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Mike Ferrin -- Sirius/XM MLB Network and College Sports

May 23, 2014|

Mike joins Travis to talk Oregon State baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox Josh is out today -- -- back on Tuesday after the long weekend of course Monday is the College Baseball selection show. Joining us now from MLB network radio series sex and college sports nation Mike Herron Mike -- today. I'm -- Always get Pataki might sell Oregon State obviously. Is that a tremendous season they were a top five team has started years they've never wavered from that still up their number one depending on which poll you look at top five though. Obviously they'll they'll be hosting a regional. When he comes around next weekend but. Is this team that's getting Beck has the potential being number one overall seed. I think it instead of very good chance and I think -- -- especially with where we're Jeanette. Account. And stumble a little bit against Maryland in the six EC tournament I think that -- -- good chance that they can end up have been. Overall seed and I definitely think there ought to be at national I think it's pretty safe to say that. Of Virginia. Florida. Florida State most likely. -- of -- statement of fourteen I think you look at history what walks could be. Actual -- depressed -- particularly. Lafayette has really dictates. People missiles moved and positioned its second one in the SEC. There's also movement that could happen in that regard I think organ secret position to number one overall. With three game series this weekend against USC is there anything they can do to help out their cause are they pretty much locked in where they're going to be -- Shall see it regardless don't even even got swept by at the end it would attack them. Based on the body of work what they've done public courses. Are so I don't think that they're gonna get struck by the I think I. UNC probably a lot more oil exports source and point it at the debate still believe. That they have a chance to regional and it's pretty far -- It's -- helped Europe -- in terms of trying to figure out which will scenes. Are going to determine outside of organ or seeing Washington. Or don't say it better Stanford's production brought -- -- the Hartnell. US secretly we have a chance its -- org and they would really need a lot so I get back and -- it. I'm so it is pretty much you know it it. It's a weekend get guys were posted as far as I'm concerned organs and -- and one thing a parent quick or too little Washington. You're trying to win regular season pac twelve championship. At the automatic Internet. And still fearful for the beavers. Obviously pat Casey is a couple of national titles under his belt a couple more appearances in Omaha but going into is this the best chance there Oregon State has going -- to determine of being their national champion do you think. Well I think it's a real good chance and I think the accurate they're battle -- -- all -- all of last year. He gets them ready in her career acting in a week for some comments and then Wexler coming about. Really did it in part changing his mind I'm turning pro. After having the experience and -- on wanting to get stuck. There and it shows you -- driven this team all year. That'll -- deportation. Order food -- truck X venture she's actually beavers this year and it is at near record deportation of some questions bulk up as sexual. And I think that that's you know that's one thing you could look at it as potential art art. It's dynamic one tool in the offense with swift and short on Bill Davis in the middle. And you know despite the fact that -- starting three freshmen. And he positioned the catcher shortstop and or they played really well -- -- Don't get the sense that from talking that it urged concede that. These women are -- -- -- -- it -- -- it will protect its equipment -- that you are so hypocritical position overall. Argue the most. Of the people. Mike Stern is our guest and LB network radio series six in college sports nation -- you look at the ducks and as a team -- in the top fifteen to start the year they fell out of top 25. -- been playing better lately at this week last week in the UC elated to get cal started the series the win last night so for this origin team is there a chance they host a regional or they can have to go on the roads are. New -- -- still pretty good right demeanor twentieth but -- into the latest RP IN and that generally which in the -- in -- -- -- -- regional. Numbers into the top fit in the top one under -- -- terrific and I think that that's probably wouldn't help. Being you know kind of what the current outlook saying that's not. There was some chocolates -- two years ago about the concerns about currently has two years ago there were concerned about whether or not. Organs are but yet I'm a social -- and ended up setting one the one could look at it it's not in the strongest. You're you're on the West Coast. And you know that they -- not deter the true community don't consider region in part so. The -- regional. -- West Coast based on the -- and look at Oregon State it's Washington and it helped -- and I don't let it Polly your hand in hand or consider certainly lots. Washington -- sincerest UCLA that we get. That would certainly heard the chant slogans and maybe you organ restrict probably -- in the next. Three early enough what's the one -- act -- to coax human strength. Don't -- -- total and I know that bet you know -- girl -- the commissioner -- what -- selection committee. And I actually really -- a -- in the -- New York got much more concerned we heard that match ups and speaks better indicators in the UBS I got. -- -- They really. Take into account regional. Our coaches committee that they haven't baseball -- when experiencing that. And so I think about that you're leading Oregon has a chance I think it's pretty much a longshot that they would and that he -- Her regional -- what put them they might be. Persecute regional policy might be twenty or 23 in the pecking order. That obviously Washington Oregon and Oregon State going to be yen is it just gonna be three teams in the pac twelve DC a fourth or fifth team getting him. I think are some states and I think they've done enough in it hasn't been trying here -- -- you -- a quarter of blaster cards -- him down there and assessment and come under fire did you see you hasn't been the same program that one's. Our Mercury. And I think there's some you know there have been some long that have put a lot more attention on the program this year. A slow start. Actually much better -- pitching and been quite pivotal hole I think people it's gonna be able you don't really struggled to recruit them closer. That was actually for the team -- -- invest for mr. Borchardt stock. -- really disorder program they have good pitching duel it's not a league level out those terms of you know some of the top programs college. I think they're in good shape. Don't hampered with the all freshman rotation has been so it's pretty. Positioned to you know they don't make a regional this year are there I don't wanna say that -- a -- and gimmicks are close enough that. There was -- spitting distance. On that they don't make it they're going to be positions were being one appreciate it -- lecture thing going into what I think you definitely seek or. I think there's an opportunity to its spot on the pectoral it would really talked -- a couple of -- sixty or this year and that's the one thing that really -- about it. -- pictures that you're gonna have nine or ten SEC teams in the struggle for the big twelve and that you are rated conference which seemed a little ought. You can -- analytical -- structure and big twelve. Weird -- Barbara sixteen should matter tarnoff for -- -- she's significant and and I have to that it sort of copper and copper and you know define enough to fill up the field and it -- and he's in the comment. Accenture and Hannibal where -- walk -- -- -- that you pick what's it was a pretty good conference but. But it's music it's a little bit harder this year try to fill out that you'll sixty -- There are some kind of remarks he mixed it would all end is that you know that those greasy you social categories. So what does that mean for good -- -- that if they are the overall number one seed they're gonna get some of the weaker teams in that region can be deceiving and in Corvallis next weekend so. Was it -- for their path. Well I think it's gonna depend on and -- like you can you can tell you could see them bases. You know any easier path to speak in they're gonna have -- -- -- UT -- maybe not stretching. They can -- -- you know club of oral wall. Yeah okay from which any one really gets started. At the patriot league championship. Well last week and now is between it and going -- -- sick one week. -- -- game at New Mexico certain regional. And it. I think it would be. Obviously committed -- -- property we called western. Appearance and -- like to. True. It should stick around organs -- Don't listen related. Or seed. You know at the upper one that you need to play so it's -- -- it -- It. Struggled a little bit. Definitely not beaten deep recently yeah I think. It. By the -- it was super. I mean you're gonna have producer of quality. Ethnic and religious or the publishers yeah -- -- the character. It is -- sheer luck and I think that's one of the reasons why it might. -- and about a couple of let's get rid of it quite -- by the which really should expect to get. Nationally Morgan State does get total -- a look at some of the art programs that are in the mix this year whether it's Virginia Florida State Florida knew how part of this year -- Lafayette. Who everything is the toughest time of the country take Morgan State out of the mix. I think Virginia is all we -- on it that's a really deep team I think that they. -- lineup and people watched it. This year and I think that's been the one kind of disappointment. To cavaliers are pitching really get. Urban assault mortgage their product he's been -- -- -- -- Super structure of the year last year. And he's moved it is dated -- cowards going to be potentially for -- Closer. Did it lost the popular Derek Fisher for good chunk of these and a chemical fractured back. In a very good one -- they -- I don't want -- all freshman shortstop -- there are verdicts and and I think they're as one of some very difficult argument I've achieved in the society that probably they're locked up at a strip and -- -- And that's Indiana. U a lot of similarities between India and I -- -- they sent -- -- -- -- more -- field. He they have that one. One Q on church Warburg and Travis and -- Want to along last year the TD Ameritrade right now that's for the big country championships are. Warmer actually get home run -- you trade -- apostle was the -- Legally posture and it'll all -- you're the big exceptions. And all of those things are real positive -- these -- you can. As it turns into baseball power of Berry Berry good team starting pitching isn't quite a lead -- -- tomato. They're trying to -- the all time wins leader in the history. Did you -- well their opening game at all with the distance last year and so there had I think it Nixon always if they get a chance to get back there. Mike Karen is our guest MLB network radio series sex and college sports nation on Twitter -- -- SXM. Mike it's always great document -- enjoy the tells baseball turned me coming up here hopefully -- -- nor can have some success. Record against them. And it contractor. To -- -- --