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Ivan Maisel - ESPN College Football Writer

May 20, 2014|

Ivan Maisel joins Lynch & Wilcox talking about PAC-12 football, Oregon Ducks and the College Football Playoff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into this lynch and Wilcox edition of Travis and Wilcox no Travis today so I'm sitting in for him he'll be back tomorrow Josh of course with me. Across the way but joining us now from ESPN I've been -- Zell college football writer and -- you -- been doing this college football playoff thing this week where your start with a sixteen contenders and -- it down to -- MM four and then two teams. You're Daunte right now you've got or in advancing. Into the top me with that with the talent aspect of with -- are you go to -- yesterday we were talking about. On the showed a lot of fans -- to -- it to given that the -- -- gonna make the final four but in your -- are there still too -- question marks of the -- also tough for them just to assume that's gonna happen. Man yeah Egypt he can't assume anything except maybe NTELOS. I really like organ. Understand the optimism I agree with autism but it. Now we've seen what the last two years -- -- were gonna you know session and that would -- you know. I would -- and -- -- those two minute. Also looking at this you guys did a great job breaking it down it's you know three teams from the pac twelve starting out and you and your top sixteen now when I ask you about Stanford has a son that he'd been down their talked a little bit -- what them. AC mention about Stanford that really stood out to me is usually -- talking about defense. Their running game but they're really high on their wide receivers are they gonna aired out more this year. Big basic David Shaw feels like he's. He's complete. Game. Where it -- at odds are -- and local and it's full credit and confidence in. Kevin Hogan. And it feels -- because they have. For good receivers are all different types that they've got an answer radiating at you local girl you know also -- -- accurate but. There are they are -- You were also down with you see a way I've been our -- our guests from ESPN college football writer there. You're talking about miles Jack is being a big difference maker for them little a lot of the a lot of people forgetting about Brett -- coming back for one more year with the Bruins how much of a difference maker do you view Hundley. Pretty -- this year. Or is it but the difference -- -- -- Spend some time what -- When I was there last month. Really impressed by him news. In a way to older quarterbacks do -- -- it like it is -- and a room. If you -- leadership sort of walked in all. Use. I think it will all of them whatever. -- -- He is benefitting from coming over year he's got to use an incredible rock album coming this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get under center that are being exclusively on the -- but it -- -- More well rounded player. And give them more weapons. They cut point. As you look across the country and the contenders he had in this and some of them you look at their schedules. It access to be part of this you know who they have to play. -- -- some that may be an easier path than others you would think because I would look at Oklahoma and another quick tough teams but you don't have that. The title game so that to me maybe says it -- easier in a sense but okay. You don't have that title game -- who isn't there at the end. Why -- I think back -- -- -- But it on Oklahoma's. To it and and indeed big twelve the fact that they play and -- game you know I'll probably. Schedule. Precludes. A lot of criticism of the I don't attribute -- a little bit sore point out of all played bad and out of coverage it and you know but I. I'm only gonna benefit to twelve team. Still maintained and I could be wrong plan to mandate conference schedule is more typical complaint an eight game. -- schedule with one major. Conference opponent which is what SEC didn't see it decided to do rocket that was a mistake -- Hope hope hope that the committee. Also on this list -- in the top leaders Michigan State and Oregon plays Michigan State there surely early in the season we were kind of talking about yesterday a little bit as well. With -- Michigan State just have anything on offense to really. Make that pushed it to stay in the game that the defense let them stay in it and really get into the final four this year in your mind. Not mean you can you know used. To -- and stated he. -- organs. It's great or quite misconstrued because it is very hard. Mirror image that's occurred in a lot of ways. Especially on defense than the physical but I think it's gonna benefit ordered. Can play this -- -- order -- Stanford. But -- can -- you -- -- more on -- sense at all not integrated secret group. But it did generate points away at the Rose Bowl or a huge -- and it is going to get better duck federal records last season but. But it's going to be urged him. Ivan as you went around to all the different places and talked auditors for people this is the college football playoff it's the first year what was some of the takeaways and attitudes. And changes maybe in their mindset I mean we all understand that playoffs and how you have to get their -- Is it now shift the balance in terms of I have worked organ and it was Rose Bowl first back in the day now -- -- -- change when I was there. But but wait you prepped in that at this excitement the coaching staff. This playoff thing how did they kind of -- what feeling did you get when talking to. Why can't figure out how to ask. Because did you say what ever it is going to be you know you get he wrote and -- well -- worried about world all the words first game. And so -- -- -- didn't know what you think it's gonna make sport different. Well just pitched it will be good coaches talked about. Figuring out how to do it seemed ready to plate two big games you know because for a hundred years. All games -- Do you bowl preparation has been taking about 46 week period having your team to it and it. Read it before and on the week for an hour and a great coaches have figured out how to -- But you can't. Yeah you can't build your team to sell out not one filed and it. Because there might be another bigger one actor so. There's going to be a lot of experimentation. And trying to figure out -- -- analytical part of coaches. The players are excited about it but did you know I don't know if you remember you know. You saw it a bit and ordered the but I can't really focus all on one option -- -- sort of -- to to try to didn't apparently you know it. Too much bought all of -- you know it has been under a hundred Jerusalem -- I've remains our guest here on this link to Wilcox edition of Travis Wilcox is -- college football writer and I've been earlier you mentioned -- Tallahassee being one of the only places they could feel guaranteed to make the college football playoff. A lot of talent coming back but they did lose some key pieces in the championship run last year as well can they really be that much better than they were last year. I'm a big believer in Florida State. They've got fourteen starters returning. What the president is not just -- wants to -- -- at the numbers. A 113. -- critics -- -- -- and you know but it that are so utterly lose it was the third or fourth round topic a fourth round pick this year I'd start the everybody -- -- So important to go along what is it sort of a bridge built to protect it went -- And thought in all defense. They what what concerns about that on deep into. Not so much the players as much as it is the leadership and uncommon leadership touched your great senior class. -- got talent this year. The -- like Mario Edwards junior who read we highlighted today with little from 68. These -- rare talent. It's not the leadership that they -- well market's strong current don't smoke -- accurate and -- so. You know the younger guys step up that would. But it was ought to stick it too much or report. One more thing -- I mean you're out here we've been looking at the pac twelve and each year it seems like it's getting closer and closer to break him through the SEC's power hold him. You know I guess Florida State including a man in these couple years here but every year again they fall just short of really making that the big final steps are you viewing the -- told the comforts as. Maybe with Chris Peterson going to Washington -- are going down USC is a conference that finally can take that last step up to be that national contender every year. Yeah I paid. I think that the coaches that are as good as any other auto policy SEC -- -- -- -- It would solve how good did you see what last year was senior quarterback veteran quarterbacks. Well nobody is PC. Experienced quarterbacks. -- -- the best team in the pac twelve. Spirited court ordered him. Can't produce realized. What did you can -- you could agree suited it was a drop all those great. So I think this is going to be like -- your -- shot. Bedroom and look importance that race played so. I've amid -- guest here in this -- to Wilcox edition of Travis Wilcox to define among Twitter at Ivan underscore may Zell MA IS CL -- college football writer -- thanks -- coming -- -- -- today. Gaza hopelessly out there -- ball.