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Shaun Powell -- Sports On Earth

May 14, 2014|

Shaun joins Travis and Josh to talk NBA and Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Artists not to get back to the NBA joining us now from sports on earth is Shawn Powell showed after I do it. It's -- the again so obviously here in Portland the big story is the trailblazers they won game four numbers really expected that happened but. It's considering the spurs just weren't on their game do you give them. Any shot in the world to extend the series tonight are we looking at duct cleaning out -- tomorrow or Friday. I would prompting the odds are against him. You have to look at it from a psychological standpoint. You know I'm sure. Portland is under more desperate team obviously your critics of the nation. But the spurs had Margaret. And usually a team like -- -- the spurs who have. Pretty much like machine around -- didn't -- particular business. I I think that. The odds are instantly on the -- -- this. These play out have been weird dude is -- the first round at night and corporate Oklahoma City game. Anything can happen on the -- and it separate what happened. A year later. It's pretty impressive to sit back I mean as we cover Portland importance had a great season in Millard had the big shot. And LaMarcus Dodgers has been LaMarcus Aldridge but when you sit back and watch the machine that is the spurs how to -- -- do that how they get them maximize the potential and it's about. Are you gonna fit into our system are you gonna be your own player it it we also it sets kind of a trend. But now many people can get everybody to buy into that trend. Well obviously it starts with a Popovich and -- will start with Tim Duncan not yet understand it. Tim Duncan like on the -- house or whoever played but he's never been the games I play. -- if you if you go back of his career he's been drastically -- pay. But he made that sacrifice in order. What whispers to keep the nucleus you know Tony Parker. Manu Ginobili and at a post about the players to -- to get in hand. He -- financial sacrifice Adonal you'll see a lot of great players may. Let's start with that in in many letters and -- they see the great sacrifice to Tim Duncan making all for the sake of winning now. Everybody on the line. You know I'd look at the lasers and you know I know they -- just put together pretty much last year. You know when you add an important pieces you know you got Lopez couple others. But you know you had that many genes of a team. Particular -- and Miller. -- can -- around and you know I'm like -- cork -- here. But I think it's all about sacrifice. You know what's being done Phillips contract it kept coming up if you ask them and thinking what doctors they -- them. The sacrifice of those two players and oblique. We'll -- to cut sacrifice anybody can make him what kind of sacrifices that they coordinate. In order to keep a good term nucleus together and to become a machine like -- course that'll be interest. John Powell is our guest sports on earth a -- just talk about -- few minutes ago here with a point guard position and you look at the post Michael Jordan era the really the only team that has been able to. When a title with an extremely good superstar level point guard is dispersion with witness Tony Parker. All of the other teams had either a great senator great to guard great small forward. If -- -- there turns into the guy in Portland even if they have the regular pieces but he's the number one option for most of the game can they win a championship. -- point guard being number one. Well I want to -- yes although history doesn't really -- that mean. I guess you could probably -- the pistons a -- comments may be. A lot of were pretty much. A balanced team by the topic got around to winning championships are able and it's only thirty. Did you do arsenal and Kuerten in other. -- -- can beat down that it could pick unique treatment of the king and it was going to be the go to guy and put up 2223 quite sick whenever. He's gonna happen to our content the ball in the blood and outlook knock against -- -- Miller he's not a pass first when -- You know he's at Jeter got knocked down some three point shocking to -- but he's not up here to rack. It excuses but I cannot stop it and you know Rondo and whatever to look at the question is can you win with a point guard who's best attribute. It's impacting it scoring I think -- -- -- -- what you gonna have to guard who you know can can pass the ball or you gonna ask. You know our guy you know -- ball because he gonna get upset. All the come this way I think every all of them are to be lying in order that's. Last night in Oklahoma City you alluded to it earlier the the out of bounds play obviously we know the clips have plenty of chances but. The out of bounds play the way that it was reviewed going to the Oklahoma City Thunder when it clearly looked like he -- offer Reggie Jackson Doc Rivers obviously never happy but. -- question of the review in the way that process works. Is there a way to change that is there away to upgrade that -- we just kind of stuck with what we've gotten kind of have to hope for the best. I think they came up it is you know everybody said it was a good thing and it wasn't good thing practically get one of those things where you have to care what you ask or. -- I think he saw. It's sort of work against Chris Paul before but he was clearly I think it was a preview -- -- secret -- In the Golden State series but they call them mating call spot so you can't all of that and look at the replay an old also met cult I. I think it's gonna have to be something that the rules committee's gonna have to address this summer. I'm not so sure that -- around it sure that you know looked at the probably brighter minds and -- me up but there's going to be a way. To come up with a system. That can satisfy most people that didn't -- this is some sense. But there's got to be aware anywhere in special circumstances the bottom line this morning. And I guess the question in his last night to figure -- acting. If you look at global -- but all I got it right. The only question is whether or not the ball. We're not -- and right hand I don't think it did at least -- -- claims. Get short conclusive. And again I -- and it's one of those things where it will -- try to take another look at it and here they can sort of get the system -- that nip and tuck here. Am -- try to make it as it's correct as possible. What are the other stories that came out last night a little bit has been talked about it is some coaching hiring in and Stockton stands now thrown in their for the jazz speakers -- all over the place. It seems to me that recently it's a lot of point guards that are stepping up and becoming. You know head coaches is is that Canada what they've been through how they've been there everybody talks -- Derek Fisher to be this great Canucks coach. And now seems to be the norm that if you played point guard you might have a good chance to be in Nevada head coach. Well I can't. -- problem Magic Johnson piloted greatest or god we need you to La. Yeah the exception there are exceptions to the rules are currently. But I think a couple of look I -- position demand in italics. And also what about when cars additional used to work in the income levels players superstar to patent and superstar. We're learning how to. List as you know beat the competence of lesser player so. And that the coach have to be the deal with all of -- players. But I are either forget like -- Syndrome I find it be no coaching experience syndrome I mean he curt never looked at Portland. And John Stockton in with what we can get a coat but in its biggest challenge stoppers. I thought it kind of interesting. Here on the on the level that the that the highest level. You know teams are finding hope of people who have no coaching experience I think it is black and oppression. I can imagine like -- were told all of this happen. You know they're holding people -- street and we want to pay you got some money to be a radio talk. He is that an other structure protection I would -- And that's saying that you know some people haven't -- in concrete your -- mark act I think for the most part was up. A pretty good coach. Added that its content we year. Guy to -- well look at Steve Kerr who had some successes in general manager he also made the decision to bring in an aging. Shaquille O'Neal to Phoenix on an up tempo Mike did Tony teams so I see that may see the places he could go Golden State and -- make much sense and knew there knicks really both -- up tempo teams and I I. I don't use one example but it is it's an example of bad judgment. Yeah and you know what I think in the situation occur and you'll judge wants to go with the money or. And really what you get rapidly to get right down to it. People are gonna hire would a couple of could keep their relationship a relationship with you know because they feel their -- could be on the line. In you know they don't want someone who -- I don't know that well not really -- you know basically. You know putting them in position to succeed or fail I think they're probably a little bit I'm unique circumstance -- crowd and other. If you'll become head coaching MBA get a -- jumpers. You -- do that some accountability about a sudden there -- general managers and owners everywhere could square that you -- transport those skill. To the -- That knowledge what look at that Colin and I goes back and forth treaty a treaty coat TD coach never really got the coaching part right. So again I think it's gonna stick the computer comfortable. So are you saying hi Derek -- gonna replace Steve current TNT next year. You know what type of about your creation repeat that -- you -- -- I think he's got the option wrapping your Christian and higher general manager and president. You know maybe working the -- -- in its. You know he has to sort of politicians. Like skills people skills to -- for something a lot bigger than coach show up in the -- into the dependable he wants not heard his name and -- lakers -- at this point. But. Again -- -- Smart and knows the game and and you and you played under great coaches and certainly keep her. And your expression that they that are critical to invoke article -- and you know that gives you I guess all. I get sick all I screwed you for the job in this sense and eat it is looking into right now. Shawn Powell is our guest sports on earth dot com on Twitter what my favorite Twitter handles that Powell to the people. Shuttle is great to talk to takes orchard -- really appreciate the insight. -- -- -- -- -- places absolutely oh we love you still looks like on Friday night take care. --