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Scott Crichton -- Vikings Defense End, former Beaver

May 16, 2014|

Scott joins Travis and Josh to talk about his draft experience.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox our next guest is one of the sack leaders in the career history -- state university -- now. With the Minnesota Vikings got crichton is our guest -- afternoon are you -- Grew up in the -- don't burn America. The adult first practice. How was it how does have the first practice with the Minnesota Vikings and NFL player for you. I'll merit should bill great right now and again but I mean it. -- at that level over here and I'm so happy that I got substantive player. What number G did end up getting what number -- you -- CB sport next year. -- beat number seven a big number 72 hey how was your draft day experience. Going through that with your family and wait for that phone -- and finally the vikings. -- yet call what do they say you know what just take us through that that day and that moment. DL. It was a notebook to them Air France. Lou -- is -- -- moment caught Joseph. -- host the longest to a couple minutes there. Doesn't want to wait and let you know everything happens for a reason I'm glad I would like. Also got everything with your family and what this means for your family why he came out when you did in and how this is gonna affect your family's life now. Are you are. Apparently almost comparable -- a -- It didn't do enough. There are also closely not to undertake this responsibility and so. Not take care of them opting to look great opportunities or put and not all over the map reader. Why why -- early but well I actually optical pretty -- -- not approved. You mentioned just earlier your first practice and how it's -- -- said different level you knew that going into it but for a lot of guys out there that just come out of college football I remember my first mini camp. And yet you're kind of blown away just by kind of speed you're out there were to some of the rookies. That's something I know your prepared for that I I guess you know now that you finished in just said that to me -- is a more even more than you thought it would be. Yet it is it is manned by -- I was coming out on what I'm not going to be our compliments -- -- the well -- it looked everything must outcry about ghosts you know I haven't a couple of little couple -- China trying to relax and most political. Timeout just as well as well the bill or consult farm I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it would not some you know -- overwhelm. Is -- one of those guys Anthony -- you know another pac twelve. Gloria you know arbitrarily have skewed moral medical. That's got to be a pretty you know refreshing thing haven't you stats from the pac twelve guys to walk around some West Coast pride in there. Are you know who. Let it would have molecular already go to work on. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Scott crichton is our guest here on the fan and Scott into as far as the teams that we're talking do you. -- get an idea that Minnesota was the most interest in you -- that we're -- where you were gonna end up did you think to rent of somewhere else. Are no I don't I don't know the total social -- actually. Our -- -- -- so well but yeah. Element of so called remote knowledge how to put a slow won't want -- And oh -- come -- and I'll probably it so it cancels -- tried around the actual call Bonecardi you know. -- are you -- appear like. Outright failure. There still think about this guy you're playing -- play the minutes of Minnesota Vikings but given that that comes the NFC north you're gonna get the plane Soldier Field -- get the play at Lambeau Field. One of those opportunities mean you. As social grace you're not actually -- What he would do opportunity like a -- And not struggle what books. Try to -- -- -- starting job larger promotes racial ones do my best in the district work. You gotta be pretty excited to -- haven't Mike Zimmer is a head coach man this guy as a defensive. Genius and here you have drafting -- -- much of an interaction you have with -- just kind of what energy and in intangibles he brings as a head coach. He is I have a couple and I -- that is the so energetic guy you love. Most most -- look and probably glad somewhat wanders away and and our skeletons are more. What's your role on this team going to be. You know I have no idea or whatever they want to go up to -- other. You know last used to -- and I'm sure not quite -- this far ahead but you look at the your schedule for the vikings this year you're in play Tom -- year and play Aaron Rodgers a couple of times you're gonna play -- -- You're gonna play Matthew Stafford is their quarterback that year -- hope you get the opportunity to sack here. Now that is one of the most -- at least double the appeal -- -- -- he's one of them but. We are hopefully our whole team you know kept all of us that's -- -- -- -- but keep -- -- on them and deter Iraq couple's -- Scott let me take you back your time in -- what's it wasn't too long ago but -- you had some great coaches there -- -- -- and then you also coach Riley what -- those guys -- to help you get to this next level. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're always election express public stated they've actually help to prevent you know out of your post position acknowledged. I learned so much spokesperson formed much -- this coached well to also model. T trump everything about you know. And broad strata below the vessel is not teaching -- not -- that they're pretty good for my muscles and not could have done without. -- within your workouts in -- want to ask you this specifically it's kind of a more raw insider football knowledge to -- any kind of martial art techniques to work on your hand work because coming off the edge. As a defense of -- and gets his guys can -- a very quickly you know your hand worked and slept in those guys do you incorporate any thing you know had worked wise in your work -- You know -- -- trying to actually I don't know what else don't let out. I've actually watched clips of -- because Tibetan league right now that. Actually do that on the cost around trying to do though and now -- -- one -- China. So special and I need to incorporate a monitor them and talks to -- -- but I haven't really. You know -- -- ordered state. So far we knew anything about what you're going to be doing hearing into the work out level in what was different at the college global high school level. Are you prepared are you trying to get yourself prepared for just how different those practices are going to be those work outs are going to be those demands are going to be. In our -- -- to think about it that much. I'm here on. -- blessed to be -- -- I don't wanna start tomorrow so that would -- well -- obviously commercial actual. Cutting -- in one they're on. On the list my coaches who looked just a little. And on which I've got to make a -- Marshall a model wanna be alarmed by all of this happened so. Amir's right now the right now has gone great. Not just some alert right now amongst Barbara social patriot. One stress that you're not gonna have to worry about his class and go to school and all those things in. Now football is your job have you thought about what it's gonna be like with the season comes -- story about last year -- -- -- -- all those things you just have to worry about football. Where is this going to be great I'm actually -- class right now so. I don't do homework when I'd get back but not that would -- our -- I'll be out of classrooms. Not going to be. A lot of -- going to be an outlook -- Well just to upload a throw great. Now right now you're trying to figure out where to line up what time to be in the weight room and where the hotels that right. How are -- Herbert corridor yeah I think from all -- everybody up here that watch you played -- -- I think we should all congratulate you and get the opportunity to go to Minnesota played in the NFL. -- keep on gone with the same effort attitude he did I know a lot of beaver fans out there on the -- But I think are well but I've given you much props men you're one of the best ones to watch in the state organs of that select via. I think everybody after roots for -- that the you do well in a Minnesota. But you very much. -- pleasant property. Things got really appreciate the time best lucky Minnesota looked set to begin soon. --