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Kevin Weidl -- ESPN Draft Analyst

May 7, 2014|

Kevin joins Travis and Josh to preview the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I decide to bring on Kevin liability ESPN as we get ready for the draft a little over a day away Kevin I'm sure you've seen play any of these mock drafts and last I don't know 346 months. But the latest of the number one pick -- Houston know who they're taking music can be cloudy is it -- trade out of it what do you expect to see. I I don't know -- Syria you know I. Ultimately I think it can be cloudy but it -- chopped meat Packers to trade Al. Noted it is just there's a lot to figure out still I think it would take one point four hours away adding this would. Make is that that they can't think what you -- -- we used -- does. I think you start to piece together and things. From the air but yet -- they -- smacked the wall at all -- me. They took over the portals and I went to look for a a trade out acquires more pertinent people world maybe was in the top ten and -- at -- -- buffalo or. If anyone else want to trade out maybe it's -- with the -- so it's gonna be at stake -- maybe it's a cloudy one. I think Robinson beaten to the rams I think his -- back -- jaguars in and a lot of four which. You know which the wage should be president of oral -- prospects in this class I believe. Yeah I tend to agree with you as well and I'm on this boat and aluminum may be -- opinion I don't see any -- a quarterback goes number one you agree with that. No I don't I don't think there's -- top -- -- this class. You know I I think if there's one guy that I would -- culpability crowded. Complete or less Central Florida it's 652 birdies got the mobility. He's a guy I expect great presence poised to home in the pocket. I think you've got a lot of upside you know I think I know he -- work on the part of lower body mechanics -- it to his upper body. Follow through more and don't want to more about platform but. I mean he's a guy I think got a strong presence but on the field off the field you know he can create. With his feet he can beat the -- for the -- to beat. I think he showed up in the big moment. And down like I know he has that blog I I just really console but it goes on around him. Paper to lottery that he's got great April physical skills that. There's talk -- he doesn't -- defense coordinators you know kind of like an adult final play cover two man. He would he can be to disarming and that is we the ball to tight down -- when dollars and and would alternate status problem yet mail to exploit that's I think the same table with Bridgewater and then you man -- all the while -- where his ego and and and those -- -- tickets -- on him to -- you know right. I recognize excitement I recognize account I just wondered that style translates I wonder if he can stay healthy. You know I'd I'd rather pass. And I hope that no one in my division takes because you know whether he made or not he'd be real pain in the behind for at least one to two years. There are a lot of receivers that -- first round grades they can be going to a bunch of different places branded cups out here gaps that we pay a lot of attention to. Where does he fall into this mix in what's a really good fit for him. You know our competitors think supplement their players on tape is undersized but. They -- guys that he's he's one of the more complete players in this threat via letters here I think we talk about a great route runner. Got hadn't got a savvy -- tempo head and shoulders stakes. He's explosive he's quick can he plays very measurable indicate. I keep gold backed you know Steve -- -- that you talk com certainly some comparisons there you know I I think he called the player it would yet. And eighteenth and you know Eagles essentially. -- -- point 20. You know -- -- the war and there's just I think he falls in the in the second half the first round. And we have ranks fourth receiver and R&R. Rankings right now it's got to make it. You know lock in that and Mike Evans had a text. And am I don't Beckham junior -- -- LSU and and cokes and you can play you know. -- is right up there with Beckham but I just think you know what Beckham's taiba I think there's a little bit more upside. But I think both and then and coax him to really good players in itself for a long time. What's the deepest position may be in the first or second round this year in the NFL draft is that offensive line of defense of line. I think it's offensive line. You look at the tackle class it got depth to it the opposite guard class. As well I think -- Federline are really struggling aside from touted but it's true decent event. I don't he's really deepened and we have as first round grade can really we -- -- -- second round grade. He had stepped onto -- at the you can make the argument that Saturday that he can be of -- disperse the you know people with -- more second round obstinate to tackle class to -- Craig Robinson. Jake -- he's -- of the law and I'm Zack Martin Morgan Moses told Tony -- out of Nevada. Entire squad just started to come back up a little bit needed to launch aimed at at Tennessee if you look at eight tackles. Right derelict in the first two rounds. And it had to guard you know dictators who below and out of UCLA market Smart and at a USC in the west in the spring had a current state took me I think that a lot of depth in the top Atlanta it's tackle class. Many years undervalued and I think he's -- coop board pretty quickly -- -- a lot about Zach Martin at a Saturday and he's the hot name right now and am not a privacy goes into the top ten I think anywhere from. Starting at the seven tip to -- all the way down to. I don't think you make capacity it was that there needs help it's it is -- -- -- -- seven entertainers -- mark net port tack while support. Kevin -- ESPN is our guest here on the fan and you look at this is secondary there's not a tonic guys but Gilbert seems to clearly be the number one. -- cover corner that he is able to be such good return man in. His versatility but -- -- like Denard as well Pryor is a safety when we CF first name off the board how quickly did the other two go what is Gilbert that much better in the other guests. I think Gilbert the third quarter and its class and I I have I have some reservations which Justin Gilbert I know the Stadler there installing these. That he's long he got really good ball skills but in the I think are quite Denard better player I think Kyle Fuller is better player I think Jason correct better player although he's. It's smaller it's zero. The attitude here yep. You know Gilbert it technique I think he -- I think you will but we'll update accuracy or we like common scouting you'll help pick and choose his battles. When he wants to get in now. And and he didn't you let up a lot of separation time yet to keep him. You know grossly overrated to be honest with you and and he's a guy that he I've noticed some teams that happened directors that have committed. They're around great so it's going to be isn't it you worry about the borrowed a lot of people haven't I had some people haven't they're wrapped up eleventh second round. But anyone that got a better about Gilbert the second round. I think dark Quezon argument recorder out of Michigan State he's got an analyst doesn't allow a lot of separation. He's balanced he's instinctive he's top step up and run support. And he's got a that ability to current locate played ball out or another got pregnant -- was there and I expect this -- -- an Alabama lied first game of the year. Onslaught against Georgia -- on third stayed out of Georgia Tech he's the guy played inside played outside special teams. Big times. Teams contributor non returner. He's the guy again sacrifices his body in run support. Really good steaks I in covered markets target always constantly maintain leverage. It does a great job playing football and meek a look at Denard I look at all those the two top corners in its class tied him with people ballplayers I don't think Denard Gilbert and people walk off the board somewhere within that eleven. Try to 25 range and I think -- come off it's Cameron you know Lleyton we have first round. We have a question for you out here in terms of one guy who has been very very. Well fought -- at the University of Oregon for a couple years in the in his draft stock seems to be slipping a little -- he came as a junior do you think Thomas what is the story with the at the Thomas and where might he go what's his bit what's the latest on his kind of draft rumors -- stock. Oh yeah you know if you go back in the history of Oregon running back as. Well -- the Michael Cain has been a little bit of disappointment so far. I'm not going to be the most popular guy this -- here's. It is go back in the intact in the street a Kenyan border related. -- to maybe -- Carolina last year and he can make the argument that they kid out of -- with Tom Pittsburgh. Blog which your -- had the best of all those guys so that's the vote got. You know you look at. At Thomas he's been. He's had durability issues and has been a lot of comparisons on Austin -- -- season. Stephanopoulos a little bit quicker more explosive laterally. Now -- straight line speed at I'd you know the only Crockett or -- but he plays faster on -- when. And but the durability you know being undersized or ability how much can he handle workload life I think he's going to be a luxury type back and I think that's why he's gonna go late that are. Early fourth round guy can help gallons special teams in the return game. Give it up in the passing game media and outside -- as well. But yet these companies have your small you know durability issues that -- got -- -- people faster than anything else besides character. When it comes draft outside I think you look at Thomas late third. Early fourth round pick at this point. Do all of the off field issues for -- rarely keep them from getting drafted. Double take its stance on these -- out and I wouldn't I wouldn't I would say -- pride in the top. 5%. -- ball off the field character guys that I've ever heard about. I have been doing this for eight years so you know he's a big risk but he is super super count that I think if you play this year and he had did all the right thing. It was clean off the field. You know I think you'd be looking at another first round pick up there -- -- -- you know you've got to be considered within the top forty pick so. You know that it is him. But to me -- a lot couple passing on. Cut to February duck accountability and you know him actually maybe hurting the team more than helping but you know what. He would he did to keep it take a chance in the sixth seventh -- cleaned exact around the gonna have a really good player soak it that means you rely -- comes up I. I think he'll get a chance and sixth seventh round but I have not exactly sure I know personally -- -- that -- -- -- kind of absorb. Is the highest -- drafted gonna be Josh -- the wide receiver. Yeah I he might be up there I wouldn't get a roll out Taylor are either guys I Taylor heart one more underrated players in the trap and in my mind. -- and I got to pick 285 pound. And when you watch the tape not excited but I I'd find a lot. You'd be hard pressed to try to -- that is assignment. And executed on on a more consistent basis and hard on tape. Heavy handed -- leveraged. He's the guy that spell you know a month and a lot of Brett Keisel at a Pittsburgh Steelers I think you can -- great five technique for thirty or prod. And I think get a you know and that's important public given that forced its -- -- really eager to play it can be a starter he's one of those. You know building blocks you know and yet not that they have always been at my -- message at least completely necessary to -- -- A physical foundation on the defense side of the ball. Kevin -- as our guest ESP NE beside him on Twitter at Kevin W underscore ESPN great stuff Kevin takes much of the time. Enjoy the next few days and those can be real busy for. I -- yeah no kidding -- AA real good poorly to go our team is really a little frustrated with how long it's been in this extra two week layoff. Well absolutely and I think everybody is an -- You know I'm I'm here believe -- -- back about a week which is actually ridiculous in my mind I mean this is a way to lock in as long as it is. That's a mistake it made you -- go back the tape could help. So yeah I think it's so long he kind of -- sometimes forget about -- potato. I just deal. I know buffalo has been a -- that juvenile they're got a week off every Easter I know -- -- it -- -- got out of Vegas just to carry out for a couple days just cutting their mind up at. The thing about over analyze and over think things -- You know it it's frustrating. And to think about it being. In nice weather did not get the northeast now. Easily you know touted user at this point out on the golf course in the and a couple called -- now. Think Kevin thanks so much really appreciate the time here.