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Lamar Hurd - PAC-12 Networks

May 20, 2014|

PAC12 Analyst and former Oregon State basketball player Lamar Hurd joins Lynch & Wilcox talking the hire of Wayne Tinkle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We had a late addition to the show today. Pac twelve network analyst and a former edition and a great addition of course. From Oregon State hoops player -- heard -- joins the show he was also on the interview. Panel for the -- to head coaching job identity Lamar. Don't just felt I had known. We're doing great and you know -- a little surprise here on the interview panel but you guys had actually a great top to release in my opinion. For the head coach an opening in Oregon State with Mike Hopkins and Syracuse and then -- tickle in my ten obviously you. End up choosing -- -- but. What was the processing getting to really really good names in college hoops to to be the finalists for the -- state head coaching job. What sort that they we have to -- a little bit of credit to. Good -- galactic -- Craig Robinson and his staff although it did it and account for the model we've -- a lot of be a little like it did a lot in change in the perception. A Golden State program prompter a lot of interest from a lot of quality -- candidate but its top two guys this time around compared to the last time around about actually -- -- the last car and projects as well then compound there was a lot of people don't get the opportunity to be ordered state coach to the other and it -- -- -- difficult this time around. Kind of -- down Mike Hopkins and when eagle putt at the end of the -- -- the -- that I only get too deep into right now but it. To really get candidates. In essence you're talking about Syracuse next coach. You know called to lead there. Has -- been a coach gets a little bit improved net -- -- points in the yellow blinking cool we decided to go with pinkie go prove in commodity. The thing that I like the most about linking Coolidge he reminded me a lot of late goal we. And you know a lot of people on the actual nobody taught now because the utility it is actually make it today and I -- But a year ago a year ago lot of people would talk and talk basketball because you're looking net. To win loss column rabbit and the actual product on the order to come watch guys play. Not sure they're gonna be good I don't know why they had let you know they can speak it because of what they want how they run it the way all the players buy into. -- school exit government and you could tell you get in the most of them and you to get -- change in the blink ago. We need we where there's some question as it was just kind of that feeling just when that presence kind of hit in did you ask him I read. A point here -- asked him kind of what's gone wrong with organ state in the kind of nailed that right. Yeah yeah. You know under the understanding. What's been the struggle aboard about last week for five years only one. -- -- -- -- Between and Latina could double -- the band actually in 2005. An and you know a lot of people a lot talked of how cold is around the area. You don't really understand why organs they struggle is it's easy to look outside and take. Well this -- that it can have a good player or this year you know the coach made these different -- individual but article optical. They've got a lot more tour and -- Siegel he looked like it you know he he had a very good collapse of the struggle will pick basketball not only that. You know what he has to offer is a lot of little state need to -- needed. So. He was really impressed with Italy in -- -- -- is very thorough in everything he answered. You know could try to clear during the 1980. Evolved into it and non economic cultural and very strong leader and everything that you sustained massive stroke -- at least not been able to observe from the scenes of Montana. Lamar hurt our guest here a missile into -- tradition of Travis Wilcox pac twelve networks also was on the interview committee for the organ state. Basketball head coaching search. Seen in -- one thing we talked about yesterday when we heard about the higher initially was the fact that he was able to build a strong current in Montana. It is a great sign free smaller town like Corvallis and a team that really wants to build a suffered a tougher conference. How much of that do you think worked with -- -- gonna translate over to recruiting to Corvallis in building the right kind of team the beavers want. What looked at the question about a that the question you know any recruit -- the pac twelve level. You know has slowed everybody talking about him lately trust people on. At least our player very skilled player. You know that that to everybody open at the start of the league team -- legal process. But you know he had to go Oregon Montana that I remember actually talked about last week. -- Kareem Jamar regarding military. Those were packed well. Caliber guards in any kind of went into how he got the -- To commit to warm and what the Soviet he you do you evaluate her tell you are now paid a lot of college coaches don't have a lot of time. And could go out and evaluate so therefore they have to rely all of these coaches scouting services. Ranking -- tried to change. And I liked winged approached two. He -- talent Caminiti it'll it'll go from relative to get -- little bit too far into -- -- -- Coast eagle and that but eagle and find cool complaint got. And that Al theoretically what article -- but. Now that little article that would prevent Utley then you know about got excellent job but can't until about look at pat about -- shoot it. And we think we'll look erratic play that recordable. He didn't. Teach to play is well it in play as one and think a lot. Be a lot of athletes and again and I'd go back to you talk. Larry Chris codec that's a lot of local guard it. You know when they were little two years ago. They were favorably of the same way to winning now is set Dick Trickle that you only get one or two election Pete is here. I bought into the strip them and gotten better and they stick to that. And that's kind of what actually -- played a lot of good coaches from the average coach is the ones who -- -- believe it and then stick to that at all times. The x.s and those parked by a deep -- much about -- were you surprised in adapted into the style what -- C was looking for a chance to be honest I don't think many of disappear really know what his true X is no strategy is. Well he -- to -- a balanced attack on ultra hand you know he's the big guy but he -- Big man's coat whatever it yet to guard at a California. That were actual caliber guards. And welcome -- career -- Montana pain you don't do that. Last -- these -- aren't eager amicable in August after he currently loud enough rest of the staff right now but I know electronic ballot attacked and -- make adjustments. It is certainly if you like the plate but you know we talk about even when they -- topic. -- make it just how to play kindergarten we've looked at war and that the secret many coats in the and you never know when an -- got to strike. You never know indicated on academic suspension whatever case is yet to be able to make that adjustment. And I had the belief that he'll be able to do it again now compete at a level. The pac twelve so -- we we all have to kind of wait and see how do you handle that situation looking -- it. We've had a lot of Bieber fans Lamar. Texas concerned about the transition they can -- made from the big sky to Washington State he didn't know work out all too well there from from your point of view. What separates tingle from bone who -- very similar big sky resume is -- look at an -- -- new head coach. A few things on the -- but that situation -- -- You know he had a few. Unfortunate situation that in the Washington State where a player was injured or. Couldn't play I think was two years ago that Reggie or -- their point guard -- back -- -- to the missing from the team -- -- he's gonna make you more and -- top guards and the conference so. The combined that you more -- -- look at all carpet player Lee Courtney Cox and eighty Washington State candidate treated categories callables glasses up. So never got -- coach -- wasn't a good coach to think there -- a series of events that. A kind of hindered its success but I do think of the difference which coast -- called -- I think just. Just the way caustic -- the demands. Respect and and and get players to -- that actual mouth formed armed you know. -- the locks mistaken were times where it might have seen -- on the players to get a -- in anymore. And ankle ball wasn't always given the balls from them. A lot of media but the -- but it could sit there and -- -- -- on the coast and valued as a player you got a bad apple in the bunch. Well advocates is that -- -- -- doesn't really -- -- Carefully selecting. -- -- Not get past couple or five star. -- recruit who he mills will be more problematic than beneficial to the program along learn. And it'll go look at the restart diet legal developed to decaf -- start now under. Almost of -- that have a lot to be that he now dangers. The way a lot of cute story you'd basketball youth basketball. They don't expect to just take take take. And agriculture people check things early on. You couldn't control. Very easy and and that's kind of -- -- people haven't built in advantages is always have -- really. Control grass others. Or heard our guest here on this -- Wilcox edition of Travis Wilcox pac twelve networks and will also on the every team for the organ state head coaching job -- thanks much for coming on the short notice today. My pleasure and go to --