here. -- what are your thoughts on that the way that things are going with the salary cap with some of these guys making so much money and what it means for the team's whole. -- -- -- It looks our governor commander mullah -- -- reserved -- well. You know experimenters and Russell sooners similar are collectors are -- There's really just abroad to -- what you're supposed to -- -- -- -- billion dollar business. -- arc of oil producing meters and we're told some -- gonna do. So ridiculous -- earned. Some -- that are I don't know anything original all the money. Sugar out whether or not you know there were ordered to what are you artwork. Now whether there were there worth it or not they're gonna get it so we'll find out eventually. So wait when you think about -- about those situations for the for the NFL we see more quarterbacks like Colin -- -- right like west Russell Wilson we're gonna be those. Options zone read type quarterbacks. Do you think that's something that's kind of -- passing trend or is that so they can stick in the NFL with offenses today. I think Hillary does -- the actual users more recruit. He's into what dark or at all as -- chart the spectacle -- between our Barbara and really it's not an option. So -- told their. Produced not our socialist luster over to necessarily your only option all the time load whose -- an -- time. You know there's a place where -- You know a -- to Portland Beaverton Middle East got so last week's. Look at -- social -- arsenal or -- dark -- -- Legitimate and it is running into each other doing all crowd going to -- You know -- art institute -- political. When you look at a guy like Cam Newton who is who can't be one of those types of quarterbacks how difficult is it too. He'll help them learn how to be a pocket passer how to read defense how to read coverages and can it change what he did in college to get that next level be got a lead type a quarterback. Cameron bring it up or golden ball extremely low or stronger or Bernard or student. -- It is not rely on it or not legal guys -- you know the ball and let -- -- -- The union and there's a time Hitler's. It'll become Daughtry material or run -- report sports where. Thought the last job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you sort of break up a little bit of one make sure we get this in before you go so -- later camp this weekend Indians FB dot com is how listeners can get more information on that but this Saturday's step whose high school from ten to three. -- little bit about what does the campers are gonna get this weekend. -- used to -- To her -- switched gears are. You know commuted there's lower courts that are -- announced on Twitter. I'm in order to better promote charitable groups. You know it is a lot to a -- -- kindergartners and doing -- Burgos. Development -- similar to. Enjoy and you'll see an old French -- -- home drunk from all the players all when you watched -- went to Walt and he. Don't post -- to see you guys -- a -- all. How important thing camps like this are for the kids and they they see no big Derek Anderson coming in from the Carolina Panthers for Morgan State court -- your hero to some of these kids. How important you think this is for -- other development their interest in football. I mean I've gotten around to that would suit or spit out okay. Which would blizzard kept to wall pictures are here. Not so -- forgiveness. To tiger. It's really it's more about this and make it into little little guys. -- computer and not necessarily always about all the you know kind of ball lifetime. Partners. Correlate directly. While Derek Derek stone cut out their little bits organ Lendale wanted to make sure I got that I information there about his camp this week you know thanks to Derek Anderson. Former NFL quarterback or skirted the accord -- for Morgan State beaver hopefully we can get him back on soon. And thanks to Josh for health and note that interview up today's well -- and Indians FDA dot com. Is where you can find information about the camp it's forty dollars includes -- capture football photo with Derek. Barbecue luncheon more 930 Saturday at step whose high school another camp runs from ten to three.