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Chris Haynes -- CSNNW Blazers/NBA Insider

May 7, 2014|

Chris joins Travis and Josh to talk about the game 1 loss by the Blazers to the Spurs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We now head to Santonio joining us is Chris seems Comcast sports net northwest. Chris I feel today after having to sit through that game last night. Are you know. You know I appreciate. Basketball. And you know. Unfortunately we got an extra support it sort of like. -- -- errors and I. Russia church at all everybody on the court is a threat to score right in Egypt chime -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it it would be there and watch. You know fortunately -- Britain and -- -- mind that. Go to what Earl Watson told me last not if you public term one game you itemize. Just about all the council that would all while supplies about all watched. They can argue what Santonio did last night but how much of a -- over do you think there was the blazers after game six on Friday night. You know I don't think there was much of an -- look up -- -- -- -- on that odd being dispersed. They're not the rockets you know not picked up all of this you know bowling -- talked about it. And that they got to trust them to watch him while barely true god who won a war and they were able to election. And it just hone in on all those -- but we -- everybody's movement. The ball it looked like about it -- -- -- Cuban missile caught with a look at network got -- of luck on that tour. Usually somebody you know latest -- so. It's just a different team -- you have to spend a -- everybody will have to play. Fundamental part of really shell. Well he's been patched and up to -- they were able to get away with it argues that you saw I would chalk it up more to adapt the injuries yet to be an angle. Yet seemed there were ready to go the intensity levels were close but after they get off to that big run next secure should just became a horrible part and it and I said earlier looked like they're trying to shoot a regular sized basketball and two under through. And get no doubt I'll give credit to the spur of locals -- No way we'd play our game -- secretly I'll read you know can't because spurts. Prevent you -- that let you know we could talk -- about awkward or at all. -- off the -- should vote on the candidates it was just spoke. You know our people. More perfect you know they -- -- -- -- they have to patent an -- ball and actually -- who -- regard Damian Miller so. There's going to be tough man you know it's people places or Portugal out some some some people say today. I'll prefer to have -- you know people who well enough for change ever by fire up that come. You know I don't know come and a great national ambient. Cabinet be a close law and be in the heat off that too quick look at that yeah you can't get fired -- not to do so -- Or that -- loss -- district ought. I don't know how to read it. That they've been a public all year to -- solve a lot of gonna come out and do good. Aren't no game more. Out of their -- As far as the defense is concerned the pick and roll last night brutal Tony Parker did his thing but sometimes -- he just. Can't defend the team that is making shot after shot after shot contested uncontested whatever was. They were making everything last night at what point do you just try and say okay we still did what we did they just kicked RS. Well you know it's -- look look at it like this. Tony Parker got whatever you want and she -- the motor that runs every. So -- thing is this what you should care about again okay -- oxygen and yeah I don't want to give up arch rival agent -- -- awkward national luster. So what they -- it was replaced all -- on particular role and Asia Robin Lopez back. And they. It tells us that this war and that she was clocked twelve -- go to great shot but you know operationally like reporter well known accountable. -- -- So freakish rhythm everybody else is in the slow it -- at -- -- you know Chuck -- to a -- -- actual let's ordeal. And we do that other got an -- -- so. You know you don't wanna know coast thought that would operate up you know what -- -- to engage and I expect the -- that it will -- the ball out of the players beached. I can't go to the series you're now. Tony Parker who go out what -- -- his numbers are sure nobody will stop -- to the actual -- net gain recorded -- up you're going to be. Lot of people are so I'll just it just up the -- -- all the people. At the club which you know what sort of got that it's the. Adjustments on offense I mean three point shooting has been one of the things it's carried the blazers this season their fourth sixteen do they try to do some different things to get some open looks at threes. -- it got to run. And headed up the run there there's no doubt about it at duke when he you know they they got -- happy when they were they'll be happy. Open up all now local market all of China you know gore well they're not not good on the -- -- -- Turkey and share. And the UK leg shackles or cheap. All out keep the ball well our exit you know I understand that spurred their their article about you hit -- they're going to play a lot of -- Prop you know in public -- You're -- your god that's critical now could achieve that applies only play at shepherd dodge were there are seven and perhaps some of a lot but I didn't play well. You know I'll -- -- to where are now if it is that it can't do it you're gonna do now. Iran to give the ball orchestra -- and doubles throughout their letter could you wrote Robin Lopez you have people. What could run -- -- market -- is probably the bats let him do it we have actual. Like it it will -- -- a lot war strategy a bucket -- don't share. That's certainly have a one in this series because well the pitch like that that not compete with the people that that. -- Out of it completely and also they have to get cute abduction of the spartans aren't this. -- Chris got into this series a citizen like yesterday I was Equus the spurs radio broadcast for awhile and their play -- play crew was talking about how important. The offensive rebounds were for the trail blazers ended up with fourteen of them but a lot of those came in the second half we just didn't see a lot of aggression or at least. You know the date made for a little over aggressive at times and let the ball bounced the wrong way offensive rebound in the basketball how can they be better with that game to be -- All about people that Shalit resolution now not a pop up options now you're in a position. And I expect that I expect that even -- especially Robin Lopez he's probably the that's all that's being offered to rebound we have an eight game. Sort of up. Not wanting years you know most of all there are models went to the -- that's all about wielding you know how to count capital were to go get the ball where it is it does seem like Sharon told little spurts. Just wanted it more Russia which shape you're not just look at it -- well. -- -- not to delay -- and I would say this. The market -- You know he's got -- buckets late in the day -- -- but it was plant some great. Right -- meant that he saw male heir to the market doesn't view the goal of this team better aperture. Dow is gonna mention they threw a couple different looks at him in the first quarter I saw three different guys going out there and trying to guard a bit let me ask you. The overall mood after that game you know you get -- -- -- him like that. And some guys hanging their heads spoke with this team and you've been around these guys. Was it more of OK we're gonna wipe that thing away take away from our mistakes and move on rather than salt and about boss. Yeah it was it was a really crucial. You're not a bad loss like they took care -- that you know that's one game that's what it would hurt the book not sure reached so. That that there are technical lightweight belt exercise. I I do like here. And elect a lot of attention you know that truck -- it -- I didn't really items that schemed -- -- -- -- well. Also not a part of that she would dispute that upbeat Sheen peanut -- -- I think there ruby. Recognize that. -- -- real legit championship contingency. And we're probably out of -- elements like that that's the case at all due to Islam the looks on their -- -- the -- that was sponsored. You know from the players that it was like man not a great change you know it's like they were shocked like -- did -- apple all so. I'm not on the border say that they're they're gonna be out of that Robert hall now. That he noted that given up. They're really -- got a -- Would it take more that what they are good at -- compass. Chris Sainz is our guest Comcast sports net northwest seeking re emit CS and and W dot com and of course on Twitter actress beat -- Chris is always great stuff hopefully game two -- little bit more enjoyable for the blazers perspective able thought these event. --