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Zac Ellis -- SI College Football

May 23, 2014|

Zac joins Travis to discuss the '100 things we're looking forward to0 in the 2014 College Football season'

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from SI dot com is -- jealous -- -- good to talk again. -- So first of all you guys put together this list of the 100 things to look forward to for college football season in how fun was it just to think about all the things that we we have to look forward to the next few months here. They're that -- -- the fun part it's funny and -- it was like this might take a long time auto Atlantic slaughter all because of dirt. You're looking forward to it. You know -- -- -- like a lot of people are myself included pretty good or ridiculous was the tough part you can imagine what kind of you know ranking them 100. The first one meters so probably ranked themselves not to -- did and so. Into the deeper part of -- it's a lot of -- this -- about Austrian partner like to do a little slow. You mentioned the first -- general themselves Odyssey number one is the easiest one college football playoff we finally have that to look forward to after all the years of hoping something like this would happen in maybe this is just the first step in a bigger playoff some David. How great is it we can finally say that had it means something college football playoff. You know -- I think you can actually now refer to a certain caught the ball -- and -- off. Which is what guys think about that that just because the new system really is so new to we've been there. You hear about protecting or so years million to a system that. A lot of people recognize that there's still going to be some growing pains and surely they'll be challenged with a lot of controversy here in their. That's gonna happen in the likes the selector. Fourteen -- for a playoff. Current political operatives like you know sixty Gary and -- currently about all turner and you're gonna have that controversy -- while but nowhere. How would tell people is that better because -- -- to play out of the ordinary or. -- -- It should be an error and then in the number five on the outside the mayor has a lot less of an argument to be a championship contenders debated and pretty soon -- curb their. These doubts are put them in the -- 127 on this list was high profile non conference games obviously or again has a really tough game with Michigan State that could determine a playoff berth later rom and LSU Wisconsin -- a West Virginia UCLA Texas border state Oklahoma State when you look at those games. Which would you stands out is that as the must watched nonconference game of the first of the season. I think you hit the American -- state or school in Anderson game you look at. Admission state one of those Christians the following what -- -- and those kind of done as far as produced concern. Hadn't been -- really recruit the beginning and let a picture there like that our -- would create -- program here but. What you're bill -- -- turned -- -- -- one and it is that you can stand in the regular post what it was you know last year -- again. In the opposite returning to Oregon hasn't that -- -- are prepared to be really important. Go look forward to actually look at the strength of schedule aspect of the playoff -- that some people don't know how that's gonna play -- by. Look at the same at this point based on an electric electric remember -- have discussed the criteria that. Not beat non conference they're prepared with Olympic -- -- -- hand and that -- -- that both the compared organ global -- becomes. Also on your list was the Heisman Trophy race and they're obviously some really easy ones to look at whether it's -- -- Winston down at Florida Stater. Marcus Murray showed up here in the northwest and you know Sean Manning is -- was also on your list to see -- -- can be considered a dark horse candidates it to be in the Heisman Trophy makes it how exciting is he from a level that he's not at the top of of everybody's mind he's there. Wilkinson -- Americans that are required -- a couple of weeks ago on the it. Carter would look at some violent content Terry has no chance that the last -- Relative and I don't have one art and government -- -- -- much have what you wanted to -- -- once and people who advocate. I would -- recruit but. -- -- we're expecting an impact did it -- statement. It next to meet our -- more on an Internet. Charming guy that people are familiar -- -- -- the numbers he put up and just by sheer numbers or statistics. Could obviously be. You know in the conversation at some of the favorites to kind of -- the wayside and I think. You know seeing how can I can manage without a -- -- -- there'll be wrenching to watch but you know statistics are billion people like our our stats. And so when he does not has the game doesn't he of those guys who ordered state surprise. On the can be one of those streets and towards the end of the at least for the finals it looks. -- Gillis is our guest Sports Illustrated the 100 things to look forward to for college football season. On this list number 24 is the new look Stanford Cardinal have -- Kevin Hogan is back at quarterback but there's so many changes on defense on the offensive line. Daphne is gone when you look at the Stanford team. T think they're right there in the mix again or they just a step behind the top teams in the pac twelve -- ceiling in Oregon. I think it's stupid permanent -- that occurred he hurt -- quarter certainly in that job better bill under coach there are. I knew what kind of assistance was certainly the effect. That turned out of players that might not prepared I was out of that route that our players and I think until we see how they handle it departure I tried to human side a bit of time they'll send them. If we know what they did we know what they've -- election year they're real staple cycle which is now. You very well standard as. -- -- Alaska you're currently there. The ducks Kryptonite in a lot of ways and I'd been that they have the players that the question is whether you want it would originally. You know survive that spewed a group of not having technical. Over so we'll see what happened to -- -- -- Also the Chris Peterson -- Kenneth Starr at the University of Washington. The got a mixed thoughts about how that program is gonna be obviously some off field issues have led to some transfers and dismissals but for Chris Peterson now make that transition. After having an insane record of Boise State how difficult is it can be for him. -- you better -- the -- Peter Clarke you're ever important very hard to onto itself that. But the yet this program -- he beat it. -- -- a repeat of its search and finally jumped -- to take over -- -- and programs that. You know that the curtain air I think is that you don't particular -- you really and that at a strip of what they went. -- content elect figures under. -- -- -- As the big conference. You know affiliation and and you can recruit has accrued in the past so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know recruit what people know especially the West Coast. To be really great social watched -- its -- Another coach on the move Lane Kiffin now with Alabama can be offensive corner down there -- Tuscaloosa they bring back a lot of talent in the backfield TJ yelled -- -- see and -- back -- back. Howard's back -- the quarterback AJ McCarron is not. You know I I don't think anybody outside Tuscaloosa at least appear in the northwest is familiar with what tech quarterback position is get a deal like. In Lane -- the right guy is that the best spot for him rather than being head coach. What are they because that kind of the debate at. Whether some coaches out there that are better suited to. In the conversation a little much and you know so -- -- -- order I think blanket and might be one of those guys although you know he's had some success. As the head coach -- think when you look at it one year courtesy they were you with a thirteen year or almost beat Alabama. But it's it's -- track record as a system especially not the -- that really impressed with it certainly made. Such an actual records or -- USC I think this is good news for Alabama. Because I think that. Alabama kind of in a way that kind of there etiquette spot because last shouldn't lose two games and and that -- -- -- -- gain. A lot of apartheid that. I think that what kind of repair at all that Britain geared toward the quarterbacks concern but one got it was. Wanna watch Jacob co workers tourist returns were you as he backed out and it was last year people that I know report states said that. Last year -- -- orders were so Whitman a starter to look at who really didn't know it was in its star so people think. Coker can be got to step in immediately be accounted. You know replacements for origin McCarron but yet he's architecture that it was not its spring practice so that it's going to be you know figured out -- -- But he has the talent but people who have seen -- practice of Florida State to what you died when chip and could -- and it has successfully courted. Number sixteen on this list as one that we talk about a lot of appear to be sure we -- matter a lot of the next few months. The debates over conference superiority the streak is over finally somebody other than an SEC team won the national championship. But when you look at the pack -- all in the SEC the arguments obviously. The SEC keeps winning but their top heavy pac twelve fancy of their conference is much deeper what does that to begin look like when he fourteen. Yeah I think the depth aspect of this was a certificate that was that was something -- Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops took some laptops aren't sure that our our dominant in the look at the bottom. And on and that I think that. The part of all call a little deeper and probably will be going to. Into this paperbacks so many more -- players especially quarterback that was something watch in this yet to -- was so I knew who was this historically been such a defensive conference -- Why -- -- and that's where back when it's in a while a lot of guys aren't. There's been a lot of characters out there that they're changeup. You know the -- schemes and then that's -- -- -- east and a bit better. I think that you know -- Star's confidence comes to Paris and back twelve has the depth right now. Whether they can capitalize on that when it comes to you know championship caliber -- somatic and where relatives in the culture all playoff government. -- Ellis is our guest Sports Illustrated you could find him on Twitter at Zach Alice that's ZAC. It's a great read the 100 things are most excited for me 2014 college football season. That face of much of the damage your holiday weekend. -- --