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Cam Cleeland -- Former UW and NFL TE

May 8, 2014|

Cam sits in studio with Travis and Josh for an hour to talk the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is somebody who was drafted in the 1998 NFL draft in the second round -- idea New Orleans Saints first tight -- taken off the board that year out of Josh is favored school the University of Washington yeah can be can Cleveland Campbell welcome to the station welcomed the so glad to have you with us today I'm good in in the fact these -- got me during economic -- -- -- legacy and online. But should -- ducks kept. That your eighth that it did you know what we have a limited supply of things drink out of hey have. Randy do you guys I'd rather for a couple of years -- -- -- get donated to him he donated for awhile and he gave Alex shirts to goodwill. And that wanted GMT was. -- in -- everybody can get them off it's here that is hard enough to semen that color but I got a lot of new lot of respect of those Wilcox -- -- that's pretty scary. So can't you see all the stuff coming in at that changes literally every single day and all that mock drafts this guys go number one now is going number twelve and always a fourth round pick when you see all that stuff do you think -- -- you -- when you were being drafted -- -- -- the the talk to you heard how much of that is actually fact how much of that -- guys are trying to -- well there's a lot of guessing going on a night you know milk diaper was obviously bigamy at the time ever seen him at -- east west all -- -- -- talking alma. -- Mock drafts had me at the time and I'm in my experience anywhere from first reality on the fifth round. You just don't know there's so many variables to go on these guys he's GM's. All the scouting department that they get up on the board in their gonna fight for each one of those you should see I mean literally during a war room you -- scouts say you know what this guy I want that guy. They're prepped and ready to go and a lot of guys -- like man you know you're pushing the draft longer. They wanna get this over with India were conducted its mini camps are ready. Their -- say let's go let's get this show going. Did amazing things for me and we've been through this and you know I came in the seniors you bet I was out of the draft class the year before you is that the predictions you get. As much -- -- we both -- tied in were competing not only against the tide again -- they were compete team gets -- draft slot they were competing it's every other player and junior also competing with. You know how much your injuries playing to a factory there's so many different barrier roles ever like fall. He's never report tied in well you're not competing just against -- dance -- so many other factors that went to bed then we'll get in this later but -- bit of where. This is one of the few jobs where you don't get an opera to receive boy I'd fit well there. Vs I'd just have to go -- select. Yeah and they're so much also factors the best player available to meet you could have. All these guys on the boards ready to go -- you know they're like wait a minute guys that he still here he's here we can't. Yeah how we need an offensive tackle -- look who's available running back look what's available wide receiver mean we -- pushing get a third round there's so many factors. And changes that are gonna happen during during the draft it's just it's so much jockeying and positioning. It's fun to watch tier -- -- -- after we had so many different possibilities and so many discrepancies on where who can Wear this guy or that attacking army seems like it's going to be cloudy -- number one but after that. It's all over the place CI -- Gregory -- I think that appears there's speculation of does. Houston trade up or tree down in NC where will we don't want I don't know how old clown he's gonna fit well with a JJ watt I think there's a lot of not the he's a great player can he but that down and say all man I wanna give off to -- -- -- gonna be able to do I think there's a controversy there I think that. -- -- -- -- They say we don't need a quarterback we have Bradford to look you're coming off an ACL. But what a man's they'll do for you there about ticket sales think about the mark -- ability of what these draft positions have to do. These guys are important it's not just about who's the best player available who's gonna get butts in the seats and then make some revenue. Yeah a lot of people overlook that fact and and that's something that you looked a lot of the teams that are dragging right now in. Purely to go on that is sometimes a mistake but you know this as well is there's owners. In the NFL -- -- owners -- them their owners had to sit stepped in there after all that the Balkans that doesn't say. Take that guy and everybody turns around that rim guns. Okay do you think of one owner of the -- to the offering him maybe there's a big star on the helmet maybe there's -- -- I mean are they -- -- we worked for a New Orleans you at that time was not exactly the most football savvy guy either. No and but there's just so many factors in Canada owner he's owns the team and he wants the sexy pick AKA. You're gonna have to listen. We hear a lot out Lester this time we heard a lot about his -- he Jake Fisher or Luke Joseph cool and that's all we heard about for couple weeks was those guys being number one number two. And then we really never heard anything about those guys ever again now we're hearing Greg Robinson number two to the rams it might be great pick we talked about that. Sexiness factor and if it's gonna get butts in seats might be great pick is not really gonna help that. That fan experience of that's the guy we want so when you look at those offensive -- how important role they play where does that factor into things. I think it's I think it's usually like Matthews and me talk about only news of the family there again. If he -- the important part you look at Saint Louis he'll look at we we need to tackle we need someone to protect. -- side coming off an ACL. That it might not be the sexy pick but it might be the pick that gets you to the next level gets you into the playoff run. That's how important tackle positions are certain coaches like a Fisher who's who's a proven track record he's gonna know they -- know where they need to be. They're not gonna let a lot of probably media push them it's gonna have to come from a may be an owner like we said earlier this is now you can't pick them but I think that type but. Coach has that kind of control. He knows where he wants to go and it's not gonna matter what guys available they're gonna pick what's gonna make them a better team or that next season in future. But a guy like in Orlando -- -- Jonathan -- -- -- very early -- at the time nobody knew -- those guys worked their offensive line of the candidate -- hall of famers and staples of those teams for a decade and a half yeah I mean it's it's gonna be no doubt that the giants the jets fans -- -- probably because they can -- -- they -- of -- gonna move in all but you know four years later they might be in the Super -- who knows. But did -- ever like pick and no no no they don't. LA and defending the funny thing is well in is that as these guys go through their in the emotions him and we'll talk about this later but these guys that. What they look at is the number one pick in. We've everybody's been talking about that can you see one of these quarterbacks being that true number one pick in the NFL draft I certainly can't there's too many question mark you have too many question -- to say. I gotta go gamble on this guy to be the number one pick. Yeah I don't know we've seen I can't tell you it's been a long time since I've seen this Sherlock franchise quarterback -- allow Andrew Luck I mean. Yeah but that's even eagle back that and say. They don't mean does Bridgewater all those things he did at the Columbine and in his personal work out. He's got anger I mean he's got some -- he's got a little but he took move very well but. I don't know why I agree with the I don't know if there is that quarterback that just says and we you know polish documents mean Jacksonville needs one can they trade up and get a man's cell. Certainly be risky I don't -- their coach saying that's the guy that's because Bradley I don't I don't think says that it -- put butts in seats is now winning games -- -- he's he's he's building a we call I don't wanna call the Seahawks javy but he's building under that that routine. It's got a funny too because we see the game team we see Teddy Bridgewater for three or four years play in college he was got Ellis he recruited that they love down there but. With met burger he said of cam -- -- go there to not gonna play we see him on the field he's terrific and we have all these high thoughts of Bridgewater in the all of a sudden there's Prodi needs work outs and well we start just stick as second guessed that a little bit but then what happens all the game tape that we saw where he looked like you're so good rated. I get exhausted sometimes when I hear about -- he didn't perform well Columbine review and he didn't do so good his personal work out. You know with puts more stock that it was thirteen was -- guys that are bullets finance it did you I mean come on let's think about this. You can either play the game you can't -- game angle I kept my son in the yard. Okay and but that's not gonna grow market degrade him based on all how good he throws ominous say wait and let's get the game let's see when you're getting past -- anything like that. -- changes mean guys can either player right just or they can't they're looking at a guy that played but couldn't what would I rather for forever. Floors some yes but you but I just play. You have an ability certain guys can play and that's when it comes down to use that. Certain guys and great GMs and great scouts they have the ability to say that's the guy wanna see you know and we we can save Russell Wilson all day innings he's a perfect example of draft day that no one bad and I analysts at this guy he's a -- All examples and really get this he got a pitcher who's nineteen years old and he pops risen 94 mile an hour fastball he looks really good warming up. It's a flat fastball he has no offs -- -- on exactly yeah just gets drilled even though -- can throw the mid ninety's. Well it's a whole lot different pitching in the game that it is. Pitching in practice it's a whole lot different when you have a defensive end coming at you with unblocked trying to throw an open receiver somebody who's covered that it is throwing with. You know shorts and T -- Yes so true I mean how many guys are 95 nowadays that's not sexy what's sexy and 95 the drops Europe. You know or changeup the comes out the to come out that's we got to do you gotta be able to have all you got to be personal. You gotta have something that brings. It just lifts the level of your teammates in this is a quarterback driven league so if you or any. Program out there any big organization you know you've got to have. Your quarterback better have your -- yet he can't figure -- -- -- could be in for a long can you know I think he's not gonna win we've been there before countries have five quarterbacks that your yes. You're allowed things to get you don't get your thoughts on know what the Seahawks are gonna do obviously you pay a lot of -- what's going on there -- no smear former Huskies as well let's it's bishops say Keegan and up Boston's very injecting some of those guys who did that come up next. Also talk about -- draft day experience here a little bit so I can clearly gonna stick around. Have a good time here on a draft day Thursday edition of Travis and Wilcox in the -- What ninety on the -- welcome back Travis in Wilcox came Cleveland sitting in studio with us for the next 45 minutes or so -- gets -- of -- -- -- -- Cleveland away and -- -- -- never. Yeah that was a butcher. That's that we would go out in New Orleans he can't match because. It was fun because I was the younger tied in yet for some reason I was the one that there was -- take -- camp that we go out in -- my baby -- I was in -- because he's irony -- you've got noses GTU go will was nine whose idea door and it's your obvious at all. Imagine that I was somebody's baby sitter in New Orleans and business you're zero only go out immediately put got a name Cleveland and the good. Up party of to Cleveland and you get to sell assets intact we believe your name right now we -- -- my. It was here it we have we have many stories that are. -- -- both -- edible but terrible about 637. They did eat whatever you want to -- some stories that don't mean to be pulled out -- or both of us to be living together very strong here. -- -- with the Seahawks team obviously they have a ton of talent on that defense but depth is certainly questioned especially now you lose a couple of guys to Jacksonville Leo -- Bryant's gone. If some guys that have left this team to go be a starter so Morales depth is an issue on this team where is that depth most important is on the line. Is it in the secondary where basically you don't have anybody can be a back up nickel back with any experience at all there's a lot of factors. In in in depth especially the NFL week. We've seen it the defense of -- I mean they can do it. That they're gonna be in every game just because of how good their secondary is it's a pass happy league. It will always be a pass happy league what makes Seattle unique is that. They have the ability to defend -- with four -- and they have linebackers on the inside that can run up the middle with slot receivers they can run with a tight ends. But they can make tackles on the outside so their speed is that much better when you've got one on one. Don't have to play a lot of zone -- you don't have to rotate your cover for. Rear corners don't have to you feel like I need help over the top of the safety. They can play one on one and that takes half the field away it it makes your linebackers freer you know freeze appeared your blitz of capability and also makes a pass rush. Now how scary is it -- we'll have that kind of passers knowing that. The quarterbacks when I got to get this ball out and I got a great secondary not getting the ball on time because I guys in my grill so it's just. Their defense is the depth is just what's gonna make that team better better throughout the year it gives him one more. To throw on that pass -- you can lock those guys down rather than the right -- times I have to -- you know us six guys back in -- last but you know that linebacker position. Big -- probably do what do you think they look for maybe some more rushed from that defense of my cheek to keep it going because that's one of the places where they -- -- a couple of guys in the picked up guys the benefit they had. As they had money to use and now some of this money that they had their -- as you know two bit in the Bible so you have to I think it was Smart to get out front early was Sherman because someone else -- market. You can be paid more form so I think it's good to get these deals done early. But that money they had do you think maybe they were sitting at thirty something we -- a couple more quality picks to move back a little bit to pick up -- another that you lost Thurmond another DB's more guys on defense of mine to rotate him. I think -- -- -- little bit more defensive line I think they need some help on the inside the three technique because they do play a little bit there rotate them. They'll play a little odds for a they'll -- even front so they're gonna need guys -- mean. They have to be able to replace a Red Bryant which is hard because he was a run stopper would greatly who would read -- be able to do is that he wasn't the most effective pass pressure. But when you have a DNA can go inside the play three technique he gets light -- play five he automatically takes up to two blockers on the offensive line. Do you freed up your linebacker linebackers just looking at going man now have a guard coming at me -- -- senator coming out because red soaking up a tackle and guard. That that big beef that he they're gonna need to find. Just did that that that can rotating and I think that's used their line backing core is -- is very deep. How stressed to me with Michael -- resigning now I mean and still having that producer is gonna have a better year he he he definitely has to find a way. They moved him outside linebacker but they're gonna have to find a -- creates more zone dogs with -- give him and he has he's he's not he's not a cover guy. Out on the field he's just so I ask isolate him in a position where you need to have you got beat somebody one -- he needs to be Derrick Thomas type guy he has to be that type of guy I think. He can drop them in the flat gray in his own but don't let him have to covered on the scene just let him you know pin his ears back ago. It's with a guy like -- he was so effective this year in Busan almost obscurity in Tampa nobody want this guy and the Seahawks paid him I thought they overpaid him at the time. He comes in because we had a round -- -- was able to be so effective today have somebody who can help free up that space for April on the outsider for Bennett to be able to continue what they did last year. They're gonna isolate because now you don't have all of those other -- he can rotate through some Michael Bennett. Not gonna say. He was a product of the system a little bit but you're very you're gonna be pretty. Beneficial. If you're only coming in on pass for a situation your play in thirty snaps a game compared to sixty. That's a big difference. And so his ability to come in fresh and ready to go on the third down even in the second down passing situations. That's big when you can your motor can just stay hot. I'll tell you -- pick I would love to see happen there because -- I think he's a great player and I think this is the position of need but if that second third rounds around bishops think he's not picked up you need another running back to follow up in there and I think bishops say yeah I think. Besides they sjs -- all over the place this at -- Timmy is the most safest picks for -- you -- I'd be a huge perfect fit now I know best offense but. You know wash our Seattle has to start looking at boy Marshawn Lynch is going to be around. Much longer well and that's that's the team because you know they picked up Crist and Michael last year Crist and -- State's Christian Michael but. Out of texting him but that guy he fell out of love with coach Carroll because you did not want to play special teams up there and look you're back up even from your two 3-D glad you -- to the police special teams in my right yeah you gotta do that he'd say to get off punt team and you lose a lot of credibility and accused them. You have no idea guys people up there are listening that. The special teams coach they may not think carry a lot of weight if you wanna make the team and hang on a team player longtime anchor -- bitten in love with that team's coach Betsy when -- 23 down the deep so. I agree with the bishops Anke is a talent he's gonna make one team very successful I I love bishops thank you think your minds and Emmitt Smith. It very durable he's a jump cutter. He's a guy -- gonna have a lot of -- he give -- 25 carries game and just be healthy catch at the back they had great screen catcher he's not going to be lonely out although it would just -- Frontline speed but. He's going to be very durable. You guys a little bit about finance so even got a guy and Eric. You need to have got to catch the ball you also need to have a guy who's a blocking tight tight and sometimes two guys not necessarily want the same. You look at AS -- we know tennis skills he has the weirdest bit in today's NFL. It here's my thing with with Austin is that I I watched him and obviously being there I mean he's very scrutinized for history tidings we all like that. Austin had a rough year because of the style and change of offense with -- went to you know -- go from sixty some catch is down to thirty -- it makes a big difference. Austin was and agree inline blocker. But here's here's the deal is that certain offenses now have we seen. This that's not a huge priority on the edge anymore it is and if -- Zach Miller in your run in the ball like with Seattle those you need to have that type -- blocker. Austin's biggest deal is at 6667265. His vertical speed is not as great as a lot of the great tight -- it out there in the league so. His size test that's where he's gonna make is like Mark Reynolds -- -- his ability to run the ten yard curls the inside his his money's gonna be made run in those. Easy outlet. Hi yeah I was this stretch passes down the middle for thirty I don't think in the NFL he doesn't have that Antonio Gates type of burst. In my blocking you can get around that is certain areas he campaign it you have to be in you know this. Who you -- turn to a system in New Orleans where we had to block and you were a strong enough guy to play it on that in and block. AS Jake could not do that he's he's not that type -- to be a physical type player nothing taking away from his athletic ability there are so a lot of knocks from scouts of -- this year even the system. The toughness that -- -- saw the combat -- all the skills a place where they can split him out create matchups one on one with a -- Barack are out there now you -- him. If you which was system that used to tight ends. That would benefit him. Greatly because another guy can be that kind of solid comment on the bar guy he can be the motion moved guy where he's not gonna get -- on the line of scrimmage yeah and heat you know I always. We got to find flaws in these guys and don't want eighty or anything like that they have to do that they have to lay it all out there. Austin's going to be a great idea and -- beat number one can stay healthy number -- his attitude. He has to work harder than anybody else out there he will he will have that ability to do that -- he's gonna get an opportunity and when it comes down to -- you get an opportunity and go on shines though that that's that's what he needs that you got a 663 linebacker they'll go one on one trying to cover him though -- like -- these -- -- didn't -- -- 67 let me just throw it up let me get a need -- first down on third and seven. They'll throw to the outside I don't care from double covered give me an opportunity he'll get it. We'll go have more Kim clearly come up here in just a moment obviously tonight a lot of guys are gonna find out where there -- -- playing football what is that process like leading up to the draft. When you have no idea where you're gonna go get that next you get trapped in Wilcox in the fan here is Mike the sport center. 135 of the family back to Travis and Wilcox can't Cleveland joining us former Washington insider and former NFL tight end in Camelot guys today. Oklahoma I was is that baby sitter and again a very scary thought that America. So obviously a lot of guys -- got to bite the bit a little bit waiting nervous I'm sure there are plenty guys who didn't get much sleep last night those weeks leading up the process for you go through the com by going to the pro days. Talking to different teams interviewing getting ready for this day how nerve wracking was that process well. It's it's stressful I mean it is it's emotionally stressful. -- -- -- is you don't as a college -- like nudist. And I think it might end -- -- you know what I would love is to have a camera like -- go pro with me. Watch the fifth and watch all of those guys -- the calm mind goes through there their coach interviews in. The the railroad station -- hotel that was in their literally quick when I got to sit in coach Dick when he was when he calls me in and literally it's. Coach -- -- and Daniel brands and all these guys in the room look like it was out of the teaching Chong movies just full of cigar smoke and you're walking in there and the first thing he looks at me just. He's can't who's your favorite -- an all time in in my. Wants that mark of orally just nods his head and his later he tells me that's the one of the three main reasons he drafted me because I liked mark -- -- -- -- -- Fact he remembered sentence -- credits and every -- whose name was always always love the way. Yeah I've eaten at that point and that's -- needless to say those guys are seeing your your emotions are gone -- what I did that was back when the first member of the draft was like 8 o'clock on the West Coast and I didn't finish to like 6 o'clock. It was crazy. And so I was the fortieth pick so I want to play golf in the morning I was so stressed out I had the old classic. Massive Motorola phone. Perusing with the intent to commit an -- to do yet that is -- -- all -- -- -- exactly. -- the mobile -- that. That that was mine might get in touch via out there and -- and go play golf and walk away because some people say you might go late first round you might go third round like. Forget this man I got a phone call me -- this is I'm done that I was one a normal ago. It's it's it's amazing because as you get so much different information in and two weeks coming up to that I'm I'm years. -- your agent then team's star Kanye and they'll say and not -- -- wanna fly out and do and I wasn't anywhere close to cabinet team to circle where you can be out what's -- and I'm just wanted to check in with us via. And then you know I had to -- that they kept calling in the later rounds but for UK -- if you're gonna be first. And then circuit a couple cost will wait a second hate. Yeah we didn't go here the first -- to exactly exactly first round goes over I don't know what that. That was like the how many teams caught he was able -- to the second round you better be ready because can't work and a yeah. No I had Tampa at that time and they were calling it or are I don't think Tampa. There -- with a minute here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you the next pick you know you're there were taking it and that it goes in them I'm gone and that he's not and then I'm waiting for the next called and it's the giants then it's. That it was Washington and then finally was. He was washing again and it was new England and then it was like out of nowhere. There's there's the the saints call -- no I no clue and they just did we're taking it and it was just you're just like going. Pass Dana thank god this is over because. You can just be. It -- it's gonna -- for the rest your life you know you don't know where your you're 2223. -- in your just you're just waiting for the opportunity say where my going to be. And -- heart let me ask is -- that I was with you and I know but the hard part you go to with a situation in. New Orleans wasn't the best situation for a lot of people there was some really good guys there. In fact the year we had a couple plays plays away from going -- the playoffs we we didn't go into the playoffs we didn't have to maintain a leadership -- guys you would expect. But for you going into a situation like that. That did that affect your play in terms of confidence everything else I'm not talking about certain situations that that that have been out there but just. Bet that would locker room was very weird to talk about a lot types you can if you played. People thinking of a -- -- like colleges that is -- biggest misconception record but guys. And if you don't trust these guys coming to work can be so monotonous and can just be horrible. It's a business NN everyone needs to understand his college football is the most is the finest most experience of your life it is. You're you're just that is the history of it and what you take away from a when you get to the NFL. Yeah it's it's great don't get me wrong I'm a big I love it but it is a business you. We're prepared for that yeah aside I think I was I emotional side I must tell you they're -- and -- 20 my goodness -- you think as a as a kid you like you're gonna come in they're gonna welcomed with open arms and you're gonna be like. Hey that's cool you know let's go have a -- together in. Let's deal with Cinderella with your Golden -- you know it was whatever you can't put Maine you come in there and the veterans are like. Eight -- and take my job. And -- ain't gonna happen and you know there's just there's so much different. Hewlett coaches -- mean every week you know both of every week there's guys come in in. Trying to take your job minute but that's what makes you better either or the guy that's going to be out league in two years. Where you meeting ID can stand and drive you consistently. Be better or you find guys in this is the one thing you find guys that are very similar I had I knew cam. -- but we didn't know each other and we found guys that were similar and we stay after practice to work on stuff know what publicity for Hispanic. They have -- better in any gay guys understood to I understood hey -- I mean I'm not gonna start over cam -- support me when I was hurt and try to help you get. You get a group of guys together Kendall -- we had a great -- guys lets her John far corporate all -- -- -- that same position. It's a unique position because you all wanna play but the same time you have to understand and support your role in. You get drafted to a bad situation and you have on your teammates and guys that did debt or again Joey Herrick and going to -- Detroit was just a horrible situation. You go the wrong spot it can completely throw your. Career off -- you can throw your career off in a lot of guys and is so true lot of guys even more great college football players turn out to be fantastic NFL players. Certain guys can performs well at that level and under that kind of pressure. It is a monster jump and a lot of these guys are gonna have. Out of the draft so all those guys that are taken 200 in help me -- 275. Guys that are taken them roughly somewhere in there. For all those guys that think they're gonna be on a team you're gonna have a long career. And I god bless them I wish him all the luck but the reality is is that. They're gonna have a great experience you can see your drafted -- it's it's go time voice. You look at guys like Richard Sherman a fifth round pick and he's not expected when he's drafted to be disguised in a sign of fifty million dollar deal at some point yesterday we -- little press conference is -- hey this is what it's got to feel like to be a first round pick kinda. And you look at him in the way that his career is gone. If you make -- team did you got to make your own opportunities -- -- as long as you're there it doesn't matter if you're drafted number one overall after mr. irrelevant you've got a shot. Absolutely got a shot in and coach Carroll. We'll tell you if you can compete you can make my team a lot of guys need to understand -- your first rounder just because your first rounder doesn't mean you have. A walking shoe in on the roster this 53 guys on our roster 47 guys are up on Sunday. Not a lot of spaces so you better make a statement he better compete wanna be their -- Carla more football can clearly coming up here just a couple of minutes came morning to your thoughts on being the first tight -- taken in the draft and what that was like for you in the pride in that put it back to the blazers little bit later on as well game two tonight in San Antonio what they need to do to rebound from game one. You've got Travis in Wilcox in the -- They're different of the hour on a Thursday NFL draft they'll back the blazers at the top of the hour -- Cleveland former Washington husky former NFL tight end here with us and go get your talk about your drafting experience -- getting calls from Tampa and these teams say hey if you're available we're gonna take you and it go through that second round was 34 pick Tampa goes out and takes -- ms. green the receiver from Florida we just -- national title -- he lasted about an hour in the league yeah. You're looking all these guys you teammate Tony -- -- heady there a couple of picks drumbeat on do a little bit -- you know tight -- taken by the time by the time -- available their forty incessantly best -- draft Everett. That is the biggest husky draft we had ten guys eleven guys drafted tenth like I should know is that he gets ten it was more than the 91 draft with Yemen draft that they had. Nine rounds and then Billy Joseph gonna recommend one now he might have been in them. -- could hit fifty sit there -- forty get the phone call from from the saint subtlety and you with a time you're the first -- -- taken off the board but. Did you think about that at all is there any pride out there are saying I am on the first one that's taken from the spot. Yeah we had a lot of -- going into that Alonso Mays was another tight end that was from Oklahoma State and and thank Miller's name out of the -- is really kind of between he and I had to come line and then that we we were competing with each other and so. Yeah I wanted to be the first guy taken there was a lot of pride in that vacancy at that time and I was excited I mean. When you get a chance even as some people say it's cliche is is this sounds coach Dick who was the first tied and ever in a hall of fame. And Jiri is drafting a tight end so I mean Kyle turley was the first pick up first round Kyle's had just a -- -- -- all -- And then again haven't myself in. I felt pretty ecstatic about that I can take that with me only the -- -- its was that bad guy you look at some of the guys taken after that spot Stephen Alexander rod Rutledge now. The other bunch of guys had a nice interior you know Alexander is good -- -- and -- her next career came out of it was -- Washington for for quite awhile and then went to Denver and in -- kind of extension and a conditionality resolutions India to -- -- amazing that -- -- fourth round -- her husband -- the same -- straight to another tight end -- -- with -- around two Oakland and -- five years in the -- well except that when training camp -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there. To ask you this as watching that thirty for thirty the other night the chillier -- Marino to. Elway and I've seen a botched times but it was funny watching Jim Kelly. Talk about what he had to say when he was drafted by buffalo even though he had no interest in going there whatsoever. Was there a team -- is there -- thought these such resolve man I do not want to end up there. Gosh I mean that's a great question at the time it really was. He was New England because everybody everybody that facilities if you. I mean enter your from the East Coast you're gonna know. I don't know if -- got a chance did to go to Foxboro or fox room. I let me just tell you this but he you know I'm looking -- -- casinos that locker room in that facility was literally my high school was better than that really. Nike denied the -- when we change who -- road trip there there was literally a pool table in the middle of our locker room and you had to share the lockers with. Two other guys at the time it was awful I mean that everything about it was awful in your thinking this is the show. It really this this is what we're Cohen doing it so that was one of the places -- owns a little bit too late -- there and then. You know there are good at that time they were just coming officer rule yeah I've -- that's my point is that there is it's not that it was it was about as they were spear with owners there resolve this stuff the right. You know there's rumors when your junior Q do you listen anybody's -- at that time anybody that's in the attitude but you know. New Orleans wasn't wasn't the supposedly the greatest spot but this facilities are facilities word we both are college facilities were much better than in New Orleans Saints facility by far -- by far -- is a. 19881989. That's that surprised -- here as you would think in the superdome you know this well at one point it was high tech plays do you think the superdome they would have kept things are pretty -- -- that practice facility out on airline on and on highway and you know don't we had no. Now don't we had -- -- it's -- -- what member work out. Yeah he had his name might have been Boudreau we add billions served to shepherd's pie Mac G Mac and cheese for lunch he's universally -- In about a policy chickens. An -- -- Brigham young and I tying an NFL Miami they're buried underneath that TARP on. Who is we had no like don't. No -- no indoor practice and is a 150. And we have to go out in and rains in monsoon and so what you did dissect years they've bought those things Rican war machine is up. Yeah course. Unbeknownst to a lot of people except for -- I was a -- keep them as same shoes when issues started to -- little bits of finally camp had to get some connections from Nike impaired cleats because -- -- -- in our. -- to reward the same size Josh was still under the persona that's high school you know he never wash your pants yeah. You guys even begin to -- Jackson -- pants flat -- I did -- -- million. I don't know there was a lot of things union line I -- I was I was all around the -- -- you -- -- a player ambassador for the team. Got to -- L and ask your question on terms of guys that you think in the pac twelve. You can watch a lot of pac twelve football. Some of these guys in the draft to me like picketing Carey will -- these guys little bit lower lower rated. Who some guys in the -- -- -- you -- -- -- played this year UT can step into the NFL. Might we be you know working guy but somebody Creighton at Oregon State somebody and some guys that skinny kid at a loss is safety I think really it. Some guys you speak from the pac twelve and watch American makes an impact -- -- on in the Philippines. Well and I don't I wasn't. This guy is really impress me and the reason why -- is because I watched him play against us and I thought he was the only guy that when I say cement block and -- are. Was -- Band and white he stood out to me so much is in and not this isn't and turn out to be cliche because maybe or what he's talking about him but. He stood out to me because his ability to separate. He is effort -- the team does that team when washing his plane was the absolute boat race I mean it was it was over in the first quarter. But that -- performed and kept going like I've never seen mean he had. A drive to him and then I watched him and fallen throughout the Columbine too just because -- wanted to see how well he stacked up against everybody. And I thought he -- more than any other guy out there. And so I'm I'm I'm really looking forward seen how well he does and I think he's going to be a sneaky -- I think he really is going to be a guy that's gonna be actor. On the outside and he can actually come in the inside and dominate. And work -- Josh about two years and we album we've had a lot people who know Josh pretty well and I always ask people trying to meet dirt on and I've I've notable little bits are building gets in my own here but. Everybody always say as -- yet remember their mind there are masters there's Hillary button coming. There there is again -- right here -- but people always tell me I know Josh great agonized and on him. There's got to be something you gotta you gotta give me something year two not behind the seat beside you classic. Well. QQ we made that a PC. Anyway -- didn't bat an overnight that the had an -- committee are. There was. -- do have we already talked about the the situation. No it was the reach out we talked about the training camp up so with the chiefs and then on the bus ride home that we mentioned that. What happened in the bus ride home certain. Yeah there's been there's been turning into and out of the consumption of alcohol might have when I took a -- might have felt through it regularly pulled up on the bus yeah. It was just phone in a box. I don't know but I thought I thought you were so you the ability keep your lips so tight that never came out just went right back in -- did drink about a twelve acting yeah. Well that gets. We -- get that big brawl in that year we got a monster brawl and the biggest brawls I've ever been in looked like a major he's a -- cheap shot at by some. Yeah we we got into Kansas City was so bad that we had the they called off they shut us down and we had to actually get out of there before guys -- gonna fight the parking lots. He was brutal so adamant resisting quick run to the -- with a quick stop quickly mark grabbed a couple outs. -- it was -- gold like. That's again get up north. Yet music Johnson unbeknownst to me that the pills that they gave me from my shoulder injury in that today and then I take it. I'd taken -- -- and we roll up. It's about a four hour trip and you're on the cigar bust you weren't used in the -- about I don't know -- -- -- that that a -- be -- wouldn't vote but -- that the -- coordinator ratted me out the next states even he has even the little you really and yet but the best part was the next -- Dick has like village yes -- what happened. He's the guy I had my guess it from the pain pills Newsom could not -- -- -- Newt beards -- -- that's what cuts that's manga. Is my guy. That's on some -- to gather we did have an incident where it -- -- said he got a couple restaurants during the time. By -- classic. And we thought we went about 7730. -- a restaurant or was is another we went to restaurant. The respirators yes it when you -- half off -- is another restaurant. -- establishments -- Just rolled out about 1130 and decided that. We probably -- no like no clue what to -- classic would we didn't really southern India's fundamentally and we -- -- uniter lately we're in tonight in his near -- like more on hat on him like coveralls ABC and lumberjacks went in and I was I was -- we weren't -- -- better -- do you where I probably had about my man of war -- featured on some acid washed jeans yes we wrote that about 103011 and quickly realized. That. Being downtown in the district of if you lose -- street office three it was thought that way he has got the best spot forests at 1130 at night the night before the Grambling southern games that it is that we should probably get back out to -- or some -- we we we quickly -- a taxi and got us out of there we were quite. Do you use an experience where we came out dormant there's a lot of people that placed the toll you drag on that yeah yeah in the news time ago it was time ago. Kim clearly and is our guest former NFL tight end of course played the University of Washington on Twitter at camp clearly came -- -- -- really -- -- -- -- a lot of fun you know thanks guys appreciate it any timing of the talks Mac but this diamond. Both will be able to begin sooner it's easy just give them. Ten minutes and you can tell the world the smack on any producer who enjoy the draft tonight medals like as soon as he --