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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

May 6, 2014|

Steve joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Ducks Hoops allegations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Artists are dead daddy gene in now bring on Steve name's Eugene register guard who is always get the latest on everything -- -- related. And Steve this -- story you've been now reading about the last couple days regarding origin basketball. The details -- a little all over the place and they continue to come out so what is the latest what's the story going on with the organ basketball program. Well story is that we're. Credibly present. You know right at the moment yeah athletic director and about because neither does have stepped in front of the camera or microphone and properly. To get more information -- what they do and when they -- written to what exactly is going to be the fate of the three players toward ultimate. And right now although it is kind of error strangely worded statement about the they're not currently participating with the program but. I think -- are important people trying to that means that they're gonna be allowed back or they're not. -- this all comes from the reports that there you know. We're not a charge for some sexual crimes. The report came out last night or the police report itself and it was very very. I would say disturbing and cement the graphic detail that was got that in that got into written yesterday I saw -- or fall along three guys no longer there. That report comes out on that all the questions are coming out who who knew what win. What's gonna happen all these guys -- it was the shock and awe of what when that statement came out over over the report came out did that really China. -- doubt any -- especially this kind of take everybody by surprise. Yet it doesn't matter. You know yet wanting to not be criminally charged in that social networking industry guys are eager -- percent to get that but. You know but the bigger concern right now -- is that your fan bases you know the big picture ports that are just read by police and media anymore and other. We -- our web site that bridge does anybody who cares to can you read it. That you mentioned three are not about to retreat patent European. Pretty infuriated and so they have been here and now the fact that you know. There are questions about the -- -- -- an idiot not coaching them they're gonna put us into the computer get a lot of feedback from people wondering. But what favorite -- crime and how they didn't but the bigger deal -- -- YouTube if you are there. You know can you put three guys. That would be your friend read this -- know what they did that would put them out on the court expect. -- opened here on so you know I think you're just cut the top spot beat -- the fact that there were criminally charged but you decadent as pure disaster. The department of your game you'll article -- and that they don't have to take. You know what but the legal ramifications are -- different boundaries of the universe its code of conduct. NBC where this would be dictator will follow. Steve -- is our guest Eugene register guard the three players -- Dotson Dominic artisan bread and Austin and -- -- get to Austin in just the second as far as artist is concerned the basketball side of things. He's transferring now does this news is that the fact he's -- -- get anything to do with this story at all or is this something that was predetermined before that. You know -- -- they told me that late in the season. -- -- There are thought that maybe he can build on that come -- I think. There were some rumors that you may have -- regardless with or without this the the fact it over -- the train to report them out yesterday and in the report cities. Now with the the team coming up now or later Angela -- -- later lead you to believe that I'm sure that by the time that -- on the -- about that this is dominant wasn't treachery neutral anchors do without or. So we will get a get the players involved branded Austin transfer from Providence according to other reports he'd been suspended from Providence. For another alleged sexual assaults. So the the first question is if that is serving -- already happened or why is Dana Altman. Recruiting -- like that can be programmed now we see this happening again is -- just something that he's missing -- going on recruiting some of these guys. Well -- you know what Boston Dana certainly the report came on Wall Street Journal companies and their social investigation and during and keep to return -- well look at the time was that -- debated doctor would talk to Providence about him but that he felt like maybe province didn't tell the members and well. I think that you can say that only -- but the fact of the matter is that you're bringing I think I mean. They're not -- that was -- big -- been suspended for the year you know suspended for the year. For MI Europe minor deal so they get suspended per year you got pretty good idea that there is some serious the ball to bring -- -- I would think you have to feel confident you are all facts. Now he's saying the that he didn't get all the tracks -- soak. I think that you can get -- -- fair question that an incident dinner -- second down and insert into questions about what we heard the questions to be out there -- There's no doubt that. You know you get the benefit of the doubt you bring in trouble guys and David brought in a couple and execs did so in the -- off the court as well rock became an addict people electorate it's got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out. He only to bring a guy and so to now have a guy he brought in do the same thing had -- in the done before I think it's about bring. There is major question -- interest to bring in another troubled second chance opportunity that got. The pretty much a question -- it must know -- where did they find out but in reading the statement they put out today it and I. I tend to think that this -- has to go along with anybody is sometimes law enforcement welcomed him and -- they were investigating this. But yet to let law enforcement do its first in and I'm not saying that I you know everybody agrees with that but is that kind of the scenario that they're stating here. Yeah and and Kinect certainly you know yeah I -- -- -- -- -- that you just gently what does Stewart for a bigger question would be. You know came out yesterday. That. Noted because we're not with the team when did they find out today. Now you know that -- the police report a couple of salute or you wait around where they gonna suspend them -- they don't even let. People know that they -- with the reverend they have to wait until they realized that oh. Some coming up immediate gotta order that we get a picture we got them that are so you know based on that two weeks ago admitted doing -- yesterday -- or comes out. That makes you wonder if you're gonna sit there and just. This scandal and low and hope that nobody ever found out about. I think that's part in the -- and where question that we don't to witness figures in a statement Morgan. Israel itself put out statements and certain interest and questions. You know Steve will will talk about basketball when the time comes for that time certainly is not today but we've seen so many situations over the course of college sports where. And it's it will come out like this we find out that the programmer the coach or somebody new more. And it snowballs and goes very quickly into a PR disaster in the coach ends up losing his job. Is this something that could end up costing Dana Altman his job. I don't think so it's interesting mr. as I was talking submitted cover Colorado football when he said that. It was you know just reading that -- remind -- of the the fall Colorado couple came into recruit struggle and a very similar situation. All the sudden the steam roll started going and all -- current. People where you know being on the call out people for -- -- mixing and Gary are at as a senator and and Colorado's never recovered I don't think so here and I think you can. Big day edit -- trackers and I would be -- -- the -- upset about it anymore. You know a particular would stop and you know dot and the guys that it really defend at -- -- MIT and that being suspended for game but we've brought him back -- -- -- -- vehement about. It is it really commit a lot of goodwill trip last year and happy and everything we've ever asked them you know I made a mistake can really believed in and -- to relate the two months later. He was involved in district says they estimate Dana. Beside himself and -- you know -- -- a real chance to bring about here lecture -- No Big Ten schools were ready to bring a guy who has -- the end of the year the year ago I was late for him and and it backfired on an artist the guy who really just you know -- to spend about into to -- in -- -- right back and played them. When he struggled to a year -- and never -- -- to noodle restaurant where a positive and he's department itself. I don't think that the Canada open to Muster the smoking gun in the coming up and we don't know what to seem like. President -- analyst on the coach except for the fact that. And again you brought in -- ended up you know being part of something that's. Bullish on a black guy on you vote -- it took a little -- this program to get over the PR firm that. I was just gonna say that it -- small town in Eugene and you've been down there long enough and I know this is that -- Not so much feed the kids get kicked -- that report that comes out there. In this city Eugene that surrounding area is gonna do a lot of damage to people in their perception of what the hell is just going on their basketball program. Yeah I think -- -- probably -- -- sexual assault and rape and commitment to a huge deal and when you look at that you brought him. And paid for the integration of three guys there are people look and say. If you -- one -- we better make sure that you're given a free education and bringing in people around the country -- you're bringing people and you're gonna work. You know go through and are also terrorize the campus and certainly do some actually not a new people on campus are gonna. You know when they read about are going to be very impressed with it it's certainly puts. A light gun on recruiting and that you need to saying you know who knows -- -- the Internet -- and not an attitude that they're really -- certain -- this year. You're real post it note prepared doing all the time but this is certainly -- You know -- federal clean track record. Until this year what started the artist and been Carter at the end situation in the at. Austin command and Dominique -- MIT and now this book and the programs. When guys commanding -- not quite a diminished without. I think there are awaiting the you know is -- who he is bringing him. Steve -- is our guest Eugene register party defined more about the story register guard dot com and also keep up with Steve on Twitter at Steve Mims underscore RG. Steve was always great hockey thanks so much for the report know keep in touch on this thanks so much. --