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Ben Golliver -- Blazers Edge and Sports Illustrated

May 6, 2014|

Ben joins Travis and Josh to talk NBA and some Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We now -- -- do you San Antonio Texas and bring on -- Gulliver from Sports Illustrated blazers as dot com Ben good afternoon are you sir. Go well is that Nazis so it tells medals Mark Jackson firing didn't -- that much of a surprise. What actually happened down there in the bank. Mean it sort of laid the ground work but it epic collapse they're huge. Terms that our account I'll be out of art Ers got him a big purse were back on the -- Arctic Arctic act that. This is blustery automatic right after that you probably at ego or in other words you don't want those locks that -- ultimately. You know -- six that Seattle recorded her beauty and the played well two years -- broke up here last year. Output -- would overshadowed by now idea in just his way of giving. -- two coaches leaving the bench or one BR one being -- after the UV or right before the top of Africa I could come back. Jackson but I think ultimately that most likely. It -- different personalities. There's a lot to -- that you Google warriors owner. I don't wake up you look at -- -- party -- -- -- that occur yet the courier beat quite that. You are committed -- broke it gave -- these books for awhile there's an artist on his -- -- Andre Iguodala. I -- the contract that covers all the people out there and pick artwork and dot. I hit it any friction at all coaching staff by -- -- they probably. Bring in our experience in Munich court order cook at IB. Our somebody up and disappointed with concert because now there I think ultimately that's -- check out. Jets a pretty intractable job I I can't see it taking a whole lot of time to fill that up I mean you can be picky but I mean you know I'm sure a lot of people love to throw their hat in the ring for that one. Oprah sure I think you're right out. Excuse about their eat burqa like -- -- pickle jar of what you're so good. Current situation that you gaelic and attractive job you guys trade between the lakers that technical workers collection -- surely you know surely that -- The roster that's already -- -- double. You know been proven ability to win detective with the playoffs last year in an ownership that target the Hispanic. Which the warriors are I think you know -- he's probably the top and those three teams right now we got that I. Spend Oliver's our guests Sports Illustrated -- we were -- met LaMarcus Aldridge finishing tenth in the all star of -- Oscar winning the MVP voting. Do you think that was a fair spot for him considering were who finished ahead and how many games you played all those all those things. I injury that they did you know we've reconciled what -- our nation and we are tired out there being about that albums. And Pete. I really biased toward Western Conference -- injured when it comes in that apartment where you know anything that happening on the op. I. I don't whatever's happening you know -- -- but I might be. Mean Detrick are you aware at our Sperry broke out pictures of me having an -- it wouldn't be set at all. In our year end all BAT's we put Aldridge on the that. Doctor that put it and it was a tough call between and love and it's clear that the addition but ultimately. That second -- Blake Griffin you're behind. An injury brought into the port condition of first team I had so I think the right ballpark print somewhere we are at at eight. And you know the other APEC and it's got on the list with James -- I deliberately did not -- -- I'll let -- -- it. The mutiny when you haven't heard part one way player. Opposite. Are you really should be in the conversation is not played you bet at all and that the whole world doctorate policy out first round series I -- Huge liability entity -- the most important aren't rocket hit like our art. May be thinking intercepted in so clippers fiasco and lead is broke some news about their present here recently what the hell is going on. All. -- the FB you do everything you thought we can't just show early into the corner right -- it strictly because. You don't only eat. Now a lot of prep -- for just restricting franchise Grubman owner in gotta go to this whole vote situation people actually -- out or that he'd. -- and in the meantime you've got to bet you know potentially competing for a title all the important or article about -- -- -- -- try to hold. Where they're trying to play and it's just to really -- strange -- -- -- yet -- is doing it they're acting quickly here committed to target aggregate you know. Yup -- or picture out operations prospective. I beat that person could be -- picked by the Ian yet to be someone they feel. Particularly have a lot of influence over and what the corporate kind of what they did you expect to out think that would be pushed out the current roster. I think really what went -- -- industry it was that creepy actually they eat you put out. I if you remember right after the controversy first broke where -- -- sterling was kind of not taking responsibility critic outlet. Are you sort of like happily at all what you read out alternate every job that particular relief. I he was you know kind of -- the user or integral part of the pot. I think David patent and altered mean I was just wrong way to way project you know incredible controversy. And the fact that you wrote and it was on that gradually that it sort of look like you speaking on behalf of the corporate wide angle -- -- -- spot while early I think yet it. That was like there's no way we it is apparently. -- break. Another go forward -- you know protested the company's CEO lined up. They're gonna continue to look at -- a cheap credit you with the court advantage. They're gonna continue to pursue this ownership -- which you -- -- to -- we -- a legal point. I could take a really long time you -- result. -- real easy to look at his blazers spurs series -- with the experience in the bench depth and the players on this team the spurs could -- -- clearly have the advantage most people are picking San Antonio. But what gives the blazers their best opportunity to win the series. Well I think you're you're dead right I mean it that we like a Luke let her -- -- -- -- traditional power upstart. What -- you're looking around the Western Conference in terms of how all its forms. You know throughout the the first round and into the background. It's a very balanced. Anybody can beat anybody right. The -- are gonna be taking it usually opposite the ball back at comic strip very typical that it would be it a shot. And -- in the actual players. It'll be alert at LaMarcus Aldridge is what it is an individual guilt are bitter battle -- challenges. I perceive it on -- unpack sort that you're you're gonna start at Portland. I would -- -- you Dutch star players who are going to be able to have the respect and yet -- irritant like bit -- it's I think particularly where are. You know confident that you interact you're gonna look at the continuity back quote current state of the ticket because they showed. A lot of result waiting to get a rocket or not number. Not just the budget Peter you know they'd -- overtime in one game. I think you know that is going to be April. At it. Going to get the team and it. It going and it does go deeper to the bench to play more different lineups in Portland they know who they -- -- -- play with each other. Entered their content that -- I have it right there right background greatly. -- quicker they get their approach goes deeper conventional and those. You know roll guys. -- our -- political. But I -- your Portland. You got great production from all I've certainly you and your packaging users certainly in -- addition to may have been expenditures and you know potentially. That. How important is gaining green in this series for disperse. He's got he's always been important that I think he's I don't -- your account out. You know I NGE coli Leonard and having. I actually expected into -- that we're real start of security without sleep for actors play out I think are quite letter was gonna come back. Indeed now our conversation you know quite happened -- your outlook as protected immediately create you know nearly all of that -- -- that acute. You know about how -- it'll moment. I -- -- good quality defenders entities and I'm not sure because he's big can be. And he's Smart. Civil and all those big dirty it up that threat in colonial really -- -- going -- -- they were released -- like 88 but. In a lot of that here. It looked like it being oriented slowed down ugly topic which -- what that Spain machine like in your birds and clearly -- you know clear like Marco Belinelli had mentioned couldn't believe their shooters. Look I get going went in order -- -- set there firing up like. Well work -- -- -- retorted Parker's she's more attention I conducted at the do more -- -- you're not quite where he was -- athletically. Five years ago Soviet negotiators for sure if they wanna be weather at all. And -- our -- Sports Illustrated do you find him on Twitter at Ben Dover is always great stuff then we look forward to talking again and noble -- Saturday to go to centers that are. Our our -- the series.