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Dwight Jaynes -- CSNNW

May 8, 2014|

Dwight joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers/Spurs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to head to San Antonio and joining us is. What genes the Comcast sports net northwest say whatever you. -- -- Unser so tonight game to obviously game one didn't go over well it's hard to imagine things could go that poorly again tonight. What are we need to see from the start from the blazers team. You start to him started. Out. It kind of improbable season and a even reluctant and first quarters and it's. If you can afford -- are learning -- seems like they can come in. Massey energy's monitoring and gave. The end of tradition or accusing keep in. Most aren't so. I don't expect and etiquette again if you start getting into the game early and -- Incident recently. In. Late games. All like you eat. That was a single agent -- Soon. Part of that would be transition defense as well as if they don't mess -- shots they got to make sure -- get back because you know San Antonio is gonna come back and run that defense is sometimes it looked in game one where. Guys got a little bit confused and maybe were a little bit out of place may be mismatched on the defense event. Even conceived her confused people and -- -- just. An excellent excuse to use these two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also on nick and so -- -- picked it took part in all its gay and it is opening ball is sitting. You know it's not like a lazy. And utensils you. In skate and into -- so I'm keeping. Editorial where -- the -- and you're not release your purse and -- are particularly -- -- Anti Internet and Portland. It was -- and and they -- -- -- Olympic Games at all. -- -- -- -- In response and -- not to run us. And not practice and he. Hit it in real steady in the first quarter. -- disclosing anything it's not and based in Portland and. You know why do there's obviously a difference between playing San Antonio in February than playing San Antonio and may the blazers looked pretty shell shocked early on that game in helping to really ever wavered from that. I don't overreact but is this -- situation where you could see the blazers not recovering and all in the series from game one. Am so I picked up at a hectic and Vietnam and I don't think it's going to. Expecting to come back strong and you gotta understand -- are a stripper. Any older I'm getting at least a one on last year. Some history. -- it. And don't pick itself as it -- Is it true your right chances -- -- You know these guys are so -- so -- -- -- really. And I think people. Anticipate this or exceed these. Victims in the game. It -- here in -- life completely. Case it has to wait for you. He's just keep your own entity. -- -- -- Not having starter and Stewart. Gave it to the most current -- It used -- and it paints the rest your starters. Particularly camp. Radical. In his eager. To loans as well. Dead -- you have to give credit to what you watched from San Antonio in game one but for game -- for Portland it seems to me that. And we all know this they have to have every starter being lights out playing above kind of beyond what everybody expected someone and I don't care I don't know who it's going to be that you can't really rely on anybody. -- provide some sort of blew off that bench. Particularly its option. He would enter it looks like a -- and it's. An. Along some starters picked it didn't when it. The plant trees alerts to response but yeah I think you're eating in or -- -- game. It's you to regain the extreme to mr. Pickens -- it and play. And -- -- increased our -- got a hole or -- -- their console can make shots. And I don't play in the legacy and we -- Think -- more consistent and indeed. Play well in almost more people look deeply. In order blocking it from two entities. Being on an up and as you run all along pick it really got to. It's your best shot and respond here I certainly don't. -- to -- it can't people speak it. -- it really exposed to the greens here you're -- -- immediately expect you to succeed the team currently series. We got into it's it's really just to get some real experience. To see what it -- out -- -- being -- -- -- on your game and it's a tribute to him. Why change is our guest Comcast sports net northwest and light for this blazers team now at this point. Defense has certainly been a question since game one of the season especially that pick admiral defense they looked almost confused at times. With what they were doing with Tony Parker with where Robin Lopez is playing around the rim it's almost a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. With the best way to attack that pick -- Tony Parker. It -- you. Always -- to at least try that I don't know. So are very virulent general because -- problem has been a much of the year they survived by eight -- cheeky take me operational. -- in Houston Baptist aren't. You know he got without Parker in our opinion and they'll probably they'll -- -- shut off and then. Actually they're white -- and the they're they're here. You know. I think earlier report that you know that. Pick and roll trap and now the ball and then locate it reopened now -- that's their you know their opener. -- -- tactical element and I think that that will be the strategy. And that they have a repair it. And prompting the territorial they've got to expect that particular haven't played that way all -- your personal. Why are you surprised may -- smother people on just the Robin Lopez affected how well he's kind of flourish here and I'm not saying he's the greatest thing since sliced bread but I just. That that pick in what he's done to help this team evolved and again I'm not common all star but I think he's done a hell of a job in May -- some people don't give the credit he deserves. Secretary. -- certainly he had a great year you play well on the couldn't ask for more. From a guy actually -- and a -- nickname. You have been a great value and all your longer. It's been very important to Lockheed. Character I play every game. You know he's going to roll -- And we'll examine the -- Well that's pretty amazing very well. All I think a long while that on the season has been -- problem. -- when he talked about those role players in the -- just the discrepancy between what the blazers bench as -- San Antonio's bench as a real look at today at the the voting for six men were three spurs players that were. Getting sixth man of the year votes said the last I checked there can only be 16 man. How big is that bench for San Antonio and is there really anything the blazers can do win they have that -- -- it to try -- keep up and not let things get too out of control. It's a credit record the only thing you do it's important you can't -- secure but actually there at that. What you have to do is probably will be your next one where -- on. The court's -- on the or at all I'm Lester -- lucky and that way and hope that your starters. In the wake them all that that's where you know -- particular merit to them and I think that's -- strategy I think in in the collapse you're actually in. Playing like to -- it -- -- merits. And to our reporters or equal or -- if that's what it. He got locked under -- on that certain children. I wouldn't be fired it figured out a couple games in the certainly your -- -- extend the starters minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- There have nowhere to Thomas Robinson of the world in the overall light the world are gonna come here any -- -- not commit and go. These guy because these -- the problem their parents their -- on the same. Site. Intricate set of Oakland in the war they know what they wanted to -- one of the -- Yeah really really good shot in -- obviously different signal down here than what we saw 100. You know leadership aware that fired. There for the American neighbors. They're aware of figured out here and that's why you wouldn't -- -- adult it's why you get to the panel continually and that's -- you get -- ambassador to Italy and recently here. -- -- -- -- -- Players in the senate -- Who -- not a group they want swear that there are still able to -- an excellent and -- team. Thanks so well together and that's the real strict you'll want -- undershirt -- Why -- is our guest do you find him on Twitter at Dwight James CS and then W dot com and it seemed tonight on -- ball as well after the game. Is always what great stuff thanks so much in LC got the vote etc. Saturday night. Yes I'm not exactly --