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May 30, 2014|

JT joins Travis and Josh to talk the NCAA Tournament in baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox -- the ducks and beavers in action today in College Baseball and joining us now. Former major leaguer now with the pac twelve networks JT snow JT carried on today. -- Really appreciate the time so it's our Dorgan state the number one seed in the country. Can you really get a feel for how good this team is compared to everybody else considering the pact will really just doesn't play other conferences in nonconference play. Well I think they're really good number one because I covered him cute I'm this year that I really think they're out that chance. All -- when at all because of the cookie music. Got irritated. That's great hitters. Could afford though don't they addressed. They've got great pitching -- what Larry and Jay -- more and more. They played great -- -- -- -- Iran debate and everything package to brake coach and I was very impressed -- this year. You don't the last few actual cap in the company -- -- Arizona and you got well why are my alma mater and -- ULA -- so I don't think that act all cute but not credit. And yet he's he would on the other schools. Lot of credit I'm very I'm very quiet electric guy and I think -- we don't get the credit because we're playing game. People back Easter are sleep better and not to panic and and so I think Morgan State have a great chance. Two win it all about that great they couldn't get their act -- or the row. You know I'm always interested in northwest guy myself always interested on the outside perspective of someone from maybe Southern California the rest of perspective on just. What pat Casey does to make him so good in the program that he's put together organ state. It just trying to get them to go -- wired very solid they know what to expect them he's buried up on army runs a tight ship and all the coaches are. Over great George orbit. I ordered it dot it and you may watch an -- he's got a lot popular. Their players are all her spot voters are going great programs. And now I just think in pocket and -- that wasn't. Really went out -- all the expanded and then ignored by the start school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Org and they're gonna be got -- that you played errors on there's a patent -- At the other -- and it that I noted last year rosters nor are all the kids from. Washing and Washington State got a -- it up there -- as. They're get. Play year round out to -- that you'll juror that button and all of the north -- so. You can go out and -- ball and maybe it's watching all the coaches that -- app that sport terror. And really help your biggest all up in North -- and it's surprise me at that -- great game it would sort out a spot on its schools thought I mean now lot. There's a lot of charities such great great player topic operated -- -- For a big leaguer JT snow is our guest now -- pac twelve networks and you know JT and this question might not be really easy to answer but you look a little Oregon State did. And has done under pat Casey how sustainable do you think that is for this program once pat Casey decides to hang it up. That to your question I think. I don't know what was that -- will be but I think. I think program get a history and yet the momentum. I know it happened at Arizona after church in the -- and and oh yeah I'm sure they'll find somebody. That's worthwhile at the same beliefs and ideas that pat edit. I don't know Pete credit and deputy on him and like he's got a lot and her duty and it Motley so I don't lock -- I think Cochran is just gonna get stronger and stronger. He thought that the television. The television right but he he's cute doll and and we -- we gave back. Got TV to match my game. Aaron all the they're eight and game. The get go back watches golf on beauty about it at great tool. Coaches don't think it's out now record. You were talking about you know Morgan State being one of the teams that are favored to win this whole thing I look at Oregon is down the road trying to put their baseball tradition back on the map. Going to Nashville in Vanderbilt they're not an easy -- pull for organ to go back to national and come out that's. Regional ahead. Yet got a long way to go and I don't Eric pointed out. There aren't you -- you didn't get a couple more host sites that. George or operated like I ignore it and it covered dirt and you're gonna go art or apple baker I think they're pitching you're eager to play great defense. They're -- MB ER old little bit armed struggle aren't that app that I'm great so. I think if they hit it. And they'll be all right don't kindergartners or -- they would go -- They go to -- to play you know jump on a plane and I are apt you know we used to I'm changing. They're young and they're excited and hopefully -- -- in that region and you happen. You know they got swept denial late April -- Oregon State be dropped out of the top 25 and never really went back there but since then they were. 115 the rest of the season new -- they played pretty good baseball why is it that. Or getting new hats and struggles there towards the end of the season we did see some struggle with the back. There were down about 56 runs a game they did at that once -- specific we would expect -- what are the struggles of organ had. In the last month or so of the season that they didn't have early on. Our package enacted into that to -- or wanna get their daughter and -- wanna get out. They're going to Holler at the -- are welcome. They both played Oregon tough an undercurrent here there were -- or Arizona and -- lot. -- came amid tight and that you want to creep back. Outed it to articulate the and I think the Gator chop ago. Deep in the game started it can turn over the temple -- and it it got it yet. It's not just hitting it here I don't -- partners or tradition and our challenge -- -- -- got a great Europe Latvia power and yet the big. You run home run a -- Ronald I'm. You know bases loaded two out double up my doubt that. Is part of the game now. The cork bat and when we played the ball is jumping out of art now a lot. It's a lot harder. Or -- on Yana. Get on. Organ got -- walked by it yet bottom over -- -- -- -- it. JT snow is our guest pac twelve networks former big leaguer in JT when you look at the rest of the pac twelve field -- Washington team that. A lot -- thought was -- host a regional this week and obviously they're the number two seed in the Oxford region between Washington. Arizona State and Stanford which of those teams is the best chance of making a run to Omaha. I think watching and and any idea how they're on a year I didn't speak they met I speaking. Are a lot last year but a lot of stamper. Efforts -- and I'm not really your that you're in the year lot of our. They're they're paid out let me know it in the Arctic and drop in they've got a couple good popular -- Slater and our they've got a good start -- -- to -- but I was really impressed. The way -- Washington and I am not a judge or again political spin early Kohler up march. And up. They look at it they've got it and they got speed and adapt and they've got it I'd Carolina make it -- -- ought art so. I think Washington got -- salad out of that they didn't get. Grocery they're one that the country. -- -- up. You know it's interesting you look at that the teams that have won recently -- see Arizona and you still you Selig last couple years at the pac twelve teams that have -- If not the national seeds organ state being there one overall seed. In addition -- this there are pressure being a national seed and and what you think it is at some of these teams that were not -- top -- end up winning at all. I think there are a little pressure because everyone I'm not a they've got in or -- especially at that number one I hear personal pain. And -- -- but the -- -- -- -- what it was six seven and that. We got out again are about a year so. I think they're going to be got it they optical out and enjoy the moment and relax it away. They all the great game and figure out and -- that your. Category picked by North Dakota State game I've never gotten hot at the terminator couple guys. You carrier. Add it turned out that it's in east and Egypt Egypt or law. There's been like to run it there and a lot. And that all art so each language art it's indeed an actor so -- Arizona. -- -- -- what -- -- combat brigade don't strike. The ball and get it are there going to be got organs date. And all the all's well. JT snow is our guest he's a former major leaguer with several teams also -- the giants reached the World Series at San Francisco in 2002. Of course now the pac twelve networks warmer Arizona wildcat JT stakes -- much of the time we appreciate it. --