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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

May 15, 2014|

Mike joins Travis and Josh to recap the Blazers season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Berry joins us now our -- blazers insider of course the voice of the Portland trailblazers Mike hour you today this day after. I'm good you know on and has got a good went through different moments and memories you'd think -- Uga put CNN that that market is actually over that's when. You canister -- back and also thinking ahead and that it's amazing because only. You know few days from now it'll seem like a long times since the team played and that's when you start all of a sudden. Chipping automatically looking ahead and think about this summer and things like getting Terry Stotts signed a multiyear deal which at least sound like it's happening if you listen the national reports. When you think about those moments in the obvious seeded -- Miller shot pops in your head but it was or something that immediately stood out without even realizing it a moment Durkin during season. You know when you go all the way back in the beginning and end its -- of the opening night loss at Phoenix which was recoverable out. And where I remember writing on the way to the airport on the bus kind of -- can. You know is this. Is this what we're going to be deal unless you know we're gonna struggle and you can our researcher expectations in the the next night duke. You get cute when in Denver which we haven't had many -- you've blown out and you come on beat San Antonio and all of a sudden and you feel like okay. And and just you know rip -- you know that early part of this season sticks out because the eleven game winning streak in. 25 and or whatever they were -- seven I care worker or but it was you know about what is. And adapt what you're thinking OK do we have to readjust expectations in which your -- -- -- and go on some of those early road trips in the back to back winners that Indian had in Detroit and Cleveland on back to back nights those who think that. Probably stick out the most I mean obviously the game six -- that. When I think back of the season as a whole those things where as valuable. To the team arguably the games extra. You know -- the best part or in a one -- opinion on this is this entire season who has. -- they might finish here there's some optimism. In my make the playoffs they start up to this great start just this whole roller coaster ride you've been around here I am just a couple years in the northwest. And I -- a distant very few kind of rollercoaster teams. I'm an Oregon team an organ state football team but this is had a year long where everybody gets behind it in it's kind of a silent a keeps building because it's. Something we haven't seen before and that almost makes. Other end result was -- what you wanted it but that ride just makes it so much more enjoyable and and the highs and lows while the -- sucked but the highs are so high. Well and that special seasons you know the ones where you exceed expectations and there are rare because. You don't get them usually the following year once you've done that yeah out of -- -- higher and you know. At the kind of surprised he's in the he had one -- old stubborn Alexio 708 host yeah. Went and they want -- to four games and nobody expected it and as soon as that was over our armor heading to the airport after that Austin to Houston. In the game six because we have home court advantage. Thinking OK this is it a little bit at least at the end of the -- In terms of there was a surprise there was this the special kind of did what nobody thought you could do but it does have lapsed because the next he's all of a sudden you've got pressure to repeat and you don't Damian Miller coming up -- -- like he had works you know I don't think many expected him to make -- -- -- team. And it took over in late moments in games showed his clutch ability at a great playoff series against a guy Patrick Beverley who many -- would give them all kinds of trouble you know he's simply goes and exceed all of its regular season averages and so that's you know that's that the great part of the scary part is now what you have -- X and we know fans and people nationally are meeting and not I'm curious to see what their. What the prognosticators next year will have this in echoes so of course over the ability due this summer where they'll have them predicted to finish. Next year you know you think back at Vegas -- guys this year -- By the way get most things right they had this team projected for 38 where I don't think that's gonna happen next year. You know Mike you talked about that season and Mike -- is our guest here on the fan they went 54 and 28 had home court that first round the fans expect to continue. Next year fifty wins in -- the sixty the year after that 48 wins and when you look at what this team has to go through next year and how difficult the Western Conference isn't. No guarantee your army's five -- better next year how do you approach that. Knowing team's going to be coming after you a little bit more now. Well they are I mean a -- -- teams right there you know Minnesota had a kind of injuries can -- greats he's in the -- -- graphics -- -- -- so. You know to climb up and get the pit spot wasn't surprised that normal -- you mentioned that. That others these and then we were mentioning got a little bit last night talk about that first Erica Corwin team and getting to the first round of the playoffs and it's amazing and you think back -- it seemed like a long ago I guess by NBA years there really -- by. You add -- and you had Oden and you have this Big Three you thought was gonna carry you. Not only do you not have those guys. Right after that -- shortly after that you. You get nothing for either one up I mean there is gone and the -- they could have been credited in a few years by. To get to this point as quickly you know it is -- card wrapped. In the right guys you know the Wesley map -- matching Minnesota's upper -- -- Aldridge has been terrific and you're grown each year in this kind of a -- -- for him. But -- let what I think about big picture and -- apple went a little bit of cricket that I am what you thought was going to be your future. You lose 22 thirds of that victory. And and go to a coaching change as well and and carries out in record job to meet. Really not getting a break through that period it's pretty amazing they are aware they are now and and what -- brighter future as they happen again that's that's different that eight. A pick like Willard can make in turning new. An and an even though they don't have. Picks heading into the draft even I think you're probably well they don't have a cap room I still like where this group that and I think given a chance to just actually progressed. Which resulted Indians certainly do from your one year to. -- meet the beta of a bright future next year. Another guy Cooper dressed in. I don't know off the series to be much different but if you would have been a little bit more help here -- -- like -- seen how this would ended up is -- free land. Who's gonna be that guy that may be sticks around next year in Canada. Is -- gonna be that -- that that you know this year didn't do a whole lot but six around buys into the program and comes out next year may be a -- -- think -- get that done. Well you know I thought Joseph was terrific and you know you go back to the -- three straight games of the things starting lineup. This team was playing its best basketball this season during the regular season when he was part of the rotation. And you know you look at the stats after the he's an okay how you know what what do you mean by that you know there was the intangibles what I am now. And I thought he was stripped her and I I don't know you know -- -- there could be some shaker in the bench. I don't know you know Mo Williams has an opt out he wants to be here by the -- as opt out. You know. But let's say for some reason he doesn't resign if he does opt out of somebody else gives him a big -- goes. Then Portland has pretty much the full mid level. And there are some guys could bring -- I I don't know what that's going to be case I would think this will be eight are hugely different roster heading into next year I think. For the most part it will be the same the other guy. You know you mention who could be that guy clearly in this series and it didn't start -- that's -- it will Barton was a guy who showed all of a sudden now maybe she's back out. The -- and shoot you know is a decent defender very. Under regard and again -- keep -- give -- things that was. A huge series and huge opportunity for him and maybe we don't get that opportunity -- and if Mo Williams doesn't have. They're growing trouble and and so to see will step up and kind of grabbed that out that meant so much for his future just those few playoff games. How much how important is it going to be for CJ McCollum to have a full training camp and go through all of those things and do what he wasn't able to do last year because it is also wasted season for him because he wasn't ready until January it's so hard for a key to getting green that quickly in the middle the cease. Yeah I agreed and over the -- training camp -- until the broken -- and he had -- In some of the early games and stuff like he'd like he belonged I think it takes awhile when you come back from something this significant as a broken foot and an appropriate -- twice. To kind of have a competent to lean on it and cushion -- But yet that's that's huge you know get another summer league under his belt. Come in early to training camp which they most always do and then see what he what he gives you I was -- got a little bit a playoff experience under his belt not much but at least he got a taste of it and that's that's the good thing about going up against a team like San Antonio in the playoffs if you want a measuring stick. And and maybe they got one a little bit against Houston and and won the series and -- pulled an upset in that series against the team that had. Championship aspirations. Then you get measured against San Antonio I think the longer they stayed in the playoffs -- got a sucker out and got five games against that team gives guys like CJ -- all the guys an idea -- This is next level basketball you have a lot of regulars he's in type I is you know a lot of regular season type teams this was an up close look at -- team. That plays for this time of the year and they -- -- winning 62 games resting a lot of guys -- more than thirty minutes secrets. I think the experience of business will pay huge dividends for all arts. They add up bright idea wonder in this idea I'm sure they are you you and although while one you know you guys are popular guys on the road it. I'm sure that opposing fans can get on yeah -- -- seem to body are. I think if I could help you guys out to do not trade in Rex cuando in the court bled to beat. That work out you. -- I did every day with this these that cut off sleeve says median T shirts. The medium -- that you're still wearing you know I'd I'd love that idea and and perhaps you have to. To fly in on your own -- we weeks certainly could use some protection must be used to give -- -- it it is usually there. I I can Wear my American flags Cuba's -- commitment make sure that no one would come near you yes. That would be you know and your go to line would be. Beat your sense -- that's what I want it I'll I'll wanna hear you do a little of that and that's definitely good idea now on the road than at least hold you could as well behind them. Course -- your arms that are in your Americans like. That are out the golf course than you guys need help out there these people and ask you guys all the questions about what's going on so I can be bodyguard I can be that guy that drives of your current your bodyguards -- time. That be sweet and other Catholics are accurate term outcome of the week and I have not touched a club like you know I've never done like it. So this season and when you start getting to all these projects -- on -- -- Try to start to discover may -- you do have a couple hobbies left even though you haven't had a chipped it such an analog to and so. You know bittersweet -- the end of the season but it. You know -- to turn the page and and now certain things sorted out this summer it won't be long until talking about the other party. Thought about pre draft camps and summer league in draft and all that's coming up so. Good to be -- is beautiful but it's short and be that the. You know it's the driving range for the first time last weekend and it did not go very well so I'm playing of the living dead -- in the arts in this weekend and I am not going to. -- the best effort I think we get out there so. Seattle -- I'm not I wouldn't look turbulence in the carrier but it seems that you know since it's so bad I guess right. Now you'll be all right all Adam Adam you know he's he's he's pretty good with a pencil on the scorecard that you guys may still do okay. -- was he at the nineteenth hole my friend. The -- that. Yes that'll be you get on the Saturday night -- while us. I answered the phone so it's going to be it's always great event and it'll be it'll be very cool if your manager man Roddy Piper going this year. Now I see at the Canterbury manulife this year in order to stay married Beth Beth Beth at that. -- was -- you know when you're hanging around during the event socket a bunch of guys that that that chances being out. -- was was critical. Yeah we'll get it done again we'll go out and play golf lets him swing he can be our caddie. Circuit -- Mike Barrett is our guest on Twitter at blazer MB -- always great substance pleasure talking -- to you all year and no C a Saturday night. -- -- -- --