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Brandin Cooks -- Saints WR

May 21, 2014|

Brandin joins Travis and Josh to talk about the draft experience and playing in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then. Spread the afternoon area. -- do appreciate joining us here today. Hey congratulations man you deserve it. It's great for a man of the -- in Oregon economic debt and read for it and man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time now to talk to and the newest members of the New Orleans Saints of course former Oregon State wide receiver Brandon cooks joins our show Brandon how are you today. -- we are great appreciate the time today so it tells you -- talk to the process a little bit you knew he'd probably be first round pick but. He talked to several teens is New Orleans where he thought we were gonna go tells about that process and everything linked to four. You ought to be out of it was funny how it happened and while Obama met. We'll definitely in the -- essential that the Khobar and other net amnesty go home throughout the process would be great regret. But I'll ask him about it because they're -- and it doubles going -- they're. You know I doubt about it. And then -- drafted eighth -- trade up to minute you what was the excitement like when he got the phone call. All about this amazing that is so. You know interest that they added -- what -- patent and mr. -- that call on draft day out. I'm really excited about their export and trade -- spot. That made me more motivated. Cedar gets gopher play for team that's won a Super Bowl and last years are gonna catch passes from very likely hall of Famer Drew Brees how exciting is that for you. I'm extremely excited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Creative coach like and post -- a moment Cheney -- -- young -- Bosnian would be an organization like it in a pilot that's great -- Tiger also have a great a wide receiver coach -- Henry Allard he's been around the block a few times does that add a little bit more to even. The excitement when you're there knowing your wide receiver coach has been played in this league forever. Hey it at that point in the marketplace Lafayette plant in -- Government agree that there -- -- I think group including health. You know you know legal and economic yeah Martin and the ball. -- -- is our guest New Orleans Saints wide receiver so tell us what deep would've been like since the draft has your life changed at all obviously has a little bit but. How things been different for uses sun king at the UV -- professional football player. I need to be out that in. Undertaken there aren't they in the air you know working entree into out of there are people as far as me being in the past yeah. Say you had the rookie three day mini camp -- what's the that's the next what's the next step for you can you go back Turkey's state they're yet to come back -- -- somewhere else because organ state school sessions or can you go back to New Orleans when every thought. Actually comical about now I'll be back. After -- that the thirteenth when our preparation over could be of particular order it though yeah. Now we be doing any communication via but I don't know you know Internet whatever else and try to. You know given to the playbook wire bacteria in -- in organ. To be out of I don't know yet the I -- it talked about it. Even given any advice about how to make that transition -- it it's tough he go from having all that does structure with school and everything now wall once everything's done your plan the NFL. You're not to completely rely on yourself and has anybody given you any advice there's an even able to take away getting ready for that. What -- -- backup -- that they are ready to honor our already in the -- -- I basically mentor for so long. Been organized. And yourself with just collectively and better as a suspect -- -- that the more out. Now we did see however that you did sign your contract your last couple days and you know it's always nice what's the first thing you're gonna do you estimate that signing bonus. Put it away in the good in the bank. He -- your thinking ahead right. Not -- -- Spicer out your agent and did you go through this even with the other rookies that are rather you guys can all -- on together your rookie class. When you got -- we're down their mini camp did you feel good about that that degree of the guys you're with is this something. As you go into that you took away from organ state teammates you go in there with a bunch of guys you really don't know how was that kind of whole experience. It's fun because you know the start of the trend in the number of people. -- big budget -- go to war for another you know four years or so other side about there are great people can hit. But I rookie minicamp and excited that our relationship. Will Rory can stay wide receiver Brandon -- is our guest here on the fan of course first round pick of the New Orleans Saints a couple of weeks ago. Don't read it for you being in Oregon State last jobs having an opportunity did play with -- Manny and an end he was young terrific quarterback for you guys and his growth has been great the war was like playing with payment. -- they can't project him to be in the NFL just yet -- -- -- what type of quarterback was -- to play with. There's a great quarterback -- mark. You know have a -- I bought it out of all of -- have my act he battlefield quite Obama like that. Was special in not elected and it is I'm amazed -- being a great great future. You seem like give the attitude and info on you for a couple of years that no matter what it's time to competed everything and is you know competition to come by new out there showed everybody can run fast. Everybody asking questions what's gonna happen when Markus Wheaton leaves you step up to catch a million passes and now you're gonna take that next step the NFL as a kind of you're guilty and just motivation that's your personality let's just go after -- do the best we can -- and leave nothing for anybody that question. What is not the thing about it in and then and you always have to key on that motivates itself. That'd be too bad she did the expected now -- well in it though. You know there's no. Players obviously -- you -- week in week -- I think is great -- -- now you know that the game. What's gonna be like you know thinking back you look back to your timing Corvallis -- what are you -- remember about being an organ state -- go to that university. -- a lot of people luck and actually in my -- on me. Do you think that that going to Oregon State even -- my credit coaching staff help prepare you for the NFL's well. Definitely it was terrific come from pro -- system and I'm on the terminology here there. Is that something that you believe it in terms of is gonna help organ State's program as it goes forward and and getting those receivers up to speak as you know those questions and you've gone who's gonna step up and take your place. Let me -- is that some great happen over here great company. But would you haven't worked in you know how to develop. You know we've seen a lot of very good corners in the NFL see Richard Sherman when -- we hear a lot. Out here but is there anybody that you're looking forward to go up and going up against one on one on the outside there where you planes slaughter reverie -- He can be had a patent. A great place. Well I hate it sounds like you're not just gonna be catching passes you might get a lot do some of those fly -- so we say do as well so it looks like they're gonna do more than just pretty in the slot and see out there and that everybody try to cover. Legalistic about it and I don't know back to a normal. -- -- is our guest he is a first round pick of the New Orleans Saints for Morgan State beaver. -- of course thanks so much of the time really appreciating good luck in New Orleans a -- catch of the soon. You are much. Credit take ethics -- much ma'am best of luck. Thanks.